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  1. Dashman562

    A Sticky Situation Steel Eagle/Closed

    Boulder Dash cursed the Fates and wondered who he had angered in a past life as the familiar giggle and bouncing shade of pink that was the Element of Laughter addressed him and Rarity. Though he figured it could of been worse, as Pinkie Pie was known to keep secrets better then Rainbow Dash; that Pegasus kept a secret like a cow with stomach flu kept a movement. Yet he knew it would be beyond akwarde if she happened to notice he was only on three kegs and poked her head under the costume to see why. Thankfully Rarity was able to come up with a quick explanation and he went with it. "Oh eh Yes Miss. Rarity Ma'am, I swears to be very careful. Good day Pinkie Pie, I would great ya proper but my hoof is in a sling due to an ornary bull back on da ranch. Can't be too careful nowadays" he explained hoping the Pink Mare would buy the little fib. Though he knew Pinkie could keep a secret he also knew explaining the situation would take time and effort he was lacking now....as was Rarity.
  2. Dashman562

    After Party (Open)

    Mary Mae Boulder giggled as a flour and sugar covered Pink Mare came into her kitchen. Ah to be young and fullbof lufe again, but Mary Mae mearly motioned to a pair of large pots on her stove that were cooking something delicious, in this case a pair of sauces to go with her egg plant dish. Going over to the pots, she stirred both and scooped out some dauce from one pot and blew on it before offering Pinkie Pie a taste. "I wanted yer opinion on the sauces I was gonna put out for our main dish. I wanna offer our special guests more then one option but as yer the expert I wanted yer opinion first" she explained holding the spoon out to Pinkie Pie. "This first one has a little kick to it. It's Grandpa Boulder's legendary Kicking Sauce. It's thick with a bit of a red pepper and garlic but not to strong. He wanted the recipe passed down from generation to generation and it's one of my boys favorites" she explained offering the spoon full to her kitchen partner. She then went over to the other pot and scooped up more sauce offering it to Pinkie Pie again. "Now dis here is my own special gravy sauce. Thinner, made with grown grape tomaters and a perfect mix of sea salt, basil, and sugar it's good for ponies who don't like spicy or thick sauces" she explained offering it to Pinkie Pie. As she did she turned when she saw a large figure stick their head into her kitchen window. She recognized the large furry head as belonging to one the other racers....Taira she believed he had been called. "Actually dear the family bane is Boulder. Dash is just my son's name. But you never mind that, ya'll gonna call me Mary Mae like all my boy's friends" she explained. Meanwhile Boulder Dash and Rocky both greeted the guests as they arrived properly bowing and addressing the guests. Heart Sheild was the first to arrive and Boulder Dash greeted the pony with a friendly grin. "It is indeed Heart Sheild. Ya'll git yerself a plate and help yerself. If ya want some tomaters to take home we got plenty" he said as motioned to the fields. The next to arrive was Hawke. The griffoness flew down from the sky like a rocket startling young Rocky who had never seen one up close before. Despite this the young Colt biwed to Hawke respectfully and treated her as he would any guest on the family farm. "Welcome to Boulder Tomato Ranch Ma'am. That smell yet inhaling is years of family tradition and hard work. Please enjoy yerself" he said with a smile. Then the race winner herself Applejack showed lugging a large barrrl if hard family cider on her back. Boulder Dash knowing she must have been exhausted from the race went over and helped set the barrel up on the table as she mentioned the scent coming from the family farm house. "That my dear Applejack is Ma's famous Eggplant Parmesan cooking. Everything in that dish was grown and raised on the farm here and believe you me when I say yer about to wrap yer purdy lips on something yet never gonna ferget again" he explained setting up the barrrel and tapping it so AJ could catch her breath.
  3. Dashman562

    A Sticky Situation Steel Eagle/Closed

    Boulder Dash sighed as he and Rarity took it slowly at first. He was grateful for her understandingbin the matter but truthfully found it akward walking with three hoofs instead of four. Still he listened as she directed him through the shop, walking when and where she said to. He figured once they got down stairs and out of the shop it would be a simple straight shot to Twilight's Castle. Soon he sensed they were almost outside when she called out if he was ready for the walk of his life. "Guess I'm ready as I'll ever be Rarity" he answered. Of course how do you plan for something such as being stuck to the flank of one the prettiest mares in Ponyville? That though crossed his mind as he felt the two of them walk out into town. The sun peering down on the costume seemed to give Boulder a silhouette version of the town. He could make out buildings but not so much shapes as they moved stealthily through the town or as stealthily as two ponies in a dragon costume could move. As they moved he could make out voices nearby, random and unrecognizable, but from what he could make out they were near or passing Sugar Cube Corner. At that moment the Fates cursed him again. Rarity's tail twitched for some reason and obviously her tail happened to be under his nose. As such he felt a familiar sensation that soon led to a sputtering noise followed by a loud sneeze. Fortunately he knew enough to turn his head so as not to sneeze right on Rarity, nor did he sneeze hard enough to blow up the costume which stayed in place. But it was certainly loud enough for any pony nearby to hear the familiar noise come from Rarity's back side.
  4. Dashman562

    After Party (Open)

    Boulder Tomato Ranch was a massive Farm operation on the outskirts of Ponyville. The fields of Tomato vines we're a pretty impressive site covering the land scape like a wave of vineyards. But even more impressive was the large gathering being planned and prepped for as party streamers, picnic tables, and even a dance floor with stage was being set up. On the picnic tables were platters of fried green tomato sandwiches, ceaser and ambrosia salads, vegetable platters with fresh fruit and cheeses, a massive bowl of hot tomato soup, plus flaggons and barrels filled with hard cider provided by the Apple family. On the other side of the tables various pastries and treats of all types had been prepped and made for the gathering, but it was inside the family home that an intoxicating scent was coming from. Inside her kitchen, Mary May Boulder was baking a massive and large four cheese eggplant Parmesan inside her oven. When she had heard Boulder Dash wanted to celebrate his prefornance and those if his friends after the Running of the Leaves, she had been happy to do so as the farm hadn't had a large celebration for years. Miss Pinkie Pie had been a darling to help with the set up and it amazed Mary May Boulder the energy the Pink pony had when it came to party set ups. Adjusting her oven and her bandana, the middle aged mare looked up at s photo of her deceased husband and smiled at it. "Oh Boulder Gard if only you could see the farm today. But I knows ya here in spirit, ya would be so proud of the boys" she thought as she checked the eggplant Parmesan and heard her kitchen door open. "That ya'll Miss. Pie? Could ya come in here a moment darlin?" she called out in her Oatlahoma accent. Meanwhile at the farm entrance the two brothers, Boulder Dash and Rocky, we're waiting to greet guests as they arrived. "This was a great idea big bro" Rocky said looking up at his big brother happily. Boulder Dash nodded in agreement with a pleasant smile on his face as he said, "Sure as shootin it is. Nothing better then hot food and plenty of drink after a hard Day's race." Rocky nodded and said, "Plus having the purdiest mares from this side o Equestria on our farm will just make it better." Boulder Dash winked at Rocky and hoof bumped his little brother cockily.
  5. Dashman562

    The End: Final Standings and Aftermath!

    Boulder Dash blinked a bit but nodded in understanding as Taira held his paw out to him. Without even thinking he reached out with his hoof and grasped the Kirin's paw shaking it as he nodded approvingly. "We're I to decline a challenge from a creature of honor like ya'll would be a disgrace the family name wouldn't live down. If ya drink like ya run then I a looking forward to the challenge" he said with a smile. Boulder Dash then went turned when he saw his little brother scoot with a bag of sweets in his hoof. "Rocky...was wondering were ya were" he said as Rocky hoof bumped him. "We're proud of ya big bro. Mama is packing up the stand and is heading over. Guess she's excited about the shin dig ya'll plotted on the course" he said. Boulder Dash nodded as he motioned for Rocky to follow him. The two Boulder brothers trotted over to the Apple sisters and Boulder Dash nodded to Applejack happily. In truth he was very proud of her, having always felt a kinship with AJ similar to a little sister growing up on the farms and watching her come of age. "Congrats AJ. I'm proud of ya, yer still tough as nails, but speedier then a wild cat with hot sauce. I hope yer up to the same next year" Boulder Dash said as he reached and hugged AJ despite his big size and bulk. Meanwhile Rocky was standing next to Applebloom, a slight blush creeping into his aquamarine colored coat. Clearing his throat he nodded to Applebloom and spoke with a slight stammer in his country twang. "Congrats Applebloom. Yer sister did great. Um....I eh bought these here sweets but way too many fer me to eat. Would ya.....would ya like to have some?" Rocky asked as he held the bag out to Applebloom his blush getting deeper.
  6. Dashman562

    The End: Final Standings and Aftermath!

    Fourth place was still even and in the top five. For Boulder who always prided himself on helping his friends and neighbors it was honor enough knowing all his hard work had paid off, dropping what leaves he could. But to actually standing with a medal around his neck made him even prouder. His Ma and little brother Rocky had already praised him and he knew his Pa was smiling down on him as well. At the same time word of the after party had reached his Ma's ear and the idea of working with Pinkie Pie to hold a celebration at the farm had brought joy to her eyes he hadn't seen in a Dog's age. Was about to lean over and whisper congratulations to AJ, Taira, and Pinkie Pie when a loud racket suddenly broke his train of thought. Turning he saw a burst of mist and started to fan around him so he could see. When he could get stared in shock at Taira's new appearance and walked over to him. "Taira....that you pardner? Ya'll alright?" he asked?
  7. Boulder Dash nodded approvingly to Taira as the big Kirin brought up sake. Rice wine was a popular brew for the creatures of the Eastern mountains so it didn't surprise him that the old Kirin had a taste for it. Having saild from one end of Equestria to the next in his Navy days he had sampled a various forms of alcohol and sake was one of them. If Taira recommend it, he had no doubt it would be special. The thought of him being willing to share it with him made feel a great sense of honor. "Sounds good friend, but I want you to know it takes more then some rice wine to get this stallion under the table. Hope you bring your A-game and your vocal cords. Ma always did encourage singing at gatherings" he explained with a smile.  Boulder Dash laughed at AJ as she brought up her special cider. Like many a Ponyville resident he had his fill of the famous Apple family cider that flowed like a river from Sweet Apple Acres. Hearing AJ bring up a special batch only made him feel a longing for it that would fill a barrel. "If a brew that's as special as you say it is, then it would be my honor to sample it Applejack. After all, ya'll are the experts on the Apple cider business." Truth be told, Taira hadn't gotten drunk in a long while... a VERY long while. Back on the mountain in his heyday he often got special rice wine that a kind brewer in town made. Just the though of it made his mouth water, but the only way he'd get some of that would be to travel through time! Once he managed to pull himself out of the nostalgia trap in his mind again the old kirin would grin over to Boulder for a moment, "Well if I don't drink you under the table I can at least put you in your place with some songs! You wouldn't believe some of the notes I can hit!" For a second, Taira turned back to AJ, his fatigue seeming to become less and less apparent as he began to bask in his own runner's high. "Apple cider, huh? I've heard stories of it all the way in Neighpon! It'd be a tragedy to not savor every drop you're willing to give me, Friend!"  That grin Taira gave earlier was looking a tad odd to any who may observe it. Was it just them or were his teeth different? They looked almost Sharper and conical... Looking at Taira caused Boulder Dash to quirk and eye brow curiously. In his Navy days he had seen a multitude of things that would surprise many a pony. Sea monsters, Hippo Griffs, Griffons, Yaks, even Dragons. As such the pair of fangs he saw protrude ng our of Taira's maw wasn't surprising but was a bit curious for him. He continued to run in concert with him and AJ but still found time and focus to ask the 1000 bit question.  "You okay pardner? Nightmare Night isn't fer another few weeks and not fer nothing but you can't really pull off the whole vampire fruit bat look" he said. Taira quirked a brow at that question... Perhaps it was his high that was lettings his true form leak out as the stresses of the world rolled off his shoulders. "What are you talking about?" He asked with a genuine curiosity, "This is how my teeth always look!" He certainly didn't sound as if he was lying and technically he wasn't at all. As he continued with his steady charge forward it started to look as if the speed was wearing his coat down as that solid shade of creamy brown across him seemed to be give way to a washed out dusty beige on his back. The focus and energy he was feeling left each exhalation of breath he let loose pour out of his lungs in swirling wisps of mist. Thankfully, Boulder wasn't on the other side of the kirin as one of his eyes seemed to be changing color as well... the white portion of it darkening into a deep, dark, forest green. OOC: This collaboration was brought to you by Pretzelparty industries in association with Dashman productions. Now in 3D!
  8. Boulder Dash was snapped in from state by his friends asking if he was alright and the mention of a party back on the family farm after the race. The tears dried instantly and big grin spread from his face as he ran to match AJ and Taira's pace so as to not over do his run or risk injury. "I'm ok my friends....I just was reminded about my Pa's run from all those years back. A little nostalgia is all and a message of support from a special some pony gets anyone all focused and emotional. But enough of the that we got us a race to finish" he explained as he looked back spotting Pinkie Pie in the rear of him. Nodding approvingly he smirked and said, "Inregards to an after party on the farm....well I say why the hay NOT! If ya'll are fer it and Miss. Pie don't mind helping some last minute planning, I assure ya yet all welcome to the ranch when this is finished. Yer and yourns so bring who you wish cause I know Ma will be happy to have ya" he said happily. He then looked back at AJ and said, "You Apples always host a marvelous shin dig but now it's the Boulder kins turn. Haven't had a celebration since Ma's family from Oatlahoma came out for a reunion......and that was one hay of a picnic" he explained. Looking back at Taira he smiled and said, "As fer you good Suh I must say yet little announcement has peeked my interest. If ya drink like ya run then I have a special bottle of whiskey stashed in my barn that I will sit with ya....if ya can handle it."
  9. Boulder Dash was pleased to see both Taira and Applejack back where they belonged. Upfront with him as he ran neck and neck with them on AJ's left. The three of them where together now neck and neck listening as they bantered back and forth. He had hated the idea of winning g the race through some form of trickery. His honor never would have allowed him to live it down which was why he had it waited for them to catch back up after the pepper incident. Sure he had prevented winning out right but the little stop made him feel better as well as give him a rest. He smiled as he saw them go back and forth and added his own two bits in, "I thought it was my job to tease the purdey Mares here?" Running side by side with his friends was a fulfilling task for Boulder Dash but soon he saw finish line coming into view. He listened as AJ and Taira agreed no more games and no trickery as he began to to pent up and release all he had for one final mad dash. "No matter how this ends it has been an honor running with y'all this year. No I have no regrets and that it's been a blast. Let's give one final burst of speed fer town and fer ourselves" he said. Boulder Dash then let loose all he had and shot forward toward the finish pushing ahead of AJ and Taira letting loose a mad howl of a cheer. Now or never, this was the final shot to victory. No matter what happened he knew he had done well and made the town proud. However as he ran forward he saw something in front of him. That was odd, no pony was in front of him and Taira and AJ. What the hay was going on? Suddenly he realized no pony else could see the mysterious runner, not the ponies racing with him nor the ones banging their hoofs and cheering in the stands. "What?..Who?" Boulder Dash asked as the figure turned and smiled at him with a wink. As he did Boulder Dash realized who he was seeing and felt tears well up in his eyes as he did so. "Pa? Thanks" he said as the pony vanished and he let the tears fall. Running with all he had he shouted loudly as the finish line came closer and closer with the ponies around cheering him and the other racers on. "Raaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhhhh!" he shouted as he bolted forward with every last stride he had.
  10. Boulder Dash felt more alive now then in a long time. With the finish line coming up he felt nothing could stop him now. However that turned to surprise and shock when he heard another one of Taira's sneezes only this time it didn't sound planned. "What in Tarnation?" he asked as he turned back and saw the old Kirin fly backwards. Coming to a complete stop Boulder Dash looked stunned and angry at rlthe thought if some pony trying to cheat or Celestia firbid hurt his new friend. He wanted to win but not like this. As such he waited until Taira was back in step with him before running again. It wasn't about winning anymore but finishing strong with his new friend by his side. "You alright pardner? I find out something wicked is about and I'm a personally tan some one's hide and make glue our of it" he said in anger running with Taira with in step.
  11. This was it.....the final stretch if the race. Boulder Dash had been holding strong through put keeping himself paced for most of the race. Even though he had ysed some reserves in the third part of the race he still had plenty in his tank for this last strecth of the run. He had admittingly been lucky at certain parts of the race. Moving in fast to get a good placing at the right time, making the the successful leap at the ravine, getting through the whitetail woods without getting sapped. It had been a mix of skill and good luck that up til now had held. But now this was the last pull off the race and as Pa had taught him you don't count yer chickens til the hatched and ya sure don't run the cows til they were quartered. Boulder Dash knew he still had a ways to go before ye could honestly say he had won and wasn't holding up yet. He still remembered that famous year as a colt when his Pa ran and won the race, and the pride he felt that day. Now it was his turn and he'd be damned if he gave up now. Running in close pace with the leaders Applejack and Taira he focused intently on what was in front of him trying to teach down and fire off all he had left inside of him for the last strecth. Though he had fun making a new friend and running with an old one it had come now to prove who was first and who was second. "Not fer nuthin Taira, it's been a gas and my offer is on the table fer chow. But I gots family in the stands and a legacy to live up to. I see ya'll at the finish line" he said pushing deep and pulling ahead of the big Kirin. Sure enough as he made his last shoot into Ponyville amongst the cheering crowds he saw them. He and his younger brother Rocky had arrived the day before to build the food stand for their Ma to make and serve the family's famous friend green tomato sandwiches and hot bowls of tomato soup. Standing in the stand serving customers he saw his Ma waving her bandana at him and his younger brother in the stands nearby waving a bag of....what da hay..... sweets? Chuckling as he kept his focus Rocky mentioned to the stands as he came on Applejack and said, "I bet ya'll my bottom bit he's intending to try and share those with that little sister of yearn. Don't worry he's a gentlecolt like his big bro, but it will be funny if in he can even muster the pebbles to talk to her without turning red." He then shot forward and began putting it all he had in the last run for the home stretch. This was it no more holding back and no more taking it easy. All or nothing now with no regrets regardless of the outcome.
  12. Boulder Dash didn't mind the tough talk. If anything he reveiled in it. As such Taira's challenge was answered as he made a bee line with his reserves and was soon neck and neck with the Kirin. "I'm not making it that easy on ya pardner. Family honor would never allow it" he said as he ran with Taira with the finish line close by. As he ran he spotted a certain pink pony that was recovering from her inverted launch, passing her and her griffioness friend as he sped by. "Come on Cutie Pie. I'm a need a nice reward from ya after I cross the finish line with a Gold medal round my thick neck!" he called out and winked at Pinkie Pie as he sped by. Laughing out loud he soon pulled forward and spotted a certain orange furred mare and a blonde tail that caught his attention off to his side and green eyes that could stop any Stallion dead in his tracks. Though in Boulder's case he just speed faster towards her as he closed the distance to get a good spot in the closing part of the race. "If yer plan was to use the cute flank of yearn to get me moving faster it's working like a charm AJ. But I hopes to see ya join me in the winners circle for some fresh hot food in the end" he called out to Applejack.
  13. ZIG! ZAG! ZOOM! Boulder Dash was one of the lucky few to not got stuck in the sappy much as he moved and ran with the top racers in tandem. Unlike a few ponies who got stuck in the sappy mess, Boulder Dash was running through the woods just as he did as a colt unimpeded thanks to his luck and awarness. He passed the stuck and now sticky Pinkie Pie and Ra Ra hoping they would be okay, though figured Pinkie would actually like being stuck in the sweet sap. However as he soon caught up with Taira, he heard a loud BANG and turning back he ducked as he saw something pink fly at him with great speed and shoot over head. "What in Tarnation? Was that a comet?" he asked as he looked up in confusion. However as he heard Taira call out to Pinkie he blinked a bit and grunted in shock. "Well that was unexpected. I wonder where she keeps those things? She can't keep um in her saddle bags....can she?" he asked his new Kirin friend.
  14. Boulder Dash followed the pack through with an extra stride in his pace. Taking the time to help fellow racers made him feel good, as in good since he was in the Navy working as a team on a ship. It was a sense of nostalgia he hadn't felt in a long time. However entering the woods he focused again trying to make sure he didn't wind up in any "sticky situations." These woods poured out tree sap like beer keg poured happiness. He watched the trees and zig zagged in around them to make sure he didn't clog through any sap. Still you never knew when you might step in something fierce, so he made sure to keep his wits about him if he happened to feel something sticky in his hooves.
  15. If Rocky's sea foam colored coat wasn't red enough with his blush, being picked up by the sales pony and put on her cart like a dispaly was enough to make him look like a colt version of Big Mac. "She really didn't have to announce it to all Equestria" he thought but was still grateful that she understood his situation. Rocky listened closely as she made her sales pitch and figuring she knew best he decided to take Bonbon's word for it. "Okay Ma'am, you have sold me. I will take some of the Seaddle Special Bonbons. I thanks you kindly" he said as he held out five bits. His slight country twang caused a few ponies to look at him and giggle at what they saw as young love on display. Taking his purchase he looked around a bit and said, "Not fer nuthin Ma'am....but could ya'll possibly set me down if it's okay?"