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  1. Alivda

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    Raven nodded her thanks to Ice. "Thanks, Icy... Any help you can give is more than enough." She said in an affectionate tone, as a warm smile slid softly onto her face. Suddenly, she stiffened when Sombra addressed her. "I... you! You know that's not what I mean! We've been over that... It's just hard to describe the concept of allowing somepony to live in peace to see if they won't harm others succinctly." Raven said, her tone going from mock upset, to a more playful one. "Sorry I haven't had time to see ya after my trip to the Crystal Empire, Sombra... I have some really good news about that actually. But as I was saying, in case you didn't over hear all of it, was that it was a matter that could be discussed later, when we're not celebrating." Raven watched with rapt attention to the ceding of the sun to the moon, her horn faintly twinkling as the light dimmed. It wasn't the only thing, as Icy's beautiful dress began to sparkle, the soft rays of light seeming to, at least to Raven's eye, trace her form. The soft muscle, the tensing of her legs as she shifted slightly while standing, even the way her mane moved in the light breeze. Raven was almost drooling, her mind absent for the second time that evening...
  2. "Oh... I suppose that makes more sense... I should of focused more on geology in my studies it seems..." Raven said as she listened to Ice's explanation about the cave and mine. When the talk turned to the nobles of Canterlot, she was prepared to zone out like she always did when dealing with their kind, but something stopped her. She wasn't sure if it was because she had started to realize she needed to put herself out there for her goals, which in a way made her no better than them, or because she technically was the head of a noble house now, but she felt she needed to know this too. "I... I could offer the services of my home in Canterlot. It's really just me there, and I could use the lessons in the power of the nobility myself. I mean... I know House Dupone is noble, and not very high up, but that's about the extent of my knowledge..." She offered freely, if a little hesitantly. Bringing others into her home wasn't something she often did, and the friend of her and Ice's had been an exception, both due to her curiosity, and her need to help others. "Oh! And you needn't worry about me taking your secretary... I'll try to find my own, so at worst I may need to borrow him till then... Wow... I'm seriously underprepared for this... any of it." Raven's eyes opened wide with the sudden realization that maybe, studying her family history and magic almost exclusively was a bad idea. She didn't know where to begin looking to find good secretaries, of how to 'run' a noble house or research labs... Suddenly she was afraid, afraid of it all coming crashing down, and she started to draw in on herself, doing her best not to let Bluebelle see...
  3. Alivda

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    Raven nodded and smiled at the princesses as Ice came up to her, leaning against the cooler mare. "I'm afraid not well... We still haven't found a site. Glad to see you too." She watched as two ponies, twins by the looks... and sounds of it. She'd heard of twins being able to communicate without talking, but these two seemed to make it an art form. She subtly guided Ice off to one side for the rest of the guests to speak with the princesses. Soon, a small filly appeared, and Raven instantly took note. The nervous glances, the awkward movements... She'd seen it before when she helped at one of the orphanages, and resolved that she'd help make this child happy, even if it was only for a day. If she was able to be home more, she might even consider adopting the poor little one. After all, she didn't use all of her home, there were plenty of rooms there... Maybe they could work things out to where the foal could stay there for a bit... Raven found her head dipping as a memory of right after her parents disappeared ran through her head, and she leaned into Ice again, drawing comfort from the electric touch her coat always gave Raven. Soon, a thought struck her, and she turned to speak with Princess Luna. "Your highness, Is there any chance I could get a moment later on, like in a few days, to speak in private with you and Princess Celestia? Its a matter of some importance, dealing with a previous citizen of the Crystal Empire..." She trailed off as the subject of her request strode through the garden as if he owned it, straight to Princess Celestia, and gave her a kiss. Raven's brain sputtered, and rebooted. "I... I need something to drink..." Was all she said before she stumbled off numbly to the drink table. She took a drink of water, swirled the glass about a bit, turned to face an unoccupied direction, and expelled the liquid at high velocity. After her spit take was done, she rejoined the others. "Well... so, as I was saying, it concerns King Sombra there, and possible helping him be redeemed..."
  4. Raven smiled as Ice seemed to take charge. She'd never really been all that outgoing, first throwing herself into the training and regimen her mother had provided, followed by independent study after her accident. "Yeah, and I wouldn't be doing this if it was just me... I mean, I can still somewhat use magic, albeit in a weird, hard to explain way... Plus, while the focus is going to be on horns, I will emphasize that almost all avenues of research will be taken. Honestly, how many aspects of crystals and their magic are well known? I say it's high time to catalouge them!" She gave a light stomp of a hoof, the motion coming across as cute rather than angry. She gave Ice a nuzzle, before turning to speak to her directly. "Actually, if you don't mind, I was hoping for some kinda mine or something. A place with plentiful crystals..."
  5. Alivda

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    Raven was surprised when she stepped out of the local spa, only to have a letter slap her still wet mane. She took a look at it, and went from surprise to shock. This was an invitation to... to Celestia's birthday! She skimmed the invite before racing down the alleyways of Canterlot. She skidded to a stop in front of her house. Going in, she thought hard. While the invitation had said that it would be casual, Raven knew that if it was her birthday, she'd want something. The princess probably just didn't want lavish gifts that were obvious attempts to earn favor. As such, she headed to her study, intending on giving her something more personal, a copy of one of her family's journals. She'd had many of the older ones repaired and copied several times. One such volume was a journal of a palace guard from when the Castle of the Two Sisters was still inhabited. Getting dressed in a simple gown, she took the book, and spoke the words. Her view lurched as her stomach churned, and with a strange sound that could only be described as 'bamf', she arrived in the castle gardens. Raven decided that she didn't like teleportation much, as she shook her head to clear the lingering effects. Looking around, she saw the staff and princesses setting up the party, as well as Ice, who looked stunning. She waved at her marefriend, before slowly approaching the princesses. "Hello, your highnesses. I'm quite grateful for being invited. I mean, I've always wondered what the gardens looked like, and it's clear they have seen as much love as the day, or the night sky." It was then she remembered the book she'd brought with her. "Oh! I brought this for you, Princess Celestia. I just wanted to thank you for inviting me. I'm not sure if you know of my family, but they've been helping to defend Equestria for... well, I'm not sure how long... Anyway, this is a copy of one of their journals, from when they were a guard... at the Castle of the Two Sisters..." She indicated the book floating nearby in her magic, before turning to walk away. She stopped as her ears drooped, and a blush colored her face. "I... I never introduced myself... did I? I... I'm so sorry... I was just so excited... Raven Shadowfire, last heir of House Dupone, your highnesses. Perhaps I could help set some things up?"
  6. Raven blushed, her mind going blank. It was a good thing too, seeing as it seemed Ice and Bluebelle were talking about the old spire. When Ice mentioned helping with her research, she nodded. "Yeah, I mean, it's so much easier for my Icy here to travel through the snow and ice so I figured she might know of some places that are better than others..." She said, smiling and nuzzling Ice as she did...
  7. IRaven frowned slightly as she looked at the new mare. Somehow, she was recognized but this pony was not one she knew. When Ice spoke, everything clicked into place. "Ah, Bluebelle. We've not had the pleasure of meeting. I must say, I find something about a high noble who helps others out refreshing. I can honestly say, the pleasure is all mine." She answered as she held out a hoof. "I'm here to set up a way to research the crystals that naturally grow here. I think they might be used to counter damaged horns, such as my own. I bumped into Ice here, and it's like she said. Anyway, I figure there might be some charts and geological data, even if it may be slightly outdated." She giggled slightly at her joke...
  8. Raven led the way, her keen interest in books and her project only barely held her attention more than the mare beside her. She wasn't sure how it could be possible, for some-pony else to almost feel like an extension of yourself. If she ever got an audience with Princess Cadence, she would have to ask her. It didn't matter, however, It made Raven feel happy, that's all that was needed. As they neared the library, she gave Ice one more nuzzle, before trotting into the building. Once in, she went to the librarian to ask about geological surveys of the frozen north and a few other things, going into full research mode...
  9. Raven giggled at Ice's poor pun, before sitting back up. She too stretched as they stood, a long sinuous one that reminded her of a cat, a thought that almost caused her to fall down laughing at how silly it was. She led the way, waiting till they were in a less crowded spot to speak. "Yeah, I suppose you are pretty cool... But to me, you're hotter than Celestia's sun..." She blushed, unable to believe that she had made it through saying that completely. She brushed against Ice, before heading once more towards the library...
  10. Raven nodded, her face unable to truly hide her discomfort. "Yeah, I'm fine... It's just a little chilly out here. I'll probably be fine when we get to the library... It's too bad I didn't pack a scarf, I was assured that it was pretty warm here..." The chill she felt soon dissipated, and Raven let out a little sigh, before laying her head on Ice's back. If she had been looking about, she would have noticed a few of the closer patrons give her a funny look for a second. She smiled dreamily as she watched Ice finish eating. Raven wondered what they would do after the library. Maybe there was a different place to watch a joust at, or maybe they could find a nice place to watch the night sky... The Aurora Borealis was said to be very beautiful, though she idly thought about whether it would be more breath taking than the mare she was leaning on...
  11. Raven smiled once more, her thoughts turned to brighter things now, like nights spent under the stars with Ice... "That sounds lovely. A dinner under the stars, the two of us on a hill..." She let out a pleasant sigh, before playfully stealing the first bite of Ice's pancakes. Giggling a bit, she continued speaking. "Yeah... Time's gonna be stretched thin for me... But I'll make sure to make time for you..." She finished her food, and watched lovingly as her marefriend continued eating. Her thoughts turned from the future to the near future, namely the library. She had found some books and scrolls the other day that helped her, but most had been a dead end. Maybe with Ice's help however, and experience in the snowy terrain around here, they could find a place. As she thought about this she suddenly felt cold, a shiver or two running down her body, before it passed...
  12. According to @IceStorm, Lux hasn't been responding to messages, so idk
  13. Raven frowned at hearing Ice had been homeless, though it quickly faded as she turned thoughtful. "I don't expect to be fighting all the time either, but if I get accepted into the Twilight Guard, I really doubt I'll have the free time to read for entertainment. My free time will probably be spent managing the research I'm setting up, reading up on any breakthroughs they may have and helping them to decide which paths of research will be best..." After taking a bite, she let out a sigh. It was still bothering her, but she didn't want to dredge up what had to be painful memories from Ice's foalhood. "While I respect Princess Luna, and do enjoy her night for the solitude and peace it can bring, I don't think I've ever really studied the stars... I, for the longest time, mostly focused on magic, and when it wasn't that, it was the family history... There's actually a small library of journals and diaries at my home, tells alot of history, or at least, the history that required fighting... I... I think I would love to share them with you, sometime." She smiled lovingly as she finished speaking, her thoughts having successfully been derailed and put onto another track...
  14. Raven smiled encouragingly. "Yeah, I was planning on setting it near an old crystal mine or something, one that's not completely depleted, but one that's not too far from the Empire... Think I should put an ad out to Celestia's School? I mean, that's where most of the magic scholars and researchers that I've heard about come from..." She bit her lip, starting to get lost in thought. They'd need geological data, to get a survey team out there to make sure the data wasn't outdated... it was daunting, and if it wasn't for the end goal being so clear to Raven, she would start to panic. She shook her head as the waitress came back, clearing her thoughts and blushing embarrassingly for not paying attention. "So, Ice... I know you like strawberries, run a surprisingly big chain of ice cream stores, and have the best interests of Equestria at heart... How bout while we eat, we can talk about what we like to do? I'll start! I really like to curl up with a good book, though I get the feeling that's not gonna be able to happen often in the near future..." She spoke up once again after giving the waitress their orders...
  15. Raven smiled softly, leaning back against Ice. "It wasn't that bad, it probably just echoed..." She gave Ice a light nuzzle as she spoke, trying to cheer her up. She knew that for Ice, more than the other patrons of the cafe, probably, the spire was a touchy subject. "I had an idea, how bout after we get done at the library, we go check out who your competition would be, if you set up a shop here?" She smiled again, as she pulled out the chair for Ice. Looking at the menu, once she was seated, she couldn't really find anything that would go well with cinnamon, so instead, she decided on waffles with strawberry syrup. "You might know more about this than me... At least, the business side of it... Any idea what I might need to set up the Research foundation? I mean, the paperwork is being filed already, approved by Prince Shining Armor, who knows about our friend, by the way... It's more the hiring of ponies and such..."