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    Practicing and learning new and exciting magic. Traveling around the unknown parts of Equestria. Loves to cook and practices medicine. Loves to go on adventures in dangerous places.

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About Me

Name: Astral “Crimson” Star


Gender: Male


Age: Young Stallion.


Species: Unicorn


Eye colour: Green


Character colour: Crimson


Mane/Tail/Other: Color of the mane and tail are two colors, red and black. Style of the mane is a little fancier than most though short. It comes out to points at the end, the tips at each of the points are black while the rest of the mane is red. Tail comes out three long spikes, top spike and lower spike are red while the one in the middle is black. Astral wears a black cape and vest, given to him by his late granddad.


Physique: Astral is tall as he is strong. He’s very physically active than most of his family. Broad chest with a slightly longer horn than the average unicorn.


Residence: He used to live in Ponyville where he was born. Now he lives in the mountains that overlooks the Everfree Forest.


Occupation: Doesn’t have a job despite having a degree in medicine to become a doctor. In his spare time, he travels around Equestria and beyond. Also practices magic in his spare time.


Cutie Mark: Astral’s cutie mark is a falling shooting star with a magic wand at the bottom of the star.


Unique Traits: Astral’s magic is quite strong. Although, his real unique trait is his imagination. He loves using spells in different ways other than what they were intended for or using it in ways than what many ponies may have never thought before which leads to unexpected, yet beneficial  results. Astral’s cape is imbued with magic, mostly wind magic. It does a number of things but specializes in mobility.

History: Astral was born in Ponyville alongside his sister, Sarune. Unlike his sister, Astral usually stayed in his room reading books about adventures and Equestria as a whole as well as magic. He wasn’t very socially active when he was young because of it. Though it wasn’t like he suffered for it, his sister was always around him every step of the way whenever she came home after hanging out with her friends. His mother, Celestine, always made sure that they had everything they need while growing up. His father, Crimson Star, worked in Canterlot usually and never home a lot but did whenever there was any sort of holiday or when he could get away. Astral hit a growth spurt during his younger years and grew to be very tall unlike his sister who was a bit on the short side.

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