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  1. hmmm this sounds like it's right up my alley :3
  2. BlueBook

    New style

    Thanks @Alivda 😊
  3. BlueBook

    New style

    From the album: BlueBook's art stash

    Decided to try and improve my art style and this is what happened. Did this in the span of one night, pretty proud of myself. The oc depicted was created be me for a friend, please do not use him at all.
  4. BlueBook

    BlueBook's art stash

    Come one, come all! See the art that spawns from them mind of this pegasus mare!
  5. From the album: BlueBook's art stash

    These are some sketches I did for a commission someone ordered. I though I'd share them. Please, these are not free to use nor are you able to use them at all.
  6. Sugar Malt would love to be part of this technically one of my ocs royal guard but who needs that anyway since the comic was cancelled She's already an official member of the guards and moving to Ponyville wouldn't be an issue
  7. Woo! Finally 19! Yay birthdays! XD

    1. szalhi


      Too old. 

    2. BlueBook


      pfpt, not old enough XD

    3. dragonofruin


      happy birthday!

  8. or even a sort of police-like figure would work even if royal guards aren't being used
  9. Would a royal guard be welcome in this perhaps?
  10. Alright my internet friendos, im bored and in the mood to rp between commissions. pm me if ya wanna 1x1 rp in messages since im not yet approved for the cannon roleplays

    1. szalhi



    2. szalhi


      I mean, my mood constantly changes so it's hard to really determine whether or not I actually want to do it.

    3. PrinceBlueblood


      Let me know if/when you put up a thread!  I've got a few less-used OC's I'd like to get some time in the sun.

  11. Ikr?! I really love her wings, they remind me of a tropical bird
  12. Oh hey, I did that challenge too XD my girl is in the spoiler in case you wanted to see, prepare your eyes my friend XD
  13. haha if I didn't know any better I'd say you're a bot XD yeah, I've been putting off her personality and summery cause she actually comes from an au for a comic I was writing
  14. Did anyone else see this yet?!


  15. Feel free to join my new Discord server!


  16. *confusing emotions*

    1. szalhi


      What kind of design flaw is not being able to decipher our own emotions? 

  17. Yeah, more time is needed XD It's hard to come up with a story for her since her actual story is in an au
  18. I think I'll just have her as a FFA character instead. changing her doesn't feel right since she is my ponysona
  19. From the album: BlueBook's art stash

    © BlueBook belongs to me, any unauthorized use of her will not be tolerated

  20. (ignore the text, it was for a comic I gave up on) (art by me, I only own Sugar Malt) Roleplay Type: TBD Name: Sugar Malt Sex: female/mare Age: adult (a few years younger than Shining Armor) Species: pegasus Eye colour: brown Coat: off white Mane/Tail: tan(ish) and light blue Physique: well built and muscular, but short Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Royal guard Cutie Mark: a light blue shield with a red lightning bolt Unique Traits: freckles oh her wings and face Likes: giving and taking orders, smoothies/shakes/ice cream, surprises, cute fluffy animals Dislikes: being treated like a child, flirts, letting others down Extra: one of the first known female royal guards History: As a filly, Sugar Malt's mother passed from a sickness and was left in the care of her father, one of the many guards in Canterlot. Under her fathers guidence, Sugar grew in intelligence, strength, age, and talent. As a young adult, she finally managed to get her Cutie Mark. It happened during a lession at the School for Guards in Canterlot. Durring the usual flight rounds, she noticed something off on the streets of the town. She flew down and found that ponies had shut themselves in their homes to shield themselves from a massive magic fight between two unicorns. Thinking about nothing but the safety of the townsfolk and the unicorns, Sugar jumped between the two, her wings shielding her body from their magic. Most pegasi would have been fried from the blast, their wings singed, but not Sugar. Unscathed, she broke apart the fight although, the unicorns had pretty much stopped to stare at her. That day, she learned that her wings were like shields, they could withstand almost anything. She also earned her Cutie Mark, but that was not the most amazing thing. The captain of the Canterlot royal guard had seen her bravery and selflessness in the fight so on top of all the other things, Sugar Malt promoted to an official Royal guard. Character Personality: Stubborn, quick to think, brave, a tad boring. Sometimes treats others like a kid. Character Summary: Sugar Malt is a stubborn yet brave pegasus mare who joined the Royal guard at a young age. She tries to see the best in others, but will not hesitate to serve the law and put troublemakers to justice.
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