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  1. I'd say it's kind of like how Pinkie Pie is with her family, and she's still closest with Maud. That's the best way I could explain it, except Lilac is more desperate for a bond
  2. Aaa, okay well, she'd be close to her sister because they're sisters. She'd be the type to make amends because they're family, and Lilac wouldn't necessarily hate her parents or anypony else, she would just distance herself from them all because of Cloudsdale being the way it is for her. Sunset Glimmer (sister) is mostly more stuck-up than her older sis and would be reluctant to admit she had ever done anything wrong. Other than that, Lilac tries her best to get along with Glimmer and wants to build a relationship with her. (Hope this helps, I can put this into the app if need be)
  3. Dear diary It's been a week or so since I've moved here. I'm realizing how big Canterlot is, but I saw Princess Cadance today..! I also decided to name the shop "The Filly's Lillies". Creative right? That's all, Diary ~Lila
  4. Glad I'm not the only one to think that lol
  5. Roleplay Type: OC Name: Lilac Skies, Lilac, Lila Sex: MareAge: FillySpecies: PegasusEye colour: Blue, like a river!Coat: Ivory/EggshellMane/Tail: Orchid and pearl swirled coloringPhysique: Slightly taller than most mares, but not too much to be noticeableResidence: Just moved to CanterlotOccupation: FloristCutie Mark: Two open flowers with different colored petals, overlapped by a gardening trowel. Once, she was trying to keep up with her younger sister in a race and clipped one of her wings on a nearby tree branch, causing her to crash to the ground. Her sister and the others flew off without her, leaving her alone. She then found her love for the flowers around where she had landed, and ended up receiving her Cutie Mark this way once she had used the medicinal flowers around her to ease the pain enough to allow her to fly again. Unique Traits: Lilac's wings were always slightly too small for her body for her entire life, making flying difficult or painful and sometimes impossible for her. History: Lilac lived in Cloudsdale for most of her life, despite having her deformed wings. She always felt like she was a burden considering her family has to take care of her so often. She had a few friends throughout her filly-hood, but remained guarded around them because of most of the ponies only looked at her disability and not who she really was. This wedge between her and most of Cloudsdale grew even more when her sister Sunset Glimmer forced her to try out for the Best Young Flyer competition when they were younger. Lilac didn't want to let her down, but was ultimately humiliated when she tried to do anything close to fly. It was then that she had decided to move to Canterlot and start a new life as far away from the clouds as she could get; of course, eventually, she found her calling and re-opened a rundown flower shop to work in the royal gardens and create arrangements for minor events in the Royal City. Character Personality: This mare is definitely more introverted than her Cloudsdale brethren, making her an outcast at most parties or get-togethers. She loves reading up on flower/plant studies and spends most of her time planning perfect floral arrangements for weddings or anniversaries. She is often in contact with royal party planners to work for Canterlot royals. She is proud to say, not loudly, that the front entrance stairs to Princess Celestia's throne room has her new arrangements there every moon. Despite everything, she made amends with her sister for the sake of being family, and Lilac would only really distance herself from her hometown and the ponies that live in it because of the events that took place. Sunset Glimmer (sister) has a more stuck-up than her older sis and would be reluctant to admit she had ever done anything wrong. Other than that, Lilac tries her best to get along with Glimmer and wants to build a relationship with her. Character Summary: Overall, Lilac is kind and caring, and has a big heart for nature. She is distant from most of her family except her little sister, and is often disappointed in herself despite when she tries her best. She is shy but is also bursting with energy when she finds the right friends.
  6. Hello there everypony! I'm new here, Lilac Skies, and I hope I'll be able to make some new friends and start some fun roleplays with my OCs! :3
  7. Dear diary Today I moved in. I finally have a place all my own, and it's adorable! I'm so nervous excited to finally live in Canterlot all on my own with nopony to stop me.. Everyone helped move me today too, mom and dad, even Glimmer too. I think she's still upset that I left, but I know it's for the better. There isn't anything for me in Cloudsdale, everypony knows this, and I think Canterlot will be a great place for me to find new friends and maybe new arrangements to try. Oh! I haven't told you the best part, Diary. I moved in right above a flower shop! Isn't it great? I'll be able to live super close to the thing that has been my dream since I was a young filly, so fascinated with Earth Pony dwellings.. I really hope this is the best decision for me, Diary. I don't know what I'd do or where I'd even live if I didn't have this place.. Anyway, I really should go to bed now. I've got more unpacking to do tomorrow! See ya, ~Lila
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