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  1. Triton examined before honing in on a familiar face. “I’ll engage Shade, this should be very educational.” He wore an identical armor like Flint’s but he had a deep dark blue with a fluorescent blue trim his sliver trident strapped to his back. Triton took off before landing twenty yards from Shade. “Current situation aside, I’m genuinely looking forward to this rematch.” He said his demeanor showing fortitude but a slight respect for his opponent.
  2. Triton began to rise off the ground a glowing blue watery aura began to surround his body fitting to his person. It began to take shape in a flowing water fashion covering his body like an armor. The aura solidified but still had a current-like flow to it in the likeness of a dragon as if dragon scales and bone were fashion into armor. Two horns grew out of the top of his “helmet” pointing straight up. Simultaneously large wings coming out of his back began to take shape. He opened his eyes glowing a brighter blue than ever before. “This feels... incredible” He said in amazement. He held out a hand to send a small ice spike at a training dummy in the distance. The ice that shot out of his hand however was at least ten feet long and two feet wide at its thickest point. It completely decimated the target and then shattered into a hundred smaller ice shards that peppered the area behind it. Triton stared wide eyed. “Clearly it will take some getting used to...” He said sheepishly.
  3. Fear bowed politely and then melted away in shadowy wisps until he was gone. Apollo leapt onto Azure’s shoulder and closed his eyes in deep concentration. “It seems you all are different than the Batkin. Instead of needing fresh blood to keep your newfound powers at their peak, the new traits will tap into your stamina reserves. The more you use your power the faster it will deplete. I estimate fully exhausting yourselves will require a full day of recovery before you are at full strength again.” Apollo opened his eyes. “I suggest you all take time now to get accustomed to your new strength, your enemy has had countless years to train and grow in power. It’s time to play catch up. Doing anything rash will result in your death and this will all be for nothing.”
  4. Triton pulled himself to his feet supporting himself with his trident. “What a headache.” He said rubbing his temples. Apollo shook his head to clear it from the conversation with Nightmare Moon. As the other warriors came to he spoke. “The Silent Fang members will have sensed her presence. We will have our work cut out for us from here on out.”
  5. Apollo watched carefully at the transformation watching for anything wrong but so far everything seemed right. He then let out a sigh. “I was undyingly loyal to you. Our unique... situation and being the first created tuned me in to you as well of the rest of the silent fang. The weight of it all became my sole purpose. When that blasted star swirl condemned me to this body I initially had none of my original power, only to have it steadily return. I was sent far away with only the goal to get back to you.You could reverse the spell and I could.. serve you again. The journey back was long and hard and when I finally returned... you were gone. Over all these years, I traveled to the far reaches of most kingdoms trying to experience it all and I could never fully see the world as you do. There is corruption and betrayal everywhere but there is compassion and good there too. Now I may not be fully convinced this will be my final path. After all, I was ever so willingly the first leader of the Silent Fang. I will admit not all my views have changed. However, this world that Maelstrom has brought on us and his vision for the future is an embarrassment to everything we stood for and will destroy this world.” Apollo spoke with such power refusing to be swayed by the intensity of the encounter after all these years.
  6. Apollo nodded to Nightmare moon. “I must say it is quite a different feeling seeing you again than I thought it would be.” He spoke cautiously still watching for any sign of trouble. Triton held out his hand palm facing up. “One of our scouts was able to infiltrate and gather this.” Water poured from his hand creating an oval in the air before freezing creating a mirror. Suddenly a projection appeared of Black Star along with a few silent fang members and multiple batkin soldiers. Black Star was obnoxious bragging about the “god” Maelstrom and how how his leadership would take them to a new world. He went on and on until finally discounting Nightmare Moon herself calling he foolish and weak. It was made very clear that she had no place among the batkin anymore and that they laugh at her name. Fear stiffened feeling the presence of Nightmare moon. She had no command over him anymore though. His sole purpose was to be Maelstrom’s eyes and ears so he was entirely loyal. Only in assasinations has he had to enter combat. “My Lord, what are my orders?”
  7. Fear had always been one of the most devoted to Maelstrom and his ideals. Almost all of his work was top secret. His loyalty was unquestionable. “Lord Maelstrom, as you know I’ve been deep undercover on all the enemy battle fronts watching and listening. Celestia maintains the line and there haven’t been any sightings of the other princess in the past year... this of course has already been reported to you. The news I bring is something a little more unnerving. There have been whispers and rumors of a group of soldiers training so intensely... well it is believed they will be able to change the tide of this war upon their completion. I tried to follow up by infiltrating the city but all the barriers have been reinforced and I had no way in without alerting the princesses.” Fear spoke with a chilling ghostlike tone. “The barrier was only different in the fact it was able to keep my unique magic out. Being that no Equestrian is supposed to know I exist and the only place I ever assume my full form is here. I am led to believe we have a traitor in our midst. Someone is leaking intel to the enemy.” Fear bowed. “Awaiting your orders.” Triton smiled with the progress of Flint and the others. Walking up he put his right index finger on the orb and his reflection came up shrouded in a watery aura similar to Flint’s. Triton felt at ease, comfortable with all the progress he has made. Walking over to place his hand on Jag’s shoulder he leaned in and spoke to his friend. “You may have been the slowest in the bells today but you are no doubt the strongest physically of us all. You’re a crucial member to our team. Don’t forget that.” Behind then a voice spoke. “Well done Cardinal Dragon’s, I must say I’m impressed with how well you’ve done under Azure. The others too, it’s extraordinary...” Apollo sat in the doorway his tail casually flicking back and forth. “Now, if you’ll accompany me to the main chamber, the time has come.” He said seriously as he walked out the door.
  8. Triton had studied long and hard in the library that was made available to them at the beginning of this training. Any free time was spent in the library or With his comrades... even then he was always casually reading a time while out and about.This trait they’d all be receiving had to many unknowns to make him comfortable. So many days training his body and mind have led up to this and he felt ready. However, rushing in making the first move wasn’t one of Triton’s strong suits. “Jag, why not set the bar for us here? It’ll help get your mind off the bells.” He said with a slight smirk on his face. Fear glided over to bow before his lord the bottom of his cloak melting into shadows. “Reporting in m’lord.”
  9. A dark shape started materializing behind Shadow’s left shoulder growing to the size of a man until the shadows faded and Fear was visible. He had long black hair slicked back and a lean muscular build. He wore a cloak of all black that turned to curling shadowy wisps as it got closer to his feet. Even among the batkin Fear tended to make people uneasy due to his ability to pop up at anytime and being able to mask his presence if he wanted to. “Shadowed heart, it has been a while my old friend. I’m on my way to report to Maelstrom about my last mission when I noticed something unsettling. Since when has Black Star become liked by so many? I asked Ceasar but he just grunted in disdain and then walked off.” Triton finished conversing with his comrades after his test with Azure. He pulled Arial aside. “You did well beating Jag, with your wind however you should be faster than some of the others.” He spoke sternly with a hint of compassion before he began walking to joking Flint. Pausing briefly to speak over his shoulder. “Keep pushing yourself, you are capable of so much.” He spoke cooly with a half smile before joining the other Dragons.
  10. Suddenly Triton smirked and put his hands behind his head. “You’re absolutely right Sensei. Except for one thing, watching all my comrades got me to this point. Which is why I’ve already won.” Triton snapped his fingers and the bell along Azure’s waistband melted into water. “Water mirage... something I’ve been perfecting. You see I was at an advantage watching all of my comrades before me and I was able to come up with a strategy to win with my first few hits. I’ve been hitting you with physical attacks distracting you from what I was really doing. When I roundhouse kicked you earlier I was able to snag the bell and place my own mirage there to keep up the fun.” With a slight ring he then tied the bell to the base under the tines of his trident and walked over to take a seat between Arial and Flint.
  11. “Azure, it has been good catching up but I must head out and attend to my own business. I will check back regularly to see the progress. I’m interested to see the improvements in a few especially. They have an excellent teacher.” Apollo spoke as he stretched on Azure’s shoulder. Triton was studying the cat on his new Sensei’s shoulder. He wanted to know more. Suddenly the cat vanished mid jump off of Azure. The surprise made Triton’s eyes widen. After regaining his composure he turned to his comrade hiding behind him. ”There Flint, no need to be on edge anymore He is gone. Anyways, aren’t you interested to see how this training will go? I for one am eager to see how much we will advance.”
  12. Apoll sat up as he looked around the room feeling the intensity radiating from every member in the room. “Now then, pay attention everyone. I am about to go through the top 6 of the silent fang but I have also recently discovered the identity of the current 7th seat. He is worth mentioning as well so we will start there. The former 19th seat but now The 7th to the Silent Fang is held by Fear. Now I’m sure none of you have had run-ins in the past or have even seen him. This is simply because he cannot be seen unless it is of his choosing. Fear mainly does reconissaince due to him being able to go unseen. However, he is deadly in battle as well. He specializes in using the shadows to paralyze his opponents and can even solidify his shadows into tendrils that will run you through. His trait ‘Melting Shadow’ allows him to become the shadows himself and greatly increases his range. It will take a cunning opponent to defeat him and it is imperative to watch for the shadows the entire fight.” Apollo’s eyes flickered towards Trax and Triton with his last line spoken. “Formerly the 10th seat and now 6th seat is Shade Locke, He has been very active in this war and many of you have had run ins with him already. Shade may as well be one of the most underrated of the Silent Fang as he masks his power to stay out of the spotlight often. Shade Locke is extremely proficient in shadow, lightning, and necromancy magic. Most importantly is that he is also one of, if not the best at black magic in the silent fang. It is difficult to gauge because he rarely resorts to it. He is often seen using conjured scythes as a weapon and is extremely cunning and methodical in everything he does. His trait is ‘Over Shadow’ which allows him increase his power relative to the number of shadows around him. Needless to say its important to keep Fear and Shade separated in any battle.” A look of annoyance passed over Apollo’s face as he began to think about the next member on the list. With a sigh he began to speak. Next is the leader’s lapdog Black Star. The former 11th seat, now the 5th is a very strong user of star magic. There is a possibility that he has also learned black magic. He is a firm follower of the Silent Fang leader and is arrogant and merciless. His trait is ‘Starry Night’ which significantly boosts his power under a clear night sky.” ”Now is where things get even more serious.” Apollo stated, his expression dark and bearing down on everyone in the room. ”The former 6th but now 4th seat is Ceasar Valentine. He comes across cocky and arrogant but can back it up in every way. He and his sister were made to be at the top and are some of the most formidable of all the Silent Fang. They choose to feed on only other batkin which gives them a bloodthirsty ferocity. Ceasar himself is a flyer and extremely strong and fast. He often uses a Sabre type sword and his trait is ‘Greed’ which allows him to steal the strength of all those around him at a 30 Meter distance. Watch out because he can direct it at whoever he chooses even though most of the time it is random.” Apollo’s expression seemed to flash that of sorrow before he began on the next member. “Shadowed Heart, formerly the 36th now the 3rd seat. A flyer, fast and strong, cunning and skillful, expert swordsman, just a true warrior. His strength lies in his rise to power, proving himself again and again until being recognized by the other members. The reason he is strong is all on his own accord. His trait ‘Dark Drive’ allows his physical prowess to grow exponentially by giving himself over to the darkness in his heart. Emotions like hate and anger. He will surprise you, count on it.” ”Next is the latter of the Valentine twins Ally. The former 5th now 2nd seat. I’ve always had trouble reading her but one thing I know is she tends to have an obsessive personality.” Apollo’s eyes flickered toward Killjoy. “Fast and strong, sadistic and overwhelming, wielding reinforced gauntlets, she is never outmatched. Her trait makes her even more dangerous. ‘Riser’ means that the stronger her opponent is in battle, the stronger she becomes... good luck.” Apollo looked down, the hairs on his back began to stand up. A white glow barely radiated from his fur. “Now listen here.” He spoke with a tone so heavy and powerful the air in the room began to feel heavy. “The leader of the Silent Fang was the 4th seat during my reign and is the most dangerous foe you will ever face. He is calm, reserved, and overbearing. He uses a combination of magic and melee. His magic is not to be underestimated, however it is his physical prowess where he truly prevails. He mainly uses armored fists but also has a great sword he controls with magic. His trait is ‘fortitude’ which allows him to increase his physical strength and fortitude by an exorbitant amount. I must be honest with you, I had to keep an eye on his power when I was the Leader. He had some of the greatest potential the entire Silent Fang had to offer. I have never seen his full prowess and I fear what he has accomplished over all these years. No doubt he is truly terrifying and stronger than any of you can imagine. Ideally I would be the one to challenge him but that could never work in this form, honestly if I got my body back today I don’t know how well I’d fare. It must be you all. He will test you all.... even the Princesses.” Apollo blinked a few times as his composure returned to normal. Licking his paw a couple times he addressed the members once again. “Now all that’s left is for all of you to achieve the impossible.”
  13. ‘Is there really no other way’ Triton thought to himself as his mind rapidly played out scenarios and battle strategies. Every plan he could think of ended in the same result. There was no way to be rid of all the silent fang using any other method, maybe some of the lesser members but never all of them. Triton looked up straight at Trax. ‘Even Colonel Trax my former mentor is ready and willing to accept this trait, there really must be no other way.’ Deep in thought and struggling with the fact that this is a situation where even his mind could not find a way out. “It seems this is the only way, I will accept the trait and do everything in my power to make sure we prevail.” Triton stated sincerely, his blue eyes burning intensely.
  14. A look of sincerity passed over Apollo’s face. He slowly raised his paw and then brought it down with blinding speed. In an instant, Flint was on the ground face first. Apollo sat there licking his paw. “I have been called many things in my life and adorable is not one of the ones I tolerate. I suggest you take me seriously from here on out.” Turning to the rest of the members in the room Apollo gave a slight nod to those still standing before hopping up onto Azure’s shoulder. Triton shook his head as he helped Flint to his feet. “Come on oh fearless leader, come stand by me before we lose all credibility with all the most elite members In Equestria.”
  15. Apollo pawed at the pendant, his eyes forming into slits as he examined it with such rigor, “Even after so much time, I can still feel her presence from this pendant.” He ran a single claw over the jewel which acted as the cursed eye of Nightmare Moon, “This was made through her own magic, she wore it constantly when she was recovering from giving us our Traits...” Suddenly the pendant glowed a venomous green, Apollo’s eyes went wide as he felt himself drawn back to Nightmare Moons control, but the trick on the pendant was in vain. The small beginnings of a white heated aura radiated off Apollo’s rising fur, instantly the venomous green glow of the pendant dimmed away, “You have no domain over me anymore.” His hissed challengingly. Apollo licked his paw simply and washed his neck fur back, “My my, that was unexpected, although this is good news. Since this item retains a little of her essence, we can use this as a conduit.” He explained casually, “However, I do agree with you, getting her to help will an entirely different matter indeed. This is going to be tedious. You are going to have to use your magic to bring out Nightmare moon from inside you, all the while fighting to keep control. You shall not be alone though. The Cardinal Dragons have returned and will be surrounding you keeping nightmare moon suppressed until we can negotiate and come to a compromise. We will also need all the other mages present as a last resort to maintain a barrier to keep her in.” Apollo leapt onto a pile of books narrowing his eyes level with Luna “This will not be easy, but it’s the only way to save Equestria from total annihilation.” With Celestia’s arrival, Triton allowed himself to give in to the fatigue of using all his mana. He dropped to his knee using his Trident for support. “Flint, you and I are only in the way after that defense.” Triton turned to face the princess. “I will fall back and help strategize the retreat, thank you Princess.”