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  1. By looking on your about me page, I like you already. :star:

  2. I well like to say I am new to here, I well like to get to know everyone around here. I am 23.5 years old, but I know I well not act like my age..I am kinda child like ish. Also If you gets on my bad-side. Like something to do with my grammar. Please DO NOT put pressure or upset on other ways. Try to help me with my spelling or any of the grammar. I am not the very best at it. Also let you keep in note I did not do very well in most of my English class. Another reason is I do have a disability. So I well warn you guys that am not at good in most of my English and writing class. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now the big step out the way, My name Is Rebekah. But please Called me Becky. Also I am Taken by most wonderful Stallion. As I loves him soo much. He and I been long distant about over 6 years. As I am little happy. Thar we love eachother so much. As I am looking for chatting with you guys ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like: Do Art, Anime, play video games, Pokemon, My boyfriend, and the lovely people that is on here. Dislike: Grammar Naiz, Pony the well judge you the age how you act as you not, Also anyone who are Homophobic. Because love is love!
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