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  1. Raven nodded as she focused on the console. She'd completely missed it when she sat down, but wasn't too surprised the ship had one. She was a little surprised at the Astromech came in, but quickly smiled. One of the things she liked was working on machines, and she couldn't help but value the various robots she saw highly, though she did her best to tamper it. The news it brought, that the council wanted their mission to be a secret, and bit her lip in thought. "Maybe... Maybe we're going somewhere the council doesn't have a lot of pull, or they're worried how it will be perceived..." She offered, quickly looking back at the Com screen, acting like she'd not said something... She wasn't sure how Midnight would take what she said. Her former master had been lenient, letting her speak freely, but she had heard stories from other padawans that some masters were strict...
  2. Raven smiled awkwardly back, before following her new master onto the ship. The other knight, Tiger Blood, had claimed the co-pilot seat, which was fine with her, as she'd only piloted in simulators, never in real life. So, she instead quietly chose one of the other seats in the back, and sat. After strapping in, she took a look around the cabin, before closing her eyes. She focused her mind inward, trying her best to meditate some and get rid of the nervousness she felt at being sent out once more into the galaxy...
  3. Raven dipped her head down, surprised that Midnight hadn't been told. "Um... I've been... Assigned to you, Master Midnight... My name is Raven Shadowfire..." She said, looking over the other knight, and then at the ship. She'd only ever once been on a ship before, and that was while she was on her way to the temple. She closed her eyes briefly as she focused on her breathing, doing her best to keep her mind focused...
  4. Raven Shadowfire slowly approached the hanger, doing her best to get a handle on her emotions, as she was taught. Her old master had died, when negotiations had turned hostile, and so she was being assigned to a new one, a knight known as Midnight Oil. She wasn't sure how he would react to her, and that led to her being apprehensive, as well as the fact she knew almost nothing about what the mission she was going to help on was. She smoothed out her robes and felt the comforting touch of her sabers, a ritual she'd used several times to calm herself. With that done, she felt better, more centered, and she finally took the last step around the corner, and started towards the ship she'd been told to go to. When there, she saw two others already at the ship. One presumably was her master, and the other must be some support the council had decided to send on the mission. As she reached the ramp, she stopped, and gave a short dip of her head. "Hello, sirs. I believe that one of you are supposed to be Master Midnight Oil, correct? The council believes I could learn from following him on this mission." She said, doing her best to keep the nervousness she naturally felt out of mind.
  5. k then, we okay to post in main thread?
  6. don't really care, either way is fine with me
  7. Raven Shadowfire, Unicorn, Jedi Padawan, orange crystal full-length saber, and blue shorter-length saber.
  8. Raven shivered as she felt the surge go past, before noticing that it was strong enough for the others to feel. "I don't think it's anything but something somepony cast... I know the castle has a lot history, but I would bet that with how long the princess has been here, it's got more positive energy than negative..." She said, as they headed down the hall after the surge. After a bit of down the hallway she felt the surge again, stronger than before. Either they were getting closer, or the magic was playing with them. The part she really noticed though, was how the magic felt the vaguest bit familiar, though she couldn't place it...
  9. Raven frowned as she examined the bookcase. There was a fleeting magic, almost like someone had cast a spell that could flow around an area, instead of over the entire area. She shivered again, the feeling of even that faint magic flowing away felt tainted. It seemed similar to Sombra's magic to her, but he wouldn't do something like this, not even to amuse himself. She was so lost in her musings, she didn't realize what had happened to Blueblood until she turned around. As soon as she saw Blueblood bleeding, she went over, concern on her face. "Are... Are you okay?" She asked softly, ashamed she didn't notice sooner...
  10. Raven smiled at Hogo-Sha. "Ah, so, it's a natural ability then. Well, It'd be kinda cool to learn more about this, perhaps you and Blueblood could come by my house after all this... Sombra knows he's welcome anytime if he wishes to join us." She said, before following Sombra into the doorway. As she did, she felt it, a large shiver moving down her spine. Soon after, books were flung at them, but not by anypony. Her senses didn't pick up on any concealing spells, so either they were good mages, or it was a more generalized spell to create the effects. She carefully headed towards the bookcase, planning to scan it with her magic to try to learn what the spell might be...
  11. As they walked down the hall, Raven spoke, loud enough to be heard by all of their group. "So, Blue... You've been friends with Icy for awhile, right? I... It's been a bit since our last date, since she's been busy, and I wanted to surprise her with something... Got any ideas?" She asked, smiling slightly even as she shivered from the atmosphere. When Hogo-Sha dashed around the corner, she head a shout and a large door bashing. She reacted instinctively, stepping in front of Blueblood even as they rounded the corner, the guard mentality that had been drilled into her as a child dictating her action. When she saw the large wolf-like creature, she calmed though, a wide, enthusiastic grin on her face. "Wow... This is cool. I take it you're a natural shapeshifter? Or is it a kind of magic that requires a lot of concentration?" She asked, looking interestingly at Hogo-Sha...
  12. Raven nodded with a smile, glad that Sombra would help her. She had to admit, she was also a little giddy at how she'd get to see parts of the castle that the general public usually weren't allowed in. "Well, Hogo-Sha, you'd probably be best to lead on this. I'm only picking up faint traces of the magic myself, and I've never really tried to track using magic, so..." She said, her smile fading a bit. She went to stand by Blueblood, and stood there for a bit, waiting for the group to move. She had an idea to surprise Icy next time she saw her, and Blue and her seemed to be close friends, so Raven wanted to pick Blue's brain on it...
  13. Raven nodded with a smile. "I wasn't really planning on doing much today, was just going to ask Sombra here about some crystals... I kinda want to forge a sword for myself, and I have an idea for a unique design..." She said. She felt that shiver yet again, and frowned, her brow furling... "I agree, we should get started... I'm not sure I'll be able to concentrate on anything else until we get rid of whatever magic's in the air..." She glanced around, especially after the door was shut, taking in the guard. "I'll admit, the part of the castle grounds I'm most familiar with is actually just within the walls, where the guard train and such... As well as the REA supply rooms..." She suggested as a starting point. She'd been there a few times with her parents, when they'd been meeting with old friends. She couldn't help but idly wonder if, between being friends with Blueblood, and family with Sombra, just how far she could get into the palace on her own... Might be fun to try someday, she decided, before returning her thoughts to the matter at hoof...
  14. Raven smiled and nodded. "I'm don't know much about dark magic, except what little I've seen Sombra use." She said, before feeling that shiver run down her backbone again. "That being said, I'm... more sensitive to the ebb and flow of magic than most, so hopefully I can help. If nothing else, I suppose I could be a detector." She smiled as she continued. From the sound of what Sombra had said, it seemed as if the source of the magic was moving, or not very concentrated. Either somepony powerful had placed the spell, or it was an ambient effect generated by Sombra presence... She hoped the former, of course. She didn't want to lose Sombra. Between him, Ice, and Blueblood, they'd really helped her come out of her shell... Her eyes widened suddenly as she realized that she hadn't introduced herself. "Oh, Sorry, I'm Raven Shadowfire, last heir to House Dupone. Though most just call me Raven... I'm kinda new to the whole socializing thing..." She said, a little sheepish. She extended a hoof out to Stormy, a soft smile on her face...
  15. Raven frowned, then smiled. "Of course, I'd be willing to help you." She said, something causing a nagging feeling in the back of her mind. She could feel something about the palace was off, but couldn't quite put a hoof on it. Now that she thought about it, the guards did seem slightly weary, scared even... She frowned at this, though she smiled a bit as she saw the new arrivals. "Blue! It's been a bit... Whose your friend?"
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