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  1. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Aphrodite Rose; "Rosie" Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Angelic Blue (#5ce4ff) Coat: Regal Silver (#abacb0) Mane/Tail: Cupid Blonde (#f8f8bf) styled in a high pony tail that cascades like molten gold down her back, her bangs covering the left side of her face in a mysteriously endearing manner. Physique: Slender and toned; very obviously puts a lot of effort into her looks. Residence: Among the nobles in Canterlot. Occupation: Fashion Icon/Model/Personality Cutie Mark: An ornate, glittering gemstone shaped like a star; signifying her beauty and her wealth. Unique Traits: > Her left eye is lazy and she always has her perfectly styled mane covering it - and will not allow ANYPONY to photograph that side of her - lest they see that she is less than perfect. > She always brushes silver glitter into her coat as her own sort of signature. History: Born into nobility within the richest of the rich in Canterlot, Aphrodite Rose had everything she could have ever wished for growing up, and as such, never really got used to doing things for herself. When she began to come of age, she was popular with her peers, and especially garnered the attention of the young colts within the high society - and beyond. Spurred on by the attention, Rose began to care more and more about her looks, so with the help of some high-end potions and products, Rose started to shine brighter than a crystal pony - and it didn't take long for some talent scouts to notice the beautiful filly. On the day of her very first photo shoot with an up-and-coming fashion editor Rose could hardly contain her excitement as she was prepped for the camera. Standing in front of the bright lights and photography equipment, Rose posed, the camera flashed, and she was momentarily blinded. Except that it wasn't the camera that had flashed - it was her flank. She had rightly earned her cutie mark - and as if that wasn't enough, the camera had captured it all! Safe to say, the iconic shot became a hit (she still recieves the royalites to this day!) and Rose's reputation skyrocketed faster than an airborne Wonderbolt; earning her contracts with some of Equestria's most important editors and photographers, keeping her busy all year round between photo-shoots, balls, and other prestigious events. Character Personality: Conforms very much to the blonde stereotype and is seen oftentimes seen as a bit of a "bimbo". It doesn't help that Rose prefers to let others speak for her rather than speak up for herself and such can be seen as a doormat too. Despite this however, Rose loves to talk about the things she likes, including but not limited to; cats, oatmeal cookies and premium coffee! She is a playful mare who works hard but isn't stingy or snobby - she enjoys spreading her wealth with her friends and to those ponies that may be a little less fortunate than she. Rose is also a mare who is constantly trying new things, and isn't afraid of it. She will seek out the newest dishes in her favourite restaurants, visit all the hangouts on any trips she takes and she loves to see businesses benefit from her publicity. As a given, Rose is vain and spends a lot of time preening and poking around with herself in front of a mirror and she can occasionally be quite rude and uptight about her looks. Most of her friends have learned not to take it personally and understand that these kind of behaviors are part of the job - but Rose always encourages her friends and family to call her out on these things should she say something offensive or rude. Character Summary: A blonde bombshell, yes, but a lovable mare none the less, Aphrodite Rose is a picture of beauty and wealth, but has a warm loving heart for those she cares about.
  2. A young deer stands tall and bright-eyed in her wedding gown, her gray-blue hair cascading luxuriously down her neck as she inclines her head.. She leans in and puckers her lips, awaiting the kiss... "Honestly, Misty! Are you even listening? You're daydreaming again! When are you going to go get a job and start contributing to some of the bills around here! Bits don't grow on trees you know!" Mistwhisper glared at her mother, angry at having her reverie interrupted so rudely. "Mom, I get it but it's not easy to get a job in a city - no, a world - filled with ponies who have their special talents stamped on their backsides." And it was true, of course. No-one wanted to hire a blank-flank deer when there were ponies advertising their talents and experiences on their flanks. Come to think of it, she'd never actually seen another deer in this town before. Did deer even get cutie marks? Maybe she could be the first! And then she'd totally get some sort of prize. Maybe lots of money too! That way she wouldn't have to worry about a job. And then the stallions would queue up.. "Misty! Again! There are plenty of young ponies without cutie marks who get jobs to tide their way through school! Just go out there and ask for Celestia's sake! What harm can it do?" "But-" It was no use. Her mother was already up and shoving her towards the door of their small cottage on the outskirts of White Tail Woods. Misty harumphed as the door closed in her face and she heard the telltale click as the lock slid into place from the other side of the wood. Resigning herself to a day filled with rejection, she began to trot towards the town. Maybe her mom was right - someone might give her a chance right? And think of all the things she could buy with those extra bits! Cupcakes, clothes, books! Maybe she'd even fall in love with a co-worker! Then she could get married and have the wedding of her dreams! And maybe - CRASH "Ow, ow! Ouuuuch!" Misty cried, tumbling to the floor. She had walked straight into a tree. "Misty you clutz," she reprimanded herself. She got up and dusted herself off and went to move on - but her long mane was tangled in the low hanging brambles of the shrub underneath the culprit tree. "Oh great!" she huffed, pulling her hair free and smoothing it down as best she could. "Of course, now my hair's a mess too! I'm so desirable now to an employer!" she moaned sarcastically. With one final cry of defeat, she resumed her journey into town, wondering what else could go wrong (or right?) today!
  3. Name: Vixey Kitten Age: Young mare (20) Gender: Female: Species: Unicorn Appearance: see photo Occupation: Veterinary Pony ~ ~ ~ to be continued ~ ~ ~
  4. Hello everypony! I'm Vixey and I enjoy ponies a lot. I also like to draw but I'm not altogether that good but its fun so .. hey! I love to roleplay but I've mainly only done Warriors before, so I thought I'd combine my love for ponies with RP! I'm working on a character as we speak so I hope to get her application up soon as it's ready! I hope she'll be accepted swiftly! If you have any questions for me, feel free to drop them by!!
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