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  1. "Oh, ok, But please let me know if you need anything." Night Breeze responded making sure he knew that she was willing to help in anyway she could. Thinking about what Cain said, She really wouldn't consider cooking as a hobby of hers, but she did do it mainly because she had to being the only one in the household and all. "Oh, i really wouldn't consider it a hobby of mine, I mean i wouldn't consider myself bad at it...I hope not ." She muttered. After all Night Breeze really didn't have anyone to critique her cooking besides herself. "But i really wouldn't say I am to great at either. Most of the time i make for myself, and its usually just something simple i whip up after work." She said with a little smile, seating herself nearby his cart just slightly out of sight as went to work. After all she didn't want to get in his way. "Perhaps maybe we could learn together sometime." She suggested as he said about having to teach himself some thing. "I'm sure You could probably show me a thing or two ." Night Breeze giggled. Her giggle trailed off into a sigh as she began to blush a little. If he could cook real well, she wouldn't mind having him around more often.
  2. Night Breeze had sat looking at the sunrise for some time when Cain finally awoke. Staring at life below, she reflected on the previous evening. To be honest with herself she very much liked having somepony to spend time with, and share all her memories with. A soft smile rose on her lips as she thought about it all. Pondering what today's events might bring. taking a moment to take in the morning light she noticed Cain trot over to her. Sitting sideways to him Night Breeze turned her head to great him. "Good morning sunshine." She said with a cheerful attitude, A soft smile on her face, glancing somewhat curiously at him as he seemed to be confused for a second. "Did you sleep well last night?" She inquired curiously. "I'm here as long as you want me to be, Dear." Night Breeze said getting up now. "To be honest, I just, I didn't want to leave you up here all night with all by your lonesome." She smiled as she thought about her words. Why was she being so different about this? Sure her job was to be kind and caring to other ponies, but why did it seem she was much more interested in helping and caring for him than any other pony? "I'm ready when ever you are." She smiled with a wink "Oh um, You don't have to." Night Breeze said with a bit of a blush. She was always shy about taking things from others, but her grumbling belly said otherwise. All tho she was a little interested when he mentioned that he did more than just candy. "Oh, of course. That sounds delicious!" The grey unicorn said now with a bit of enthusiasm. "So, what all do you know how to make?" She asked curiously as she waited. He was just getting better by the minute. Not only did he make candy, but knew how to cook as well. "Would you like any help?" Night asked after a moment, hating to make him do this for her without doing anything in return herself.
  3. Lockhart Thunder smiled at Pinkie pies enthusiasm. "Well us Peryton have somewhat simple tastes. I for one enjoy tea and bread, but I can't say i have ever had any sweets yet." The winged deer said chuckling at pinkie pie as she bounced up to tip the cupcakes off of his antlers. Walking over and taking a seat at one of the nearby stools, He watched in the direction that Pinkie pie went in curiosity as sweet aromas filled the air. "I guess I'm ready as i will ever be." He said with a grin glancing over to his new acquaintance . In a flash Pinkie pie was back with a bowl full of some kind of sugar candy. To say the least He had never seen anything like it. Looking at it curiously with his green eyes for a moment as Rivulet took one, He picked one up looking at it closely before taking a nibble of it. the sugar rapidly melted in his mouth as he eat it. Its sweet flavor was like nothing he ever had before. To tell the truth he very much liked it. He was rather much curious what else the ponies like to eat now. "These are very good." he said with a bit of a grin as he nibbled at it some more.
  4. (Continuation from "A night out") After casting her relaxation spell on Cain again, Night Breeze smiled softly as he seemed to be asleep. Folding her hooves close to her she sat there staring up at the stars for awhile taking in the natural beauty. After some time she began to drift off herself. Night Breeze had hope that she would be able to go back to her home to rest in her own bed, But she didn't just want to leave Cain out here all by himself asleep. With a yawn she lowed her head as closed her eyes, quickly drifting off to sleep. The night had passed like the cool breeze which swept through the trees every now an then. Stirring in her spot Night Breeze felt the warmth of the sun and the sounds of the birds once again. Opening her eyes again she sat up stretching herself. Looking off in the distance at Canterlot Night Breeze had to squint slightly to bring her eyes into focus after awaking. She noticed that the city had been teaming with life once more. It had seemed they where still where the two fell asleep at just near a single tree perched on a hill overlooking Canterlot. Standing up she yawned stretching herself once more as she wandered the hill a little bit looking around trying to loosen up her muscles. Wandering what she was going to do for the day she stared off in the distance. The sound of wildlife could be heard everywhere. Birds flew from tree to tree, chipmunks and squirrel scurried along looking for food as sounds of life filled the air again.
  5. Sorry for not responding right away to any Rps that are waiting on me this weekend. For some reason i just feel tired and can't get myself interested enough to come up with a response. I should reply to the waiting threads in the next day or two. Sorry for the wait. :blush: :) 

  6. Night Breeze glanced around in wonder as she approached the home. Walking in as Taira opened the door she thanked him on the way in, pausing just inside to look around she noticed the house seemed a bit larger than normal ponies homes, but she thought nothing more of it. After all he was a bit bigger than your average pony. Night Breeze hadn't glanced around the house more than a moment before she notice Taira was all ready back with some water for her. "Oh, Thank you." She said with a smile floating the water with her own magic to take a sip of it. "Oh, no, I'm fine with the water." She said smiling as she momentarily seated herself to sip at the water. This water had tasted much purer than any other water she had tasted, and it most refreshing to drink after the climb up the mountain. "Thank you so much, I must say you have been quite giving yourself." She said trying to think of something that she could do in return for his kindness. Remembering why she came here, Night Breeze came up with an idea. "When i get my own spa open sometime. How about i give you free visits to the spa for a whole lifetime? Its the least i can do, since I'm taking inspiration from you." She kind of seemed in thought for a moment after saying that, Realizing just how far from Canterlot she was. Did he get to Equsetria much? Now she kind of felt awkward about it. Night Breeze looking in curiosity as Taira breathed out a green mist that floated across the room to pickup a box of tissues. Its scent spread as made its way back with the tissues. It smelled like a fresh mint candy, as was rather quite a nice smell. Titling her head for a moment she thought to herself. So was his magic basically just like that of a unicorn like her, just that it was a mist that he breathed out instead of spell cast from a horn? "Did you have to learn this magic or did it just come to you naturally from living here?" She asked a bit curious about it all. Did he learn this magic from the mist which surrounded the mountain? What caused this particular mountaintop to be so magical compared to the others? She tried to make sense of it all, but The gray unicorn just couldn't wrap he head around it. Night Breeze was very much curious now what his magic could do. She was always one to help others relax, but never really had experienced such kind of magical relaxation herself besides that of the relaxing places she spent her time off at. "what all can your magic do?" She asked a bit curiously "If you don't mind me asking of course." She added with a smile taking another sip of the water.
  7. "Yes of course dear, I can tell you have an amazing personality and i would love to get to know you better." Night Breeze said with a smile as she thought about it. She never was really this personal with others, why was she more interested in him than all the other ponies she dealt with? There was just something about him that she liked and she just couldn't figure it out as of for now. Come to think of it Night Breeze rather much enjoyed the idea of being able to spend her free time with someone, and be able to share each others days with one another, and just to have somepony to talk to personally. In her line of work she often talks to her customers on regular basis, but most of it was often the same simple questions she asked customers all the time, as most wanted to focus on relaxing more then chatting. It was rather nice to be able to have a lengthy conversations with somepony for once she thought to herself. "I will be ready when ever you are, dear." Night Breeze said with a smile "I don't want to rush you into anything, you do things when you see fit." She added on. She didn't want to just show up out of no where and start commanding when and when he wouldn't do things. That just wouldn't seem right in her mind. "If you ever need to find me. I am usually at the spa i work at, or at home which is the 5th house up from the dirt path below us leading up to the city. If I am at neither places feel free to make yourself at home, and I will most times be home in a little while." She explained looking to make sure he got all that. Night Breeze perked her ear when he mention of helping her with her work. "You don't have to if you don't want to, I wouldn't want to force you into anything, But if you want to than who am i to argue with?" She asked giggling. Looking over she could tell he was getting awfully tired, admittedly she was herself a little. Without saying a word she laid down and scooted over to him close, and lit up her horn again casting the relaxation magic around him again.
  8. "Oh I'm sure you will be." Night Breeze said joyfully in response to him saying about trying to be a good friend. "I'm sure you will do just fine, I can tell you have an amazing personality yourself you know?" She said looking to Cain. He still seemed to be acting a little bit nervous, but it seemed he was relaxing, and wasn't as tense as he was before. It much pleased her that he was beginning to relax. She felt content being around him. Night Breeze had always cared for other ponies, and only wished them the best, but she felt more caring for him than she did any other pony. She just couldn't place the feeling. Staring back at the stars for a few minutes Night breeze seemed lost in thought as she tried to figure out her next words and these feelings she had been having. "And I will be sure that I am always there to care for and cherish you forever." She smiled blushing, hoping that she hadn't let too much slip. Sitting for a moment in thought. Night Breezed pondered when they would taking this trip through the forest. To tell the truth she was very much looking forward to being able to spend time with somepony outside of a business setting for once. "Well I am free tomorrow, then i have a few days of work before i have a whole day off again. When ever works best for you dear. If you want to. I can give you my house number so you can come find me on one of those day. Or if your going to be around, I can come find you?" She asked with a smile before glancing back up at the stars again waiting to see what he would say.
  9. "Oh, um. Sure" Night Breeze said shyly as she began to follow Taira. "You don't have to tho, I would hate to take anything off of you." she tried to explain walking along. Glancing around the forest around them was serene and calm. Only the sounds of bird songs, and the call of the cicada which seemed to call from all around them broke the silence, along with some tune that Taira seemed to be humming to himself. "It certainly sounds like you have a nice family." She commented along the way. Taking in all the sights along the way Night Breeze could see all kinds of wildlife around the pristine forest. The placed he called home was such a beautiful place, Night Breeze had almost felt a bit envious of being able to live among a place like this. Night breeze had gotten a bit lost in the sounds, and the scenery as she followed along with him. Turning a corner in the path she could see a cabin that sat along the path in the wooded area. It wasn't anything impressive, but was very quaint and cozy in style. It almost reminded her of some kind of peaceful resort lodge tucked back in the forest that ponies would pay bits to stay in for vacations an getaways, But instead this was his home! How peaceful and serene must it be to call this place home she thought as the two neared the place. "You certainly have such a beautiful place to call home." She remarked looking around. Night Breeze titled her head in curiosity when Taira mentioned of his magic. "You have relaxing magic as well? She asked a bit surprised "Well there is nothing wrong with that, at least I'm not the only one." She smiled adding on, admittedly she was rather curious about his magic now. He wasn't a unicorn so she wasn't sure how his magic worked. She definitely would have to read up about the kirin later to find out.
  10. Relaxing for a moment, Night Breeze righted herself up again to listen to Cain. "Of course i will be." She smiled reassuring Cain. She had thought about getting a nights rest at her home before Cain had showed up, And now she seemed to be content just staying with him. Giving off a big yawn Night Breeze sighed out, feeling awfully tired from the length of the day. Tilting her curiously at Cain as he seemed to be looking away for some reason, Almost like he was nervous about something. "Oh, no reason to be sorry. I don't think it is strange at all. Besides you where the one that found me first." She giggled. Cain paused in his speech almost like he was going to say something else but didn't. Looking at him curiously Night Breeze was going ask what was on his mind, but she didn't want to push the issue. It had flattered Night Breeze for him to say it felt like he was dreaming, but he almost seemed serious about it. Thinking for a moment she collected her thoughts. "I can understand how you are thinking. It makes me joyful to hear that you are happy.." She began. "Trust me this is all real. You are here with me, I am here with you. I will be here for as long as you want me to." She said trying to reassure him reaching out a hoof to touch him. "Of course this is real honey." She said just a cool breeze swept by chilling her slightly. Having reassured him of it being reality, Night Breeze thought for a moment for something to say. "So, when would you like me to go along with you in that trip through the forest?" She thought back to their earlier conversations.
  11. It came to no surprise to Lockhart that Rivulet had been to the velvet strand before. Being the map making dragon he was. "Likewise." The winged deer replied to the greeting. Watching as the dragon circled around him, almost complexly surrounding him. Trotting along behind the dragon Lockhart followed him to Sugar Cube corner. He had been on his way there before he met the dragon. Coming upon the business it seemed the place was busy enough . Ponies where coming in and out of the shop in an almost constant stream. After a few moments They where in the shop themselves. A sweet aroma mixed with that of Lockhart's upon entering. He had been most curious what kind of sweets this shop sold. A pink pony was found behind the counter running the place. With a sudden flash The pink mare bolted over the counter to meet Rivulet. Sending dozens of confections through the air. Two of them landing on Rivulet. Ducking a little briefly, The winged deer hadn't noticed any land on him. Smiling a little as the pink mare bounced over to him. Opening his mouth to introduce himself he was cut short by the dragon which had already introduced him. "Hello. Its nice to meet you Pinkie Pie." Lockhart smiled looking at the bouncy pony. "My name is Lockhart Thunder." He felt the need to introduce himself even tho the dragon already had. "I come all the way from the Velvet Strand. This is my first time being out of my homeland. Lockhart explained to Pinkie. "You pony kind sure have different tastes from that of my kind." He said gesturing to himself as he glanced around the room. As Rivulet looked over it would appear that the winged deer had two cupcakes stuck one on the tip of each of his large antlers. His antlers being attached to his head Lockhart couldn't see them even if he looked up. Glancing up with his green eyes he could just see them stuck up there. How was he going to get them down?
  12. "I understand, I wouldn't want to pressure you into anything." Night Breeze said in a calm reassuring voice as she watched the stars. The soft glow of Canterlot's lights in the foreground. She began to relax herself when she notice Cain looking at her before he rolled over on his side. Giggling a bit as he flopped over, as she laid in the grass with her hooves tucked under her. Tilting her head in curiously when Cain began to speak again. "Hmmm. Experiment, What do you mean?" She asked curiously before Cain began to give her his answer. " Oh, I don't mind at all, Dear. I would be more than happy to. I always enjoy having company, and sharing things with each other." Night Breeze gave him a smile as he seemed to be acting nervous about it. Turning to look at him again . Night Breeze turned her head to listen to Cain talk. "I don't think your running in circles. Just because you don't live the same way as your friends do doesn't mean that your doing it wrong. As a traveler, just imagine all the sights you have seen across Equestria that your friends haven't." Night Breeze said as she thought about it. "By all means, Do what makes you happy." She smiled placing a hoof on him for a moment. "You are not intruding on my life. I rather much enjoy spending time with you." It was always nice to have some pony to be around with to share things with and talk to. "Maybe we could visit the library together sometimes." She suggested as she yawned herself. Night Breeze much more comfortable with him now. It was nice to have some ponies company, but she wasn't sure how personal she could get. Deciding to see how things went. Night Breeze stretched out briefly before settling down next to him and rested her head against him as she stared up at the sky sighing out.
  13. Turning around to face the dragon. Rivulet had shook his head at something. Looking at him Curiously, At least this dragon was friendly he thought. "Well it is nice to meet you, Rivulet." Lockhart said in a calm demeanor. "I am Lockhart Thunder, you may know as a map maker that I live in the Velvet strand. I am one of the protectors of a herd in my homeland." He returned the greeting in his usual calm and serious manner. Apparently this dragon has met other Peryton before. Pondering who where the ones he might of met, He realized that this was the first time he had ever talked to a dragon before. "And I have not yet met a dragon in my life before, that is up until the this point." Lockhart said as he heard the dragon mention of his magic aura. "Ah, yes, Us Peryton possess a certain magic which is used to purify the land and air. All tho my magic is a bit weak now as I am alone, It tends to be stronger when I am around other of my kind." He explained to Rivulet all to excited to use the chance to tell about the Peryton kind's unique magic. Glancing over to where Rivulet was looking he noticed the shop in which he was heading for. "I'm afraid i haven't. This is the first time I have been out of the Velvet strand in my entire life." Lockhart explained to the dragon and he returned his gaze to him again. "Forgive me for seeming a little uneasy earlier, I am a bit out of my element." He said trying to explain for his flinching earlier.
  14. "Yeh, every pony could use a rest after a days work." Night Breeze explained with a smile looking to Cain. "I wouldn't want you to overwork yourself. It never hurt to rest for a awhile. It does wonders." She said to Cain. Night Breeze didn't know if and how often he took breaks, but she would hate to see him work without one. "Aw, I think you are doing pretty well with me. I'm sure you will learn to socialize with groups easily." She said trying to encourage him. She would willing to help him with that in any way, Perhaps maybe he would do so much easier with some pony being around with him, Night Breeze was more than happy to help him in any way, She was going to ask him that but wasn't sure if that was to personal of a question to ask. Having Explained her feelings to Cain, She smiled at his response. "Thank you very much Dear! I'm sure i will have to try that sometime." She smiled, Cain had been such a nice pony to her. It was nice to have some pony to talk to on a personal level. "I'm glad i have been able to help, and I'm always happy to help you in any way i can. Please if there is ever anything i can do for do not be afraid to ask." She said happy that she had been able to help him. Night Breeze took a deep breath in and sighed out contently turning to stare up at the stars again. There was a moment of silence again, before Cain began to ask another question. Night Breeze turned her head to look at him as she listened to his question. "Hmmm, My favorite color and candy? My favorite color is blue, and i love a whole assortment of candy, I personally love butterscotch candies, and caramels soft or hard." Night Breeze thought for a moment giggling at Cains little joke. "Now, Why don't you rest and relax a little, You deserve it after a days work." She said turning to Cain. "I don't mind if you fall asleep, I'm always more than happy to help you relax and drift off to sleep." She said with a smile blushing again.
  15. Opening her eyes again Night Breeze smiled as the spell seemed to have worked, watching as he trotted in place before making a circle around her. "Thank you! I'm so glad that it helped, and I'm always more than happy to ever help in any way." She seemed excited that her spell worked on illnesses as well, all tho not to full effect, but well enough. Night Breeze was rather much curious why her spell hadn't taken it all away. Maybe she didn't cast the spell for long enough? She wondered sitting down to rest herself a moment after casting the spell. Night Breeze perked her ear at the offer and the mention that she looked tired. Perhaps a little something to drink wouldn't hurt. Hiking up the mountain and casting the spell did make her a little tired. Night Breeze had always been a bit shy about offers like that when she visited other ponies. She hated to take or make other ponies do things for her when she visited. It just didn't seem right in her mind, but she didn't want to seem unkind tho. "Um, Sure, I could use just something little to drink i guess." She said going to stand up again. "Oh, I'll be fine." She smiled "The healing spell i use can be a bit tiring to cast at times, But as long as it helps others I am more than willing to do it." She explained. "After all I would hate to come up here unexpectedly and make you show me around when you are feeling unwell." She smiled.
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