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    That would include. . . Watching anime (most recently BNHA), writing stories or fanfics (most recently for Star Wars!), Character creation, and reading in my spare time.

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  1. Quick, what's your favorite candy?! I'm makin' a list!!!

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    2. szalhi
    3. SirAizen


      Let's have a little chat, you and I. About water. It'll be enlightening, trust me. It won't even be biased towards candy, promise. . .

    4. SirAizen


      Also, DreamWanderer, really? Butterscotch is one of my favorites as well! I don't know why some people thing it's old-people candy. Then again. . . I'm a fan of mold "old-people" candies, har. (Jots it down on The List)

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