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  1. I considered putting plot/rp ideas for the rest of my characters in Sombra's plotter over in Schemes for a King, and decided against it; he can just be special with his own post. I'll just make this my general plotter for my other characters to avoid spamming the OOC board. And again, I'd be happy to help others out with their plots too! I'm always open to discussion so they work out for both of us. PRINCESS LUNA Application A Little Socializing - Luna finds the change that has come with being a princess has drastically changed after a thousand years, and she's slowly coming to find the castle.. a little stifling. Attempting to break this monotony, she attempts to venture out and see more of Equestria by herself, where she may encounter other ponies who she can talk to, depending. [Open] Sisterly Bond - Their duties and their sleep schedules often keep them from getting to spend time together like they used to, and the only time they're awake at the same time is during major functions in Equestria, or when something is threatening their kingdom. The sisters manage to work their schedules so that they can simply spend some casual time together whether its just talking, or deciding to ditch the castle and head out into Canterlot itself to be like normal ponies. Princesses deserve to have fun now and again! [Stormstride] Mortality - Luna faces off against a new threat that presents itself, and she's forced to do it alone- perhaps even to protect ponies from harm, something she is newly encouraged to do to make up for her past. However, it doesn't go so well and she nearly perishes in the process of fighting this threat. Something that will leave her questioning her mortality. [Open] A Nightmare Rises - It is difficult to simply let go of what others have said and done, no matter what apologies or small gestures have been made to make amends. Upset and feeling that she will never truly be accepted or loved by their citizens as her sister is, Luna's negative emotions take hold once again- yet the transformation is a little more incomplete this time when she has no desire to upset the balance for her own ends, but to cast down her crown and give up on being a princess of Equestria. [Open; also open to discussion] YUNA Application Fortunetelling - As a zony who can predict what may happen, Yuna has employed herself as a fortuneteller and travels Equestria, moving from town to town to make a few bits. While most of her fortunetelling is but an act, put on to entertain and wow ponies, if she picks up that they need help in some way, or may legitimately run into trouble, she does her best to help. [Open] Friendship for a Wanderer - Being both a hybrid and a zony who is always on the move, it can be difficult to make friends. Sometimes her stripes may simply throw other ponies off. However, those who are true and wish to get to know Yuna for who she is, she may get a chance to finally earn some friends. It will be a new experience for her, somepony who hardly socializes outside of her occupation, and perhaps a little difficult to open up, but not impossible. [Open] What Everypony Seeks - It is not something Yuna has ever found interest in, let alone thought much about, but there is always that chance that she finds a pony who she gets along well with, who spends a lot of time with her and sticks with her through both good times, and bad, no matter the trouble they endure. It would be with surprise that Yuna discovers she's fallen for this pony, that what she may be feeling is love. [Open] ELYSIUM Application none; plots yet to be made. plots are also welcome. ROSE Application none; plots yet to be made. plots are also welcome. GALLANT none, unapplied as of yet.
  2. The voices of the others in the room flowed past his ears, and although he paid some attention to what he heard, most of it was upon Miles. The king inclined his head when the koma-inu bowed, pleased to receive such respect. It'd been far, far too long.. and Miles was one of very few who would bow to him willingly. "It was never accounted for, and when my curse was so.. nonspecific. It was only meant to make the empire disappear so long as I was gone, myself. As long as the princesses' banishment held. By the time I'm sure you've awakened, I was either long gone south into Equestria, or it was during the two years I'd been.. piecing myself back together. The Crystal Heart certainly destroyed me, for a time." There was a slight, smug note to his voice, as if he'd achieved surviving its magic himself. Of course he knew that he didn't- it'd been pure luck that it hadn't killed him. Sombra gestured idly at Miles to rise and moved to stand next to the koma-inu so that he'd be able to have eyes on the meeting room again, eying the ponies that were present again. The bat pony still struck him as strangely familiar until it dawned on him: it was Midnight. Thus far, he was the only areion Sombra had seen with a similar color scheme to him: black mane, grey fur. He made a note to talk to the bat at some point, too, as well as getting to know Stormstride, who seemed so passionate and so.. bitter. That bitterness resonated in Sombra himself and it drew him. There was also.. Raven, some of who's story he knew already. His attention drifted again to what questions and answers he overheard, and one answer in particular caught his interest: an archive. Knowledge. Anything any of them would want to know. It was something he was definitely going to stick around for so that he might have access to. His tail flicked and he turned his attention towards one of the new ponies, this Tongue Twister. It was an odd name, but it was Sombra's opinion that most pony names were strange. "It likely won't disappear, not until after the passage of a few millennia. Empires rise and fall, and this one will in time. Just not so soon, if the sisters and their appointed.. champions have anything to say about it." The king spoke up, his voice carrying through the room again.
  3. The mention of a curse turning some of them into vampires was enough to furrow Sombra's dark eyebrows while he ate on his pastry. A curse. They interested him greatly, because they were something that he was good at. If given the chance, and a good enough incentive to help, then he'd be able to help others figure out and undo such curses.. However, nothing warranted a reason for him, and especially when this one mention of a curse could only be a foal's tale. Although.. who knew, really? He was curious to see if any of these vampires actually existed. "Associated with night and darkness because you remind ponies of bats, creatures that are nocturnal- they only come out at night. As I presume areion do, too." Sombra fell silent, puzzling over the exile in particular. He grunted. "As somepony who fought the royal sisters himself, it still surprises me to know that Princess Luna fell to her own darkness and became so.. corrupted, to the point she took on this new name of hers. When I met them to do battle, they struck me as ponies do who think they're so pure, so perfect, who cannot do wrong. And yet here she fell. It makes me wonder how much longer it will take before Celestia falls, too." There was a note of satisfaction in his voice, of a smugness, knowing that they really weren't so perfect as they tried to lead others to believe. "Ponies shun those that are different from them. They are afraid of what is new and things that they do not understand. Look at how they act about the Everfree Forest. It is a dangerous place, to be true, but what I hear when they speak of how scary it is, is because the weather behaves as it wishes, rather than adheres to the control they exert over everything else." Sombra paused, cocking his head and finishing the last bite of his pastry. "It is the only reason they fear, and shun. They do not understand, and it is not like them or the way they wish it to be. I know this from experience." Silence fell again for a brief few minutes as he considered Midnight, curious about something else that'd been mentioned. "Why is it you believe areion are connected to Princess Luna? Or is it because your species has attached themselves to her because she begins the night?"
  4. King Sombra rumbled softly, quietly pleased that Raven would allow him to withhold certain details. He said nothing more, allowing the mare to start talking and tell him the story behind her cracked horn. He didn't know what the REA was, and he could only assume it was some sort of group. A military group? Sombra pondered it while Raven continued, and his dark brows furrowed. An incomplete memory. The lost details were slightly disappointing, but his curiosity about her horn in particular was satisfied. A misfired spell, an accidental impact.. he could see how it would crack her horn. It was fortunate it wasn't broken off entirely. "It is something good, I suppose, although I know nothing about this.. REA you speak of. You can spend your time relearning how to perform magic at your leisure, and work around your new disability. Certainly Equestria must have something for you to apply yourself to outside of this group you've mentioned," Sombra put in. "So," the stallion continued, taking charge of the conversation once more, "my second question is about the word you used earlier. Reform. What does it mean, when you said you didn't think you'd be able to reform me. Is there some context that I'm missing? Why do you think you have to reform me? Some sort of attempt to change me, I presume?" He tilted his head questioningly and straightened again to sip at his tea while it was still hot.
  5. Eagerly, Sombra read through what the journal might claim about the Crystal Empire's disappearance, curious to see if it was a lot of hearsay and assumptions, or if it might hit anywhere close to the truth. Of course, he knew nopony would ever know the intimate details like he would, let alone details about himself. "Primal?" he echoed, tilting his head up slightly and while his eyes remained glued to the pages. It was interesting to see how ponies interpreted things, such as the Crystal Empire and its disappearance, how little they knew about it. Sometimes, however, their interpretations and assumptions were annoying. A rear leg was crossed over the other while he leaned back, half balancing the journal on his forehooves and half levitating it. Briefly, he looked up to see what it was she was offering him and saw the teapot. Tea? Why not? "Of course," he replied a little distractedly, most of his attention returning to the journal. Her comment about the tea flavors only earned a shrug from him- he hardly bothered to eat or drink, so the flavor didn't matter to him. Unless it turned out to be unpleasant to him in some way. Once he was finished reading, Sombra hoofed the journal back and took the other teacup Raven had poured, curiously sniffing at the tea. "Very well. Now that I'm able to ask my questions, perhaps I shall reward you with telling you about my history afterward. You will know the truth, although I believe I may still keep a few very secret details to myself. Details nopony should ever know for their own safety." The king sipped experimentally at his tea and sought out the first question he wanted to ask. It was perhaps the easiest and most obvious one. "How did you crack your horn?"
  6. Areion cuisine? The shadow king grunted and continued to eat his blueberry filled pastry, only glancing up and catching how Midnight was eating his. It was a little strange, and he could imagine why ponies thought areions were vampires.. or like vampires. Sombra snorted softly and licked crumbs of the pastry from his lips. "Something like fruit bats, then?" he queried, although it wasn't too serious a question. An eyebrow arched. It sounded like there was a story behind biting a pony in self defense, something that he felt enough intrigue to want to hear about while he was still having a conversation with Midnight. He withheld it and chose to follow the opening the other grey stallion left him with to ask questions. "I suppose that will be a good start. I'd like to know about where areion came from, why they're so different from pegasi.. and yes, their history. I'd like to hear about it, to hear about a species I don't hear about every day." Like the modern three tribes, for example, and the crystal ponies. He already knew enough about them that they weren't all that interesting. But areion? They had his attention, and it was clear from the things he wanted to know that he was eager to learn anything new. Sombra plucked up another fruit-filled pastry and bit into it. This time he could more readily identify the fruit: apples. It was different from raw apples, and still quite pleasant. Sweet. He settled further into his seat while he ate, making himself comfortable to listen to Midnight.
  7. Sombra inclined his head, clearly interested in how Raven answered. She was trained, and she had fighting skills, but she didn't want to hurt ponies. He snorted softly. "So it is your talent, then? Or connected to it? Sometimes being taught well at a young age can become an instinctual response when you're older. It's muscle memory. If these skills of yours only crop up when you or others are in danger.. then perhaps I should point out to you, that if you do nothing, you will be the one getting hurt. You shouldn't feel so much guilt over self defense." The king quieted, catching the mention of her cracking her horn. It was a story he wished to hear, but he didn't yet find an opening to ask. The levitated journals had gotten his attention and he leaned forward a little in his chair, rear hooves resting on the floor and one foreleg reaching out to the floating journals with curiosity. There would be a lot to read in those books.. "Naturally," he murmured, responding to how they were centered around Equestria rather than the Crystal Empire. "The empire is far from the rest of Equestria, near the very top of this continent. In the Frozen North. It's secluded, separated from everything by an icy wasteland. Of course nothing would mention the Crystal Empire if most ponies have never been there before. As for farther north.. I only know of the yaks in the mountains, but beyond them? It's impossible to tell. It could just be treacherous mountains." Sombra shrugged, averting his red eyes from Raven to the journal she'd opened to show him. Greedily, he read it to see what this particular passage might say.
  8. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Luna Sex: Mare Age: Over a thousand years old. Species: Alicorn Eye colour: Teal Coat: A deep, slightly desaturated blue Mane/Tail: A brighter blue that's flecked with stars. Physique: Slim, athletic, head and shoulders taller than most ponies. Residence: Canterlot Occupation: A princess and one half of the diarch that rules Equestria Cutie Mark: A white, crescent moon Unique Traits: A large black, spotty blotch on her hindquarters. Her mane is airy and seems to flutter and float with every little movement; it flows freely when she wishes to display power. She has partial immortality- long lived, but not invincible. Skills Dreamwalking: During a time when she was still imprisoned in the moon as Nightmare Moon, Luna discovered that she could still influence ponies in Equestria through entering dreams and sowed nightmares. Now, she chooses to make up for it by helping ponies confront their fears, and helping them deal with their problems so they will no longer have recurring dreams. Magic: As one of Starswirl's students, Princess Luna has a skill and understanding in magic, especially of the more dark variety to the point she created something called a Tantabus, and she is capable of dreamwalking, something nopony else is capable of, much less has the power to do. Weaknesses New Moons: Princess Luna is closely connected to the moon. She is strongest during full moons, but new moons leave her weaker when the moon is eclipsed by the planet. History: Character Personality: After all the time she'd lost to being imprisoned in the moon, Luna's manner of speech and views are more old fashioned, although this is slowly changing the more she adapts to the modern day. While she may not share her sister's playful sense of humor, she is known to fall back on her more prankish nature from time to time when the opportunity presents itself, although her duty as princess and her experiences have prevented it. Luna works towards her improving her social skills with ponies of the modern day, and while she is occasionally still shy and uncertain when she is among ponies, she is becoming more comfortable as she settles back into her role as one of the diarchs of Equestria and keeps a calm facade amidst troubled times. Luna still struggles with her guilt over what she's done, and it often weighs heavily upon her shoulders. She feels she must make up for it somehow, and she has found that she can do so through dreamwalking- helping ponies deal with their nightmares and facing what troubles them most. Her kindness and willingness to help are most often expressed through her dreamwalking, and on occasion in person as well, when she sees that somepony is in need of help or a guiding hoof to steer them right. Her way of helping them avoid what she had become. The Element of Honesty shows most strongly in her- Luna never shies from speaking her mind or telling a pony the truth. She feels lies do more harm than good and she is adamant that she never be lied to. Character Summary: One of the diarchs of Equestria, Luna shares her sister's burden of ruling their kingdom and is the opposite to Celestia in many ways; quite literally the night to her day. She is the one responsible for raising the moon and beginning the night, and has also taken on the task of protecting the dreams of ponies to make up for once causing nightmares during her long imprisonment in the moon; the only way she could still influence Equestria. She has slowly regained her power and she's still adapting to the many changes the modern day has brought with it while struggling with her guilt. She is slowly getting better, and she has become much more comfortable in her role as one of Equestria's princesses, although she does not speak much in public unless it is necessary for an event.
  9. King Sombra kept up easily with his long legs, choosing to pace himself rather than try to cover ground between himself and the fleeing mare. He still couldn't figure out why she'd run. His heavy hooves beat the smooth pavement of the street, the sound preceding him to where Raven slowed before a two-story home. The architecture and what Equestria's homes were built with still intrigued him, and they looked far more interesting than the crystal the homes of the empire were formed with. His pace slowed to a trot, and then a walk, coming to a stop in front of Raven. "If you are so capable in a fight, why did you run?" Sombra asked, moving to follow her inside. His eyes shifted away from the mare to sweep the spacious interior of her house, yet again curious about what lay in a pony's abode, how it was decorated. A glimpse into some sort of normality outside of his perspective as an orphan. "Is.. fighting your special talent?" Another question was asked once they reached her study, and Raven made it clear they could talk there. He didn't see why it alone was safe- the rest of the house was just as private, but he kept his thoughts to himself and found a comfortable enough chair to settle down in without waiting for his host's permission. As soon as he was off his hooves, Sombra allowed himself to relax into the cushioned seat, slouching and looking around at the interior of the study with curiosity. Vaguely, it reminded him of his own, the one he'd kept hidden beneath the crystal palace at the bottom of the mineshaft he'd forced crystal pony slaves to dig. It was all done in order to find the door to the umbrum's prison, one he'd never had the courage to open once he had. It still remained unopened, and he was the only creature who knew it was there- and he presumed to think he was also the only creature to know how to even get into his study. Sombra had more questions to ask Raven, but he felt it was best to wait until the first two that he'd asked were answered. He didn't want to overwhelm her more than she already was.
  10. The mare's statement was enough cause for concern, bringing forth another question Sombra had to file away to ask her once they were in a setting that allowed their conversation. Remaining silent, the stallion walked beside her through the streets of Canterlot, allowing her to lead him through a city still unfamiliar to him in many ways, despite how long he'd lingered in it already. It was dangerous to, all because of the royal sisters lived here, in their tall marble castle. His own thoughts wandered, and twice along the way Sombra glanced over at Raven's face, curious about the way her emotions had changed and why. She didn't seem so sullen now as she was earlier, but some manner of.. content? It puzzled him. Her decision to take the roads hardly inspired a thought, but her decision to sometimes cut through the unlit back alleys of the buildings was enough for him to question it. Still, the stallion said nothing up until she abruptly stopped and whispered to him. Being a monstrous creature and a kind of predator, he had no sense of danger here in these dark alleys, not like a prey animal. Sombra didn't know what she was picking up on until the ponies showed themselves. Scruffy, maybe even a little dirty, and one of them wielding a knife. A part of Sombra could have laughed. To him, they weren't scary, much less a threat, and he could have dealt with them easily.. but it seemed Raven wished to do just that. For his own curiosity, King Sombra chose to step back and allow her so that he might see what she was capable of. His ears were pinned back against his mane and he shut his eyes, although one was cracked open to watch her perform her magic. It was a strange spell, one that he'd never seen before or anything like it before! It intrigued him, and so too did the feel of that magic. He shut his eye again as she cast her spell, and he couldn't help but flinch back from the roar of sound. It left his ears ringing once it faded, and he dared to open his eyes again to behold the mare's fighting skills.. right before she fled. The king chose to carefully step over the downed muggers and ran after her, a frown on his muzzle. He didn't know why she was running.
  11. The movement in his peripheral vision drew his attention back to the crystal ponies, and he saw how their colors were duller than before. It pleased him, bringing back the smug smirk that sat so comfortably upon his face. His gaze shifted back to the tilt-yard to watch the two other competitors joust, and he could see how poorly they were doing. Their fear was affecting them, and Sombra had to wonder how much of it was done so neither of them would win and have to face him. A low chuckle rolled up his throat. "I hope they do," Sombra murmured at last, responding to what he'd heard Chesster say. If he hadn't taken the empire down with him, they might have existed for a thousand years, and all memory of him would've been lost to the generations. It would have been disappointing, in a way, yet he would've had the advantage to retake the empire again. It didn't matter any more though. The Crystal Empire was a place of misery and after the way the Crystal Heart had quite literally shattered him, the pain of it, it was enough to convince him to forget it entirely. Although it meant losing the only purpose he'd been given in life, it was better than that place. All he was left with was the comfort that they still feared him. This jousting tournament was practically a feast. There were enough of them frightened of him, and the very mention of him, that he could feed and he didn't have to do a thing to do so. Closing his eyes, he took what he could until it'd been announced that both the competitors out in the tilt yard had jousted poorly, had failed. Sombra reopened his eyes and rose to his hooves, his smirk making another brief reappearance. "I look forward to it," he answered and strode off towards his end of the tilt-yard, grabbing one of the lances on the racks and fixing it to his armor just as he'd done before. Once he'd finished, King Sombra faced the tilt yard, lining himself up with his side of the fence and stretching out his legs. It hadn't escaped his notice that the cheers of the crowd weren't as enthusiastic as they were before, and that they were rallying for Chesster. It didn't matter to him that they were because of who he was. Giving himself a shake, Sombra pawed the ground with a hoof. He was ready and intent upon defeating Chesster; he had to get back at the stallion somehow for laughing at him.
  12. Sombra raised a dark eyebrow. He could try his damnedest to imagine it, if he wanted to take Midnight even the slightest bit seriously, but he wouldn't be able to. The flavors of the fruits, other than apple, was entirely beyond him. Something he might get to find out tonight, once their food arrived. It didn't take long for it to, and it saved Sombra from having to see Midnight drooling over the fruity pastries he'd described. The tall king was vaguely aware that Midnight was saying something, and he leaned forward with interest, sniffing the air to take in the pastries' warm, sweet scents. It was appealing enough that he found himself more willing to try these sweets out. A glance was cast up towards Midnight, as if ensuring the areion didn't think he was sniffing all because he'd been told to. Not at all. Using a sliver of dark magic, the only magic he could wield, Sombra lifted one of the pastries curiously. This one appeared to have some sort of dark blue filling to it. He bit carefully, chewed, and found that it was actually rather good. It'd been ages since he'd even dared to eat something sweet, and this wasn't overly sugary. It was a natural sweet, as fruit was. "Hm," the stallion grunted. "I'm surprised to say that I'd have to agree with you. These are good."
  13. Seeing the way the mare shrank made him realize he'd spoken a little too vehemently, and some strange part of him felt regret. This pony was only trying to help, even though he didn't know how she wanted to help, and she didn't seem to know either. His ears splayed back against his swept back mane and he tapped one of the arm rests of his chair, struggling with something. It wouldn't do him any good to get hostile all because he was distrustful of ponies, as well as weary from their assumptions. A heavy sigh left the king. He couldn't determine where that feeling of regret had come from, but he resolved not to terrorize the poor mare by accident any more than he had. "Very well," he murmured. "The privacy would work out well for us both, and I will hold my life's story and my questions until we are safely within your home." Falling silent, Sombra turned his attention to what food arrived and chose to eat whatever she might have ordered for him. He might as well try it, just to see what all Equestria offered- he'd already tried some of its pastries once before, here in Canterlot, with a certain areion. "You need not apologize. I spoke too harshly." Sombra spoke softly, his voice at just the right volume to carry across the table for Raven's ears alone. "I believe I will be joining you, if you are truly not so bothered by the thought of inviting a stranger into your home." The tall stallion pushed his chair back and rose after Raven paid for the meal. He took a few steps away from the table, intent on falling into step by the mare's side again. He was curious about what sort of house she kept, and he was looking forward to having a chance at a bed and a bath again.
  14. This will be something that can be used to keep track of my characters and what threads they're in. I intend to try to keep their roleplays all in one universe/timeline so to speak, so the list of roleplays they're involved in will be from the first, to latest, arranged from top to bottom with information on whether its active or finished, open/closed and who is involved. KING SOMBRA Application Plotter A Strange Place [unknown | invite-only | novaburst] Shadows in Canterlot [unknown | semi open | skycoaster] Late Night Encounter [finished | invite-only | alivda] And So It Begins [unknown/finished | see OOC | ice storm, various others] Jousting Tournament [paused/finished | closed | starsteemer] The Snowstorm [finished | private/pm | stormstride] Ice and Shadows [finished | closed | ice storm] Celestia's Grand Birthday [active | see OOC | stormstride, alivda, ice storm, szalhi] The Shadow of Ice [finished | closed | ice storm, dusty] A Surprise Visit [finished | closed | dreamwanderer] Meeting in the Woods [unknown | closed | dusty] PRINCESS LUNA Application Visiting Ponyville [abandoned | invite only | aster] Royal Reasoning Regular Meeting [finished | invite only | stormstride, steeleagle, prince blueblood, bellosh] Frozen Stars [finished | invite | ice storm] From the Shadows to the Forge [finished | private | ice storm] Celestia's Grand Birthday [active | see OOC | stormstride, alivda, ice storm, szalhi] The Shadow of Ice [finished | closed | ice storm, dusty] YUNA Application Taking A Trip to Saddle Arabia [abandoned | open | bast, rex draco] A Chilly Day in Canterlot [finished | open | dreamwanderer] ELYSIUM Application Out on the Road [inactive | closed | theone] ROSE Application Arrival at Canterlot [finished | private | theone] ... GALLANT none, unapplied as of yet.
  15. A glance was cast towards Midnight's leg and Sombra started forward, walking by the areion's side to the pastry shop, The inside was dimly lit, but the shadow king had no trouble seeing once his eyes adjusted to the gloom. On their way to a table by the window, his glittering red eyes flitted about, taking in all the details and picking out who else was present in the store before he seated himself across from the other stallion. Sombra took note of what Midnight looked like without his helmet, again curiously eying the grey fur and black mane that was so reminiscent of his own coloration. It was strange, and perhaps just a coincidence. The umbrum looked up when a voice caught his attention, and he spied another areion, this one a mare who he presumed to be a waitress or a servant of some sort. Somepony who seemed to be familiar with Midnight, and Sombra could guess from just that detail that Midnight came here often, especially if the mare might already know what it was Midnight bought from this establishment. It was a curious thing, and the king had to wonder what kind of 'order' it was, what food Midnight often got here. Whatever it was, Sombra did dare to look forward to trying it. "So," Sombra spoke up, idly tapping the edge of the table with a black hoof. "What would be.. 'these'? I'm curious about what food we're getting, seeing as you haven't told me a thing about it."
  16. An ear twitched Chesster's way, and his earlier smug smirk made a reappearance across his muzzle, baring a sharp fang. The casual way in which Chesster spoke amused him, although he didn't laugh. "I always did like to make an entrance. I enjoy seeing how my enemies quake." Sombra spoke just loud enough so that if there were any crystal ponies within earshot, they would hear him. It was only to rattle them a little more, and for his own amusement. It always would be when it came to the ponies he hated so much. "Fear is mine to wield, and it always will be. An umbrum who cannot use fear, and inspire fear in his enemies.." Sombra trailed off, dropping his deep voice to a volume only Chesster could hear, "would make a very poor one." The sentence was finished differently than he'd intended to say it, reminding himself that although he was on somewhat-friendly terms with this particular crystal pony, all in good sport of course, he didn't want to make any weaknesses apparent for his kind. Umbrum who could not sow fear, would likely starve in time. It wouldn't do him any good if he failed at what he was meant to be best at, outside of his skill in dark magic and strategy. A low chuckle rolled out of the king and he gave Chesster a sidelong glance, an eyebrow arching. "So that was you, was it? As much as it did annoy me.. I suppose I can appreciate that you would prevent such a possibility.. and despite your interference in this, I still hold some power over the other competitors. I'm sure you see how they look at me, and shrink back from my presence." He was pleased, and it showed in the tone of his voice. Sombra quieted when the other two competitors stepped out onto the tilt yard. His reveal and the challenge of the jousting tournament had successfully weeded out their weaker opponents, and it left them with not as many ponies to get through before they could finally face each other. All that would be left, would be the victor of this particular match. The competitors that were in it, Sombra noted, were just as affected as the remaining crystal ponies in the crowd. It was good. It meant they would be easy to overthrow, for either of them.
  17. His lance had been replaced as it was needed, and King Sombra faced the tilt yard, waiting until the crystal pony was ready. Seeing them dash forward, he threw himself towards the tilt-yard, charging down his side of the fence again as he'd done before, his lance at the ready. The crystal pony's lance finally landed a blow and shattered on his armor, and it took effort from Sombra to keep on his hooves and not allow the blow to unsettle his footing. His own lance struck the pony's armor, and splintered. Victory. A vicious smirk crossed the stallion's face, seeing the pony crash into the ground out of the corner of his eye as he continued down the tilt yard and circled around once more. Sombra paused at the edge to watch the crystal pony pick themselves up before he bothered to replace his broken lance with another. It was always a pleasure to see one of the crystal ponies fail, and in this case, face-plant the dirt. The way the crystal pony lifted his lance skyward intrigued Sombra and the king inclined his head, his dark brows furrowing. Was his opponent surrendering? Good. It pleased him to see the pony admit defeat before his king. The umbrum straightened, lifting his head high even in the face of the shaken murmurs from the crowd and the crystal ponies among them. Removing his lance and replacing it on the rack, Sombra strolled back to where he and Chesster had been sitting on the edge of the tilt yard with his familiar, confident stride. Crystal ponies backed away from him, leaving him a clear path to saunter right back to his seat where he could sit himself and rest to watch the next match. Chesster's blank, faceless helm earned a curious glance from Sombra as he wondered if the other stallion had anything to say about his match. He was terribly curious. Not that he needed any praise or compliments, but they were always nice to hear. The king also noticed that Chesster didn't seem at all rattled. Either he really had suspected it all along, or he simply had a stronger spine than most.
  18. King Sombra's ears perked towards the word reform. Reform? What did that mean? His brow furrowed again and he heard the mare out, hoping that what she was saying would shed some light upon what she meant by reforming him. So, too, was he bothered by her comment about he'd taken it to 'a whole other level.' His expression fell into a faint scowl and he leaned his back up against the back of the chair, slouching in his seat. "You would be smart to think of hearing my side of that story. Your phrasing has made it clear that you know absolutely nothing about what I went through, and my reasons for what I've done. Make no mistake, I know what I did was wrong, and I went through with it anyway. I have no regrets." The king's eyes narrowed briefly before he let his face relax, making a note of how the mare's attitude and body language changed. Gloomy. He inclined his head and swept the room with his gaze, considering if he should soften his approach.. just a little. If this mare really did want to help and to make things better in Equestria, then she was doing more than most ponies cared to try. Even if he felt he didn't need help from anypony, he might allow Raven to try and see what she could offer. "It is not wrong," Sombra stated at last at a low rumble. "You are putting in effort other ponies have not the strength to. I may allow it, as you would be correct on one thing: I have no place to live, to rest, or bathe. Nopony has yet offered me such a thing, especially when I am penniless and have nothing to give them in return." He snorted softly. "If you wish to hear it, perhaps I may deign to tell you my side of this 'story' regarding the Crystal Empire over.. dinner." Sombra jerked his snout towards the table between them. "When I am finished, I have a few questions I wish to ask you, for my own curiosity."
  19. At first, it came as a disappointment when he didn't manage to knock his crystal opponent off of their hooves, but as long as he struck them, it didn't matter. What did matter, however, was breaking his lance against his opponent. It didn't happen, this time. It wasn't a strong enough hit, but he certainly noticed how he'd affected the pony. Even from opposite ends of the tilt-yard, Sombra could see the pony practically shaking in his sabatons. It was amusing, too, to see how the pony attempted to remain determined. A smug smirk crossed his muzzle, although it didn't reach his eyes. They were blazing, full of hate for the crystal ponies he was surrounded by again and the cheers from the crowd he knew only to be for his opponent. Sombra knew why, of course- why cheer for the very tyrant that hurt them? Dismissing them, he focused on the task at hoof and started forward again once he saw the pony do the same. Moving back up to a gallop again, Sombra charged down the tilt-yard for the other competitor, his lance aimed again.. and this time he managed to knock the crystal pony clean over. It was an accomplishment, but not one the king would allow to go to his head. He had a tournament to win, and his ego could wait. Sombra came back around to the side he'd originally started on, taking the time required for the crystal pony to get to his hooves to check his armor and his lance, making sure everything was still as it should be.. and whether he'd have to replace the lance at all. It didn't appear that he'd have to. Grunting to himself, Sombra readied himself again, impatiently pawing the ground with a hoof. His eyes briefly flitted up to the stands where the ponies still cheered, and around to the edge of the tilt-yard where he spotted Chesster, standing. Sombra averted his gaze, focusing ahead again and ready for the third tilt.
  20. Sombra saw Midnight looking at him out of the corner of his eye, and turned his head in time to catch the curious glimpse of the areion's fangs. These strange bat-winged ponies had fangs, as well as slit-pupiled eyes like himself. It made him wonder where they came from, what created them.. if anything at all had anything to do with such ponies. Corrupt pegasi might be one such possibility, knowing the nature of certain dark magics, but Sombra highly doubted it. "Makes sense," Sombra replied, a short and simple response. His eyes flicked back towards Canterlot Castle, where he knew the royal sisters to live. It was something of an amusing thought to know that he was right under their noses, and they weren't any the wiser. He hoped it would stay that way. He didn't want to know what would happen if they discovered him here. A fight? Another attempt to banish him or lock him up? The worst place he could think of that wasn't back to that icy void would be Tartarus itself. The mere thought of being imprisoned again almost made him shudder; he had to suppress it so that Midnight wouldn't start asking him questions. The king was distracted from his thoughts again by Midnight's question and he quietly grunted. "I don't really need to eat, but if you insist, perhaps I'll join you for your.. meal break and try out what foods Equestria has to offer. I do hope it is more interesting than Crystal Empire fare." Meaning, more variety and flavor than the empire's strange crystal foods. Although they weren't really crystal, they were just affected by the same magic that gave the crystal ponies their glittering coats and manes. To an extent.
  21. King Sombra quietly grunted and cast Raven another sidelong glance, this one a curious one. What sort of magic could she do with a cracked horn? It made him wonder, and he filed it as another question to ask her once he even broached that topic. For now, he kept his silence, letting Raven talk on the way through Canterlot's streets and towards one of the few buildings left still with their windows lit. It was a restaurant. Sombra paused in front of the building to give Raven a look, his brow furrowing in confusion. Help him? So she knew who he was, but why help him? He was a monster, the very king of monsters, who was responsible for the terror and trauma the crystal ponies went through during the time of his reign. And she wanted to.. help him. He was still torn between wondering if she was merely bold, or foolish. He wanted to lean towards the latter, but the fact that this mare had managed to keep it together and wanted to stick around and help him spoke of something of her character. Perhaps he'd come across one of the few ponies who was an individual, a pony who thought for herself and stood up to the threats and challenges of life rather than running away. His opinion about her might change yet. The tall stallion followed her into the restaurant, idly sniffing at what scents of food there were as he seated himself across from Raven. The waiter arrived, and Sombra was caught by surprise when Raven chose to order cider for the other ponies present. It spoke of wealth, and her earlier mention of a Dupone family made it much more clearer that she was from a distinguished house. However, it still meant nothing to Sombra. Seeing her look, he waved a hoof at her, indicating that she might as well go ahead and order something for him. If she knew what was good, then she was free to order it if she wished. He would try whatever it was, so long as she didn't deliberately get him something disgusting as some sort of.. prank. "So. What was it that you meant by 'the least you can do for Equestria' by helping me?" Sombra ventured to ask, first. It was one detail that'd snagged at his mind, an important one that implied.. something. Something he might not like, depending on what her answer was.
  22. The fear that rippled through the crowd after his reveal was palpable, and he breathed deep of it. It was a feast for an umbrum, made better by the crystal ponies present. King Sombra took a black and vicious pleasure in it, and knowing that they would never be able to escape from him, that they would know he would never die. That he could never be killed, no matter their efforts. His decision to reveal himself, while risky, meant that he would have some control over the situation. With him, it would always be about control, so long as he never found a reason to change. Nothing so far had ever given him that reason to change; he was comfortable where he was at, unchallenged. Sombra worked himself up from a trot to a gallop once he was on the tilt-yard proper, charging down his side of the fence with his familiar aggressiveness and solely focused on the opponent that he'd successfully unsettled. They were afraid, he could see it in the lines of their body and on their face as they attempted to recover and face him in this match. He bared his monstrous teeth and aimed his lance, intent on trying to knock the crystal pony over as they met. Sombra felt their own lance hit and glance off of his armor harmlessly. The crowd was working its way back up to its usual cheers and stomping, and Sombra soon became aware why as he reached the other end of the tilt yard, the end of the fence. The announcer was attempting to pass off his reveal as a miscast illusion spell, a mere mistake that they would have somepony fix. Sombra gritted his teeth, snout wrinkling in annoyance. They couldn't possibly take this away from him.. and judging by the way many of the crystal ponies were looking, some of the control still remained with him. They still had their memories, their reminders, and they could see him clearly. The stallion snorted and trotted back around to the side of the fence his opponent had been previously occupying, ready to run down the tilt-yard again for another pass. No matter.
  23. Everything going on within the room, the voice of Black Ice and Stormstride, were paid close attention to by Sombra even while he turned to see who belonged to that oddly familiar voice. His eyes alighted upon Miles, and it took him that moment to register who and what he was looking at. Having been around ponies for a little too long made Miles' appearance slightly jarring within this meeting room, but it- he- was unmistakable. A pleased, fang-baring smirk crossed Sombra's face and he rose, removing his rear hooves from the edge of Black Ice's table to approach the koma-inu. "Why, of course it's me. Who else could even come close to my looks?" Sombra replied, shaking out his long mane. The way it moved, it had a slight wavy movement to it, like rippling shadows. "I thought you were gone, dead perhaps, to the years." Escaped, perhaps, from the Crystal Empire before his curse dragged it down with him. Abandoned him. Truly, no matter how intriguing or unusual the pony or creature, Sombra could trust nopony, and could trust the supposed loyalty of nopony. In his eyes, loyalty was a lie. It was time for him to discover what happened with Miles after his defeat, and the Crystal Empire's disappearance from the world, and see if there was anything to Miles's loyalty. Behind him, the conversation went on between Black Ice and Stormstride, the latter pony answering the question Sombra asked. Equestria had no real protection and, as he could guess, no real army to speak of to deal with the real threats it'd been putting up with. It was both disappointing, and not surprising. The royal sisters seemed to have gotten soft over the years, and they'd let their citizens be soft, too. Spoiled, sheltered foals who put their princesses upon a pedestal. If he'd managed to regain the Crystal Empire and could actually go through with something he'd been thinking about, a plan he'd been toying with, Sombra would have likely met no resistance in his attempt to conquer Equestria, too. It would've been done for a variety of reasons, and for the umbrum most of all.. But that had never come to pass, and the umbrum were never freed. The king knew, in some small way, that they were just using him to achieve their freedom when he'd never asked to be their champion to start with. An ear twitched towards the word, orphan, and Sombra paused to listen. It was surprising to hear that the angry Stormstride, and her brother Buck were- had been- orphans. He made a mental note to get to know the pair sometime, if he could. Perhaps he'd be able to work with them too if he was given a chance to. He wanted to know more about them, why such grey-furred ponies also had curved horns when nopony else he'd seen ever did. The shadow king stepped up near Miles to glance back over the room, noticing there were two new arrivals. A new pegasus, and a certain bat-winged pony he recognized. An eyebrow lifted and he grunted, amused. It figured he'd see Midnight here of all places.. His attention drifted back to Miles, deciding he'd paid the rest of the room enough attention for now.
  24. The mare didn't react the way he expected her to and it disappointed him. In revealing his real name, he would think ponies might react with fear, to flee or quake in their horseshoes once they realized who exactly they were dealing with. The king of monsters, and the tyrant of the Crystal Empire. Yet, this mare chose to react with a pun. Was he losing his touch? It wasn't a good sign if he was- it meant starvation if he couldn't feed off of their fear. A heavy sigh escaped him, as though he dealt with plenty of puns and he'd found hers especially wearying. One thing was made certain: she did know who he was, or suspected it. "If you can call it good companionship," he muttered, turning in place and falling into step by Raven's side. An ear was still focused on her while she asked her questions, told him a little about herself and even went so far as to dare offer him a place to rest. Him, a mere, intimidating stranger. It puzzled him. His brows furrowed and he glanced over at the mare, wondering if she was simply clueless, or foolish. Still, he had to admit, he did need a place to stay.. a place to rest his head, and somewhere that would allow him to bathe. After the first chance he'd gotten to bathe in Equestria, he wanted to do so a little more regularly if he could help it. "You would be correct. The Frozen North; more specifically, the Crystal Empire itself," Sombra answered truthfully, as if he intended to confirm any suspicions about him. "As it stands, I don't really have a place to stay. I was lingering around Ponyville for a while." After he'd admitted that, he glanced over at Raven after how she'd seemed to ramble and noticed that slight change in her expression. She certainly seemed worried now, but about what, Sombra couldn't be sure. "Do you really intend on offering me a room? We only just met. It seems.. strange. You could be inviting home a thief, or something worse. Are all ponies in Equestria like this?" Sombra still intended on asking the mare about the crack in her horn, a more substantial answer than 'abnormality', but that chance would come in time. He was merely being patient, and following the flow of this conversation.
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