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  1. Heya!

    No problem~ Enjoy your stay here on Canterlot.com, I hope to see more of your posts soon
  2. Heya!

    Welcome to Canterlot.com! I am Kahoot I am more than positive you will enjoy your stay, to start off of course... You should probably read the site guidelines and protocols of RP before getting started. The rules are easy to follow and simply a way to allow everyone to have fun. Now, anypony is allowed to post a thread in the Free For All section without making a character application... This is where things may seem a bit confusing, but do not fret! A character application is basically a description of your OC or a character you would like to use in the World of Equestria forum. In fact, they're not at all hard to make, here is a guide on how to make one and here is an example of one (As you can see in the comments of my thread, a Senior RP Staff or Moderator put an approval message, this is when you know you're all set for RP fun in the WoE section). As you can see, under your profile image it says "Member", once it says "RP Certified" like under my profile image, that is when you know you're set and ready to RP in the WoE section as well. Also! It may take a day or two for you to become RP Certified, for me, it took a bit longer and if you've been waiting a while, don't hesitate to contact staff... They're really nice and helpful! Free For All- You do not need an approved application or be RP Certified, your OC can be anything you like... From an alicorn to some weird hybrid of a monster... It's all up to you! World of Equestria- Your character has to be more realistic, here are some examples of animals your OC may be... Staff may ask for you to change a few things before they can approve it. If you want to use a pony or animal from the actual MLP show itself, you will also need to make an application for them... Here is a list of cast members from the show! Crossovers- Want your pony in a video game, anime, show? Look no further! For here is where your pony can live in Narnia, maybe even the land of Ooo? Anything! Multiverse- Basically a place for Alternate Universe's. Out of Character Discussion- Now, they're two of these... One for the Free For All forum and one for WoE forum. Here, you can plan out your RP's, it's a great tool if there is more than you and another pony! Don't forget to title for RP's with Open (If you're still welcoming more players), Closed (If you're no longer welcoming anyone else), Ask to Join (If someone would like to join, this title tells them to contact you for permission), or Sign up in OOC (This directs an interested pony to go to your thread in the Out of Character section to sign up... This basically means they will provide a description of the OC or character they would like to use... This is good for long-term RP's with a lot of players) Now I know, this may seem really complicated but it isn't once you get the hang of it! I went through this process myself and now everything is going by like a piece of cake I noticed you already have characters chosen for your character slot (Faded Flaw, Royal Rocker, and Prismatic Night), you will need to make an application for them if you would like to use them in WoE as I stated above, although, you can freely use them in the Free For All forum without them being approved. If you still feel lost about a certain forum, there is a description in small letters underneath the title! You can make a character log to hold all your OC's and playable cast members, here is an example. Character sheets are the Free For All version of a character application, here is an example. Hopefully, I cleared up most things... If you're still lost, simply ask for help! I am more than happy to help a fellow member out
  3. Bahh... I am sick of being sick which sounds pretty sick... Sick...

  4. Anypony There?

    Welcome~ I hope everyone treats you well here
  5. A Rainy Encounter (Ask To Join: Kahoot)

    Flower clears her throat, feeling a bit uneasy that her answer was so short and they both seemed to tell a small story behind their homes, Flower expected the game to be a simple answer rather than an answer and explanation. Although it didn't matter to her, it was an easier way to get to know one another. The Pegasus thinks over the question and looks away, staring off into the distance and wondering how to answer since even now she is questioning why she tagged along. She sat up a bit and thought for about a minute or less, while she didn't have a solid inspiration or answer, she could explain what she did know. "I... Um... I don't know, I don't think I was in my right mind at the time... From the stress that day and just all the work, I suppose I just wanted to get out of working for the time being and didn't understand what I was getting myself into, not that I am unhappy about my decision.. Well... I... I guess I am kinda unhappy but I mean, I made friends... That's something I suppose..." Flower rubs her snout and shrugs, "I think that if I was in my right mind at the time, I wouldn't have left knowing I was leaving behind my home and best friend. Though, that means I wouldn't be able to explore or go on this adventure... I guess this is also an opportunity to like... Debut myself to follow my passion... I've always wanted to become a singer, I know, a shocker... I just need to work on my confidence..." Flower blushed, looking down embarrassed, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to ramble like that... I hope you don't take what I said the wrong way."
  6. Merry Cherry (Closed)

    Cherry sat in anticipation, watching how his expression changes when he ate the pancakes she made, at first, she was worried he didn't like it. The last thing she wanted was to embarrass herself and ruin the stallion's breakfast, though, she was wrong. Her own eyes brightened happily as his shine, she giggles and her cheeks turn every shade of red from his compliment, "R-Really? I am glad you like it... I'll cook for you more often!" She states shyly, beginning to eat her own meal, starting with the two cherries she put on top. "M-Me? I don't know... Even if I were to do that, I don't think I'd be very passionate about it... I prefer gardening, but... I'll keep that in mind! Maybe during the autumn and winter, I can't exactly garden this time of year... The flowers would just freeze to death!" Cherry pouted, she immediately thinks of the days she and the mare, she has mentioned a few times, when they would garden together. They were fun memories and it saddened Cherry's heart as she remembers her friend's disappearance, "My friend encouraged me to use my skills as a gardener to make a profit... She was really kind and I don't want to let her down." Cherry's voice grew sad and she began to quietly eat her food. "This year... I want to plant as many purple flowers as possible... Especially purple blossoms and lavenders..."
  7. A Rainy Encounter (Ask To Join: Kahoot)

    Flower's magenta eyes widened, she frowned at the mention of her going first, although, she shouldn't argue considering she suggested it. Flower moved her cloud down to the ground and sat on it, thinking about a question to ask her companions, "Me? I... Fine..." She pauses, clears her throat, and then continues, "Where were you both born? I was born in Cloudsdale... By the way, you have to answer the question you ask as well... And uh... You can ask either one person or both... I guess..." She shrugs and looks away. While Flower may have suggested the game, she felt a bit embarrassed about telling them about herself and immediately regrets the decision. Her personality seemed to take a complete spin into another direction lately and even she couldn't tell why it was most likely due to realization hitting her. She realized she simply left her friend and entire life just to go on an adventure with a someone she barely knew for who knows how long. Although, this game could put her at ease and help her better understand her decision as well as Switch and Ice.
  8. Kahoot laughed with pride, juggling a snowball between her hooves before launching it forward, just barely grazing the filly's mane, "Are you sure about that, Echo?! I feel that I may be the victor of this war! Then you and your people will serve me~" Kahoot cooed, following with a cackle before falling back and hiding behind her wall to replace the snowball she just threw. Kahoot found that if she solely relied on openings and weak points, this war would go nowhere. Kahoot picked up two snowballs at a time, launching them at her opponents base until there were none left. At least ten snowball remains could be seen around and on the fort, although, her aim was still horrible. The young mare once again fell back, quickly rolling and stacking new snowballs to continue her wreckless tactic which will still end with her defeat if she doesn't think of some sort of strategy. While Kahoot may be one to be energetic and in love with games, she found this one to be more of a strategic... Sport... Game... Thing? ANYWAYS Kahoot had no intention of letting her guard down too easy nor allowing the filly to win without a fight, although, she also had no intention of power playing considering her opponent was younger than her, though, she did recognize the filly's skill and would take that into consideration.
  9. Merry Cherry (Closed)

    Cherry hurried over to the cabinet and took down the maple syrup, balancing it on her head while grabbing the orange juice from the fridge. She carefully placed both on the counter, pouring orange juice from the pitcher into a cup. The mare placed his plate of pancakes down in front of him, then his cup, and finally the syrup, "I hope you like it... I've never cooked for anyone else so..." Cherry trailed off with a shy expression, "I don't need any help, thank you, though." The mare went back and prepared her own plate, placing the cherries on her pancakes and pouring herself cranberry juice, she brought her own meal to the table as well utensils for the both of them. Although, before Cherry even touched anything she made for herself, she went to the bathroom, disappearing for a few minutes. The pink mare returns with her usually fluffy mane tied up and out of her face, all for the purpose of it not getting in the way while she eats. Now with her hair no longer a problem, she begins to eat shyly, keeping her eyes and head down as she does so. No matter how long Ejaz might stick around, Cherry will probably never be able to not be shy and awkward, especially when eating since she always liked to have good manners, even with familiar friends and family.
  10. Kahoot's eyes widened as the snowballs came at a quick speed, surprisingly a majority didn't hit too far from her base. This filly was no pony, she's a machine! Kahoot knew that there is no way that someone as unsophisticated, lazy, and has no knowledge in sports would never be able to win against such glory, beauty, and an absolute genius. Although her mother taught her that, "Giving up will not bring succession but simply failure and tears", Kahoot preferred the motto "If you don't try at all, then you won't fail" THAT'S ASIDE FROM THE POINT, THOUGH. Kahoot peeked over the base as well and waved her hoof, "Me? A fool?! Young grasshopper you're sadly mistaken, for no one has beaten the Almighty Kahoot and I don't plan on allowing you to be the first anytime soon!" Kahoot picked up a snowball and threw, it landed a few inches away from Echo but didn't hit her, "Dang it... I have such bad aim..." Kahoot whispers to herself and reaches for another snowball.
  11. Kahoot juggled her snowball, Kahoot had no intention of playing dirty with the filly because that would simply be bullying, although, she had the feeling this filly meant business when it came to snowball fights. Kahoot peaked over the wall, aimed the snowball and simply threw it, immediately rolling a new one to replace the one she just used. Kahoot imagined this as the battleground of some sort of War from hundreds of years ago, this is the only way the theater pony could truly get into the game. She felt something hit, too close for comfort that is, it was... A Snowball. Kahoot knew it was time to fight, she couldn't mess up or else... She won't survive this treacherous battle that would leave a mark in Equestria History. Finally, something that wasn't boring would be imprinted into textbooks, it would be titled, "The Great Snow War" Okay, Kahoot admits even that title sounds boring, she'll need to think harder about it, but not right now. The pegasus picked up yet another snowball, looking over her wall and aiming at the fort where it seemed even the slightest bit weak. Unfortunately, it was a solid build and there didn't seem to be any openings nor weak points. Kahoot decided to aim for the bottom left, throwing her snowball there and yet the fort didn't even budge. "I know I am terrible at sports... But I didn't know I was that bad..."
  12. Sioux (Ready)

    (Created on Generalzoi's game) Name: Sioux (Little Snakes) Gender: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Earth Pony Likes: Potion making, tribal studies, isolation, Everfree Forest Dislikes: Being weak, strangers, a lot of questions. Coat: Pastel Yellow with brownish-peach stripes (Similar to Zecora's) Mane/Tail: Sioux's mane and tail are solid white. A majority of the time, Sioux 's mane covers her unique eyes, it's cut short but long enough to cover her face if styled the correct way. Her tail looks as if it was carelessly chopped off with safety scissors, which it was. When alone, Sioux pushes her mane back with a headband. Eye Color: Crimson red, glossy (The same shape of Rarity's). Previously grey. Physique: Average height, a bit thinner than average mares. Residence: Everfree Forest, cave. Occupation: She considers witchcraft to be an occupation, though, she doesn't have many customers due to her location... And who wants to mess with witchcraft? Cutie Mark: Sioux's cutie mark resembles tribal markings. It is solid black and has simple designs, a skull in the middle with various small triangular shapes surrounding it. History: Sioux was born on the outskirts of the Everfree forest, raised by her mother Dakota after the disappearance of her father. Sioux was born blind, explaining why her eyes are so vibrant and glossed over. Her disability never got in the way of her doing daily chores like doing the dishes, laundry, getting around her home, or learning. Considering how far Sioux's home was from the "closest" school, her mother decided to home-school her. Obviously, it wasn't only because of traveling issues but also because she worried Sioux would possibly be bullied for being different. Sioux's mother worked with herbs, she made natural remedies as well as medicine which she sold in Ponyville. Sioux loved to go with her mother into town because she could hear the laughter and talking of others, something she only heard in Ponyville. Rarely would anyone travel so close to the Everfree Forest, so it was extremely quiet in her home. Sioux's only friend was her mother, the forest, and the animals that live within it. At a young age, Sioux's mother began to teach Sioux how to brew certain herbs and grind them into grain which she would later boil to become edible medicine or creams for rashes and injuries. One day, Sioux had grabbed the incorrect book, it was one to make a so-called, "Balding Potion". Its contents in braille instructed for Sioux to grab ingredients that were nowhere near the ones she would usually use. This "lotion" earned Sioux her cutie mark, similar to her mothers which instead had a flower rather than a skull. The meaning behind Sioux cutie mark was that the skull represented "Bad Luck", this means that a majority of the potions Sioux intends to make, come out wrong. For example, let's say Sioux is asked to make a love potion, while she may follow the instructions... Somehow the potion becomes a hate potion. Basically, Sioux makes the opposite of what she is supposed. The balding potion resulted in her mother's business getting a bad review, this made fewer people buy from her and money became tight. While money wasn't a very serious issue in Sioux's family, due to them having their own crops and garden, it would mean they couldn't buy cloth or new jars for herbs. Sioux felt extreme guilt and vowed that she will continue her mothers business and make up for the grave error she made. To Sioux, this was probably an amazing idea... For others, it meant pure bad luck! Sioux found herself making only bad potions correctly, no matter whether she got the ingredients wrong or not everything turned out bad. Love turned to hate, blossoming turned to withering, it was as if the Gods of magic were mocking her. This made Sioux angry and unfriendly, she became easily annoyed and often tricked others to get what she wanted. Her greed and dirty deeds resulted in a punishment no one saw coming. One day, Sioux had received a gift from an unknown sponsor, it was labeled "Drink me, for I will cure your bad luck", Sioux expected it was from a friend rather than foe considering it was in braille. Without hesitation, the young mare drank the potion. While she believed it worked, she couldn't see the terrible thing it had done to her. Her eyes turned a scary crimson red, resembling that of an albino snake, her teeth as sharp as broken glass, and the many dark stripes that lined her body were like a Zebra's. It was only when her mother pointed it out, did she realize the potion was nothing but a fraud, a scam to get back at her for her terrible doings. This event only taught Sioux a lesson, not to trick the wrong pony. Sioux followed her motto "Don't trick the wrong pony" for a while, trying to do good. It didn't work out. People looked at her as if she were a monster, a creature from another world, some even believed she was the offspring of a changeling and pony. The rumors went around quick and soon Sioux was shunned upon for her strange looks, something that crushed her spirit and the last bit of good inside her. Her new motto was "Don't trust anypony" as well as "Friends aren't real, everypony for themselves". Sioux grew cold on the inside but kept her sharp and friendly demeanor on the outside, she continued to trick and do wrong to others as a way to cope with the fact that she was the real monster. She had the personality and heart of a monster as well as the looks. Sioux despised others, she had no one after the unfortunate passing of her mother and so... She sought refuge in a cave deep in the Everfree forest. It was cold, dark, and scary just like her. While she would prefer to never be seen or have to look at anypony else, she hung a sign outside of her home. The sign was a symbol that most pony would recognize as a "Witch mark", meaning someone with knowledge in witchcraft (Not actual witchcraft... But herbs, potions, remedies and such) was inside the cave. Sioux knew no one would ever come if they saw her face, so she covered her eyes using her mane, it hid her crimson eyes well. She wore antlers for reason other than for an accessory, whenever she is asked (By those who actually visit her cave for potions and remedies, which is rare) about her stripes and sharp teeth... She gives them all the same answer, "The stripes are tattoos, traditional tribal markings... And my teeth are dentures!" Sioux still remains alone in her cave, still not daring to leave her cave because she feared of outsiders and strangers. The last thing she wanted was for anyone to tease her again, malice still remained in her heart and it wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. Character Summary: Sioux started off as the quiet, shy, and somewhat friendly type. While she may not have had friends, she still made it through everyday life no matter the hardships of not being able to see brought her. She learned from her mistakes, but only for a short amount of time before returning back to her usual self. Lessons don't have a permanent effect on the young mare. She may act very cheerful and kind when deep down all she wants to do is spread bad luck and allow others to feel the same misfortune as her. She remains cooped up in her cave, surprisingly maintaining the same level of sanity throughout her life. she copes with her loneliness by talking to herself and animals she comes across, while the pony would prefer to be alone and never be seen by others... She has always wanted to visit other towns and cities, such as Manehattan, Seaddle, Hoofington, Baltimare, and Trottinghame. Sioux takes pride in her (horrible) work and treats it as art when it is simply an indirect form of bullying others into buying more of her products to fix what the last one did. Sioux is a trickster, a fraud, and a bully for the sole purpose of satisfying herself.
  13. Heller!

    Welcome to the community, Uhrwerk!
  14. A Rainy Encounter (Ask To Join: Kahoot)

    The young mare found herself simply listening to their conversation, a frown adorning her features as she felt even more lonely the more they talked. Of course, it wasn't their fault really but more of Flower's for being suddenly distant and quiet. As of now, all she really wanted was to see and speak with her best friend, Cherry. Flower let out soft hums, her front right hoof hanging from her cloud-bed and swinging back and forth, it was obvious the mare was bored and tired at the same time, although, nothing could be done since she always seemed to be either bored or tired, rarely will she be satisfied. Flower turned onto her back, staring up at the sky which was slowly dimming and becoming darker, stars swarming in clusters all across. Flower could hear the sounds of some sort of object swinging in the air, she peeks over the side of her cloud and catches a glimpse of Switch in his own world. She allowed her body to slide off her cloud, like water, gracefully falling to the ground and landing on her hooves without a sound. Flower sat down on the ground and made herself comfortable, "We should play a game... Like twenty-questions... Or whatever..." Flower thinks over her choice of words, her lips pressed together as she realized she sounded like a moody filly (Not that she hadn't gone through that phase), "I mean... We should, uh... Get to know one another and like... Talk... And... Questions?" Flower mentally hit herself for sounding absolutely ridiculous, "What I am trying to say is... Let's grow comfortable with one another... And... Ask each other questions so we can get to know one another better... Good idea?" While her words still sounded a bit silly, they made more sense than earlier.
  15. Kahoot smiled as her enemy played along, she juggled a snowball in her hand and giggled slightly. Kahoot never really had snowball fights growing up, nor does she get to play often, so times like these always lightened her mood. Kahoot prodded at her fort, adjusting a few areas which were already crumbling and even making a few more snowballs in the process. The Pegasus couldn't help herself but let a beaming grin appear, she picked up a snowball and stepped back a bit to see her enemy better, it was still quite hard to see the other pony but she could make out a few things. "Prepare yourself Legendary Echo, for I... Kahoot, will bring your castle to ruins and turn your city into rubbish... Taking your riches and claiming this land as mine!" Kahoot gave Echo a wink and waited for the signal. As the large ball of snow dropped, resembling that of a bomb, Kahoot took cover behind her snow wall, holding two snowballs in her hooves and waiting for the enemy to make the first attack, although, she didn't mind making the first move if she got a good opening. "Let this war become History in the book of LEGENDARY SNOWBALL FIGHTS!" Kahoot shouted, peeking over her snow wall to see any signs of the enemy or an opening for attack.