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  1. Taking a Trip to Saddle Arabia [Open!]

    " Oh really? " The filly stood and looked at the peculiar pony and smiled. " Does it included magic? Can you make some appear right now? Can you? " Bast sighed and rolled her eyes, " Woah woah little one, I think she needs my help for a little while. You can ask her these questions later. " The filly pouted and stomped on the ground. " You're not my Papa ! " " I may not be, but I do have a mouth, and I can tell him that you were acting up around your elders. " This was something she would hear all the time when she was little, and it always worked. The filly's ears went back and she nodded. " Right... " " You can go tell your friends you out-riddled a sphinx if you want-" Her frown was gone in an instant, the giggly mess was galloping to go find some friends to brag too. ", but yes, to answer your question I am native. Do you need help? " Best stood up and shook of the sand from her hind legs and tail. Now she took a moment to actually look at the pony. Wow..she looks...different.
  2. { Gold Coast Silk Shop } [ OPEN ]

    " Alright then, you'll want to go with indigo float then, it's a very beautiful blue. " Bast grabbed a small vase and showed it to her. " Oh, your sister has solved the riddle, so, the post for the riddle-winners are on the table to the left. She motioned to the table right next to the wheel. " You both also have the option for me to make a pot for you, if you don't see anything you like. I just have to let you know it would take a lest two weeks for the pots to made. " Now Bast was even more confused by how they were communicating, both of her brows were up, staring at one unicorn and craning her neck to see the front. " Um...if it's not to much to ask, how are you and your sister communicating. I find it quite fascinating. "
  3. Taking a Trip to Saddle Arabia [Open!]

    The filly was beginning to grow frustrated, Bast smirked and laughed while she frowned even more. " You need more time? " The filly stomped a hoof and shook her head. " I can answer it right now. " The spine took a bite of her bread and hummed, waiting for the little one's answer. " Rain! " Bast stalled and pretended to think about it. " Sorry little one, you are wrong." " What? What do you mean? It is always alive when it manages to get here! " She whined and began to jumped a little. " Child, the answer is a snowflake. " Bast began to draw her best version in the ground, " It is a raindrop that is extremely cold, and a snowflake is never the same. This pattern? Is just one of millions of other patterns. " The filly seemed to be no longer interested in the fact that the sphinx had cheated her, rather what a snowflake was. " Will I ever see one? " " Well, when you get older and you are able to travel, come to Canterlot, or Ponyville, where you can see snowflakes and snow. Snow is like sand, but white and cold, and it melts when you hold it. "
  4. { Gold Coast Silk Shop } [ OPEN ]

    " Ah yes, I have a few vases back there.. " Bast was doing her best to actually keep up with the words, and the fact that the two were just staring at each other. " The glazes don't effect plants once their dried, but I suggest you use a pot that's a low fire glaze. Just to be safe. "Bast traveled to the back of the shop and pointed to a shelf on the left " All of these pots and vases were made with low fire glazes. Back at home most ponies would pick pots with the Dusty Rose glaze. " The sphinx stood up and grabbed one from to top shelf, it was a pale pink vase, " Or they would go with the Jade. " Bast grabbed a pot, smaller than the pink vase and looked at Placidity. " Or, if you'd like, I can make you one right now? " The kiln buzzed, making the room hotter all of a sudden. " Sorry- Excuse me for a moment.. " Bast put the objects down and went to open her back window, letting a cool breeze in. " That's better..." Bast climbed back down and looked at her customer, not really knowing what to say at this point.
  5. { Gold Coast Silk Shop } [ OPEN ]

    Bast heard the noise in the front and looked down at her little pot, it was good enough to dry out. She placed it on a operate table and began to wash her paws. Her mother was very strict on washing her paws before she entered the silk shop, it happened more than once where a customer comes in complaining about dusty paw-prints. Once she finished that Bast decided to take a peek at who was looking around in her shop. It looked like twins, but only one was actually interested in buying something. Bast took a deep breath and walked out into the open, putting on her working smile. " Why hello there, welcome to my silk shop, where the silk you see is from Saddle Arabia. " Bast motioned to the back, " If you aren't looking for silk, then come to back where you'll see wonderful pots, plates and more. " Bast looked at the two and plopped right next to the desk. "I'm Bast, what can I do for you mares today?" That alone was exhausting, that and she also forgot to say something. " Oh and uh...have you seen today's riddle? Whoever gets it right will receive a pot! "
  6. GOLD COAST SILK SHOP: NOW OPEN A yawn escaped the sphinx as she stretched, today was the day she would be managing the shop alone, her mother is out on vacation and her step-brother wouldn't have done any work if he were to stay home. Bast let her claws go through her mane as she tried her best to tame it and look presentable. After she finished grooming and preening she trotted down the spiral stairs. Instead of going to the main room, Bast went to the back, where her extension of the shop was. Bast made pots, plates and sculptures and more. The kiln was on and buzzing, heating up pots she planned on displaying in about two days. It was nice to work in the back, ti was quiet, warm and it gave her an opportunity to unwind after working in the other half of the shop. Bast walked to a shelf and stood on her hind legs, grabbing two high-fire glazes and then plopping down to grab a few cubes of clay. After she placed them on the wheel she went back out front. It was time to officially open the shop. Bast flipped the sign and then began to write the riddle of the day on the small chalk board. RIDDLE OF THE DAY: What is the difference between a colt studying and a farmer watching his cattle? WHO EVER ANSWERS CORRECTLY GETS A FREE POT ! Bast smiled and adjusted the board and then walked back to her wheel. She would hear somepony come in, so she didn't have to worry about sitting at the front desk. " Now...lets work. " Bast sat down and began to play with the clay, the soft feeling of her paw pads and claw calmed her down. She began to pinch the sides, hoping to make a small pinch pot for the winner of today's riddle. Her tail swept the floor, sending dust flying in many directions. Her eyes never left the wheel, the clay was beginning to take a nice shape.
  7. Taking a Trip to Saddle Arabia [Open!]

    Bast smiled happily as she walked through the market, breathing in the hot and dry air of her homeland. The sphinx was here to check on the shop they left behind, hoping the friend they chose to run it was making good money. Of course, her mother never said when she had to be back, so Bast was taking advantage of the time she had in her home and decided to check the market. The market is where most of her memories were made. Playing with the other ponies, telling them riddles and laughing while they struggled to think, and the best part was watching the baker make bread. The smell hit her nostrils almost instantly, making her drool. " Hello sir! How much for the bread? " The colt turned and smiled " For you miss? It's about fifteen bits. " Bast ate the bread with a smile, her tail thumping on the ground and forming small clouds of sand. Her eyes fell upon a filly, who was looking directly at her. Bast swallowed awkwardly, and waved at the little one. After a few seconds the filly came over and asked " Can you tell me a riddle, like a very hard one. Because I'm good at riddles too. " Bast rose a brow and leaned down to her level " Think you can out-riddle a sphinx huh, challenge accepted little one." The filly sat down next to her with a proud smirk and waited for her first riddle. " I speak without a mouth and hear without ears. I have nopony, but come alive with wind. What am I?" The filly hummed in thought, pretending to think about the answer. " An echo. " Bast was impressed and ruffled her hair. " Nice work, little one, I see I may not have given you a challenge... " The filly beamed, giggling, " I out riddled a sphinx ! " " Woah there missy, I'm just getting started. " " Oh really? Try me. " " You got it. " Bast smirked, letting some of her teeth show. " What flies when it's born, lies when it's alive and runs when it's dead? " The filly was stuck now, because the answer is something she had never seen before.
  8. Bast [READY]

    Here you go !! I fixed it, sorry about that.
  9. Bast [READY]

    - NAME : Bast Khamaseen " Godess of Cats " - AGE : Seventeen - BIRTHDAY : December 15, 2001 " No one is worth your teenage years " - WEIGHT : 453.592 kg " Never ask a lady about her weight "' - HEIGHT : { on hind legs } 7 ft { on all fours } 4.5 ft " Stand tall dearie." - WING SPAN : 122 cm - SPECIES : Sphinx " Would you like to solve a riddle "' - GENDER : Female " I don't worry about it, cuz' I'm a lady " - FUR COLOR : tawny/gold , spots scattered on her back and flank - EYE COLOR : Greenish-Yellow, some gold if you look deep enough [ like the other sphinx her eyes have slits ] - MANE COLOR : Black { extremely curly }, bangs are always combed back. 90% of it is already grown, down to her shoulders. - WINGS : The majority of her feathers are the same color as her fur, but some feathers are white and some are brown as well [ has feathers on her stomach, chest and back ] - BODY : Muscular, broad shoulders, wide chest, long legs TAIL LENGTH : 4 ft , with a little tuft at the end " Perfect isn't easy, but, it's me. " - PERSONALITY : Bold : full of life and energy, never letting her limits get the best of her. Perceptive : It may make her a bit nosy, but she can notice a change in anything. Depending on what it is, she will act on it. Direct : She doesn't hide anything when it comes to opinions and thoughts. Defiant : Bast isn't one for rules, she hates them, and prefers to do everything her way. Risk-Prone : Always dives head first into a situation before really thinking about it Curios : Always wanting to know what it going on, and always looking to find someone new. Artistic : Very creative " The world is my canvas " - TALENTS : - Pottery : Bast always had a liking for pots, vases and so on, so she took a class and she found out that her claws can make beautiful patterns. - Makeup : She can turn anything and anyone into a canvas, she also loves to do it to herself, boosts her self-esteem. - Flight : Bast is a very graceful flyer. Riddles: She most likely knows the answer to 98% of the riddles you tell her, she also knows some pretty challenging ones as well. Singing : It is something that runs her household, lifting each other up by singing. [ she sounds like this ] " You don't need a cutiemark to have talent " - FRIENDS : ( Okay, so here is where I will put her friends she makes. Depending on how they interact I may put them on here. After a while I will close of friendships, because it can be overwhelming ) FAMILY : Khamaseen [ BIOLOGICAL FATHER ] : Their relationship is undetermined at this point, when she was about six her father had committed adultery on her mother with an earth-pony, named Lilac Waters. Since then Bast had to visit him and his wife every other year and those years were nothing to remember. He forced her to do things for him in order to get a reward. One time she came back home dangerously thin, her father had worked her to her limits. They used to keep in touch, but soon Khamaseen stopped talking to her and Bast decided to ignore him back. Harir [ BIOLOGICAL MOTHER ] : When she was younger, Bast and Harir would bond over silk. Harir loved to dress her in small dresses made of silk. Once Bast was able to walk she would be found sleeping in baskets of silk, her mother made her a bed out of silk, so Bast doesn't leave fur all over the dresses she makes. Bast and Harir were always close, especially since Khamaseen had left them. The only mistake Harir made while raising Bast, giving her to many rules to follow. This is how Bast became defiant and a little snarky towards her mom. Harir had to straiten her out many times, it took one heated argument and soon her mother was gone for three days. Bast had gotten no sleep, didn't eat or do anything because she was gone. When her mother came back everything has been quiet and awkward. Until they both met Roje. Roje [ STEP FATHER ] : Roje was a griffin her mother had been seeing for a couple of months, Roje was a good creature, kind, funny and everything Bast's father wasn't. It wasn't hard for her to get attached. Roje and Bast like to take long flights and talk, it's something they do every morning. Bast talked to him about her rocky relationship with her mother and he was the one to actually help them get a head start on rekindling it. After six months of coming over and seeing Bast and Harir, Roje came to Bast one night and asked if he could pop the question to her mother. " Oh! Of course, I would love to call you Papa ! " He proposed early in the morning, and they got married months later. During the wedding she met her step brother, Keyair. Who was probably the most annoying and cocky griffin she has ever met. Keyair [ STEP BROTHER ] : He's big, a jerk and extremely good at getting on Harir's nerves. Living with him is a chore, they never seem to get along and argue over the smallest things. Bast seems to ignore the fact that they are related by law, " Well, you suck, so you are not my brother regardless of what the law says. " Keyair and Bast have gotten into actually fights, one time Keyair came out limping and Bast had a black eye. It was obvious who won the fight. Roje and Harir now just let their fights play out, because stoping them and grounding them isn't doing anything. But, it's very rare that it happens, the two can be seen cuddling on top of each other and snoring. They refuse to admit it though. 90% of the time they are snarling and screeching at another. - SEXUALITY : Bisexual [ meaning both mares and colts ] - RELATIONSHIP STATUS : Single " Everyone you care about is family " - PLACE OF ORIGIN : Saddle Arabia - CURRENTLY RESIDING : Canterlot OCCUPATION : Part-time job as a potter, and Part-time at her mothers shop BACKGROUND : Bast was born in a small village in Saddle Arabia , Bast can't exactly remember the name, her mother never really mentioned it that much. Her childhood, other than her father, was actually good. The ponies didn't mind the family living there some even offered to babysit Bast from time to time. Of course, they weren't the only sphinx's around, they often met other families who have a relative that is a sphinx. Her parents home-schooled her, tight her basic spells, like levitation, of course she was taught riddled and how to solve them. Bast is still learning how to use her magic, her limit right now is summoning small items. Once Bast had turned six, she was able to go to the local school and learn a bit more about actual ponies. They all seemed very intriguing, especially since they all have cutiemarks, Bast leaned that she can't have one, and it bothered her all through her life. She constantly asked herself " What is my purpose? " " If I don't have a talent, what am I good for?" Her parents, who were still together at the time, worried and talked to the teachers about what to do. The teacher simply replied " Let the girl explore. " And they did. One time, Harir and Khamaseen took Bast to a potter, they were looking for a new pot and wanted to see how they made it. Bast loved it, and the colt agreed to teach her for a reasonable price. Those lessons paid off and Bast wasn't as insecure about the fact that she can't have a cutimark. After her father left, Bast was in the worst place, she wouldn't go to school, insisting that her father would come back for her and not leave again. Harir was destroyed by the fact that her daughter was so stuck on an absent father. As time past by, Harir went back to homeschooling Bast, because she wasn't going to have a stupid child. " Now that you are home more often, you will work. " Bast was now responsible for carrying silk baskets, washing and dyeing the silk. It was fun for Bast, and she ended up working for her mom in the end. As she grew older, Bast was taking more and more pots home, and her mother decided to set up a smaller shop for Bast so she could sell her art. It helped the two gain more money and attract a few tourists who managed to stumble upon their village. One of those tourists was Rejo. A griffin who liked to flirt with Harir, and make her giggle like a kid. Harir and Rejo would talk so much that Bast would have to take over both shops. Bast's opinion on Rejo changed when Harir invited him to dinner. Rejo was able to light up the household, the way her biological father never did, soon he came almost every week and that turned into everyday. The moment Bast found out that Rejo proposed to her mother she was the happiest she could ever be. Once Harir and Rejo came back from their honeymoon, they had decided to moved to Canterlot, where Rejo's son lives. The place overwhelmed both females to the point where they literally would not leave the house. During those days, Keyair and Bast got to know each other. They hated each other. They would constantly fight over the stupidest of things. Rejo was the first to kick them both out of the house and the two were livid as they trotted and argued through Canterlot. They ended up staying in a small inn for two-days. Now, the two just avoid one another, Keyair in his room and Bast working in the shop they set up. " There is no home, like the one you've got, cuz' that home belongs to you "