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  1. Raven smiled as they watched the show, the act and flames making her smile warmly as she felt something inside her react to the flame before feeling Icy lean into her. She wrapped a hoof around her, remembering how Icy had said that heat is one of her major weaknesses. Once the show was over and the food in front of them, she felt Icy kiss her before asking about her research. "Well, I've had a little bit of progress... The main thing I'm working on is figuring out what type of crystal and which matrices can hold the most thaums, as every time I think I'm getting close to some kinda enchantment, the focus shatters... To be honest, My study's becoming a bit pot-marked with the shards... Luckily, that shield spell that popped up back when we spared up north can be cast fairly quickly, and is fairly solid..." She said, before the smell of the food became too much, and she dived into eating, clearly enjoying the food...
  2. Raven smiled at the hostess and asked for some tea, before looking at Icy, letting her guide her hoof on the food. She'd never been to a place like this before, where apparently they cooked the food right in front of you. Though, now that she thought about it, wasn't saying much as most of her restaurant experiences were deliveries or small cafes. Once Icy had helped her pick a dish, she settled for sitting beside her, smiling at the warmth she felt just from being around her marefriend...
  3. Eeeeeeeee! Thank you!
  4. Raven smiled as they slowly made their way to the restaurant, slowed by her looking around at all the sights and sounds. The sounds were doing a slight number on her with her instincts, her ear flicking at each new sound, trying to locate where they were coming from. "It's... It's a little loud and distracting... but I suppose in a place where everything is, that's the best way to get others to spend their money here. I haven't really ever been in a place with this many sights and sounds... Wait... My surprise? You got me something other than this time with you? You... You didn't have too... I mean... Most of your finances are probably tied up, right?" She said grinning a bit as they arrived in front of the restaurant.
  5. Raven giggled as they headed for the elevator. "I'd hope not... Would make it tough if we wanted to do something tonight like dancing. Though, I'm sure that you have the finest chefs." She said with a smile as they went down to the lobby. She couldn't stop from giving Icy another kiss, and leaning on her, a soft warm look on her face from being near her marefriend after so long being apart...
  6. Raven blushed as she blinked in surprise, completely floored by Icy's reaction to what to her was a simple pair of earrings. "I love you too." She said when she finally got her wits back and hugged Icy back. She smiled warmly, and drew back a little so she could kiss her, her horn sparking slightly at her feelings of passion. It was lovely, and she would have preferred to stay there in that moment, but her stomach had other ideas as it let it's emptiness be known. She giggled a bit as she sheepishly pulled back, smiling at Icy without saying anything...
  7. Raven grinned as she turned, hiding the small box behind her as she took in Icy's new dress. "Yep... I saw them in Canterlot, and couldn't help but think of you." She said, before showing the earrings to Icy. She'd also picked out a simple dress that followed a similar pattern to Icy's, but from a gentle red to a faded orange. Deciding to change while Icy was looking at her gift, she smiled warmly, happy to be able to spend time with Icy...
  8. Raven looked around in awe as they headed into Icy's penthouse. It was very well themed for the mare who owned, and she couldn't help a slight smile forming on her face as she took it all in. When Icy mentioned getting comfortable, she looked around for a out of the way spot to put her luggage, and started looking through them, looking for the ear rings to give to Icy, as well as a simple dress to wear out on their date tonight. "Take your time, I've got a little bit of a surprise that I've got to find..." She said, a knowing smile on her face.
  9. Raven smiled at Icy mentioning their suite. However, that would have to wait as she was asked to pick where they ate tonight. She took the brochure as they stepped into the elevator, looking over it, noticing there was a few chains, but it seemed to mostly be restaurants that were constructed for the casino. "Hmm... How bout this Neighponesse place? I've heard they have a lot of good food dishes." She said, looking up to see which floor they were going to.
  10. Raven blushed as Icy gave her a hug and a quick kiss but smiled before returning the favor. "That's good, my research is going well... least, as well as it can with what little resources I've been able to acquire my self... But, that's something I can think about later. After all, I'm here to vacation with you, even if you need to manage this wonderful place." She said before remembering her bags and quickly bringing them over. She had a few fancier dresses in there, but it was mostly just things she always traveled with. A few books, her armor, a few little things from her home to make the hotel rooms feel more lived in... Not that she was sure she'd need them, depending on where in the casino she was to sleep. She also had a small surprise for Icy, a pair of snowflake shapped earrings that had a small flame engraved into them... She smiled in excitement as she followed Icy...
  11. Raven smiled as she trotted over to Icy, her luggage temporarily being forgotten by the door. She stopped just short of hugging her though, not wanting to mess up Icy's nice dress. "Hey. Sorry I took so long getting here... Never been to Las Pegasus before. It was a little more than I was expecting... Busier than Canterlot, at least. How have you've been?" She said, smiling warmly at Icy. The lobby looked nice, the games off to the side, and a few shops and restaurants off on the other. There was a bunch of restaurants that looked like they'd be interesting, though she'd not brought a lot of bits with her...
  12. Raven smiled as she headed down the street, a little ways off from the main strip of Las Pegasus. Icy had finally invited her to visit the casino and the hidden bunker underneath it, and said something about packing for a decent stay. She wasn't sure what exactly that meant, maybe Icy was planning on them spending some time together, which she was more than looking forward to. It'd been a while since they'd last had time to spend with each other, and she was getting mighty bored sitting around the house, just training and working on her research. Soon enough, she was in front of the casino, and with a huge smile on her face, she headed in...
  13. Awesome! I've been needing new versions of her. lol.
  14. Hmm... I'd love to request one, but before, I have a quick question. Is it okay if I request one of a char not on this site? I have a ref sheet for them.
  15. Raven smiled as she took her ice cream from her marefriend. "Well... If I wasn't so busy with my research center, and you with your projects, we could hang out some more... Spend more time together, maybe at a restaurant, then go see a movie... When's the next time you'll be free? I would ask about tonight, but it's such short notice, and I don't want to put you on the spot anyway..." She said, a soft smirk on her face before she started to eat.... (Well, that might give Twilight something to Twilight about :))
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