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  1. Lucky Clover (WIP)

    Yes please. I've been inactive for a while, so I kept it as a work in progress. I should be done with this soon.
  2. Lucky_3

    Oh, how do I delete this then? ^^;
  3. Lucky_3

    (It just said original work. . I'm getting banned for this. .)
  4. Lucky_3

  5. Lucky Clover (WIP)

    Name: Lucky Clover Gender: Female Age: Mare Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Shamrock Green Character colour: Light Pink Mane/Tail/Other: Hairstyle- Loose, flowing; Colors- Pink and Green Physique: Average height for a pony her age; no injuries or obscurities Residence: N/A (I have not decided on a residence yet) Occupation: Caretaker for both young ponies and pets, somewhat of a tutor; (alternative if this is appropriate- Gambler/Works at casino) Cutie Mark: Four-leafed shamrock Unique Traits: True to her name, Lucky is very fortunate, and usually succeeds in getting what she wants almost every time. History: Filly- Lucky was not born into a rich family, as everyone may have expected her to have been. Instead, she was born in a rural area along a river bank with her family of two brothers, her father, and her mother. There, she lived in a wooden home, surrounded by nature. She, however, dreaded the idea of living in the cold swamp-like-area for too long, and decided that when she was old enough, she would whisk her family away somewhere safer, and richer than their current state. One day, her family had scrapped up enough money to afford a ticket to a talent show. Lucky was elated to go, and was joyful when she finally got to be around other filly's and foals her age. As the show began, she was dazzled by all the glamorous costumes that walked across the stage, meant to mock how rich pony's dressed. Ever since that moment, she had fallen in love with the idea of wealth and fame, that she actually left the show mid-way to go find something important. In her home, was a small box, with a fragmented three leaf clover inside. She was at first, disappointed. Only four leaf clovers gave off luck. However, she was brought back up in spirits when she found a clover petal on the ground next to her hoof. When she put the leaf against the three leaf clover, it magically merged with the stem, creating an authentic four-leaf-clover. She felt a shine against her flank. When she turned, her cutie mark had appeared in the image of shamrock. Mare- Growing up, Lucky is on her way to turn herself into the rich pony she dreamed of when she was younger. Sure, she still had humanity and other's best interests in mind, but that never stopped her dream. Some call her a cheater, as she wins at almost every card or board game, and has even been accused of being a scammer, as she had won quite a lot of money from her fortuitous nature. She is currently making plans to move to Canterlot; a prestigious community that suits her personality quite well, given that she had become a bit of a snob with how much money she can have at the tip of her fingers. Her parents are worried of her greedy nature, but she constantly reassures them that she would never put money over the things and ponies she loves. Character Personality: Snobbish, auspicious, conscious Character Summary: Overall, Lucky has changed greatly over the course of her life, and does not see her personality as dislike-able, even though it comes off as rude to many other ponies. She started off as being reserved and calm, almost serene in a way. However, she now tries to live out a life she has dreamed of in secrecy. She promises that she will make herself known among every other pony around her.
  6. New Here. .

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  7. New Here. .

    (I believe I have to post three times, so I'll just add some extra info. .)
  8. New Here. .

    Hello everypony. :3 I have recently discovered this website by chance, and I was excited when I did. I've been watching MLP ever since I was 7, and I had become a big fan of the show. I understand most of the lore, and I have fun coming up with theories, and trying to fit my OC's into different kinds of pony types (ex: crystal, merponies, alicorns, etc. .). I am not new at all to roleplay, and consider myself to be advanced in literacy. So, feel free to message me for that kind of thing. I am currently working on a fanfiction for MLP, and have a lot of fun working on it with other people's OC's. ^^ That's mostly it. . I hope I have as much fun as possible in this awesome community.