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  1. Quick, what's your favorite candy?! I'm makin' a list!!!

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    2. PrinceBlueblood


      Cherry Jolly Ranchers


      Also, Milka Bars (German Equivalent of Hershey's, except good)

    3. tacobob


      Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Nothing else comes close. :3

    4. SirAizen


      Both excellent choices! Well. . . I've never had Milka Bars before. . .  argh. I'll try 'em out eventually. Reese's are the bomb, though!

  2. (Now I want to make an Ekko - OC. . .)

  3. Ah, the numerous quotes of gaming. . .

    "Doubt me. I like that."
    - Ekko, The Boy Who Shattered Time

  4. Guess this is why we don't have fun in New York City.

  5. Rest in peace.

    Couldn't find parking to go Tricking or Treating.

  6. *cartwheels*

    1. szalhi


      Y'all got a license for that?

    2. SirAizen


      "It's the fuzz! Scatter!"

  7. Top of the (evening) to all ya laddies!

  8. Just logging on!


    Status: Just looking for an open RP that fits Jack. . . 

    (I might make a new OC, heh.)

  9. Updated! Certified! RP, here I come!

  10. Just waiting to be RP certified! Anyone wants to RP via Discord or anything, let me know!

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