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  1. The little beginnings of a smile on Yona's face quickly turned into a fully-fledged and beaming grin at the arrival of friends and, although the Ogres & Oubliettes rulebook made some mention about how they were players and she was the Game Master, Yona preferred to think of them as friend-players. Or player-friends. Either way, she promptly abandoned her spot behind the table to greet them all, because regardless of what the book said about roles and who had to do what, hospitality was important. And with what she had planned for the game, Yona wanted one last opportunity today to be herself, before unleashing menacing monsters, terrifying traps, plucky princesses and troves of treasure. The game required a yak who could stand firm. "Griffon! Not sure who else turn up. Yona invite everycreature," which was true, insofar as she had spent just about every available minute of the last few days leaving rather vague and cryptic notes about the game. And, just to be sure, she'd spread the message via word-of-mouth, which presumably Yona had taken to mean 'shout loudly about Ogres & Oubliettes to anyone who was unfortunate to stand still for long enough for her to shout at them'. She was about to say something about what the character Gallus had created was, but then she spied the masterpiece of a picture on his character sheet (there was no such thing as a terrible drawing of a yak, Yona considered, because by definition all drawings of a yak are the best), and so rather than whatever it was she was planning to say, she simply - and, unsurprisingly, loudly - exclaimed "ADVENTURE YAK!". The happy grin remained. If anything, it grew as Smolder arrived; she had brought snacks. While the rulebook did not make any mention whatsoever of snacks, the few ponies she'd spoken to about the game did seem to spend a lot of time talking about the importance of food. Food with mysterious names and equally mysterious ingredients. What was a huff puff? Didn't she see one of them in the list of monsters at the back of the rulebook? "It best game ever," Yona explained, sort of, as Smolder got herself settled, "Friends play and they explore scary dungeon! Fight monsters! And ribbons! And roll dice! Make characters and snacks and Yona hope everycrea-" The excitement that she'd been carrying with her for the last week threatened now to break free, in much the same way that a beaver's dam could only hold back so much water, as Sandbar arrived. Fortunately she'd moved most of the wooden furniture to the sides of the room, because at this rate, the young yak couldn't exactly be held responsible for any smashed furniture. The low table, now freshly laden with snacks, might be the first casualty of the game. "-all Yona! And pony not late. And ribbon important. And can play pal-adin," she'd stressed the part which seemed to be the most important, "or anything! Imagination best part of game! Pony can even be a yak like griffon. Like saying goes, one yak best, two yak best, three yak best, four yak best, five yak best, six yak best..." The arrival of Yama mercifully cut what may very well have been a very long saying short. It was one thing, and a wonderful thing at that, for Yona to see her friends from school getting themselves settled around the table. It was quite another thing, quite an exciting thing, to make a brand new friend with the help of the game. After he'd safely stowed away his strange instrument, Yona carefully trotted over to him and gestured back at the still intact table. "Everycreature welcome! Especially new friends. Even rusty new friends," Yona nodded enthusiastically. As she was entirely new to the game, she knew it'd be very helpful to have somecreature who was familiar with how the game was supposed to work at the table. Even though it stood to reason that she would be the best at running the game, the stakes felt that much higher now she had a new friend to impress. "Come sit. Yona got good cushions from all across school! Not as comfy as sleeping hay but less mess. And introduce self to friends!" Speaking of friends, another had arrived, and not only did Silverstream seemingly share her excitement for the game, she expressed it in a way that Yona could easily understand and appreciate. While there was a time and a place for subtlety amongst yaks, a loud proclamation of something - anything - being the best made things very clear. While Silverstream inspected Yama with her usual irrepressible curiosity, Yona carefully went back to her spot at the table, her hair brushing against the ground as she went. Once she'd successfully made it back to her own cushion, she addressed Silverstream properly. It was time, after all, to start trying to put her serious face on, even though she was still grinning uncontrollably. "Hippogriff can be anything! Even not a yak," she refrained from saying aloud that this would be a very strange thing to do, but she thought it loud enough that it wouldn't take some kind of mind-reading magic to pick that up, "but Yona think you should ask new friend. Yona happy if new friend happy. In fact, we make characters now! Or if have character ready, show it to everycreature! Starting... now!"
  2. On museum floor duty for three whole days, will do all the replies after the weekend has been survived.

    1. 303SeeOther


      (Also you're all lovely and neat. Yay!)

  3. The classroom was different. Gone were all the instruments and accoutrements associated with learning and education, banished to the sidelines of the room. In their place, right in the centre of the room, stood a low table, borrowed from the library. Surrounding it sat a collection of pillows, cushions and blankets, which would hopefully keep everycreature comfortable. The table itself bore all the things necessary for the game; stacks of paper, dice of every conceivable size and shape, a brand new copy of the Ogres & Oubliette rulebook, candles, pencils, yet more paper and an assortment of wooden figurines to represent- well, it wasn't clear what they were supposed to represent, but imagination was the most important component in this game. And then, with the curtains closed, and the few candles carefully lit, the transformation of the room was complete. The rest of the room was plunged into darkness, camouflaging the furniture she'd pushed aside to make room for everything and everycreature. Not only did this help hide the fact that the room was still a classroom, but it helped create a sense that they could be anywhere. The darkness and the shadows could contain anything and, with the help of imagination and sugar, it presented the perfect backdrop. In the flickering candlelight, Yona sat by the table. In much the same way that she needed to transform the classroom into a room that was suitable for imagining terrifying dungeons and snowy peaks and pirate ships, she felt that she needed to really dress the part of the Game Master. The rulebook - the one that she'd been excitedly reading every night for the last two weeks - didn't offer much in the way of guidelines for how one was supposed to look. The young yak had experimented with wearing a blanket over her head like a hood to seem extra dramatic, toyed with the idea of wearing an eyepatch, but had finally settled on letting her hair down, and decorating it with ribbons. Hopefully that was the proper attire. All there was to do now was wait, and for Yona to try and contain her excitement.
  4. Yona had spent the entire journey on the carriage alternating between watching the world roll slowly by and surreptitiously staring at the luggage the other creatures had brought with them. Naturally, yaks didn't need suitcases, but it was still a point of concern, and not a particularly auspicious start to her summer trip. At least it meant she spent the carriage trip in near silence and in almost complete stillness; an excited yak is considerably more painful on the ears and more dangerous to the carriage and its contents than one quietly worrying about whether they did need to bring a suitcase. By the time the carriage arrived at the camp, she'd come to the conclusion that as long as she had her blanket and herself, there was no need to worry. There'd probably even be, she told herself, suitcases there for those without. Everything would be fine. Probably. After watching some of the others step down from the carriage, she followed suit, carefully stepping down from the carriage step onto the ground, and just in time to catch Sweetie's Belle comment about the size of the place. Even though she was quite a bit larger than them, she had to admit that the place was much bigger than she'd rather naively expected. "Yona thought camp was going to be... tents! This much better! And wood buildings! Perfect for smashing once camp done!" she nodded emphatically as she spoke, having spent a whole journey in near total silence, her voice just seemed that much louder. "Ponies think of everything."
  5. At the revelation that the pumpkins that she'd been happily chomping were supposed to be some kind of decoration, Yona glanced behind her at the trail of pumpkin-devastation with slowly widening eyes. The fact that most of the insides of the pumpkins had been already scooped out did seem unusual, and maybe the strange faces and patterns carved into them perhaps weren't there to make them seem more enticing. After surveying the damage she'd done for an awkward few seconds, Yona turned her attention back to Gallus. There was something different about him. "No candy yet," she opted to dodge the question regarding pumpkins by simply ignoring it, instead opting to sit down in front of Gallus with a thump, "Yona tried but pony wanted to know what Yona dressed up as. Yona already dressed as best thing ever!" Yona made a little huffing noise. Pumpkins were good, tasty, fun to eat, but it was still a poor substitute for sweet, sugary candy. It was, however, probably for the best that she'd not been given any, for the prospect of a hyperactive yak fuelled by sugary treats is not one most would want to consider. The eye-patch! That was it. "Why are you not out getting candy? Have costume and everything already! And clever costume too. Dressing as something scary. Like being poked in the eye with eye-poking stick."
  6. The exact details of Nightmare Night were somewhat lost on Yona. From what the young yak had gathered, there were three main facts. Firstly, everycreature was expected to dress up. Secondly, nobody was planning to do any homework whatsoever that evening. And thirdly, and this really was the most exciting thing of all, was that ponies were just leaving pumpkins out and about everywhere. Any holiday that encouraged leaving food out for wandering yaks was a holiday Yona could get behind. The dressing up part, however, was a problem and so, after dispatching with yet another strangely carved pumpkin, Yona went dashing through the corridors of the School of Friendship in search of answers, help and yet more pumpkins. Although it was clear from the remains of devoured pumpkins left in her wake that her trek through the school building was perhaps motivated more by the hunt for pumpkins than the quest for knowledge. Via the library, along the corridor by the faculty offices, up the stairs, down the stairs, along another corridor, until finally she arrived - well, bursted into - in one of the common rooms she'd yet to investigate. Sure enough, it was decorated in the spooky style of the rest of the school, all in shades of orange and black, complete with pumpkins set out for yaks. Amongst all the autumnal colours, the blue and white Gallus stood out even more. As if there was any chance Gallus didn't hear her coming, she trundled over towards the griffon, calling out at the top of her lungs. "GALLUS! GALLUS! GALL-" there was a merficul pause in the din as she licked away some of the remains of a pumpkin from her face with a huge grin. This was shaping up to be a good holiday. "-Yona not sure why ponies leaving food for yaks, but Yona not complain."
  7. Bon Bon made a very convincing argument for how good her bonbons were, implementing the most important parts of any sales pitch - volume, enthusiasm, stating that something is the best and somewhat fuzzy logic that made sense just so long as you didn't think about it too much. Still, it paid to be cautious, and Yona leaned in to inspect the offered treats, going through the motions of at least pretending to be sceptical, squinting her eyes and giving them a sniff. After handing over her last few bits to the salespony, Yona gobbled up the bonbon with such rapidity that any onlooker might wonder whether the yak actually managed to taste the treat at all. "This..." she paused, herding her thoughts and judgement on the bonbon together, "...good treat. Even though Yona like treats ponies make, this treat is good." The young yak couldn't quite bring herself to describe it as the best treat, but at least she'd spent enough time around ponies to at least understand that there was a state between best and, well, everything else. Like good. Just as she was about to opine further on what it was, exactly, that didn't make it the best treat, Yona's attention was caught by Princess Twilight and her praise on the volume of her cheering. The little smile on her face from eating the bonbon grew into a wide, happy smile, matching the sense of pride she'd felt at her cheering being acknowledged as great. Which was almost like best. "Yona is cheering for," again, there was a pause, as she couldn't spot a single yak in the race to cheer for, and school pride meant that she ought to be cheering for someone from the school, but then there was the problem of there being multiple ponies from the school participating. Choosing one over the other wouldn't be right. When Wind Walker offered a suggestion, Yona latched on to the idea and ran with it. "Cheering for Fire Walker! Fire Walker is, um, Fire Walker is," Yona leaned down a little closer to Wind Walker, though her eyes were fixed on Princess Twilight, her voice going down to something approaching a whisper, "which one Fire Walker? Just so Yona can cheer even better for sister-pony."
  8. The excitement in the air was absolutely infectious and, while Yona had very little grasp on what it was all about, the young yak could at least appreciate the food, the crowds and the opportunity to put a bit of distance between herself and the growing pile of homework that was waiting for her when this was all over. Once she'd successfully bypassed the temptation of the food stands, Yona very carefully stepped up on to the bleachers, as if concerned that the construction might suddenly give way underneath her. Then again, Bevel was positively bouncing around on them, supporting one of the racers, and if it could support the hopping, dancing motions of the unicorn, well- Realisation on what this was all about began to dawn on Yona. It was a cheering contest. Yona took a deep breath. "CHEERING! CHEERING! CHEERING!" she bellowed out, closing her eyes to really concentrate on giving it her all. What it lacked in catchiness, it made up for with sheer volume.
  9. Yona should run in the Running of the Leaves!

    1. 303SeeOther


      Is it not too late to join in? I was thinking of maybe having Yona excitedly cheer on from the stands.

    2. SteelEagle


      The stands can work too! And it is also never too late to join. You can even join the very end, if you wanted.:P

    3. Corsair



  10. That's a-okay with me, I'm enjoying reading the Running of the Leaves stuff as you folks are busy writing it!
  11. That sounds wonderful, @RainbowFoxxy - both the idea of the journey itself, and what can be done when we get there! If there are other folks who'd like to join in, naturally I'm more than happy for them to do so (maybe making it an Open thread, or, one of those ask-for-invites thingies).
  12. Hello! Hopefully I get this right, and don't make too many mistakes. I'm new to the site (September 26th, apparently, so just over a week ago) and am hoping to overcome the worst of my internet shyness by jumping in here and saying that I'm looking for some folks to roleplay with. At the moment, I've got one character - Yona, Best Student - and I'm looking for, well, just about anything at this point. Action! Adventure! Slice of life! Yaks loudly talking at one another! Which is, to say, if there's a conceivable reason why Yona would be doing something, I'm up for it. And if there's not a conceivable reason, an inconceivable reason will do just as well. In short: hello! Looking for people to play with!
  13. Congratulations!

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      Yay! What a lovely thing to wake up and see in the morning!

  14. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria. Name: Yona. Sex: Female. Age: Filly. Species: Yak. Eye colour: Olive yellow. Coat: An unsaturated, warm light-red colour. Mane/Tail: Mane is a reddish-brown, and her short tail matches her coat. Physique: "Stout" would be a polite way of putting it, having the general yak qualities of being rather large, a healthy lung capacity and plenty of shaggy hair with which to stave off the worst of the Yakyakistan weather. As is the way with yaks, Yona is also surprisingly strong, although she is rather clumsy with it, and her strength isn't backed up by particularly huge reserves of stamina. Residence: School of Friendship, previously a resident of Yakyakistan. Occupation: Student at the School of Friendship. Yona is best at being student. Cutie Mark: None. But if yaks did have cutie marks, they would be best at having them. Unique Traits: Good at smashing things. Logs? Smash. Walls. Smash. History: Prior to moving to Ponyville as the representative of the yaks in the School of Friendship, Yona lived with her family (best family) in Yakyakistan. While there were no doubt many great times - maybe even close to best times, in fact - spent alongside her siblings, parents and grandparents, the most exciting period of Yona's life began with enrolment into the School of Friendship. Having been selected to represent the yaks at the newly founded school and, while Yona initially doesn't do well under the academic rules set out by the EEA, her friendship with others begins to blossom. This finally culminates in Yona, along with the other non-ponies attending the school, being withdrawn from the school. Fortunately, the bonds of friendship between the group weren't so easily broken, and the group sought refuge amongst the dilapidated runs of the Castle of the Two Sisters rather than go their separate ways. Once the school became independent, and free from the strictures placed upon it by the Equestria Education Association, and after an incident involving puckwudgies and needing to be saved from the strange creatures, Yona and the others were invited once again to attend the School of Friendship. Now that the school could be run according to Twilight's own specifications, lessons were fun, interesting and helpful; the rougher, rather arrogant attitude that Yona once held was smoothed away through activities and lessons. During her time at the School of Friendship, Yona has overcome - mostly - her arachnophobia, learned the value of sharing, and developed an enduring appreciation of Rockhoof, the Keeper of Equestrian Tales. Character Personality: While still very much a yak, and therefore prone to loud outbursts and saddled with the belief that yaks are best at just about everything, time spent amongst other creatures at the School of Friendship has made her a little more bearable to be around. While she will still, occasionally, point out that just about anything relating to Yaks are best, not only does she mostly keep this to herself, but she has come to understand that there are some things that other creatures can do well. At times she is excitable, which usually manifests itself in rather destructive outbursts and, coupled with her clumsy nature, can land her in trouble. This doesn't seem to really bother her in the slightest, and the occasional trail of destruction left in her wake hasn't diminished her enthusiasm or curiosity. If yaks had a sleeve upon which to wear their heart, Yona would wear her heart on her sleeve, and would be the best at it. Character Summary: The excitable, clumsy and occasionally loud representative of the Yaks at the School of Friendship. Having begun to learn the value of friendship amongst ponies and other creatures, Yona is still a yak, with all that entails, but has begun to understand both how to behave oneself around non-yaks and the importance of good friends. Yona still, however, likes to smash things. "Yak can take yak out of Yakyakistan, but Yaks still have best sayings."
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