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    From the album: Mal's art!

    Another OC of mine~
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    From the album: Mal's art!

    An OC of mine! She was previously an alicorn when I rp'd her elsewhere, but she was adjusted for Canterlot.
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    From the album: Mal's art!

    My art of my version of Sombra~
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    For Stormstride of her OC!
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    From the album: Mal's art!

    Ice Storm's dragon, Nira!
  8. After he sprawled out on the sofa, he caught Shadow's watchful eyes on him and a flicker of amusement seemed to cross the king's features and light up in his eyes. He must have picked what Shadow would've sat down in, and there was that chance the stallion was disappointed. It was a small thing for Sombra to get a kick out of, but he did nonetheless. A low rumble rolled up his throat again, part growl, and he bared the sharp tips of his teeth, although it wasn't an aggressive expression. The relics. "I'm curious about these relics, and I'd like to have a chance to study them to see what makes them so important. What sort of spells, or curses, they must have," Sombra murmured. "What sort of interests does your Princess Twilight have? If it has anything to do with new knowledge, or such magical items as what your uncle has, then I think I know how to make the idea irresistible to her." Sombra inclined his head, a smug little smirk crossing his muzzle that bared a fang. "Certainly it shouldn't be difficult to charm her. Especially not for me." As soon as she got over her shock of seeing him in her castle.. or, he could always take advantage of that and keep her off balance so that he might prevent her from being able to think too hard about the entire situation. It shouldn't be too hard to get the mare to say yes to their plan to bring Shadow's uncle in, with his magical artifacts. The relics would be the selling point, of course, never mind the old stallion. Sombra eyed that blush on Shadow's face, and he had to wonder how Shadow tried to approach Twilight, or did the colt just blush and stutter the entire time? The king chuckled softly- to think this pony who'd tried to act so tough in the face of the king of monsters would have some difficulty talking to a mare. "I think we'll be able to pull this off quite well.. although, I just wonder if we'll have to make my meeting with the princess much sooner than you intended. She would likely be far more open than.. say, the royal sisters."
  9. The king rumbled softly in his throat and followed the mare through her house again, and out into the morning light that was shining down onto her back yard. The grass was a rich green, and the flowers added flecks of color. It was simple. He could appreciate it to an extent. While Raven settled herself on the padded bench, Sombra chose to seat himself on the soft grass, his eyes narrowed against the harsh sunlight. "I can't say that I am. The Crystal Empire never had much in the way of unicorns, much less very many books on magic and spells despite their vast library. Most of what I know is what I could find, and what I could create from my understanding of magic. I can imagine after a thousand years that the understanding of magic has gotten far better.. It seems to, from the sound of it. I intend to learn what I can," he replied with a small shrug of one of his shoulders. "I still believe I can help, in some way." If he searched himself about why he wanted to help, Sombra wouldn't be able to find the answer or the reason. Maybe it was because she'd allowed him to stay in her home, or that she'd been so understanding and caring about what he'd been through. What she'd said was more heartfelt than he expected from a pony. "An enchantment? I never knew." Sombra grunted, making a note to nose around the guest room he'd been given to see if he couldn't find that enchantment. Maybe he could do something to keep the sun from coming through the windows, or the cracks in the curtains. The question that she next asked caught his attention, dragging it away from his pondering. His head tilted, and he eyed her thoughtfully. "You need not drop everything for me. I'm not exactly the 'go out do something in town' type of stallion." An eyebrow rose, as if asking her if he really looked like a social beast.
  10. A deep frown crossed Sombra's muzzle and lingered, troubled by something he'd just discovered about Midnight. It was an experience he knew, one that made him briefly consider his own memories with a mixture of renewed hatred and a feeling he couldn't identify. Empathy perhaps? A sigh escaped him in a heavy exhale and he slumped back in his seat, no longer interested in what pastries remained on the plate between them. "I thought ponies could eat anything vegetarian. Grain, fruit, vegetables.. even dairy." he spoke up, offhoofedly addressing the matter of Equestrians' diet. He was certain he'd seen ponies eating different things during the time he'd been exploring a few different towns. The umbrum grunted softly and loosely crossed his forelegs over his barrel chest. "Regardless, I know something of the experience of which you speak. Of being shunned for not looking quite like the rest. I do not see why you would continue to treat me as an enemy, other topics aside." Sombra snorted softly and looked up, catching movement in the corner of his eye. It was the waitress mare again, bringing them cider. Sombra straightened up from his disgruntled slouch to sniff at it curiously, eying the rich red color of the liquid. It smelled pleasant, to be certain; he didn't have any qualms about drinking something just because it was red. He levitated his glass and took an experimental sip to try it out. He wasn't familiar with cinnamon so it was from his point of view, that whatever was in it was something he took a liking to.
  11. His hoof had barely begun to push open the door when it appeared to swing open on its own accord. Raven came into view in the next instant and he blinked, stepping back from how close she'd come to running into him. "Believe me, I wanted to sleep more. I may have to make an effort to make my room darker when the morning sun rises if I want to avoid being conscious." He snorted softly, as if being awake was the most inconvenient thing in the world. For a creature who spent most of his time awake, it could be; he was finding he was beginning to enjoy sleeping again.. at least when he had a comfortable bed to sleep in, that was. Sombra moved further back into the hallway to give Raven space to leave the room. "Perhaps I can -- help, if you wish." To think, he was offering help. Him. But when it came to the practice of magic and learning new spells, he was willing. Besides, it would give him something to do. "In other words, you need to work around your disability. It's commendable that you've managed it," he murmured, responding to her subtle apology with a mere shrug of his shoulder. "It makes me wonder, however.. Why have you never tried to find a unicorn skilled in healing magic? Surely they could help?" Sombra asked with a small frown, quizzical. Why hadn't she? Unless there were no healers with that level of skill available. Well, there had been one.. but that'd been a thousand years ago, and that traitor was surely dead unless she'd been in the Crystal Empire at the time he cast his curse. The smile Raven turned upon him was met with a little more confusion and Sombra couldn't figure out why.
  12. The shadow king idly poked at one of the remaining pastries in the midst of his conversation with Midnight. His ears were still trained on the other stallion's voice, clearly attentive to the information about areion he was being given so freely. Their openness would baffle him if he didn't know as much as he did about the nature of ponies. Naiive. Lead to believe in such things like friends, and that the world was some gentle, carefree place where no danger existed. It was.. foolish, but the freedom they displayed with information was advantageous to him. Perhaps not this particular topic, it was just interesting to him, something to learn. Sombra's gaze shifted back up to Midnight after the change in tone, and he met the bat pony's eyes evenly, unruffled. "You're so defensive about a mare you hardly know," he murmured, almost challenging. It was a bullheaded habit of his to do so, to see if he couldn't challenge ponies to really think about why they did, or thought, anything. Like this particular case, for example. A dark eyebrow rose. Potential darkness. He didn't know why it struck him so.. funny. Other than a soft huff, Sombra bit back what he wanted to say about that. He felt most of what he wanted to point out to ponies would be ignored, areion or not. Instead, he chose to listen to Midnight's story, frowning faintly. "So it was a bit of bad timing, then? When ponies were still so terrified of something they thought to still be a mere foal's story? I can imagine," he replied, a hint of a smirk curling the corners of his mouth up and baring the points of his teeth. "It must've been difficult for both parties."
  13. Sombra couldn't allow himself to get predictable, but he didn't consider his plan of action with as much detail as Chesster was. It was something he wasn't entirely aware of, although he could acknowledge the other stallion as being intelligent enough to. His only intent was a forward one: to hit Chesster as hard as he could. It'd worked well enough for him thus far. His hooves pounded heavily against the dirt, drawing ever closer to his opponent, his lance aimed.. and they met. All Sombra was aware of after that was a sharp pain where Chesster's lance struck him, the world tilting.. and landing heavily. Stunned, Sombra waited until his senses came back to him before he tried to move, distantly aware of the sound of cheering and Chesster's snarling voice aimed at who he could only assume was the crystal ponies. The pain in his chest throbbed. It worsened when he moved, but Sombra didn't allow it to get to him and pushed himself to his hooves, his lips peeled back from his teeth. He had a higher pain threshold from what he'd been through in the Crystal Empire, but he couldn't deny it still hurt. Chesster had hit him hard, and he had to admit to himself that he was impressed- enough so that he couldn't be upset about this particular loss. There was still the last round.. if he could manage it. A glance showed him the dent in his armor the crystal pony's lance had made and he grimaced. Giving himself a careful shake, the king moved towards the end of the field Chesster previously occupied and moved to face the tilt-yard again. This pain was going to slow him down a little, and he was starting to consider there was that chance he wouldn't be able to win this. Chesster was skilled, experienced, not something he could top when he didn't have the same to consider the right angles to take his opponent down. Exhaling heavily, Sombra adjusted his weight and changed his lance out for a new one in the meantime. Whether he liked it or not, he was going to give this tournament one last go and see who would come out on top. At least, this would be a great learning experience.
  14. The king trailed after the mare, his eyes wandering over more of the house's interior as he saw it. It was nicely spacious and clean, with rich carpet underhoof. He quietly scoffed. "Not all that fancy? It is far better than the buildings of the Crystal Empire! I've.. never been inside any of the houses, but the architecture in Equestria alone is far better than the empire's. Even the interior of your house is pleasant on the eyes. You need not apologize to me. As long as you have what I need, there'll be no problems," he replied, voice low and smooth. Sombra stepped past the mare when she opened up the door to the guest bedroom and he scanned the room with curiosity. A comfortable bed, and another door that he presumed lead to a bathroom of some sort. It was confirmed shortly after by Raven. He grunted, pleased. Briefly he glanced back at Raven, watching her go before he shut his door behind her and made for the bathroom. His rich red cape was discarded, draped over the edge of the bed, and he took advantage of having access to a bath again. A nice, hot bath. Only shortly afterward when he was dry did he lay himself down in bed, giving himself a chance to relax. Eventually, he drifted off without meaning to. When morning came, Sombra stirred, shying away from a thin beam of sunlight that was streaming between a crack in the curtains. He quietly grumbled to himself and tried to bury deeper under blankets he didn't remember covering himself with, trying to mentally find that dark abyss of sleep. Unfortunately, it was not to be. What shred of consciousness existed seemed to spread like a virus, and the grey king was lying in bed, awake but groggy. Giving up on any chance of returning to sleep, he kicked the covers off and rolled out of bed, giving himself a shake and slipping his cape onto his back and fastening it at his neck on his way out of the room. The surroundings seemed unfamiliar in the morning, but last night's memories were slowly coming back. Raven. The mare must be around here somewhere. Sombra made a note to himself to also keep an eye out for this uncle of hers, just in case he ran into the stallion. He wandered the house on his own, getting to know its layout, and along the way he passed by a door that he was sure he'd heard faint rustling noises from, as well as the sound of a backfiring spell. His ear twitched, and Sombra attempted to enter the room to investigate. It was probably her.
  15. This time King Sombra was solely focused upon Chesster, no more idle, curious thoughts drifting through his mind. There was only the pounding of his heart, and the pounding of his hooves on the dirt. When they met on the tilt-yard for a second time, the sound of their lances breaking was loud in his ears. He'd felt the impact of Chesster's lance beforehoof, and he'd managed to keep his footing. So, too, did Chesster. This crystal pony was resilient. From the cheers of the crowd, it sounded as if the other crystal ponies were hesitantly regaining their confidence because of Chesster. It annoyed him slightly, but he kept it at a distance as he cantered around to face the tilt yard again, back at where he'd started. He slowed to a halt, breathing hard and keeping himself still while the ground crew changed out their lances again and cleaned off the field once more. He idly watched them while he considered his third approach. Chesster hadn't merely been boasting when he said he had experience in jousting. It showed, not just in the advice he'd given and what Sombra saw, but in this joust. The shadow king wasn't entirely sure if there were any weaknesses or mistakes he could take advantage of, if Chesster did this well the third time. Softly, the umbrum grunted and inclined his head towards Chesster's offer. "Very well, if you win. You might as well still buy me a drink regardless!" Sombra replied, his powerful voice carrying well enough despite the excited crowd. The scents, the noise, it was starting to grate on his nerves; he was used to his solitude, quiet places and very few ponies if any at all. This was starting to push his limits, but he would endure for the sake of victory. Rolling his shoulders and giving himself a shake, resettling his armor back on his body, Sombra started forward again once he felt he was prepared, focusing himself on Chesster again as he started galloping down the field once more.
  16. A low, rumbling chuckle left Sombra. "My people are monsters too, and they've done things just as terrible as I have. Perhaps worse, but perhaps that is a story for another time." A soft sigh left him. He wouldn't try to dispute what Raven had to say about him because it was.. nice to hear somepony say such a thing for once. To never name him a monster as so many ponies before her had done. The umbrum merely nodded and took notice of the mare's weariness. It was late at night, and most ponies were asleep at this time. As for himself, he felt nothing. Sombra leaned forward in his seat and rose back onto his hooves while Raven busied herself with putting the tea away, and putting out the fireplace. An ear was idly cocked her way, and he was made aware of her schedule tomorrow. Implying that she might want to spend more time with him once she had nothing else to do. He'd never admit that he actually liked the idea of somepony looking forward to talking with, let alone seeing him, the next day. "I'd have no idea how to identify a pony from Stalliongrad or any other location. However, I'll be sure to remember who he is," Sombra replied with a little dryness as he made his way towards the door where Raven waited for him. He'd guess that she'd give him a room to sleep in tonight, and so long that he was here and had access to a bathtub, he was definitely going to take advantage of being able to bathe.
  17. The air felt tense. It was down to the final two competitors: himself, and Chesster. The crystal pony didn't seem to show any sign of fear, nor gave off any either, and Sombra had to commend him for his strength. The kind of spine that most other crystal ponies lacked, and it made Sombra much more curious about his masked opponent. Who was he, really, beneath that helm? There was a possibility Sombra might not recognize him, and Chesster could easily be somepony who was determined to destroy him.. Who knew, really? King Sombra inhaled slowly, centering himself and setting aside thoughts that'd attempted to wander again. He was ready, and nothing would distract him. As Chesster started his charge, Sombra thrust himself forward and galloped down his side of the fence, channeling his anger towards the crystal pony as he aimed his lance, trying to put as much force behind it as he could as they met. Chesster's lance struck him, and although the impact rattled him, Sombra kept on his hooves, unlike the other stallion. It was satisfaction that he took out of seeing the crystal pony fall out of the corner of his eye. The umbrum continued onward toward the other end of the tilt yard that Chesster previously occupied, his pace slowing and lifting his head high for whatever ponies dared to cheer for him. Sombra faced the tilt yard again, standing still while the staff ponies changed out his lance for him. It allowed him a moment to think, and to consider what he'd learned about Chesster too. He now personally knew how hard Chesster could hit and what he could do. "Maybe, maybe not. We'll just have to see, won't we?" The king replied with a soft scoff. Beginner's luck. Maybe it was, but he wouldn't allow what Chesster said undermine what confidence he'd gained. He wouldn't bear losing power to a crystal pony of all creatures. Once the ground crew had finished fixing his lance into place, Sombra spared a moment to check it to make sure it was properly secured; he wasn't going to allow any attempts to sabotage him if he could avoid it. After he was certain all was well, the king squared his shoulders and started forward, once it was time for the second round.
  18. Sombra hadn't intended it to get so lengthy. He thought he'd be able to present his history simply enough, but the more he'd talked the more he realized he couldn't reduce it. There'd been too many important details, and he'd even forgotten one: that Hope had abandoned him after what he'd done to Amore. While he couldn't blame her for fleeing from a monstrous act, she still -- left him. The only friend he'd had who he thought would stick by his side no matter what, but as it turned out, Hope seemed to have just been there for the good times. For the most part. The umbrum had noticed how Raven's expression changed so drastically by the time he'd finished, and when she spoke, she surprised him. His ears twitched towards how weak her voice was in shock, and he shifted in his seat when the mare rose to stand before him. Sombra could do nothing but stare, an expression of some bewilderment on his face. She'd acknowledged him for what he was, and offered to defend him. Something stirred in him and he could dare to say that that proclamation had touched him. Was this what support felt like? Real support? Sombra cleared his throat, as if trying to work past how this left him feeling and loosely draped his curled forelegs against his chest. He wasn't sure what to say. Such things like thank you and I appreciate this felt.. unusual in his mouth. "I never expected to hear such a thing in my life," he murmured, looking down at the bowing mare. "Do not be mistaken, what I did to them was terrible. I enslaved them, made them dig so that I might find the door to the umbrums' prison. Some of them were overworked and died. I am not innocent." Although he continued to speak quietly, gravely, his voice was still strong enough to be heard, a low rumble of sound. "If you intend to defend me, at least know what you defend." He tilted his head, considering something else. "If you wish to help others, help those who actually need it. Ponies are not the pure, faultless beings they believe themselves to be, but terrible, selfish, and prejudiced. You'd do better to help those the world refuses to do anything for for being different."
  19. The king frowned, tensing a little from her tone and made an effort not to rise to that flicker of anger, to respond in kind. There wouldn't be any point to argue with her, or any pony; they were so set in their ways and -- what did he know of familial connections? "They are also its rulers, and most of the responsibility of leading and protecting their kingdom rests on their shoulders," he couldn't help replying. "I see no point in throwing your life away, whether for nothing or some greater good." And not for princesses. The latter was kept to himself and he huffed softly, drinking the rest of the tea from his cup and setting it back onto the table. "But perhaps that is only my view," he added in a quiet rumble, exhaling heavily through his nose. A small shrug followed, as if the conversation were closed. He was a stubborn, bitter creature, and he didn't want to get into any sort of a fight with his host no matter how much he disagreed. Instead, he focused on the story behind her unique spell, listening with his ears perked in interest. "It seems to be," he quietly agreed. It sounded like it was a useful spell, but not one he could attempt to try if he ever wanted to. It was unicorn magic. "Now then, I've gotten the information that I was so curious about, I suppose it's time I give you my history, isn't it?" Sombra said after a brief pause, tapping the end of one of the chair's armrests with a forehoof. Maybe she'd see why he thought the princesses were worth wasting one's life.. His head tilted as he considered where to begin. He already knew he wasn't going to launch into any close detail. "My first memory was waking up on somepony's back. One of the crystal guard. They'd found me lying out in the snow some distance from the empire, and with no family to bring me back to, and because I wasn't a crystal pony, they brought me to the orphanage, run by a mare named Chestnut Falls. I couldn't speak the pony language, and the only word I knew was the one that became my name: Sombra. I grew up in that orphanage, and I was schooled by Chestnut Falls along with the rest of the orphans. It was difficult, but once I'd managed I was eager to read and learn whatever I could." The king quieted, searching his memory. "It feels.. strange now to admit that the other foals bullied me, but they did. I wasn't a crystal pony. Dark colors, dull coat.. Why wouldn't they?" he muttered bitterly. "The only thing that got me through that orphanage was a filly who befriended me, named Radiant Hope. I suppose she wasn't as well liked by the others either for being strange. Still, she had been my friend and I grew up with her. We did a lot together, and did what most foals did when they try to get their cutiemarks. And of course there was the Crystal Faire.. which has its own history entirely. For me, however, the crystal heart's magic affected me negatively, and at the time I had no idea what it was. All I knew that every year, every Crystal Faire, I was in extreme pain. You should understand that that pain, and all the foul treatment at the hooves of those ponies is why events unfolded as they did. Whether I had Hope, or not, I grew bitter, and did my best to bottle the anger I felt." Sombra exhaled and slouched back in his seat, forelegs draped over the armrests. "To make this short.. the tipping point was the day the Crystal Heart nearly tore me apart, and Hope saved me. She developed powerful healing magic and managed to keep me from a terrible fate. As a result, she got her cutiemark.. and later got a letter from the princesses requesting her to become their student, to hone her extraordinary magic. Of course, after she showed me that.. I became distraught, and fled out into the wastes in hope I'd find my own destiny. Too, I wished to escape, because without Hope, what nearly happened to me might happen again. I ran into a large, red crystal and a voice spoke to me, calling itself my mother who explained what I was and where I'd come from." He tilted his head. This story of his was getting far too long, but he'd covered most of it. "The umbrum are imprisoned deep beneath the Crystal Empire and that crystal is their only window on the world. The only way to escape was to turn one of their own into a pony, to lock his powers away, and slip him out. So, Rabia unlocked my dark power and I realized my purpose. That was pretty much where it started what you know. I went back into the empire, stole the Heart, and shattered Princess Amore.. because she knew all along what I was, and let me suffer all those years." He snorted. "So the Empire became mine. I let my rage and bitterness out, and I enslaved them. Most of them."
  20. His guess had been correct. Change. To want to reform him, or anypony, was the want to change them. It felt wrong, and he was a beast who had done a great many wrongs. It was just that to want to change somepony, who they were, rubbed him the wrong way and he was glad Raven was smart enough not to try. If she had, it wouldn't have gone well for her and it likely wouldn't turn out well for anypony who came to reform him and who he was as a.. creature. An umbrum. He couldn't very well call himself a pony now, except in the loosest sense for the ease of speech. Her soft giggle was noted with some interest. "I see," Sombra rumbled, the tone of which he'd said it expressing that it'd finally clicked. REA. The Royal Equestrian Army. Their guard. Now it made sense who exactly this mare wanted to join and who her family had served for generations. The stallion grunted, crossing his forelegs over his barrel chest and sipping tea from his levitated cup. "Perhaps it was best you never had that chance to join them. Equestria, from what I have seen of thus far, is strangely peaceful. I know of its history, to an extent, and I know it has encountered greater powers.. the kind of power a mere mortal army cannot battle on its own. If I had ever had my chance, how well do you think they would have stood against me? Not very well. They would have fallen easily." Pausing, he peered into his cup thoughtfully. "Whether your horn was cracked or not, you would only have been putting yourself in terrible danger for.. what? The princesses? They are far more equipped in power to deal with such great threats than a mortal, or even an army of mortals." The more Sombra spoke about the royal sisters, it made it clear that he was disenchanted with them, with princesses or any sort of royalty as a whole. He thought very little of them. After mulling over whether he had any more questions, Sombra felt all of them that he'd asked thus far had been answered. Save one. "My last question. What was that spell you used against the ruffians in the alley? It was new to me, and strange. After you answer this last question, I do believe I'm due to tell you about myself."
  21. I considered putting plot/rp ideas for the rest of my characters in Sombra's plotter over in Schemes for a King, and decided against it; he can just be special with his own post. I'll just make this my general plotter for my other characters to avoid spamming the OOC board. And again, I'd be happy to help others out with their plots too! I'm always open to discussion so they work out for both of us. PRINCESS LUNA Application A Little Socializing - Luna finds the change that has come with being a princess has drastically changed after a thousand years, and she's slowly coming to find the castle.. a little stifling. Attempting to break this monotony, she attempts to venture out and see more of Equestria by herself, where she may encounter other ponies who she can talk to, depending. [Open] Sisterly Bond - Their duties and their sleep schedules often keep them from getting to spend time together like they used to, and the only time they're awake at the same time is during major functions in Equestria, or when something is threatening their kingdom. The sisters manage to work their schedules so that they can simply spend some casual time together whether its just talking, or deciding to ditch the castle and head out into Canterlot itself to be like normal ponies. Princesses deserve to have fun now and again! [Stormstride] Mortality - Luna faces off against a new threat that presents itself, and she's forced to do it alone- perhaps even to protect ponies from harm, something she is newly encouraged to do to make up for her past. However, it doesn't go so well and she nearly perishes in the process of fighting this threat. Something that will leave her questioning her mortality. [Open] A Nightmare Rises - It is difficult to simply let go of what others have said and done, no matter what apologies or small gestures have been made to make amends. Upset and feeling that she will never truly be accepted or loved by their citizens as her sister is, Luna's negative emotions take hold once again- yet the transformation is a little more incomplete this time when she has no desire to upset the balance for her own ends, but to cast down her crown and give up on being a princess of Equestria. [Open; also open to discussion] YUNA Application Fortunetelling - As a zony who can predict what may happen, Yuna has employed herself as a fortuneteller and travels Equestria, moving from town to town to make a few bits. While most of her fortunetelling is but an act, put on to entertain and wow ponies, if she picks up that they need help in some way, or may legitimately run into trouble, she does her best to help. [Open] Friendship for a Wanderer - Being both a hybrid and a zony who is always on the move, it can be difficult to make friends. Sometimes her stripes may simply throw other ponies off. However, those who are true and wish to get to know Yuna for who she is, she may get a chance to finally earn some friends. It will be a new experience for her, somepony who hardly socializes outside of her occupation, and perhaps a little difficult to open up, but not impossible. [Open] What Everypony Seeks - It is not something Yuna has ever found interest in, let alone thought much about, but there is always that chance that she finds a pony who she gets along well with, who spends a lot of time with her and sticks with her through both good times, and bad, no matter the trouble they endure. It would be with surprise that Yuna discovers she's fallen for this pony, that what she may be feeling is love. [Open] ELYSIUM Application none; plots yet to be made. plots are also welcome. ROSE Application none; plots yet to be made. plots are also welcome. GALLANT none, unapplied as of yet.
  22. The voices of the others in the room flowed past his ears, and although he paid some attention to what he heard, most of it was upon Miles. The king inclined his head when the koma-inu bowed, pleased to receive such respect. It'd been far, far too long.. and Miles was one of very few who would bow to him willingly. "It was never accounted for, and when my curse was so.. nonspecific. It was only meant to make the empire disappear so long as I was gone, myself. As long as the princesses' banishment held. By the time I'm sure you've awakened, I was either long gone south into Equestria, or it was during the two years I'd been.. piecing myself back together. The Crystal Heart certainly destroyed me, for a time." There was a slight, smug note to his voice, as if he'd achieved surviving its magic himself. Of course he knew that he didn't- it'd been pure luck that it hadn't killed him. Sombra gestured idly at Miles to rise and moved to stand next to the koma-inu so that he'd be able to have eyes on the meeting room again, eying the ponies that were present again. The bat pony still struck him as strangely familiar until it dawned on him: it was Midnight. Thus far, he was the only areion Sombra had seen with a similar color scheme to him: black mane, grey fur. He made a note to talk to the bat at some point, too, as well as getting to know Stormstride, who seemed so passionate and so.. bitter. That bitterness resonated in Sombra himself and it drew him. There was also.. Raven, some of who's story he knew already. His attention drifted again to what questions and answers he overheard, and one answer in particular caught his interest: an archive. Knowledge. Anything any of them would want to know. It was something he was definitely going to stick around for so that he might have access to. His tail flicked and he turned his attention towards one of the new ponies, this Tongue Twister. It was an odd name, but it was Sombra's opinion that most pony names were strange. "It likely won't disappear, not until after the passage of a few millennia. Empires rise and fall, and this one will in time. Just not so soon, if the sisters and their appointed.. champions have anything to say about it." The king spoke up, his voice carrying through the room again.
  23. The mention of a curse turning some of them into vampires was enough to furrow Sombra's dark eyebrows while he ate on his pastry. A curse. They interested him greatly, because they were something that he was good at. If given the chance, and a good enough incentive to help, then he'd be able to help others figure out and undo such curses.. However, nothing warranted a reason for him, and especially when this one mention of a curse could only be a foal's tale. Although.. who knew, really? He was curious to see if any of these vampires actually existed. "Associated with night and darkness because you remind ponies of bats, creatures that are nocturnal- they only come out at night. As I presume areion do, too." Sombra fell silent, puzzling over the exile in particular. He grunted. "As somepony who fought the royal sisters himself, it still surprises me to know that Princess Luna fell to her own darkness and became so.. corrupted, to the point she took on this new name of hers. When I met them to do battle, they struck me as ponies do who think they're so pure, so perfect, who cannot do wrong. And yet here she fell. It makes me wonder how much longer it will take before Celestia falls, too." There was a note of satisfaction in his voice, of a smugness, knowing that they really weren't so perfect as they tried to lead others to believe. "Ponies shun those that are different from them. They are afraid of what is new and things that they do not understand. Look at how they act about the Everfree Forest. It is a dangerous place, to be true, but what I hear when they speak of how scary it is, is because the weather behaves as it wishes, rather than adheres to the control they exert over everything else." Sombra paused, cocking his head and finishing the last bite of his pastry. "It is the only reason they fear, and shun. They do not understand, and it is not like them or the way they wish it to be. I know this from experience." Silence fell again for a brief few minutes as he considered Midnight, curious about something else that'd been mentioned. "Why is it you believe areion are connected to Princess Luna? Or is it because your species has attached themselves to her because she begins the night?"
  24. King Sombra rumbled softly, quietly pleased that Raven would allow him to withhold certain details. He said nothing more, allowing the mare to start talking and tell him the story behind her cracked horn. He didn't know what the REA was, and he could only assume it was some sort of group. A military group? Sombra pondered it while Raven continued, and his dark brows furrowed. An incomplete memory. The lost details were slightly disappointing, but his curiosity about her horn in particular was satisfied. A misfired spell, an accidental impact.. he could see how it would crack her horn. It was fortunate it wasn't broken off entirely. "It is something good, I suppose, although I know nothing about this.. REA you speak of. You can spend your time relearning how to perform magic at your leisure, and work around your new disability. Certainly Equestria must have something for you to apply yourself to outside of this group you've mentioned," Sombra put in. "So," the stallion continued, taking charge of the conversation once more, "my second question is about the word you used earlier. Reform. What does it mean, when you said you didn't think you'd be able to reform me. Is there some context that I'm missing? Why do you think you have to reform me? Some sort of attempt to change me, I presume?" He tilted his head questioningly and straightened again to sip at his tea while it was still hot.
  25. Eagerly, Sombra read through what the journal might claim about the Crystal Empire's disappearance, curious to see if it was a lot of hearsay and assumptions, or if it might hit anywhere close to the truth. Of course, he knew nopony would ever know the intimate details like he would, let alone details about himself. "Primal?" he echoed, tilting his head up slightly and while his eyes remained glued to the pages. It was interesting to see how ponies interpreted things, such as the Crystal Empire and its disappearance, how little they knew about it. Sometimes, however, their interpretations and assumptions were annoying. A rear leg was crossed over the other while he leaned back, half balancing the journal on his forehooves and half levitating it. Briefly, he looked up to see what it was she was offering him and saw the teapot. Tea? Why not? "Of course," he replied a little distractedly, most of his attention returning to the journal. Her comment about the tea flavors only earned a shrug from him- he hardly bothered to eat or drink, so the flavor didn't matter to him. Unless it turned out to be unpleasant to him in some way. Once he was finished reading, Sombra hoofed the journal back and took the other teacup Raven had poured, curiously sniffing at the tea. "Very well. Now that I'm able to ask my questions, perhaps I shall reward you with telling you about my history afterward. You will know the truth, although I believe I may still keep a few very secret details to myself. Details nopony should ever know for their own safety." The king sipped experimentally at his tea and sought out the first question he wanted to ask. It was perhaps the easiest and most obvious one. "How did you crack your horn?"
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