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  1. Grey had his eyes focused on the mare as the warm fire from the fireplace gently tingled his fur, warming him up. Oh. So her father was a traveler. Was he the stallion on the pictures on the wall? Probably... Maybe? "Ha! Well, sometimes some words can slip out when the story is exciting, that's for sure" This grey stallion wasn't one to swear often but he understood why one would do that. After all, sometimes the best way to underline the importance of a sentence was to add a good old **** here or there. When the filly mentioned her sister being on a story-hiatus, Grey turned his head towards the red mare and smiled "Really? Pity. I'm sure she would have some great stories to tell" His eyes went back to the filly as said that fiction doesn't hurt "Exactly. And the best part is when you cannot tell which is true and which is false" A small wink was sent towards her as a reply. "A story I enjoy telling...." Grey placed a hoof on his chin, his eyes rolling upwards as he thought for a good couple of seconds, letting out a constant hmmm out of his mouth "Ah! I got one!" He exclaimed before turning his head towards his flank, which bared his cutie mark, a yellow shield. Above it, a slight scrape could be visible as a scar was formed, going through the side of his flank. It was definitely old since the scar was quite hard to spot. "I got this one quite a while ago" His head motioned towards his flank. "I was in quite a tough spot at the time since the little money I had was running out and I had to really cut corners to get by. I saved every bit I could and spent them only when necessary. One day, I was sitting in one of the pubs in Hoofington with my purse almost entirely empty. I was going to spend the last bits I had on a stew when suddenly I felt someone show my back, passing by. I turned around and noticed a rather young looking, orange pegasus with a bandage on his wing quickly throwing me a glace before heading off. I knew something wasn't right and started to check my belt with my hooves. The place where my purse should be was empty. Without thinking, I jumped away from the chair and dashed behind the thief, smashing the doors open. And there he wasn, heading down the street as if nothing happened. 'Hey! Stop!' I cried out before giving chase. There were many ponies in the street but not one of them bothered to try to stop him. And so, soon he dashed into one of the side alleys, probably hoping to hide in the labyrinth of small walk-ways that Hoofington has. Little did he know that I know this city like the back of my own hoof and managed to get some short-cuts. After a while of running back and forth, I managed to corner this thief into one of the dead-end alleys. 'Give back my purse' I said to him. And this orange bastar... sorry, stallion reached behind his back, presumably to get my purse. But oh, nooo, he couldn't make it easy. Instead what I saw was the bright reflection of the sun in the blade of his knife." Grey's tone jumped up and down throughout this tale but now he was silent, looking at the filly, judging her expression.
  2. Grey had a feeling that in-fact his apology didn't truly reach her, but what could he do? Apologise again? That wouldn't work, would it? And it was the truth that Grey was a rather... curious pony, sniffing where he could, however he could. Knowlage was power, after all! But, it was also interesting, and this aspect of it was more appealing to Grey. So she had a close relationship with her father and they are running a farm togheter.... Grey started to take mental notes of this mare. An aspiring farmer mare seemed like she was truly made for this job, maybe not physcially but defenietly mentaly. "I see! It must be quite a lot of work to do when you two are working alone." He remarked, thinking for a bit. Probably hiring someone to help them would be a good idea, but Grey could guess from the part of her personality that she showed, that this wasn't a probable option for her. When the mare started to rather agressivly tell him that she was doing those walks of the time, Grey nodded, showing that he understands "Well, that doesn't mean that it is an easy or in any way efficient way..." It was rather a risky response but Grey hoped that maybe she won't react so harshly. Hearing the mare almost immidietly reject with an angry expression visible through her body, Grey took a step back and nodded "Well, if you don't want my help, I can so go..." He said before slowly turning to his side. But then, she seemed to start and think about it, which made the grey sallion smirk a bit. Two apples was a steal for such travel, and even more so in such rain. "Aye. Two apples, no less, no more." He said with a proud tone. Ha! So she did accept this deal. Great! It was going to be quite a trip. When the mare requested no magic to touch her precious fruits, Grey placed his hoof on his chest, around the place where his heart was "I promise that my magic will not touch your apples unless compleatly necessary" The tone was both playful and serious at the same time. He did really mean it, but it seemed a bit absurd to him to swear such thing. It was kinda funny, though. "Don't worry. I have my own stuff. I will go grab them. Just give me a second" His voice was now full of excitment. He traveled many, many times, but travelling with someone else was always exciting. And so, he quickly turned around before starting to jogg towards the tavern. He just bearly cought onto her name and quickly responded, by briefly turning around "The name is Grey Shield!" He shouted and ran into the tavern. It didn't tak him long to join her once again, this time with saddlebags on his sides, filled to the brim with all sorts of items "I'm ready"
  3. Grey kept nodding as she started to tell him what she had. Once he was back home, he did once again went through what they bought that day and it seemed like everything that was needed for her was taken care of, so if she indeed took everything, it will be just fine. Hearing her mockingly offended remark, Grey smirk slightly, thinking that it was indeed just a mock. Well, at least he hoped so and it happened to be confirmed with the smirk afterwards "I wouldn't say it's entirely that bad. Gives a lot of time to think and sometimes, it is just the thing I need" He pointed out before listening to the rest of her sentence "Well, if you will learn even one thing, I will still count it as a success. And you seem like a skilled learner, so might as well call it a victory now" The grey stallion chuckled slightly, mostly to himself. Seeing her reaction to the word dangerous, Grey thought for a bit, contemplating if he should tell her now, so she can decide or maybe later... "I see.... In that case, I will tell you later, I don't want to spoil much just yet" It seemed reasonable. Suddenly the distant sound a heavy wheels rolling on metal tracks could be heard along with a rhythmic beating of the trains engine. It was coming close "Alright. Time to go" Grey said before quickly grabbing his saddle-bags and throwing them on his bag just like he did thousands of times before.
  4. So she was ready. Great! Well... Better to ask, maybe? Just to be sure... "You have the tent? Sleeping bag? Utensils? Coats? Spare clothing?" Grey started asking, his eyes rolled up as he was remembering what was needed. Maybe he was a bit too paranoid about taking everything. Many times he, himself has forgotten something yet everything turned out just fine, so nothing bad should happen now either, even if it won't be PERFECT, right? The fact that she didn't mind his rambling made Grey sigh in relief internally once again. Hmpf... He kept doing that a lot recently. Maybe he really was too paranoid "Well. I cannot say I am not excited. It was.... what... a good couple of years since I traveled with someone like that. It's great fun to show someone something I know so well" Grey let a slight chuckle escape his mouth. He ain't going to ruin anything... good. "Ah, right! The bonfire. Well, after that it'll be mostly up to you. If you will feel like it, we might go to a lake or river. There is plenty that is really beautiful, especially during the night. And if I remember correctly, the nights should be quite bright these days, so everything should be visible nicely without any torches or lamps" Grey did his research, and maybe he wasn't the best at it, but he was positive that it was done correctly "The next day, if you will feel a bit brave, I actually have a little surprise. Although I warn you, it is quite unusual and well.." He chuckled nervously "I ain't gonna lie, might be a bit dangerous. Buuuut, I have done it countless times and it was fine, so no need to worry"
  5. There was something about this mare Grey didn't see often. Anger that truly made him shiver down in his core. Not many ponies refused help, less was angry once this help was given and very few were STEAMING because of it. All that this stallion could guess on why was Pride. But not the Canterlot type, where you would be proud because you are so glamorous. Maybe pride in your work? Maybe she needed to prove something to herself? Well, whatever it was... This death-glare definitely wasn't inviting. And this spiteful tone mixed with sarcasm when she said her thanks... Quite cold. "You're welcome?" Grey wasn't sure how to answer that as well, so he just said that with a questioning tone, unsure. Oh! No magic? Does it ruin the apples? That was something Grey never heard before. Interesting... Did it truly do that? He has always eaten them with magic and they tasted alright... "Sorry. I didn't know" Grey started to feel a bit more comfortable in this conversation. He did know what to expect now, after the initial outburst, so it wasn't as bad "Your dad seems like a wise man. He is a farmer, I suppose?" Grey continued, trying to spark some conversation before slowly picking up another apple with his hoof and putting it on the cart. Ugh... This damned rain, sticking all this mud to those apples. Would've been much easier with magic, but... yeah Hearing about her target, Grey raised an eyebrow and pointed above them, at the clouds "All the way to Canterlot? You ain't gonna make it in that mud. You'll probably get drenched and sick before you get half-way. And that would be no good for both you, your Pop and the apples. Would it now?" He asked before raising his head upwards, thinking for a bit "I know that this won't probably fit your fancy, but..." He stopped for a second, his green eyes going back onto the mare "I could propose a bit of cooperation. For one or two of your apples, I could shield you from the rain on your way to Canterlot. Could also help with the mud" The price of apples was just a symbolic one. Grey didn't have much to do so might as well help, right?
  6. Grey was just sitting there when he noticed the mare approaching. He immediately stood up and smiled warmly towards her as she came closer "Hello, Rose!" He said with his cheerful voice, his eyes quickly going towards her saddlebags, eyeing them well. She seemed to have packed everything, judging by how big they were. "I see you came ready! Are the saddlebags comfortable? Did you get everything?" He started asking, really hoping everything was alright. A lot of time has passed since he had a trip like this with someone and wanted to make it as enjoyable as possible. "So. We have about 10 minutes before the train arrives. The travel on the train will take a bit... Once, there it will take us good 2 hours to get to the camping site..." Grey looked up, into the sky and started calculating things in his head for a couple of seconds "We should be there around the afternoon." He spoke up after the calculations were done "Once there, we will set camp, light the bon..." He stopped mid-sentence and chuckled a bit "I am speaking too much, ain't I?" A slight sigh escaped his lips "Sorry about that. It's just that I haven't been on a trip like this one for quite some time and I don't want to... You know, ruin it"
  7. Free water, huh? Well, that surely was a nice touch Grey didn't expect from this city. Usually, everything here was made to rip someone off, but this rule... It seemed actually kind and very reasonable, how nice, even if it was just tap-water... "Oh... Alright. Well, keep that. As a tip" Grey placed the free bits he already took out from his sack since it would feel way too awkward to just put them back in now, plus he had some extra money so might as well be nice, right? Yeah... He will regret that later Oh. They don't have a story-teller... Well, could've noticed that... "I see..." He started even if not truly understanding the room names, but well... He could guess "Well. If you don't..." Grey stopped as he noticed the two figures approaching the bar. His green eyes quickly went over the two of them as he tried to take in as many details as he could. When one of the mares started speaking to Grey, he quickly turned towards them with a rather nice and welcoming expression on his face. Hearing her out, Grey opened his mouth to answer that, but quickly shut it, deciding that indeed, maybe introducing himself would be better "Pleasure to meet you, Fire Walker" A polite bow came her way "And you too, Wind Walker" Grey leaned down a bit and sent the filly's way a warm, kind smile "The name is Grey Shield. A traveler and ex-bodyguard for hire." He presented himself. "Weeeell" Grey scratched the back of his head with a bit of a chuckle escaping his mouth "I have to say I know a story or two. After all, I have my years on my back and I do not live the most boring life" He said as his horn lit up and the glass of water slowly lifted into the air "Fireplace you say? Alright! Let us go there, then" And with the same warm expression as before Grey slowly made his way towards the warm fire before sitting down rather close to it, on the ground, his flank facing it. "So. Tell me, Wind... What kind of stories are your favorites?" He asked, turning his gaze towards the filly.
  8. Grey pushed the cart with all his might but soon learned that he didn't need to do that for long. The cart just jumped back into its place with a firm kick from the mare. She indeed was stronger then it seemed. And so, the stallion pulled himself out from the now standing cart and backed off a bit. The cart seemed... more or less stable. Hearing the mare approaching, Grey turned towards her expecting a... different kind of approach. Maybe some gratefulness, maybe just a nod of appreciation. He wasn't expecting what was going to come out from the mare's mouth. "Oh... Well.." He started, blinking a couple of times, a bit confused about this little situation. This definitely wasn't typical "I'm glad to see you're all right..." He said, trying to come out of this... awkward little spot he has found himself in this conversation. Seeing her starting to pick her fruits up, Grey wasn't sure if he should just leave, seeing the mare's previous reaction or still insist to help. For a second, he turned his head back to the warm, pleasant tavern, which he was planning to spend some time in. But he couldn't just leave like that. "Let me help" He said a bit on the quieter side as his horn lit up with a yellow taint. A couple of apples were lifted into the air before Grey gave them a little shake to clean off the thick layer of mud and let the rain clean the rest and put them at the back of the cart. Grey's eyes landed on a tent that the mare was picking up. "Where are you going?" He asked, picking up another bunch of apples, his head turned towards her with an expression of interest.
  9. Grey traced the glass of water with his gaze up until it reached him. As his horn lit up with a yellow tint, a purse slowly raised into the air and a couple of bits flew out. "How much do I owe?" He asked, not used to anything being free anywhere. Even a simple glass of water had its price tag and it usually was valued much more than its real value. When the bar-tender mare turned her gaze towards the campfire, Grey followed her sight and hung his green eyes on the fireplace as well. After a quick sip of water, he spoke up towards the tired-looking mare behind the bar "I heard many great things about this place. Is it usually that empty or is it just today?" The green eyes were now turned towards her as the Grey stallion leaned back "I mean... I heard that adventurers and travelers alike gather here to share stories yet it seems a bit... empty" His voice wasn't a complaining or mocking one. He sounded genuinely curious.
  10. The two days went by rather quickly for Grey. He did end up going back to the shop once or twice to buy a couple of small things he could've sworn he had, but well... he didn't. Luckily now, after constantly checking if he had everything he needed, if he bought the ticket and if he remembered the way they will go, he thought he was ready. Now, all left to do was to take the last shower, put on his saddlebags and leave for the trip. Grey was an early-riser and didn't need to rush, so he just casually strolled through the Canterlot, admiring the buildings once again... Ah, the Canterlot architecture. Once he got to the station, he sat down on one of the benches and let his saddlebags rest next to him, on the ground. And weirdly enough, right now he was probably in the best state Rose could ever see him in. Definitely clean coat, nicely brushed mane and tail... Well, this was the last opportunity to get himself in check so better do it, right?
  11. Rainy days like this were quite something to Grey. They didn't happen very often but when they did, this grey unicorn would often find himself delaying his plans. Not only because of the weather, but also to just chill out in one of the bars, admire the view and listen to the most relaxing sound in the world, which is the raindrops hitting the roof. And so, this was the exact thing he was doing right now. He had his plans to go to Canterlot and visit his family for the first time in a while, but now... now, he was sitting in the pub, next to a window with a glass of water on his table and his packed saddlebags laid down on the bench beside him. Grey was staring out the window, looking around the drenched Ponyville, stopping from time to time to observe the kids playing around. It brought him waaay back, to his younger times, seeing kids playing around like that. But there was someone else in the streets and it caught Grey's attention. A rather big cart with a rather small mare standing next to it. What was she doing in this rain? The roads will be muddy, no way she will be able to move this thing far. But still, she seemed quite determined to get it moving... Oh, she seemed a bit angry, now walking to the back of the cart... Yeah, she is definitely stuck... Grey lifted the cover from his saddlebags and as his horn lit up a light grey rain-coat flew out of it. If he could offer assistance, then why wouldn't he. And so, he started to make his way towards the door, putting on his raincoat and pulling the hood down to cover his head. As soon as he opened the doors he saw that the situation... escalated a bit, one can say. Everything was laying on the ground, next to the now tipped over cart. But where was the mare? It took him a good while to spot the brown coat and red mane with this mud and apples laying around, but he finally saw it. Grey, without thinking much ran up to the cart, his hooves splashing the muddy water everywhere. Once there, he started to asses a situation "Are you alright?" He asked, while his eyes went to the mare for a second, then back to the cart. Now, without all of those things on it, maybe Grey could lift it, but well... He wasn't really strong himself. Being a traveler maybe trained your hooves, but the lack of steady nourishment definitely wasn't helping with building muscles. Well... Worth a shot. Grey bent down his knees and found a good place to stick his head in and rest the cart on his shoulders "Push on three" He muttered to the mare "One, two... Three!" His muscles tensed up as he put all of his strength into his hooves, trying to lift the cart at least a tiny bit.
  12. Explorers Society.... Grey has heard quite a few things about this little, peculiar place from a couple of ponies and was planning to give it a visit for some time now. After all an adventurers pub is defenietly something that was right up this trvelers alley, so passing on such an oportunity would just be so unlike him. Plus, who doesn't like a good drink while sharing a story? With a gentle push, Grey opened the doors to the pub and made his way through the doorway. Some clinging could be heard with every step he took as the clips of his old, weary saddlebags tapped against each other. While this stallion didn't look too shoddy, his dark grey mane was still a mess and a his coat defenietly has seen better days then... well, now. Stallions green eyes quickly moved around the tavern, taking in its surroudnings. The pictures on the walls seemed to catch his interest for a good couple of seconds as he slowly made his ways through the interior of the pub. It was quite suprising how empty this place was... Grey expected a bit more ponies in a place like this, but he couldn't say he didn't mind the lesser crowd. Grey sent a polite nod towards those who were in the pub and slowly but surely made his way towards the bar, hoping to get himself something to drink. Once there, Grey's horn lit up and his saddlebags slowly onto the floor with a rather loud thud. "I'll have a glass of water, please." He asked as soon as he had a chance and place a couple of bits on the counter, throwing the bartender a slight smile. He hoped to start this visit slower with his drinks. After all, he didn't come here to get wasted, but to maybe have a chat with someone, share some stories and well... spend some quality time in here.
  13. Grey had a moment of silent relief, seeing that Rose didn't cringe so much seeing some of the prices that put were on some of the items here, in Canterlot. Grey tried to get it as cheep as possible, but it was the capital so it was obvious the prices were... Not really fully fair and the overall price for their shopping spree was more then Grey expected. Well... Good thing Rose had that kind of money. The smile on the mare's face once again proved to release Grey of some worry. After all he was taking her on a trip and her enjoyment was his top priority, no matter what. "Glad to hear that! I only wish we could have gotten better prices, but oh well. It is Canterlot after all" A slight shrug was added by the stallion at the end. Hearing her question Grey nodded a bit. "Aye. Around morning... Let's say... 8 or 9 AM, whichever suits you better. That way we get some extra time" Truth was that at first, Grey wanted to go there by hoof, buut, well, it would take much longer and it was supposed to be a fun trip, not a painful march. "Do you have any other questions?" Grey asked after a bit and started to turn towards The side If nothing came up, he would give Her a warm smile "Once again, thanks for today and see you in two days" is what he would say before giving her another comical bow and walking off to prepare his own stuff
  14. The shopping by itself wasn't that bad. Once they got to the shop itself, Grey took the lead, maneuvering around alleys, shelves and racks, hoping to find some useful things at best prices. And weirdly enough, he seemed to enjoy it, a visible smile present on his face thoughtout their whole stay in the shop. After all, this visit took about an hour. An hour of gathering specific object, looking for others and constant explaining from Grey. A glimmer of excitement could be seen in his eye as he passed his knowledge onto Rose. It was quite obvious he didn't get the chance to do such things very often. Either that or he reeeally enjoyed teaching. Sometime through, those two needed to go back for Rose's sacks since there wasn't any other way of holding it all together. In the end, they bought: -A tent -Foldable camping lamp -Bug repellent -Mosquito Net -A torch -A canteen with cutlery -A sleeping bag -A mat for sleeping -Waterproof tarp That would be all she needed, Grey thought. He should have the rest in his sacks... Once those two stepped out of the shop Grey looked for a couple of seconds at the almost full sacks, with the tent strapped onto them. He had something like an expression of proudness on his face as his sight looked over what they got. At First he thought of helping The mare, but well... It wasn't that heavy, since the clothes and supplies were still outside and she needed to get used to The weight... "Thanks for today. It was fun talking and shopping with shopping with you. I really enjoyed that." He said with a smile on his face, his expression visibly happy. "If you have any questions right now, I'll be glad to answer."
  15. Grey by no means expected such a reaction from Rose. What he expected was a roll of her eyes and a witty comeback, so it caught him off guard as well that she seemed to be genuinely flustered with his compliment and even seemed to blush... How should he react to that? Truth be told, he rarely was placed in such a situation, so he did lack the experience to quickly make the right decision. Just a 'you're welcome' would be basic... too basic, right? Plus, he felt slightly bad for throwing her under a wall with his compliment like that... "Sorry?" Was the word that escaped his mouth. Well... That was one, totally not awkward way of responding to that. Good job, Grey. You should be proud. Hearing that she knew a place that could have what they needed, Grey sighed a sigh of relief. It would be awful to have to wander around looking for it and bother bystanders for Celestia knows how long. "Uf... Great. You are saving us a lot of Time here..." and with a quick couple of steps Grey Has found himself outside once again. "So, Rose. Lead the way" Grey did a slight, comical bow, waiting for her to take the lead. It wasn't anything overdramatic that would get everyone's attention, but it was a.. Gesture. It was kind of funny how Grey seemed to get more and more relaxed with his behavior around this mare, something that was usually going the other way when dealing with Canterlot folk.
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