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  1. dragonofruin

    A surprise visit [Closed]

    A smug air seemed to rise from Sombra after he'd heard that jab, and his monstrous teeth became a little more visible past his smirk. "I highly doubt the princesses need you lot to guard them when they're powerful enough to protect themselves. Unless they've actually grown this soft.." he murmured, his voice close to a purr. With the way he spoke, it almost sounded as if nothing at all was going on between himself and Celestia. "It sounds like a nice, cushy little job, if dreadfully dull. I would never want to submit myself to such a thing, let alone be in the position where I'm serving another." His voice carried a tone of disgust, and his snout wrinkled. "I find it cute that you think that Celestia would ever order you to escort me out of this castle, considering I just might become the future king of Equestria. Dear Celestia certainly enjoys my company, quite a lot I might add." The purr returned to his deep voice again and a ghost of his earlier smirk lingered around his lips as he studied the pegasus, and the annoyed lines of the stallion's body language. He moved a hoof up and set his cheek against it as he propped his foreleg against the table, his head tilted and his face taking on a more lazy expression. Sombra also found it cute that this pony thought he could even make such a jab, when he'd been anticipating it long before ever since he even brought it up. The guard had been set up for it. "Isn't that nice?" he idly queried. "You'll have to listen to me too."
  2. dragonofruin

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    After the positive responses she'd received from Ice Storm and Raven, Luna could only smile shyly, a little pleased with herself. Their praise was always nice to hear when she received it, and she wasn't sure how many other ponies might mean it as genuinely as they did. Some only said it because they thought it was what she wanted to hear, and they wanted to get into her good graces for their own gain, whatever it might be. These two mares, however, weren't like that. It was also throughout this, that Luna had attempted to ignore Sombra's exclamation and his blatant attempt to steal everypony's attention. Not that it worked out all that well, with most ponies' focus going to the shy Caramel. The poor foal looked a little distressed from all the attention, at least before Buck managed to soothe her with music. Sombra was looking particularly sour that his spotlight had been stolen so easily, and he could only sit back frowning, though his attempt at sulking was interrupted by Raven's exuberant hug. He grunted and eyed her, begrudgingly lifting a hoof to wrap it around her shoulders and halfheartedly pat her. Since he was in public, to an extent, he had an appearance to keep up, and he didn't want to look like he just willingly gave out hugs whenever somepony wanted one! Those were reserved for very few ponies, like a certain flustered mare marching over to cuff him in the shoulder. His smirk flashed across his face, making a quick return. "Indeed I am, my dear Celestia, and I can only get worse if the mood should take me. You're lucky that nopony is bothering to listen to me, or else I would have told them every little detail." His smirk spread wide into a playful smile that bared many of his pointed teeth, the look of somepony who was all too willing to embarrass somepony else for the fun of it. It was unfortunate that at that moment, Buck had whipped out many more of his instruments and began to play them, filling their part of the grounds with loud, energetic music that Sombra could feel beating even through his ribcage. It was the slightest bit alarming, for somepony such as himself who'd never encountered any club scenes, much less anything like them. A pale hoof grabbed him, nearly snatching him off of his hooves, and he found that Celestia had pulled him in to dance. "I don't.. I don't dance," Sombra admitted a little quietly, his eyes flitting away from Celestia's as if he couldn't hold eye contact with her. Not that he could, with the way she was dancing.. though his eyes did linger on the way her body moved. Nearby, Luna had gotten to her own hooves and went prancing by, finding a spot on which to dance, herself. She wasn't terribly good at it either, but she tried, a smile on her face and her mane fluttering and roiling about her head and neck. She didn't need her sister to tell her, though Celestia's dancing was certainly encouraging. Luna wanted to get herself to let loose once in a while. Sombra could only watch, scuffing a hoof against the soft grass uncertainly. He wasn't sure if he.. could be so carefree as the sisters. A glance was cast back towards Ice and Raven, to see if they were joining in or not too.
  3. dragonofruin

    A surprise visit [Closed]

    Sombra snorted and finally stepped away from the guard, satisfied that he'd managed to ruffle the pony. Picking one of the cushions at the table, he sat down, one elbow on the table's edge as he partly faced the unnamed pony. His expression, as sour as ever, but a glitter of amusement was in his red eyes. It seemed he'd found himself an easy target to torment for his own entertainment, something to do to assuage the boredom. "Like what?" Sombra asked, a dark brow arching questioningly. The following admittance after the guard's statement drew a low chuckle out of the umbrum and he nodded, as if he'd been expecting it. "Of course it would get boring. You have nothing to do in this castle except to stand around and try ever so vainly to look pretty. I can't imagine that armor does any good, unless its just gold plated. Do you ever do any proper training exercises? Sparring? Anything that might help you learn worthwhile skills that you'd need as a soldier, or is it all wasted on.. standing around?" He was trying to ruffle the pegasus's feathers, verbally of course, and however obvious it might be hardly mattered to somepony as antagonistic as Sombra was. He wanted to see how far he could push the pony, and just for his own entertainment. "I highly doubt the princesses would give you any commands, not when everything is always so peaceful and quiet around here. Not unless its to shine their shoes or.. perhaps on occasion, throw some troublemaker out of the castle at their behest." A smirk flashed across the former tyrant's face, as if anticipating any possible quips that'd involve just that- that he was just that troublemaker.
  4. dragonofruin

    A surprise visit [Closed]

    Those red, slit-pupiled eyes were staring intensely down at the armored guard in a face that could usually be described as grumpy. His height clearly outmatched the average pony's, but he was not so tall as Celestia. Her sister, perhaps. The guard might have a momentary reprieve from that sharp gaze as Sombra swept the room again with his eyes, studying it. "I might see why. It certainly would be dangerous if some errant pony off of the streets were to wander in here. I'm sure a few files might prove dangerous in their hooves.." A filing cabinet, and what looked like a couple of bookcases up against the walls looked to be the only other furniture in here next to the table and cushions. From the look of it, the princesses might not use this room much except for the occasional important meeting or visiting dignitary perhaps.. As he didn't know, Sombra could only guess from what he could see of it. His eyes returned to the blushing guard and eyed the tentative smile the pony now wore. "Is this what you guards do all day? Stand around doing nothing else but watching something? A room?" The king scoffed. "Such a dreadfully dull, but comfortable job, isn't it? A shame you should live in so peaceful a country. I can hardly see why this castle even needs the likes of you, yet.. the princesses are far too busy to keep an eye on what's theirs."
  5. dragonofruin

    A surprise visit [Closed]

    Whenever Celestia was busy with her duties as princess, King Sombra did what he could to occupy himself. Now that he was no longer so much of a secret, he had no need to lurk out of view- instead, he spent his time wandering the castle, getting to know its layout and finding what all it contained. The Canterlot Archives was, thus far, his favorite place in the castle if only for its stores of knowledge both ancient and new. Whenever he spent his time there, reading, he got to learn so much more than he would have at some dinky library in town. Not when there were restricted sections. This day, however, found him strolling through the castle again, looking freshly bathed and groomed in his signature cape. It was all he had left of his old 'getup' and he wore it for his own comfort. He felt naked without it, and Sombra would rather not let ponies know he lacked a cutiemark. Those inequine red eyes of his roved over the castle's decorations, from the tapestries to paintings and the occasional vase of fresh flowers- initially he'd come to dislike the opulence of Canterlot Castle, but.. perhaps it was growing on him. Something fitting of one such as himself, and Celestia.. The room were investigated too, and he found there were quite a lot of guest bedrooms, parlors.. a few offices.. Today, however, as he peeked in on one room, which looked to be like some sort of.. meeting room with a round table in the middle surrounded by cushions, he found a lowly guard. Sombra initially overlooked him as just part of the scenery, a mannequin dressed up in the Royal Guard's signature golden armor, until he came to notice the eyes and realized this was no mannequin. A glance was given to the rest of the room before Sombra took a few steps in, an eyebrow arching. The boredom he'd felt as of late with his natural preference to antagonize ponies wasn't a good mix with the former tyrant. "What could you possibly be guarding in here?"
  6. dragonofruin

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    The former tyrant made a soft noise in his throat, considering what little Ice Storm had to give him in the way of information about their project- it seemed the two mares had come together on a shared goal, which was a new development to him. It was a shame that he wouldn't get to find out anything in the way of how it was working out for either of them. "I see. I'll be sure to corner you later for all the details," he murmured, his inequine red eyes sliding towards Raven and a smirk lazily making its way across his muzzle. "Why, of course, I would be happy to regale you with all the little details about how I managed to seduce your fair sun princess!" Sombra announced, as if he intended to catch everypony's attention just to embarrass Celestia a little, and on her birthday no less. It might have been an attempt on his part to get her attention, for he did adore being the center of her attention whenever it was possible. He turned his gaze upon Celestia, in time to register that she'd introduced the chubby little filly who'd appeared at her birthday party. Caramel Cream. Sombra wasn't sure how to respond to that except to give the foal and her clumsy bow a look that he'd intentionally tried to soften just so it didn't look like he was glaring at her. As he often appeared to be doing when his neutral expression was eternally set into a resting bitch-face. Princess Luna was trying not to overhear Sombra's tale in favor of focusing on other things, such as Thunderbuck's reply and the little filly Celestia had introduced. She couldn't help dipping her head to the chubby foal and offering Caramel a gentle smile. "Good evening, Caramel Cream. We are glad you made it to the party," she said gently. "We may not have any games, but we have plenty of snacks." The alicorn straightened up then to nod at Buck, a gentle smile still lingering on her lips. It widened upon hearing his music, of which was lovely with his skills with the violin. She listened to it until Raven's voice caught her attention and her teal eyes shifted to the mare. "I am glad you enjoy the night so, young Raven. I hope it brings you as much comfort as it does Ice. Though I must admit I am not responsible for the stars, nor the moon, save for the raising of it. Yet bringing the night still gives me joy, something to look forward to. To know others now feel the same is a.. comfort."
  7. dragonofruin

    A chilly day in Canterlot (open) (walk right on in)

    The zony bit her lower lip and finally relented as Heart Shield gave her the okay, her hooves moving to scoop the coins towards her. One of her hooves dipped to pull up her bit purse and she opened it to deposit her twenty bits into by sliding them in off the table's edge. "Thank you," she said, trying to put as much gratitude into her voice as she possibly could. She wasn't dirt poor, but.. she and her mother had always been poor, and all she had was a wagon to live in. Yuna always tried to make what money she could, and on occasion, treated herself to something nice. She hadn't been expecting to make this much, if anything at all in Canterlot, so it was a pleasant gain. Her dark eyes shot up towards Heart Shield when he shifted in his seat, sounding intent on leaving. "Oh, no, no! You haven't been a bother to me at all!" Yuna insisted. "It's.. actually been rather pleasant to just have a casual conversation with another pony. Most wouldn't give me the time of day, at least in Canterlot; it's not exactly the friendliest place after all. Nice, but not.. friendly." She shrugged, her wing twitching with the movement. If he did intend on leaving so soon.. "I'll keep that in mind. It was nice talking to you, Heart Shield."
  8. dragonofruin

    A chilly day in Canterlot (open) (walk right on in)

    Yuna was left momentarily speechless by the amount that he was offering her. She usually charged much, much less than that for predictions and fortunes told in order to sell her gimmick to any interested ponies, especially those that might not want to pay too much for what they saw as a little entertainment. Her eyes stared down at the little pile of gold coins, teetering between happily accepting the amount he was so willingly giving and hesitating on taking so much. She didn't want to look greedy. "You- You don't need to!" she stuttered and chuckled nervously. "I mean, this is so kind of you to offer- to offer this much!" This occasion was one where she couldn't help but stumble over her words as she fought through her mixed feelings and what she was picking up around Heart Shield. "I.. I think so. If it's not a threat, it's at least something.. dangerous?" Her brow furrowed and she rubbed her cheek with one white hoof. "This is sort of one of those cases where it really is kind of foggy." Yuna dropped her hoof and shrugged helplessly, eyeballing the bits again as she dragged her cup back over. "I don't feel as if you're in any real danger, but.. as I've said, anything can change. It wouldn't hurt to stay on guard." Her lips twitched towards a not-quite-smile and she sipped at what was left of her coffee. It'd cooled a bit, and she had thoughts to buy another despite how much the caffeine threatened to keep her awake when it was time for her to sleep.
  9. dragonofruin


    aaa thankies! 😄
  10. dragonofruin

    Mal's art!

    Although I have a dA, malheureuxart, I'm gonna be throwing some of my art in here too! Mainly pony art, of course~. Please do not post my art elsewhere without my permission unless you're the owner of said art!
  11. dragonofruin

    A chilly day in Canterlot (open) (walk right on in)

    Yuna sighed softly and made a noise in her throat, appreciating the stranger's sympathy. Her coffee had been on its way up to her lips for another sip when his next question came, a request, and she lowered it back to the table, her ears perked. "I don't normally do any fortunetelling without my cart or some of the things in which I use to divine the events in somepony's life, but.. I suppose I could manage something while we're here." The zony slid her cup carefully aside with both hooves and laid them flat on the table's wooden surface, focusing her dark gaze fully upon Heart Shield across from her as he spoke of the Royal Guard. How they'd been his goal. It wouldn't be difficult for anypony to guess that he might have hopes to move up in the guard, whatever it might entail, but would it happen? She quietly took a slow, deep breath, hoping that, perhaps, her talent might whisper something to her about this stallion. "Yeah, Canterlot's about as much as I can manage on a good day if the rich ponies don't rile me up," Yuna commented as she eyed the pony, trying to allow herself to relax. The Royal Guard. There were few possibilities in so peaceful a kingdom as Equestria, and what she could gather about Heart Shield so far was that he seemed to be a kind pony, a hard worker. Loyal, determined. "I feel that.. your future certainly holds good things for you. You won't do so badly in the Guard that you might get demoted, or cast out. Your heart's in the right place and you always do well.. though there may be no chance of a promotion anytime soon. The lack of any real conflict would make it difficult to make it, though.. even then, the future can always change. It's never one fixed thing. One little decision is all that it takes." Yuna paused as she thought. There were a couple of other things she was getting stronger feelings about now than the others, especially with what she'd just now told him. Distant, but.. "In time, it's possible you'll be able to make captain of the guard one day. Even though you're kind, you have the leadership skills that may come of great use to you, and to others as one. Perhaps your skills will come to be of use to you, because I feel you may eventually come face to face with a threat, something dangerous. I don't know when. Only that you will. At Canterlot Castle."
  12. dragonofruin

    Out on the Road [Closed]

    Elysium could only nod to Gray's agreement, a half smile tugging at the corner of their mouth in the wake of the earlier, fuller one that had just faded. "Indeed?" they replied. "It is good to be an explorer, to fill your life with seeing what you have never seen before, what others may never experience when they live every day the same way," they said, their tone wistful. They'd always been a little bit of a romantic, if just to try to find the wonderful things in life in order to brighten up their own. It had never been -- all that great. "You speak as if you are so terribly old, yet you don't look that way to me. How old can you possibly be? Middle-aged? Older?" Elysium snorted and took a few steps around Gray, eying him. Grey fur, black mane.. There wasn't much that gave away his age to them. Their eyes even sought out any form of wrinkles on the pony's face, even so much as crow's feet, to try to judge for themselves. They flicked their purple tail, the hair glittering softly in the light. The sun was still high in the sky, and a glance told Elysium how many hours they might still have left in the day. It wasn't something to really worry about yet. "We can only hope you still have your house. I feel that is something I'm not going to be worrying about, not with the little cabin I'd found out in the woods and claimed for my own. It hadn't looked like anypony had lived in there in some time.. It's nice, secluded. Only me and a little cat I've taken in. Maybe you can find such a home; I'm not sure how willing I would be to invite you into my home when you're just a stranger I met on the road." Their voice had a joking tone to it. "Still, it would be good to consider what you'll have to do if your house is taken."
  13. dragonofruin

    A chilly day in Canterlot (open) (walk right on in)

    Yuna offered Heart Shield a smile to be friendly and nodded to his question. "I do, quite a few. Some ponies treat what I do as a joke, an act. Entertainment. Something to distract them with while I take their bits, or whatever," the zony shook her head and rolled her eyes. "It partially.. is entertainment, and while some ponies who claim to be fortune tellers might do that.. I don't. My talent is precognition; sometimes, I can get a good enough read on somepony that I'll know what's going on or what might happen.. and I use it to try to help ponies," Yuna thought to explain. Falling silent, she listened. A local to Canterlot, but originally from Ponyville. She'd been there just before she first came to Canterlot, and it was rather pleasant for a small country town. The kind of place that she might like to live, if she ever thought to find somewhere to stay. Currently Yuna didn't know if any place could feel like home to her, or if she might find something that would keep her in place. "You're with the Royal Guard?" Yuna asked, a detail snagging at her attention; it'd taken her a few seconds to register that he'd said the guard. It was certainly an interesting thing to find out, if only because she'd never run into or conversed with one. She noticed his brief moment of silent and took another sip of her coffee while he looked out the window, of which she gave a cursory glance out onto the street. "Yeah, I've certainly seen a lot of Equestria, but mostly small towns and the like. I haven't dared to try the big cities." Not after her life growing up in Baltimare.
  14. dragonofruin

    A chilly day in Canterlot (open) (walk right on in)

    Yuna shrugged and dismissed his apology with a little gesture of her hoof. "It's fine, really. This place is pretty packed, and it'd be greedy of me to try to keep this booth all to myself when ponies need to sit down." Socializing with ponies might be strange for her, even awkward, but she'd feel bad if she shooed him off, or anypony off, just to hog a booth. It wasn't the kind of pony she was. "I'm Yuna," the zony replied. "I'm not from here, no. I come to Canterlot just to explore the place, maybe buy myself a few nice things with the bits I'd saved up from fortunetelling.. It's my talent," she clarified with a shrug of her shoulder. "I'm actually from Baltimare. I uh, do a lot of traveling because of my job." Being given something to talk about, Yuna took advantage of what she could say without feeling like she had to hunt for it. It was as good a conversation as she could manage as any. And after she'd uttered the word job, Yuna had to seriously consider if fortunetelling was good enough to be classified as a job, even if most might consider it merely entertainment. A hobby? She mentally shrugged, uncertain. Whether it was a job, or not, Yuna used her talent and fortunetelling to do her best to help ponies. To help them avoid trouble or danger, to recognize when some ill might be about to befall them or their loved ones.. There was a long list. "So, uh.. Heart Shield, I'm guessing you live in Canterlot?"
  15. dragonofruin

    Out on the Road [Closed]

    A small smile tugged at the corners of Elysium's lips and they nodded to Gray. "It did, and may still serve me should I ever have a reason to use it again. I did like wearing my armor on occasion, if only because it helped me feel.. prepared." They shrugged and listened to Gray talk, taking what little information they could out of what he had to say about the differences of an army, and mercenaries. It wouldn't hurt to try out a mercenary job once in a while, Elysium pondered. It'd pay well, and it'd at least break up some of the monotony that'd settled. As welcome as it was to have such monotony in Equestria, sometimes it left them wanting excitement. Something they were a willing participant in, and not forced into it as they had been as a soldier. "Oh, you live there?" Elysium made a noise in their throat. "So you're a traveler. I pass a few out on the road on occasion, whenever I'm wandering. There seems to be a fair few of us, and I admit it's a nice change to be able to move about and wander so freely. Regardless.. some rest is required from time to time." A small smile made it's way onto Elysium's face then, their angular golden eyes glittering with some amusement. "You look to be carrying so much for a mere traveler, after all." "What will you do if your home is no longer yours? Find another, or retreat to an inn?" The unicorn asked and paused. An inn- that was something they ought to ask about, if there were any along the road ahead or if they'd have to settle for sleeping in their small tent for another night. Uncomfortable, but not unbearable; they could always hold onto the hope of the next time they sleep, they would have a bed. [somehow i missed that it was my post oops]