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  1. In trying to face off with the looming beast, Sombra was distracted by the approach of the yellow and pink mare, who he caught sight of in his peripheral vision. He looked over at her, both alarmed and annoyed by her attempt to talk to it? He stared at her for a moment like she was crazy, only to have his attention snatched by a frustrated Alizarin. A wordless shout escaped him as he attempted to vocalize something to shout at her about how foolish an action that was. He lowered his head and lifted a foreleg across his face as the creature roared, ruffling his mane. When he dropped it, he saw exactly what it was that was menacing them: a manticore. That couldn't be it. Is that all that had been terrorizing the White Tail Woods? Weren't they said to usually live in the Everfree Forest? What was it doing out here? They were all questions he was likely not going to end up getting answers for, and not something he could dwell on either when the large beast lunged in Alizarin's direction- where Apple Bloom also was, and likely Fire Walker too. Sombra reacted without thinking, dark magic flaring as he fired it at the manticore with the intent to not only hurt it, but distract it too.
  2. The tyrant grew as still as a statue in the face of the alarmed princess and her guards; the only movement he made was the way his ears tilted back towards the advancing guard around him. It was a tenseness that suggested imminent violence- he was ready to attack at a moment's notice if a guard so much as poked him with the tip of a spear. There would be no mercy from him, despite what intentions he'd come here with. Just standing before the princess and making himself known to them was more than enough stress for him to bear, to know that imprisonment or worse awaited him if he didn't play this just right. He only relaxed, if slightly, when Princess Luna finally commanded her guard to stop. He could still feel, still sense them standing around them, magic at the ready and no doubt their weapons too. If it came down to it, he'd go down fighting like a feral animal. Sombra slowly licked his lips with a pointed tongue, his red eyes still trained on the alicorn on the throne; they never left her for a moment. "She claimed she stole something from Canterlot, or its vaults. Something of the sort. She wasn't forthcoming with any details, not even about exactly what she stole. No matter how I tried to ask her. She was enough of a pain, with her wild accusations against me over what I never did and her belief that she was 'stopping me from interfering', that I might as well find some way to interfere with whatever her plans are anyway." He made a face. "It's unfortunate I don't have much else to offer up, other than to suggest perhaps you or Celestia ought to check and see what's gone missing."
  3. A quick glance was cast back over the mares to make sure they were all close by. Alizarin and Firewalker were still tending to Applebloom, and Fluttershy was at least within view. His attention shifted back to the woods, and none too soon- another, heavier thud preceded the dark veil that fell over them. Sombra's eyes glowed faintly in the dark, a glow that brightened slightly as he channeled dark magic to bring forth a few floating, oddly colored flames to try to light the darkness that'd fallen. He could see the shapes of the mares and the filly, and if he looked up.. he could see a set of bright red eyes. His light sources were dim enough they didn't quite reach, but at least lit the area around him. His attention lingered on those bright eyes for a moment before he moved carefully to put himself in between the creature and the mares, his curved horn still bubbling with the hues of dark magic. If it attacked, he was ready. "I see it well enough," Sombra spoke up at last, affirming what Alizarin saw. "It's saved us the trouble from having to find it."
  4. A delighted smile slowly spread across the stallion's face, a crooked sort of smile that was more of a smirk than anything that pulled at the right side of his mouth more than the left; one that was likely familiar to the mare. It tickled him that Princess Luna had so quickly grown suspicious, had figured something was definitely up, and drove straight to the point with such a shout that ruffled his coat and mane (and even hurt his ears, he couldn't hide a wince). She wanted to know who he was, which meant that moment of reveal was more or less foisted upon him. His tail flicked and his smirk quickly faded into a more solemn expression. He knew she wouldn't have recognized his undisguised voice, because the only time they'd ever properly interacted was nothing more than a heated battle for the Crystal Empire. They hadn't truly talked until now. "Luna, I want to be very clear about something- I came here to talk." He paused, frowning faintly. "Whoever, or whatever, that was before.. it wasn't me. None of it was me. I've been around for some months now, mostly just wandering, and I.. " he trailed off, turning his head to eye the tense guards in his peripheral vision. "I can't say I've really changed much. I'm just not stupid to take on Canterlot or whatever else that must've happened. I've been told that that was an imposter.. Discord's doing?" The tall stallion shrugged. "Whatever the case.." Dark magic flared up around the straight horn of his disguise, and in a quick sweep of shadow, he tore down his disguise. The red, curve of his horn appeared first and his disguise ended at his hooves. His appearance was a dark blight on the pastel colors of the grand throne room, and his tired, scowly expression was more fully visible without his illusion hiding him. All familiar garb that he still wore was just his fur-lined cape- everything else was gone. Sombra shook out his mane. "I'm not lying when I say that Hou stole something. It's what's she's claimed to me and I.. think you should check that out. The only reason I came to tell you was so I could be a thorn in her side."
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  6. His ears pinned back against his mane and for a moment, his nostrils flared in response to that snapped whatever from the mare. He had nothing to say in the face of it beyond another soft growl rolling out of his throat, although.. the expression of hers was making it somewhat difficult to hold any anger against her for long. He chose to let it go, for now, chalking it up to stress on her part. His attention moved on from Alizarin to the timid yellow-and-pink pegasus who was not so timid now as she moved among the other ponies, giving them orders- mostly focused on helping the filly as the antidote did its work to purge the cockatrice's venom from her body. The last pony Fluttershy visited was him, and he took in her narrow-eyed look with something close to indifference over his thinly veiled agitation. It was almost cute that she was trying to tell him what to do. His tail lashed behind him and he grunted, glancing back over at Alizarin and Firewalker crouched over the still-unconscious Apple Bloom. "Normally I don't listen to the orders of ponies, but.. fine. I'll keep an eye out-.." Sombra trailed off and turned his head as something in the forest shook the ground again, followed by a second. The former tyrant moved around in a half circle around the mares, his brow furrowed as he tried to figure out which direction it could be originating from. He could agree with Alizarin, it was getting annoying. It might not even be what he was looking for, but he was already here so he might as well follow this through to the end with his current companions.
  7. aaaa you could probably jump in whenever now if you want @SteelEagle O:
  8. One of his ears flicked as Luna bid him to continue. He didn't favor her with any bows or dips of his head for letting him speak and went on with what he had planned to say. "I don't suppose you've heard of Hou Shuren have you? She's claimed she's had run-ins with Princess Celestia over the centuries, and ah.." He trailed off, searching for the exact right way to say it. It would be quite the heavy bit of information to just drop on Luna like this, and he wanted to make sure he phrased it properly. There were so many variations to how he'd wanted to reveal this information that he wanted it to be just right. "I had an encounter with her in the White-Tail Woods. While there was so much she had to say to me and revealing so little.. she's admitted to me that she's stolen something from Canterlot. It happened a few weeks ago during that rather big event with all of Equestria against a few goons." Sombra snorted softly. Tongue Twister told him that Discord was behind his imposter- he wondered if he was somehow behind the others, too. It wouldn't be much of a surprise he was, and to what end, the king didn't have a clue yet. He was sure he'd get any answers he might want about that particular problem later- if Luna was feeling chatty enough to tell him once he made himself truly known. Sombra was just looking for the right time.
  9. Princess Luna O: Here's the thread~ http://www.canterlot.com/topic/24656-seeking-an-audience-invite-only-rainbowfoxxy/
  10. You probably could join- it'd be more fun~™️
  11. I kinda decided to message Rainbowfoxxy since I wasn't sure if this would get seen by anyone and got something started 👀 I guess the basic tldr; that i'll copy paste is: after a fight between Hou and Sombra, she mentioned she'd stolen something from Canterlot, and Sombra's sort of following a wild impulse to finally reveal himself to not only be petty in response to Hou, but to correct his image following his doppleganger's shenanigans. I think maybe it also mentions some above too. o:
  12. A guard had lead him to the throne room doors, where he was informed that his request was granted. Of course. Sombra supposed he shouldn't have thought it would be difficult, if he was pretending to be just another pony. However, as the throne room doors were opened for him and his eyes landed on the sole princess sitting on one of two thrones, something in his stomach dropped. He was already starting to second guess some parts of his plan, and whether he ought to- especially when there were a few guards about. Not that they were a match for him, they would just complicate things. Sombra strode inside under the guise of a normal unicorn, although he hadn't done much to hide his height. His mane remained black, with a light tawny coat, and green eyes. Green seemed fitting considering it was how they used to look. He strode confidently enough up the rug that ran up the middle of the large room, his eyes locked on the princess. It'd been over a thousand years since he'd ever seen the princesses in person again, and it was.. strange. Maybe revealing himself wouldn't be a good idea. He'd hate to be imprisoned again, or worse- destroyed. He didn't want to be on the wrong end of their Elements and whatever they'd do to him. The Crystal Heart's effect on him was bad enough. "Good.. afternoon, Princess Luna," Sombra broke the silence as he came up a short distance from the ramp leading up to the two thrones. They were more extravagant than the old, broken ones in the old castle he'd briefly visited with a pony some months ago, and the throne room itself was.. interestingly large with tall, stained glass windows. He'd gotten a look at them on the way in. "I was hoping to bring up an important matter to.. one of you." His voice wasn't boastful and over-the-top; it was actually much deeper, and could almost be silky without the growl that sometimes edged it. More recognizable, as he hadn't tried to disguise that either; he'd wanted to drop hints rather than hide himself altogether. If he could make her suspect something before he made any reveal, then.. maybe this would be easier.
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