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  1. “I think we both know you’ll be needed in battle more than you’re letting on.” Triton chimed in as he sharpened the times on his trident in the corner of the tent. Casually looking over status reports while he worked.
  2. “Well I think the princesses will be thrilled with how well you all are acclimating, I will be delivering a full report to them and Lord Shadow. He especially will be pleased. Good work Echo, you were the right choice to get this group started.” Apollo said commendedly with a flick of his tail. “Noctis my friend, I believe it’s time we return to Lord Shadow.”
  3. “I’ve found that feeding on carnivorous predators is a nice substitute, it’s never the same but it appeases the need.” Apollo replied while flicking his tail giving polite nods to some of the gawking batkin. “I’ve just come from the Princesses. They are aware of our situation and tentatively have accepted our alliance under certain terms. “An alternative way of feeding should be your first goal, that should help eliminate a lot of tension. Also, try and pick up on some human mannerisms, makes them a little less on edge when you are around them. Noctis can help with that he’s been learning the same things.” Apollo added absent mindedly as he walked inspecting the camp.
  4. Triton shot out of the ocean with a splash that hit Seven as he passed him. He landed on the deck of the ship soundlessly and completely dry. “What a refreshing trip. Felt good to travel by sea for once.” He said as he joined Oakly at the helm. “Are we expecting trouble immediately?” He asked Oakly.
  5. Apollo paused. “Echo, I trust you’ve been faring well. Please, show us what you have accomplished here.” He said professionally, eyeing the group with curiosity.
  6. Triton looked on calmly. “Not yet, but after learning from them the differential will only grow smaller. To be perfectly honest though Shade is completely different opponent then any other I have faced. It’s a battle of the minds, one illogical mis step would lose that battle. One thing I will not do is be the one to change his mind about joining us.” Triton replied honestly. The back of his mind shot him a warning as if he was being watched before the feeling passed. He shrugged it off excusing it as exhaustion.
  7. Triton studied Oakly trying to read his emotions before giving up. He had always excelled in anything with the mind. The heart was coming slowly. Arial had been trying to help him connect more since joining up with the dragons. “Look at it this way. It’s an even battlefield now. This group could have wiped us out at any moment since arriving. They are masters with their traits. We just received ours. Anything we can learn from them will only help us. The enemy will be rattled by this betrayal. If we appear united, it will only help us more.” Triton replied cooly showing no intention of hiding anything. He respected the warrior and admired him for voicing concerns.
  8. Triton stood up clearly lost in his mind. “I appreciate your confidence in my skill set. I will do my very best to see this dream come to fruition despite how unpopular it may be with some of my comrades. After all this will change the world as we know it. That is, if we win this war.” Triton bowed with respect and nodded to Shade once again before exiting the tent turning in for the night drifting into his thoughts. Apollo chuckled to himself, the sight of a batkin interacting so casually with equestrian soldiers gave him hope for the future. “Let’s go Noctis, it’s time to check in with the rest of Shadows followers.”
  9. Apollo bowed his head politely. “Of course, no more surprises. I intend on returning to the group now.” Apollo began to exit but stopped in the doorway looking back at the Princesses. “Any news on the Captain? I think it goes without saying that she needs to know what she’s walking into when she returns to the camp.” Apollo flicked his tail and comtinued out the door to meet Noctis. Triton felt his eyes go wide as mind began making countless connections with the new information. “I see, so the survival and continuation of your bloodline could’ve never happened under Maelstrom’s rule. This is sensitive and will have to be spread amongst the team with great care. Some may not take to the idea as well as others. I must ask, why was I chosen over my other companions to bear this knowledge?” Triton asked as he calmed his racing mind.
  10. “Yes of course Princess, I will not tolerate any disloyalty from or new warriors.” Apollo answered politely before turning to Luna to hear her input. Triton took another sip of his wine listening and analyzing every second of his time with Shadow. To him this was how he got to know people. Not so much focusing on what they have in common but how the Silent Fang member present himself and th way things were said. He sensed no dishonestly just as he expected. Triton set his cup down. “I appreciate you allowing me to speak with you. I don’t tend to be as warm and friendly as the others but I assure you, I am not an enemy.” Triton allowed himself to relax a little bit as the two continued in talking.
  11. Triton took the wine graciously with a hint of awkwardness. He found himself unsure of how to act given the fresh treaty. “It’s Shade. He teleported out not long ago and Leaf is gone as well. I came to you first because I have respect for Shade and would not want to see suspicion brought down on him unrightfully. That said can you think of any reason for him to sneak away or any reason Leaf would be in danger?”
  12. Triton paced near the entrance to the camp. Having fought Shade multiple times he had been accustomed to noticing the change in atmosphere when Shade used his magic. He had felt him leave and it troubled him that only a few hours into the newfound treaty he was already gone. Triton hadn’t alerted anyone because he found himself giving Shade the benefit of the doubt. Leaf was gone too. Based on what happened in the tent prior that didn’t exactly put him at ease. Shadow may be his best bet right now. Heading over to where the batkin tents were put up he stopped outside of Shadows. “Ahem, Shadowed Heart, a word if you would?” Apollo smiled mischievously. “Princesses I do apologize for not including you in my plans. For this to work it couldn’t have been forced or planned on. Everything needed to happen the way it did. Even then it was no guarantee. Shadowed Heart needed to make the decision himself. I admit I may have planted the seed to get his mind on the right track, but even after I kept my distance waiting... once I saw that he had deserted I acted on my own and entered the Batkin fortress. I made my survival known to all and provided the other Silent Fang that shared Shadow’s vision a safe exit. The rest you have heard from Shadow himself I assume.” Apollo sat stoically in the entryway looking back and forth between the Princesses during his speech. “As for Noctis Cloud. He was actually a surprise I didn’t account for.” Apollo chuckled under his breath. “I will be taking full responsibility for him. He is entirely obedient and rather fascinated with me it seems. I assure you if he steps out of line he will be taken care of immediately.” Apollo paused carefully thinking about how to word what was next. “There are flaws to this plan, we now have the odds in our favor and chance at ending this war and the prospect of our two species living cohesively in the future. However, during my time in the throne room some things caught my eye. Maelstrom has thrown away all previous teachings and is acting on his own with a cult like following from the remainder of the Silent Fang. Some members are on the verge of their mental limits. I shudder to think what a silent fang member is capable of once they have achieved insanity. I have come to atone for what I have done but most importantly I’ve come to warn you. Maelstrom won’t take lightly to me humiliating him during his own meeting. Something big is coming. Something we’ve never prepared for... and for once I have no idea what to expect.” Apollo looked on solemnly anxiously waiting both of their responses.
  13. Apollo emerged rom the front door of a condemned building inside the city. “Come now, just around this corner.” The two made their way to just outside the castle. Apollo went in alone leaving Noctis out with the two guards in front of the door. Both of which were very shocked to see Noctis being left with them so casually. Apollo paused at the Princesses door before taking a deep breath and entering. “Greetings Princesses, I hope the days have been treating you well?” Apollo’s silent prayers were answered seeing that Killjoy was not currently in the room with them. He was somewhat safe. Fear’s eye twitched after hearing Shade compare him to the equestrian mage. “We’ll see how well he does measure up won’t we? It wounds me deeply the thought of this new path you’re on. Our history and past allowed us this last meeting on common terms. Alas, I cannot condemn this blasphemy as a way of life. May we never meet on the battlefield. Hail Maels-“ Fear’s senses fired off in alarm as his eyes caught the slightest movement from over Shade’s left shoulder. His top lip baring back as his fangs came into clear view. “An ambush!? How beneath you!” Fear spat, the words like venom out of his mouth as he rose off the ground, his form slowly becoming more ghostlike as he dissipated. “From this moment on we are enemies and our bonds are broken. Your new family will never be safe. I vow to you this on my soul.” With the last of his words Fear was gone. What remained was only shadows where he stood.
  14. Fear remained silent carefully picking apart everything Shade was saying. “You have clearly made up your mind and nothing I will say could ever change that.... i only have one other question for you. What of the mage you refused to kill not just once but twice. Those battles happened before all this. You and I know that even with the equestrians getting traits they still lack the skill to properly weird them, why did you keep him alive?” Fear questioned evenly. Nothing about his tone was threatening. Fear knew no matter how close the two were alike, Shade was always stronger than Fear. Neither of the two were oblivious to that. It would be a lapse of judgement for Fear to attack Shade here, which he would never risk. ”I must admit it is a bit odd, I never noticed this adoration from him before I went away. Well we are here this should be entertaining for you.” Apollo communicated back to Nightmare moon. He stopped on a nearby branch outside the city limits. “Noctis, follow me closely. You’re this first batkin besides me to come into the city in a very long time. We will take my way in. I’ll have to leave you with the guards while I meet with the princesses. Don’t try anything.” Apollo warned sternly counting on his new companion not to ruin any relationship with the Equestrians.
  15. From one of the many shadows created by the sunlight through the trees Fear rose up slowly from the ground standing a few meters away. He had a puzzled look that was barely noticeable through his rough emotionless exterior. “We do former comrade. You are a being of logic. I once considered us similar, friends even.” The word tasted like poison coming out of his mouth. “I came to get closure on how you could flip so easily without care. Do explain your logic Shade Locke.” Fear spoke evenly taking care not come across aggressive, biting his tongue at times.
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