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    That would include. . . Watching anime (most recently BNHA), writing stories or fanfics (most recently for Star Wars!), Character creation, and reading in my spare time. I draw. . . sometimes. . . (don't ask me about it rEEEEEEEE)

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About Me

Well met, whoever may be reading this 'About Me', by me. So, you came wondering what it is I do, who I am? Well, I'm afraid that's all classified. Sir Aizen as a person is me, so we can just assume that, yes?

I'm a knight around places like that. Not the shining armor knight either. If you want to talk or RP, expect someone who is willing to try anything you have to offer. Don't worry about what you think I may not like, I'm eager to hear it! I'll at least hear you out I'm I'm in a bad mood. It's impolite to ignore or deny folk. I've recently left an older RP site that finally closed down after awhile, so I searched the internet for more, and, well. . . Here I am! I'll admit that I'm not as used to forum RPs, though, so forgive me if I mess up. We can always do private ones via Discord as well, so PM me and I can send you my profile!

In a RP, you can expect me to be posting around 1-3 paragraphs per post, none of those one-liners (unless I'm extremely tired). For role-play types, I accept and enjoy almost anything, from action to romance to slice of life as well! (Except slice of life is sort of restricted to FiM RPs, so don't expect one with normal humans. I find them kind of boring, since they're usually staged in present time. I can still do it though!)

Regarding those that wish to RP with me, well, I'll do my best! Working on mobile is painful sometimes with misclicks and grammar acting up occasionally, but I still do what I can to make them enjoyable for everyone. Remember that I'm good with most RPs, so suggest me anything! I'm nearly always open for a good RP.


Well. . . That's all the time we have! I look forward to meeting you all. . .

 I bid thee farewell!

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