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  1. With a good party of adventurers to work with, Roan had one of his rare moments of intuition by giving the book to the wolf for him to take in its scent. There was a possibility that traces of the magic that created the book still existed and were acting as trails that would lead up to their ultimate destination that was the Lost Lands. Luckily, if all of the individuals present were lacking in maps, there were at least two here who could easily get one: Mr. Psmith was likely to have come across well-made maps that are far more detailed than what could be found in an average market, and the most esteemed God of Chaos could just teleport anywhere in Equestria and simply acquire a map in that fashion. "Map...?", was Roan's one-word inquiry as he looked towards Psmith Sr. with his beady black eyes while he waited for an answer.
  2. While it didn't obviously show on Roan's face, other than his beady eyes blinking, the mostly red stallion was rather surprised to see Discord make a wolf appear before them and hold the furry creature by the scruff of its neck. Of all the ponies in this room, Roan might have been one of those few who actually bought into the canine's terrible attempt at hiding its true intelligence to the other present here. The pink-headed pony didn't particularly find the existence of wolves that existed in the Everfree Forest to be particularly strange, rather, it was considered rare to meet an actual wolf in the forest. The last time this happened was when Roan and the other Castle caretakers were going over the various codes and trails that were taken in order to get to the Castle of the Royals Sisters safely. Cockatrice encounters were code Hard-boiled, Manticore or Chimera encounters were Code Amalgam, Dragon encounters were Code Easy-bake, and each Ursa getting their own specific codes. Minor was Code Brazen Youngster, and in the event of an Ursa Major encounter, it was Code Custard. "Hi", was all that the hefty stallion said as he greeted the wolf before taking a sip of his mint tea sweetened with honey. With Discord's sudden change-of-heart and acquisition of needed supplies, things were beginning to come together as the possible journey towards Neighers drew near. By now, it was possible that a newly transcribed copy of the mysterious manuscript was making its way to the princesses, bringing with it any possible reaction from the princesses which would boil down to either blessing or intervention towards this endeavor. One could only hope that healing the Lost Lands would bring about greater prosperity and perhaps allow those like Princess Twilight to establish a new hub where Friendship could be spread far and wide.
  3. Roan blinked his beady black eyes as he flipped through the pages of the book and for the longest time, it only now dawned on the mostly red stallion that this book contained hints upon the nature of a certain Draconnequis himself when there were mentions of 'pandemonium' and 'madness'. The pink-headed oddball looked up as a memory dawned on him, he still remembered when Discord first broke free of his thousand-years detainment in stone as his influence greatly altered the ponies and environment. One pony that did appear and wasn't there before was a pink mare with swirly purple hair that had streaks of white. Her cutie mark was that of a baseball and screw paired together. After Discord was sealed again, and even after he was intentionally freed and was willfully reformed, the mysterious mare never appeared again. Suffice it to say, Roan found himself smitten with the mysterious pony though this didn't outwardly change his usual wide-eyed stare. The fact that she was now forever out of his reach and most likely existed in a different reality altogether made her all the more alluring. In short, Roan had strange tastes. His preferences aside, Roan read another passage that concerned how to reach the Lost Land, this one appeared to continue where the first clue left off, "To where the Terror was struck down... by Warriors of the Night devoted to the princess thought lost..." This confirmed that the place they needed to go to start their journey was the city of Neighers in the Bad Lands, as the history that was noted here described events that took place 500 years ago, where the nocturnal ponies and non-ponies who fought against the fear-spawn in defense of Equestria were the only ones who chose to openly worship the then sealed Luna as their princess due to the prophecy brought forth by the oracle Bright Eyes. Curious, Roan flipped to the very last page of the book that carried only one passage, "O wayward children... return to the forgotten home...", the hefty pony paused as he read the last part of the passage, tears began to trickle from his eyes, "Restore its purpose and worth..."
  4. Peeking out from under his hooves, Roan saw Discord's effortless transfiguration spell turn a hat into blooming flowers and he soon forgot his nervousness, which was then replaced by wonder and fascination. This was expressed by the strange stallion clopping his hooves together to give an enthusiastic applause, the ease in which the hefty pony could be entertained was by far a very convenient way for the Draconnequis to win his new acquaintance over. With this little show, Roan found himself more relaxed in his present company, though not to the same carelessly casual extent as Horseshoe was being. Upon the encouragement of Discord, who seemed to be in the mood to hear a story, Roan read a passage somewhere within the copy of the mysterious manuscript, "... and there within Oblivion where all is nonexistence... Then, from nothing came everything... The birth of entirety captured in a single explosive instance..." After a while flipping through a page or two, another inscription was read, "Madness is the offspring of pandemonium though it is often unseen and is more insidious..." Roan tilted his head, wondering what it was he just read until he lost interest and started flipping through other pages.
  5. Roan turned his black beady gaze to bear witness to a most interesting house guest that was present within the Psmith estate. It took a long while and a fedora landing on his head for the pink-headed stallion to realize that he was in the presence of a god, but not just any god, the God of Chaos Discord. Just as with madam Goldenlocks, or perhaps more so, Roan gave a reverent bow to the long-lived creature with the same respect usually extended to the two rulers of Equestria. He was told stories by his parents about the exploits of this Cosmic Joker and that he was an embodiment of knowledge that lay well beyond the comprehension of mortal mare and stallion alike. It was because of the ancient creature's wisdom-- as well as the fact that he didn't just blow them all to smithereens on a whim-- that encouraged Roan to pay proper homage to the deity. It wasn't too long ago that he happened to have seen the Royal Pony Sisters visiting their old home nestled in the Everfree forest, the very same one that the mostly-red pony took part in restoring. Roan only chanced a peek before finishing up with his tasks, the surprise made him momentarily forget that on that day-- of all days-- was the day the Princess of the Sun was born. Of course, he left just before Princess Celestia began angrily tearing down the tapestries that bore her own cutie mark on it, the news of this sudden visit resulted in all of the caretakers leaving for home early so as to give the sisters privacy. Now there's this visitation from the embodiment of all things spontaneous and random, casually relaxing and making small talk in enjoying tea. Sticking with the simplicity that worked best for him, Roan got up from his bow and waved his foreleg to say "Hi!" His eyes then lowered and he came to the realization that he let the Chaos Bringer's hat slip onto the floor, which made the hefty pony huddle up into a ball and then hide his face under his hooves in fear.
  6. Roan, being one who was raised to respect his elders and to believe in the kindness of others, did not hesitate in following the flamboyant older stallion as he entered his estate and meeting his charming and ever-patient wife Goldenlocks. From what could be expected of the pony who called himself "Lucky", it was possible that his waggling tongue may have invented a number of tales about the large and lumbering oddball. It was also likely that Mr. Psmith also shared with his wife some stories concerning the mostly red stallion's strange abilities, like the thundering neigh that was used to shatter that timberwolf from earlier. Nodding his head for as low as his collar would let him, Roan paid his respects to the madam of the house as he gently lowered his large girth onto the floor. It seems that some of the guests that were gathered were somewhat familiar with Roan considering as they avoided looking into the fleshy-faced pony's black beady eyes. There were possibly a number of unicorns who either were unable to use magic-- properly or not at all-- or had no interest in magic whatsoever. Roan had no interest in using or learning about magic considering as the Asclepius Talisman worn around his neck bolstered his physicality to an extent that manual labor was reduced to being light menial chores. Even if he wanted to, he couldn't as the collar converted his inherent magic into vital energies that sustained him. In short, while he appeared healthy and normal, in actuality, Roan was constantly living on life support. Believing simple was best, Roan waved his left foreleg and said "Hi." Blinking, the strange equine began zoning out while Mr. Psmith got his personal business in order.
  7. Once again, Roan nodded and made a grunt as he and the other caretakers went about their business. Much to everypony else's delight, they were able to get out on time while the sizeable stallion listened to Mr. Horseshoe going from voicing his anticipation for the long journey ahead to needing permission from his wife or risk sleeping outside on a rainy night. The unlikely duo was traversing through the Everfree Forest when everypony decided to head out for the day, the trot through the forest being relatively uneventful save for the occasional timber wolf or cockatrice that came in and attempted to intimidate them into getting away from whatever territory was claimed. Such displays of aggression would have succeeded had it not been for Roan letting out a screeching neigh so loud that the Timberwolves were reduced to splinters or the cockatrice ended up wincing in pain from the incredibly loud noise that it passed out. While Roan was possibly one of the few unicorns who was unable to use any magic-- making him synonymous to an Earth pony with a large bump-- he possessed a few unique abilities thanks to the Asclepius Talisman that he wore around his neck. Escorting the elder pony all the way to Canterlot, Roan was inwardly trying to recall what he knew of Neighers which, according to legend, was the first line of defense against a massive creature the was the embodiment of fear itself. Only by the aid of two mysterious heroes and an inventor who was once made an outcast did Neighers succeed in defeating the Terror and the monstrous abominations its spawned. What wasn't commonly known was that it was the residents of Neighers who began revering Princess Luna again 500 years after her banishment to the moon, a fact of which could have only been found in a book that was tucked somewhere in the old archives. Upon reaching the home where the senior Psmith lived in, the peculiar pink-headed pony simply waited patiently while his prospective travel buddy went in to get the go-ahead.
  8. When it came to arduous tasks that even the rest of the team couldn't handle, it was often left to Roan to literally shoulder the burden. Such was the case when they decided to dump Psmith Sr.-- Wordsworth's sire-- on his hooves, which brought on a whole slew of babble that would have driven any normal pony mad. It was to be his fortune that Roan didn't fit that particular category, or at the very least not as well as that hyperactive pink pony who worked in Sugar Cube Corner and was the self-proclaimed Party Planner of Ponyville. Having friends was a new experience for the hefty pony due to mainly preoccupying himself with what interested him at the time, like how ponies were able to turn doorknobs with their hooves or the fact that pretty much every pony, himself included, were somehow able to grasp objects. Griffins could do it due to having talons, the same with dragons when it came to their scaly claws, with some of them having opposable thumbs. In fact, almost every creature that wasn't a pony had appendages that were made to take hold of items while mares and stallions alike had what were essentially stumps at the end of their front and back legs. Roan came back from his mind's usual wandering to listen to the elder stallion's excited chatter concerning the mysterious book that came to be within their possession. Being his usual docile self, the odd stallion turned to face his companion and nod, his fleshy pink head devoid of the red coat that covered the rest of his body. Through the encouragement of Psmith, and at the urging of Dark Charisma's 'Dew it...!' The book would be kept until a copy could be created to send to the princesses, the Princess of Friendship especially would try doing something with it as she did when she went off gallivanting with her six other friends to parts unknown. Oddly enough, at the same time that the seven mares-- seven now because of a new addition-- returned to Ponyville, the fabled Pillars of Old Equestria were rumored to have returned after disappearing for a thousand years. Returning right back from his internal distractions-- lest he questions why a certain pony with an hourglass cutie mark was somehow able to be an Earth Pony one moment and a Pegasus the next-- Roan skimmed through the pages again, only to have what appeared to be a note fall right out. What it said was "Go to the place where Terror was vanquished..." Easy Script chipped in saying that the note might have been referring to Neighers, the fort-turned-city in the Bad Lands that was famous for their nocturnal ponies and non-ponies. This was a clue that could only lead to an adventure.
  9. Roan snorted as he went about his day, traversing through the Everfree Forest and eventually reach the place where his efforts were better suited for. There it stood nestled in the forest's canopy, the Castle of the two Royal Pony Sisters that lay mostly abandoned and worn down from the passage of time. There were a few exceptions to this, one being the caretakers who sought to maintain and even restore parts of the castle in the off chance that it would someday be of some use. The other exception took the form of six overly excited mares who were making a mess of things that Roan himself had to clean after their departure. One good thing that came out of it was that at least the organ was confirmed to be 'fully operational' in the words of Dark Charisma, who was particularly talented in repairing or acquiring the necessary parts to repair musical instruments. Easy Script was responsible for transcribing any surviving texts-- of historical or personal importance-- and send the copies to either their rightful owners, a museum, or historians who could translate Old Ponish. Roan was more or less used as a beast of burden as he transported pony-sized stone bricks that have been cut and extracted from nearby mountains to improve the castle's structural integrity. Another task that the hefty stallion was responsible for was the discovery and repair of any hidden trap doors and passageways. Despite appearing to be somewhat unintelligent, the mostly red pony was able to get some of the trap doors working again, though the parts for those that were in more advanced states of deterioration wouldn't be fabricated for another few days considering as the schematics listing the original parts were only sent recently. It was by finding the schematics that Roan also found a book that was in good condition, something that was literally impossible unless a number of factors came into play. One was that somepony placed it here sometime before, possibly belonging to the Princess of Friendship, and the only other explanation was that the book itself was enchanted. Looking at it more closely, Roan squinted his beady black eyes and read the title, only to conclude that the tome was a piece of actual recorded history pertaining to the lands that the three pony tribes resided in long before the founding of Equestria. The large pony stopped himself, blinking as a sort of realization popped into his head after a long moment was spent putting the pieces together. Skimming through the pages and then showing it to his fellow caretakers, even they were at a loss for words. From what was briefly seen, the book contained various aspects of pony history that was thought to have been lost, the establishment of the three dominions that the pony tribes each fell under, the origins and possible existence of an entire tribe of alicorns, and subtle hints at what was to be found in the Vast Unknown that was far to the north.
  10. More than a thousand years ago, the strained peace held among the three pony tribes buckled and ultimately fell apart as distrust and resentment brewed, eventually bringing forth the windigos that brought all of their hard-earned prosperity to ruin and forcing them to abandon the very soil they and their ancestors were born on in search of more greener pastures. Little did they know that it was not the environment that was to blame, but the distrust itself that was nurtured by the selfish few who prioritized their wants above the needs of the desperate many. All failed to see the error present within themselves and were to share the same fate as their homeland by being frozen in the blizzards born from their strife until the realization that living harmoniously, with genuine compassion and selflessness for one's fellow pony, was felt and shared freely and unconditionally. An entire millennium has passed, today's generation of ponies live in contentment and happiness, though such fortune has yet to be bestowed upon the other non-pony creatures cohabiting this world to the same degree. The question remains within the minds of those who still knew and cared, 'what happened to the Lost Lands'? Perhaps someday soon, the descendants of those wayward vagabonds will return and see what became of their ancient homes? One such pony thinks so, for, in his struggle to learn of his purpose upon this world and restoring purpose to that which has yet to fulfill it, Roan Quake and perhaps others will answer the call of what was left behind.
  11. While no surviving record has been found for the exact time of its creation, it has been widely accepted that the Asclepius Talisman-- or at least the only known surviving piece-- was made centuries ago. The legend surrounding the piece centered around a unicorn stallion who traversed the entirety of Equestria to discover a way to save his beloved wife from an illness that had no cure. As the one he held most dear became increasingly fragile, the stallion turned to ancient and arcane magics that predated even the founding of Equestria itself. Daring to defy fate, the stallion took what was a mundane item and subjected it to an enchantment so complex, that even today's magic experts were unable to untangle it despite having the the ability to recreate the enchantment with varying degrees of success.. The surviving talisman took the form of a collar, where it changed hooves and circulated within the marketplace as a bobble, only to come into the possession of two parents who sought out the very same solution for their son, thereby allowing the collar to fulfill the very purpose it was meant to serve all those years ago.
  12. Just as the dragon got up, he was met by the peculiar presence of a large and hefty red unicorn stallion. Roan Quake's thoughts were often very simplistic, his mind wandered from distraction to distraction. One moment it was a bird, the next it was the turn of a doorknob, all were sources of entertainment that were met with varying degrees of satisfaction until one sight caught his beady black eyes. What drew Roan's attention wasn't the dragon or the telepathic field that surrounded the scaly fellow and the two mares, it was the jars of honey that the fire-breather was carrying which made the mostly red pony stick out his tongue in anticipation, his ears flicked as though shooing away a fly. While he was silent, the telepathic field would have been a gateway of the myriad of thoughts that now flooded his strange mind. Honey. Dragon. Honey-carrying dragon. Honey... Sweet... hungry... must have. must have. must have. Have bread, bring bread. Bring honey. Make better. Must Eat. Hungry. Castle. Castle waiting. Must return. Hungry. Must eat. Eat now. Return later. Bits. Have no bits. Need bits. Must hurry. Must go to castle. Must fix castle. Must eat. The mental struggle that looped made the blank fleshy-faced pony somewhat teary, as he couldn't come to a clear decision.
  13. If the list is still open... I'd like to join with: Roan Quake A few reasons being that his parents plan on taking residence in Ponyville and are likely to be in danger, he has peculiar abilities that might help in the war effort... and because there was free food.
  14. Name: Roan Quake Gender: Male Age: Stallion Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Black and beady Character colour: Mostly red. Except his head, which is a naked fleshy pink color due to a skin condition. Mane/Tail/Other: Onyx, a small tuft of hair is what passes off as Roan's mane. His tail is also onyx Physique: Large and hefty, though oddly has above average physical strength for a unicorn, and possibly even surpasses an Earth pony's Residence: Everfree Forest Occupation: An active caretaker of the Castle of the Two Sisters Cutie Mark: A dark-brown circle that appears to be fractured like a glass pane. Unique Traits: Roan's head is mostly bald, he wears a tin collar shaped like a satellite dish/lampshade called the Talisman of Asclepias to not only keep himself alive but to also bolster his physical prowess to the point where it surpasses the strength of even an Earth Pony. History: When Roan was brought into the world, his parents worried whether he would be able to live a normal life due to being born with a condition that would eventually see him slip into eternal slumber. Doing whatever they could, they traveled to the far east in hopes of acquiring some means to make sure that their foal would live comfortably and happily. As luck would have it, their prayers were answered by an Earth Pony blacksmith seeking to sell what was a strange and supposedly worthless tin-wrought collar that was in the shape of a common lampshade. As if calling to him, the little foal cried out for the collar and immediately wore it around his neck when a sudden sensation of relief took hold of him. It wasn't until much later on that the parents found out through a unicorn scholar who was knowledgeable in exotic artifacts that the neck-worn lampshade with the engraved twin snakes coiling each other was the Asclepias Talisman, an enchanted item that took the inherent magic of its wearer and converted it into vital energies that helped bolster their constitution, with the unforeseen consequence of bestowing abnormal bursts of strength and other strange abilities while under the influence of strong emotions like fear or anger. In short, it was a health-correcting device that was only effective so long as the one wearing it had magic. The downside to the collar, however, was that removing it would result in undoing-- even reversing-- whatever benefits the user was given, meaning that the talisman was only capable of sustaining the user's life until a more permanent solution could be implemented. Over time, Roan's parents were able to learn how to duplicate the enchantment on their own, which allowed their foal to live out his life in relative normalcy. Or so it was hoped, as Roan grew from being an unusual colt to an equally unusual stallion. There were various things that made him stand out from the rest of the young unicorns, and this was not always in a positive fashion considering as he didn't display a desire or aptitude for magic, most of his whole head lacked hair, and he was almost always quiet save for the occasional whinny. While Roan was approachable and often served as the occasional set of ears for somepony to confide their thoughts to, he mostly preferred the comfort of solitude and of the machinations that his enigmatic mind invents amid the exploding happy rainbows and television static. One day, despite his parents' warnings discouraging him to wander, Roan found himself in the Everfree Forest and gained from it a sense of belonging despite it being in a place that he and many others didn't understand. After a great deal of effort was spent in proving that he was capable of surviving in the forest on his own-- which in the process has led him to neigh so loudly that he scattered a Timberwolf to pieces while in a state of terror-- he was made a caretaker who oversaw the maintenance and slowly progressing restoration of the Castle of the Two Sisters. He now enjoys the wonders that are inherent of his job, how plants just appear on their own, how the animals seem to just know what to do in order to get by each day and how clouds simply moved without a pegasus having to push it. To him, it felt as though he were home. A number of reasons were weighed as to why Roan was made a caretaker, mainly his surprising eagerness to venture into the Everfree Forest as well as the augmented strength originating from the collar that Roan has come to rely upon. It was during his time as a caretaker that he has earned his cutie mark after so spending so many years as a blank flank, and it was as a result of his attempts at restoring parts of the castle. He, in a sense, established a relationship with the various mechanisms and features present inside. His came to understand that, just as each plant and animal within the Everfree Forest moved in accordance to each of their own purposes, so too did simple objects. By resonating and finding rapport with passageways, doors, and facilities, Roan came to learn naturally what needed to be done and was able to not only restore but improve upon how the structures worked without drastically changing their appearance. As two trembles come together to become a quake, Roan took what was before him and made it greater than how it started out as. . Character Personality: Roan is often absent-minded, preoccupied with what sort of things his imagination invents in order to keep himself entertained. This absence of mental faculty also extends to his common sense, as he trots into places or situations that could very well prove to be unsavory and even life-threatening. When Roan does perceive danger to himself or others, he tends to act out of instinct, either fleeing out of fear or violently lashing out like a cornered creature. In very rare instances, Roan is capable of performing undertakings that appear to have had much forethought and meticulous planning. It is through action and not words that Roan is able to properly convey his thoughts and feelings to others. Character Summary: Roan is the kind of pony that appears dumb and his presence in the world doesn't seem to have any definitive purpose. While whatever motivates him to take action may remain vague, when he does take action, it is bound to elicit some surprise. Whether he is directly involved in an event or if he is only making a minor contribution, it is bound to have some effect however small.
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