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  1. K, me and Dragon are waiting with bated breath. Yes, bated, not baited, I prefer most fish cooked, not raw, though sushi is good... Not pointing anything out or anything, just putting out a psa... ever since I learned the difference, it's bugged me in stories when people use baited...
  2. Late Night Encounter [Invite Only]

    Raven looked confused for a second when Sombra repeated wordplay, before letting out a yawn. "Oh... I meant swordplay... I must be more tired then I thought... Guess I'll turn in... Night, Sombra..." She said, another yawn confirming her statement. She'd made it to the door, before another thought hit her. "Hey, there's gonna be delivery ponys dropping stuff off for a bit, I don't know if any would even begin to recognize you, but... I just want you to be safe, you know..." She blushed a little, embarrassment from revealing that she cared that much about him coloring her face, even as she gave him a little smile. She nodded goodbye to him before heading to her room, hopping in the bath first to get the grime from what little practicing she had done off, and collapsed into the bed. She smiled widely at her plans before falling asleep, her dreams full of family activities, with Sombra there as a big brother... She woke early, smiling as she decided to get part of the plan out of the way. Figuring it would take a while to reach the Crystal Empire, be read, and responded to, she started on her letter. To Princess Cadance and Prince Shining Armor, Hello, My name is Raven Shadowfire, Heir of House Dupone. I would like to formally request a private audience with your majesties. I hope to be able to discuss matters pertaining to requiring research subjects such as sample of unique geologic formations with high concentrations of thaumic energy, and setting up research projects within the Crystal Empire's domain, as well as setting up a donation fund to help with any possible civil projects that could use the help. I humbly request a response at your earliest convenience, and shall eagerly await it. Yours truly, Raven Shadowfire Raven snuck the letter in the mail as soon as she was finished, and went to make breakfast, before heading out to acquire the tools she needed to train once more... (( @dragonofruin: I plan on Raven basicly training for most of the day, before reading her family's journals in the evening for say about a week, though if you need her for something, say the word! I also gave PrinceBlueblood the go ahead, fyi :)))
  3. Ah, tbh, I only skimmed your char profile, lol. I have a tendency to prefer to learn about the other chars in char, you know? Sounds good, and I can even see Ruby making things awkward by hitting on Snapshot only for Snapshot to shoot her down. Wanna make the thread, or? I mean, I kinda already know what Ruby's gonna do at first. Edit: @PrinceBlueblood I've got Raven sending a letter to the Crystal Empire, so if you want to respond to it, feel free. Planning on having a slight time skip of say a week or so for reasons, including Raven training by herself in Martial techniques.
  4. Late Night Encounter [Invite Only]

    Raven nodded as she walked back through the house, her walk having shifted so extremely slightly towards being more confident. "I've not practiced with weapons, but I need to. The Dupone melee arts start with a basic foundation of hoof-to-hoof combat, before including other weapons... Once I'm not as rusty, I'll get some tutors for wordplay and such..." She stopped for a second, a wierd look on her face that was a mixture of thoughtful and disappointment. Did Sombra think she was afraid of pain? "It's not that... it's... I have to do this, alone... I... I can't... It's like there's something in me... Like if I want to make my family, and those around me proud, I have to do this... I mean... You know? How sometimes you just feel you have to do something, and you know it to be true?" She tried to explain, before slowly moving towards the study...
  5. Late Night Encounter [Invite Only]

    Sombra's comment drew Raven out of her new attitude, her posture slouching a little. "Yeah..." An armor clad foreleg came up to rub at the back of her neck. "I... I kinda wanted to forget about this side of my life... There were good memories, sure... but a lot more bad ones..." She explained, suddenly seeming unsure of herself. She paced out to the center of the room before sighing. After a second realizing that she, by turning her back on this side, had actually dishonored her family, her face and posture shifted once more. It was almost like there were two different Ravens, the soft, caring one that Sombra had gotten to know, and the one that had come out in the alleyway, that first night. The way she stood made obvious it was the second one, and she started going through some simple motions, similar to the martial arts practiced in Neighpon, though with an clear Equestrian bend to them. In truth, it was devised by her family, taught to her from a young age. It was obvious she was rusty, her balance off, but quickly improved as she went through the basic forms, the weight of the armor becoming almost second nature. Finishing the forms, she stopped, and sighed. That was all she was able to do right now, and went to put up the armor. She got thoughtful for a second, and quickly scribbled some more things onto her list. "So, I'm going to have some people make more mats and dummies, which they will be delivering here... Was also thinking of getting a cabinet down here to contain some cleaning supplies and other things... Can... Can you think of anything else I might need? Oh! I might also get some tutors, I want to work on this my way, not that I don't appreciate you being here, and any help you might have offered... I... I just want to do this alone, you know? Kinda... Kinda feels like I have to, to make up for letting this place fall into disrepair..." She headed to the way out, waiting on Sombra before heading back to the study...
  6. So, Snapshot wants a three person herd... Ruby probably would be open to it, as long as it is all mares, she likes the touch of softer things. Sounds like we got a basis, though also sounds like we need someone else or at least a third character...
  7. Late Night Encounter [Invite Only]

    Raven nodded, smiling at Sombra before her expression turned thoughtful. If they were to go on adventures... Raven needed to be able to defend herself, so she spoke up as she got out of the chair. "If... If we are to go out adventure, I think it best if I can defend myself. Besides, you're right, that I should learn to live with my... warrior side." She floated over a scroll and quill before heading towards the door. "I'm going to head to a part of the house I've not been in for many a year, would you like to see the Dupone training hall? Either way, I'm sure I'm going to need to refit it, it has probably not been well taken care of, unless my uncle has been watching over it." She paused by the door a bit, making sure the quill had an ink reservoir in it before heading out. Raven found her way through an almost maze like mess of hallways till she came to a locked door. After unlocking it with a spell, it opened to reveal stairs leading down into what would be a basement, hewn from the very mountain rock. She slowly walked down, letting the memories of her last time here play over her. It hadn't been when she had cracked her horn, but instead, sometime soon after she had gotten her cutie mark, the event almost traumatizing her thanks to how suddenly she had lashed out to hurt those diamond dogs, not that they didn't deserve it. Upon reaching the landing at the bottom, Raven paused for a second. She was uncomfortable with doing this, but soon her face took on a hard edge to it, and she almost defiantly walked through the passage to a circular room. The center had a mat, clearly rotting with mildew and mold, while along one side of the wall was a bunch of dummies, obviously made for combat practice, or at least they would have been if not for the fact that some of the limbs and sides had fallen away thanks to more rot. The other side of the room, however, had what looked almost like a small shrine, with a set of armor, and a few weapons, oddly well taken care of in a room that stank of neglect. The armor was not decorated much, just a small coat of arms and some paint, but was of very high quality, and the blades looked to be made with rare steel, some forged in forms that were exotic to Equestria, but most were like what would be commonly used by the REA. The only thing that seemed to be missing was the helmet, but she knew that the set had never had a helmet. Raven slowly approached the arms, and started going over them, making sure there was no hidden signs of wear and tear. They were after all, the Dupone ancestral arms, and Raven winced as she realized she had forgotten about them. She cheered up a little when she saw the enchantments on the equipment were still there, and soon was slipping on the simpler parts of the armor, just because she wanted to feel what it was like. As she put more of the armor on, she started to seem to stand taller, more confidence obvious in her stance as she took on an almost commander like pose. With little ceremony or even explanation, she gathered the mats and dummies together, and set about burning them, the quill flowing across the scroll, writing a list of things she would need to be able to train again...
  8. Sounds of USA

    So, Who's ready to take a trip around the United States? We got representatives from California, from Las Vegas, from New York, and even from Bowling Green, Kentucky! Next week, we'll take a trip to Tv land, so don't change that channel!
  9. That's cool, allows me to plan how Raven will approach this a bit better, though that will all wait on when they actually meet, lol
  10. @PrinceBlueblood it might be a bit, like half a week or so, but will definitely remember to let you know. The whole Crystal Empire arc will probably be kicked off by Raven sending a letter to the Princess, though Shining can always intercept it. Btw, attitude wise, how's your Shining? Is he the type to be over-protective, and leap to gathering arms quickly, or is he more patient? I'm just curious because I actually plan on Raven going back to training, and reawakening her more... intense side, and I can easily see her and Shining butting heads about the whole Sombra thing. @Ciraxis That's fine that she's in Manehatten, Ruby after all travels to try to get her music out there, so it makes sense for her to be in the city that never sleeps, trying to get to play at one of the night clubs (party palaces... other ways of saying night clubs). What kinda plot do you want to do, just bump and become friends, or ...?
  11. Raven Shadowfire by Bluebook

    Nah, in her backstory, the whole reason it even got damaged was she took a tumble head first while casting. I figure that aside from magic or extreme force being applied, it's not gonna get worse. Besides, she would view that as trying to fix the issue, and she's okay with having a damaged horn. She doesn't really want to hide it or anything.
  12. I'll have to talk it over with Dragon, but yeah, that doesn't sound bad. Heck may involve Shining anyway.
  13. Always looking to start new rps


    Pm me or post here if interested :)

  14. Late Night Encounter [Invite Only]

    Raven hadn't noticed the way his eyes had flared with power before, but took stock of it now. To her credit, even as the instinctual twinge of fear shot though her, she managed to stay calm and even relaxed. "So, it draws strength from anger... and is highly corruptive... or at least, it makes you feel good about using it, so as to make you want to use it... maybe it has a bit of a carthatic element to it." She mused, though not with much enthusiasm. Sombra's description made it seem less appealing, not because of the rage part, for if she was not sad or normal, she was angry at the injustices she saw... Which there was a thought. Would it even be possible to use dark magic to the benefit of ponykind? "So you think we can make the enchantment for it with dark magic... What if that's how the Alicorn Amulet works? I'm not afraid to give it a try, just voicing a potential issue. After all, what's the worst that can happen, I go power mad and try to take over Canterlot? I'm pretty sure that goes so far against my nature it'll never happen." Raven said with a giggle. She didn't doubt that he could probably keep the corruptive parts out, but figured caution was prudent...
  15. Hello!

    Howdy Howdy! Welcome to our little corner! Always good to see new blood.