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  1. Heya! Lovely OC I'm pretty new around here too, but I hope to be able to rp with you sometime too !
  2. Roleplay Type: WoEName: Prismatic NightSex: FemaleAge: Young MareSpecies: PegasusEye colour: Bright BlueCoat: Steel PurpleMane/Tail: Blue-PurplePhysique: The vibrant mare is pretty average for her age. Her hooves are a bringt blue-ish tone with long fur bordering them. Although her proportions are normal for a mare of her age she's shorter than most ponies, even if her mane does add an inch or two. It's not uncommon for her technicolor mane and tail to be kept in a messy and careless manner.Residence: Los PegasusOccupation: Currently just attending school.Cutie Mark: A planet and bandages.Unique Traits: Notched Ear, Freckles. History: She grew up in a small town with her single mother for the majorit of her life. Her family was subject to low income for the majority of her life so Prism was quick to learn how to live without a lot of luxury. However, she never minded much and even now cares little for material possessions. Prism and her mother shared a very close, almost sister-like, bond since she was a foal and that's stuck with to adulthood. She now lives in Los Pegasus hoping to make a life for herself. Character Personality: Often one may look at this mare and come to comprehend that she is most certainly the laid-back type. She enjoys casual conversation and is always sure to make a joke of any situation. Her talent is quite abstract, but Prism believes it represents the comfort she is able to give hurting ponies with her understanding of philosophy and out worldly views. This talent shines most often when speaking with close friends and sometimes even strangers. She cares deeply for those around her but is quick to stand up for herself if being mistreated. Character Summary: Wild and unpredictable. Down to earth in every sense of the way even while her head is up in space.
  3. ouijababe


    Thank you both so much!
  4. ouijababe


    Thanks so much for all your help! You've actually cleared up the bulk of my confusion quite well It seems a lot of what this site has to offer is very similar to the sites I am familiar with. I look forward to getting my OC form up and ready for approval!! Again, Thank you for your explanations and willingness to help a newbie like me out!
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    Okay, so, hey everyone! This post probably wont be very pretty until I get used to the coding of this site. I stumbled across this site when I started to get interested in RP again. Unfortunately, my older sites weren't very fun anymore so I had to find a some new ones. And here I am! If I'm being honest, I'm rather intimidated. I'm a veteran of chickensmoothie.com (if anyone here has ever been there) but this site is different enough to make me uncomfortable. Not in a bad way though! I'm excited to get back into the RP scene Anyways! I'd really love if anyone could give me the rundown of how this place works and how I can get started having fun I would also love to know if any of the coding from ChickenSmoothie translates here in any way. Or if there is a way I can get it to~ Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks so much to anyone who reads this!
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