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  1. Introduction Howdy everypony I would like to introduce myself for I am Purple I've been a brony since Year 8 and well I finished Year 12 last year so I've been one for quite some time. I got into the fandom thanks to some guys at my highschool who recommended it and I thought heck why not? Since then I've been a pretty active brony especially on Garrysmods Pony Servers in which I used to be quite a well known member of the community. I found this site out of curiosity as I wanted to make some new friends and roleplay a bit something I've missed since my old Gmod days also my personal favourite character from MLP has to be Starswirl The Bearded he's Merlin as a pony it doesn't get more epic then that! However let me unload some information about the type of person I am if I may and if you are interested in reading more then read on About Myself So to begin with I'm a gamer obviously but not just of video games but tabletop, cards you name it I've probably played it. I'm also a huge Star Wars, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Magic The Gathering the list goes on but I'm a fan of most Fantasy/Sci-Fi universes out there as I am a complete and utter lore freak and I mean lore freak I love world building so much. I'm also quite the creator when it comes to writing as stated above I love world building so I build my own fantasy worlds with every single tiny detail, name, character as important and world building allows me and my friends to Roleplay or run DnD style campaigns in them! However here is a negative about myself and that is I can be political so if you want to avoid politics just ask me to not talk about it as I get passionate sometimes and I understand not wanting to care for politics but I am also quite the debater not just for politics but a lot of things generally I enjoy it when people challenge my thinking and a civilised manner even if sometimes I don't abide by these rules. Now let me quickly add in a positive and that being I am super honest, kind, loving and super open to criticism I will often ask people for their opinions on my OCs, worlds etc. All so I can write and improve them all! Thank you for reading all of this I hope you have a good day and enjoyed the reading! ~Purple
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