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  1. Rose took Gray's answers into consideration with a soft noise in her throat, quietly expressing that she was listening to him still rather than letting her attention drift from his voice. "I've been considering it. I've been in Equestria for six years now, and yet I've never tried to see what all there was beyond the city I arrived in, and Canterlot. The view this city provides on its mountainside perch is quite wonderful throughout all four seasons, but.. it's not the same as experiencing something first-hoof. Like pictures. You don't get the same experience." She tilted her head, some of her lengthy red mane pooling on the edge of the polished counter. "Perhaps once I find somepony who knows how to take care of my shop, I might see.. It's been ages since I've spread my wings." The pegasus wasn't sure how strong her wings would be for flight- at least prolonged flight. It wasn't as if she flew all that often, as though not doing so meant she could preserve her dignity as one of the higher class. Well.. It was entirely possible she was limiting herself for a silly reason, something that had been in the back of her mind on occasion- the conversation she was having with this near-stranger reminded her again. "Seeing the world and meeting new ponies sounds.. interesting, though the lack of self care is not. I am not one to worry about money, so that will not be an issue." Briefly, a few suggestions swarmed her mind to give to Gray about his money problem, but if he didn't mind.. Her unwarranted attempt to help would be a waste of both their time. "I'll try to remember your name, too," she replied, a corner of her mouth twitching up in a smirk. As something occurred to her, she found it tempting to find somepony to travel with.. Just not so soon.
  2. Princess Luna smiled and lifted a hoof to Ice Storm's gushing, though she did pay attention to what the pale mare had to say about what she was capable of. If Ice didn't have any real combat experience, they'd have to take it easy and work their way up. Even with the artifacts Ice possessed, the princess was worried she might seriously hurt her during a sparring session.. Only the first of them would tell how much Ice would be able to stand up to- and even then, she was still but a mortal. Trying to soothe her own worries, Luna took a breath and slowly let it out, trying to be as subtle as possible about it. It wouldn't do to let herself get worked up and allow anxiety to get the best of her over something like this. She had offered to teach Ice, after all. "You need not worry about expectations. I think you will do well. Mind you, this will not be like a class, where I'll grade you on your performances. This is for you to learn how to properly fight, how best to react to hostiles and their attacks, how to plan.. as well as how to improvise. Fighting is quick and, oftentimes, messy. Sometimes knowing certain fighting styles or discipline isn't enough for you to achieve victory. You have to be flexible, and you have to know when to strike, what sort of opening to look for.. when to take advantage of your opponent, and when to take a risk. Oftentimes, a fight in which your life or another's is on the line is swift and over before you'd think." The alicorn couldn't help the information that came tumbling out with her attempt to dissuade any ideas Ice Storm thought about her expectations and desires not to let her down. Luna hardly thought Ice would let her down. Some ponies just weren't made for fighting- they either didn't have it in them, or it was too difficult to master. There were even some ponies who might be quite good at it, but used their skills for all the wrong reasons.. It was a complex situation. "As it would be too late at night here to even begin, especially after all the time we've spent conversing.. I couldn't allow you to go home at this hour. Perhaps, for the time being, you might like to stay here at the castle," Luna casually offered. She was in a good mood, despite everything they've talked about- she might as well spare Ice from walking home in the quiet dark of the middle of the night and provide her with a bed a little closer to her current location.
  3. The moon princess scoffed. "You may downplay your part in his banishment all you wish, but it took the both of us to defeat him! 'Twas a pyrrhic victory, but you did not play a small part in that. Perhaps you were, and always have been, the less combat inclined.. but.. you aren't weak. You never were. As I gain my strength from the moon, so do you from the sun," Luna pointed out, refusing to allow her sister to lessen her abilities. "I find myself doubting you would wound yourself.." Clumsy her sister was not, though occasionally excitable. If Celestia and Sombra fought, it was likely Sombra dealt her sister some sort of blow, knowing how he was more likely to fight, than talk. King Sombra was still a great mystery to her despite her violent interaction with him during the battle for the Crystal Empire's freedom a millennium ago. The rest of what Celestia had to say about the tyrant was considered by Luna, weighed heavily and picked apart in some effort to ensure her sister wasn't lying to her. That something she said didn't hint to as much. Until Celestia told her everything about what went on in that cabin during the entire week of her vacation, Luna felt she'd never truly know what went on between her sunny sister and the king of shadows. Her stance relaxed and Luna folded her wings back against her side, lifting her head. She could see the look in her sister's eyes, and it was a shine that she'd never seen before. "I will see for myself if he has changed at all, and not putting forth a front to put you off your guard. He has always been wily. I will.. attempt to give him a chance, for you, sister. Only because it's you. I will, however, wish to learn from you why he holds your interest.. but today is your birthday. I.. suppose we'll have to speak of this later. I've no interest in ruining such a day as today for you. I want you to be happy and to enjoy yourself among what ponies will attend your festivities." Some part of Luna had emotionally withdrawn from Celestia. It was likely that it wouldn't be permanent- she was only shocked by the news, and confused about why Celestia would so readily trust Sombra. It was generally hard for her to swallow any of it without suspecting something was amiss, but for her sister she would try. Luna would never lie about anything, and that was one thing she would be openly honest about. But today was a special day, and Luna had no desire to allow such startling news get between her and her sister's time together- the first day in some time that they'd get to spend without Equestria hanging in the balance, or an event to host.
  4. A small smile finally managed to break the neutral, if slightly bored, expression on Rose's face. Even though she knew that he wasn't used to the high standards of Canterlot, and didn't hold the same, she still knew she had plenty to be proud of- any bit of attention or praise given towards something she'd put effort into was well received by her. "I'm glad to hear it." Leaning forward, she lifted a leg to curl it under her chin, at rest and quietly attentive to her lingering customer. It was nice he'd decided to stick around a little while longer. She rarely had anypony who came in for a lengthy conversation. Maybe a little gossip here and there, and the usual back and forth of questions and answers to find out what a customer might want, but no real conversation- in Rose's view, anyway. "Oh? I've yet to see most of Equestria, though it's quite green and pleasant. And the way it changes colors in the fall is enjoyable." In time, perhaps, she could hire somepony she could trust to care for her flowers and run her shop so that she could take a much-needed tour of Equestria, and see its various locations for herself. How long had he been away from Canterlot, she wondered, and how old was this pony? His eyes made him seem young, but the rest of him.. Rose wasn't certain. "What is it like, to live the life of a nomad like that?" she asked curiously. There was a small pause after the stallion, Gray Shield, introduced himself. Rose almost offered her hoof as she replied with her own, torn between shaking his hoof as Equestrians often did, and refusing to be touched. "Ophelia Rose, though I prefer merely 'Rose'."
  5. Another of many soft sighs this night escaped Luna and she lowered her head. "I know. I could not say who, exactly, is responsible for this failure or if it's on all of us. We can only try to subtly change things and discourage certain behaviors.. that I don't know." It was a big issue, too big for any one pony to handle on their own. It'd be far better if they could simply start over. The thought came unbidden and Luna frowned, choosing not to pay attention to it; instead, turning her attention onto something she could deal with. Luna listened, pondering what Ice Storm had to ask about. There weren't very many ponies she knew that she could trust with any sort of training in combat. Tempest Shadow just might be one such pony Ice could turn to about it, though that depended on if the mare was willing to teach Ice. There was also the problem with Tempest's inability to use magic properly, at least until a horn prosthetic was made for her. Her sister was, she felt, terribly rusty and more prone to diplomatic approaches than fighting. There only seemed one possible option, and this opportunity was something Luna was going to take advantage of while she had it. "There is one pony.." The lunar princess lifted a bare hoof and gestured. "There is myself. I have always been the better fighter between my sister and myself, far more active.. and though my experience of time within the moon doesn't feel as long as a thousand years might have felt to Celestia, it still feels like it's been far too long since the last I've had a proper battle.." Attempting to destroy her sister at the height of her transformation into the mare who called herself Nightmare Moon wasn't so much a battle as it was a vicious hunt- Celestia refused to fight back. Understandably so, but she wouldn't mention the past again. "There hasn't been anypony I could properly spar with without having to hold back most of my strength, and even then I fear being too rough with them. With you and your Opalus Spheres.. perhaps you'll have a chance to face off against me. I'll be able to hone my skills again, and teach you as well."
  6. "I have, and I can," Rose answered simply, picking up the change in the stallion's expression over the price. Maybe it was pricey, but it was Canterlot.. and the time and effort she put into growing such flowers made it worth it. In her opinion, anyway. Her tail slowly swayed behind her while the stallion mentioned how frequently he visited Canterlot while he took his flowers and paid. One of her dusky pink hooves swept the eight coins towards her and Rose went about putting them into the register. It'd all be collected later, after the shop closed. "I'd hope this place would be 'quite something.' I'm the owner," Rose purred, settling back into her previous place against the counter. "I sank a lot of time into ensuring this place stood up to the ah.. standards Canterlot places on so much. It's quite high, but I think I've managed well enough." Her tone was matter-of-fact. Rose wasn't an arrogant mare by any stretch, but she was terribly proud of how far she'd managed to come in a country like Equestria as a foreigner. And, foreigner she might be, she was here to stay with her acquired citizenship and all. Her observant eyes idly watched the stallion squeezing his bit purse back in with the rest of his belongings. "Do you travel often, or.. ? You're carrying quite a lot for somepony who's passing through Canterlot on a visit," she mused, returning her gaze to his face. If she was going to carry on an extended conversation with this rare customer, she might as well find out who he was.. "So, what's your name, by the way?"
  7. A little confusion worked its way across the worry that was currently present on her face. Her sister met a stallion? This was the first she was hearing of it, though.. didn't her sister mention the castle had a new guest when she returned from vacation? "Who-.." Luna scarcely managed to get the question out, her brows furrowing over the words keep him safe when Celestia revealed this mystery stallion's identity. King Sombra. She'd known a little of his existence, his return to life, from Ice Storm, who'd told her that he'd supposedly joined STAR. As far as she was aware, Ice had yet to speak to the tyrant to see what he was up to, and why he was even here. Luna couldn't help recoiling from her sister, taking a few steps away with her wings half unfurled at her sides, as if she was close to taking flight like a startled bird. "King.. King Sombra? He's the stallion you met?" she asked, aghast. "Why? He's not to be trusted. Have you forgotten what he's done to the Crystal Empire? I have had to deal with so many nightmares since it's return, ever since he was supposedly destroyed.." She averted her eyes, ears falling back against her glittering mane. All this time he'd been resting in their castle, right under her nose, and she never knew! "Why did you keep this a secret from me? At any time he could've done something.."
  8. Rose made a soft noise in her throat and gently settled the newly made bouquet on the customer's side of the counter, within easy hoof-reach. There was a slight, proud lift of her head after she'd heard his compliment. "As it should," she replied. "I'd be doing a bad job if they didn't." Crossing her forelegs on the edge of the counter, Rose leaned against it, lending an ear to the stallion's answer. His mother. Her head tilted as she considered a few different questions to ask, knowing the possibilities behind the visit. Was his mother dead, buried in a graveyard? Or was it a simple visit? What was a real mother like? This last question was clamped down on tight before she could find herself tempted to ask it. Why, of all times, would she let herself get sentimental now around a stranger? In Canterlot? It would be a weakness, and nothing that she'd want to be a source of gossip. "How nice of you. So, you don't live around here?" she queried, carefully phrasing her question to avoid making her assumptions about him obvious. She could presume from the fact that his mother did meant he used to, but hadn't stayed. Nonetheless.. Her eyes flicked to his unbrushed mane for the briefest moment. "Eight bits," Rose stated the price. Canterlot wasn't cheap, and neither was her shop. She put a lot of time, and admittedly love, into growing these flowers to be sold as decorations, or gifts. She wouldn't under price herself for anything.
  9. A thin brow arched and the corners of her mouth twitched, a smile that she was resisting to show. It was mostly amusement she was trying to hide. An older mare? Well, it could be anypony and mean anything to this grey stranger. Whatever the case, she wasn't sure what exactly she found so amusing about the answer. "Light colors? I think I have an idea what this older mare of yours might like." Rose flicked away the lock that she'd been toying with and slipped away from the counter, moving to peruse the various roses she had on display without another word. Seeing the colors she thought of, the pegasus carefully gathered a few of each from their displays and brought them back to the counter, using both hooves and the wrists of her wings to carefully arrange them. Roses of soft blue, white, and sunny yellow. They were bright, pleasant colors an older mare might appreciate decorating her home, if that was the intention. "Whether it's a 'fancy' bouquet or not, it should at least look nice for her." Rose stated it as if it were the most obvious fact as she slowly wrapped the flowers' cut stems; the ends of them were cut at a sharp angle to help them last longer. "So, who is this older mare of yours?" Some curiosity edged into her voice as she ventured to ask the question, allowing herself to be a little nosy. Most ponies liked to speak freely about many things, especially those of Canterlot with their penchant for gossip. However, she wasn't sure if this stallion was from Canterlot.. mostly because of her own assumptions about the state of him.
  10. The florists was a quaint little shop, the interior all soft pastel colors of pink and gold trim, with a floor of smooth, cream stone tiles. Various displays along the walls and hanging from the ceilings showed off the flowers that were being sold here in various colors and arrangements- most of them could be noted to be roses. The large display windows at the front of the shop let in a lot of light, while a small golden chandelier hung overhead to provide light in the darker hours. The florist herself was at the rear of the shop, behind the counter in a simple dress of muted reds that was outside her usual, dark choices. Her back was to the front door as she fussed over a few arrangements, ensuring that they looked proper enough to be seen by any potential customers. Her ears twitched, the soft ding of the bell hanging over the door alerting her to one such pony. Rose smoothly turned and paused when she caught sight of who had wandered into her shop, sharp green eyes picking up on every little disheveled detail with a cursory sweep. Something ever so slightly changed in her expression as she made a few assumptions about the stallion just from his appearance alone.. but he seemed to be a paying customer, if the cloth purse being levitated by his magic was any indication. If they could pay, she wouldn't turn a pony away.. even if they did look like they spent a lot of time sleeping outside. Although.. the stallion didn't look dirty, only disheveled. "Afternoon.. A small bouquet?" Rose echoed, her voice low and rich with the hint of an accent. "Of course. What sort of bouquet are you looking for? Standard red roses seem to be a.. common.. choice among ponies, but I have plenty of others in colors as rich as the red roses. White, blue, violet, pink.. I can even make an arrangement of a few different colors, if it's desired." Rose leaned on the counter with her forelegs crossed on it as she cut to details she often had to ask of customers. There were quite a few choices, after all, and she'd hate to guess. A hoof idly toyed with a red lock of her mane in the ensuing silence, her eyes never shifting away.
  11. Luna understood the connection then: she and the moon were seen as synonymous with each other. It was something she was aware of before, but she'd never really considered it beyond a surface connection. They truly knew that she wasn't responsible for the moon, but ever since she'd first raised it it'd been her moon, even if ponies back then never caught onto that right away. "They would not be," she murmured her agreement. Would she kill a pony for it? No.. Murder was something she would never touch. What would she do then? Luna would never know until it happened; the most she felt she could willingly do is frighten them, make clear they'd committed a terrible crime.. and have them locked away. The moon princess tried to shift her thoughts towards something else that wasn't so negative. "Some ponies are too blinded by jealousy," she added, speaking as quietly as she had before. She had no place to speak about jealousy. "Perhaps in time you can encourage them, and other ponies blossoming within a rich family, to put in the effort that would make them worthy of their acquired wealth, rather than merely sitting back and having everything handed to and fed to them." It was a shame so much would take so long to change, and only one pony within this very room would get to see the results of it for herself. "Indeed." Luna allowed herself a soft chuckle. "Maybe I'll get to see this base of yours, should I ever be given a reason to remove myself from the majority of society's eyes for a while. So, what other questions might you have for me?"
  12. I personally don't have much of a preference for any specific one~ since it's been ages since I've gotten to rp an oc. I'd be happy to rp whichever one you'd wanna interact with, c:
  13. I'd be willing to rp too~ Need to use someone that isn't Luna or Sombra, even though I love playing the latter xD. Here's Yuna, as well as Rose, and Elysium, the OCs I have applied so far. I'd be happy to throw any one of them at your character/join whatever rp o:
  14. The Old Canterlot Library. Another part of the old Canterlot section? This question was unwittingly answered for him by the stallion leading the way. He merely grunted about the more nocturnal habits of this particular section of the city because of its areion population.. His red eyes briefly glanced up when his bat pony companion in question chose to hover, leading the way by wing rather than on hoof. Sombra quietly followed Midnight across the aged streets of Old Canterlot. The old library that was their destination soon loomed into view, overshadowing most of the other buildings. The worn stone it was made of and the simple torches set in iron holders on either side of the tall wooden doors said much of the building's age, even to a pony like Sombra who'd never been in Equestria before until a couple months ago. The architecture was wildly different from the part of the city he'd already been through, where he'd first run into Midnight, but the only facts that were still a mystery to him was how old this part of the city was, and how far back these buildings dated in Equestria's history. He strolled up to the doors after Midnight, pausing behind the smaller stallion while the areion peeked inside. "Which pony?" he queried. There were a few ponies he could readily name, or at least describe, that he didn't want to be seen by; the royal sisters were at the top of that list. The rest was anypony who might be closely associated with them, who might have some idea of him and his history- such as the princesses' pawns they'd set within the empire upon his first return. "If you say so," Sombra muttered on the way past Midnight to take his own look into the library. He wanted to see for himself before he went sauntering in in his usual fashion.
  15. "I feel it's important to remind you that I am not responsible for the moon.. Yet, I have not forgotten our earlier conversation about it being a symbol of hope to look up to. That I might be a symbol of hope, too. It's easy for me to forget that when I never had a personal hoof in helping actively- only unwittingly." She dipped her head to Ice Storm and allowed the mare to speak on the matter further, of how she was trying to help society as a whole with her business and her acquired wealth. "Perhaps money doesn't change all ponies," Luna quietly put in. "Perhaps through the way you're trying to help others, you can try to set a true example for other ponies to do the same. You're already part way there, and you can use what you've built thus far to benefit those who society has failed." It heartened her to know that at least one pony was trying to make a difference among a thousand others that simply chose to keep walking, only focused on themselves- or those who simply stood by and watched when they had the power to help. It was saddening, but at least they had ponies like Ice. "Hm," Luna mused. A place to escape to? She wasn't sure how well she'd take to a place like Las Pegasus. She'd never been there before, but she'd heard about it. It was a popular vacation spot for ponies to go to to unwind. Various games, rides, performers putting on exciting shows for the crowds.. it certainly sounded appealing enough. Though there were the crowds, the possible noise associated with that.. At least the space Ice Storm spoke of might be quiet enough for her to relax in and focus on something beyond her own struggles. "I'll have to remember this, should I ever need to get away from my own situation for a while. I'm grateful that you'd offer it to me- not that I'm suggesting there's any reason you wouldn't." A small, amused smile flashed across the moon princess's muzzle, indicating it as a small jest.
  16. "An extended meal break.. and perhaps escorting a new visitor around town. It is the way of ponies to be good hosts, isn't it?" Sombra purred as he pulled himself out of his chair and joined Midnight by the restaurant's front door. His eyes had dropped to the strange eye-like jewel on the front of the bat pony's armor, curious himself if there was something to it or if it was just a decoration meant to be slightly intimidating. He found it appealing. They could always investigate it later, now that Midnight had a magic user for a companion, however temporary it was. Now that they'd made their nice little meal break stop, it was time to move on- hopefully towards the Canterlot Archives, or whatever other library the areion was intent on bring him to. Sombra's eyes followed Midnight's little wink towards the waitress and snorted softly, sounding slightly amused by the gesture. Turning away, he pushed the door open with his magic and slipped back out into the night. It was a relief to get outside again under the open sky; it'd take him some time to get used to being indoors again, but for how he was content with the outside, knowing that he wasn't trapped anymore. "Is this what you refer to as the night life, then?" Sombra asked, frowning faintly. Sweet pastries, and cider in some restaurant.. it didn't seem as different or as exciting as it implied. "So.. where is this bookstore or library that you mentioned earlier? It's a destination I've yet to see."
  17. It was a solemn silence that Luna kept throughout the duration of Ice Storm's history, a deep frown on her dark muzzle and concern in her eyes. How could anypony turn away from their own daughter, all for money? Mere gold coins? If she hadn't been trapped within the moon, she might have seen Ice out on that hill during some nightly flight- but it all came back to 'if only's and 'if this hadn't happened's. It was inevitable, and so too was the cruelty of ponies. Yet again Luna found an 'I'm sorry' trapped in her throat, one she knew would be pointless to say; no apology could fix the past, and it would be a waste of words. She swallowed it. "I hate to know that those who truly need help manage to slip under our notice. There is nothing I could have done, and I know you don't expect me to have done anything. All we can do is try to make improvements so that nopony can suffer the same way. As for the 'nobility'.. I fail to see what is so noble about them- I always have failed to see it. Mere delusions of importance and superiority. I wish to do something about it, but.. I'm not sure how, or if anything can be done at all. They think themselves greater all because of wealth and status.." It did something to ponies. Even her sister might be said to have been a result of it- not money, or wealth, but the love and praise of ponies.. it'd changed her from the sister Luna knew to something else.. at least for a while. A heavy sigh escaped the lounging alicorn. The entire situation had been both a good and a bad thing. Her sister realized her error.. but as a result ponies forced her into the role of a leader of Equestria, trapping her in so many social routines and responsibilities all for -- their own benefit. Her gaze fell to the bare coffee table between them. "I think we can at least still try to change things. I have confidence I can change the entire situation with my sister, with the way ponies always look to her and never me. I may like my solitude, and I may have an aversion to socializing.. but I can't let myself remain invisible and have my accomplishments credited to Celestia alone. This situation with the nobility can be fixed, too, though I know it will upset an order that has always been, especially when they want to hold onto their lofty positions in society." In time. It couldn't and wouldn't happen all at once. Shaking her head, as if trying to rid herself of an irksome fly, Luna returned her focus to Ice. She could see the spheres orbiting the mare's neck and recognized it for what it was: old memories dredged up half-healed wounds, and even wounds that were still raw. She knew Ice was upset. "All we can do about this now is work towards what we want for ourselves so that we can find the happiness that has once been denied us."
  18. Something in Luna knew how ponies might react when the sun began setting earlier when autumn came, and even more so during winter. They'd think that she did something, that she was 'becoming' Nightmare Moon again. There was nothing she could do to dispel their worries and rumors, their lies, except prepare herself against that eventuality and let it flow around her like water in a river. They could make all the assumptions they wanted. She knew that they'd eventually began to see her true importance as one of Equestria's diarchs, and learn to appreciate her as they always should have. Luna knew what she was doing. The soft, warm feeling of her sister's wing wrapping around her was comforting, and she let her eyes slip shut, glad that her sister was so willing to accept her suggestions. Now she'd have to see if Celestia would hold up her end of them. "Indeed?" Luna responded and paused, noticing her sister's self correction. "You and.. what?" she questioned, reopening her teal eyes to fix them upon Celestia's face above her. What was it that the elder alicorn hesitated to say? Her head was lifted to nuzzle her sister in return. She took comfort in the old gesture, but it wouldn't distract her from something potentially interesting. "A vacation?" Luna repeated. "I.. don't know what I'd do on a vacation, or where I'd go.. I've never had such a thing as a vacation before." A small, worried frown had worked its way across her dark muzzle and confusion swirled in her wide eyes. What good would it be able to do for her, beyond allowing her to get out of the castle and away from everything? Who could possibly maintain the dream realm when nopony else had her magic or her access to it? She worried over the suggestion.
  19. "Maybe so," Luna replied, "but you cannot save everypony. No matter how much you try, no matter how much you might want to, there will always be those few that slip through your hooves." A soft sigh left the mare through her nose, her nostrils flaring slightly. It was always a hard fact to face, to know that everypony couldn't be protected, couldn't be saved.. Nopony could overextend themselves that much. All anypony could do was wish for that better result, and come to terms that they did all they could. "It takes time to learn the dream realm, to understand what it is your senses are telling you. Of course.. it is my magic that allows me to do what I can in dreams, and lets me dream walk. When I had my sister's magic and her cutiemark for a day, I was powerless to my own dream until she pulled me out of it and into Starlight's," the princess continued to explain with a little dip of her head towards Ice Storm. "It can be a little overwhelming, though I'm thankful my focus is only on Equestria itself, with the newest addition of the Crystal Empire since its return. It, specifically, was one such situation. There were many ponies who had nightmares, and some who still do, about King Sombra's reign over the empire. The fear he instilled in them.." Luna trailed off, frowning faintly. She knew that dreams weren't much of a reflection of what had already happened in the waking world, but the result of a pony's memories, feelings, things their minds often dwelt on even if they weren't too aware of it. It was because of this knowledge that Luna understood their nightmares about King Sombra weren't what actually happened, but their fears and their trauma. It still left her wary about him- none of them save the crystal ponies themselves really knew what he'd done during his reign. She was letting herself dwell a little too much on him now that she knew that he was alive, and that Ice Storm had had some form of contact with him. Shaking her head a little as if to rid herself of those thoughts, she returned her attention to Ice. "Ah, well.. hm." Luna struggled to find questions to ask. "Why exactly did you end up homeless? What was 'your fault'?"
  20. Princess Luna made a soft, thoughtful noise in her throat, a soft 'hm'. Maybe what Ice Storm said was right, and it was simply the reappearance of another alicorn that might've been so frightening.. She supposed she could see some of the other reasons for their fear. Dealing with a pony from the era of the three tribes, never truly knowing the culture of that era.. despite what history taught. There was a great difference in learning about something, and experiencing it. Dipping her head, Luna acknowledged this possibility. Yet, she felt her mind would always be focused on the lies ponies have fed each other about Nightmare Moon, about herself. For the time being, she let the topic pass, focusing on what Ice Storm's speech lead up to. "Sometimes some.. tact.. is required when speaking honestly about something, but to know that you are an honest pony is something I can appreciate. Out of the Elements that I once bore as my own, Honesty has always been strongest in me, next to Loyalty," she put in, addressing something she knew how to reply to. "Keeping track of dreams becomes easy enough. The way the dream realm works entirely depends on how you might, say, organize something. When I dreamwalk, the realm arranges itself with each dream being represented by a door. I can open these doors and look in at will. I believe my sister had a different experience, when she so briefly had my cutiemark and my magic. As for how I know which needs my attention.. it's something that I can sense. Nightmares send out faint ripples the way a rock dropped into a pond might disturb the surface. It's nothing visible- only a sense that something is wrong. It's worse when the pony has a reoccurring nightmare, and it requires my attention the most because they can have a profound affect on a pony's psyche if not dealt with." It would be the third time that night that she'd say so much at once, and she had to clear her throat of the slight strain of it. She couldn't fault Ice Storm for having as many questions as she did, and it was solely her own problem. Luna hardly spoke so much around other ponies, save perhaps her sister to an extent. "Any other dreams I leave alone. I mostly patrol for nightmares and do my best to help ponies work through their problems.." she trailed off, realizing that Ice Storm had commended her for her fortitude in dealing with them. The princess hardly knew what to say in response. "Thus far.. I do not believe so. I will admit it can be disheartening when I can't fully help a pony, but.. I do my best, and hope that what advice I give them will encourage them to find help in the waking world."
  21. "Is that so? Why is that you quiver so, worm?" A low chuckle escaped the king and he lifted his head, a vicious smirk spread across his muzzle. There was a dark amusement in it, yet it slowly began to leak out the further the crystal pony's tirade went. All that remained of that smirk was a threatening baring of sharp teeth as Sombra's thoughts grew black. It would be easy to kill this pony, but he'd lose the chance to teach the puling creature a lesson. Why, death might just be too merciful.. whatever lesson the pony would learn would be lost. The tyrant toyed with his options. "You think you're so righteous.." The threatening atmosphere around Sombra seemed to have condensed during the ringleader's rant, and the umbrum himself unusually still and quiet. Even his voice had fallen to a muted growl. "You speak so ill of your previous princess, and you advocate for the destruction of another living being. You don't know what I've dealt with, what my reasons were.. I'd think I deserved the crown after what she put me through!" His quiet voice rose to a thunderous bellow. The stallion himself was leaning forward, getting into the pony's face. His body tightly wound and an inch from tearing into his provoker. In his peripheral vision, he saw the other ponies scattering from their ringleader's signal. Chesster's voice was a small reminder that a sane world around him still existed and whatever grip he still kept on himself stopped him from aimlessly snapping at the interruption. "Go after them. Deal with them how you wish," he ordered, his tone as neutral as it could be towards his current ally. It was best Chesster tracked the others down. Their leader was the one he currently cared about, and Sombra was itching to make an example of him. "And you.. we'll see how good and righteous you are." Focusing on the pony in front of him again, his hoof flashed out in an attempt to backhoof his antagonizer across the face. "You're no different than I am, you just want to paint yourself as an innocent victim because you don't like what your reflection shows you."
  22. "I may have personally shown up in some nightmares, but never in the forefront of them. Only as a shade, something in the background as I slipped from dream to dream, twisting them into nightmares to punish ponies for the slights I perceived against me. There wasn't an eruption of nightmares since my imprisonment in the moon, but I did have a hoof in many. I know it's the reason ponies still hold so much fear of me even a thousand years later even when they'd never seen or met me before. I know its why so many cowered during the first Nightmare Night I ever attended- that, and all the dishonest stories ponies have crafted and spread about me, about Nightmare Moon. Lies handed down from generation to generation." The princess looked unhappy as she spoke of it. "I see.." Luna murmured. "I've never been trapped in a dream before, no. I dreamwalk, and so too do I have power over those dreams. In many cases it is easy for me to sweep aside the threats a pony's nightmare presents them in order to speak with them and help them through the problem that is plaguing them so much, it follows them into their dreams. In others, it is not so easy as that. Some problems are far more complicated, and may be beyond my power to truly help with.. but I can try to help in some ways, at least to assuage their nightmares." Falling silent, the moon princess mulled over particular memories of this particular topic. There weren't too many that stood out to her well enough to mention.. although she was still aware of the nightmares some crystal ponies still suffered about King Sombra's rule. If ever the tyrant were to show his face, Luna wasn't sure she'd be able to trust him in the least, let alone expect anything good of him. Not after what he'd done. "Most of the time, I merely peek into ponies' dreams to see how well everything is doing in the dream realm, keeping track and making sure there isn't anything that needs my immediate attention."
  23. Even Luna hardly expected Celestia to move aside the aged bookshelf, one she did indeed recognize, with the pull of a single book, revealing dusty golden armor and a single pike. Nor did she expect her sister to take up the disused weapon and carry it back to the table and so boldly announce that she would be passive no longer. It would be a return to how it used to be, with the alicorn sisters as Equestria's guardians. It was something Luna felt that she could appreciate. Why should they sit idly by while danger threatens Equestria? Princess Twilight and her friends have had so much put on their shoulders as it was, while her sister and herself were often swept aside, kidnapped, turned to statue.. They could've easily done something to avoid it, yet they'd grown soft enough while other ponies strove to take care of the threat that they were always caught unawares. It was something that rankled Luna each time that it happened. "I do agree, we should become more active. There are other ponies in this government you built that should be capable of handling the more.. social aspect of your duties. A contest on whose flowers smell best, really." The dark alicorn rolled her eyes. "It has no importance beyond a pony gaining bragging rights and it's a waste of our time." Exhaling softly, her teal eyes flicked towards Bluebelle, catching the change in her mood; from a playful comment about the guards to something that was unenthusiastic. Her head cocked. "Is something the matter, Bluebelle?" Luna queried, curious. They still had to hear out the concerns of the other princesses, and if Luna could remember correctly amidst the lengthy discussions they'd had thus far, she was sure Princess Cadance was the last to speak. They had time to see what Cadance had brought to the table, but Luna couldn't help but look into what was troubling Bluebelle.
  24. "I feel you could've still done something more. You have such a great influence over our citizens.. the history books could've been written with what really happened, an addition written by you. Who else would know better than you?" she strove to point out something she knew couldn't be changed. It was already far too late, and worthless to argue over. Another soft sigh escaped her again. "Sometimes I hate them, the ponies," Luna muttered bitterly. "I don't know what's wrong with me, why they're so determined to forget me." Shaking her head, she made an effort to lift her head again and met Celestia's gaze, unhappiness written all over her face. "I'd be willing to come with you, to speak with Twilight Sparkle. I am aware that she thinks so highly of you because you were her mentor, yet it shouldn't excuse her forgetfulness of her mentor's sister. She knows our history, most of it." Falling silent, Luna's teal eyes drifted away and settled on the worn, chipped thrones still on their platform. Past them, the jagged crack that ran up the wall stood out against the worn stone. "I was.. discussing.. something with a new friend, Ice Storm. If I could have a celebration during winter. The winter solstice, the longest night of the year.. And, perhaps, we can have the nights begin much earlier than they usually do, perhaps beginning in autumn, with the nights lengthening during winter. If we could create more recognition, then perhaps it'll get better. If we can even have more centered around the both of us and our importance.. we can make the ponies understand. I am not just your shadow." She pushed herself to her hooves and moved closer to Celestia, leaning in to rest her head on her elder sister's shoulder. She didn't want to be angry anymore, not at Tia. They'd both been helpless to the whims of ponies, more or less, but they couldn't allow the treatment to stand any longer.
  25. Gratitude welled up in Luna. It was nice to know that somepony might always be around for her to talk with, although she didn't think she'd bother Ice Storm terribly often. "These mentions would be correct. I'm capable of dreamwalking, something I can tell you about," she replied with a little dip of her head. It was something that was going to wait until after she'd gotten her answer about King Sombra, a particular individual she was concerned of. When it was revealed he'd been in Canterlot for STAR's first meeting, a small shiver ran up Luna's spine. He'd been in Canterlot? And she hadn't even known! It was shocking that he could slip in right under their noses without so much as a peep of an alert about somepony suspicious lurking around the city. Perhaps nopony had noticed him, or recognized him.. or Sombra was just that sneaky. A small frown crossed Luna's muzzle at the possibilities. If he was able to slip into the city without causing any alarm, then what if he could make it into the castle? Catch them unawares? "I hope he answers your summons soon so that we might be able to get more information about him. Even when we fought him a millennium ago, we hardly knew anything about him. Only that he'd risen to power after the disappearance of Princess Amore, and that he'd enslaved the Crystal Empire. For what? We're uncertain. We never got to explore anything since he took the empire with him when we banished him." Something that they couldn't have foreseen. "Until we get more answers.. I suppose we can move onto lighter matters. I'd rather not dwell about tyrants. The topic of dreamwalking, for one. It's something I discovered I could do while I was still imprisoned. It was the only way I could still influence anything in Equestria, especially when.. well, being imprisoned in the moon is hard to describe. I was almost not a physical thing. Dreams, however, gave me a way to still do something. Although, at the time I only ever sowed nightmares."
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