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  1. "Huh... Well, I could take a look at it, I am quite good at spellcraft... Not to say I'm better than Princess Twilight, or anything, I just mean that every spell I cast... I kinda had to learn how to make the spell itself, even if it looks like a normal spell... because of the horn..." Raven said, as she rubbed the back of her head. She'd had a little bit of a panic when she realized she was comparing herself to a princess, but managed to get mostly over it. "Oh, a... a sleepover... I've not... I mean... It sounds fun." She said, a little nervous about the idea of one. It wasn't that she'd not spent the night with others, or even had guests over before, hay, King Sombra had stayed with her for a couple of weeks. No, it was the idea of it being a party. She'd had bad experiences with parties before, and didn't really like them. "I have tons of unused rooms, so... So I could host... Um... and I might know somepony for music... Though she'd not be very relaxing, if that's what we're going for..."
  2. Raven didn't know what to say. The conversation involved things her family had never paid much attention to, and even when she'd been asked to other nobles' parties she'd not paid much attention to the posturing, to who held which title and which lands. Her family of course had their own holdings, and she had a list of them, but they mostly managed themselves... All those thoughts went out the window when Bluebelle took her first sip of her drink. Raven watched, enthralled by the strange magic at work. She sensed a fleeting touch, a strange twist... She was probably one of the few who could even sense that much, all because of her cracked horn leaving her a little more sensitive to thaumic fields. "That's... Wow! I've never seen any kind of magic like that, I mean, I've heard about changelings, and their magics, But I've never seen them, or their magic for that matter, and this definitely seems pony based anyway, I could tell that much..." Raven said excitedly, her words almost running together. She only trailed off when she looked over at Icy, which caused her to blush. She ended up staring down into her cup of hot chocolate, embarrassed that she'd gushed so much...
  3. Raven nodded at Icy's explanation. "Yeah, I've not read anything on the subject of surges myself, well, besides caution when raising foals..." She ordered a hot chocolate, and sipped at it. She shivered a small amount as she warmed up a bit. She reassuringly nuzzled Icy before speaking once more. "I think also there's the fact that to most ponies, if it doesn't affect them, it's not a problem... I mean, even in Canterlot there's criminals... I've had to fend off muggers before."
  4. Alivda

    Training and sword play (CLOSED)

    Raven stood up onto her back hooves as well, the armor not hampering her movements. The mare that would be training her looked hardened, like she'd seen the parts of Equestria and the lands beyond that were not pleasant, and her stance was easily read as practiced. Raven took a deep breath, before moving forward at a pace that clearly showed she'd fought like this before. She moved with precision, her practice from when her parents training her coming back in the form of muscle memory. She stepped in close, moving her right foreleg into a uppercut, if it connected that is. She had no doubt that her trainer either intended to counter, or use her own movements to throw Raven's weight around. It was, after all, what her family had spent years developing, so the technique was familiar. While she could counter with a spell, she remembered an old lesson, to never reveal all of your secrets too early...
  5. Alivda

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    Raven's dancing wasn't great. Matter of fact, it was clear that she'd never set hoof on a dance floor before. That didn't matter to her, though. She was there, Icy was there, there was music... It was all she needed. She smiled softly as they danced, though she did notice that Sombra seemed to be reluctant to join Princess Celestia on the dance floor. Then again, he didn't seem the type to openly display his softer side, so maybe he was simply afraid of making himself a fool. As the music ended, she was a little surprised at Icy's kiss, though she quickly melted into it. As she did, her horn started to spark slightly, like it always did when they kissed. The kiss was soon over, and Raven couldn't answer with anything other than a light giggle at Icy's question, before she made her way over to the tables, by Sombra. She watched Icy and Princess Luna dance, happy that her marefriend could be so carefree, even around those she looked up to. Soon, the sparking died down, and she shook her head to clear the rest of the fuzzy feeling away. "So, Sombra... I take it you're not going to be needing the room in my house anymore... are you?" She spoke softly, almost like it hurt her a little to ask. She was happy for him though, there was no better mare than Princess Celestia, after all, though her sister was definitely in the running...
  6. Raven frowned as she thought back to the day before. "I don't think so... There was right after the incident at the joust, and then right before we went to bed, but that may have just been my magic reacting to my emotions... Wait... Are... Are you saying... I... I may be like you, but with Fire? I mean, My magic's always looked like fire, but it's never actually been fire, as far as I know..." She looked downcast as the realization dawned on her, the thoughts causing her to become saddened. What if she ended up hurting Icy, or worse... She wouldn't be able to live with herself. The question Icy asked of her almost escaped her attention, so deep in worry and fear she was. "I... No, The only things I know of Princess Luna is through my family's journals... Mostly from before the whole Nightmare Moon thing. Oh, and of course, the copy of Predictions and Prophecies I have... I always thought the story was tragic though, being trapped in feeling no one wanted you around, to the point where your hoof is forced to do something terrible to prove your own worth..." She answered as they walked down the street, turning her head away as a thought entered her mind. "Actually... Now that I think about it... I kinda can't help but think of my own past... One of the reasons I studied independently was because of the teasing and... Well, and bullying I received in magic school, thanks to my horn... Of course, I wasn't much better to the other students... There were a few broken legs... I... There were times I couldn't control my anger..." Her tone was soft, and while it wasn't the full story, which involved the fact the legs broken belonged to several older students, ones who had considerable more influence then her own family did, it was clear it was a time she regretted deeply...
  7. Alivda

    Training and sword play (CLOSED)

    Raven was surprised as the mare silenced her, and abruptly sat down. She wasn't too surprised at the request however. Nodding, she stood, her stance shifting as her muscles began to coil. Soon, she lept, and as she landed, spun on one hoof. Her back leg flashed out, a quick strike, slamming into the mares chin with as much force as she could. As she finished her strike, she bowed her head, an action left ingrained in her from her parents training. She moved off to the side, her stance relaxing as she did. "Was that enough, Ma'am, or should I demonstrate my prior training again?" Her words were soft, but she couldn't keep a slight grin from crossing her face.
  8. Alivda

    Training and sword play (CLOSED)

    Raven nodded, a more confidant look on her face now that she knew what, or rather who she was dealing with. "Yes, I did. Come on in." She said with a smile, stepping behind the door to let the bigger mare in. "I'm Raven. I know it's unusual for most around here, not of the guard at least, to want to know this stuff, but I... Well, I was going to join the Army before this..." She pointed to her horn. She led the way down the hall, towards her family's training room. "I was actually just doing some simple exercises, trying to remember the forms... It's been so long..." As she led the way down into a hall cut from the very rock Canterlot rested on, they passed several paintings of ponies, all wearing the exact armor Raven wore, except there were seals and awards on the armor in the paintings. Raven kept her gaze forward, the weight of her ancestors' gaze making her steps feel heavy. She knew she wasn't exactly what they would have wanted, but was doing her best to fix that... After all, she'd cleaned the training hall, and had resumed learning her family's fighting styles. Joining her mare-friend's organization helped with that as well, not to mention the support she'd gotten from King Sombra, of all ponies. Finally, they crossed into the training room, a big circle with an armor stand off to one side, mats in the center, and a few dummies of various types on the opposite side from the stand. "So, is this place enough? My family's trained here since at least Canterlot's been here, maybe longer. I know we'll need a few pieces of equipment, and I'll need a sword... Oh! Your pay! How much would you want? And if you don't have a place nearby, I have plenty of rooms. Matter of fact, only two rooms are in use right now. Mine and a friend's..."
  9. "No, it... It wasn't you, Icy... I mean, I did have a surge there, maybe something happened then... But yeah, I've been having cold chills. I thought it was just some wind or something. Maybe some hot tea or cocoa would help." Raven said, putting up the books. She still felt a slight chill running down her coat, but it was nothing like before, just like a crisp autumn day. "Besides, I was pushing you. If we're going to work together, we need to know each other's limits." She smiled at Icy, making it clear she wasn't upset. After a short while, everything was returned, her years spent managing her family's small library making it easy for her to remember where each book she'd pulled was from. "Well, I think we passed a shop on the way here... Though maybe the librarian would know?"
  10. Alivda

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    Raven shook her head at Icy's words. "Actually, I wouldn't be researching this if he hadn't given me the idea. Truth is, my horn doesn't bother me much, but I know there's others out there..." She nodded at Princess Celestia. She supposed that yeah, Caramel was looking uncomfortable. It reminded her of how she felt at any of the nobles parties she'd been to, causing her to wince. She didn't want to cause a filly to become upset. Soon the sounds of music started to filter through, the sounds unable to come from the instruments the musician was playing. It was amazing, unique, magical! Raven was about to move to be closer to him, when Icy took her hoof. The music was moving, and the beat driving. While not what Raven was used to, it moved her, and she couldn't help but smile as she started dancing with Icy, the two of them the only ponies there to her...
  11. Alivda

    Training and sword play (CLOSED)

    Raven was down in her training hall, her armor clanking as she moved through the motions of her style. As she went to execute a jump kick, a magically enhanced knock echoed through the house, knocking her off balance. After picking herself up, she headed to answer the door. She carried a towel up with her, wiping what little sweet she'd worked up. She opened the door, and stepped back to take in the sight of the larger mare, who seemed to fill the doorway with no effort. "Hello... I... How may I help you?" She asked, the slight shock causing her to stumble over her words. This was obviously somepony who was militant, and she had put up an ad, asking for help. There was only so much that could be learned without a master swordspony, after all. Though, it could also be that this was somepony who knew of her family, who knew that they had a long line of warriors, and needed her help. The idea made her a little excited, and a small crackle of magic escaped from her cracked horn, not moving far away from it...
  12. Raven giggled and smiled as Icy booped her. "Yeah, excitement is good, but not if it means I can't be close with you... Wait, there's caves under Canterlot?" Her family had been there since the city was founded, but not one of their journals mentioned anything about crystal caves... Well, at least, none that she'd read. There were several shelves of them in the study, after all, covering the entire span of Equstria's military. She shook her head to rid it of her wandering thoughts, before nuzzling Icy. "I mean, sure, we shouldn't need large samples. Besides, the physical labs will be set up here, so any I take will be for personal theories or to prove one of the others researchers' theories... Assuming the crystals under Canterlot are the same as the ones here in the north... Thaumicly speaking, they may have entirely different matrices or even different wavelengths. I'm not sure, but it may be possible that the only pony who's researched crystals at any length is... Well, let's leave it that he was a ruler of these lands... Don't want to upset anypony..." All of a sudden, a shiver ran through her and she unconsciously snuggled closer to Icy, seeking warmth. "Is... Is it colder in here...?" She asked quietly, not wanting to seem like she was asking them to move somewhere else. Her brow furrowed in thought. She'd been cold a lot today, but only her. Everypony else around seemed to be fine, it was just her... Why? Could it have been the dome of fire and ice? "Icy... Do... Do you think... I... Is it possible that I... I might have got sick from our spar yesterday?" A tone of worry couldn't be kept from her voice, even though she didn't want to make her Marefriend, her love, upset. She knew that Icy would probably blame herself if she had gotten hurt, but so much had happened yesterday, and the dome... Raven still didn't know what had happened there, but could some of Icy's magic infected her?
  13. Alivda

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    Raven nodded her head to Princess Luna. "Still, I... I know how lonely nights can get at times... And I do mean it, thank you for all you do..." She then grinned back at Sombra, knowing he was simply teasing her. She even giggled at his antics. She decided to throw him a bone, and walked closer to him, before suddenly hugging him. "Seriously though, Sombra, thanks for pushing me to look into the crystals. I wouldn't have found Icy, or myself, otherwise... Would of been stuck with my nose in a book." She said, loud enough for those gathered to hear, before smiling at him and letting go. She went back to being beside Icy, who was talking to the young filly. "Hiyas, I'm Raven. First time at a party like this? Same here, to be honest. Actually, my first time meeting anypony here besides Icy and King Sombra." Her tone was jovial, and light, the experience from volunteering in orphanages seeping in. She thought for a second, before approaching Princess Celestia. "Excuse me Princess, But I happen to have some toys I was planning on donating next week. I live nearby, and could go get them quickly, or at least some games. I'm... Well, I'm not sure any of us expected somepony so young... or... or alone..." She spoke softly, trying to not let Caramel hear. She didn't want to just disappear and bring back games, but she also didn't want the filly to feel like she didn't belong. There'd been too many times Raven herself had felt like that, and tonight wouldn't be such a night for this young one...
  14. Raven smiled warmly at Icy, unable to keep worrying with her Marefriend giving her a kiss and teasing her. "I don't know Icy, I don't think that was convincing enough..." She said with a giggle, before boldly capturing Icy's chin in her hoof, and giving her a kiss, the kind that would grace the covers of the romance section. It sent a familiar electric tingling running through her, and up into her horn, so she broke the kiss off. This left the energy crackling around her horn, slowly bleeding off. While this wasn't a common problem for her, she didn't think it would be a bright idea to use any magic till the charge was gone. So, she sat there, turning pages idly by hoof, a silly grin on her face. Finally, the charge dissipated, and Raven's goofy smile returned to one that was more normal with a shake of her head. "I'm not sure I'll get used to that, so hopefully that stops happening, or at least, I learn to control it a bit better..." She said with a slight groan, the soft, but warm, smile returning...
  15. Raven knew not what to say, so she kept silent as Icy spoke. It worried her, and some of that showed on her face. She finally gathered the courage to speak, though it was in a quieter voice than they had been speaking in. "I... I mean... I'm not sure... I mean, I know that Prince Shining knows of my project, and I'm fairly sure I could borrow a room to consult with some advisors... might... might be good... good cover for our tea times... bonding over shared experiences... I mean... that's what friends do, right?" She dipped her head down, keeping her eyes on the atlas in front of her. She knew Icy was talking about their clandestine activities, and it was clear she wanted no ponies who didn't know to be in the know, but Raven wasn't used to this kind of behavior, to sneaking around. Even when she had her parents, and they were teaching her to be in the REA, she was taught to keep her head high, and face things head on. It was part of the reason she didn't like, or know, many nobles in Canterlot. They all said one thing, meant another, and did a third... It made her head swim at times. Why couldn't things be like the journals of her ancestors, where it was either peaceful, or a clear threat to face...?