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  1. Raven smiled as she took her ice cream from her marefriend. "Well... If I wasn't so busy with my research center, and you with your projects, we could hang out some more... Spend more time together, maybe at a restaurant, then go see a movie... When's the next time you'll be free? I would ask about tonight, but it's such short notice, and I don't want to put you on the spot anyway..." She said, a soft smirk on her face before she started to eat.... (Well, that might give Twilight something to Twilight about :))
  2. Raven nodded, seeing no other course of action at the moment. She closed her eyes, trying to feel the area around them with the force, though it took a little bit to put her emotions aside so she could. She quickly located what seemed to be part of an old support strut, and glided it over. It seemed to be tapered, and she smiled slightly at their good fortune as she slid the small end into the crack they'd opened...
  3. Raven smiled. "Hmm... About the time someone addresses her, or she realizes that she used a wing there..." She said with a slight giggle. After watching the others for a second, a look of thoughtfulness crossed her face. "You know... I don't think I've ever managed to have some of your ice cream..." She looked at the counter for what flavors Icy could make, before smiling. "Some Butter Pecan sounds nice..."
  4. Raven blinked as the cloaked pony teleported a smallish dragon and then teleported it back to... where ever it had come from... hopefully. The casualness with which this was done meant that she had to have been a high powered unicorn... and the height... Come to think of it... Didn't one of the princesses have a dragon assistant? Ah, she was hiding her identity, likely so she wouldn't really be treated any different. Raven smiled, and then moved aside as a crystal unicorn came up, and asked about the ice cream. She watched the exchange, and couldn't keep a warm fuzzy smile off her face. She was quite happy about everything, and even if they spent all day in Icy's shop, she'd still count it as a happy date...
  5. Raven was stunned by the news, unable to really believe it. The... The Republic had effectively removed her identity with one vote... and she was torn by it. She didn't want to betray the Republic, but she also didn't want to hurt her fellow Jedi in any way. She'd just have to keep her head down, and follow the Jedi's orders... They couldn't fault her for that, right? It was times like this, where she was uncertain and even slightly afraid, that she wished she was more connected to the force. Hearing some of the masters talk, they described it as a guiding influence, one that could tell a being what to do, but the best she'd ever really had was being able to influence her own person with it... "If... If that's the case, then... Then lets hope whoever was responsible for wiping the data from the nav-charts was thorough... I imagine the Senate's going to have someone go through the temple's archives, and find a list of those who are in the order... If nothing else so that way they can identify those who are like us..." She finally said, her voice catching every now and then in shock...
  6. Raven headed over, a large smile on her face. "Sorry, I didn't want to disturb you if you were with a customer... I know how... attention seeking some ponies can be, though I'm not sure I know who your friend here is..." She said, before nodding at the Avian who held the purple cloaked pony's attention. She'd never seen one of their kind before, and if it wasn't for the pony next to her, she'd probably be talking to him as well... Though not as invasively as the cloaked one was doing... "Um... I think if you want any of your questions actually answered, you might want to slow down and let him get a word in...." She suggested softly, not wanting to offend either one of them...
  7. Raven smiled as she walked down the street, a little bit of a pep in her step thanks to the fact that her mare-friend was taking some time off from all of her... activities. Icy'd said something about taking a bit of time for herself, away from any real responsibilities. What better way to do that than hanging out with a loved one, maybe go on a date...? She had decided that she'd start out by surprising Icy at her shop, though as she rounded the corner, she saw a mare in a purple cloak talking with her. Either that was a a problem, or a customer. Either way, she continued to the shop, stopping and waiting nearby for whoever this was to finish, or reveal themselves to be a problem...
  8. might be a bit before I can post, Just got a new job and it's kicking my butt.
  9. Raven looked at the station, and then at her screen. She wasn't getting any signals from the station, not even automated ones, but they may have been too far away. The station looked like it had seen better days, and was likely very low on power, if not completely out... though that was just her guess from what she saw of it out the viewscreen. "So... We're going into an unknown situation, with no intel really? That's... That's reassuring..." She couldn't help but say. She was sure that the council, especially Master Luna, wouldn't have sent just anyone, though she did wonder at her own inclusion. Maybe it was because of how she wasn't as well set in the Jedi ways yet, which could be valuable in it's own way...
  10. Raven thought for a second when she heard Midnight wonder about conversation topics. She couldn't think of anything, especially since her nerves were a little frazzled from the swift movements the ship made. She knew most of that was in her head, but she would swear the ship had a faulty inertia dampener... Perhaps she could fix it, when they land... Where ever they were going... "Do... Do we know anything about where we're going?" She finally asked, curiosity drawing her out of thinking about the ship...
  11. Raven felt her stomach drop slightly as the ship twisted and turned through the asteroid field. However, she had to focus on something on, dropping a relay beacon. At first, she wondered why, but then realized that where they were going there probably wasn't anyway to communicate, so having the beacons were necessary. She was lucky, since when the droid said that, a large button popped up. There was a soft thunk sound as the beacon was shifted and dropped out the ship, and she smiled, glad she hadn't screwed up...
  12. Raven nodded, noticing the asteroids outside the window. She quickly turned her attention back to her console, her nervousness about being on the ship coming back. It was a fairly well known fact that it wasn't a good idea to fly into an asteroid field, and she could speak from personal experience with the training simulator that there were a lot of variables one had to keep in mind. Every time the ship made a bank, she'd tense up a bit, and tense up a lot when she'd hear the gun firing...
  13. never tell me the odds! I already have problems with flying in a space ship...
  14. Raven blinked, thinking on how she fought. "Actually, master... What I practice is known as Niman, or form six... Although I use some of the other forms as well, depending on what the situation calls for..." She said. She also couldn't hold back a soft giggle at the thought of Master Tia playing a joke. It was well known around the temple that she enjoyed lightning the mood when she could.
  15. Away from computer for most of the night, will try to respond tomorrow
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