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    Character Plots pt 2

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    End of MLP:FIS

    I'm definitely gonna be sad, and I'm gonna miss the world and stuff they built in gen4, too, but.. I'm looking forward to what they're gonna do next. I'm curious about their plans, if it's still gonna be the same general world or something else?
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    Meeting in the Woods [Closed]

    If it wasn't broken.. The crystals were a favorite of his to use because his opponents would have such a small window to react, it would be easy to spear them if he really wanted to. As it stood, he didn't want to kill Tempest, just.. pummel her a little. This was an all out fight, a display of skill and power, something that King Sombra reveled in. The crystal wall between them exploded in a wild storm of Tempest's magic, and Sombra knew then that his crystal had missed her entirely. It wasn't an issue, this fight was only just beginning. He'd be able to get a few good hits in once he learned more about her behavior.. Flying chunks of crystal and magic encouraged Sombra to duck and finally move, strafing the unicorn to try to avoid some of it, though he felt certain he felt something graze his side, and a few points along his legs; a sensation that was distantly acknowledged, when Tempest and her magic took up the forefront of his concentration. If there was anything worse than a graze, he didn't know it yet. Sombra was choosing to keep his distance from now, from the heart of the maelstrom that was Tempest's magic. He could see the fury and pain on her face, even from this distance, and it made him wonder what it cost her to use her magic like this and how it affected her, something that he might be able to use to his advantage. Dark magic charged along his curved, red horn again and he lowered it to lash out with a bolt of dark magic, testing the waters between them to see if he couldn't hit her.
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    Hello Everypony! I’m Twily!

    welcome to canterlot!! i'd be totally down with rping with you sometime once you're set up~ i happen to rp sombra, who's my favorite character, and i think it'd be fun to finally get to rp him with twilight O:
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    welcome to canterlot!! 😄
  6. Plenty of failsafes. Luna could certainly hope so. Ice Storm was a sharp mare and she seemed to be prepared for the worst, and yet Luna still couldn't quite shake that little paranoid voice in the back of her mind over this ship. It could become such a threat to them.. as much a threat as it would be to any other invaders who wanted to take a page out of the Storm King's book. The princess sighed quietly and listened to the argument between Ice Storm and Tempest- the latter mare who Luna wasn't taking much of a liking to with her attitude. The sheer arrogance and hostility. Aside from the matter of the banner design, Luna could see no other reason for her to stay here now that topics were starting to move further along towards the realm of this particular mission. "It would do you well to heed the suggestions and advice of your fellows. I know you are confident in the task you have set yourselves, but you will get nowhere if you cannot work together," Luna spoke up, her voice soft, and echoing the same sentiment Ice Storm had just uttered. The alicorn doubted Tempest would pay her much mind, but she would speak regardless. "Ice Storm, once you have figured out ideas for your organization's banner, perhaps you can send them along to me to look over and perhaps I can help you decide on one. If you have no more need of me here, I might return to Canterlot." She'd rather not linger here, and around Tempest, any longer than she'd have to be. A glance was cast over at King Sombra, who was still lazily slouched in his seat and listening in on the conversation with something of an unreadable expression on his face. An eyebrow would be the only response to the disgust that Tempest aimed at the three of them and he pushed himself to sit up in his seat with a soft snort. "Well, if we're decided.."
  7. dragonofruin

    Meeting in the Woods [Closed]

    The smirk that still lingered on the umbrum's muzzle widened to a vicious, fang-baring grin, amused by her quip, though it did not lessen his guard. He could feel her magic building and soon saw it for himself- flaring bolts of unchanneled magic crackling around her like barely controlled lightning. It made his hackles rise. The mere sight of it was exciting, though he was not caught nor entranced by the display. Sombra held his ground as she began to charge him, dark magic bubbling up around his own horn as he focused his magic on the ground between them. As a bolt of magic arced his way, Sombra jerked his head up, pulling up a wall of crystal in between himself and Tempest. He was a proud stallion, and with most dealings with ponies, he refused to ever retreat in a fight- he preferred to meet his opponents head on, especially when most of them were too weak to even be much of a threat to him. Though fighting the royal sisters certainly kept him on his toes. Sombra didn't wait for what the result of Tempest's magic would be when faced with crystal and turned his attention to the offensive, summoning a pillar of black crystal that came jutting diagonally out of the ground on Tempest's side- his intent was to ram her in the side with it, if he could. He was relying entirely on his sense of her magic rather than any visual for the moment.
  8. Luna frowned and she fought herself not to fidget in her chair over Tempest's remarks. What could she possibly say to protest against the mare's views of ponies, and when she was one herself? Hardship did not make a pony better than all the others, nor did the lack of that hardship left ponies soft and stupid. Sure, perhaps their education system within Equestria needed improvements, and perhaps the country itself was largely a peaceful one.. but ponies were at least happy because of the latter, were they not? The princess tried to bite her tongue, knowing that if they started to argue over inane topics like this one, then they would get nowhere. She turned away, paying more attention to what Ice Storm had said. "Even an elite force may not be enough. We truly do not know what lays out in the world, and what sort of powers exist who might overpower your force to seize your grand warship, but I have spoken my words of caution." Her voice was quiet, and as solemn as ever. Luna cared more about the safety of Equestria as a whole than a ship, and she wouldn't hesitate to ground it in one way or another if it were ever used against them. She would try to have faith in Ice Storm, and her elite force that was STAR. "Aside from that, I might.. ask that you avoid using any sort of theme that might suggest that I am involved. I know that your organization may be called STAR, but perhaps avoid using anything 'galactic' or 'space-y'. Ponies may often think of me when they think of the night sky, and.. we are meant to be subtle in this are we not?" Princess Luna asked, her head tilting, and her blue mane gently glittering as it drifted with the movement. "I am certain we can draft designs of thy flag until we find one that is both pleasing and acceptable, without giving too much away." Tempest's arrogance, to Sombra, was astounding. And he thought he was arrogant. He had to wonder where Tempest even got it, considering.. Possibly her training and her life under this Storm King she once followed. He'd have to find some time to get to know this mare better so he could see exactly how her mind worked, but until then he could only observe her and listen to the three mares and their discussion. He'd said nothing against Tempest going it alone, initially, to wrangle her strange creatures under her hoof. If Sombra had known what Tempest had been thinking about them all, he might've been a little ruffled. As it was, he did not, and the king could only coolly watch her. "You get quite angry when you feel challenged," Sombra quietly remarked with a slight tilt of his head. As tempted as he was to nettle her a little, he decided against it. "I think we have a good enough plan, as it is. Let her go, and deal with them. We can take what they have, afterward."
  9. dragonofruin

    Meeting in the Woods [Closed]

    The king grunted softly at Tempest's response, his ear twitching towards the unfamiliar term test goat in the midst of all of it. His eyes flicked up at the potential time table and annoyance briefly rippled through him before his emotions settled again. "If you took a year to locate it, I would consider it a very poor job," he quietly commented, his voice a low rumble of sound that mixed with the Everfree Forest's soft ambience. "You can only sneak a war fleet onto Canterlot when those who live there are too naive to feel concerned over the ships approaching it, who can only gawk in awe and interest at the approach of something so alien, so unfamiliar. You could take them off guard, but to sneak something like that so close to the country's capital?" Sombra scoffed in disbelief, rolling his eyes. That sharp, red gaze of his soon refocused back upon Tempest, his ears perking up as Tempest mentioned something in passing he found interesting. Did she know where to find it, the artifact he sought? If she could find it so soon.. His attention shifted to her challenge. A spar. Tempest wanted to test her might against his, and it intrigued him. A pony wanted to fight him, and a pony with a broken horn at that, but he wouldn't underestimate her. Her attitude and the way she moved alone spoke of well-earned confidence, suggesting that she knew how to fight even if she didn't have as precise magic as he might with his horn still whole. A smirk slowly spread across Sombra's muzzle and his magic briefly flared, unhooking the clasp of his cape at his throat and removing it to set it aside, draping it over the old log that he'd previously been sitting on before their meeting had even started. "If you want to spar to test me, then I happily accept. It's been far too long since I've had a proper fight. If you're not scared, then come at me."
  10. dragonofruin

    A surprise visit [Closed]

    Sombra waved Heart Shield's responses away with a hoof, rolling his eyes. "This isn't going to be a later today thing. I only meant so long as you were working in the castle. Within easy reach to me, should the day and time come for me to finally want to get out of the castle for a while so I can explore the ruins of another one." His earlier mention might not have been phrased in just the right way, so hopefully this correction would do. If not, then he'd have to give up on the guard as hopeless in understanding. "By all means, you still should finish up your shift. You'll have plenty of time afterward to prepare for the eventual trip we'll make out into the Everfree Forest. On whatever day I decide to go. Unless.. you want to go tonight. If you'd like to rush, I suppose I could figure out how to open up my schedule later, but.." Sombra vaguely gestured with a hoof, indicating his uncertainty about doing so. In truth, he could do whatever he wanted at any time if he wanted, it wasn't as if he had any real obligations- not unless Princess Celestia asked him to spend time with her or to join her on some event. He just liked to be difficult. The red-caped king took a few idle steps towards the doorway to the meeting room, his short black tail giving a little flick. He wasn't going to leave just yet, he wanted to wait and see what Heart Shield's answer would be. When he would want to visit the old castle and when it would be appropriate for the pair of them. Sombra wasn't in too big of a rush to leave, not when he'd gotten so much entertainment out of the royal guard, but what he could do in one sitting was limited.
  11. dragonofruin

    A surprise visit [Closed]

    Sombra grunted and considered what Heart Shield had to suggest about their trip to the Everfree Forest. The Bucephalus Brook.. Looking back on his memory of the map of Equestria he'd seen, they could pass right by, or even through, Ponyville and simply follow the brook towards the bottom edge of the forest, near where the Castle of Two Sisters was sheltered within the trees, on a cliff over a gorge of some kind. Nodding to himself, he found the plan agreeable. If it was any other way, it might've been more of a waste of his valuable time than anything. "For once, you've said something intelligent." His eyebrows rose with an expression of disbelief, as if it was almost impossible to have thought otherwise. It soon disappeared from face as he gave the gold-armored guard a faint scowl. "If you left me behind I would be very annoyed with you, though I doubt I'd get lost. It wouldn't be hard to find my way if I know where I'm going." The king shrugged and leaned forward, pulling himself to his hooves. He took a moment stretching out his legs after having sat there for so long and stepped away from the cushion he'd been sitting on. He was now standing across from Heart Shield, giving him a quizzical look. "Of course. I'm busy catching up on everything I've missed over the last thousand years, and spending time with Princess Celestia. She's quite enjoyable to be around, and nothing what you ponies make her out to be." Sombra tilted his head, the corners of his mouth quirking up into a vaguely smug smile. "Regardless, it's nice that you've decided to take me up on my trip. I'll be sure to contact you when I wish to go. You should stick around the castle a while longer so I won't have to hunt you down just to drag you along."
  12. dragonofruin

    A surprise visit [Closed]

    "Truly I am, and that isn't a bad thing," Sombra was quick to reply with a lift of his eyebrow, giving Heart Shield a look. Now that he'd gotten his two bits in on the matter, he let it go and focused on the rest of what the guard had to say. "Indeed.. That castle is a hazard for mortals. If anything happens to you in there, it won't be my fault. I may or may not help you. It really depends on my mood at the time," he quietly mused, rubbing at one of his groomed sideburns. They were obviously styled, but it wasn't as if he couldn't smooth it back into place. "It would be, wouldn't it?" Sombra agreed and shrugged. "It could've been longer than that for all I know. We've certainly been lurking in this room for what feels like a while." A soft snort escaped the stallion, and there was amusement in the sound. "You probably could, with wings like yours, but.. you'd be leaving poor ol' me behind to traverse the woods all by my lonesome. It wouldn't be fun at all. Isn't a worthy adventure meant to be with other ponies, or however it goes?" He rolled his hoof, gesturing along with what he was saying. If he had to admit anything, not that he would, he might be just a little jealous of those with wings. They were something he would like to have, if just to go out on a few flights with Celestia. Another snort followed, this one expressing his annoyance with what Heart Shield had uttered. Hardly! This pony meant nothing to him, even if Heart Shield had proved to be very entertaining to push and antagonize. "So what do you say? Will you join me on this little trip to the Two Sisters' castle? It might be fun. Of course, it'll have to wait when I feel like it. After all, I am a bit of a busy stallion."
  13. dragonofruin

    Meeting in the Woods [Closed]

    Sombra scoffed and muttered something that sounded like uncreative under his breath. "I think it does, but live whatever fantasy that you wish." The grey stallion shrugged and gestured at her with a black hoof. It was dropped back to the ground, and his eyes narrowed when he caught the word monsters. It was a word he never wanted to hear anypony use against him; only he could call himself a monster. Coming from anypony else, it was foul, an insult, slander. "What're you talking about?" The king retorted with a roll of his eyes. "You continue to make such silly assumptions. When did I ever say I was trying to? I already have. Celestia enjoys my company," he hinted with a sly smile that bared the point of one fang. "There's no need for hope when she so willingly allowed me in. If you don't believe me, perhaps you can go and ask her yourself. Believe me when I say she doesn't bite." Amusement tinged his tone as he allowed Tempest's laughter wash over him. She wouldn't be the last pony laughing here, not when she really thought he'd never have a chance and that Celestia was just toying with him. It was hardly the case! "Perhaps it could be," Sombra rumbled thoughtfully, idly agreeing with Tempest. There were things that he could do to better this sorry excuse for a country, and he hardly needed to resort to old habits. There were plenty of opportunities to try new things, to improve the country's education and defenses himself.. He hardly needed to look like Celestia's trophy husband when he could do so much. "Ahuh," Sombra grunted, his face falling to its usual expression. "Played along, sure," he muttered with disbelief, fighting the urge to roll his eyes a second time. However it helped her sleep at night. Moving on.. "The alicorn amulet is an Equestrian artifact of mysterious origins. It magnifies the power of its wearer, and corrupts them the more that it is used because it is a dark magic artifact. Its whereabouts are currently unknown to me, but I believe it to exist. I've been searching and I haven't yet been successful.. With some of my time occupied as it is, I think it'd help if I could rope another pony in to help me find it. You. You seem like a smart mare, I'm sure you'd be more than capable of helping me track it down." Sombra used his magic to create a brief illusion of its appearance, hanging in midair, from the depictions he'd seen of it in the book he'd read. The title currently escaped him- something with artifacts in the name. "I do hope you know subtlety is important for this, or that you know it at all." A challenge.
  14. The heated speech that Ice Storm had to give took Princess Luna by some surprise, and as she was mentioned in it about how she endorsed what Ice Storm was doing was enough to make her shuffle uncomfortably in her seat. It was all so.. strange to her. Almost over the top, but not in any sort of 'fun' way. While Luna understood that Ice Storm wished to protect Equestria, as much as she wanted to, as well as present themselves as strong and defensible, there were some things about it that bothered her. She didn't want Equestria to look as if it was preparing to do anything extreme, to give the wrong sort of message.. nor to cause any harm. The dark princess blinked as Tempest Shadow pointed a hoof her way, and her expression darkened to a scowl. Wasteful? Make things worse? She protested against it. "Of course, I am 'about stopping bloodshed', but you know not who you speak of. If I have heard correctly, I will not be coming on this 'mission' of yours, only to provide a few ships for Ice Storm to use for the travel, as well as collecting weapons and materials from what remains of the Storm King's troops. In what way could I make this worse? I am not some foolish, bumbling princess." A silver-shod hoof lifted as if to try to stop any retaliation. "I do not care if it was you who took us down in a mere moment. We were unprepared for the kind of magic you were using." Luna would like to believe the unspoken not anymore, but the world was full of surprises. The Storm King's armies had strange magic that Equestria had never seen before. They might never be prepared for the next threat to come along, but they could try. "Ice Storm," the moon princess turned her attention to the pale mare, "I may be able to give you an airship so that you can reach your destination and bring back what you need, but my concerns.." she trailed off, trying to find a way to phrase it. "I do not want this to get out of hoof. Seeing the beginnings of this warship you intend to have built.. I feel like it could cause as much problems as help us. I.. cannot be certain, but I only wish to insist on caution. It could very easily be used against us, if in the wrong hooves. A tyrannical weapon. Only at the first sign of danger should it be brought out." Luna frowned. "But.. I will be sure to keep Equestria safe. 'Tis been my duty ever since I was crowned one of its princesses, I need not be reminded." King Sombra sat by listening to the entire rant, and the two darker mares who'd decided to speak up. He'd given Ice Storm a slight, acknowledging nod of his head. If she needed him for some mission, he'd be glad to come along. Though Celestia would have questions about his absence, and as much as he wouldn't want to lie to her.. he was sure there would be a way he could twist it so he could get out for a while. Seeing beyond Equestria's borders to see what remained of this Storm King's armies and armories were like intrigued him greatly- an opportunity he couldn't pass up. "I'd be glad to come along. I want to see all that there is," the king answered in a rumble. His eyes flicked between Princess Luna and Tempest after he'd given his answer, knowing that there would most likely be sparks between them- they were both hot-headed. "Maybe sending Tempest in first," Sombra gestured to the unicorn, "is a valid point to see what sort of reaction there'll be. If it'll be safe."
  15. dragonofruin

    A surprise visit [Closed]

    A laugh escaped him. "I never said everypony should be like me, not that they could be. No matter how hard they try, it will always be a poor imitation.." he replied smugly, curling a foreleg and resting his chin on it, his red eyes heavy-lidded. Heart Shield's voiced suspicion was enough for Sombra's posture to quickly change as the umbrum put a dark hoof on his own chest, feigning offense. "You really think that I would try to do you in the moment your back is turned in the dark ruins of an old castle? How dare you suggest I would stoop so low!" Amusement bubbled up near the end of his exclamation and Sombra had to struggle not to let it dissolve into his rumbling laughter. His hoof dropped. "It sickens me to know what sort of assumptions you ponies would leap to all because I'm not, what? An innocent, wide-eyed fool?" A pointed look was given to Heart Shield and Sombra soon dropped his act of mock-offense. There was some truth to his words, but ponies somewhat had a right to be suspicious of him; he viewed many of them as expendable if it meant getting anything that he wanted. Even a deal with a devil like him wouldn't spare them. "Regardless.. It's been fun this past, what, half hour? I don't think I'd want to do away with you even in a place as secluded and dangerous as the Everfree Forest, not when you're so entertaining. If you're still working here even after we return from that trip, I wouldn't mind doing this again on another day when boredom finds me," King Sombra assured. "Though, mind you this doesn't make us friends."