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  1. Hi! I Need A Little Help

    Yay thank you so much!
  2. Hi! I Need A Little Help

    How do you exactly get rp certified?
  3. Hi! I Need A Little Help

    Hey I am also new. How do you add signatures like the ones that show under each posts? @Kahoot
  4. Last post wins

    You guys can call me Alex if you want. Its not my real name, it's just a name I go by.
  5. Last post wins

    Hi peoples ^-^
  6. A Fellow nerdy welcome.

    Thank you! I am enjoying it so far
  7. Uuuuuhhhh

    Idk what to talk about ;-;
  8. A Fellow nerdy welcome.

    Tina shall save y'all from haters if you ever receive any @OddOne @SymphonicFire @GigiThePug
  9. A Fellow nerdy welcome.

    Hehe thanks! It expresses me
  10. A Fellow nerdy welcome.

    xD @OddOne
  11. A Fellow nerdy welcome.

    Hello i'm alex ^-^ I just joined this website while looking through mlp memes. I don't know okay? Well, I don't really know what else to say so..yeah. Hi