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  1. Triton bowed his head respectively and took stand over the war table eying their plans. His mind began working mapping out all the different possibilities. It was a good plan, with a few minor tweaks it would be a great plan. “Excellent work soldier. Echo and I will take command of the main force. Oakly and Arial will lead this flanking force here. If any of the Silent fang show themselves the four of us will divert our attention to that threat and it will be your job to take over command.” Triton explained the plan aloud.
  2. Triton looked towards the land but rather than see the beauty all he could see were strategic advantages amongst the land. Being around Arial and Echo had forced him to stay focused on the coming battle rather than enjoy these small moments. He silently reminded himself to make more time for these moments in the future.
  3. “Based on our entrance, I doubt many unfamiliar faces come through. Be on alert for more surprises like this one.” Triton thought aloud. His hands lit up in a spell and a mist spiraled around him. When it cleared he wore the drab of but a simple fisherman. Where his trident once was now rested a fishing pole.
  4. Triton backed away uneasily. Suddenly reassured that his logic over emotion lifestyle was best suited for him. He looked to Flint and Jag for support his eyes sending a clear signal of his discomfort.
  5. Triton followed soon after tucking a couple vials of water into the folds of his apparel. “Strong magic room control of our ship. It’s aura was something very old something I’ve never seen before. The water too... there’s a strange force on this island and I fear this pales in comparison to what’s to come.” He paused for a moment looking at ruined remains of the ship. “Seems we will need to add a new ship to our list of things to do here.” He said bluntly.
  6. Triton barely heard Seven. Something about this new member held his focus. Respectfully he pushed past Seven and walked over to Echo. “Lieutenant Triton Blight, welcome. I’m sure you have a lot to offer this team.” He said with a professional nod.
  7. Triton nodded in agreement securing his trident on his back. He paused giving a respectful nod to the princess and Killjoy before disappearing after Trax. Fear narrowed his eyes at Black Star, observing the full effect the constant use of dark magic is having on him. The corner of his mouth twitched is response to Ally’s comment for Fear shared in the disdain for Chandler. He did make a good point though. “The delay would be good for you Black Star. Before you lose your mind completely.” He said in his eerie, shadowy voice that carried a hint of a warning. He may not particularly like Black Star either but he could respect his prowess and loyalty to Maelstrom.
  8. A blue glow ahead signaled that Triton had made his way to the front of the ship. He was struggling in the water surrounding the island, something he wasn’t used to. “There’s an old powerful magic in these waters, it’s interfering with my control!” He shouted above deck. The water was heavier to him causing him to work harder even for simple spells. Triton dug in and coated the front of the ship with a hardened ice, strong as steel. Then he began conjuring small icebergs in front of the ship the would crash against the front causing the ship to slow but not fast enough. Time slowed as he analyzed his surroundings. There was no wind and the water wasn’t pushing the ship. As he focused he could see the aura surrounding the ship. He cursed himself and thought of Flint who would’ve probably noticed the aura by now. He kept at it with the icebergs and added to it by shooting a massive geyser at the front of the ship attempting the expedite the process. It was working but he wasn’t going to be able to slow the ship in time.
  9. Below Oakly, Triton shot out of the water. He landed on the surface of the water, skimming across the surface keeping pace with Oakly. “I’m going to try and slow it down from the front!” He yelled from below as he activated his dragon aura. Then he shot forward leaving a large wake behind him to get ahead of the ship.
  10. Triton made his way to where Killjoy was standing on the ship. “How true do you believe the stories to be about this place?” Triton asked seriously. Killjoy wasn’t the type to let her imagination affect her intelligence. Triton had found it a surprising comfort on the voyage.
  11. Triton simply nodded respectfully back, trying not to draw too much attention to himself in this moment. It was not his place and even though he had been given some command, he hadn’t been with the equestrian army even close to as long as his superiors. He would stick to advising in the war room and not as much with the politics. His logical standpoint was void of emotional ties to the past and it wouldn’t be as well received by his own companions. He intended to follow his superiors lead.
  12. “I think we both know you’ll be needed in battle more than you’re letting on.” Triton chimed in as he sharpened the times on his trident in the corner of the tent. Casually looking over status reports while he worked.
  13. “Well I think the princesses will be thrilled with how well you all are acclimating, I will be delivering a full report to them and Lord Shadow. He especially will be pleased. Good work Echo, you were the right choice to get this group started.” Apollo said commendedly with a flick of his tail. “Noctis my friend, I believe it’s time we return to Lord Shadow.”
  14. “I’ve found that feeding on carnivorous predators is a nice substitute, it’s never the same but it appeases the need.” Apollo replied while flicking his tail giving polite nods to some of the gawking batkin. “I’ve just come from the Princesses. They are aware of our situation and tentatively have accepted our alliance under certain terms. “An alternative way of feeding should be your first goal, that should help eliminate a lot of tension. Also, try and pick up on some human mannerisms, makes them a little less on edge when you are around them. Noctis can help with that he’s been learning the same things.” Apollo added absent mindedly as he walked inspecting the camp.
  15. Triton shot out of the ocean with a splash that hit Seven as he passed him. He landed on the deck of the ship soundlessly and completely dry. “What a refreshing trip. Felt good to travel by sea for once.” He said as he joined Oakly at the helm. “Are we expecting trouble immediately?” He asked Oakly.
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