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  1. Late Night Encounter [Invite Only]

    Raven actually started to giggle a bit as Sombra mentioned her word choice of reform, and how much he had fixated on it. "Sorry, sorry... I... I'm sorry, it's just that was a complete misunderstanding that I didn't know would get under your skin so much." She said as she started to calm down. "What I meant was that I wasn't going to try to change you, it never really works. Unless, of course, deep down somepony wants to change. No, I was stating how I wasn't going to judge you, or say what you did was right or wrong, not without hearing what you had to say about it." Raven was glad that he seemed to be enjoying the tea, and decided to address his other statement. "Right... The REA was formed after the Crystal Kingdom was sealed... So, basically, after Luna became Nightmare Moon and was banished, Princess Celestia decided that pony-kind would be better off defending it self, or something like that... I actually suspect depression from having to fight her sister caused her to want to withdraw some. Anyway, so the EUP, or Earth, Unicorn, Pegasus, Guard was formed. Later, they kinda split into different factions, and eventually we ended up with the Royal Equestrian Guard, made up of the Royal Equestrian Army, or REA, and the Royal Equestrian Navy. Also, I do have something else, I help those around Canterlot who need it. Well, that and learn new spell theories..." She stated, her tone becoming almost lecture like as she gave Sombra a brief history lesson. She left out how her family had been present through almost that entire time, however, as while she was proud of that, it was an unimportant fact...
  2. Late Night Encounter [Invite Only]

    "Of course, feel free to hold back whatever you deem appropriate to." Raven said, smiling as she put the journal back upon it's shelf. "As for your question, I'm afraid the answer is quite mundane. It was a training accident. My mother, who used to be a captain in the REA, thought that I was ready for a maneuver that I wasn't, or I messed it up somehow, I'm not sure. All I really remember is charging forward, a mana charge building in my horn, and then, falling towards a wall... I woke up in the hospital literally right as the doctor said that I would never cast again... Proved him wrong, but still, how... lucky... of a time was that to wake up at?" She looked somber as she told the tale, not because her memories of her childhood were bad, but because it had only been a few short years since her parents disappearance. She still believed them to be out there, just unable to make it home. It's what she felt in her heart to be the truth. Her face took on a slightly more joyous look though after a bit. "It meant I had to relearn how to cast, and of course it also meant I was... encouraged to not apply for the REA myself, which kinda sucked seeing as so much of my life until that point was getting ready to follow in my family's hoof-steps, but at least I can help those around Canterlot who need it, instead of being posted at some garrison watching the grass grow, right?"
  3. "Yes ma'am." Raven said as she stood once more. Fiddling with one of her saddlebags, she drew a folder out and laid it on the table. "I am Raven Shadowfire, last heir of House Dupone. It is a minor title, and one Equestrian has not actively seen the need for, however my family has served Equestria and her people since... well, for a long time. There has been a member of House Dupone serving in the REA in some capacity since its founding. My parents retired to raise me, but my mother was a captain of her own squad, and my father was one of the quartermasters. I was trained with every intention of being the next generation to join the TEA, but due to having to learn how to cast again, I was denied the chance. I thought I could fill the void being denied the chance to fulfill my families legacy with helping those less fortunate around Canterlot, but it's not enough. There's suffering across Equestria, and outside of it." Raven figured giving a brief history of her family would explain why she was here. "I cannot stand here, and honestly say that I've done the best I could do while this is still true. So, since I can't stand before the thrones giving the oath my family has given for generations, for as long as this organization keeps it mission, to protect Equestria, then I shall give it to you." Her tone changed, the words solemn and carrying weight, sounding as if they might of once had magic backing them up. "My name, is meaningless, my title, empty, for I am an instrument and weapon of Equestria's will. This shall be true until my duty has been fulfilled, or I have been released from my duty. This I swear upon my honor as the last heir of House Dupone." The conviction in her words was almost palpable, and one could tell she meant it. "To that end, I took the liberty of preparing this for you, ma'am. It's all of House Dupone's asserts, minus a list of connections. My uncle is still going over those." Raven said as she slid the folder she had pulled out over to the one she thought was the commander, the mare with the orbs around her. "All of it's is open for the cause to use, as is my family's home here in Canterlot."
  4. Late Night Encounter [Invite Only]

    Raven looked thoughtful at the mention it may just be muscle memory. She nodded as Sombra spoke, explaining that she should not feel guilt, for defending herself in a fight. She let the journal drift into range for Sombra to grab it, the story inside being that of the disappearance of the crystal kingdom. "I don't think it's simply guilt.. It... it seems more... primal..." She yawned a bit as she stood and went to a nearby tea set and grabbed the teapot, and went to the fireplace. With a slight glow, a fire shot up. "Would you like some? I'm usually in bed by this time, but seeing as all I have scheduled for tomorrow is some studying to learn some new theories. Maybe this time I'll actually be able to throw a stun beam this time..." She frowned a bit at that thought while waiting for the water to boil. Once the kettle was merrily whistling away, she quickly poured the water and steeped the tea. "I don't have many flavors, unfortunately, I don't keep a lot on hoof." She floated the tray onto a convenient table. She sat back down with a cup in her magical grip. "So...I've kinda just been speaking whatever comes to my mind... I'm sure you would like to ask me some questions now, right?" Raven was starting to truly relax, and expected to be here for a while. She didn't really know what Sombra wanted to know about her, but knew there would be plenty of time for him to reveal his story. A smile lit her face as she took a sip from her cup, the tea reminding her of her time when she would sit in here with her parents, reading the stories of her family's adventures...
  5. I'm late, I'm late, I'M LATE!!!!! Raven screamed to herself in her head, her pace not slacking as she ran though the streets of Canterlot. She had received a most curious potion, one keyed to only work for her, and to spit out a scroll with a message. At first, she had thought it to be a mistake, she wasn't a hero, she didn't fight... It must of been meant for her parents... Examination of the potion, and the magical signatures within, however, told her that no one else of her blood would have been able to open the stopper. Why me? Why am I even going? These thoughts only slowed her a little, as she slid to a stop in front of a store front, one familiar enough to her, seeing as she had walked past it several times... This is the place? Weird... An elite force based out of an ice cream shop? She double checked this was the location, and then tried the door, glad to find it unlocked. Giving a quick glance around, she headed in, breathing a little better in the cool, darkened interior. The way the ice was reminded her of her own ability, and it put a soft smile on her face. Too bad as she stood on the threshold of the stairwell it faded. She was nervous, this may be her one chance to follow in her families hoof-steps, and so, she took a deep, steadying breath. Once down, and into the room, she quickly scanned it, noticing several ponies were already there, including one she didn't expect at all... Is that King Sombra? Okay.... She saw the pony at the head of the table, her black body-glove and the orbs around her showing that either she was the leader of this force, or at least high up in it... "Sorry I'm late, ma'am... Got caught up in studying a new spell theory..." Raven spoke up hesitantly, before finding an empty seat, that oddly enough had a folder with her name on it. Being the curious sort, she quickly opened it, and found most of her life's story written in black and white, short as it was. Glancing at the other's folders, she felt embarrassed. Her folder had only a few pages, despite the good she had thought that she had done in Canterlot, while most of the others seemed to have quite more detail in them. There was a nice section about her family, the house of Dupone, and their service to Equestria, their dedication to it... It made her smile once more...
  6. Late Night Encounter [Invite Only]

    Raven shuddered a bit, her breath becoming raggedy. "I... Just be.... Just because I'm capable doesn't mean I like it, or even want to fight... I don't like... I don't like knowing that I've hurt someone..." She was panicking, her voice breaking as she spoke. "It... It could be... I mean... I... I got my cutie mark defending my family... But... But why would it be...?" She trailed off, unsure of herself, not sure why she would be so adverse to fighting, and yet, be so good at it... "It could just be the training I got... when I was a foal.. before... before I cracked my horn. My family has a long history of serving Equestria with their martial prowess... It's actually how we got a noble title." She started to calm down as she continued speaking, her thoughts turning from a subject so disturbing to her, to what was actually a field of study for her. She idly started floating books over, her family journals, the magic field around them fading in and out, despite the fact the books stayed quite stable. "These are my family's journals, records of the battles fought and of the services rendered to Equestria. They're actually how I know who you are, there's a few entries about the Crystal Kingdom, from some... thousand-ish years ago. They only tell Equestria's story though, not yours..." Raven opened one of the journals, showing the passage to Sombra, back to her more confident self. She was a student at heart, loving to learn new things, and many of the books on the nearby shelves were much more advanced than what a student of her age should be learning, magical theories and various other subjects, instead of the usual incantations and recipes.
  7. Late Night Encounter [Invite Only]

    Raven stopped once her home was in sight, the moderate two story home calming her. She gagged for a bit, dry heaving as she thought about how easily she had hurt them, how easily she had given into that part of her. It disgusted her, and made her wonder why she was ever gifted with that part of her. Sombra! Her thoughts suddenly yelled at her, as her mind slowed back to normal thought patterns. She had left him behind, what if... The sound of hooves on stone snapped her head around to see him catching up. "I... That was... So, I'm not proud of this, but I'm very capable in a fight..." Raven said sheepishly, once he was beside her. She knew that she wouldn't really be able to explain herself, and so, instead, wirelessly lead him into her house, and to her parents... her... study... "We can talk here..."
  8. Pony Name: Raven Shadowfire Link to Character: Special Skills: Is a minor noble, has studied magic theory beyond the average unicorn, thanks to the fact that she can't cast spells based on incantations, she has to understand them, her unique spell, the Shadowsun, a flash-bang effect centered on her that she is immune to, as well as having a natural talent for hoof-to-hoof combat. Previous Combat Experience: Next to zero, her only combat experience being sparring as a foal, and fighting street thugs that have tried to ambush her. Any other relivent Special Training: Her parents had trained her to one day join the Equestrian Armed forces, both of them being retired from it, as well as their entire family having a long line of illustrious military service ponies.
  9. Late Night Encounter [Invite Only]

    "You're not the first, and most likely not the last." Raven said dully as she walked outside, her thoughts full of self doubt. Once she was out, and the cool night air hit her, she closed her eyes, and breathed deep, letting her thoughts settle. As she felt Sombra fall in beside her, she opened her eyes, and started heading home, contentment plain on her face, the solitude of the night relaxing her. She walked at a mostly sedate pace, and while she stuck mostly to the main roads, there were times she ducked into alleyways to take shortcuts. It was during one of these shortcuts that she felt something, a pickling at the base of her skull, her hair standing on end... Quickly and quietly, she turned and whispered to Sombra, "Cover your eyes and ears as best you can, this will be over quick and I work best alone." Raven's whole body was tensed, every muscle coiled tighter and tighter as she waited. Sure enough, two ruffians approached, one unicorn, the other an earth pony. The unicorn seemed to hold a small blade in his magic. Whatever words were said was lost to Raven, as all she could hear was the rush of blood in her veins, the thrill singing out through her. So very slowly her magic gathered, though she knew just how fast it was actually gathering, this spell always at the edge of her consciousness. An orb of fire, the same color as her cutie mark appeared at the tip of her horn, growing larger as it seemed to paradoxically suck the light out of the alley, and light it up. It built, and then, with what to her was a sound not unlike a whip cracking, it burst. She had heard what her parents had described it as, a suddenly bright light, and a massive roar of sound, but she would never know its touch on her. With the spell cast, her body sprung into action, leaping the distance between her and her would be attackers. One buck, and the unicorn dropped the weapon. one right hoof thrown to her side and the earth pony let out a cry of pain, clutching at his front left knee as she pivoted and let lose one last hit, causing the unicorn to go unconscious. As the fight, if it could be called that, wound down, Raven seemed to blink, her entire body seeming to coil and uncool rapidly before she shook her head, looking in horror at what she had done, before sprinting the rest of the way home, forgetting about Sombra in her panic...
  10. So, this is something that looks very interesting to me, but I have to ask, is there any non-combatant roles possible, like logistics or Intel or such? My char, while being a natural born fighter, dislikes being forced to fight, and would prefer to show their support elseways. To potentially head off a point, I know the majority of these would be field missions, which she wouldn't mind, and she can and will defend those around her... best way I can describe it would be like Dr Jackson from sg1...
  11. Late Night Encounter [Invite Only]

    Raven seemed to shrink in on herself, wondering at the sudden venom in Sombra's voice. All she had done was say that she didn't know his story, and yet, he seemed to be angry... Or maybe he was like her, having trouble with keeping the anger and rage down. She brightened up a little when his tone changed. "While I would love to hear your story, perhaps it's better told away from prying ears... As for your questions, I would love to answer them." She quickly spoke, before toying with the rest of her food. "I'm sorry if I offended you, by the way... I was just trying to say that until I knew your reasons, there was no way for me to judge your actions, to say whether they were evil or not..." She trailed off awkwardly, her previous confidence almost completely gone. As soon as she got the chance, she quickly paid and stood, ready to head for the metaphoric safety of her home. Raven still intended to let Sombra stay with her, so it wasn't truly safe, but so far he had mostly been cordial. "I'm afraid I really must be getting home, and as I offered before, you're welcome to one of my guest rooms, and we can talk more on the way." Raven had a feeling she knew what one of his questions was, and didn't really want to have to answer in public...
  12. Late Night Encounter [Invite Only]

    Raven ordered a mushroom risotto as she thought about her answer. "Well, first, if you're thinking I mean to reform you, I think that wouldn't work out for either of us... Though to be honest, even I'm not sure what I mean by helping you... I just know that there is something wrong with Equestria, if it would even allow someone to become so... hostile as my family's journals say you were. I don't mean that in a bad way, everyone is of course born and develops differently, but still... You really took it to a whole other level. However, I would not presume to judge you, not when all I know is the victor's story, which means I must hear the events from your side..." She spoke measurably and carefully, not sure where the words came from, just knowing that they felt right. It was a reminder that she was on the right path, that she was answering the call to duty and the honor that her family had bestowed on her, in her own way, of course. Her family had been disappointed when it was clear that she wasn't going to join, if she was even able to, any of Equstria's armed forces, but they still supported her, right up until... She shut her eyes, clamping down on that line of thinking before it went farther, before she was hurt. She instead took a steadying breath, and then opened her eyes to glance at the guards-ponies, who were deep into their cups by this point, and not likely to notice Sombra for who he was. "I just... Is it wrong to want to fix injustice and pain, or help a stranger? Even if it's just to help them find a place to live? And yet, somehow, I know that's not all that you need... It's... it's really hard to explain..." She offered lamely, starting to feel down where as before she had been confident. Even the food, delicious as it was, couldn't make her feel better. It wasn't often that someone refused her help, especially when she made it clear that she cared about their well being, and not about making her own standing better, but... Sombra sounded almost like he was going to reject her help, possibly violently if she wasn't careful...
  13. Late Night Encounter [Invite Only]

    Raven walked in silence for a bit, before responding. "My uncle says I'm too trusting, but I'm more capable than I look at defending myself." She stopped in front of a restaurant, the warm glow of its interior indicating it was still open. "Besides, I find that it's the least I could do for Equestria to help the displaced king of the crystal kingdom." She stated simply, before walking in, dropping all pretense. Inside, there wasn't many patrons at this point, just a few off-duty guards that she recognized, looking to be drowning their joy at finally being off in a mug or two of cider. She sat down at a table for two, and waited, wondering how Sombra would take what she had said... Hopefully he wouldn't be too upset. When the waiter came to get her drinks, she spoke simply, ordering not just her drink, water, but a pitcher of cider for the rest of the patrons. She thought about ordering for Sombra, but didn't know what he like and disliked....
  14. Late Night Encounter [Invite Only]

    Raven's mind spun when he told her his name... Sombra, the tyrant king of the crystal kingdom. Though she wasn't aware he had come back, her families journals of their adventures spoke of him, and the horrors of what he did to the crystal ponies. This couldn't be the same being though, though if it was... She nodded, a soft smile lighting her face as she spoke up. "I would greatly appreciate that, Sombra. While a Crystal clear night such as this is often more suited for sojourning alone, I find that some good companionship can make even those times better..." She laughed a little, unable to help herself from trying to sneak the fact she knew what he was, who he was, by him. She turned, and headed down the way he had came from, starting to enjoy herself once more. "So, if you're not from Canterlot, where are you from? The frozen north, perhaps? or maybe Saddle Arabia? If you don't mine me asking, that is... I haven't traveled much since I was a foal, my family deciding that due to my... abnormality, and the difficulties it brought controlling magic, it was best not to overstimulate me..." She kept of the pretense of trying to find out more about him, even as her mind tried to make sense of it all. If he really is Sombra... Why would he come here, where there's the royal guard, the night guard, the forces of STAR, both Princess Luna and Celestia, and even if something happened, there's the heroic ponies of ponyville... Twilight and the others... Though he didn't call himself king... maybe he's looking for redemption? Could he be a project? Oooooohhhh... if he is, then I could show all of the nobles just how important it is to always try to help you fellow pony... not just small pledges, but getting involved in their lives... "I don't suppose you have a place to stay, do you? I mean, I would hate to leave you to try to find somewhere to rest at this hour, or for that matter, when we find somewhere to eat... I have a couple of guest rooms, that are almost never used, if you wanted. I mean, my house isn't much, definitely not like a palace or anything, but it's got some space." Shut up, shut up, shut up! That last one was too forced, no way he didn't notice it! Her smile slipped a little as a hint of worry slipped into her countenance. She didn't think that he would be angry, but there had to be a reason he chose to go with not revealing himself as King Sombra... right?
  15. Late Night Encounter [Invite Only]

    Raven seemed to shrink into herself a little at his words. While his tone carried nothing more than a slight frustration, something about this stallion, more so than those she had been around before, spoke of power hiding beneath the surface. "Oh..." She spoke, her voice falling flatly to her own ears. "I... I do not know if I need an escort per say... However, I would welcome some one to point the way. As I said, I don't get to this district too often, and though Canterlot's laid out pretty well, it can still be a bit of a mess to navigate. Although, if we are going to be traveling together, even for a short while, then I should introduce myself. Raven Shadowfire, heir to the house of Dupone, not that the name means much, anymore..." When she spoke of needing an escort, her tone shifted, though it was almost unnoticeable, to be one of foalish pride, as if she believed she could face what ever the night brought at her. It was foalish pride though, as her thoughts were quick to remind her how she usually responded to a threat, a single spell, and then a dead gallop away. She shook her head slightly, clearing the thoughts away as she noticed him seeming to almost keep glancing at her horn. While she was able to keep the feelings of embarrassment and shame from showing, they did hit her like always before she forced them down. She was an accomplished student of magic, even if she didn't know the proper spell forms thanks to that crack, but it didn't matter to the voice in the back of her head, the voice of all her fears, worries, and insecurities. She blinked rapidly as she forcibly gathered her thoughts once more, reminding herself she was in public, conversing with a stranger who didn't know her, didn't know of how her thoughts often dragged her down different pathways, leaving her senses dulled, and she needed to pay attention to him, before he got fed up and walked away. "I do appreciate the offer though, Mr..." She let her sentence trail off, the probing tone seeming to be warm almost in how she said it...