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  1. Lightning's confusion over Baltimare's location was easily forgivable for somepony who'd never been to Equestria.. or so Yuna thought. She didn't know with any certainty if he'd ever visited Equestria for any scholarly reasons, or if he'd always been here. In any case, there was a lot more for him to learn about Equestria. A smile played around Yuna's lips and she chuckled softly. "Baltimare is in Equestria. It's one of its cities along the eastern coast of the country. It's got a nice little bay area shaped like a horseshoe. The shape aside.. it's a lovely view, and there's always some ships coming and going from the ports." It was good that she'd managed to get a few sentences in while she had the chance. When the tall stallion began to speak, going on a long and curious ramble about Zebra culture, something that Yuna was helpless to do anything about except listen to him wondering aloud about a multitude of questions and speculations. One eyebrow rose a little, but she otherwise bore his tangent patiently. His musings did allow her some insight on the way he thought and what exactly he might think about, and they helped her find some suggestions to give him.. If only she could find an opening to say them. Yuna wiped at her brow with a foreleg while she waited him out, unused to the desert heat. Initially it was pleasantly toasty, but the longer she sat out here under the bright sun, the more it was getting uncomfortable. She gave a little start when she registered Lightning had asked her a question. "Oh, uh.. what?" The pegasus took a few seconds to review the last that she'd heard beforehoof. "Oh, right. Uh, I think it would be pretty fascinating to visit the zebra homeland. I haven't been outside of Equestria until I decided to come here for a little trip. I suppose one to the zebra homeland would've been more appropriate, but it never really crossed my mind. I hear so much about other places that I can't help but wonder what they'd really be like.. Heck, I was gonna suggest that you could visit Equestria too and see what it's like. It's pretty nice."
  2. The princess made a soft, thoughtful noise in her throat. It was true that gems could be used to store magic, and they were easy to enchant. Though, many other things could be enchanted too, such as metal and maybe even stone. There wasn't much she'd really tried yet, and Luna was startled to realize the potential experiments she could try. Perhaps in her spare time she might test it all out to see how well different materials took enchantments. Pulling her attention back to Ice's idea, Luna lifted her head. "I think that might be quite useful, as well as assure your own safety should something happen on the battlefield. We.." she trailed off, glancing off at empty air before her silvery-blue magic flared to life around her horn, and in a small flash, a curling piece of blank parchment appeared with a quill. She quietly began to scribble, outlining everything that they'd spoken of for the armor. It'd be best to keep a list of it all to present to the armorer so that no details would be left out or forgotten. It'd be imperative, so that they'd have no reason to have anything altered or fixed after it was too late. "Indeed," she murmured, sounding somewhat distracted. Her scrawling quill came to a stop and she finally looked up at Ice, offering her the parchment for the mare to know what it was she'd been so furiously writing. "To ensure that nothing is forgotten. This armor will be far more complicated than a simple set of armor, and for very good reasons too. I figured it best to have a list so nothing goes forgotten, and it may help the armorer too. Some of it, though, we may have to help them with if they're not as familiar with something so intricate."
  3. Sharp teal eyes watched as Ice Storm perused the available armor and tried them on, making small notes about the improper sizes and plans to have something more fitting made for the unicorn. Ice Storm was more slight in build than most of the guards, mare and stallion alike; none of these would do. Her ears perked as her idea was met with a positive response. "I'm glad to hear we can. It might be far more useful to you to have proper armor, than say, a deep neck in the chest plate to accommodate the necklace that would leave the front of your chest exposed. A well aimed arrow or weapon would easily fell you, if your magical defenses were breached, of course." Frowning faintly to herself, Luna moved to the side, studying the armor Ice was currently trying on. She supposed she could agree with Ice's assessment to have loose-fitting armor; it'd give a mage like herself some flexibility to move in. "Yes.. we will have to find a more fitting helm for you," the princess mused as she came to a halt. The dark, faded blue of the night guard's armor went quite well with Ice's colors; if the armor was slimmer and properly fitted to the mare's form, Luna would daresay that it'd look good, perhaps what Ice was looking for. The helm was going to be an entirely different situation. They'd have to figure out something unlike the standard helmet shape. Until a better design would found, she felt that they'd be able to get started on the rest of the armor and the shoes Ice suggested. "I think it's settled, then. We can approach the armor-smith about the measurements and the designs for your armor tomorrow and have them get started on it right away. We'll have to figure out something for the helm at some point.. perhaps our armorer might have some suggestions about it when we speak to them. If you require any assistance with the enchantments for your armor when it's finished, I'd be glad to help."
  4. The sound of Ice Storm's voice pulled Luna's eyes away from the sets of armor to settle upon the mare. "It's of no issue. I'm glad to be able to offer something," she replied and faltered, a small frown crossing her face. What Ice's artifacts could do if they were removed was worrying. Anypony who figured that out could easily destroy Ice, though, Luna reminded herself, they'd have to catch the mare by surprise if they wanted to do so. They wouldn't be able to get close enough to try, otherwise, not without being frozen. The mental image of a pony being frozen by magic was an unpleasant one, but Luna didn't dwell on it. Studying the armor again, she frowned in thought. If none of it was to Ice's liking, or looked as proper on her as the unicorn would no doubt prefer, then something new could be made. Though, what? Something darkly colored would let Ice blend in a little more in the dark, and while silver would look fetching against Ice Storm's blue palette, it would be a bit.. flashy, perhaps? Luna wasn't entirely sure how well it'd work out. "Is it possible that we can make something like the necklace you have for the orbs for armor, or should we have armor made with a lower neck to allow room for your necklace?" The moon princess questioned, glancing back towards Ice. "And please, do feel free to nose through the armor sets. Try them out and see what fits. If none does.. we can simply have something fitted and made, perhaps with this idea in mind if it will work," she suggested, her head lifted slightly in a curious tilt.
  5. Her ears flattened back against her starry mane, watching as her sister tore down all the aged golden tapestries woven by the unicorn tribe so long ago. Many have stood up to the wear of time well enough, though they still showed signs of damage and fraying. Others were more torn, either by their fight a millennia ago, or because of heavier exposure to time and weather. Even her own tapestries showed the same degree. They could be saved, she thought, and without such a halfhearted effort as she could see in them; she'd presume that would be Rarity's attempt. Luna bided her time, waiting until Celestia was finished tearing down her golden tapestries. "There are signs of both of us here, and you've -- torn down most of yours." Having seen what her sister had done, Luna couldn't help but find a sadness in it. She didn't want to tear her sister down to become equal, not anymore, and she didn't want Celestia to tear herself down either. Swallowing back a lump in her throat, she stepped down off of the thrones' platforms, and stopped at the bottom of the stairs. "I.. I don't want to bring it up, not on your birthday, but I did mention during the princess summit we had recently that there were some things I wanted to talk to you about. I.. perhaps, we, can talk about it and work to improve everything as it is somehow," she ventured hesitantly, studying Celestia's face closely. Luna could see the glitter of tears in her eyes for the second time that day, a sight that pained her. "We can always discuss it another time, mind. I don't want to see you so unhappy," she added, finally willing her hooves to bring her close to Celestia. Luna wasn't afraid of bringing it up, or upsetting Tia, but it just felt like the wrong time. Yet.. the opportunity to air everything that'd been bothering her for some time was one she could take while they were still alone.
  6. Hiya! Your characters seem pretty interesting and I'd be interested in rping with you. c: I've got a few OCs I haven't had a chance to rp with yet, since I've been mostly using Sombra and Luna in WoE xD Here's Yuna, as well as Rose, and Elysium, the ones I've set up so far anyway~.
  7. The smile that crossed Luna's muzzle was a small one, but no less genuine. It was a memory they could both now look back upon fondly, and with amusement, although the moment didn't last long. It flitted by them like a gust of wind, and was gone. When Luna looked back over at her sister, she could see the mixture of emotion in Celestia's eyes. Fondness and.. what she would presume to be guilt. Luna knew why. Her smile was gone just as quickly as their amusement was, and it was soon replaced by a look of shock as Celestia began to tear down the tapestries within the remains of the throne room- mainly her own, golden ones. It hadn't escaped Luna's eyes either that Celestia's tapestries had been a little better repaired than her darker ones, and -- she knew why that was too. Her sister's sole rule on the throne for a thousand years had unfortunately cemented her sister as the favorite, the princess everypony looked to and worshiped, a fact that did Luna's still-sore heart no good. Perhaps ponies weren't worth the time, but it didn't stop her from wishing that she was treated equally to Celestia. "What're you doing, sister?" she dared to query, growing worried. Maybe they shouldn't have come to this place, if it was upsetting her sister on her birthday. It was true that they both would have many, many such days celebrating their birth to come if times were good, but she didn't want any one experience to sour all future birthdays. For either of them. And she could tell, by the slight shift in her sister's usual sunny magic that she was -- angry. Whether Celestia was angry at herself, or something else, Luna couldn't tell.
  8. The princess made a soft noise of agreement in her throat over the mentioned show of power and started towards the door to the observatory, the one that lead into the castle, rather than the one she'd arrived from. "We'll see what we can do," she promised. The door opened at her magic's touch and Luna stepped through, heading into the castle without much more to be said. After the course of a couple of years of living here, she'd come to learn it's maze-like layout; even more familiar were the paths she usually took. To the throne rooms, the kitchens, the dining room.. sometimes the armory. She never got to get too involved in battling Equestria's many foes these days, but if she was going to keep herself in fighting shape, to keep herself from getting as rusty as her sister no doubt was, she had to practice. Usually she practiced at the odd hours of the night in a secluded area of the grounds, testing out a few different weapons when she had the free time to. Yet, the skills she'd been trying to keep honed never got to see use these days, not when Twilight and her friends were now the new Bearers and most of those who sought to take Equestria for their own often caught Luna and Celestia by surprise. It was an embarrassment that hung over her head like a dark cloud, to know that she could be caught so easily. Though, Luna had to admit to herself, Tirek was an exception. Her thoughts wandered on the way to the castle armory, and Luna only waved them aside once they'd reached it. There hadn't been much of a reason for her to fill the silence along the way, and she didn't want to waste words on idle talk. Heading inside, Luna made her way towards the night guards' section of the armor and eyed the extra sets of armor. From her point of view, she saw them as neither feminine or masculine. They were simply armor to her. Yet, she could understand some of Ice Storm's point of view. A caster would need light, but durable, armor that was flexible. They'd need to be able to move in it, as would the winged ponies. It was perhaps only the armor made for earth ponies that was heavier and more protective; earth ponies didn't need the maneuverability so much, and their strength could bear it. "Go ahead and look through them. Whatever part of the armor does not fit, we can look into having something made differently, styled to fit you and your needs." Luna's voice broke the silence at last, and she gestured towards Ice Storm's necklace with a slight gesture of her wing. "The craftspony who works on the armor could stand to have something new to do."
  9. Sombra listened to Raven talk in silence while he kept pace with her, making their way back through her house back to the study. The materials he brought with him floated in his magic, and he idly toyed with the forming metal of the horn decoration, his attention split between it and her. "Wordplay?" he repeated, his attention caught by the word. What did she mean by that? Banter? He wouldn't find out until she explained it to him, if she would. His head cocked, one ear twitching towards the pause in Raven's explanations. "I know the feeling well enough, although mine stems from a different experience than yours does," Sombra replied with a thoughtful little frown crossing his muzzle. At the time, before he took control of the Crystal Empire, he'd felt that he had to no matter what. It wasn't like he could go back to living the so-called 'normal' life he'd had before he found out the truth. Alas. Exhaling softly, the shadow king trailed after the mare and headed towards the seat he'd been previously occupying once they entered the study again, a room that was slowly becoming a usual haunt for him so long as he was lurking in Raven's home. After he'd sat down, Sombra turned his attention to the metal in his magic, working it in the same way he had the first one.
  10. Princess Luna's serious expression grew taut as she braced herself against the wave of magic that worked its way up her leg, along with the ice. The latter didn't bother her so much, but it did feel odd. She could feel the magic in the pact's spell too, and when it faded, she knew that it'd been complete. Now, Ice Storm's life, her willingness to sacrifice herself for a princess like herself, weighed on her shoulders. It should be the other way around. Ignoring the whisper of her thoughts, Luna shook her leg, dislodging whatever melting shards of ice hadn't immediately fallen to the floor. She was listening to Ice Storm speak all the while, expressing what would happen to Equestria without the princesses, and expanding on what happened in the Crystal Empire with Twilight. It was the first topic that still stuck like a burr in her mind, and a small frown played around the moonbringer's muzzle while she slipped her hoof back into her silver shoe. "I know that you don't want to come to harm, but believe me when I say that you're just as important as any of us. All of Equestria's citizens are. Simply because you do not have a crown and an influence like ourselves does not make you any less important. My sister and I initially didn't want to be princesses, we wanted to simply be as guardians for Equestria.. I still feel the same way. The guilt of you sacrificing yourself for me.." she let the sentence hang, unable to express herself. She couldn't bear knowing she might be responsible for a death. Luna's wings sagged a little against her sides and she heaved a breath, standing to her full height. Ice Storm was correct- they didn't have to stay here talking about nothing but doom and gloom. "Yes, of course," she murmured. Hearing out Ice's request for the night guard armor, she made a noise in her throat and stepped around the mare. "We do have a couple of different styles of armor. There is dark blue armor styled after the Royal Guard's gold armor for regular ponies on the night guard shift, and of course the more unique armor of the areions. I'm sure I can find a set of armor for you, if not I can have somepony here at the castle make or customize something for you that would be fitting." "Perhaps we can go and investigate now, if you wish. We have the time, and very few at this hour would get in our way." A walk within the lit halls of the castle would do her some good, rather than the dimly lit observatory. She didn't mind it when it was dark or dim, but for the moment Luna felt she'd feel better somewhere else.
  11. One of his ears twitched and he eyed Raven, noting the change in her confident posture. "Maybe so, but training yourself again, even in a place like this, can be helpful to you. You can set aside those bad memories, because they won't help protect you unlike learning to fight will." He turned away, going back to what he'd been doing: pushing aside moth-eaten curtains and opening the windows to let in some fresh air. The room hadn't been aired out properly in years, and it smelled. Once he'd finished with that and turned back, Sombra sat down to watch as Raven went through the motions of some sort of.. fighting style, though Sombra wouldn't find the words to describe if he'd been asked to. He could only watch as she practiced various motions unfamiliar to him, as most things would be. It was fascinating to see the change in her that it all wrought, too. So.. serious, and focused. It was baffling that she'd never wanted to take advantage of her fighting skill, although she'd given him the reasons already: Raven didn't want to hurt anypony. While she practiced her forms, Sombra's attention drifted to the materials he'd brought to the training hall and started on the silver bar, changing and twisting its shape to mimic the horn decoration he'd made just yesterday. He didn't look up until he heard Raven's sigh. "Hrm." Sombra grunted, glancing around the room. "Wooden training weapons, perhaps? Or is this.. fighting skill of yours best without them? It and your magic." Pondering other ideas, he studied the room. Raven had already brought up 'cleaning supplies'. "You might've already covered everything you'll need for this place. In any case, if you don't have what you need you can always get it later." The stallion shrugged and rose back to his hooves, moving across the room to leave the training hall once it became clear that Raven intended to leave it. "If you want to do it alone, I don't fault you. I can't say that my attempt to teach somepony would be gentle."
  12. He couldn't quite remember when he'd ever said she ought to learn to live with her 'warrior side' and reflected upon the conversations they'd had. Well, maybe he had, just not in the same phrasing. Sombra believed she ought to be willing to protect herself, especially if other ponies or creatures intended to harm, or even kill, her. There was no point holding back if one's own safety was on the line. "Dupone training hall, hm?" Sombra repeated. "Of course. I could stand to see what it looks like." Pulling himself back out of his seat he made to follow her, though he stopped by the table that still held their materials on it and plucked up another bar of silver, as well as a few gems just in case. He might not do any active training himself, not right away unless he felt like it, but he might watch Raven train to see what she was capable of. Now that he had everything he intended to bring with him, Sombra trailed after the mare through the halls of her large home, frowning a little at a layout he still hadn't learned in its entirety. When they arrived and stepped through the doorway, Sombra's snout immediately wrinkled. This place had gone to rot, it seemed, and the strange scent of mildew permeated the air unpleasantly. Snorting, he wandered further into the large room, stepping around what was slowly decomposing and moldering from what looked like years of disuse. His eyes swept away from the mat and the cloth dummies that were slowly coming apart to search for some windows, if the room had any. If he could open them up, the place could be aired out a bit. A glance was cast back towards Raven when she busied herself with burning what wasn't salvageable and Sombra noticed the bits of armor that she'd tried on from the stands. He'd have to inspect them later. "I can understand why this place hasn't seen use in quite some time.. but I'm surprised nopony has tried to maintain it," he commented.
  13. The princess made a thoughtful sound. She hadn't thought of it looking like a normal horn.. She'd been considering it as something metal, shaped like a unicorn's horn that fit over the stump of Tempest's horn. Having a prosthetic that made it seem as if Tempest's horn was whole again might actually work just as well. They'd just have to work around a few details, like how to keep it in place and how to keep it from popping off if the unicorn's temper got explosive. "I understand. I too, want to do everything I can to protect Equestria and sometimes I hardly get to. Something always manages to come along and catch me unawares, and I.. I hate it. I have always been the better fighter between myself and my sister. Most of my skills I learned from my time exploring all the nooks and crannies of the Everfree Forest.. To have something catch me off guard and render me helpless rankles me." Luna sighed heavily through her nose, coming close to a snort. "Perhaps we can do better now." Her gaze shifted to the mare's hoof, watching the icy tendrils of magic circling around it. The moon princess paid close attention to each word Ice Storm spoke, searching them to reassure what paranoia she had about such a binding pact that none of it could ensnare her. It wasn't that she thought Ice Storm would try to bend her own idol to her will or anything of the sort, but one never knew. Ice could be under somepony else's control and she wouldn't even know it! But Luna felt no darkness about any of it. Slipping off one of her silver shoes, Luna lifted her hoof to touch Ice Storm's. "I do not wish you to come to harm simply to protect me, Ice Storm, but I accept your pact." She would bear whatever pain might come. The cold could not hurt her like it once did, and she had bore far greater pain.
  14. The umbrum shrugged and leaned back in his chair, comfortably relaxing with his forelegs draped over the armrests. "The Alicorn Amulet seems to work like many other such artifacts. Whoever or whatever first created them did so to purposefully lure ponies to cause chaos and harm. I don't speak about Discord when I say chaos. I mean their intents were malicious, to lure ponies using their own greed and lust for power." Of course, Sombra wouldn't admit or deny he had a lust for power, but he didn't think the Alicorn Amulet could affect him. He was dark magic- why would it? Of course, he'd never know until he got his hooves on it. Turning his thoughts towards something else, like the topic at hoof and Raven herself, he cleared his throat. "I think I can make it work. There has to be a way I can perform spells that work the same as they would with normal magic, if my intent isn't malicious.. We'll just have to find out once I make another." A small smile flickered across Sombra's snout at Raven's joke. Sombra felt confident that such a thing wouldn't happen- he'd just have to be careful.
  15. /zooms right on in here i'd be totally down with that! it'd be fun.
  16. A dark brow rose and Sombra gestured at his horn; in hindsight, though, she probably didn't recognize it for what it was. "I've been using dark magic the entire time," he replied. Dark magic flared to life around his horn, curling purple smoke edged in green, with the occasional flicker of black energy. The same purple smoke leaked from the corners of his glowing eyes. "It's.. old. I'd assume to be the magic of the umbrum, but there are different forms of dark magic. Some old artifacts have their own form of it. I only know mine." Her request to teach her left him conflicted. He could teach her, but it was dark magic.. it might corrupt her. Sombra didn't know how, or how quickly it would, but he was wary. On one hoof, teaching her would be of some use to her, to recognize it and combat against it. At the same time, he was hesitant for her to come to any harm. "I might be able to. To answer your questions: it's extremely dangerous and may end up eventually corrupting the user, unless you're me. It's fairly powerful, and the difficulty of its use depends on how well you can access your emotions. Specifically: rage. If you can't harness your anger, you'll have a great difficulty in using it. With unicorns.. I imagine you'd be corrupting your own magic just to wield it when you call on it, though it won't be permanent. Possibly. You'll have to exercise extreme caution and use it sparingly." Sombra let his magic go out, and his eyes returned to normal- or as normal as they could be when they were already unusual- slit pupils, and a green tinge to his sclera. "I think the Alicorn Amulet is a dark magic relic, too. It's own brand. Why else would it corrupt the user? Knowing dark magic and knowing how to recognize it, whether as magic or an artifact like the Amulet, will help you recognize such things so that you can protect yourself and others from it."
  17. They might never truly know what the Crystal Heart did to King Sombra, but Luna didn't think he was simply banished. She puzzled over the matter while Ice Storm reassured her. So long as the icy mare knew what she was dealing with, then her worries could be put at ease- for the most part. "If you think you have the power to deal with him.. I hope you do. It took both my sister and myself to battle him, and to banish him to the ice." She paused, a hoof lifting to her own chin. "I think I heard.. a little of what happened when the Crystal Empire attacked. I didn't believe it when they claimed King Sombra was a part of it, since I thought him destroyed. I had considered that if I were to ever want to lay siege to the empire, I would want to use the symbol of what they fear most to shatter their morale.. I thought that may have been all it was." Luna dropped her hoof and listened again, her mind starting to work over the matter of Tempest and her broken horn. She felt that there wouldn't be any chance they could fully restore her horn without the rest of it.. "What if we create something that she can fit over what's left? Something that works the same way a horn does, that will allow her to channel magic properly? A.. A prosthetic," she said after a moment's struggle to remember the word. Prosthetics were one such positive change, and it was nice to know ponies could make something so useful for others who'd need them. The moon princess considered what Ice Storm spoke of next and she thoughtfully brushed a foreknee up against the underside of her own chin. Her eyes studied the orbs that'd detached from Ice Storm's necklace in thought. The temperature was dropping.. but it didn't quite bother her. After her imprisonment on the moon, cold temperatures no longer seemed to bother her as much as it might once have. She was sure she recognized such artifacts, or at least some description of them. "Intriguing.." Her foreleg dropped and she focused more fully upon Ice Storm herself. "If there is any way I can assist with your escape in possible captures, I would certainly do so. And none shall know I was responsible. I do hope your and Tempest's plans work out well. I do wish to see Equestria safe and properly protected."
  18. Princess Luna lifted a hoof to wave away Ice Storm's apologies and the list of all the things that could go wrong. She knew quite well how ponies would twist things should Ice's organization ever be discovered and this information ever got out. "You need not apologize. Should anything about your organization's existence get out, I can simply choose to say -- nothing. My refusal to lie doesn't mean I can't withhold information, which I can do with ease. I've hidden a lot from ponies, even my own sister, and sometimes.. I still do. I don't feel.. good about it, but it is necessary." A soft sigh left her. "If worst comes to worst, I will try to speak for you and your organization, to soothe any fears the public may have, and correct what they try to twist. Even if I must face my fellow princesses to convince them of it, then, I shall. I still may not know too much about it aside from what you've told me, but I believe you have good intentions, and I hope to see what you can do to help protect Equestria." Falling quiet, Luna turned her attention to the answer Ice Storm was giving her about who she'd managed to recruit. Tempest Shadow was one she'd already figured out from Ice's hint, who she hoped would be a great help to them after her change of heart. The next name she was told was enough to make the princess start, her wings unfurling in shock. "King Sombra? Wh-.. but how? I thought he had perished!" Were the reports given by Twilight and her friends about seeing King Sombra destroyed by the Crystal Heart accurate, or.. did they even see it? Were they wrong? They had to be if Ice Storm had somehow managed to find King Sombra and recruited him into her ranks, although knowing what she did about the tyrant, Luna had to wonder how much Ice actually recruited him or if he was taking advantage of the offer to get what he might want in the end. He, from Luna's experience, was a wily one. All lies, deception, and misdirection.. as well as cruel. "I.. see. As nice as it is to hear that you've managed to find several recruits already, I.. must caution you about dealing with King Sombra. He is -- dangerous. Not to be trusted. Do take care with him." Luna could do nothing if Ice intended to have Sombra working for her except to warn the mare about him. If he was dropped suddenly, he might find it suspicious or even retaliate somehow. With him, it was difficult to tell what he'd do.
  19. "Actually," Sombra began thoughtfully, with only a nod towards Raven's gratitude in her improving mood, "I was thinking of making it myself. It may work, as I don't know anypony who I trust enough with the magic needed to create those enchantments. I don't think the fact that I use dark magic would interfere if my intent isn't to harm or corrupt.." Again, it would simply need another test to see how well it'd do for Raven, though he was hesitant to put her in harm's way again after the first one failed so terribly. "Indeed, I'd have to agree. Storing magic within gems is only useful if you need to access excess magic, which can be quite tricky until you learn how to without possibly hurting yourself. It can take time to properly learn, and only then after you have full control of your magic that isn't affected by the crack in your horn." Sombra spoke bluntly as he indicated it with a slight nod of his head towards Raven. It was something that couldn't be helped, unless she were to want to find an expert healer to attempt something.. but he had no desire to try to 'fix' her or the disability she had. It might as well be a part of her at this point, and even Raven didn't seem interested in the idea when he posed it yesterday.. or was it the other day? Sombra couldn't quite recall when they'd had that conversation. "We'll make a new one and see what we can do to make it work."
  20. Sombra came close to making an amused noise in his throat, and he was glad he chose not to. Raven's parents seemed to be a sore topic for her- every time she brought them up, she grew sad. "I never knew what it was like to have parents, so I can't presume to know what your situation is like," he replied. "Though I can understand something: never being accepted by others. Of course, you have the fortune of actually being a pony, rather than an umbrum forced into the form of one. I wouldn't waste time with the ponies in Canterlot." He leaned forward in his seat, reaching to gently bump Raven's shoulder with one of his dark hooves. If she kept sniffling and bursting into tears, he'd just have to -- keep hugging her until she felt better. Probably. Though he wasn't sure how much hugging he'd be able to do. "I can't offer platitudes or false hopes about the possibility of your parents still being out there. All I can say is this: I'd be happy to bring you along on a few adventures with me, although I don't know how much they'll be adventures than they would be me wandering Equestria in search of my newest interest, or whatever else there might be. The modern day has quite a lot of new changes I haven't yet gotten to see." The Crystal Empire wouldn't exactly be on his list, but he might follow Raven most of the way to ensure she got there safely. [I didn't realize I didn't respond OOCly after my last post until now but I'd be up for that!]
  21. Princess Luna merely nodded her head to the matter of the play, choosing to remain silent in anticipation of whatever illegal secret Ice Storm was preparing to drop on her. What could Ice Storm be planning to help keep Equestria safe from the kind of villains they'd had to face? Ice Storm, thankfully, chose to cut straight to the point. Building an army. Luna initially wasn't sure what to think of it, so she chose to remain silent and allow the mare to explain. Her brow furrowed slightly. It was true that EPIC, as she'd learned, just wasn't enough to really protect Equestria despite what it tried to boast. A mention of a certain mare left Luna puzzling over what mare that could be until she recalled Tempest Shadow. Tempest had chosen to turn over a new leaf after Twilight had shown her the truth.. Somehow, Luna couldn't be surprised that Ice managed to recruit Tempest Shadow for such an organization meant to protect Equestria- her skills would come in quite useful. Though the princess was worried over this large war ship Ice detailed, she found herself growing excited over this information. It could be the answer to their problems, and had Ice not sworn her to secrecy, she could have -- No. Even if she trusted Celestia's views on some matters, she didn't think anypony could really understand. Even if it had all the heroes and warriors that'd been born from the strife in Equestria's recent history as they'd discussed at the princess summit, they'd find something wrong. No, she wouldn't have told them even if it wasn't a secret, wasn't illegal. It was information she was entirely going to keep to herself. Luna straightened, her expression a serious one. "I cannot lie to anypony, nor can I bring myself to be at all dishonest. However, neither will I tell a soul about this or reveal my knowing of this information if I am never asked. I think we could seriously use something like this. The other princesses mentioned having the help of natural heroes and warriors to help protect Equestria beyond the Element Bearers, myself, and my sister, but we weren't sure of who. We weren't sure of the solution, but.. this could be it. Who all have you recruited to your organization?"
  22. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Elysium Nicknames: Ely, Elli Title: Spellbinder Sex: Mare Age: 25 Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Yellow Coat: A very light, faded purple, and faded blue. Mane/Tail: A pastel blue-violet with glittering flecks of white Physique: Slender and slightly athletic. Residence: An abandoned cabin out in the woods some distance from Canterlot's mountain. Occupation: Witch, magic practitioner; formerly a soldier Cutie Mark: Two swords crossed over a stylized sun Unique Traits: The two different shades on their fur create strange markings, with a few stripes at their middle where the colors meet. Their tail, while a little short, is styled like a more traditional unicorn's. Other: Elysium often wears dark colors if they wear clothing, and has a set of light armor with a faded purple cape. There are gems on the leg guards and the neck armor for holding extra magic or enchantments. They have a bombay cat by the name of Ghost. Has an interest in art that they mostly keep to themself, and a fascination with dragons. Elysium is an ex-soldier. History: Born outside of Equestria in a mountainous region close to the city of Kastrot, Elysium was mostly raised by their stern father. Their mother was somewhat distant, but they learned a lot about nature and magic involving it from her. Other forms of magic were taught to them by their father, though the more academic views they would take on magic was, to some extent, born of rebellion. If they were to learn, they felt it would be best that nothing be restricted. Eventually they would move into a part of Kastrot where Elysium would eventually be swept up into the military to get by in their late teens, training how to fight and learning offensive magic. Becoming a soldier was the only way to get by when they could find no other jobs fitting their skills. It worked for them at the barest minimum, but they didn't like how strict everything was nor did they like the treatment. By adulthood, Elysium managed to find a way to slip out of the city and escape Maretonia, choosing to head to a country they'd heard a lot about: Equestria. Elysium felt that they'd be able to find something better there, despite how mixed the stories involving Equestria were. They haven't quite found a place to settle yet, but they're still searching all the while taking advantage of all the new information that was so freely available. Character Personality: They are a calm and laid back pony, albeit rather distant to the point of aloof. They're also very focused and serious enough to be mildly intimidating, though they can often be easily distracted depending on the situation and how much is going on around them. It can be difficult when there is a lot of noise and ponies. They have a love of reading stories and various magical tomes, as well as creating new spells where possible. Their view on magic is a peculiar one- they believe that all magic should be explored for the sake of knowledge, and that simply because its labeled 'dark magic' doesn't make it 'evil' and that denying the learning of certain kinds of magic is a poor decision and a lost opportunity of understanding. Character Summary: A unicorn with a foreign-born family who has an understanding and skill in the occult, mostly relating to magic/offensive magic. They don't restrain themselves on what type of magic they learn, whether its dark magic, forbidden or not, because they believe knowing any kind of magic would prove helpful in any situation. They spend a lot of their time alone, pursuing their interests and spending time with their cat, Ghost.
  23. Princess Luna made a soft sound in her throat. "Maybe she didn't notice," she mused. "I know that she does not go to bed until late, exhausted, and does not even glance out the window. When she lowers the sun, she may do it elsewhere in the castle amidst whatever she may be involved in. I do recall a few times when she was entertaining some visiting dignitaries, the moon had already risen. I believe my sister overextends herself with these more social visits and events. I feel she could do without them and have somepony else preside over such things." The dark alicorn could only nod her agreement after she'd spoken. They really did have no other choice but to move on; it was unfortunate, but true. A small smile crossed her muzzle upon seeing Ice Storm's excitement over the plans for the play, and she couldn't help a small suggestion. "Do you think we should do better, this time, and depict both my sister and myself in it? I can whisper you the details of what happened that day, so that you can do the play in more.. detail. I'm sure you and your companions can pull it off better." Luna saw the change in Ice Storm's expression over the little she'd mentioned about the princess summit discussions and inclined her head, listening to the pale mare speak and point out the weakness in the guard that'd be left after Princess Celestia and Bluebelle left for the borders. That was.. true, something that Luna hadn't even considered. She was confident in her ability to maintain things while Celestia was gone, so long as she was allowed to do things her way, and she hadn't considered any possibilities of attack. It didn't seem likely, and she didn't think that anypony would even hear about it let alone try.. but there was always that chance there were spies, or inopportune timing.. "I believe I can defend myself quite well," Luna began, gently; she wasn't shooting down Ice Storm's offer, "but I will always welcome your assistance." It'd been a difficult lesson to learn, to accept help. She never knew what to expect when it came to attacks, especially when Celestia won't be around to have any of her rare visions. The situation soon turned serious as Ice Storm touched upon something secret, something potentially illegal. Classified. The moon princess's interest piqued and she leaned in a little, as if she expected Ice Storm to whisper it into her ear. "I shall keep it to myself," Luna replied solemnly, lifting a silver-shod hoof and placing it over her own heart. "Pray tell.. What is it?"
  24. Sombra set the last few books back onto the shelves on his side of the room and turned to face Raven, hearing the hesitant beginning of her sentence. "I know," he replied simply. After a few minutes' silence that followed this, he thought to expand on his response. "I may not always be around, mind you. I know that I can always come back here, but I may leave on occasion to nose around Equestria. Especially now that you've alerted me to the existence of the Alicorn Amulet. It's quite an interesting artifact and I'm curious about it, about its whereabouts." Tilting his head, he made his way over towards one of the available seats and plucked a few papers off of it, straightening them in his magic as he sat down and levitating them towards Raven's desk. "Is there something the matter?" Sombra queried, curious. She looked like she was a little worried, but he wasn't sure about how much he was really reading into any of it. "Even if I leave for a while, I'll always come back. Perhaps I might even try to drag you out on some adventure. Surely an adventure would do you some good, to get away from Canterlot and these so called nobles."
  25. The foyer of their castle was lined in grass and plants struggling to grow in the gloom, evidence of the forest's efforts to take back what they'd built on. The tapestries were torn, tattered and moth-eaten. There was barely anything left of some of them. Though there was evidence of somepony having been through here- Twilight and her friends. They moved on, past the arched doorways along the foyer and through the castle to their next stop. Upon entering the throne room, Luna looked up towards the ceiling. It had been torn open during their fight, and many of the glass panels of the skylights were broken or missing. Her eyes trailed along the jagged rip in the ceiling to what Celestia was looking at: their thrones. The stained glass window high above their thrones that'd depicted a tree was nothing more than a jagged hole, and a crack all the way up the middle of the wall remained as proof of the damage she'd done all those years ago. The tapestries, on the other hoof, were largely undamaged beyond some tattering at their bottom edges. A heavy sigh escaped the dark alicorn and she followed her sister up onto the thrones' platform with its little, curved bridge, staring at their thrones. The weight of all that'd happened was heaviest here. Her ears twitched towards Celestia's laugh, a strange sound in this room. "Indeed I do. I believe I also sent Princess Platinum out another way towards the courtyard when she was snotty and rude to me over us not having cutiemarks or being worthy. It fixed her attitude quickly, and I felt a little guilty for doing so. 'Tis strange to think that was what started my friendship with her."
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