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  1. I might be able to come up with something here today possibly if you would like?
  2. Oh um. I can reply if needs be. I was unsure if it was my turn or not. I hope i'm not holding things up Might try to fit a reply in
  3. [Shadow Storm][Unicorn][Male][Middle aged Stallion][Shadow Storm's app] Past and present threads Notable events and achievements
  4. Heart Shield hadn't been sitting long on the bench when he spied a white maned unicorn get off the train. Initially he had dismissed the pony as just another local pony, and had continued to look around at the ponies in the Train station. Somehow he knew Sombra wasn't going to show up as himself. It was only a matter of figuring out which pony was him. Gazing around at the crowd of ponies, Heart shield studied each one trying to determine which one was him. His memory went back to the White maned stallion he had seen get off the train. If he remembered correctly he thought he saw that stallion board the train at Canterlot. As he watched this pony as lingered around the station a bit. The stallion seemed to glimpse at him a moment, before heading his direction, A grumpy look on his face. This had to be Sombra. Before he knew it the Unicorn was standing next to him staring him down. "I'm glad to see you made it as well." Heart said with cheerful tone looking up at the Unicorn. A smile rose on his face, He had to comment on his disguise. Perhaps it would be like poking a bear with a stick, but after all Sombra had given him enough grief at the castle. "I must say, this look rather suits you. Its a big improvement from before. Why you look rather cute, and handsome now." The grey Pegasus said just loudly enough for others around them to hear. Suppressing a little giggle Heart shield stood up from his seat. "Well we have the whole day ahead of us. Have you brought everything you need?" He said before looking back at Sombra to ask him a question.
  5. Roleplay Type: Main rp Name: Shadow Storm Sex: Male Age: Middle aged stallion Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Orange Coat: Gray with a hint of brown tint Mane/Tail: His mane and tail are Brown with white stripes in them. His mane being slightly longer in length, and his tail being short and puffy Physique: Slightly taller with a bit of a muscular build Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Royal guard officer Cutie Mark: A sword crossed over a open book. In his young years, Shadow storm found a talent in offensive type spells, and thoroughly enjoyed trying them out. One day would find Shadow wandering the dark paths of the Everfree forest. He rather much enjoyed exploring the forest looking for hidden things and magic related places. Perhaps maybe he had gotten a bit distracted in his search, as he soon found himself among a pack of timber wolves instead. Panicking a moment he remembered a spell that he had learned from a book that he had borrowed from a library. Charging his horn, he stood his ground as he managed to fend off the pack of timber wolves. Unique Traits: When not obsessing over spells and power. Shadow storm enjoys spending his time searching for valuable items what ever they may be, and has found somewhat of a secondary talent in history, and valuing old items. He can be usually found buying and selling rare and old items to make a few bits. History: Shadow storm was born in Canterlot to a family of Unicorns. Growing up he was always a bit of a trouble maker, But his parents where generally very forgiving. At a young age his parents enrolled him a school for unicorns. Through out his young years, Shadow spent his time reading books for spells, and playing around with new learned spells. Shadow storm picked up spells very quickly. Astonished with his talent in casting spells, They encouraged him to continue his education. Excited to find and try out new spells, It soon snow balled into an obsession. Shadow Storm dreamed one day of joining the Royal guard, and climbing the ranks. He wasn't much at all interested in it to protect ponies tho, but he much rather had his eyes set on gaining a prestigious position in the guard. Setting out one day from his parents home as a young stallion, he made his way to enlist in the Royal guard. His first few years in the guard where slow, But as they began to send him on missions with other guards, his talents in casting spells soon found him as a skilled member of the guard. Now Shadow Storm find himself as an officer in the royal guard. He now has his eyes set on learning as many spells as possibly and gaining a fortune. he is determined to learn even the spells that the princesses have kept locked away, and will stop at nothing to have a peek at them. Even if it means turning on a fellow guard member. Character Personality: Shadow storm is overall a very serious pony. All tho he can at times have a bit of a humor. He is generally nice Around other ponies, and fellow guard members, But don't let that fool you. Deep down inside he is corrupt. Shadow storm has an obsession with power, when let loose he can be very greedy and arrogant. He does thoroughly enjoy reading spell books, and has a hobby in collecting rare and valuable items, especially the ones he has obtained in a questionable manner, and generally dislikes anypony coming in between him and those things. He knows his actions could get him expelled from the guard or worse, and chooses to keep his true self a secret to others, and can be very deceitful at times. Character Summary: Shadow storm is a serious pony with a bit of sense of humor at times. He is generally calm and collected around others, but inwardly lies a Sneaky and Deceitful pony. He has a talent in offensive magic, Combined with an obsession with power. Shadow storm thinks inwardly of himself, and takes any chance he can to better himself. On his free time he enjoys spending a lavish life of expensive items, and thoroughly enjoys finding them even through questionable means.
  6. Heart Shield started the day in his little town home along the streets of Canterlot. He had been notified he was supposed to meet Sombra at the Ponyville train station. To make a trip to the Castle of the Two Sisters. Stretching out of bed early in the morning. He headed down stairs to make himself some breakfast. After finishing up he started to gather his stuff for this trip. He had to come prepared, Especially with the company he would have. Tucking a belt with bags attached to it under his wings. Tightening it, Heart put all his things in it, checking them off as he did. First things first Binoculars. Never know when you might need those. Probably would be good for looking at the castle from afar, to determine the best way in. A lantern. Being a old ruin, It was a given that it was going to be dark inside. Among with tools to open locks, several other small tools and items that might be of use. Last but not lest. His sword. who knew when he might need to protect himself. Not being able to use the one from the guard, He had saved up his bits for his own personal one. Checking one last time that he had got everything, He opened the door to his little home, and headed out into the streets. Heart Shield had originally thought about flying to Ponyville, But with all these items on him he was a bit weighted down. Trotting down the street, he headed for the train station. Approaching the ticket booth he asked for a ticket to Ponyville. Handing over his bits, the station master hoofed over one ticket. Heart shield hadn't waited long on the platform before the train came into the station. Boarding it he wandered down the aisle finding a seat. Getting comfortable, Heart stared out the window at the scenery as the Train began to chug along the track. Admittedly he began to zone out a bit as he watched the scenery wiz past him. Suddenly the train lurched to a halt. They where in Ponyville station it would appear. Standing up. the gray Pegasus filed out of the train. It was a busy cool morning, Taking a deep breath in he could feel the air was still moist from the rain that night. Looking all around the platform, He hadn't noticed Sombra any where yet. Trotting across the station platform he found an empty bench that he decided to sit in and wait. Heart Shield watched as ponies went to and fro about their business. He figured Sombra would have to be easy to spot among a crowd of ponies like this. His blue eyes scanned over the crowd. He was starting to have second thoughts about this trip the more he thought about it. After all he was taking a trip with Sombra to a ruined castle where no average pony dared to tread. It just all seemed a bit risky to him. Heart shield decided he would have to keep his wits about him at all times, and watch his back. Who knew what or who might try to trap him in there. All tho maybe he was over thinking all of this.
  7. Been brain storming for another character idea. I feel like all of my OC's act almost exactly the same. Always looking out for others, and staying out of trouble. I have been wanting to come up with a Oc that lies in the middle ground of good and evil for awhile now. Kind of like a antihero, But i have yet to come up with a good idea. I think most of my Oc's are kind of generic, and i want to come up with an Oc that will stand out among all my other Oc's.

    1. dragonofruin


      Having a character with questionable morals can be pretty fun to play! O:

    2. KaityKat


      I can certainly understand being discontent with the monotony of characters whose personalities don't defer much from each other.


      I find what's helpful is to come up with something each of your characters has that the others don't.


      For instance, I have a character who is blunt, gruff and just generally rough around the edges. She's nice, and fiercely loyal, but she doesn't joke, or goof around (she's a lot like Marble Pie, but I made her before she was introduced).

      Then I have her best friend (and secret crush) who's basically the opposite. She's hyperactive and silly and she's a little eccentric. (this one, I have an app for)


      I also have a character who's a scaredy cat. He's skittish, and generally a nervous wreck. He tries to be brave and do new things, but he's scared of almost literally everything. (not quite the same as Fluttershy. He's got reason to be as nervous at he is)


      So yeah. The point is that I usually try to give each of them a quirk that makes them unique from my other OCs. The mane 6 from the show are a pretty good example of a group of characters who each have their unique quirks that break up their monotony, and give them depth.


      You can, of course, also give them different motivations and an ambiguity to their morals. I'm just saying there's also more options for making them feel more like different characters. ;)


      In any case, happy character building, and good luck with making characters you'll have fun with playing. ^v^

  8. Thinking about learning how to draw and write fancier. I have been wanting my OC Dream Wanderer to keep a journal, and i thought it might be a neat idea for "him' or me in this case to sketch out the interesting things and ponies he sees along the way. Only i have a long way to go from " mediocre  art" and chicken scratch of writing :PMaybe that will just be his style lol

  9. Dream Wanderer smiled a bit at Rosemary's response. Pausing for a moment as Lamp went outside briefly to hang the sign up. Admittedly Dream wished he could've helped in some way, but as they said It had seemed most of it was already taken care of. He heard Lamp Light mention of going to meet the others. He was rather much excited to get to know some new ponies, and hear the latest talk in town. "Sure." He replied as the unicorn headed back out to the others. Following along behind him, Dream Wanderer thought for a moment at Lamp Light's question. "Oh um, I'm just passing through. Mostly its work and exploration that brings me here." "I usually travel from town to town in search of small jobs and errands to do, and take in the views while I'm at it." The orange pegasus said with a smile. Making their way out to the open dining area, Their appeared to be a few others there already. Looking around as they where introduced to Rosemary. He could see a green earth pony, along with a small dragon, and a yak.
  10. Dream Wanderer stood for a moment inside the Inn's entrance looking around at the interior. It didn't seem that anypony was inside at the moment. Just as he began to raise his hoof to head outside the door to the lobby opened, as a chocolate brown unicorn came in holding some kind of banner. An event of sorts was being set up? He thought to himself. Dream listened as the unicorn introduced himself and his friend. "It is nice to meet you, Lamp Light." Dream Wanderer replied with a smile. "My names Dream Wanderer, But you can just call me Dream, or Dreamy if you like. I'm a bit of a traveler you could say. " The orange pegasus returned the introduction. He tilted his head slightly as Lamp Light unraveled the banner for him to read. Ah a party. It was certainly good timing indeed. This would be a good place to get to know some of the local ponies, and to look for some work or hear some rumors. "Oh no, I wasn't waiting long at all." Dream Wanderer replied as he looked at the banner. "Say, Would you all need any help? I'm always more than happy to help." He asked out of curiosity.
  11. Ahhh this is perfect. Thank you so much Went and changed all the images for him on here to include your wonderful artwork
  12. Thanks . Don't overwork yourself just for me tho. I don't mind a wait.
  13. Hmmm.... I'm not sure about the pose. I kind of like the simplicity of just a standing up pose. Surprise me . Maybe he could have a scarf around his neck that matches his eyes?
  14. Oh. I don't mind at all. Anything has to better than what i tried to draw lol. Oh i like your art of your characters. They look so bright and colorful . I wouldn't want to make you do it if you didn't want to tho
  15. Hello all. I was curious to know if anyone might be interested in drawing my OC Dream Wanderer. I have been wanting to use him as my main OC, And I would draw him myself, but I'm quite terrible at art . If there is not interest then i don't mind. I was just curious, and figured i would try His App here
  16. Woops, sorry about that. If needs be in the next post i can have him realize there is nobody inside, and head outside where everyone is
  17. Sorry if my post is a little bit confusing i was bit uncertain on how to introduce my OC
  18. Dream Wanderer flew through the skies above Equestria. This day had found him heading down to Ponyville from Cloudsdale where he had been visiting his parents for a brief time. Dream Wanderer had always been a wandering stallion since his young days, even more now since he moved out of his parents home. The bright orange coated stallion could easily be seen flying in the clouds above Ponyville. Approaching the quaint little town he swooped down to get a look at things from above. He was always on the lookout for some work to do. He could always find a permanent job, and live in one place, But he always seen that as boring. He rather much enjoyed traveling from place to place in search of odd jobs, and errands to run. To him i was just so much more exciting and refreshing to always be doing, and seeing something new everyday. Glancing around as he flew slowly around town he noticed an Inn which had a rather quaint and inviting look to it. It had seemed from the look of things that they where getting ready for some event. Dream Wanderer decided to land near the Inn. Places like these where always one of the best places to go to socialize with the locals, and search for some work. Even if he didn't find it, The locals always seemed to know somepony who needed help that they could recommend. Folding his wings against his side, he was able to relax them a bit after a long flight. Trotting up to the Inn, his purple eyes glanced the place over. It was a rather rustic and quaint looking place, as most places where in Ponyville. The main entrance being a heavy oak door with crystals in it. Approaching the door he pushed the heavy door open with one of his front hooves. Stepping inside, Dream wanderer surveyed the interior around him. The heavy oak door closing with a *clunk* behind him. It was a rather cozy place he had to admit. "Hello there." He said softly greeting anyone that was inside. It seemed most where outside setting up for something.
  19. Hello. I was recommended to come here by Rainbow I would be interested in joining. I could throw my Oc Dream Wanderer into the party. Of course i would be up to using anyone of my Oc's, which ever you might be interested in Dream Wanderer's app
  20. Hello all. I'm back from my sudden disappearance, And looking to step back in to Rping. when i left awhile ago i had just gotten my Oc Dream Wanderer approved, and have yet to use him in a Rp DreamWanderer's app My reply might be spotty as I have been pretty busy with work, But I'm willing to try. As to what to Rp about Dream Wanderer travels about all of Equestria, but can mostly be found around the Ponyville, Cloudsdale, and Canterlot area. He mostly travels around looking for Temporary work and errands to run for a few bits. He always up for socializing tho
  21. Hello all. I'm sort of back. I'm sorry for my sudden disappearance. Life has gotten pretty hectic. Working a full time job on the weekdays, and working a side job on the weekends has left me little time to write. Sorry for any inconvenience to any Rp's i was in.

  22. "Oh, ok, But please let me know if you need anything." Night Breeze responded making sure he knew that she was willing to help in anyway she could. Thinking about what Cain said, She really wouldn't consider cooking as a hobby of hers, but she did do it mainly because she had to being the only one in the household and all. "Oh, i really wouldn't consider it a hobby of mine, I mean i wouldn't consider myself bad at it...I hope not ." She muttered. After all Night Breeze really didn't have anyone to critique her cooking besides herself. "But i really wouldn't say I am to great at either. Most of the time i make for myself, and its usually just something simple i whip up after work." She said with a little smile, seating herself nearby his cart just slightly out of sight as went to work. After all she didn't want to get in his way. "Perhaps maybe we could learn together sometime." She suggested as he said about having to teach himself some thing. "I'm sure You could probably show me a thing or two ." Night Breeze giggled. Her giggle trailed off into a sigh as she began to blush a little. If he could cook real well, she wouldn't mind having him around more often.
  23. Night Breeze had sat looking at the sunrise for some time when Cain finally awoke. Staring at life below, she reflected on the previous evening. To be honest with herself she very much liked having somepony to spend time with, and share all her memories with. A soft smile rose on her lips as she thought about it all. Pondering what today's events might bring. taking a moment to take in the morning light she noticed Cain trot over to her. Sitting sideways to him Night Breeze turned her head to great him. "Good morning sunshine." She said with a cheerful attitude, A soft smile on her face, glancing somewhat curiously at him as he seemed to be confused for a second. "Did you sleep well last night?" She inquired curiously. "I'm here as long as you want me to be, Dear." Night Breeze said getting up now. "To be honest, I just, I didn't want to leave you up here all night with all by your lonesome." She smiled as she thought about her words. Why was she being so different about this? Sure her job was to be kind and caring to other ponies, but why did it seem she was much more interested in helping and caring for him than any other pony? "I'm ready when ever you are." She smiled with a wink "Oh um, You don't have to." Night Breeze said with a bit of a blush. She was always shy about taking things from others, but her grumbling belly said otherwise. All tho she was a little interested when he mentioned that he did more than just candy. "Oh, of course. That sounds delicious!" The grey unicorn said now with a bit of enthusiasm. "So, what all do you know how to make?" She asked curiously as she waited. He was just getting better by the minute. Not only did he make candy, but knew how to cook as well. "Would you like any help?" Night asked after a moment, hating to make him do this for her without doing anything in return herself.
  24. Lockhart Thunder smiled at Pinkie pies enthusiasm. "Well us Peryton have somewhat simple tastes. I for one enjoy tea and bread, but I can't say i have ever had any sweets yet." The winged deer said chuckling at pinkie pie as she bounced up to tip the cupcakes off of his antlers. Walking over and taking a seat at one of the nearby stools, He watched in the direction that Pinkie pie went in curiosity as sweet aromas filled the air. "I guess I'm ready as i will ever be." He said with a grin glancing over to his new acquaintance . In a flash Pinkie pie was back with a bowl full of some kind of sugar candy. To say the least He had never seen anything like it. Looking at it curiously with his green eyes for a moment as Rivulet took one, He picked one up looking at it closely before taking a nibble of it. the sugar rapidly melted in his mouth as he eat it. Its sweet flavor was like nothing he ever had before. To tell the truth he very much liked it. He was rather much curious what else the ponies like to eat now. "These are very good." he said with a bit of a grin as he nibbled at it some more.
  25. (Continuation from "A night out") After casting her relaxation spell on Cain again, Night Breeze smiled softly as he seemed to be asleep. Folding her hooves close to her she sat there staring up at the stars for awhile taking in the natural beauty. After some time she began to drift off herself. Night Breeze had hope that she would be able to go back to her home to rest in her own bed, But she didn't just want to leave Cain out here all by himself asleep. With a yawn she lowed her head as closed her eyes, quickly drifting off to sleep. The night had passed like the cool breeze which swept through the trees every now an then. Stirring in her spot Night Breeze felt the warmth of the sun and the sounds of the birds once again. Opening her eyes again she sat up stretching herself. Looking off in the distance at Canterlot Night Breeze had to squint slightly to bring her eyes into focus after awaking. She noticed that the city had been teaming with life once more. It had seemed they where still where the two fell asleep at just near a single tree perched on a hill overlooking Canterlot. Standing up she yawned stretching herself once more as she wandered the hill a little bit looking around trying to loosen up her muscles. Wandering what she was going to do for the day she stared off in the distance. The sound of wildlife could be heard everywhere. Birds flew from tree to tree, chipmunks and squirrel scurried along looking for food as sounds of life filled the air again.
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