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  1. Quick, what's your favorite candy?! I'm makin' a list!!!

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    2. PrinceBlueblood


      Cherry Jolly Ranchers


      Also, Milka Bars (German Equivalent of Hershey's, except good)

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      Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Nothing else comes close. :3

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      Both excellent choices! Well. . . I've never had Milka Bars before. . .  argh. I'll try 'em out eventually. Reese's are the bomb, though!

  2. SirAizen

    A night out [Closed] SirAizen

    "Well, groups are a big step up, y'know?" Candy Cain looked as if he'd say more, but stopped himself. He just didn't feel like pushing the subject. Instead, he sat there, staring dejectedly at the sky. It wasn't as if he needed to socialize like a normal pony. . . people were fine with him the way he was. Then again. . . no one would ever treat him normal if he didn't. Though he was hesitant to admit it, Cain wanted that kind of life. He'd been doing shows for so long, just to show that he could live his life like that. Now, though, he couldn't help but dream about what it'd be like to just do normal things for a day, or longer. Spend a week just traveling for the heck of it. Visit some places just to say hi. Make friends. . . he found himself staring at Night Breeze again. This time, though, he didn't look away. He simply sighed, flopping sideways in the grass and daydreaming. After a moment more of thinking, Cain spoke again. "Well. . . there is something I'd like to experiment with. . . just to see how it'd go. It wouldn't have to be too long, and you don't have to. . ." Cain's city (Boston) accent seemed more pronounced when he got nervous. His gaze flitted off to the side for a moment. "Wouldya mind if I spent. . . some more time with you? I mean, not just like working together, or all that. I think I could learn a thing or two from you. Socially, I mean." He rolled onto his back, a wistful look on his face. "Now, I didn't have too many friends when I was younger, but the ones I did have are all. . . well, living normal lives. They got jobs. They made new friends. . . Found love. That stuff. I think I'm the only one still runnin' in circles, not knowin' how to treat folks as friends instead of fans. I mean. . . it's not like it would be a school or anything." He glanced at her. "I mean. . . I just thought. . . maybe we could just stick together, y'know? I could, um. . . work at your place, help you out. I think I might give my job a little break, like you said. There, I could socialize with yer customers. . . and you, of course. Learn to be a people person. . . and of course, spend time with you. Again; it was just an idea. I didn't want to intrude on your life. . . if you'd rather keep it simple." Cain seemed curious about what Night Breeze said next. "Really," He murmured, staring back at the sky. "I should probably get myself up t'date on all this magic that's out. I never really took the time to learn it. Maybe visit a library, I dunno." He shrugged. "You could try it out, sure. Unless, of course, you wanted to talk a little more. I'm . ." He gave a great yawn. ". . . Open to a little more, if you so desire. We could. . . I dunno. This is the first time I've ever done any of this. What would a couple ponies do about now, eh?" He honestly didn't know. He was still rusty with the whole "social" thing. He still wasn't sure if he was being too personal, or too isolated right now. But he wanted to do it right.
  3. SirAizen

    A night out [Closed] SirAizen

    "Fall apart, huh. . .?" Cain considered that for a moment. The way he acted around others wasn't just for show. At time, he really did feel like he could do anything, without rest. That was most of the time. He'd never felt like he'd break during the ordeals, but afterwards. . . he was exhausted. He simply wrote it off as after-work fatigue. . . was that really him pushing his limits? "Guess that one can't really notice when it's time to quit if they do everything alone, huh?" Cain turned to Night Breeze. "I envy your ability to socialize. Work with a group. I don't do that so well." He paused as he listened to what Night had to say, frowning. "Well. . . from my point of view, that just shows how big your heart is. Sounds cliche, but if people are going to react negatively to how you act around them, then that's their loss. You're a great pony. There are just some folks that naturally don't like all that attention. I learn to recognize those folks so that I don't seem too invasive whenever I try to talk to them. If I try. If you want, you could give that a try every now and then, if you think it would be better for them." He stiffened up slightly as Night continued on. "Course you haven't been too over caring. I've been grapplin' with all that for some time now, y'know? I'm glad to have most of it off my chest, the doubts. I just needed someone to talk to 's all. So, no. I think you're. . ." Cain tried to find a word that didn't seem too personal. ". . . You're a kind, caring pony." There were other things he could have said, but he'd just leave it at that for now. Right now, he wanted nothing more than to sit here and stare at the stars. . . maybe just fall asleep. Still, before he did, he wanted to keep talking to Night Breeze. He had no idea how much longer they'd be able to socialize. Even if everything went the way they'd agreed on. . . there were no promises for the future. He mentally shrugged to himself. Now was a good time as any for other questions. He began. "Now. . . I've been sitting here all this time, and I haven't even asked you your favorite candy. What kind of candy pony am I for not asking that yet?" He slapped his forehead. "I don't usually make friends. . . but if I do, I give them only the best. And you look like you could use a little candy. Then again, everyone does. You always need candy." He snickered. "There's never a time not for candy, eh? I ask for future reference. I mean, if we're going to get to know each other, we gotta start somewhere a little more personal, right? I mean. . . here's an example. My favorite color's pink. Second is purple. Favorite candy is anything fruity. Y'know what I mean? I think that was what I read in that "How To Make Friends Manual"." Cain winked to show that he was joking. "I'll try to keep going with this. . . if I don't fall asleep."
  4. SirAizen

    A night out [Closed] SirAizen

    "I guess. . . Yeah." Cain lowered his head into the soft grass, his chin getting tickled slightly by the little blades. He’d tried to keep himself awake with the action, but now the bed of grass seemed so soft . . . No, not a bed, but then again, Cain hadn’t slept in a bed for several months now. It had been strictly cartwork, so that meant sleeping in some. . . unique. . . places. It wasn’t something Cain wanted to delve into. His snout flushed in embarrassment and annoyance at remembering his ridiculousness back then, all in the name of adventure and the showbiz. He’d never try to spend the night on a tree again. . . He covered his snout with a hoof. He smiled faintly. “W-Well, don’t get too annoyed if I tend to go on a bit about trivial things. . . in case you didn’t notice, I monologue.” He laughed weakly. It was true. His only hope was that he didn’t ruin this friendship by talking too much. It had happened before, that was all. Then again, they probably couldn’t be considered a friend if they couldn’t accept him for who he was. . . or how long he talked. Still. . . “I guess it’s the sugar,” He muttered absently, rubbing the back of his neck, which had been thoroughly massaged. He was grateful for that. “Thank you for that, ma’am, I. . .” He appeared flustered for a bit. “I-I’ve never had a “relaxing” experience like that before. . . I have my own forms of relaxation, yeah, but, yeah, I’ve never been to a spa. I usually just go out into the forest like I said. Most of my day is just rush, rush, rush, then a bit of break time, cos’, y’know. . . that’s sorta necessary.” He paused, thinking. There was another question he had, he just hadn’t thought of it before. Well. . . he had, he just thought it was too personal. He wasn’t sure if she’d want to answer it. Still, it was worth a shot. Hesitantly, Cain spoke. “Well. . . here ya have me talkin’ about my own doubts ‘n all. . . but do you ever feel the same way about anything? I didn’t want to ask ‘cos it seemed too personal, but I thought. . . hey, it’s only fair. You single-handedly talked me through a lot of my doubts in a single night, some of which have been botherin’ me for. . . quite some time now. Isn’t there anything you ever think about that keeps you up? I know, it may seem too personal, but. . . think of me as your therapist right now, yeah?” He glanced at her, then up at the sky. “You helped me, now I can try and help you out a bit. It’s only fair. Unless . .” He smirked. “You’re just perfect, aren’t you?” He wouldn’t have been surprised if she had no personal issues. She’d dealt with his easily enough. . . and she seemed too nice to really have any. “In all seriousness, though, I do know how to deal with people’s doubts and fears. Just. . . not my own.” His face flushed. That sounded ridiculous to him. “That’s how the world turns, I guess. . . or . . . how the sugar swirls. . . hm.” Cain’s face was a mask of concentration as he tried to think up candy-related metaphors for a moment. After a bit, he gave up on it, and smiled at Night Breeze. “But anyway, I’m sure I can do something for ya. I always have with others. Even if you don’t have persona issues, I’m sure there’s something more, yeah? Besides the candy, I mean.”
  5. SirAizen

    A night out [Closed] SirAizen

    Cain looked a bit disoriented for a bit, as he fought against the effects of his fatigue. He fumbled with his words for a bit, rubbing his eyes. "P-Pardon my words, I'm just a little tired, and. . . it's been a long day. . . you know how it is with jobs sometimes." He yawned. Up close, Cain's fur smelled almost like what it looked like - his pink mane smelled faintly of bubblegum, and the rest of his coat was a little more like gingerbread. "Th-That, and. . . I honestly have no idea what I'm sayin'. . . pardon me. I don't. . ." Cain sat up straighter, staring into the sky. "It's just so strange, y'know. . .? I'm a showman, but I can't handle a personal talk with someone. . . I'm more used to just being, y'know, the guy everyone just watches. . . It's easier when you're just making everyone happy. It's different when they talk to me as just plain old Cain rather than. . . Candy Cain. I just don't want others to. . . Think poorly of me just because I can't be the same pony that I am onstage." Cain counted out the stars he could see silently, whispering to himself for a bit. "I've never had someone to talk to about these things before, y'know? I sorta just talked with myself. . . not literally, but you get the idea. I'm glad you're here. Really, I'm just glad that you're here in general, no just so that I can sit here, talkin'. . ." Another wave of the relaxing magic washed over Cain, and he nestled himself deeper into its embrace. "You. . . you must be real successful in your profession, huh. . .?" Cain would have drifted off to sleep if he hadn't been where he was. With a wave of his horn, he summoned one of his signature candy pops, sitting up to catch it in his mouth. There, that would keep him up for a little longer. "Feels like home," He murmured. It was the truth; it hadn't been the first time that Cain had ever sat outside under a starry sky. He'd done it many times during Summers in the past. He'd just never done it with another before. It was. . . nice. Though, there was one thing Cain was. . . curious about. He turned to Night Breeze, cocking his head to one side. "Y'know. . . you seem too nice not to have any friends. Isn't there anyone else you know that could have enjoyed a night like this with you?" Cain didn't want to pry too much. He wasn't sure if it was a question she wanted to answer. Cain knew perfectly well what his excuse was whenever it came to things like these. He was just too scared of making a bad impression on others. Sure, he could get his act together when it came to people there just to appreciate his work, of his personality, but when it came to little get-togethers and other meetings, in which ponies got better acquainted with each other. . . Cain crashed. He was perfectly fine with how people normally saw him, or so he thought. He didn't want to ruin it because he was bad at talking to others. . . so he just didn't. Luckily, right now, he seemed to be doing fine with Night Breeze. He was happy about that. He just didn't think that it could apply to others. Night was just . . . so easy to talk to. She was so nice. . . Cain didn't think that he could open up to anyone else the same way he'd opened up to her. Even if he could, he was too scared to actually try it. Right now. . . right now, he was perfectly content with just talking with. . . being with Night.
  6. SirAizen

    A night out [Closed] SirAizen

    "Well, I'd certainly hope so. That is one thing I'm not sure many others have done. I mean. . . I'm no explorer, but to create things, one has to see everything, right? To get new ideas?" By now, Cain was theorizing and daydreaming about all the things he could discover and create. He'd been lots of places. He certainly hadn't been everywhere. He gave an odd, breathy laugh, distracted by the aspect of having been everywhere. "I'd be one of the first ones, wouldn't I. . .? To have been everywhere. I know that most of the world has been seen already, but I wanna see it for myself. It's a. . . childish dream, but if it help me with my original hobby. . ." He sighed. "I wish." He nodded in embarrassment. "Thanks for not being a little annoyed by it. People say I'm a nice guy, but my mind tends to wander a bit during a conversation. . . it's a slight annoyance to my parents. I learned to keep my head unscrambled. . . from time to time." Cain rubbed his forehead, then his eyes, yawning. "Course, that's a bit. . . impossible at night, wouldn't ya say?" He laughed, sounding a bit nervous now. "And now I'm just letting words spill out because I can't help myself. I'm going a bit delirious, aren't I?" He laughed nervously again. "Help." He murmured shortly after. Truth be told, it was a combination of exhaustion and nervousness that was making him so suddenly talkative. Cain quietly bit his tongue to stop himself from saying anything else, wincing slightly. He smiled at the idea of going on a walk through the forest with Night Breeze. "I'd love that, yeah. I wouldn't mind a bit of company in town either." There. He could grab his supplies and spend a little time with the mare as well. Just thinking about it made Cain excited. He mentally wrote down the area where Night's spa was located, and double checked it, making sure he was correct. "Four streets down. . . got it." He looked up, a hoof on his chin. "That would work, yeah. I've never seen it before while I was there. I just never went that way before, 's all." Cain's face went blank when Night Breeze suggested that he have a little sample of her work. He didn't understand for a moment. "Whadaya-" He suddenly felt the spell of relaxation take ahold of him again, and his eyelids drooped again. "Oh. Oh, I. . . get it. . " He slumped down slightly, a sigh escaping his lips. This was . . . different. If he'd been acting normally, he'd probably have had a heart attack right then and there. He wasn't used to people touching him. He certainly wouldn't be used to a mare touching him (The only one that he was fine with was his mother. That was only because she'd done it as a child, constantly fussing with his appearance, trying to make him look more and more presentable in public. Talk about annoying). Cain shivered for a moment, as if he'd been doused in cold water, before his eyes closed, and he relaxed. This was nice. . . after awhile of this, Cain glanced up at Night, an odd look on his face. "Y'know. . ." His voice was tinged with wonder. He once again felt the words slipping out before he could think about them. With the magic combined with his drowsiness, he couldn't help himself. "I didn't tell you earlier, but. . . you're real pretty, y'know. . .?" He blinked. "The prettiest mare I've ever met, yeah. . . I've been lot's of places, but you're the most. . . " He trailed off, just staring into her face. Somewhere in the back of his mind, a little voice nagged him. Real smooth, Candy Boy. . . it said sarcastically. Right now, though, Cain didn't listen to it.
  7. SirAizen

    A night out [Closed] SirAizen

    "Well. . . thank you, ma'am." Candy Cain was usually the one to give gifts, not accept them. He found it strange, taking the scarf. In the back of his mind, he still felt as if he was doing something wrong. Still, he couldn't refuse a gift. That was improper, and rude. Besides. . . Cain didn't have anything against scarves, and he liked this one. Having owned none, he found it nice to be warm on a chilly night such as this. The stallion nestled himself deeper into the folds of the scarf, sighing contently, his eyelids drooping. Cain was certainly glad that everything else had gone well - she hadn't reacted negatively at all to the things he said.He felt as if he was able to open up a bit more now. Just as long as what he said felt safe to say. He cleared his throat when Night Breeze asked him about his favorite things. That had the potential to be a long list, but he'd try to keep it short. He took a breath. "Well. . . the things I like? Well, one is working with candy, of course. . . and creating things. The showman's business has always appealed to me, that's one. . . traveling and seeing people happy is another. That's why I do this. It doesn't matter that I don't have a real house, or a "real job", as some folks I know would say. . ." Ah, yes. His parents owned a shop as well. They didn't approve of this uncertain career he'd chosen, but he seemed to be doing fine so far. "I mean, what's the point of being successful if you don't feel like you've accomplished what you wanted? I. . . don't want to sit behind a counter all day long. I want to go places. I. . ." He looked like he wanted to say more, but he stopped. "I'm rambling. Sorry. But. . . those are things I enjoy. Helping others is one, but, then again . . . don't we all?" He paused. "Well. . . the last thing I enjoy is wandering through the forest. No goal in mind, just. . . walking. I do a lot of that, of course." He blinked. "Well, I may do a bit of that tomorrow, if. . ." Cain frowned. He'd forgotten about his low supplies. "Nevermind. I'll do what I can with what I have. Tomorrow's just gonna have to be a slow day for me, heh." He smirked. His face then grew thoughtful. "Well. . . where is your spa, exactly? I might. . . I might check it out. I don't have anything planned, and it isn't like it's a waste of time. . . of course it's not! I've shown you my profession-" He gestured to his cart. "It would be enjoyable to see yours. A-And of course, I get to see you again, so. . ." He blushed. "Why not?"
  8. SirAizen

    A night out [Closed] SirAizen

    "Well. . . it's worth a shot, eh?" Cain was a bit interested in the idea. Of course, he'd have to ask every pony about their favorite things. . . that might be a bit awkward. He'd do what he could, of course. It was a showman's job to please. . . Yep. He'd just do it to the best of his abilities. "I can give it a shot. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work. But. . . this kind of thing. . . it'd be nice for others to experience it as well. I can't be selfish." Cain waved off her insisting on paying him. "No, no. I. . ." Cain's voice had gotten a bit raspy; dang. His throat felt a bit sore from the day's events. He coughed, and continued. "I have my ways of getting my stuff. I am a magic confectioner, after all. That, and I make a bit of money off of little gifts that I occasionally sell; I'm set when it comes to income." Cain was getting a bit uncomfortable at the talk about money; he hated having to work with it. He knew it was necessary, but he just thought it sullied his business. It would just be so much easier if he could just do the thing he loved for free. . . which he couldn't. As it was, he didn't have a lot to work with. He just sucked it up and dealt. He couldn't go around asking for handouts like a beggar; he certainly didn't feel like having to make friends and fans pay for what he created. It could work this way. Cain would see to it that it worked out, somehow. . . He shook himself out of such foul thoughts. It was a beautiful night. He needed to enjoy it while he could. At the mention of a scarf, Cain absently tugged at his shirt collar, suddenly aware of the chill that surrounded them. Still. . . "Well, I couldn't take it away from you. . ." A stray gust went by, chilling Cain to the core. He shivered. "M-Maybe." Eventually, he did take the scarf, wrapping it loosely around his neck. He scooted a bit closer to Night. She might not have a scarf now, but the least he could do was sit beside her. The body heat of others usually did the trick. . . even if he was a bit farther away than the normal range of such a trick. He still didn't want to get too close. Cain had learned it and many other survival techniques from a certain little adventure in Everfree Forest. That, however, was a story for another time. Cain sat there, staring absently in the sky for awhile, before picking up on Night Breeze's singing. He glanced at her, surprised; she hadn't mentioned singing as one of her hobbies. Maybe she just did it occasionally. Maybe it was just something she didn't tell others. Still, it entranced him. He said nothing, simply listening and watching her, until she stopped, suddenly aware that he was sitting beside her and listening. Was she embarrassed by it? That wouldn't do, not at all. Cain turned to fully face her. Maybe he would be overdoing it - he had a tendency to overreact to certain situations, such as these - but the pink haired pony felt that this one was necessary. Before Night Breeze could say anymore, Cain spoke. "Well, I loved it. It seems that you have more talent than you let on, Miss Breeze. I could listen to that all day. . . not that I'm urging you to continue. . . I just enjoy your voice, that's all. Well, that, and. . . your company." His face reddened. He hastily continued. "Please. Don't hold back anything around me. If you wish to sing, then sing. Seeing others happy makes my day."
  9. SirAizen

    A night out [Closed] SirAizen

    Once again, Night Breeze had shown her capacity for kindness. Cain was absolutely certain that she'd recoil at the thought of him invading those interests so personally - but she hadn't done that at all. Instead, she had calmed him down, both with words, and a bit of magic. She had used a spell on him, one that made him truly feel as if everything was going to be alright. Cain still felt the need to apologize, but he felt so relaxed and happy, that those thoughts were far in the back of his mind for the time being. The pink haired stallion gave a small sigh of relief, shoulders slumping. Everything would be fine. She had even liked the candy. Even after the spell left him, he still felt a bit of it lingering around him, or at least its effects. He sat there for awhile, looking at nothing in particular, until Night Breeze brought up her idea for his candy. It had him thinking for a bit. "Well, it is possible. . . I'm just not entirely sure how it could work for others." He paused, tail flicking nervously. "I've never done that before. Pulling it off again, intentionally. . . I'mma need to practice some, heh. . ." All Cain needed to do was recreate his thoughts and feeling during the construction of his gift. He hoped it could work, for Night's sake. Cain quickly shook his head at the end of the offer, though. "No, no, if I do end up working with you, it's free. Working with a. . . working with someone that you enjoy the company of is enough for me, ma'am." Cain hoped he hadn't said too much. Already, he liked this mare. To what extent, though, he wasn't sure. He'd just have to wait and see how things went. After a moment, Cain went over and sat next to Night Breeze, slowly sinking down to the earth to lie down. As confident as Cain acted, the bits of magic he did were a lot more taxing than he let on. Maybe it wasn't like that for others, but it was for him, animating his little trinkets and creations. He'd have to practice that sometime, maybe study a bit. . . He smiled. It might take awhile, but it would be worth it in the end. He gazed up at the stars, blinking, dreaming of how things might be in the future. "This is nice," He murmured absently.
  10. SirAizen

    A night out [Closed] SirAizen

    Cain exhaled as he presented Night Breeze with the candy. She hadn't rejected it. That was good. He would have been crushed if she had. Wait, no he wouldn't. He regularly got upset when someone just didn't like accepting gifts, but it felt like it would have been so much worse coming from Miss Breeze. Why? Cain was still trying to answer that question while he responded to her. He gave a small smirk, bringing out some of his showman's attitude. "Well, Madam Breeze, I don't mean to brag, but, ah. . . sweet things are my specialty." He gave her a small wink and chuckled. He was a bit more relaxed now, that was good - Only now, he was decidedly not to be relaxed as Night Breeze gave him a quick hug. All Night could hear from her position was a quick intake of breath, but Cain didn't try and pull away. When Night pulled away, she would be able to see his face, which was both embarrassed and pleased at the same time. He cleared his throat, and waved his left hoof in the air for a couple seconds, gesturing to nothing. Finally, Showman Cain found his voice. "I-In all seriousness, though. . . you're welcome." He looked towards the sky. Looking into those perfect aquamarine irises, Cain feared he might do something a tad bit embarrassing if he maintained eye contact for too long. Namely, fainting, if she hugged him again. He felt a bit lightheaded. He hadn't received this type of kindness from anyone else ever before. He hoped that he could get used to it. Eventually, he glanced back at the mare at her request for him to join her in stargazing. Of course, Cain accepted. "That sound's great, ma'am. It could give me a couple ideas for a new work, or maybe even just a drawing. . . but. . ." He glanced back at her again, before hastily looking back to the stars. "Just watching 'em sounds nice." As for the candy. . . it was probably unlike any candy Night Breeze had eaten before. Somehow, Cain had managed to incorporate Night Breeze's favorite things into the tiny thing. It was just flavors, but. . . it was almost like Night was experiencing it all at once. The mare could feel the warm sensation of flames crackling in the hearth, and could just make out the scent of fresh water, quickly rushing by. Echoes of laughter and cheery voices swirled around them, and into the sky, fading away. At that moment, the wind around the two seemed to pick up slightly, enveloping them in a light, cool gust, before disappearing into the night, gone. If Night Breeze looked back at Cain, she could see that he had felt it all as well. Perhaps it had been some sort of magic radius that eating the candy had caused? Who knew? Cain's face was one of surprise. He looked into the sky, before rubbing his eyes. He looked even more tired. "I. . . wow." He murmured, wiping away at his eyes again. "I. . . understand now. You. . ." Cain's face went from surprise to shock in an instant. He backed away and shrank down, cowering in fear. "I-I didn't mean to intrude, I swear! I just forgot to move away before you ate it, and. . . I'm s-sorry. . ." Cain seemed to take personal feelings very seriously. Was he really that worked up about experiencing those things with her?
  11. SirAizen

    A night out [Closed] SirAizen

    Well, now Cain was hooked. He was interested to go and experience this "spa". He still wasn't sure how just sitting down somewhere would suddenly make him feel "relaxed", but it was worth a shot. Cain's parents didn't believe in taking a day off for something as trivial as relaxation. Even during vacations and getaways, the family was always working on something, even if it was just something to pass the time. This would certainly be a new one for him. "Well, now I know who to call." Cain listened to Night Breeze list off her favorite things, thinking to himself. They. . . they could work. Rather splendidly, if Cain said so himself. "You have good taste, Miss Breeze. . ." Cain's brow furrowed as he worked on her gift. "I know just the thing that can give it all to you at once." It would be a bit difficult, but Cain didn't doubt that he could pull it off. It was, after all, a gift. He gave it his all when it came to gifts. Now, how to present it. . . he was sort of stuck on that. A model? Or just candy? That was the question. Cain was motionless as he worked. The jars and bags of sweets floated around his head, enveloped in a faint pink energy, as he muttered quietly to himself. After a few minutes, the sweet smells of delectable confections were swimming in the air. Cain still blocked off what he was making, but it sure smelled good. Finally, he exhaled, and sat down, staring at whatever it was he had been working on. He tilted his head from side to side, examining the thing. Would she like it? He wasn't sure. His expression was almost blank. He inhaled, and turned, the object as elusive as ever. He was hiding it behind his head, levitating it with his magic. He took another breath. "I have worked the best that I can on it at this hour. I know I could have waited, but I wanted to present you with something as soon as possible. I do hope that you enjoy it, whether it be the taste, or. . ." Cain didn't finish. What he brought out was an odd little thing. Cain's usual profession was with models or other living art. He didn't usually revert to just making straight candy. It confused him. But he had put everything into this one bit, so he hoped it was worth it. The end result was a small, spherical piece of candy, about the size of a gumball. One couldn't mistake this for a gumball, however. It was coated in a dull silver, which glowed faintly in the dark. Not a gleam, and certainly not like the glowing toys you could purchase for cheap somewhere - it was magical. If one looked closer, there were little wisps of art on the surface, not easily identified. What were they. . .? They seemed to shift in the dim light. What could not be mistaken for anything else, though, was the crescent moon that flickered across the silver shell. Cain stared at it, his face still blank. "I do believe," He began carefully. "That you eat this particular piece of work. It isn't just for show."
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    A night out [Closed] SirAizen

    Cain was relieved that Night Breeze was talking all of this fine. Perhaps she was just able to put up with blundering fools like him . .. or perhaps, maybe Cain wasn't being as foolish as he thought? He kept this in mind as he shuffled on his hooves. It was still all his stuff; he felt momentarily guilty about not doing more to refuse her offer. Still, if it made her happy. . . Cain exhaled. At least that was off his chest. His spirits raised even further when he realized that he'd have complete creativity in his work. His green eyes twinkled with excitement. "Oh, thank you, ma'am. You won't regret this, I promise. I'm real good at gifts." The stallion walked back to his cart, smiling to himself. Complete creativity. . . he'd keep in mind that this was for her, not just any pony. He thought hard about what she might like. What colors.. . she said it herself, she liked being out during nights like these. Perhaps he could incorporate that into his work. He hummed to himself while he worked, his tail swaying as he picked out ingredients. Night Breeze couldn't see anything, but eventually Cain made a little "Aha", before picking out a few miscellaneous jars and baggies. He made sure to block off Breeze's view so that she wouldn't see what he was making. His ears perked up at the mention of a spa. "Oh, you work at a spa? That's neat. . . I've never been to one of those before. Heard enough, though. Heard it's real nice." He paused. "I'll make sure I ask for you first, alright. A tiny bit of relaxation time couldn't hurt, I guess. . ." Cain blushed harder. He felt embarrassed, as if he were speaking to one of his fans instead of Night Breeze, admitting that he couldn't always be there to entertain them. He felt like he was letting them down every hour he wasn't there for fillies and parents alike. He just hoped that Miss Breeze would see past that. Cain continued on with his work. In the silence that followed, Cain decided to fill it with a few questions. "E-Er. . . hope you don't mind me asking, but. . . what are your favorite things?" Well. . . he hoped it wasn't too odd of a question. He was curious; it would help him finish her gift. . . and he'd get to know a bit about her as well. "What do you enjoy doing the most? Pardon me for asking, y'don't have to answer. . ."
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    A night out [Closed] SirAizen

    Cain was a complete and utter mess right now. Still, he did feel a bit better when Night Breeze decided to help him clean up instead of laugh. Still, though, this was his mess. It was his responsibility, not hers. He began to formulate an apology, and a refusal. He glanced up. "Really, ma'am, I don't want to. . ." He faltered slightly. He was distracted by the vivid aquamarine of her eyes and the highlights in her mane, which almost seemed to glow in the night sky. The lights from Canterlot dimmed it a bit, but it was there. He was at a loss of words for a moment. It was random, but a unique moment that Cain couldn't shake off. Soon Cain realized he was staring, and glanced back at the ground, his face reddening. "R-Really, it's my mess. . ." He knew that she couldn't be stopped, though; some ponies were just like that. They couldn't bear to see the misfortunes of others. Still, there was a difference between seeing it and doing something about it. At least this mare did the latter. She was polite and kind as well. It was a strange comparison, but Cain felt a strange feeling in his chest, the same one he'd felt years before, back home, leaving Canterlot the first time. . . he didn't know what it was. "Th-Thanks. . . thank you, ma'am." Cain murmured, his gaze flickering up for a moment. He shook his mane, flipping up few stray hairs that had come undone from his bangs. He thought for a moment. "I gotta make it up to you somehow. . . you remember how I said I did candy? I could do something for you, anything." Anything? Cain felt that he was pushing it there. He rarely ever did just anything for someone he'd just met. It was. . . taxing, big projects. He still felt that it was necessary, though. With a flick of his horn, Cain brought out a few jars of sugar, bags of candy, fruit containers, and other various supplies. He counted them for a moment, before turning back to Night Breeze. "Consider it a gift, a token of my appreciation. What wouldya like? I do lots of things. . . but I'd be more than happy to give you a few examples. It's real nice." Cain smiled at the thought of having absolute freedom in art once more. "Then I can take a request. . .?"
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    A night out [Closed] SirAizen

    Cain sighed in relief. At least he wouldn't be forced to back off the hill in shame now. That would've been embarrassing. He took a short breath and gave a small smile, trying to be more polite. "Nice to meet you as well, Miss Breeze. . . Oh, you live in Canterlot? That's cool. I used to live there, but. . . eh." Cain shook his head, eyes closed. Apparently he didn't want to get into it. He looked up again. "I'm not here to tell you my life story." He gasped in surprise as Night Breeze explained what she was doing. It had been similar to what he had been planning to do before. "Stargazing, eh? It appears that we have something in common, Miss Breeze. An appreciation of nature." Cain looked up into the sky, smirking. "Maybe not for the same reasons. I, uh, roam." Cain paused. "As in, I'm a one-pony show. It's taxing, but I like it. As a side effect, though, I don't usually stay in a house, hence the cart." Cain gestured to the thing. One could see that it was covered, and large enough to fit one or two ponies inside. "Oh," Cain appeared to remember something. "No, I'm not homeless. People keep sayin' that when they see me walkin' around. It's just a joke now, ha. . ." Cain stopped for a moment, thinking about something. After a moment, he gave Night Breeze a quick, nervous smile. "No, no, that isn't necessary. It's impolite to have another work when I can just do it. . . myself." Cain seemed to be having technical difficulties, trying to level the cart on the hill so that the stuff inside wouldn't come tumbling out. The wheat-colored pony grit his teeth for a moment, muttering to himself irritably. After a moment, he glanced back at Night Breeze, looking embarrassed. "O-Oh, I'm also a confectioner, y'know. Yeah, we have a lot of those 'round these parts, but I put my own little twist on it. I. . .could show you, but. . . gimme a moment." Cain frowned, then yelped as the cart pitched forwards, spilling out most of its contents on the ground. This included a stool, a couple jars of sugar, some stray sweets and a few apples. Cain's face reddened. From the pile of candy, a small lollipop slowly rose up, and floated over to Night Breeze, and froze there. Cain laughed nervously. "Erm. . . candy?"
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    A night out [Closed] SirAizen

    Candy Cain examined the new pony as he tried to organize his thoughts into rational speech once more. He had expected to be alone up here. Another pony on the hill would complicate things if he stayed, most likely. From the looks of it, they probably didn't know who he was, either. Instead of going for his usual showman's attitude, Cain tried to sound casual, something not easy to pull off when lugging around a large cart of candy supplies. "Erm, hey. You're not in my way, I was just, ah, about to set up for the night. Here." Now that Cain thought about it, it seemed more like he was some homeless pony, rather than a traveling confectioner. He probably could have worded that better. He cleared his throat, feeling his face heat up somewhat. "Well. . . I guess I have come to join you then, haven't I? I mean, technically speaking. . ." Cain continued to murmur quietly, trying and failing to remain completely calm. He set up his cart around fifteen feet away from where Night Breeze was sitting. It was just to be safe; he feared that she'd take it the wrong way if he set up too close. He wasn't here to intrude on her privacy. "Ah, don't mind me, I'm not here to bother. . ." He paused. "I forgot my manners. Name's Cain. Candy Cain." Even his name sounded stupid when he said it out loud now. Why was he being so awkward? He swallowed. Out of nervous habit, Cain summoned a pink-swirled candy cane from his trove of sweets, and began to nibble it, not directly meeting the mare's eyes. "U-Um, ify'don't mind me asking. . . what were you doin' up here, anyway. . .? You don't have to answer. I was just. . . Curious." She, at least, didn't seem to be uncomfortable around him, even with his awkwardness. Cain just hoped things remained that was for the remainder of the time he was up here. If there was one thing a showman hated, it was making a fool of themselves. Cain certainly didn't feel like the normal stallion everybody knew right then. It was a weird feeling. He'd never had it before, so why now? For now, he was just confused. He hoped that it didn't show much. It was a pleasant night outside, really. The lear sky and cool air helped to settle his frayed nerves a bit, but not much. Cain continued to set up the cart as he awaited an answer, locking the wheels into place so that the cart didn't roll away in his sleep. Yes, that had happened before. Once. Never again. Cain was determined to forget that little mishap once and for all.