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  1. Yeah, I love The Umbilical Brothers. And also, the other channels besides Nick Jr. are channels it aired on in other countries.
  2. LOL. I knew someone would ask that. This isn't about Stranger Things. This is about a Nick Jr. show.
  3. So, I just thought of this idea randomly. I'm not sure if anyone else thought of it but, would it be cool if TTG and MLP had a crossover? I think so.
  4. It's a silly Australian TV show about two brothers, Shane and David, who live in a wacky apartment with different doors. I love that show. It's funny. And it's done by comedians well known in Australia. They have an imaginary remote on the show, and funny thing is, they've actually done some of the stuff (like rewinding) live, on a live show called Speedmouse, which is an Australian comedy show. Channels Upside Down Show aired on: Here in the US, it aired on Nick Jr. In the UK, it aired oh Nick Jr. 2. In Latin America, it aired on Boomerang. And in Australia, it aired on ABC1. Edit: Sorry if you noticed a typo.
  5. The LazyTown actor, Stefan Karl Stefansson died, from cancer. I may have posted this already but I deleted the account I posted this on. Anyway, I'm back, I think I've been back for a while. So, anyway, what are your all's thoughts? Is anyone sad Stefan died? I know I am.
  6. Thank you. Can you ask whoever the admin is to delete the account that I thought got deleted? I think it got hacked. I remember having the username iCarlyandMuppetFan but I think it got hacked by someone named Goggi or something. I looked at one of the posts and noticed it was posted by someone with another name. I would try to sign in again and change the password but I'd rather have the admin delete the account.
  7. So, I am definitely a fan of Little Einsteins. Also, forgot to mention, this is a new account, I think I accidentally deleted my account, just to check I tried to sign in but couldn't. My username was iCarlyandMuppetFan. I hope I deleted it and it didn't get hacked.
  8. Sorry about that. Anyway, my username I believe was iCarlyandMuppetFan. As you may remember, I like Little Einsteins.
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