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  1. Raven thought for a second when she heard Midnight wonder about conversation topics. She couldn't think of anything, especially since her nerves were a little frazzled from the swift movements the ship made. She knew most of that was in her head, but she would swear the ship had a faulty inertia dampener... Perhaps she could fix it, when they land... Where ever they were going... "Do... Do we know anything about where we're going?" She finally asked, curiosity drawing her out of thinking about the ship...
  2. Raven felt her stomach drop slightly as the ship twisted and turned through the asteroid field. However, she had to focus on something on, dropping a relay beacon. At first, she wondered why, but then realized that where they were going there probably wasn't anyway to communicate, so having the beacons were necessary. She was lucky, since when the droid said that, a large button popped up. There was a soft thunk sound as the beacon was shifted and dropped out the ship, and she smiled, glad she hadn't screwed up...
  3. Raven nodded, noticing the asteroids outside the window. She quickly turned her attention back to her console, her nervousness about being on the ship coming back. It was a fairly well known fact that it wasn't a good idea to fly into an asteroid field, and she could speak from personal experience with the training simulator that there were a lot of variables one had to keep in mind. Every time the ship made a bank, she'd tense up a bit, and tense up a lot when she'd hear the gun firing...
  4. never tell me the odds! I already have problems with flying in a space ship...
  5. Raven blinked, thinking on how she fought. "Actually, master... What I practice is known as Niman, or form six... Although I use some of the other forms as well, depending on what the situation calls for..." She said. She also couldn't hold back a soft giggle at the thought of Master Tia playing a joke. It was well known around the temple that she enjoyed lightning the mood when she could.
  6. Away from computer for most of the night, will try to respond tomorrow
  7. Raven nodded. "I know what you mean... My previous master valued individuality a little more than the council did. He encouraged questioning the council's edicts and rules, not as a way to break them or anything, but to find out why they were necessary. He believed that blindly following the rules could lead to those rules being able to be twisted against oneself." She said, smiling a little in relief. Finding out that her new master had been trained similarly to herself helped a lot. Hearing Tiger's story also helped a little, though she wondered what his fighting style was like if he used to be a gladiator. She herself bucked the trend of most Jedi, as she fought more aggressively, and used more than one lightsaber, but she still wasn't very good at it...
  8. Raven bit her lip, but nodded. "The planet's kinda... Well, it's a hostile place... But so many rare things to find and sell... so..." She started. She closed her eyes as she thought back to how she had been found. She wasn't very old at that time, so it was a little fuzzy. "I kept going out to the old ruin, though I didn't know what it was... For obvious reasons, not many on the planet like any kind of force user, be they Sith or Jedi... So they never mentioned what it was, but just kept warning me about how dangerous the ruins were... One day, the council dispatched a relief force, to help distribute medicine and food... and on that day, I not only found an old holocron, but... Opened it... In front of one of the Jedi... Next thing I knew, my family was given some extra attention, and I was on a ship to the temple..." She said, opening her eyes. She sighed, as she realized that she couldn't really remember what her family looked like, but... The Jedi code did teach that detaching oneself from most things would help you be able to be a force of good.
  9. "Dantoonie, Master... There's some ruins on the surface of an old Jedi settlement... but not much else..." Raven said, turning to face Midnight. She quickly shut her eyes as she saw the distinctive lines of hyperspace, before taking a deep breath. After she calmed herself down, she reopened her eyes. "Sorry... Whenever I think about being in a ship, all I can think about is the fact that there's only the shields and the hull between us and the eternal void..." She said, her eyes downcast. She couldn't explain why she felt that way... maybe it had to do with being from a scavenging village and seeing what happened when ships crashed...
  10. did we ever decide which era the rp is set in? I'm thinking Raven's from dantooine, but kinda need to know what level of development remains on the planet...
  11. Raven blinked, her attention drawn from the panel in front of her. "Hmmm?" She said, before realizing what Midnight said. "Sorry, Master... I... I've only been on a ship once, on my way to my training... and... well... this... This is also my first mission... My previous master didn't think I was ready when he was assigned to... to his last mission..." She turned back to the screen, but not without catching a glimpse of space. It caused a slight moment of nervousness, before she managed to center herself and focused on the screen. She decided that unless she was needed for something, she'd just stick to the screen, instead of looking around...
  12. Raven nodded as she focused on the console. She'd completely missed it when she sat down, but wasn't too surprised the ship had one. She was a little surprised at the Astromech came in, but quickly smiled. One of the things she liked was working on machines, and she couldn't help but value the various robots she saw highly, though she did her best to tamper it. The news it brought, that the council wanted their mission to be a secret, and bit her lip in thought. "Maybe... Maybe we're going somewhere the council doesn't have a lot of pull, or they're worried how it will be perceived..." She offered, quickly looking back at the Com screen, acting like she'd not said something... She wasn't sure how Midnight would take what she said. Her former master had been lenient, letting her speak freely, but she had heard stories from other padawans that some masters were strict...
  13. Raven smiled awkwardly back, before following her new master onto the ship. The other knight, Tiger Blood, had claimed the co-pilot seat, which was fine with her, as she'd only piloted in simulators, never in real life. So, she instead quietly chose one of the other seats in the back, and sat. After strapping in, she took a look around the cabin, before closing her eyes. She focused her mind inward, trying her best to meditate some and get rid of the nervousness she felt at being sent out once more into the galaxy...
  14. Raven dipped her head down, surprised that Midnight hadn't been told. "Um... I've been... Assigned to you, Master Midnight... My name is Raven Shadowfire..." She said, looking over the other knight, and then at the ship. She'd only ever once been on a ship before, and that was while she was on her way to the temple. She closed her eyes briefly as she focused on her breathing, doing her best to keep her mind focused...
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