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  1. (Now I want to make an Ekko - OC. . .)

  2. Ah, the numerous quotes of gaming. . .

    "Doubt me. I like that."
    - Ekko, The Boy Who Shattered Time

  3. Guess this is why we don't have fun in New York City.

  4. Rest in peace.

    Couldn't find parking to go Tricking or Treating.

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    Sir Aizen's Threads! (Links below!) Hyper Jack Earth Pony // Male // Young Adult Threads After The Show (Open) (Active) _______________________ Candy Cain Unicorn // Male // Young Adult Threads Tricks and Treats. . . and Traps? (Trick or Treating!) (Active)
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    Candy Cain [Ready]

    Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Candy Cain Sex: Male Age: Young Adult Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Sage/Mint Green, Forest Green Coat Color: Cain has a coat that is roughly wheat/tortilla colored, with decorative swirling strips of faint pink, though it is hidden by the white/pink collared shirt he wears. Mane/Tail: Cain's mane and tail are a hot pink color, his mane not going all the way down his neck. His hairstyle is a middle-parting, wavy style, slightly hiding his ears. His horn comes up slightly behind the parting. His tail is a little thin and wavy as well, looking sort of like gum. No, not chewed-up gum. Good gum, or cotton candy. Physique: As a whole, Cain's body is mostly lean, tall and athletic. Not as much built for speed or power as it is built for endurance. Residence: Canterlot (However, since he visits Ponyville so frequently, he might be considered a Ponyville resident.) Occupation: Confectioner Cutie Mark: Cain's cutie mark is a pink swirl mint, the dark stripes seeming to float off the candy itself, signifying some sort of magic. Cain received his cutie mark the day he created his living replica of Canterlot. Though Cain has had many achievements with his sugary designs, he's never been able to pull of anything quite as grand as the Canterlot replica since. Unique Traits: Cain's an architect. Though he would never call himself that, Cain's occupation is very similar to that. He designs sweets (mainly candy), and creates art and structures out of the sugary substances. Then, the unicorn animates those things for all to see. Try and eat anything before Cain's done, though, and he might lose his marbles. Cain has a rich city accent (almost like a Boston accent), and a swaggering confidence in almost everything he does. Almost everything. History: Like all of his family before him, Candy Cain grew up in the rich, colorful capital of Equestria, Canterlot. His family ran a small business up there, one that had to do with everyone's favorite thing; candy! (no, no, NO, not those blasted pastries. Candy!) They created and sold the sweets in a smaller shop on the edge of the city. Growing up, Cain was always acutely aware of what his parents and older siblings did, and what they could be doing instead. No, Cain didn't prefer to have fun as a child. He designed things. Candy, as a matter of fact. As a unicorn, Cain could use magic an many ways, and shifting the usage over to candy was no problem for him. The end result was one that no one had expected from someone like him. Up until his early teen years, Cain had always experimented with shifting candy and sugar into different forms with his magic. They hadn't always gone so well. There were a few scattered successes, but not much. One early morning, though, Cain's parents and neighbors woke up to see not a little trinket, but a living replica of Canterlot, made entirely out of candy. Cain's mastery of manipulating so many different tiny things was extraordinary. This was the start of something new for Cain. When Cain moved out, he started up his own business, taking the name of 'Candy Cain's Confections and Art'. There, one would be greeted by a smile and something wonderful; a world of candy. Some of it was life-sized, others miniatures. Some was made to look exactly like something in real life, down to the colors, other things were of Cain's imagination. Almost everything seemed to have been brought to life by Cain's magic. For a time, Cain was happy with himself. But still, there were some out there that couldn't see his works. Lots of things couldn't be moved, really. So Cain made his final decision. Cain sold off some f his works to buy a large cart full of materials to make candy. With this cart, Cain would go down to Ponyville and other populated areas, stopping where all could see him to preform his art. Not just show it- but create it in front of everyone's eyes, and let them see the magic and emotion put into it all. Some might have thought it was ridiculous, going to a mobile shop when he had no real need to, but Cain didn't mind it. All could see (and taste) his creations, and it made for good cardiovascular exercise. This is what he does to this day. Cain has not yet moved into Ponyville fully, since he doesn't think he's fully prepared for that kind of project, but every week, for a couple days at a time, Candy Cain visits Ponyville and populations beyond to show them what magic should truly be used for. To make you feel like a kid again. Personality: Candy Cain has a rather infectious personality, a real showman's attitude. His voice is one that can reach the back of a crowd without breaking, warm and full of life. Combined with his rich, big-city accent (sort of like a Boston accent), he is an instantly-likable character. Like Santa Claus. Claus from Boston. He always laughs at a joke (even if it's corny), and always has time to listen to a story or request. He especially likes kids. He's always making them little candy trinkets to bring home or eat. His attitude sort of grinds to a halt when it comes to mares, though. He left the house before anyone could teach him how to directly speak to one. He doesn't stutter, but he loses his train of thought from time to time. Though some think Cain's a little too open to new folk sometimes, he doesn't care. After all, everybody was a wide-eyed kid at some point. They all deserve kindness and a smile, right? As long as they aren't messing with his stuff, they're fine! Character Summary: Candy Cain is certainly a pony-person, being open, always smiling, and always having time to give a colt or mare a bit of sweetness when he's around. Getting used to Ponyville might take a little time, but he'll get around to it. Cain might be too trusting sometimes, but hey. He's a candy-colt. You wouldn't really take advantage of a guy like that, would you?
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    (Open) After The Show

    Jack truly had no idea how things worked here. It certainly looked like the sort of high-profile place people of that class would hang out, but they weren't anywhere near similar to him. They had no problem surrounded by tons of people, all watching them do whatever it was they did- mainly play for money. He knew how these games worked as well, they just. . . weren't his style. It wasn't like he had the money to be betting here anyway. Games of 'chance' always seemed set, even when they weren't in a casino. Fortune frequently frowned upon the colt. While he searched for others like him- drifting in and out of sight, looking like they were uncomfortable with their surroundings- he noted the multitude of folks that had entered the building. Mainly more players, but a few famous faces. Or so he guessed. He never really got out much, or payed attention to the known faces of Equestria. From what he saw, though, he could guess that a few were from Canterlot. He knew the place, at least. He'd grown up in a fancy place, after all. He wiped the thought from his mind. Before he could go, though, the voice of another pony could be heard nearby. It was close too. He jerked his head around, trying to find the source of the voice, and there they were. Oh crap, someone was trying to talk to him? They didn't sound like his regular group. They certainly didn't look it. The purple unicorn and dragon seemed concerned, though he knew he didn't know them. He tried to summon the words, but the encounter was so unexpected, he didn't say anything for around fifteen seconds, his mouth opening and closing, but no voice coming out. Finally, he cleared his head, and tried to pretend he was just speaking into an arcade screen, not paying attention to anyone, or to his few close friends. He sighed quietly. "I, uh. . . Hi." Hyper gave a small wave. He rubbed his eyes to try and appear even a little more awake than he already was. He hyped himself up, then spoke again, stronger this time. "Um. . . Well met!" He gave a lopsided smile. "Didn't see you there. . . I was, uh, looking around the place. I wanted to see how the place, er, worked." Jack's voice seemed a bit young compared to his look- perhaps it was simply his fatigue that made him seem a bit like a stallion instead. He tried to appear as if he was a regular there, but only really said what he assumed others would say if they actually belonged. He certainly felt as if he looked like he'd gotten kicked off a bus in a foreign city. "With the. . . games, yeah? I wanted to see the games. . . I'm called Hyper Jack here. Your name, miss?" He added quickly.
  9. SirAizen

    (Open) After The Show

    It was easy to get lost in a place as large as Las Pegasus. Hyper Jack was finding this out at quite the rapid place, though he had only just arrived. The colt wasn't some kid, yeah (the term was relative; he was still considered one by most stallions), but that didn't mean he automatically knew what to do and where to go in a place like this. He was used to the peace and quiet of the bar back home, or his room in the back. There, at least, he could just sleep. . . But noooo. He had hyped himself up on caffeine and agreed to a trip to a place like this, to 'meet some friends', as the old stallion who owned the bar back home had said. Apparently, he needed the sun. Or the company. He didn't remember. He did remember, though, that he has wanted to to have a nice relaxing weekend with his select few friends, and maybe play some arcade games out for the night. It was always fun to play with his fans and friends, but it was. . . taxing. He had a lot of fans, so he had gotten used to hiding his fatigue. That didn't mean he never slept, though. He slept on. . . Saturdays. . . Mondays, and Thursdays. Not entirely in that order. It shamed him to admit that he didn't always follow that schedule either. Nevertheless, he was here, in this bright, bustling city, trying to 'make friends'. Right now, he was fine. The caf hadn't worn off yet. He could always go get some coffee if he was getting tired. But eventually he'd crash somewhere (if he didn't crash in the street somewhere). For now, though, it was time to see what all the talk was about this place. He had heard enough. Colors, lights, performances, and other fun things. . . but he was here to introduce himself to the other gamers. For now, at least. Snapping out of it with a slap to the face, Jack continued on through the chaotic mix of ponies and fun, until he made it over to where most folks had ended up in: the casino. He didn't expect there to be, well, arcade machines in a casino; he wasn't that naive. But he did expect some players, possible some high-profile people. As he suspected, nobody payed him more than a glance as he walked by, most likely appearing confused and exhausted (based off of the rings under his eyes and slightly ruffled mane). He only hoped that he looked like he belonged there. . . not like he was some poor young colt that had just gotten cheated out of everything he owned. That probably would have earned him a few more glances, though, so he was probably fine. Of course, this was Las Pegasus. . . folks weren't exactly known for being nice, from what he'd heard. . .
  10. Oh, I wasn't really expecting that (slice of life) either, heh. Interesting fact, I don't do it all that often, I just enjoy it when I do. I can handle the underlying plot, I was born for this moment! (Honestly, though, I'm pretty sure I can handle all that an RP can throw at me; It just makes it more interesting, whether that is positive or not.) I'll introduce him when (if) I get to RP with you. I look forward to it!
  11. Top of the (evening) to all ya laddies!

  12. Well met, all! I, for one, would be interested in joining the plot, ha. .. Well. . . I'm not new to roleplaying (not in the slightest), just this site! Wasn't sure if you accepted that! I can get around it fine, I just wasn't sure who you wanted to RP with. I have my OC Hyper Jack, who I feel would be a someone that would appear in a high-profile place like this. . . Under his alias, of course. . . Just a thought! I don't mind if you decline.
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    Status: Just looking for an open RP that fits Jack. . . 

    (I might make a new OC, heh.)

  14. Well met, Canterlot! It is I, Sir Aizen again. Now, I recently got RP certified (woot) and my first OC here approved (woot x2), so I'm very eager to start RPing here! To get used to the feel of RPing here and with my character, I ask you all this: is anyone available to RP, if they have the time? My OC, Hyper Jack, might be a bit timid regarding others he hasn't met before, but that's what development is, right? Meeting others and experiencing new events and places. I'd gladly do most genres of RP with the character, set during g one of the few to eat he's outside, or behind the bar. Interested? Send me a message- I'll be waiting for ya!
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    Searching for RP partners

    Alright then, I look forward to it!