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  1. Triton glanced up at the commotion tasing an eyebrow in amusement. Before glancing down at his list writing down Leafs name. He then turned to Flint. “Killjoy is going to lose it when she returns to all this.”
  2. Triton allowed himself a smirk, amused by Shades awkwardness. Triton struggles with the same thing. An extrem intelligence did not always translate the best in social interactions. “That’s right. I’m glad you came. I knew there was more to you.” He said before he reclined in his chair and went back to scribbling their new groups down. Apollo allowed Leaf to fasten the pendant back around his neck. “You’re right it’s an ugly old thing isn’t it? Oh well I’ve always been a sentimental one so I keep it. Thank you leaf. I would head on into camp, you might notice a familiar face.” Apollo said as they continued on, his voice getting quieter as they got further away.
  3. “I shall come up with the new... partnerships whil you interrogate then colonel.” Triton said while sizing up the new allies. ”I hereby take full responsibility for Noctis and his actions from here on out. He will be coming and going as I do as my escort.” Apollo announced confidently. Leaning in a little closer he whispered meanacingly. “Do not doubt my power lad, if I decide your intentions to be unjust, I will kill you myself before you can even blink.” To prove his point Apollo’s shape flickered and appeared on Noctis’s other shoulder simultaneously showing off extreme speed. “Now, let’s go for a walk shall we?” He said smiling, the menacing behavior now a thing of the past.
  4. Triton acknowledged Shade and fell in line behind Trax. When they got back to the tent Triton conjured a swirling mirror of water. “Connection established, we are ready.” Triton spoke as an image from the kingdom came into view with the two princesses staring back.
  5. “It’s true, I’ve had a rough plan all this time. I know my batkin better than anyone other than Nightmare Moon. Even with the distractions of the past war I was always paying attention to what could become of the members. I’ve made it clear in the past that I do not fully agree with All Equestrian beliefs and that I would help find a way to end the Silent Fangs tyranny. You all have traits but lack the experience to utilize them to the best of your abilities. My kin here, are your best bet to achieving that. Now with that said I will be taking a step back from here. Many of you have met my son, Shadowed Heart, He is the leader here and I encourage you to address him. I am simply no more than an advisor to this group.” Apollo nodded his head politely and then turned to look at Shadow gesturing his head for him to speak before turning and jumpin across shoulders finally resting on Noctis’s. “Once the fire dies here, let’s you and me have a chat.” Apollo said for Noctis to hear. Triton has unconsciously put himself between Arial and the Batkin. As his eyes analyzed the trespassers he rested on Shade focusing on him the whole time. Unusual feelings got brought up from deep inside him, as emotions were not his strong suit relying on logic for every answer. Is it possible he could feel joy at the sight of this enemy he had faced twice before? Triton listened carefully waiting for Trax, his mentor, to make a call.
  6. At first the flickering of the shadows did not interest Triton. He thought his eyes may be playing tricks on him due to his fatigue. Until the moment his mind noticed a pattern In the flickering. Due to his position in the army and his intelligence, Triton had been trained in all the different forms of codes known to the Equestrians. This was an older form using an encryption within a morse code. His mind began unraveling the code until he abrubtly stood alert in shock. Retrieving his trident from a nearby weapon stand he stood at the entrance to the Leader’s tent. “You all need to follow me outside, no time to explain. Be on your guard but do not attack yet.” Triton turned to walk out the tent muttering one last word. “Batkin.”
  7. “Well I appreciate your candor. Ah Shadow, at last. I’m proud of this path you have chosen for your self. I’ll let you lead things from here.” Apollo said proudly before hopping up on Shadows left shoulder facing the new recruits.
  8. Apollo eyed his group with curiosity. Clearing his throat to break the uncomfortable silence Apollo spoke over his shoulder to his followers. “Shade I know why you’re here, the rest of you however I’m unclear to your motives. Now is as good time as any to get reacquainted. I will then answer as many questions you may have until we reach our destination. Seeing as it has been countless years I’m sure you have many.”
  9. Fear vanished, appearing again leaning against the wall behind Maelstrom next to Ally’s couch. “Get up you fool.” He said eyeing Black Star still struggling. He folded his arms waiting for Lord Maelstrom’s response.
  10. Fear let Apollo pass by with the others before putting his hand on a shoulder, stopping Shade. “What are you thinking?” He asked, his normal emotionless composure replaced with that of shock and betrayal. The two had worked together on countless occasion over the years and were an absolute terror when fighting together. Fear looked up to shade and it drove him to be stronger himself. Fear had always been loyal to Maelstrom differing from Shade who’s loyalty had always resided with Shadow. But he had never thought this would be how it ended.
  11. Fear rose shortly after Shade, backing up to stand by the exit. Apollo kept his glowing purple eyes on Maelstrom. “I always did enjoy your delusions of grandeur Maelstrom. As I recall you were the Leader that lost the war and forced the Silent Fang into hiding all these years. It seems neither of us are truly fit to lead... which brings me to why I am really here. As you look around you may notice Shadow is missing. He has begun his own journey along with quite a few of your batkin brothers and sisters. This endless cycle of training and bloodshed Maelstrom has set you on does not have to be your only way of life. I am here now to give you that choice and provide you safe escort out of here. Shadow awaits you and will lead you to see true greatness and fulfillment. Total annihilation is not all there is in this world. For some of you this is all there is and I accept that. For others you are getting a chance to start fresh and live up to the expectations that you set yourself, not those forced upon you by a dictator. For one of you... the future holds a leaf, waiting to be plucked out of the breeze.” Apollo said glancing at Shade for a brief second with the end of his speech. “If any of what I said tempts you please follow me. For those of you thinking about killing me here, just know, you’re not the only ones who have been training for the last thousand years.” He stated his trait weighing down on them to prove the truth of his words. With that Apollo turned and began walking towards the exit.
  12. A silence fell over the room as a lone black cat with purple eyes walked in sitting down in the middle of the room. “Greetings all, I do apologize interrupting this important meeting you are all having. You all know me, even if you haven’t pieced it together yet. I am Apollo, the first and rightful leader of the Silent Fang.” Apollo spoke. Suddenly Fear was behind him ready to strike. At that moment a white aura burst out from Apollo filling the room. “Kneel!” He said sternly as an overwhelming force bore down on the surprised Silent Fang members causing every single one of them to drop to a knee bowing their heads, including Maelstrom. “Now now I’m not here to fight, or reclaim the mantle.” He said glancing in Maelstrom’s direction.
  13. Triton came to just as Ceasar approached him. He could tell Trax noticed something about the body by the look on his face. Kneeling by his sensei’s motionless body Triton analyzed the wound himself. Coming to a shocking realization Triton looked at Trax. Knowing that Trax wouldn’t have not told them unless it was for a good reason, Triton kept his mouth shut planning to ask him about it later.
  14. Triton watched as Shade vanished with Shadow knowing full well their duel was over. He could feel himself reaching his limit. There were five members of the silent fang still battling and they all had their backs to Triton. Killjoy in no way looked like she needed help so the targets had to be Oakly, Kasey, and Flint’s opponents. ‘Perfect’ he thought to himself. Sprinting towards them the mist returned swirling around him building up power, the mist became a spiraling blizzard. ‘This has to be simultaneous or one could escape’ Triton thought as the pieces moved in his head planning his move. Leaping up high activating his dragon aura’s wings he paused in between the two battles raging, aiming one hand at each fight. The blizzard split into four streams all aimed at a different opponent. The streams all solidified into large icy spears piercing the hearts of all four remaining members simultaneously, blindsiding them. The four crumpled to the ground void of life. Sensing he was at the last few seconds of his trait, Triton turned towards the fifth silent fang member between him and Killjoy. ‘Even if I can just slow him down for a second..’ Triton thought to himself. Gathering the last of his mist he hurled one last ice spike directly at the enemy. Triton allowed himself a slight smile. “Check mate.” He said as his aura dissipated and he began to fall towards the earth unconscious from overexerting himself.
  15. Triton caught Shade’s scythe with the tines of his trident wrenching it from his hands. In a quick spin he impaled his trident in Shade’s gut. Doing a back flip over Shade he pulled his trident free as a stream of blood followed. Strapping it to his back mid air Triton summoned two icy daggers that he brought down into Shade’s shoulder blades. Letting go he kicked off of Shade landing in a defensive stance a few yards away wielding his trident once more. “You keep wanting me to prove myself to you, I ask why?” Triton asked watching Shade aggressively.