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  1. They do it because they feel the subconscious need to compensate for how "White" Twilight acts and sounds. It's the same reason why, if Twilight isn't black, Applejack will be. I don't like those reasons, nor do I feel certain behaviours and attitudes can really be called "White people things" or "Black people things". But when artists who want to draw a "Diverse" Mane Six do so, their first instinct is to make the "Whitest" pony less white. And to also potentially put Fluttershy in a sharia law jihad headscarf thingy.
  2. When the show ends, I hope they give it a proper season finale and I hope they give the mane six members some proper endings. I hope they don't just spend the whole thing trying to sequel-hook for a "Glimmer And Pals" spinoff that'll never happen.
  3. About Myself Hello there! My name is SilverStarApple, and I love MLPFIM. I'm a writer, artist, and upcoming indie dev. Well, I'm teaching myself how to make games, I haven't released any yet. But that still counts, right? Anyway, I'm here to make friends and chew bubblegum, and I didn't bring any gum. I like Video Games, Anime, Books, Cartoons, and practicing my art. I hate Toxapex, Bugthesderp's Micheal Bay-like take on the Fallout series, Microtransactions, Paid Mods, Lootboxes, and how Bayonetta is in Smash. She's great in her own games, but she's too good in Smash. My goal in life is to release that one game I always wanted to make when I was a kid, only refined and improved upon with what I know now. How I found Canterlot.com I googled "MLP Forum" and picked this one. I loved roleplaying when I was younger. How I became a fan of MLP:FiM It all started so long ago... If I remember correctly, it was a pony meme I saw on a World of Warcraft forum that made me decide to watch the show. I started watching through season one while season two was still airing, and this show got me through some really bad times. My favorite main cast/pony Twilight Sparkle. She was my favourite from the start, and she will always be best pony. Pinkie Pie is second, Rainbow Dash is third. More about myself: My computer's hard drive failed recently, so I had to reinstall everything. I recently started replaying Fallout New Vegas, it's a great game. House/Wild Card for life!
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