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  1. Do you like Little Einsteins, if so, who's your favorite character?
  2. Sorry! I set Leo as my profile picture on everything I use. I probably should have used all the Little Einsteins characters but on many websites, avatars/profile pictures are cropped anyway.
  3. So, if you're a Lazy Town fan, you probably heard about this and you're probably quite upset. He will always be number one no matter what. So anyway, what are your thoughts?
  4. Hi, my name is iCarlyandMuppetFan12345 (my real name, first name only, is Joshua) and I like television a lot. My favorite TV shows are Little Einsteins (probably one of my most favorites), LazyTown (has to be my favorite favorite, I'm definitely a big fan, by the way, I'm sure anyone who likes that show heard the bad news, huh?) I'll post a thread about it once I've introduced myself., Upside Down Show (funny show), Sesame Street and anything in the Muppet franchise, Friends, iCarly, Victorious, The Simpsons, SpongeBob, and now MLP. I found out what MLP was on a Lazy Town Discord server when one of my friends on the server recently told me to check it out, I looked it up and it was pretty interesting, I've definitely become a fan of the show, not only is the show itself cool but some of the catchphrases that people use irl are also cool, like 20% cooler, ten seconds flat, etc. This has got to be one of my favorite TV shows along with LazyTown. However, I probably won't tell anyone irl that I like this show because it's not near as popular as The Simpsons and stuff like that are these days. I've already told them I like Little Einsteins and they told me that I should watch something more "age appropriate" like Family Guy (which I do like, but I feel young because I'm 14 and I'm in ninth grade in high school, so I at first felt kinda confused that they were talking about Family Guy but I got over it. Anyway, I'm afraid to tell them I like MLP because you never know what they'll say then.)
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