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  1. Hey! I've finished two of my OC's character sheets as of writing this and I figured it was time to throw my line out there for some RP shenanigans! My OCs: Spinelnut, a grumpy engineer of a Crystal Pony with some major unicorn-centered issues, & Mint Sprig, a perky fortune telling Earth Pony ready to befriend. I prefer to see what sort of character I'm working with before figuring out a plot/set up. I've purposely given my characters excuses to be about anywhere and I'm open to playing with any sort of OC. I just like to see my OCs interact with a variety of character, tbh, so the table is open for anything and everything. Just post here if you want to try to figure something out and I'll message you to plot!
  2. Name: Mint Sprig Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Earth Pony Eye Color: Baby blue Coat: A bright mint green. Mane/Tail: Her mane is a soft shade of lilac and is kept about shoulder length, though the front part of her mane is cut short to her brows to form bangs. Her tail is allowed to grow out with the occasional trim to keep it off the ground. Both her tail and mane have a natural flip to them. Physique: Mint Sprig would be considered above average than most fillies her age in height, but is otherwise completely average in every way. Residence: The Ground District of Las Pegasus Occupation: Fortune Teller Cutie Mark: A white, sparkling sphere on a golden stand. Unique Traits: Mint Sprig makes the best cup of tea of any fortune telling, mint green, lavender maned pony in Las Pegasus! But, no, really, Mint is pretty good at serving a nice brew, though she mainly does it to perform a tea leaf reading. Aside from that, she's excellent at reading other ponies and can spot a pony in need of guidance (read: customer) from a mile away! She's been capable of intuiting the mental state of even the most stone-faced of ponies, though errors can be made here and there... (Not even a cutie mark can make someone perfect, after all!) History: Mint Sprig's home and heart will always be in her hometown, Ponyville. She was born and raised there, after all! She was the oldest foal of four brothers and sisters and, as a result, spent much of her time growing up watching after them. She had her bad and good days with the extra responsibility, but Mint eventually grew to love the times she spent with her family. This became especially evident to her when everyone started growing up and moving away! Despite being the oldest, Mint Sprig ended up being the last pony to leave her parent's home and find her own place. It wouldn't be a lie to say that she hesitated on moving out for so long to try to squeeze in as many moments with her baby brothers and sisters as she could before they escaped from their smothering, overprotective big sister. But, once they had all went to greener pastures, Mint Sprig decided it was time to find a way to better use her greatest talent. When Mint Sprig was a young foal, she had an obsessive hobby with all things pseudoscience—and this didn't mean magic, either. Mint Sprig loved the stuff that had nothing to do with the very scientific use of magic and had all to do with intuition and the powers of the universe. Things like cleromancy, alectromancy, crystallomancy, and so many more. One day after school, having grown bored of playing with her origami fortune teller, Mint decided to invest some of her allowance into a genuine crystal ball. She initially couldn't figure out how to work with the device—there were no numbers or colors or anywhere to write the fortune on! So, she allowed the ball to gather dust in her room, only deciding to drag it out for show and tell on a whim. While showing the crystal ball to her classmates, she prompted a foal to allow her to demonstrate the art of scrying for fun. When he had approached, little Mint had looked at the reflection of her classmate on the crystal ball and was overwhelmed by a strange urge. If pressed, Mint Sprig would admit that she doesn't know if it was the power of the universe or if she had just been struck by inspiration, but the advice she gave that foal did turn out for the better. He met his beloved wife and started on his path to becoming the best hot air balloon operator in all the land by sticking to what Mint Sprig told him. More importantly, Mint Sprig graduated from her blank-flank days and earned her cutie mark. Mint Sprig went on to do all kinds of readings, now driven to explore the various ways one can communicate to the universe. But, there were only so many clients she could find in Ponyville and Mint couldn't help but feel she wasn't benefiting ponykind as much as she could have been. So, once her siblings had grown up and moved away, Mint Sprig packed her bags for Las Pegasus, a tourist hot spot full of ponies who could use some advice! Needy, rich ponies who could pay her lots of bits to let her travel around the continent to bug her siblings. Mint Sprig's traveling stand in Las Pegasus became well known as a quirky tourist hot spot, drawing in her pick of customers. She would have preferred to use this popularity to pick only the ones that gave her that unique sensation of a true fortune, but, more often than not, Mint would pick whoever had the nicest things and settle with a good tip over personal fulfillment. Character Personality: Once shy and withdrawn, Mint Sprig has developed into a spunky, carefree pony with a wild imagination. She's pretty energetic and easily excited about trying new things or meeting new people. She has a fondness for foals and critters and can easily attach herself to just about anypony she encounters. She's the type of pony who considers one good conversation about the weather a sign of a strong bond and has a habit of approaching acquaintances as best pals. Some might consider her standards of what makes a good pony to associate with low, but Mint Sprig just views it as being open-minded. In truth, Mint Sprig views other ponies in extremes, sorting them as either best pal for life or monstrous villain with little evidence of either. She's darn loyal to her labels, too, so falling in or out of either category can be a difficult mission indeed. Character Summary: Mint Sprig is a friendly, energetic earth pony originally from Ponyville who likes critters and foals. She now lives and works in Las Pegasus as a fortune teller. Art by Unichan, Base by Klewgcg
  3. Name: Spinelnut Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Crystal Pony Eye Color: A bright safety orange. Coat: A slightly dark shade of silver. Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are a pale tint of yellow. She keeps her mane short and styles it's natural wave to flip out neatly, finishing it off by tying a lime green bandanna over the bangs of her mane and in front of her ears. Her tail is in a sadly short state and is often uneven and sloppily kept in comparison to her mane. Physique: Spinelnut is pretty average in stature for someone in her line of work. She's not especially tall or short or fat or skinny with her only above average quality being some extra muscle. But that, too, is pretty typical of a pony that works with her hooves. Residence: She lives in the Crystal Empire, Obsidian Ward, but she's been known to travel a bit from her home to take on various jobs. Occupation: Engineer, mostly in maintaining the trains and consulting on building construction, but she does like to tinker with some mechanical gadgets in her spare time. Cutie Mark: A screwdriver and a wrench laid across each other like an X. Unique Traits: Spinelnut is actually a pretty decent puppeteer in the Crystal Kingdom and is frequently performing her puppet shows in the Arts District of her home kingdom. She's good at acting as a result of all the practice, with a special focus on voice acting. She also has a proficiency with crafting marionettes, though they're nowhere near as good as the true masters. Lastly, Spinelnut is captain of her Ward's Spike The Brave & Glorious Fan Club, so she's pretty up to date with Spike gossip. History: Spinelnut was born in the Crystal Empire only a short while before King Sombra sat on the throne. The crystal pony was only a foal when the oppressive ruler was banished and he cursed the empire, vanishing her home and family from the world for the next millennium. While still traumatic, her young age when the Crystal Empire finally came back and the Crystal Heart was restored probably helped her adjust to the modern age better than most. It was a good thing too as Spinelnut's mother very quickly remarried to a Pegasus tourist, sold the family farm, and relocated them to the Obsidian Ward. Their new home was much closer to the train station where Silver Barter, Spinelnut's stepfather, opened a souvenir shop. Spinelnut spent much of her later filly days working in the shop and learning to cope with all the change in both her home life and the empire itself. She loved meeting all kinds of foreign ponies and creatures and was always excited to see what the last millennium had developed. But she still kept close to her roots for better or worse. On one side, Spinelnut proudly embraced her heritage and stubbornly continued performing the classic puppet shows that her grandfather was renowned for back when he was alive, despite modern inventions and unicorn magic proving to be far superior at operating the marionettes. On the other side, Spinelnut had an awful fear and distaste for unicorns ingrained into her by the tyrannical unicorn king who hurt her empire so many years ago. The empathy that the Crystal Ponies are lauded for only encouraged this as not every citizen managed to adjust happily to the new time period they were forcefully thrust into. This discomfort and suspicion she tended to treat most magic users with is likely what kept her older unicorn step-sister, Citrine Gleam, away in Manehatten. She still keeps her as a pen pal to this day, but, unbeknownst to Spinel, her stepfather and mother both agree that a family gathering will likely have to wait. Spinelnut has a pretty good relationship with both her mother and father, though she actually ended up closer to Silver Barter than anyone. They both were practical ponies, while her mother was a bit too flighty and impulsive for her taste. Still, she doesn't have anything negative to say about any of her family. Sometime during the construction of the train station, Spinelnut went from a blank-flank to a fully realized crystal pony. While practicing her marionettes and puppet shows, the pony ended up encountering some of the construction workers sent in to help begin work on getting a train through the frozen wasteland to connect the Crystal Empire to the modern world. She followed them around the entire day until, through either frustration or kindness, the young pony was allowed to borrow a set of one of the worker's tools. She immediately took off with it and started tinkering with whatever she could find. It wasn't entirely responsible, but, as a result, Spinelnut discovered her true calling. She fixed a leaky pipe in her family's kitchen and instantly things just fell into place. She found she had a special knack for figuring out how things worked together and just what to do to improve them. She started out helping fix things around her home and neighbors, as well as putting together simple devices to sell at her family shop – toy helicopters, extending grabbers, miniature cars and boats, and, as she got older, pocket watches and music boxes. Once she was ready to move out on her own, Spinelnut took on a job maintaining the train that kept her mother and stepfather in business with the constant stream of tourists. A personal project or two later in which she helped remodel a neighbor's bathroom and constructed a shed allowed her the experience to start traveling to assist and later consult on bigger engineering projects. Spinel still has a long way to go with relearning modern technology, but she's a surprisingly talented Crystal citizen who picks up on things fast. Character Personality: Spinelnut is a practical, hardworking pony who will never hesitate to help a pony in need. Mind, Spinelnut isn't some yes-pony pushover who will simply do whatever anyone says without question—she has her own plans and work to get done! But, if someone's in trouble, her friends know they can rely on her to help them until it's done. She may ask for a favor in return or an IOU for her work, but that's a small price to pay for quality support, right? She has a bit of a short-fuse and is definitely prideful, with said pride easily getting smarted when some upstart unicorn decides to use their horn to magic a solution when her tools could have sufficed just fine, thank you. Speaking of magic users, it's already been noted that Spinel has a deep discomfort around most unicorns stemming from a belief that any magic user is capable of subjugating her kingdom just as Sombra did. As a result, she tends to be suspicious and rude to unicorns in general, avoiding them whenever she can. She's a pretty kind pony overall so she never intends to be a bully to her unicorn cousins, but she can be caught acting like one if left alone. She's quick to fix her behavior if somepony has the confidence to call her out on it, which is how she's managed to get along with her magic-wielding coworkers. Another flaw of Spinel is her often invasive curiosity of how modern ponies and creatures live. She simply wants to be as up to date as possible and loves to compare notes, but not everypony is comfortable with her Q and A's. Character Summary: Spinelnut is a curious, responsible Crystal Pony who can be a bit of a bully. She spends her work traveling to consult and engineer on various projects, while her off time is usually spent working on her marionettes and performing folktales with them in the Crystal Kingdom Arts District (or wherever she happens to be, on occasion). Art by Unichan
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    Thank you -- I won't! I'll wait patiently for Kahoot then. 8D
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    Thank you! I appreciate the warm welcome!
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    Hello, all! I'm Comaleon, or Coma, depending on how many characters you wanna type. I play a ton of board/video games and like to read/watch things I like, mostly of the cartoon variety. I also have a big thing for musicals, which is mostly the reason I started watching MLP:FiM in the first place. That, and they're adorable, big-eyed, colorful cuties. I found Canterlot by doing a ton of Google-ing for MLP:FiM roleplays because I'm desperate to use my OCs and to see other people's OCs. This one seemed to fit what I wanted and here I am. ouo I already briefly covered it, but I mostly started to watch it because of some songs I found from the show on YouTube. I was pretty casual about it, but then I discovered the MLP TCG awhile back and got obsessed. It was while playing the game in various gaming shops that I found a group of super cool bronies to hang out with. Their love of the show and all things adorable pony eventually rubbed off on me and now I'm an adoring fan (or Pegasister, which is a cute, cute way to say MLP fan that I learned from my bros.) I now play the tabletop MLP RPG with them, but I also really wanted some more ways to flesh out the OCs I developed during our games, so! Hello, Canterlot. My favorite main pony is Fluttershy forever and always. That first scene with her in episode one wrecked me and I've never recovered -- I love how much she's developed in later episodes and she's just. Such a good, good pony and I want the best for her forever. That's enough about me, I guess, to introduce myself here. ouo I'm very excited to be able to roleplay with everyone here and can't wait to meet all the different OCs people have. I am curious on how to get started here, so, any tips on where to begin would be great!
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