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  1. "Looks like we were right, Boneless Two. As usual." A tall, poncho-sporting stallion seemed to have popped up out of nowhere, standing at the very edge of the large tent, watching the others currently lounging underneath, who were staying cool, resting up, or chatting. Cheese Sandwich had gotten a feeling that something good was going on in this part of Equestria, and he was right. Bleachers, a big tent, and more than a few known faces? Some big event was going down here. By the looks of it, one phase was already complete. "I think we were a little late, though. We're getting rusty, I think." By the looks of it, Cheese had missed some sort of eating competition. Here and there, a few folks seemed to be struggling to hold their cookies - or whatever they'd been eating. Probably some sort of baked dessert, based off of the smell Cheese had caught on his way here. Poor fellas. The buzz of the contest was usually all that kept them from losing their lunch. Once it was over, all that remained was sheer willpower - In Cheese's opinion, it took lots of guts to take part in an eating contest. Sure, eating a lot was something he'd had more than a few experiences with, as a party planner, but this kind of eating made the pony a bit uncomfortable at times. Oh well - It wasn't like anyone was making him do it. Anywho - Big event! Cheese Sandwich had come all the way up from Las Pegasus, where he'd had the most difficult time trying to get a large group of tourists together into one big partying-machine. It wasn't that they didn't like partying - It was just insanely difficult keeping them together long enough to enjoy any festivities! To be fair, Las Pegasus was pretty flashy and distracting for newcomers. Even Cheese himself had been lost for a little while, trying to make sense of all the attractions and sights. Still, as usual, the party pony had gotten the job done. It had been costly in time, though - Cheese had only sensed the sporting event going down once he'd left the city. So maybe Cheese was a day or two late here. He was here, though! Sure, watching the events would be exciting and all, but he was really here for when everything ended, so that he could set up one giant, crazy celebration after all the awards had been given out. If one had already been planned, then he could make sure that it was as big, loud, and crazy as possible. Oh no, no pony here would be forgetting this event for a long time. Of course, there was a bit of time before everything ended. Cheese could afford to enjoy himself and watch Iron Pony activities from the sidelines while he waited. As previously mentioned, though, it seemed like this particular event was over. That stank. Worse than old cheese, sour milk, or your grandma's musty basement. Cheese Sandwich didn't let it get him down too much. He could spring back from virtually anything, and this was no different. Instead, the pony decided upon checking out the competitors and other spectators. Maybe he could get a few words from them, just to get an idea of how things were going currently. Cheese lowered his cowboy hat some, so that the brim shaded his face a little more, taking careful steps through the mishmash of bodies. There were a few faces he recognized. The young dragon Smolder was pretty hard to mistake for anyone else around these parts. Cheese wasn't too surprised that she'd show up for an event like this. There was another pony that seemed to have the attention of many under the tent, a tall, dark mare that Cheese vaguely recognized. He couldn't quite remember the name, though, or who they were, exactly. Only that he'd seen the face before. She looked rather grumpy. . . Nothing a good joke (or prank) couldn't fix, of course! in fact, he was just about to go do just that - - A flash of pink caught Cheese's eye. The stallion blinked, tracking it. No mistake about it, Pinkie Pie was here too. Cheese smiled, pulling off his hat and letting his brown curly hair pop out. He couldn't keep his act up when another party pony was around. She seemed like she was talking to someone, though - And who was that with her? A green fellow that Cheese had never seen before. No matter - He could just go up and ask, hopefully! Not now, though. It seemed a bit rude to just barge in like that right then, though Cheese was known for his spontaneity. Instead, why not pay that grumpy mare a visit, if only to make them smile? Cheese made a beeline towards the mare, stopping right beside them and giving a cheery wave, grinning like a fool. "Heya there! Pardon my asking, but why so down? This is supposed to be a fun competition, right? I think so. Do you think so, Boneless Two?" Cheese took the rubber chicken off his back, waiting for it to reply. It was a rubber chicken. Those do not reply. Still, Cheese acted as if everything was all fine and dandy. "Of course it is! Besides that, folks get to eat all the pastries they want over here. I just gotta find 'em. . ." Cheese glanced about for a moment. "Anywho, the name's Cheese Sandwich, miss. Who might you be? I coulda sworn I'd seen your face from somewhere. . . Have we partied together before?"
  2. Oh, cool beans! Pinkie's here! Time to disrupt the space-time continuum with uncontrollable party power! An interaction with her in general should be pretty fun, and Cheese might end up seriously distracted, though he always has time for Pinkie Pie. Seeing that it's Pinkie, of all ponies, I might of had something in mind for what they could do. Unless, of course, you just wanted to wing it (which is, of course, my specialty, ha). Anything works for these two!
  3. Hey ya'll! Aizen here again. Was just curious to see if anyone wanted to try and RP with Cheese Sandwich over here - I just got a bio up for him and all. I'm not really looking for anything in particular, just a scenario that Cheese would realistically appear in. He's currently on his way to a certain competition, to add a little flair to the celebrations (I was thinking of throwing him into an event at Iron Pony, but only once the celebrations began :P). Any character could intercept him on his way there - Just don't get him too far off-course from his original goal - Boneless Two might have some words for you.
  4. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Cheese Sandwich Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye Color: Brilliant Chartreuse Green Coat Color: Light Orange Mane/Tail: Cheese's mane and tail hair are both a dark brown. Both are extremely puffy and unkempt, as Cheese believes it makes his image all the more goofy. On his head, the hair is a bit curlier. Physique: Cheese's body is rather slender and lanky, making him taller than most other ponies out there. Residence: Wanderer (though his hometown is Manehatten) Occupation: "Super Duper Party Pony" (traveling party planner) Cutie Mark: Cheese Sandwich's cutie mark is, well. . . a cheese sandwich. Grilled, to be exact. It represents his love of cheese and accordions. Cheese received his cutie mark as a direct result of Pinkie Pie, who's attitude and partying skills inspired Cheese to become a "Super Duper Party Pony", just like her. Unique traits: Cheese sandwich is the self-proclaimed "Super Duper Party Pony". With that in mind, whadaya think he does? The pony travels around Equestria, putting on parties that turn frowns upside down and obliterate any negative feelings whatsoever. He lives for this kind of stuff. As a result, Cheese has taught himself to be a good singer and musician, specifically with accordions. He also carries around a rubber chicken he got from the party where he met Pinkie Pie, which he named Boneless (not the original, which he left with Pinkie after leaving Equestria later on). History: Cheese Sandwich wasn't always the loud, goofy, extroverted pony he is today. In fact, he used to be quite the opposite: Shy, quiet, and lonely. His family wasn't anything special, really. Just normal ponies living normal lives - And content to keep on living normal lives. Anything spontaneous or random was frowned upon in their household. This left Cheese with not much to work with. As a result of his awkwardness and silence, he was often regarded as an oddball by other young ponies. Those ponies and their families had color to them. They were interesting. Cheese longed to be like them, despite his parents insistence that normalcy was key. This went on for some time as a kid, with Cheese remaining isolated from others. Eventually, once Cheese was able to, he left Manehattan, unable to connect with others with the constant pressure of his parents on him. For the longest time, the colt wandered, unsure of what to do. He was free to do what he wanted, but he just couldn't. His past had made socializing nearly impossible. He was far too shy to even begin with that, and had no experience in talking to others. So, he remained in his shell for awhile longer. Luckily, things changed for the better within one day, one crazy day. The day Cheese met Pinkie Pie. By chance, the colt had stumbled upon one of her wild parties. Cheese didn't even have time to react to it. He hadn't been called strange, or ignored; Instead, after being pulled in, Cheese had the time of his life, the first true party he'd ever been to. He even spoke with a couple ponies, who, luckily, didn't seem to mind his apparent shyness. Though Cheese Sandwich didn't directly speak to Pinkie Pie, just meeting her and seeing her doing the thing she loved was enough to inspire Cheese to do the same, earning him his cutie mark. Though Cheese had never originally had a hobby or goal in mind, party planning and humor drew his attention. Taking the rubber chicken he'd gotten from the party (which he named Boneless), Cheese finally started his new career - His career as a Super Duper Party Pony. Not only that, but Cheese also finally learned to dive right in to socializing, getting over his shyness in awe of Pinkie Pie's own extroverted attitude. That is what he does to this day, planning over-the-top birthday bashes, surprise parties, and get-togethers for all, so that they can experience the same happiness he'd felt on the day he finally found a purpose - And an entertaining one, at that! Personality: Though Cheese Sandwich used to be a shy, quiet one, he's since then grown to be more like Pinkie Pie - If only more of a clown than a hyperactive type. He's loud, outspoken, and more than eager to perform something crazy and hilarious if it'll get everyone smiling. With him, there's never enough of a good thing. Why have some fun, when you can have all the fun? No party is complete if it isn't drastically over-the-top, and everyone is involved. Bad days are nonexistent with Cheese Sandwich around. On the contrary, though, Cheese Sandwich has another side of him, which he usually uses to introduce himself to others. He has a very serious demeanor, wearing a dark cowboy hat and poncho, the only hint at his true persona being his rubber chicken, Boneless, which he carries on his back. He's all-business in this state as he travels from place to place. Once he's there, though, it's true Cheese sandwich time! Character Summary: Though he may come off as a bit odd to some, Cheese Sandwich is certainly the type of pony you'd want as a friend, almost always cheery and goofy, ready to give someone the party of their lives. It doesn't matter if you're shy, edgy, quiet, or plain mean. Cheese's attitude is contagious: Stick around him too long, and you'll eventually pick up on his partying.
  5. "Oh, yeah?" Well, from the sound of it, the drink certainly seemed. . . Involved. In all honesty, Candy Cain had never had anything too intense before. Only a select few adult beverages, really. And even those had been pretty tough for Cain to keep down, let alone endure the following day. When it came to drinking, Cain was the worst. Still, this one certainly sounded like it'd be a treat. Maybe Cain would even get inspired by the taste. The stallion finally nodded, an awkward half-grin on his face. "Yeah, the Son of a Son of Som. . . Y-Yeah, that. I appreciate the suggestion, ma'am." It was always best to keep the bartender content; After all, they were serving you inebriants. It didn't seem likely, but Cain didn't want to end up on the floor because he'd provoked someone int serving him something strong. Still, Cain couldn't shake the feeling that he'd already done something wrong. He couldn't place it. Cain turned away from the bartender (hopefully) before the worry showed on his face, directing his full attention to the two ponies by the fire. Trotting over and sitting down, Cain listened to the story Wind Walker had heard from a colt that had wandered off somewhere. His smile seemed a bit strained from time to time as he tried to follow the story. Was the story about Wind Walker's dad with a scar? Or some other stallion? Still, Cain politely sat through the story fragment, piecing together what he could, before giving a low whistle. "Well, I'll be." On a random side note, Cain had become aware of his ever-changing accent. From city colt to country stallion, it seemed. He rather liked it. He hoped it made him sound more mature. "That's quite the tale so far, Miss Wind Walker. I'll have to ask the fella when he get's back for a little more on it." Cain's smile faded slightly, and a bit of nervousness and embarrassment showed as he became conscious of the mare sitting there as well. Him, recall a story? He felt as if he'd just embarrass himself in front of them. . . Cain liked to weave tall tales for little fillies and colts; He did it all the time, entertaining children and parents alike during his shows. still, somehow, it felt a tad bit more embarrassing in a setting like this. Maybe he could thin of something that wasn't too ridiculous. . . Cain gulped slightly, before speaking. "Ah, well. . . There's one story I could tell ya." Cain finally decided on recalling the events that had led towards him getting his cutie mark. He could mold the story a bit and make it sound like something he'd made up. It seemed less personal that way. "Y'see. . . Awhile ago, I knew this colt. Skinny little fella, didn't have too many friends. Since he was the youngest, weakest colt in the family back then, he didn't get out much. He was constantly outshone by his siblings, who all had some sort of special skill or ability. They'd all gotten their cutie marks; The youngest hadn't. Y'see, the little fella didn't perform feats of great physical prowess or intelligence." That was true enough, Cain supposed. "He didn't even know how to make sweets yet, like his parents. Instead, he designed things. Little things, like toys or little models, y'know? It made him the, ah, oddball back then. He didn't mind it too much, since his creations were getting better 'n better each day. Then, one day, he built somethin' that was different from his other little things. He'd been working on it for weeks and weeks, not liking the results. Then, one night, right before midnight, on the, eh. . ." Cain frowned, staring slightly past the two ponies. ". . Fiftieth try or so, he finished the thing. A little model of some pony, I forget. The point was, it was special. It didn't have wings, or wound up or anything, but. . . It was unique. Y'know why?" Cain leaned in, a small grin on his face. "The lil' thing seemed to be alive, in a way. Trotted in a circle, then sat down, at the window; It never moved or showed any life again, but the colt still holds on to the little thing to this day." Cain chuckled. "That isn't even all that interesting, considerin' what happened after that." Cain paused, to see if the other two were following.
  6. A creaking could be heard as the door to the Explorers Society as a pink-haired stallion poked his head into the establishment. Candy Cain gave a sigh of relief: This was the place after all. He had been worried at first - he had, more often than not, taken a wrong turn in his travels when it came to little establishments like these. He couldn't help it. He was new to the areas outside of Canterlot still. That could soon change though, He just had to stick with it and explore a little more. He continued to travel around to this day. For now, though, Cain was tired. He'd heard of this place from a couple ponies miles back, and had decided to take a look. It sounded interesting enough. But was it really worth walking all the way out here? That was what the locals had asked Cain before he'd set out to find the place. In his opinion, any place was worth it, as long as it was something new. This was new. So Cain would check it out, at least once. The stallion's bubblegum-pink mane and wheat-colored coat seemed a bit dusty from hours of walking on the dirt trail. No matter, he could fix that later. Still, it pained Cain that he had to been seen like this: it was sort of embarrassing. He didn't want anyone thinking he was always a mess like this. Candy Cain took a few steps inside, shut the door quietly, and glanced around. It wasn't the biggest pub he'd ever seen, but it felt nice and cozy. There was even a fireplace, with a few ponies already gathered around. Cain allowed himself a lopsided grin as he walked a little closer to them. It seemed as if stories were being told over there. . . he'd go check it out, but it would have to wait for now. Right now, Cain was, above all, thirsty. The stallion made his way over to the bar, and knocked the wood with a hoof to catch the bartender's attention. He nodded to them, a silent greeting, before saying, "What's the best ya got? I'll take it." Cain wasn't normally one to spend a bunch of money on things like food (or drinks), but, hey. He'd walked all the way out here - might as well take a load off and enjoy a little rest. Something cold right now would be perfect. While he waited, Cain turned back to the fire, examining those who sat by it. An attractive red mare and a gray lad he'd never seen around before, and. . . "Well, I'll be," Cain allowed himself another crooked grin, his exhaustion forgotten, if only for a moment. "Would that be miss Wind Walker I see over there? Good evenin', sport!" They might not have spoken much, but Cain could certainly remember the little filly from Nightmare Night awhile back. He'd given her and a few others treats, after all. That had been fun.
  7. Hey ponies!

    Random Question!

    Twix or Snickers?

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      Neither, I will take my own country sweet bar, thank you very much.

    3. PrinceBlueblood


      Snickers between the two, but out of all the bars from the Mars company, Milky Way Midnights (the ones with the dark chocolate coating) are probably my favorites.


      Favorite Candy bar period are Milkas, but I have to import those.

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      The best



  8. “You got it, ma’am.” Candy Cain gave her a lopsided grin before returning to his work. He could get used to cooking breakfast for Night Breeze, at least. That was, if he stuck around, of course. He frowned slightly as he got a whiff of flour. Cain squeezed his eyes shut. He would not sneeze. He would not sneeze. After a moment or two, he opened one eye, sighing in relief, before returning to his batter. ‘Course, that wasn’t really something just friends did for each other, he didn’t think. . . he just didn’t want Night to get the wrong idea if he offered to cook her breakfast more often. On its own, it was nothing. Cain cracked eggs and began stirring them into the mixture with his magic. But. There was an implication there, one Cain wasn’t trying to suggest, but could be taken that way. . . Cain threw the thought away. He was being ridiculous. He could cook for Night if she was fine with it. Cooking for another didn’t mean anything whatsoever. It was just another gesture of friendship. Cain technically did it all the time, with his candy. This was no different. He leaned out from where he was cooking, nodding. “Eh, I could certainly try teaching ya. I can’t really say I’m a teacher, though. . . I’ll give it a shot. For you.” He added that last bit rather quickly, leaning back into the covered cart before his face could flush. “In return, I guess I could learn a bit about yer own magic, eh?”
  9. "Naw, I don't need any help, ma'am," Cain chirped. He was just glad to be doing something, anything, for her. Still, it was up to Miss Breeze if she truly wanted to help, purely out of enjoying cooking. He didn't want to cause her any trouble for no reason. So, he added, "I mean, if cooking is a hobby of yours, I don't mind ya helpin'. . . but if not, please, I insist. Let me do it." Cain paused for a bit, thinking about all the dishes he'd prepared in the past. It was a fairly long list, actually. Sure, Cain had gone over to candy, as he had more to work with there, but that didn't mean he didn't like cooking other things. He still preferred sweets over meals. So baked items were usually his go-to. That meant breakfast, and pastries. "Ah, I've done lots, ma'am. I prefer cooking breakfast, though. My diet consists of a good breakfast, sandwiches and greens. those are pretty easy to cook, heh. I'm not that skilled in regards to anything besides breakfast and dessert." Cain dug around in his cart for a particular mix he'd been saving for breakfast another time, but today was a good occasion for it as well. A mare is here, his mother would have told him. Always treat a mare to your best. Cain continued whistling to himself as he took out the ingredients and appliances he'd need to make the batter. "I have to teach myself to make more in the future. . . it's pretty boring, once the reality sets in that you've been eatin' wheat for a good few weeks straight. Not fun."
  10. Man. . . who knew dreams could be so. . . lifelike sometimes? Whatever Night Breeze had cast on him that night, Candy Cain had slept soundly for once. He hadn't felt the urge to get up and make something. He hadn't felt like he needed to go be productive, or give some random pony a wrapped candy-gift at their doorstep. (Don't judge. Cain liked to keep busy, and friendly.)He just. . . . slept. For hours on end. It felt so good. . . he wished that it would last forever. Alas, it was not to be. The light of day would not diminish for one tired soul. Cain winced as he finally came to, the early sun's rays shining on his eyelids. He groaned slightly, sitting up a bit. The first thing he noticed was that Night Breeze wasn't there. He momentarily panicked, remembering his thoughts from the previous night. Is this. . . real? He was worried that it had just been another trick of the mind. . . that was upsetting. . . well. . . glancing around, Cain noticed a discrepancy. There were dips in the grass where someone had been walking around the hill, and they hadn't gone off into the distance. Candy Cain stood up, and began pacing around the small hill after Night. After a moment, he met her halfway. The stallion gave a barely concealed sigh of relief. "Oh, you're. . . I though you weren't. . ." He paused, then waved away the thoughts. They didn't matter; Night Breeze was here, and real. He smiled to himself. Still, that didn't stop him from pulling out a small lollipop and popping it into his mouth. It helped to have something to chew on when Cain was feeling unsettled. He was just calming himself down now. His smiled turned into a full grin. "Mornin' Ms. Breeze. . ." He trotted over, cocking his head to one side. "Wasn't sure if you were still with us here in Canterlot. My bad, I just got spooked for a sec." Cain turned and stared out at the sunrise, watching that and the now-busy Canterlot below. This was nice.. . but he couldn't wait to get underway with the day's events. "Guess today we can do that walk, eh?" He paused. "Though, what kinda pony am I for not providing a mare with breakfast? I know how to do more than just candy," Cain began to make his way back to his cart. He glanced back, eyebrow raised. "Fancy pancakes and strawberries, ma'am?"
  11. "Alrighty then. . . works for me. . ." Candy Cain gava a little nod before laying his head down in the grass again, closing his eyes. He was satisfied now. With the prospect of working with Night Breeze in the near-future lingering in his mind, he almost couldn't fall asleep. Almost. But he knew that it would only hurt him the next day if he didn't get his rest now. After all, he might ge going over to see her tomorrow, for all he knew. He wasn't sure how these next few days would go. He hoped he enjoyed them to their fullest. His mind drifted over to how working in a spa would be like. He'd be able to interact with other ponies, yes. . . he really just wanted to be around Night, though. That was enough for him to be happy. Who cared if he had to rub a few shoulders or make that special candy a few more times to do so? Night might even show him how it's done, that sort of magic. . . Cain knew he probably wouldn't master it like she had, but he had to start somewhere. As he thought all this, he felt another sensation come over him, Night Breeze's calming magic again. Now he really couldn't keep his eyes open. He wanted to make another comment, or at least some sort of joke before he fell asleep - he usually had one for everyone before he left, or something of the like. But he couldn't think now. The grass looked so inviting, almost like a pillow. . . he probably should have gone to sleep in his cart, but. . . he glanced over to Night Breeze again. I. . . suppose that sleeping out under the stars couldn't hurt anyone, he thought to himself. He couldn't stop his face from blushing as he closed his eyes and drifted off. After a long bit of silence, Cain finally spoke again, quietly. "Hey, Night. . .?" He sounded like he had something serious to say again. Still, if Night Breeze waited for him to speak, she'd be disappointed. Cain never finished his question; his breathing slowed, signifying that he was finally asleep. . .
  12. "R-Really. . .?" Candy Cain didn't really know how to respond to that. Any of that. He'd been complimented before, but never on such a personal level. Then again. . . he couldn't stress enough how little he knew about being personal with someone outside of one's family. He knew how to be reasonably personal when it came to being a good person, but not with a specific person. Not like this. He wasn't sure how to answer that. He gave a high, nervous laugh. She probably hadn't meant to word it the way she did, Night Breeze, but still. . . he liked the idea. Cain didn't want to screw this up. He had a real friend now. He planned on staying by her side for as long as possible. Not physically, of course, but he couldn't help but try to always be there for those in need. Cain already knew that he'd devote much of his attention to Night Breeze and helping out with her own jobs and hobbies. He'd still do his shows, for sure; that was his life, and that would never change. Still, now he had something else to devote his time to. He honestly thought that Night Breeze would get a little more time than his usual hobby. He was eager to experience more of these feelings. He wasn't letting go of them easily. Cain considered his options. He was a freelance showman, so he wasn't exactly restrained by his job, unless he announced a showing beforehand, which he hadn't yet. That gave him more than enough time to head into the woods. He could do it now, or almost any other day, really. "Tomorrow works for me. I don't usually have a schedule on me - I kinda just wander, ha.If you feel like doing it sooner than later, I'll be around tomorrow. If not, I'll probably work on replenishing my materials. Can't forget about that. Really, my schedule is yours." He paused. "After all, I will be aiding you with your work sooner or later, correct?" He wasn't sure if Night Breeze's answer to that was officially yes or no. After another great yawn, Candy Cain pulled his new scarf up to his snout; he hated being cold, and his face usually got the worst of it. "Anything works, really. . ." He murmured, eyelids drooping. He was up too late now. . . he really needed to sleep. . .
  13. Cain didn't respond to that; he still didn't turn towards her, but his shoulders relaxed some. "Alright then." He said after a minute or so. He was right, then. He wished he didn't have to be so uncertain about these kinds of things. Still, that was how it went. . . he exhaled through his nostrils. He felt his pulse slowing down some. He'd been extremely tense this entire time, but now he was finally, truly relaxing. He honestly didn't know how no one else had decided to be her friend, constantly with her. The effect she had on him, both magical and personality-wise, was. . . he didn't know how to explain it. Cain had felt happy many times, yes. This was a different kind of "happy". He wasn't sure if he knew what it was. If he did know it, it made him nervous all over again. No, no, this was completely normal. . . he'd just never had a real friend before, that was all. Yeah, that was all, for sure. Cain spoke again. "I'll try to be a good friend, then. You already know this is all new to me. . . I think that I'll be able to work it out with you, though. I. . ." Cain didn't think he could really say any more on the matter. He was tired, and he didn't want to say anything that made her think of him differently. They were officially friends now. He didn't want to ruin that for the future. ". . .I'll make sure that you're happy as well. I'm the candy pony; it's my job, heh. . ." Cain paused to consider when the two might be able to head off into the forest for a walk. "Well, I'm not sure when you're working. . . I'll just go see you if you are. Whenever you have enough free time works for me, whether that be tomorrow or next week. I don't want to waste any time doing other things when we're not really busy, y'know?"
  14. Cain felt as if he could finally relax. Night Breeze was fine with anything. . . he closed his eyes, resting his head in the grass again. With everything said and done, he felt too tired to do anything else. . . He probably should have headed off to his cart, it could get cold out here. He stretched out a bit, and was about to stand, when Night Breeze rested her head against him. Cain seemed to tense up a bit, though Night couldn't see his expression. After a few moments, he finally. relaxed again, staring at the ground. He smiled faintly, replying to her last comment. "Yeah, that'd be nice.. . ." He slowly lowered his head back to the ground, staring down the hill at everything below them. He breathed out, shifting slightly, before speaking one more time. ". . . You'll still be here tomorrow?" That had already been confirmed earlier, yes. . . but Cain's voice had a strange tone to it. . . worried, almost scared. He gave a shaky laugh. "S-Sorry if it comes out as strange, but this is all. . . new for me. I'm just going about my dandy business and you show up.You're kind to me. I can talk to you. You're. . ." Cain seemed like he would say more, but he stopped himself, shaking his head. "Point is, it all seems too good to be true, y'know? I just. . ." He paused for a moment, as if he wasn't sure if he should keep talking. "I'm not sure. . . I just don't want this to end up being something. . . not. . . real?" That spoke lengths about Cain's mind. Cain quickly rushed to try and assure her. "I-I know it sounds strange, I just. . . imagine you're dreaming about something amazing. Everything is perfect. You don't want it to end. And then you wake up." Cain was still turned away from Night Breeze, so she couldn't see his expression in the darkness. "How do I say this. . . what if. . . it happened to you while you were awake? Imagine that you just imagined everything. You found something, or someone, that made you happy. Then it turns out your head made it up. Not fun." Cain raised a hoof to his eyes for a moment, before shaking his head again. "Gosh darn allergies. . . my point is. . . this is real, right?" It was an embarrassing question for Cain to ask, real or not real. He hadn't told anyone about the occasional things he saw, but weren't really there. And they seemed to happen at the worst of times. . . he didn't want people thinking he was crazy. So he said nothing. Now, though. . . he wanted to be sure.
  15. Quick, what's your favorite candy?! I'm makin' a list!!!

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      Cherry Jolly Ranchers


      Also, Milka Bars (German Equivalent of Hershey's, except good)

    3. tacobob


      Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Nothing else comes close. :3

    4. SirAizen


      Both excellent choices! Well. . . I've never had Milka Bars before. . .  argh. I'll try 'em out eventually. Reese's are the bomb, though!

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