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  1. Ophelia Rose [WiP]

    Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Ophelia Rose Nickname: Rose Sex: Mare Age: Adult Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Green Coat: Pale pink Mane/Tail: A rich red Physique: Average for the most part, bordering on a dancer's slimness. Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Florist; she proudly grows a species of beautiful, long-lasting roses in a variety of colors, sold in her upscale flower shop as decoration more than consumption; she would be loathe to think anypony would waste her flowers by eating them. Cutie Mark: A light pink rose with a thorny green stem. Unique Traits: - History: Character Personality: Rose acts in the same manner as any other rich pony, having come from a rich family. She holds herself proudly because of her lineage and fortunes, even haughtily. As with any other member of high society, she is also disdainful of other things or ponies that don't fit the standards set by those at her level and, naturally, looks down upon others for their lesser states. As a lady, she is also on the vain side; obvious in her well groomed appearance, jewelry and fancy dresses; ones that could be noticed to look a little old fashioned, but pleasantly so. Although most ponies strive to keep up with the ever changing fashions of the modern day, she has chosen to ignore it and proudly wear what she enjoys most, and what she believes she looks best in. In any case, despite obvious downsides, she has proven to others to be quite charming, if not slightly manipulative. She does not shy from being flirty with ponies depending on who they are and how they appeal to her, though her interests never seem to exceed sly flirtation; it is as if she wishes to avoid letting ponies see more of her, and opening herself up to getting hurt. This often causes her to come off aloof. Character Summary: A pegasus mare from a rich family that has settled in Canterlot, where Rose has further pursued her passion in flowers, and opened up a flower shop so that she might sell her hard work and symbols of beauty for profit.
  2. Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    Luna ate a few pieces of honeydew, giving Celestia time to think about what it was that she wanted to do on a special day like this. She had her own little hopes, but it was ultimately up to Tia. Her head tilted up towards the sound of her elder sister's voice and she hummed softly in thought. "A day to relax together sounds lovely," Luna replied. Although.. what could they do? The dark alicorn let herself mull over that particular question while her sister voiced suggestions and she propped her chin atop the lower half of a front leg. "I am uncertain about involving other ponies, despite how much I know you do like to mingle with them. Your daily schedule tells me as much. Your birthday, from what I remember from last year when I got to celebrate with you for the first time in a thousand years, was very.. festive. I had not expected so many ponies would come to give you gifts and well wishes." A lot may have changed over the years, but some things just didn't change. She just didn't know what it was about her sister that made ponies love her so much to the point that they would do that.. then again, the one excuse ponies might not like her as much was because of what she'd done in the past. Eternal night, sowing nightmares.. Luna stared down at her plate with a slight frown tugging at the corners of her mouth. "We could still have a little time to spend together by ourselves.. maybe go on a flight together. We haven't done anything like that that hasn't involved battling something dangerous. We could always scatter a few invitations in the city afterward when we fly over it, and see who shows up to the gardens." The lunar princess couldn't deny Celestia a few regular ponies to be a part of her birthday, as much as she might like to spend time with her sister alone and a regular day in town doing.. whatever they wanted to do, what they couldn't do when they were managing an entire kingdom. "It would be.. fun, no matter what you wish to do today."
  3. Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    There was a mischievous glint in Luna's eye as she got the reaction she was looking for. Although a little part of her wondered how much of it was an act just for her own benefit.. She banished the thought easily and allowed herself to get swept up into Celestia's warm embrace, closing her eyes in the small moment of peace she had. Being hugged by her sister felt like such a soft and healing thing.. up until Celestia broke it that peace by 'noogie'ing her. A strange word, and a strange action that was decidedly annoying; she was sure that was the point. Snorting, but unable to hide the smile on her muzzle, Luna struggled to escape the trap that was her sister's long forelegs that messed with her mane and sought to tickle her. The alicorn squirmed, no longer able to fight the giggles that the tickling evoked. To her relief, it came to an end and she got to hug her sister for a second time and hear the gratitude in Tia's voice. A small smile still played around her muzzle and Luna nuzzled Celestia's cheek with one of her own, uncertain of what to say in response to that thank you. She withdrew then, hearing the doors to the kitchens opening and the approach of a pony. "Ah, breakfast," she commented casually, as if they hadn't just been goofing off. "Now, sister, I am sure you thought that I would attempt to cook something for you again, but I am still not entirely confident in that ability as of yet. I thought t'would be better to have the kitchen staff cook something instead so that you might actually enjoy it," Luna piped up, moving to the seat closest to Celestia's and sitting down, using a forehoof to smooth her glittering mane back down into something more presentable. Luna waited until the chef had left with the cart, back into the kitchen, though any chance to say something in the privacy that they now had was interrupted by Celestia's offer. "First pick? I thought you were the birthday mare here," the nightbringer teased gently, picking out some fruits for herself. "So, ah, what is it that you wish to do today?"
  4. Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    It wasn't difficult for Luna to move so carefully, whether she had rich carpet beneath her hooves or a forest floor. Moving silently had something she'd gotten good at when she once used to explore the Everfree Forest with Melvin, but it didn't quite seem to matter here. It'd become apparent to her that Celestia's mind was elsewhere, and so were her eyes, focused on the main doors to the dining room where she seemed to think Luna would enter. The lunar princess had to come to a halt to bite down on her lower lip, trying to keep herself from the sudden laughter that'd bubbled up. Unless Celestia was faking, as she often would where she'd pretend not to notice something, her sister was far too oblivious in this moment! Once she'd had a firm grip on her unshed giggles, Luna crept forward again, within earshot of Celestia's wistful murmuring. She paused, one forehoof a few inches away from the carpet, touched by what she'd heard and what Celestia might have never tried to honestly express face to face. It wasn't that Luna thought Celestia didn't miss such simpler times.. it was just an entirely different thing to hear it. It'd successfully subdued a little of her excitement to surprise her sister, but it wouldn't stop her from going through with it regardless. Luna waited until Celestia had finished giggling to herself and fallen still again before she moved, quickly stepping forward and flared out her wings with a whispery snap of feathers. "Happy birthday, sister!" The younger alicorn exclaimed loudly, a wide smile across her muzzle in anticipation of her sister's surprise. She wasn't entirely intending to frighten Celestia, just.. sneak up on her.
  5. Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    The morning saw Princess Luna leaning on the marble railing of her balcony, watching the last silver slivers of her moon sink below the horizon, the sky lightening and the stars fading out. A part of her hated to see them go, hated to see the moon yet again inevitably replaced in the sky by the sun. A soft sigh left the younger diarch as she pulled her eyes away from the brightness of the approaching morning to look down at Canterlot below, the colors of its buildings becoming more clear in the pale golden sunlight that only ever shone in the morning. She knew what day it was today. It was perhaps the second time that she would get to celebrate her sister's birthday with her after a thousand years imprisoned in the moon and.. despite all her hidden feelings and slight grievances, Luna looked forward to it. Both she and Celestia would get to spend time with each other- truly spend time with each other that didn't involve a great threat against Equestria or some grand public event like the Grand Equestrian Pony Summit, or the Friendship Festival, to name a few. This day also meant she could cast aside her regalia too. Heavy was the crown upon her head, and under the weight of all her past sins. Today, without it, she could set it all aside, out of mind, and simply enjoy a day with her elder sister. Luna looked up to the castle towers around her, pondering something while she lingered on that balcony, her forelegs curled over the railing and her deep blue mane of stars falling down her neck in waves that were stirred every so often by the wind. If today should continue to remain different from all other days, Luna felt that she could.. fly down, rather than take the stairs. All the more quicker to reach the ground floor. She immediately settled on the decision and withdrew from the balcony, only to leap over the railing and soar down to the lower levels of the castle, landing on one of the outer walkways and heading inside, making a quick stop along the way to the dining room where she knew her sister would be by now. She soon breezed into the large room on silent hooves unburdened by the silver shoes and did her best to get as close to Celestia as she could before she could be noticed. Once in a while, Luna did like to surprise her.
  6. Jousting Tournament [closed]

    The answer drew a raised eyebrow. No longer important? He felt that Chesster was looking at it all wrong. Sombra could argue that even though he'd lost his crown, his throne, he hadn't lost importance. In fact, he felt he was damn important, if only through his own ego. No pony could take the confidence he'd found away from him; he was never going back to the way things were when he'd been younger. King Sombra grunted quietly, mulling over what he could say to it, allowing Chesster to continue to speak. A manor. Both eyebrows rose this time and the stallion eyed the crystal pony. "I suppose that taking as much money as you can would explain how you managed to have such a large house built," he commented, almost quipped, as if he was implying something like theft. Not that it mattered. Sombra didn't care if Chesster stole from the crystal ponies, the castle.. wherever. "Is that all who lives in your manor?" Sombra continued on to ask, making a note of who he was told about. "Equestrians are fine. I can tolerate them a little more than the crystal ponies." He snorted softly. Sombra could guess that the third 'former guard' must be Chesster himself, but it wouldn't do him any good to assume. "Is the third yourself?" he ventured to ask. There was already another question bubbling up his throat, but he clamped down on it so that he wasn't peppering this pony with questions before Chesster could even get a chance to answer. One thing was for certain: Sombra was terribly curious and he couldn't help wanting to know. And now that he had some information, he was looking forward to seeing Chesster's manor.
  7. Late Night Encounter [Invite Only]

    The king relaxed back, loosely crossing his forelegs in front of him. Raven had made it clear by the way she'd turned her concentration onto the decorative metal coils that she was going to start on the enchantments. He didn't lift a hoof to help her, choosing only to observe. He was willing to tell her how she can perform a spell, to explain them to her so that she might learn and have a better idea about them, but he wouldn't actively help her. If he babied her, she wouldn't get to learn how to do it on her own. Sombra did, however, note with some tenseness that she was putting too much power into it again. Still, however, he didn't try to step in. One shouldn't break the concentration of a unicorn in the midst of a spell- it would end badly, either for the interrupting pony, or the caster. He could only clench his teeth behind closed lips and watch the result. Her cry of pain, and the mare slumping to the table. The decoration's metal was bent a little after her exertion of magic, but it wasn't unfixable. Frowning deeply, Sombra pushed himself to his hooves to gently attempt to lift the mare, and move her over into one of the comfortable seats in the study so she could be comfortable. It was the best he could do, for now, and wait until she woke up. [I think it sounds good to me!]
  8. Royal Reasoning Regular Meeting (closed - invite only)

    Princess Luna finally averted her eyes from her sister, a part of her making a small note of how her sister chose to go first. She was fully aware that she'd been expectantly eying Celestia, yet.. somehow she'd hoped the elder alicorn might ask her. It didn't matter. It wasn't as if she had much of importance to say, beyond putting in her own opinions on what Celestia and Twilight had brought to this meeting. The dark alicorn listened in silence, staring down at the folders with their copies of documents Twilight handed out not too long ago. Idly, she lifted them in her magic and tapped them against the table, straightening them out so that she could set them aside in a neat little pile. They were sure to be left on her desk later for her to read with some difficulty, if only because some of it might not make any sense at all to her. Crossing her forelegs on the now bare edge of the table, she looked up, a small frown playing around her lips. Bandits. It pained her to know that they didn't have the resources or the ponies to deal with them, that bandits should exist at all.. This country had changed quite a lot over a thousand years, and even though ponies still had their issues.. they were better than they had been. To an extent. Although the guard were too soft to handle the threats that often reared their heads, and the Wonderbolts were little more than glorified showponies. Luna's lips began to part to say something, but she paused when she heard the sound of forehooves just outside the door. Her wings twitched up a little ways from her sides as the doors were flung open, and an angry pony of some familiarity came barging in. It took Luna a short time to recognize who exactly it was. Blueblood. She was unaware of their chosen name in this form, when she hardly spent any time awake during the day.. and she hardly saw them in general. She settled back in her seat and propped her cheek against a hoof, a vague look of annoyance on her face. Luna wasn't entirely sure what she was annoyed about, if it was the interruption or.. well, she didn't particularly feel annoyed with Celestia on the golden-haired princess's behalf. Sighing through her nose, an ear twitched towards Twilight's run down of the situation and the moonbringer took that time to pull her thoughts back together. Luna straightened up in her seat. "I do agree that most of these bandits could be helped to integrate back into society, and given the right help. I feel that most may do it out of desperation, as you've said- poor, with no help, no food.. They are those that we failed, who may feel as if we've abandoned them, do not care about them. If we can personally make amends with them and show them that there is a far better path, that they can live better lives.. we may be able to help them transition better. For the others who do it purely out of greed and malice.. I am uncertain." She paused, her eyes remaining more on Celestia than lingering on either of the two other princesses as she added her own input. "We do not truly know why they turn to such things, as we- Twilight excluded- have spent far too long separated from ponies. Even social gatherings in Canterlot are not enough, as those who are in Canterlot live, dare I say, rather comfortable lives. Their problems are not the same as those who are truly struggling in the world."
  9. Late Night Encounter [Invite Only]

    King Sombra pondered her question, his lips drawn in a flat line. It was an interesting idea, yet he felt if the spell was given no specifics.. it could keep draining magic until she had none left, on top of already casting magic. A small amount.. It could still build up. Maybe? He rubbed at his scruffy chin with a hoof and looked down at the small gems in Raven's new horn decoration, yet untested. "It's worth a try," he murmured slowly. "If it doesn't do very well, or affects you negatively.. then perhaps it would be best if it draws magic from your surroundings. Or we can simply have it hold magic and recharge it every so often, perhaps stored in one of these gems." Sombra pointed a black toe at one of the larger gems around the central one. It seemed like a safer option if the first one didn't work out particularly well. He didn't like the idea of something drawing magic off of the user very much. If the spell was cast incorrectly or something messed with it, it wouldn't bode well for the magic's user. The umbrum didn't want to imagine the results. "We can always test it out until we find an enchantment that works well for you, and still does what we wish it to do- to help you with casting magic."
  10. Late Night Encounter [Invite Only]

    Despite having left the Crystal Empire and his need to subjugate it behind, he couldn't shake his lust for power so easily. It remained, and now was rearing its head as he read about this alicorn amulet. A powerful, but dangerous, artifact that magnified a unicorn's magic while corrupting the user. How much could it corrupt what had already been corrupted? Sombra had suspicions that it may not affect him at all outside of making him stronger. It wouldn't be terribly smart to rely on its power over his own as it was, but it would be useful to have. He'd have the strength to face anything, even the royal sisters should they ever come to throw him in the next prison. Like Tartarus. The king licked his lips and dragged his eyes up away from the page he'd been reading, realizing Raven had said something. It took him only a few seconds to catch up to what exactly it'd been. "Is that so? I may be able to help you. I have an understanding of how they work, and I may be able to help you learn how to enchant something," he offered with a slight shrug of his shoulder, slowly trying to reorient his mind towards more present matters than getting his hooves on the alicorn amulet. Sombra quietly cleared his throat and slid the book aside with a hoof, intent on keeping his attention on Raven. "Creating an enchantment isn't as difficult as it may sound, or appear. You are casting a spell on an object with the intent to imbue it with that spell's effect. Some enchantments need a power source in order to remain useful, or it will wear off. Sometimes you may need to renew an enchantment. Think of it this way: an object you intend to enchant will do what you want because you will it. You control what magic does. It is your instrument. You are its source, its master and it bends to your will." King Sombra explained, describing it as he understood it. An overview of magic as a whole was an addition he felt would be useful to Raven, to help her know magic better. It wasn't something that could defy its user except in special cases. Such as cursed objects, wild magic.. He wasn't sure what else there might be.
  11. owo !

    h-hewwo!! Welcome to Canterlot! c:
  12. Taking a Trip to Saddle Arabia [Open!]

    Yuna answered the stallion's exclamation with a nod, and she fidgeted under his curious, wandering gaze. She wasn't used to being stared at for so long, much less studied. Part of her knew why he was, if he was a scholar who studied different cultures and species, but it could still get a little unnerving after a while. Her eyes, that had begun to slide away from him and focus on nothing in particular, snapped back when he danced light on his hooves. His floaty movements were unexpected for a stallion of his height, and she had to ponder that- scholars didn't usually move like that, did they? "My father was a zebra. I think he went back to the zebra homeland when I was still young." Yuna shrugged, unsure about where he'd disappeared to and why. "We lived in Baltimare, where I was born.. I assume, anyway. Uhm," Yuna struggled to keep up with the onslaught of questions, reviewing each in her head to make an effort to remember everything he was asking her so that she'd be able to answer him properly. "I guess I learned more about pony culture than zebra culture. I mean, Baltimare has quite a lot of zebras, and even zonies, living within it with ponies, and their own section of the city. I didn't really live around there, though, although I could visit it from time to time out of curiosity." Yuna watched him flop down onto his rump before her and carefully sat down herself, her wings lifting slightly from her sides and shuffling back down against them. Dark burgundy eyes flitted away towards their surroundings, checking to make sure they wouldn't be in the way of most of the street's traffic- they were far enough to the side that she deemed them safe enough, and still close enough to the bakery with its rich scents of baked bread. Yuna inhaled it again as her eyes found Lightning again. "What little I know is that zebra culture is steeped in nature. They're well known for their connection to the earth. It's not like, earth ponies, the way they can make things grow.. It's different, to an extent. Zebras don't try to control anything, not like ponies do, but leave nature to itself, and because of their harmony with nature, they take to making a lot of potions and healing medicines from different kinds of plants based on their uses and what they do when put together." This was perhaps the longest that she'd managed to talk with a pony, casually, and more than she'd ever said at once. Yuna quietly cleared her throat, trying not to strain her voice too much.
  13. Late Night Encounter [Invite Only]

    There was a smug air around Sombra, with one foreleg crossed in front of him on the table and that little smirk of his that bared the sharp point of one fang. His eyes, half-lidded and his brows slightly raised, an expression that altogether asked if Raven could possibly deny his greatness. "I did," he confirmed. "Using magic to change something into something else, or to alter it to make it malleable is difficult to learn, but manageable once you figure it out. The key with magic is to know what you wish to do, to focus on it, and attempt to put your intent into your casting. Magic is yours to use." His posture relaxed somewhat and he leaned forward, his face settling into a more relaxed expression as he watched Raven pick out some of the gems and began to put them into the horn decoration. As soon as they were finished with the physical creation of it, they could get into the fun part: enchanting it with the spells they needed so that it would work as they wanted it to work. The levitated books distracted Sombra briefly and he glanced up towards the particular one Raven passed to him. His head cocking, he took it and set it on the bare space on the table in front of him and flipped open the pages. "What is this?" he asked curiously. Were these meant to help them find the spells they intended to use, or to find something like them? They weren't particularly limited to spells that were already created, though creating spells was a difficult task as it was. Sombra idly flipped through it, making a soft noise in his throat. His casual page-flipping stopped upon coming across a peculiar illustration and he peered at the title. Was this the alicorn amulet artifact Raven mentioned earlier? Thoroughly intrigued, Sombra read about it.
  14. Noir AU

    Yeah, makes sense! I figured the Royal Guard still being a thing would've been tradition to protect the princesses and all that. I already know cities/towns could have a police force and stuff, since they seem to exist in the comics 0: And stage coaches sound like they'd work for an updated form of transportation, as well as the trains! Steam powered instead of coal powered? I think that'd work too, to fit with the times. The big news agencies as well as radio and phone. I'm not sure about speakers since ehh the show is all over the place about the level of technology it has. Well, at least not like, modern day speakers but w/e old kinds used to exist around that time period. Definitely @ radio and primitive telephone though. O:
  15. Royal Reasoning Regular Meeting (closed - invite only)

    There appeared to be one thing that they could all at least agree on: visiting each place in Equestria would help them gain the information they needed to help those who were struggling. It would be a lot to do.. Such large tasks usually looked daunting, enough that Luna was hesitant to even begin, but Celestia suggested something that had the lunar princess perking up a little in her seat, her ears twitching towards her elder sister. If she was to conduct a census at each place during the night.. it meant she'd be out of the castle. It meant she'd be flying. That is, if she was meant to travel by wing- she'd get to fly much more actively which was something she'd been missing for quite a while now. "I would be happy to do so. Do you intend to divide up this task, with who goes to what towns and cities? It may lessen the load on all of us," Luna suggested. As much as she'd want to stay out of the castle for as long as possible.. they'd be putting too much on their own shoulders if they both visited every location in Equestria. The dark diarch turned back to Twilight to hear out the rest of what the youngest alicorn had to say. Looking down at the copy of the documents she'd been given, she idly flipped to the pages Twilight mentioned and skimmed over what she proposed with some curiosity. "Hm, I do believe it may work.. Especially if we all work together on this.. and we should try to help the Royal Office of Internal Affairs gain a few more ponies so that they are not stretched so thin." Straightening her set of the documents, she closed the folder with a hoof and glanced between the two other mares in the room when it became clear that Princess Twilight was finished with what she had to say for now. As she didn't have anything as important or pressing, that she felt, Luna chose to remain silent to see if her sister might speak up about what she wished to discuss.