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  1. TheOne

    Out on the Road [Closed]

    Gray listened to the pony in front of him as they spoke about their city. The name they gave him wasn't a great help for this stallion to decide whether to speak to them as he or she... or maybe something else? He was not used that. Almost everyone he met was easy to recognize from the first glance. It wasn't that easy here... But it was something fresh, something new, something interesting. Maybe a small sort of mystery... "Having a safe place to live in is always nice..." Gray said as he tilted his head a bit. Of course, he wasn't a great fan of just staying in one place, but he appreciated the peace from time to time as much as he appreciated his venturing. "Ah... Yes. Those are probably the biggest cities around here you can find" He said as his hoof raised a bit. When Gray first went away from Canterlot, Manehattan and Hoofington were one of the first cities he visited and they brought him many memories. "Yes... Back in the days..." He chuckled a bit as he realized he sounded like an old pony "I used to fight and I used to get money for that... Maybe not my most glorious days..." The stallion commented on himself. The jobs he took weren't always exciting and full of excitement. Most of the time it would be a simple routine... And weirdly, he remembered more of the routine then of other bits... "You were a soldier?" Gray's eyebrow raised as his hoof pointed at the pony in front of him. They seemed to be quite similar to Gray... Travelers, with military connections... How interesting "Well... Fighting is one of those things that you never forget" He chuckled and shrugged slightly "Well... My fighting days are well past me. Maybe one day I will face a foe for one more time... We will see, I guess" Gray didn't long for a fight, but the thought of standing face to face with danger again filled him both with excitement and disgust. It was a part of him that would always remain split. "Your armor? You kept it? I heard they don't let anypony do that... At least in Equestria..." Gray said and thought for a bit "You don't happen to have like a drawing or picture of it, do you?" He asked.
  2. TheOne

    Out on the Road [Closed]

    "Maratonia..." Gray echoed The traveler. Gray was never personal There but he heard some stories and planned a couple of trips There but never got to it ad other trips took priority "It is quite a place! Heard Many stories about it" Gray said with a warm smile on his face. "Just walking around is one of The best things to do in Equestria. From my perspective, that is" The stallion added. He was a travelers so hearing that someone else liked to just Wander around as well made him happy "Where have you been up until now?" Hearing The name of The castle Gray though for a second. He did know about it. Even wisited it Long time ago, When he just started his travels. But he wasn't sure if he could pin point exact rout to it. "Well.. yes. I know where it is. But it is quite a while from here... A couple of Days of travel on hooves I would say.." He sated after a couple of seconds of silence. "When it comes to The stuff. I can't be Sure. Never inspected it too well. it is a weird place..." When The pony asked about who Gray is, The stallion caughted "Oh, right. I am Gray Shield. A wanderer and ex-bodyguard. Pleasure to meet you..." He said, raising his eyebrow, waiting for whoever they were to introduce themselves
  3. TheOne

    Out on the Road [Closed]

    Gray listened to The stranger with interest. There weren't many ponies he would meet along his travel, So The ones he met, were usually the ones with the most interesting stories. Now Gray took a closer look of The pony in front of him. A defenietly unusual colors and paterns on their body defenietly stood out. Maybe they were a zebra... But they didn't talk in this weird pattern... "So you have never been to Equestria before?" Gray's eyebrow rised. So they were a traveler from really far away... "Where do you come from, if I may ask?" The stallion asked and took a look at the bags of The pony in front of him. They seemed to be full so Gray assumed they came from far away. "Legends you Day?" gray smiled a bit as he nodded a bit "Equestria is filled with legends and tales so you won't have a problem finding them"
  4. TheOne

    Meetup At Ponyville (Private)

    (I though I send reply long ago. I am very sorry for making you wait for so long.) When Ice mentioned Changeling getting their place in her organisation Gray went silent for a second, thinking about it. He wasn't glad to work alongdise those shapeshifters, but it wasn't something that would make him leave without any other reason. The stallion nodded slightly "This should not be a problem..." He started and shrugged a bit "If they joined the organisation that means that they can't be as.... bad?" Gray stopped for a second, thinking of a better Word. Bad and Good was a bit too much of a Black and White word and no one can be only bad or only good "Well. As troublesome as those I met during my Road." Gray noteded the inn as a place he could go to "Thank you. I will give it a try!" he said with a small smile. "So... How long are you planning on staying in Ponyville?" Gray asked, glad that The topic strayed away from Changelings and things like this. He wasn't a great thinker and was no expert in forgein races, So there wasn't much he could be sure about in this topic, other then trying to Sound smart enough.
  5. TheOne

    Out on the Road [Closed]

    Gray continued to look at the pony that was slowly walking ahead of him, steadly getting closer and closer. His Green eyes jumped around a bit, taking some time to look at the bag that they had strapped to their back. They were oviously packed, so maybe they we're travelers just as Gray was. Noticing the pony stop, he squinted and bit and took another close look at them. No weapon, but they were a unicorn. Might be a problem... Gray himself Has a short sword harden inside one of his bags in case something terrible happens, but he usually could do just fine without it. When Gray approached The pony he stopped and smiled Warmly "Good morning..." he said with a stop as he tried to figure Out it he should use miss or mister... But he couldn't Tell so he decided to say nothing at all "What are you doing on this Road? It is getting quite late"
  6. TheOne

    Out on the Road [Closed]

    Gray has been on the road for some time already. Moving his hooves slowly and to the beat of a tune that he was gently humming under his breath to accompany him on this road. This day was no different then the one before and probably no different then tomorrow will be. A Sun shining with a slight breeze that was moving through his messy mane. His target was Hoofington yet again. This old stallion was heading home again for some time. How long he will stay no one knew, not even nim, but probably not for long. So there he was, steadly moving forward with packed pouches on his Back and a slight smile on his face when he noticed a shape moving in the distance. Gray squinted a bit and noticed that it was a pony going the other way. It was every day that Gray found someone on the trail, especially on The roads that long. And without a cart as well... "Who is that?" He Wondered to himself. Maybe a follow adventurer? Or maybe A bandit... Well. He will see for himself soon.
  7. TheOne

    Arrival at Canterlot (Private)

    Gray chuckled a bit at her joke and smirked "Well. I was surprised at first as well" He answered with the hint of the joke in his voice as well. Gray liked his house and spend some time in it every month or so, but that wasn't what he truly wanted. The stallion used the building for more of a stash, where he would keep some souvenirs, old items or just weird things he found on his way "Well, I do. Just as I am resting for some time here, in Canterlot" He answered and shrugged a bit "Honestly, I rest quite often, spending even weeks sometimes in one place. It is not I am proud of, but I guess my good old days are gone" His voice bore a bit of nostalgia and disappointment. The fact that his life was probably mostly done wasn't a fun thing to think about. "Oh! You are right! It would be a waste!" he said as his memory flashed back. Flowers. The reason he was here. He almost forgot "Well. I will be going then. Thank you for the talk! Maybe we will meet soon" He said as he gave her the warmest smile he could and with a quick intense look on his bags, that were lying on the floor, Gray placed them on his back and slowly went towards the doors, giving his last wave towards Rose
  8. TheOne

    Arrival at Canterlot (Private)

    Gray agreed with what Rose said. There definitely wasn't something that was truly a norm. But ponies still tend to make fun of someone that wasn't up to this... norm. The stallion looked up, pointing his gaze at the falling stripes of his messy mane. "True... That doesn't stop others from judging you, though" He said before shrugging a bit and going back to his cheerful expression. He did hear her saying that she would never admit to that but didn't reply, giving only a very brief chuckle as a response. The smile that sprung on mare's face once again proved to Gray that she wasn't quite like other ponies he met here. But, as they established earlier, he was not the one to judge. "Oh. I actually have a house as well. It's on the outskirts of hoofington." The stallion stated as Rose mentioned her home "I don't go there quite often, but it is still standing and still mine... I think" He smirked a bit. Quite a lot of time passed since Gray went to his house, but it wasn't because he didn't like it. He just felt that spending there too much time was just... a waste. When Rose told him that he will keep him in mind Gray chuckled a bit and smiled "Well thank you. Not many do. You know... Since I come and go" He said as his eyes directed towards the bags, that were lying on the floor.
  9. TheOne

    Meetup At Ponyville (Private)

    Gray kept on nodding a bit as he listened to the mare. It wasn't that he disagreed with her. But the fact that sometimes that the trust someone puts into a new pony they meet can be easily ruined and changelings were a... outstanding species. "The fact is, that we have already started the cycle. Maybe not you, maybe not me, maybe not anyone in Ponyville. But some ponies started to hate changelings. And they might have a good reason to. If someone robbed you, killed someone you love or hurt you, you wouldn't greet them as friends, and you would probably be wary of their family as well." Gray stated. He may have not had such bad memories with changelings, but they had some rough past. "So, now, since a lot of us have those bad memories in the back of our head..." Gray said, pointing with his hoof to his head "... and sometimes intentionally, sometimes not we move just a bit further away from any changeling that we pass" The stallion said and sight " Now if I am not proud of this, but I prefer to stay a bit further away from changelings. And I know this is a bit, not- okay since... Well." Gray chuckled a bit and looked at himself, all dirty and messy "Ponies tend to stay away from me as well. But it is just something that makes me feel more in control of the situation that is around me." Gray exhaled his breath and shook his head "This talk turned quite... serious." He smiled slightly and looked up at the mare "I was wondering. Are there any good places to rent for sleep in ponyville?" He asked, trying to change the subject a bit with a small smile o his face.
  10. TheOne

    Arrival at Canterlot (Private)

    Gray nodded a bit, hearing her agree with his observation about her and roses. That was defenietly something he enjoyed in ponies. Seeing them take fun out of those little things in life. And sometimes, looking at ponies like that, this old stallion though to himself that maybe it is time to settle down, stop chasing after something that is out of his reach and just... focus only on the smaller things. "Well. The ponies here are weird... At least for me. Well.. to be honest I am quite a weird pony myself, so I am not sure if I can really judge" Gray shrugged a bit and smirked slightly. He didn't mind being different and standing out. As long as not too much attenction was drawn to him, he was all right. Hearing the mare torn Gray couldn't help but chuckle a bit "I am glad I managed to make you think about that. And I think you don't need any advise, even if you wanted to." Gray said and looked around the shop "I don't know you too well so I am not sure what values you truly have, but... I hope whatever you chose will be a right decision for you." Gray smiled towards her with a warmest smile he could "The life of a nomad is not easy but it has its pluses. If you will choose to go into the world and leave this place behind... Maybe I can help you somehow. Its not hard to find me."
  11. TheOne

    Meetup At Ponyville (Private)

    "Not mencion her horn... Noted." Gray smiled a bit. It seemed easy enough even though this stallion was quite a curious pony. Well, he will have to get his knowlage somewhere else then. It didn't seem like he was moved by the last part of Ice's warning. Many times something like this happened before, so it wasn't anything suprising to him. Hearing the mare agree to his waryness Gray nodded and smirked "Defenietly agreed. Sometimes it is not a good thing to trust someone..." He responded. His past with both changlings and other races was quite... not-stable. With its ups and downs, Gray had moments of fun as well as madness in almost every type of creature he met. But changlings were this weird exception that mostly got on his bad side. Maybe it was becouse Gray wasn't really trying to communicate with them, maybe he just wasn't in the right place... Who knows? "I understand your point, however it is hard to keep peace between all the races in Equestria. With so many different views and so many races this place is bound to have conflict. Smaller, bigger, doesn't matter, we probably can't do much about it" The stallion shrugged a bit "But we can try to minimize the damage and try to keep as many places happy as we can. And if we can't keep them joyful and uneger to fight with us, than there are organiziation for that, right?" Gray gave Ice a little smirk. He didn't think that war was needed or he enjoyed it. For him it only brought destruction and pain rather then any good. But.. sometimes war was just the best option
  12. TheOne

    Arrival at Canterlot (Private)

    Gray listened to Rose with his head tilted a bit. Now he understood her view-point. He, himself never though of Canterlot as anything great or even good, mostly mediocre. But when she mentioned all these things, it kinda made sense for her to be here. But is it just everything she wants to do? Stay here foever? "Are you planning on ever moving away from Canterlot? There are plenty of other options" He said. The stallion kinda already knew the answer to that, since he knew Rose held the shop in high regard, but it was good to be sure. "Sure, they can enjoy themselves, but... It is just not the same thing." Gray shrugged, not sure what to exactly say "I mean... You need something grand to excite all those ponies, but sometimes it is better to just take joy from the smaller things." He said after a while of thinking. Gray raised his hoof and pointed at Rose "You probably know that, since you take care of the flowers. It can bring as much, or even more joy then attending a race, right?" He asked with a small smile. It did sound kinda weird, but Gray really believed that some ponies should just focus on their surrounding more. Hearing the noice of amusment Gray rolled his eyes "It didn't sound so obvious before I said it..." He tried to protect himself before waving it off "Forget it. At least what I said was true" He chuckled a bit.
  13. TheOne

    Meetup At Ponyville (Private)

    Gray nodded a bit, hearing about that. Now the named ringed the bell. He heard of this name before, but never actually saw anything or speaked about it. Well. It wasn't anything Gray didn't expect. If there was someone that leads a secret organisation underneath the Princess Celestia's nose, it better be someone competent pony or the whole thing will be a blow out. "So I will be working underneath her.... Better remember the name" Gray noted, with a slight smile. He always had this positive outlook towards the higher-ups and treated them with a grain of salt. As much as he respected them, everypony can make a mistake. "Sure! Sorry for that" Gray said as soon as Ice told him to stop the talk about the organization "Oh... I have visited plenty of places outside of my job as well. But when it comes to my mercenery work, the most interesting place would have to be Gryffon Empire. Met a great friend back there." Gray started with a slight smile "At the time, I was tasked with protecting some sort of a CEO, I think. He needed to be escorted to the Gryffon empire and protected for a couple of days. During my stay there I met this young Gryffon. I sadly forgot his name, but... Well. It was a long time ago." The stallion shrugged a bit. Indeed, his memory was not the best, but it was still holding its own "It turns out he was a traveler, just like me. We spend some time togheter before I had to pack my things. Pity I couldn't talk with him more. I wander what is he doing right now" Gray smirked a bit at the memory itself When Ice mentioned Changelings the expression on Gray's face changed to a bit more serious "If I have to be honest, I don't really like them. I am sorry if I sound racist, but... I have terrible memories with them. Many scams, robberies, assaults and things like that...." He sighed "I mean, what better way to kill someone then to pose as their friend/family." Gray shrugged "Of course, I don't mean any ill to all of them. I am just... weary around them"
  14. TheOne

    Arrival at Canterlot (Private)

    Gray nodded a bit, taking this vage response as a sign that she had her reasons not to tell him. And he respected that, not pushing her to answer his question. After all, he knew just how awful these type of questions could get if you didn't want to answer them. Pressing on wouldn't help anything. "I see... May I ask what brought you to Canterlot though? Out of all the places?" Gray asked, wondering. He, himself never found this city atractive in any way, but ponies tastes varied. Hearing the mare agreeing with him, Gray smirked a bit and made a small bow "Well, thank you" He said playfully and chuckled slightly. The smirk that appeared on her face didn't go unnoticed by the stallion as he looked at her "You know. Here at Canterlot ponies rerly smile... But you probably already noticed..." Gray started "I always found that weird. Everything here is just so... stiff" He continued. Gray realised he sounded a bit like a rebel colt, who doesn't like his house, but he kinda felt that way. "It is defenietly worth it. You defenietly won't see as many crystals in your life as there are in Crystal Kingdom if you won't go there...." Gray said and then stopped for a second "When I think about it, it does sound kinda obvious... I mean, the name is Crystal Empire for something" The stallion smirked a bit.
  15. TheOne

    Meetup At Ponyville (Private)

    Gray nodded. It did seem that the casino was a nice place for this sort of hiding, but when a lot of ponies are in in one place there is always a chance one of them might spot something weird going on. Maybe some sort of an experiment that went wrong underground coused some changes and exposed something, etc. etc... But, from what he though, it was probably the best place they could have, since it is near civilisation, has a lot of space and is still more then decently comouflaged. "I guess Casino is quite a good place. Although there needs to be a lot of ccountermeasures ready...." Gray said, thinking. Maybe he could help in that. I guess he will need to find out. "Any questions..." The stallion echoed, thinking on which one should he chose to ask first "Should I know someone? Like a very important higher-up or something like this" He asked tilting his head to the side a bit. Knowing his way around the base was crutial but getting to know the staff was just as important.