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  1. His aggressive search through his memories, even of that time in the Crystal Empire, eventually faltered when he began to notice the white haze filtering into his peripheral vision. He tore his eyes away to look around, taken aback by the appearance of what looked like mist drifting in from between the trees, of which had begun to change too. His mind no longer entirely consumed by the possible identity of the mare was now able to focus on the feeling of magic in the air. A glance ahead showed him that some of the ponies he'd been trailing after were out of view for the most part. Hm. Sombra's eyes snapped back to the mare at the sound of that giggle and there was a slight widening of his eyes as her appearance changed towards somepony he could finally recognize. Of course. It was the one who'd visited him sometime during his rule in the Crystal Empire. One of very few unusual visitors, next to his yokai servant, Miles. "I've had a lot on my mind," Sombra finally replied, eying her. He would always have some degree of suspicion for everypony he met, and Hou was no different. He hardly had any idea what reason she had for running into him like this, if she'd purposefully sought him out at all. If she had, how did she manage to find him? Dark magic briefly flickered up around the king's curved horn beneath his hood and the cloak he was wearing quickly dispersed into shadow, no longer concealing most of him from view; his signature cape was the only exception. "Why are you here?" Sombra tried to cut straight through to the point.
  2. It wasn't surprising that his suggestion met no resistance; he was so used to the defiance of others that to have Miles so agreeable to the plan threw him off guard for a moment. Of course, the yokai wanted to find his sister. Internally shrugging, Sombra stood up and strode off without a word, picking his way along the park paths to head into the city. It'd still be fairly active around this time, which made Sombra wish that it was closer to sunset, if not nighttime. It wasn't that it was going to be difficult to get anything that he could use, he just hated being around ponies. And, of course, there would be some challenge, too; he couldn't afford to grow lazy and soft, now could he? Sombra glanced back at Miles, though there was no need to check to see if the koma-inu was following; the king knew he was. He strode ahead, seeking out the street he knew many of the shops to be. It could be a good starting point.
  3. [ooc: This rp is based sometime during The Ending of the End. Sombra is currently traveling with a few ponies, (can be whoever!) on the way towards where everything's going on. The other Sombra still happened, it just might as well be a poor copy that mine never knew of, albeit he's likely to still catch the blame for it.] The pleasant atmosphere of the Whitetail Woods was overshadowed by a peculiar foreboding aura. It'd been hanging over Equestria for a time now, and had only recently begun to boil over in the kingdom's capital city. Snippets of news occasionally reached the shadow king from where he traveled to the northeast of what had been happening during his travels, caught either from the mouth of ponies or the occasional newspaper he happened to stumble across. There was a mention about the Crystal Empire a few months back, too, one he tried not to pay too much attention to for the sake of distancing himself from it. Although now these events were impossible to ignore. Talks of attack and ponies heading to help reached him, and Sombra felt curious enough to join a particular group heading towards the stretch of plains near Ponyville. He needed some sort of action in his life again, and whether or not STAR would call upon him for his assistance wouldn't matter, although they'd likely rope him into it anyway. This was something he was doing out of his own interest. The former tyrant hung at the back of the group of ponies he was trailing through the Whitetail Woods. A dark, hooded cloak wrought with a little shadow magic mostly concealed his appearance from them to avoid any recognition, if it could be helped. He was still tall enough to tower over most ponies, and the grey fur of his legs and muzzle were still visible, details he hadn't bothered to mask because of how much he hated hiding any part of himself. It wasn't as if anypony would bother him for it, though, if their focus was more on the destination and whatever was happening. He'd caught the mentions of names elsewhere, like Tirek and Queen Chrysalis, names that he vaguely recognized. Sombra tried to listen to what he could hear, although his attention kept straying towards one particular pony in the group. There was something about the mare, something about her magic, that was so.. familiar, and it bothered him. They'd met before, hadn't they? He was sure they had, but he couldn't quite place it. He kept a careful eye on her, puzzling over his memories. He was sure he knew this mare from a long time ago..
  4. The umbrum nodded and glanced over at Miles. Scrying spells would be a start, then. The only thing Sombra needed was a reflective surface. It was always what worked best with such a thing, even if he hadn't used it terribly often; it'd just been something useful to learn, should he actually need it. Although, Sombra realized, he needed to know what Miles' sister looked like, a description or a picture, that could help him at least try since Miles expressed he wasn't any good at such spells. A picture would be out of the question, when it'd been a little over a thousand years since Miles last saw her, and cameras hadn't existed until.. recently? By some years, from what Sombra understood. Hm. This was going to be a problem to figure out. Scrying might not even work, but it was always worth a shot. "As much as I enjoy seeing my reflection, I'm afraid I don't have a mirror on me. If we want to try this, just as something to do instead of sitting around and brooding," as if he hadn't already been doing just that before Miles showed up, "we'll have to find one. I'm sure in a city like this we'd be able to find something we can use." He turned in place to face Miles, pulling one foreleg off of the railing. He was up for looking into it in this very moment; it'd give him an excuse to do something, and take something too.
  5. The king rumbled softly from his spot against the tree and considered Miles for a moment. A traveling companion? He wouldn't mind that so much, especially since Miles didn't seem to be overly talkative like some ponies he'd heard. He snorted softly and pulled himself up from where he'd been lounging to stretch his legs and give himself a shake, dislodging any small bits of bark that might've stuck to him. He strode up next to Miles, albeit with a bit of distance between them, and sat down to hook his forelegs over the marble railing. "Have you ever tried using any spells to find her? If you have anything that used to belong to her, you might be able to track her, or perhaps some reflective surface for scrying to see if you can glimpse her or her location." Neither was likely to be reliable, considering how long Miles had been a part from his sister, but it was already a start. Maybe he wouldn't mind.. helping.. if just to glean more about his rather loyal servant. Companion? He wasn't sure what Miles would be to him. Any gestures like he was giving now was rare for Sombra, but he wasn't incapable of them. Most saw him as an irrefutably evil being who would never stoop to lending even a crumb of assistance to another, a view that was incorrect. Sombra was just a very complicated being, if rather selfish; anything he did would always serve him in some way.
  6. The umbrum inclined his head, attentive to the explanation. It helped answer some questions he had concerning the pact in particular and he guessed it was something unique to Miles's species. He grunted softly. "I've wondered, because of my circumstances, if there's a chance I could be partially immortal- kill-able, but long lived. Albeit, anything has yet to manage to really put me down, even the Crystal Heart failed. This could last for a very long time.. if your species' lifespan is so long lived. I suppose it does at least benefit you in some way." As Miles would likely benefit him. He really would have to actually get to know the yokai better, now that there was nothing consuming Sombra's focus like the subjugation of a city. "I suppose I shouldn't expect anypony to stick around the same location for a thousand years.. I wouldn't. There's a whole world out there to explore." Maybe that was something he could do, at some point.. He could see the world. Learn new languages, and explore to his heart's content if he really was going to live as long as he thought he would. It might be nice. He quickly pulled himself away from his wistful thoughts to continue. "I'm sure we can find her eventually. She couldn't have gotten far, if she's stuck around Equestria at all."
  7. "Your sister?" He was somewhat surprised to hear that Miles had a sister. If she'd ever been mentioned, he didn't recall, and Sombra didn't think he'd ever thought to ask much about Miles to begin with. Mostly he just questioned the loyalty of any who'd willingly follow him. Scratching at one of his sideburns with a hoof, Sombra eyed the yokai leaning on the railing. "The fact that you seem to have a better bond with me than your sister is concerning," Sombra commented, lifting one dark brow. "Do you know where she'd been last, or if she's still alive? I don't think I have any idea how long your species lives, or anything about what you mean by the bond. Is it part of your species' magic?" It could've easily been some part of this pact Miles had made to him too, as Sombra knew there could be such things, and forced servitude forged with magic. "What exactly does your pact to me entail, and how does it work?"
  8. Foal? The word caught his attention and his eyebrows shot up. It sounded as if the new Crystal Princess and her husband had been busy in his absence. He snorted, mildly amused, and his inequine red eyes settled on Miles again. The yokai's observation about his mental state intrigued him enough to wonder what exactly the creature thought of him, and what he'd seen during Sombra's tyrannical rule of the empire. Furthermore, what did Miles think he knew about him? His gaze was intense as he looked at Miles, as if trying to glean some sort of answer from the koma-inu's face. He grunted softly and looked out at the view over the railing, at the different shades of green that made up central Equestria, and the distant speckling of yellow of the straw-thatched roofs of Ponyville. "It wasn't," Sombra replied. "A lot wasn't, but we're here now at least. I just wonder what there is for me to pursue here in Equestria, beyond basic needs and comforts." The king shifted in place, rolling to slouch with his back up against the tree again, and his rear nestled between two protruding roots. His hoof flicked at the white-fur hem of his signature cape, getting it out of the way and adjusting it around his broad shoulders. He wanted to do something, to have some sort of purpose again- but only because he'd chosen it for himself, and not because somepony else had put him there. The only question was.. what? It was growing increasingly frustrating every time his mind hit a dead end with those questions. He licked his lips with a pointed tongue and looked back up at Miles. "What are your goals, exactly? What doesn't involve your pact to me."
  9. "How long ago?" Sombra asked, intrigued by the information. How could it have taken longer for Miles to reappear after the Empire had? It explained why Sombra hadn't seen the yokai; not that he would've noticed. The time the Crystal Empire returned, and him with it, he'd been out of his mind after a thousand years in a cold void with only one goal on his mind. Regardless.. He wasn't sure how to feel about Miles' loyalty towards him. Was it because he'd helped the yokai, before he ever became a tyrant? If it was, he wasn't sure if he entirely understood why such a situation would've made Miles want to stick around- he had to have seen what Sombra did to the empire and its crystal citizens. His brow furrowed and Sombra sat down, his right side still leaning up against the rough bark of the tree with the fabric of his cape protecting him from it; his posture was little more than a slouch. "Well, I hope you're not fussed that I'm not interested in going back to the Crystal Empire. I've ditched that place. I have a life to live, now that I've gained so much time and so much has opened itself up to me." Sombra tilted his head, his gaze flicking past Miles briefly to survey what he could see of the area. "I have choices, now," he added quietly, just loud enough for Miles to hear.
  10. Sombra tilted his head, curious about these 'problems' that Miles spoke of. He'd ask the yokai about it soon, they had something else to talk about first. "I wonder, what have you been up to these past few years? It's at least taken me that long for my body to reform- up until around four.. ? months ago.." His voice had an uncertain tone as he spoke of how long he'd been around now. It could've been much longer, or perhaps.. less than that. He wasn't entirely sure. He knew it'd taken him a while to travel all those miles south through Equestria to the center of the kingdom, and he'd done what he could to keep track of the moon's phases. "Furthermore, I'm not sure what 'problems' I might have, beyond a lack of direction and somewhere to stay." A dark eyebrow arched. The only way he'd been getting by was staying for a night or two at an inn for a bed and a bath, and he only managed such when he pilfered some bits from unsuspecting ponies. He wasn't above stealing when it suited him. It made him miss the luxuries of a king: a soft bed, a bath whenever he wanted it, and other creature comforts. Sometimes, he did wonder if he ought to just turn back to his old habits and conquer something for himself just so he could have a comfortable life again; at least, comfortable without any of the anxiety and paranoia that came with wondering if at least one pony would make an assassination attempt. He hadn't been in the best state of mind, then.. His ear twitched and Sombra pulled his mind out of his thoughts before they wandered too deep. "I have no intent on trying to break your pact, if it is something that matters to you," Sombra admitted quietly.
  11. Before Sombra completely turned away from what he'd been surveying, his eyes caught movement and he felt a small flash of alarm. He looked back, only for his gaze to land on a figure that resolved itself as a familiar one. It was.. Miles, was it? He recalled running into him for the first time in a thousand years at that particular meeting for STAR he'd been invited to. Sombra wasn't sure what he'd even do about STAR, or how he'd even be involved in it. Had he even signed anything? He couldn't recall if he had; only that there had been a lot of talking and a lot of fiery speeches from the mare who called herself Black Ice. Sombra rolled easily to his hooves and stood, keeping to the shadow cast by the tree as he eyed the koma-inu's approach. He didn't know why he never thought of trying to find the yokai after that silly meeting. Maybe he just hadn't thought of it when he felt he didn't have a use for Miles. "I just wonder what that service will even entail now," Sombra commented without so much as a hello in response. Some of his memories about Miles were a bit hazy, but he could still vaguely recall how they'd initially met and how Miles had come into his service. Although what Miles could even do for him now.. Sombra wasn't sure. His ears flicked back in uncertainty. "What have you been up to all this time?"
  12. Canterlot had proven to be an interesting place. It leaned more towards the wealthy elite of unicorn society, and because of such, the mountainside city was clean and well-kept, although there was still enough evidence of some of the more regular citizens living here. The former tyrant cared for none of them and kept to himself as much as possible, or to any libraries he could manage to sneak into during the more quiet hours. Or the dead of night, if need be- it wasn't terribly hard getting inside for one like him who was unafraid of breaking a few rules and laws. If he was breaking any all just to read when he wouldn't be disturbed or discovered. Currently, the umbrum wasn't up to much beyond lurking at the city's outskirts, close to the marble railing that edged the large platforms of the city. There were a few benches and patches of grass from which a tree or decorative patches of flowers grew. He sat under one such tree, his forelegs crossed over his broad chest and his mouth pulled into a thoughtful frown. There was still a lot to explore, and learn, and yet.. even now, he found himself in a moment where he just felt lost without what defined him before in the Crystal Empire. He'd never go back, of course, he'd succeeded well enough at what he intended when he'd been there. That part of his life was over. Sombra shifted briefly in his spot, peering around the tree he was leaning up against just to check on his surroundings; a habit to make sure nothing was sneaking up on him. There was only so much brooding he could do without getting restless and checking with a paranoid eye.
  13. Oh snap, 👀 should be fun to see how they interact~
  14. It might be interesting to explore things with Sombra and Miles, 👀 Though if you feel like using a different character I'd be happy to throw Sombra at whoever to see what happens~
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