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  1. The Pony and the Cat [Private]

    ((Already did. Also I gotta go somewhere so i'll reply later. xD)) Pug Pony
  2. The Pony and the Cat [Private]

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  3. On The Page Edge (PM for Invite)

    Moonlight was fast asleep under her covers. Currently she was having a wonderful dream, about laying down in a field. "Ah this is nice.." she mumbled to herself. Moonlight closed her eyes, putting her front hoofs beneath her head for cushion. All of a sudden, the ground shook, making Moonlight wake up very sudden. Moonlight swiftly came out of her covers and realized what had happened, "Someone broke in..!" she ran to her closet and quickly took her sword, that lay on a holder above where her cloths lay. Picking it up with magic, Moonlight held it beside her, taking it out of the cover. Moonlight sprinted out of her closet and slammed her door open. Sprinting beside the railings, Moonlight quickly stopped herself, seeing the gaping hole that lay in her ceiling. That was definitely going to take a while to fix. Moonlight went down the stairs, mouth gaping open as her ears went against her head. Papers, were everywhere. New books, she had been planning to store in her shelf's for ponies to view, ripped. Whoever did this, surely was going to pay. Moonlight walked through the mess, careful not to crumble any paper. That's when she spotted a stallion close to where she stood. Moonlight held her sword in her snout, and sneaked behind him. She did this carefully, not wanting to be noticed by the Stallion who had basically tore apart her library..and her home. Moonlight kicked him to the floor, and held a hoof to where his neck was. Now, holding her sword with her magic, she levitated it over his head. Moonlight was PISSED. "Who are you?" she hissed, pressing a bit harder on his neck, "Why did you DESTROY my library?!" she yelled this time.
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  7. Last post wins's crazy how this forum has been online for 7 years..
  8. My Little Academia [Sign-Up in OOC]

    Moonlight grinned at Miss Ace's rather disappointed look. She wanted to point and laugh in her face, but that seemed too childish, and unformal. "Good luck!" she whispered to Lan Fa, who stood in the front of the line. Moonlight walked past the other ponies, who seemed rather nervous for this task. After all, the rope was a very skinny thread. But anyone with enough focus and skills, could manage to make it across without getting hit like she had.
  9. My Little Academia [Sign-Up in OOC]

    Moonlight walked to the front of everypony, being the first once again. She felt confident, being that she passed this test last time and had done very well with it. Beginning, Moonlight walked up the stairs leading to the rope and began to walk slow and steady. This time, she used acrobats so she would not get hit with a tennis ball. Moonlight practiced acrobats at home for a few years, before knowing about her quirk. Making it to the end, she stepped off of the stairs and trotted to Miss Ace, standing tall.
  10. The Pony and the Cat [Private]

    Moonlight exited the park. Her eyes were watery, 'How could you leave like that?! You looked like a fool!' she mentally yelled at herself. Moonlight went to the library to get her mind off of things. Hearing the door make a dinging noise, she entered without looking at the librarian. Moonlight grabbed the daring do book from her saddlebag and sat down, reading from where she left off. Moonlight didn't realize she was crying until she noticed her page was wet. 'Why are you crying?!' she thought, panicking a bit. She quickly wiped her tears, using a nearby tissue from a tissue box sitting on the counter.
  11. The Pony and the Cat [Private]

    Moonlight looked down and put on her saddlebag, "I guess i'll go." then started walking out of the park. What was she thinking? Moonlight should have knew better then to pull a pony-cat hybrid into water. "Oh, keep the towel by the way.." she looked back then hovered hot tea over to him, "I was also planning to drink it, but you look like you need it.." Moonlight turned back around and continued to walk.
  12. My Little Academia [Sign-Up in OOC]

    As Moonlight examined her results, she groaned then spoke, "Its alright.." then shook her head slowly. Walking back to the back of the line, she saw a few ponies smiling. Moonlight rolled her eyes and ignored this. It didn't bother her. As she was walking, she froze, hearing 'hunky security guard,'. She felt like she was going to hurl. 'Old pony love? No thank you.' Moonlight shuddered and stood in the back of the line.
  13. The Pony and the Cat [Private]

    Moonlight frowned as she saw this, then it immediately hit her. 'Of course, he's a cat. Cats hate water..' she swam back slowly and took a towel from her saddlebag, tossing it to him, "I'm always prepared..". Then, she simply shook the water off of herself, and fixed her mane. ((Okay. I'll reply there next))
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