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  1. My Little Academia [Sign-Up in OOC]

    Magenta's eyes widened at the question, at first she looked confused, then baffled, and finally, she burst into laughter. The immature mentor shook her head as she slowly composed herself, "Of course not~! You all signed up for the hero course and you got it, you all were placed in my care because you're the best of the best... I am the best teacher, ahaha~! I am here not to be your mother, your friend, your sister- I am here as your teacher and my duty is to educate you all!" "The only way for you all to learn is for me to turn it into those thick skill of yours~ If that means being the cruelest, worst, the most horrible teacher to ever walk on U.A. ground... So be it, I am going to crush all those little fairies in your heads and form you into real heroes! A hero has no time to focus on making a truce with a villain, their main priority is to evacuate the premises and protect those who can't protect themselves... Once those who need it are safe, then I suppose a conversation or truce with the villain is negotiable depending on the hero... Although heroes like me don't care, we just lock them up for good!" Magenta turned back to Moonlight, "Once again, you all signed up to become heroes... Not mice. If you can't handle my methods, you're more than welcome to drop out of the program, it will be your loss because those who are patient and work through the harshness of my words and techniques will prevail and become Number One." Ace gave a smile, though, her eyes held that same hollow stare, "Does that answer your questions, Moonlight?"
  2. My Little Academia [Sign-Up in OOC]

    The immature teacher pulled yet another tin of applesauce from her bag, slurping it happily for it seemed to be the only thing holding her within Sanity, Magenta peered down at Moonlight, narrowing her eyes before turning to face a student who finished their laps. She instructed them to get their lunch and quickly return, giving them a gentle pat on the back. Once again, Ace turned to Moonlight, narrowing her solid and... Soulless yellow eyes, "You're looking at me funny," She paused and sipped her sauce, "Got something to say? Let it out, I'll find out sooner or later... I always do..." The mare's eyes narrow more as she slurps at her applesauce with ease. Magenta was easily able to read emotions or minds... Well, not actually read their minds, she could just read them based on actions and such. Based on Moonlight's facial expressions and actions, she could tell the young student had something to say, "While I may look and act like some monster, I am all ears when it comes to my students... I am being hard on you because I want to shape you all into not only heroes... But Number One heroes~!"
  3. I ate three bags of blue Fun-Dip...


    I accidentally bit off a piece of the stick and it ruined the fruity, sour dance party in my mouth...

    1. szalhi


      liek dis if u cri evrytiem 

    2. Rosewind


      Three bags?! Insane. I can barely manage a few licks before I'm sugar'd out and -done-.

  4. My Little Academia [Sign-Up in OOC]

    Magenta watched as Moonlight sat beside her, watching her peers just like she was. Magenta turned back to the remaining students, finishing her applesauce with a grin, "I can smell the blood, sweat, and tears from here..." She muttered before standing and turning to those who were with her, "Let this be a warning for those who are getting too comfortable! I am a very unpredictable teacher and will throw anything your way, so don't be too confident... Because that might just be your doom." "When it comes to being a hero, you never know what the villain has in store... You could either win or lose, there is no such thing as a truce with a villain... YOU MUST CRUSH THEM!" Magenta grinned and laughed happily, "Anyways, just keep in mind... You don't want to be where they are now... I am ought to make each and every one of you fail in some shape or form, you learn from your mistakes~!"
  5. My Little Academia [Sign-Up in OOC]

    Magenta Ace made herself comfortable, allowing those who passed to have lunch outside as they waited for those who didn't to finish with their punishment. Magenta happily ate her pouch of applesauce, seeming content with her actions and ways of teaching... What better way to shape a hero than to make them dread it? Those who are overwhelmed are more than welcome to drop out of the program, while those who diss the overwhelming obstacle will further their success. The winning students simply ate and chatted with one another, watching as the others ran laps. Ace looked up at Moonlight, seeing that the young student was finished with her Ten Laps... If Ace was honest, she would have admitted to the fact that she just wanted to get on one of the student's nerves and put them in place 10.5 which wasn't an actual place... She made it up. It was an evil yet satisfying piece to Magenta's personality. Ace continued sipping at her applesauce, eyeing the student for a few seconds before letting out a sigh, "Go get your lunch and come right back, the last thing I need is to come running after a student who wants to ditch class... Which if that was your intention, you'd be running laps 'til the next day." Ace went back to eyeing the rest of those who were running, her solid eyes showing slight hints of joy and appeal.
  6. My Little Academia [Sign-Up in OOC]

    Magenta wasn't permitted to hurt her students, even if she did want to... Which she didn't... Not on purpose... Maybe. Anyways, that in mind, she didn't use her full potential nor did she activate her quirk, leaving those who don't know much about her questioning her abilities and what the mare was truly capable of. While Magenta would be more than happy to go full on with one of her students just for the fun, it wouldn't be fair, just a way to discourage them. As the final battle ended, Ace walked forth and rubbed her snout as she let out a cough, "Technically, you all failed... You weren't supposed to use your quirks, this was a physical test... But since I am feeling generous nor was I very specific with the instructions, I'll allow those who didn't get hit... To pass... hooray~" Ace's voice was very blunt and full of boredom, all she wanted was lunch. "Ahem, this is no time to celebrate either, time to pull up the scoreboard..." Magenta Ace's lips curled into a grin, "Oh yes, I have been keeping a scoreboard for those who weren't paying attention, forgot, or whatever... Whoever didn't make the Top Ten, you're running Twenty Laps around the property... And for the shrimp who is in the last place, you will do Forty Laps~!" Magenta let out a cackle of joy before quickly composing herself, "Anyways, here are your results~!" The board popped up. One by one the names popped up, Moonlight's was strangely placed... She was in place 10.5. "Ohoho~ Looks like we have someone between the walls of doom and prevail~! I'll cut you some slack, you'll only do Ten Laps unless you can persuade me otherwise... Everyone else, get a move on!" Magenta ushered the losers to begin running, to which they glared, groaned, and whined as they were on there way. ((For now, it's only us... So the open spots will not be given names nor specific abilities... Until more people join, our names and abilities will only be mentioned.))
  7. Symphy is taking requests! (Limited space)

    Yes, please~! Thank you so much
  8. Hi! I Need A Little Help

    You must get a character approved within the Character Application section, a staff member may ask for you to change a few things to be able to have your character approved... Once it is, you'll have to wait maybe a day or two for the "RP CERTIFIED" title to be underneath your name, if it takes longer, message a moderator. Although, if you don't want to have to change your OC in any way, just go straight to the Free For All section, there you can post and RP without being certified. Only RP CERTIFIED members can post in World of Equestria . Your account name with a down arrow should appear in the top right corner of your screen... Click the arrow, then go to Account Settings. Once there, to the left will be an overview and there it will say "Signature", click that and then a text box will appear (You can post up to 6 images that are 600 x 100 pixels) Don't forget to save it when you're done!
  9. My Little Academia [Sign-Up in OOC]

    Magenta had the most humble yet satisfied expression as she threw things at her students, this being her favorite part so far as she watched the more unfortunate ponies fall from the rope from the rope. A few students could barely notice the grin slowly forming on Magenta's features, only adding to the fact that she didn't seem all too friendly when it came to teaching her students. Unfortunately for Ace, she couldn't quite get Moonlight to fall... Which was technically good when it came to the "Teacher" side of Magenta rather than the "I really like throwing things at kids and watching them fall" side. Magenta pulled up Moonlight's statistics, it showed a chart which stated her balance was a 7 out of 10 and her focus a 10 out of 10, "You pass..." Magenta forces a smile even though she was eager to say the words "Fail" like she usually does. Although Magenta showed no signs of being a very friendly teacher, she did care deeply for her student's when it came to making them fighting machines... Their health and wellness was another story... Moonlight was the last to go, so right away Ace moved on to the next task, "Since I am getting tired... And I said three... This is the last one for today, I'm bored." Magenta paces back and forth thinking, "Your final task will be on reflexes, as a hero... Things don't always go as planned, trust me, even I slip up sometimes... It is horrible... That doesn't mean you can't make up for it~! Reflexes are very important, especially if your previous attack misses, you need to block the upcoming attack." Magenta stepped back until she was a few yards from the group of unique students, "One by one, you will fight me~! If I hit you, you FAIL... This should be easy for those with intense speed, defense skills, blah blah blah~!"
  10. My Little Academia [Sign-Up in OOC]

    Ace has been a teacher for quite some years, she even attended this very class when she was younger... She isn't that old, though. Anyways, she knew all too well about quirks, even gaining the mental ability to predict what quirk a pony may hold and who has better skills in such categories. Based on the stature and muscle of this pony, she knew Moonlight stood no chance. Just as she thought, Moonlight barely kept up with the opposing pony once they picked up their speed. As the two competitors stepped forward for their grade, Magenta blinked a few times and put up the scores for them both. Their name and profile image came up with their scores beside them- "Moonlight, it took you 15.3 seconds to finish the 100-meter race, you failed... And you, exactly 5 seconds, it seems you are one for speed, congratulations... Moonlight, I'll mark this down as a section for you to work on within your online profile, you can view your statistics their to figure out what needs work... NEXT." Once again, the task was quick due to Magenta's idea of having it become a race rather than a simple speed measuring test, "Alright, the speed test was pretty miserable, only about four of you passed with around 7 seconds and below, which is an almost perfect grade... The rest of you were slacking, speed is key when on the field... Don't want the big bad monsters to crawl out from the shadows and GRAB YOU." Ace chuckled for a few seconds before suddenly seizing her emotions, "Anyways, this test... Balance and Focus," She pointed to a long rope that is outstretched for about six yards, "You will walk along this rope as if you're those... I don't know what they're called, they walk on ropes at the circus or whatever- ANYWAY, you will walk along it with your eyes closed, I will throw stuff at you... If you fall off, you FAIL... All you gotta do is allow your core to listen for the sounds of things, feel it with your senses, smell it... Anything! Just don't fall off that rope, who's first?"
  11. My Little Academia [Sign-Up in OOC]

    Magenta Ace watched with a bored state, not showing interest on the outside while on the inside all her attention was focused on the young student. She watched her every movement, squinting as she made sure the pony didn't overwork herself, as a teacher, her top priority was her student's health and wellness. Magenta stepped back, allowing the pony who was just barely old enough to be considered a young mare work her magic. She watched the ball go flying, her blank eyes focusing deeply on the ball until it was out of sight, all the while, the meter on the holographic image went up quickly at first but slowed down as the ball did. Soon the meter stopped, the number landing on... "700.8 meters... Not too shabby, but I've seen better... Lucky for you, that is just barely considered a passing grade for this test, good job... NEXT." Magenta Ace ushered Moonlight to the rest of her peers, pointing for her to go to the back as the next victim came forth. "Alright, some of you prevailed and others completely failed that test... Maybe you can redeem yourself with this next task, Speed." Magenta stepped forward, showing the finish and ending line which stretched across the Sandlot, "Hopefully, I don't need to spell that out... Basically, two of you with be put to race... This doesn't mean the loser or winner or any better or worse, it's just to get things going faster, this allows me to measure two of you at a time..." Magenta motioned her hooves as she spoke, "That being said, line up... The first two students will go first, hurry up!
  12. My Little Academia [Sign-Up in OOC]

    Magenta Ace gave a monotone expression, showing how little she cared about who was first, although, she watched as a certain pony was pushed to the front. Her expressionless eyes looked over the pony, eyeing into her very soul. Magenta Ace pulled up a holographic screen, Moonlight's file coming up with all her information, "Water Manipulation? Hmm," Magenta Ace grinned and laughed, "Well, there isn't exactly a pond or lake around, so... I wish you luck with your first task~!" Magenta Ace pressed a button on her watch which changed the holographic screen, it displayed the words "FIRST TASK" in large red letters. Magenta Ace stepped forward and pointed to an X marked on the ground, "Stand here." She kicked her duffle bag over and pulled out what seemed to be a baseball, "Now, not everyone's quirk enhances their physical strength and/or ability... So, for who this does apply to, I'm preparing your grave... For whoever's quirk does enhance their ability, congratulations, this will be a walk in the park for you." She tossed the ball to Moonlight, "Throw as hard as you can, there are only three more tasks after this... You better pray you pass at least one," She turned to face everyone, "Whoever isn't within the Top Ten will run Twenty Laps around U.A. property!"
  13. Hi! I Need A Little Help

    Welcome to Canterlot.com! I am Kahoot I am more than positive you will enjoy your stay, to start off of course... You should probably read the site guidelines and protocols of RP before getting started. The rules are easy to follow and simply a way to allow everyone to have fun. Now, anypony is allowed to post a thread in the Free For All section without making a character application... This is where things may seem a bit confusing, but do not fret! A character application is basically a description of your OC or a character you would like to use in the World of Equestria forum. In fact, they're not at all hard to make, here is a guide on how to make one and here is an example of one (As you can see in the comments of my thread, a Senior RP Staff or Moderator put an approval message, this is when you know you're all set for RP fun in the WoE section). As you can see, under your profile image it says "Member", once it says "RP Certified" like under my profile image, that is when you know you're set and ready to RP in the WoE section as well. Also! It may take a day or two for you to become RP Certified, for me, it took a bit longer and if you've been waiting a while, don't hesitate to contact staff... They're really nice and helpful! Free For All- You do not need an approved application or be RP Certified, your OC can be anything you like... From an alicorn to some weird hybrid of a monster... It's all up to you! World of Equestria- Your character has to be more realistic, here are some examples of animals your OC may be... Staff may ask for you to change a few things before they can approve it. If you want to use a pony or animal from the actual MLP show itself, you will also need to make an application for them... Here is a list of cast members from the show! Crossovers- Want your pony in a video game, anime, show? Look no further! For here is where your pony can live in Narnia, maybe even the land of Ooo? Anything! Multiverse- Basically a place for Alternate Universe's. Out of Character Discussion- Now, they're two of these... One for the Free For All forum and one for WoE forum. Here, you can plan out your RP's, it's a great tool if there is more than you and another pony! Don't forget to title for RP's with Open (If you're still welcoming more players), Closed (If you're no longer welcoming anyone else), Ask to Join (If someone would like to join, this title tells them to contact you for permission), or Sign up in OOC (This directs an interested pony to go to your thread in the Out of Character section to sign up... This basically means they will provide a description of the OC or character they would like to use... This is good for long-term RP's with a lot of players) Now I know, this may seem really complicated but it isn't once you get the hang of it! I went through this process myself and now everything is going by like a piece of cake I noticed you already have characters chosen for your character slot (Faded Flaw, Royal Rocker, and Prismatic Night), you will need to make an application for them if you would like to use them in WoE as I stated above, although, you can freely use them in the Free For All forum without them being approved. If you still feel lost about a certain forum, there is a description in small letters underneath the title! You can make a character log to hold all your OC's and playable cast members, here is an example. Character sheets are the Free For All version of a character application, here is an example. Hopefully, I cleared up most things... If you're still lost, simply ask for help! I am more than happy to help a fellow member out
  14. Hello guys

    Welcome to Canterlot, I hope you enjoy your stay~!