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  1. Fine by me, but I'll have to wait to see what szahli says (edit: I posted the Rp in WOE, Would you have a Oc to use in the main rp?)
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    A visit to the velvet strand [Closed][ask for invite]

    Lockhart Thunder had continued to make his rounds around town, as he made sure everything was in order. Around him he could see other Peryton going about there day and working through the shop windows, and all kinds of ponies going in and out of shops. He thought to himself as walked along scanning his eyes around, Being such a peaceful place, trouble was few and far in between. All tho things could get boring being so peaceful like this all the time, He didn't mind that. Lockhart looked forward to the day he could finally be able to settle down, and not have to worry about the herd on a daily basis, and let some other strong Peryton take over. Walking down one small dirt path he stopped as he heard some pony behind him summon him. Turning half way around to face them, he saw two ponies who seemed to be traveling together. "Good morning travelers, What exactly is it that i can help you with?" The winged deer asked in return, wandering what exactly they where needing help with. "Yes, indeed I am" He smiled in response to her question. "It is something that is naturally born in all of us Peryton. The source of our magic comes from our antlers. They can be somewhat comparable to that of the horns of you unicorns, Aside from the fact that we can not cast spells like that of you. Instead of the magic going out of your horns like you, our antlers draw the magic in from around us and channel it into a magic that gives off this aroma. It also helps plants and other living things around us thrive, and purifies the water around us, A great example of that is the NImbusgait lakes which have been purified by our kind for years now." He gestured to the lake that could be seen on the edge of town.
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    A night out [Closed] SirAizen

    "They most certainly are." Night Breeze said with a little blush on her face looking at cain. Having gave Cain a quick hug, She observed his face which to seem a bit embarrassed and pleased at the same time. Giving off a single soft little giggle a blush reddening her cheeks as she smiled. Truthfully Night breeze had come out here expecting to be alone, but she rather did enjoy his company. Eating the piece of candy gave to her from Cain she could immediately feel a crackling feeling like that of a fire, It was rather quite unique. Soon after she could smell the slight smell of of fresh water, Followed by the sounds of happy voices around her that where seemingly pushed along by a gentle cool breeze from the night. How did he manage to make that into a candy? she wandered to herself. Turning to ask him Cain seemed to have felt it as well. Night Breeze tilted her head as he cut himself short on his sentence. His face suddenly turning to fear and shrank down, What was he so afraid of? Her face looked concerned, She knew just the thing to calm him down tho. Without a word Night Breeze light up her horn, a magic matching the color of her eyes floated off her horn towards Cain before wrapping itself around him in swirls. The magic was that of her soothing spell, The magic swirls continuously circled around him could be described like a soft velvet cloth that had been warmed gently as it continued to wind around him. "Easy now, There is nothing for you to fear" She said in a soft reassuring voice walking closer to Cain "You where not intruding, I love sharing my interests with others. I enjoy caring for others, and you are no different." She said with a smile on her face trying to show Cain that she didn't mind, before the spell fizzled away into the air. "You know your candy was actually good, and that gave me a idea" Night Breeze said thinking to herself. She came out hoping to find some Inspiration for back at the spa, And this might be just the stoke of inspiration she was looking for! "Candy like this could actually be a very good thing to have at the spa, and I'm sure ponies would love them, If you where interested i wouldn't mind paying you bits for them?" She asked trying to return to a light mood again. If he made candy like the one he gave to her, but each one only highlighting one thing, she was sure ponies where to love them. Turning around she laid back down on the ground under the tree. "Now, Why don't you come rest and relax a little?" She asked patting her on hoof beside her.
  4. Would you like me to start the thread or would you like to?
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    A night out [Closed] SirAizen

    As Night Breeze stood watching the commotion going on behind the cart where Cain was working, Her head tilting to one side out of curiosity. From behind the cart she could see bags and jars of candy supplies floating around as he worked over her gift, What ever that was to be she wandered to herself. This had already been a pretty eventful night, when Night Breeze left the house she hadn't expected that she would end up watching as a wheat colored stallion put together a piece of candy together for her from his cart. Cain having mentioned that this piece of candy was to give her all the things she liked at once, She seemed to have a curious look on her face as she wandered just what it could be? Finally after some time Cain returned from the back of his cart floating this gift behind his head with his magic. "I'm sure i will" Night Breeze said with a smile on her face, Agreeing that she would enjoy it. She wasn't much of a gift receiver, Night Breeze had always tried to act like she didn't deserve what she was getting when ever she received a gift, But this one had her curiosity. Cain floated the piece of candy out from behind his head. Gazing at in curiosity the first thing that she saw was that it was little ball of candy that seemed to have some kind of magical property to it, She almost didn't know what to make of it. "Y-you really didn't have to do this for me" She smiled with a blush on her face looking at Cain. Walking over to Cain to get a closer look at this gift Night Breeze floated the piece of candy with her own magic to get a good look at it. Little pieces of art seemed to be on the surface of the candy, All tho hard to make out, They seemed to resemble the things she liked. Hearing him say that it wasn't just for show seemed to only raise her curiosity more. "Really, I can't thank you enough, This was awfully sweet of you to do" Night Breeze smiled looking back at Cain, before wrapping her hooves momentarily around his neck in a hug before releasing him again, a small blush on her face. "Now, That you have worked so hard at this hour, why don't you relax a little now, and join me in a little star gazing?." She said with a soft voice, a bright smile on her face. She would be all to happy to help him relax. All tho away from the spa she still could use her soothing magic. Floating the candy back down, She examined it with her eyes once more before finally tasting it.
  6. I might have to think on it for awhile. any of your mentioned characters could be in the velvet strand since they are both do therapy. Seeing as the velvet strand is a resort town that has alot of spas and the like maybe they end up there for business reasons. Or maybe a visit for themselves? All tho I have to figure out how Lockhart plays into this. His job if you will is to protect his herd of Peryton, and often wanders around making sure all is well. Maybe they meet him on one of his rounds?
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    Arashi Doro No Hogo-sha

    Yet another awesome character from a awesome artist! He seems like a fun character.
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    DreamWanderer's Rp log

    [Lockhart Thunder][Peryton][Male][Older Buck][Lockhart's App] Past and present threads Notable events and achievements ====================================================================================================================================== [Dream Wanderer][Pegasus][Male][Young Stallion][Dream Wanderer's app] Past and present threads Notable events and achievements
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    DreamWanderer's Rp log

    [Heart Shield][Pegasus][Male][Young Stallion][ Heart Shield APP] Past and present threads Notable Events, and achievements Competed in the 2018 running or the leaves Met Applejack in the running of the leaves Bumped into Sombra at the castle ============================================================================================================================================== [Night Breeze][Unicorn][Female][Mare][Night Breeze's app] Past and Present threads Notable events and achievements
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    LockHart Thunder

    A terrible drawing of my newest oc Lockhart Thunder. I'm not good at doing the whole body, so i just drew his head I guess practice makes perfect, right?
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    A night out [Closed] SirAizen

    Night Breeze stared in curiosity as Cain went behind his cart to make what he was going to make for her. "Oh, really you don't have to do this... I wouldn't want you to waste your supplies." The gray unicorn said trying to explain. She wouldn't want him to be short on supplies for his next show. She didn't quite understand why he was so enthusiastic about making her something, especially at such a hour at night. Anyway she thought perking a ear up at the noises of him moving things around in the cart. "Oh you won't regret going. I good spa treatment can really help ease stress and any kind of back pains you might have after a long days work" She said with a bit of excitement in her voice. Night Breeze continued to look in curiosity as he worked behind his cart. "Oh, What are my favorite things?" She asked with a bit of a surprise. "I like going for walks through the forest on calm night. The sound of a gentle flowing river or waterfall, The clam breeze on clear night, or the crackling of a fireplace on chilly day" She thought to herself as she listed off what she likes. "Well I always enjoy doing my job, I like exploring and finding new relaxing places in nature, or wandering through Canterlot's streets meeting new ponies and trying new shops." She pondered to herself for a moment. What was he making anyway?
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    Wandering Astray [Closed] Pretzelparty

    "Oh, you have quite the beautiful place to call home then." Night Breeze smiled looking at Taira, At least he seemed to be friendly enough. "...I hope I'm not a bother by being here?" She asked thinking for a moment hoping she wasn't being intrusive. The kirin mentioned that he was guide for the mountains. Now she really did worry a bit that she was someplace she shouldn't be. It didn't seem all that dangerous in her eyes tho, But if he mentioned of it she would be all to happy to go somewhere else. "That certainly sounds like a fun job." The gray unicorn kept a smile on her face trying to remain calm. Having put her book back into her bag the large kirin seemed to notice her drawings inside. "Oh, by no means. I just like drawing things that i find interesting along the way that i can't fit in my bag. All tho its not good drawing, It gives me something to remember it by. I would bring a camera for accuracy, but i always find drawing more fun, Maybe i have to bring one along with me sometime." The mare tried to explain as she thought to herself somewhat nervously. Sitting back down on her hind legs she returned the greeting Taira gave. "It's a pleasure to meet you too, Taira" She grinned kind of shyly. "Oh, yes i work at a spa all the way back in Canterlot. Admittedly i came here without doing any prior research into this place. I was just kind of wandering around in hopes of finding something that could inspire my work, and help me relax myself. I was wandering through the mountains when this one caught my eye with its green mist surrounding it, And, well my curiosity just got the best of me." She smiled with a shy blush on her face, looking up at the Stocky kirin hoping he would understand.
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    Lockhart Thunder [Ready]

    Roleplay Type: Main Rp Name: Lockhart Thunder Sex: MaleAge: Older buck, (stallion in pony terms) Species: Peryton Eye colour: GreenCoat: Light Brown with a white streak on his belly. A white splotch can be seen on his muzzle, and near the bottom of his legs.Mane/Tail: His tail is matching that of deer. Slightly longer than the average deer tail like medium length. It matches his coat color, with white underneath the tail. His mane is black, and short in length running all the way down his head and part of his neckPhysique: Lockhart Stands taller then most in the herd, With a stocky build. His antlers are that of a normal whitetail, but are longer and stocky in size. With large folded wings Residence: He live in small hillside home on The velvet strandOccupation: Protector of a herd of Peryton Cutie Mark: "Not applicable" Unique Traits: All tho being a Magical being in sense, but possessing no horn like a unicorn has, His large antlers act like a conduit for magic which flows through the herd. The points of the antlers pull the magic in from around him and distributes it to other nearby Peryton. A sweet smell comes from around him, Water slowly turns to a crystal clear, and other lifeforms seems to thrive around him. All tho his magic much weaker when he is by himself, and is amplified around other Peryton. History: Lockhart Thunder was born in a herd of Peryton near the NImbusgait lakes in what is know as the Velvet strand. As a Peryton life growing up was vastly calm. At a young age Lockhart was taught to protect the herd, and showed a great promise in becoming a strong protector one day. His parents also being both Peryton brought up Lockhart in caring home, but also drove home the responsibility of keeping the peace in the heard. Years of training grew Lockhart into a large and fit build, and was very good at protecting the others that where weaker. Growing into his young adult years he courted a beautiful doe Peryton named Autumn aura, and to this day can be often found by her side. Being a older Peryton now Lockhart watches over his fellow Peryton, And can be often times found wandering the velvet strand making sure everything is calm, or spending time with Autumn. Being older now he prefers to have a peaceful life like the rest in the herd, But is still plenty strong enough to protect himself and others. Lockhart hopes to one day be able to retire from his job of protecting his kind, and let some other strong peryton take over so he can live in peace worry free. Character Personality: Lockhart is generally a very easy going guy, and can be quite friendly to be around. That is as long as you leave his herd unharmed. When defending his herd he can be quite aggressive and unwilling to back down. He has a very lighthearted mood most of the time, but to some can seems a bit serious, and lacks a sense of humor. All tho it is not his occupation he all to happy to help others relax. If that means sitting with them for awhile so they feel safe. Character Summary: Overall, Despite his looks, Lockhart is a very enchanting creature to be around. He all to happy to help someone relax, and is happy to listen to what they have to say, and can be found wandering around the velvet strand most of the times. He had a very lighthearted mood, but lacking of a sense of humor. His antlers draw magic from around him, and restore life to plants, and purify the air and water around. Lockhart used to be young and wild, but now mostly prefers to be old and wise. He some day wishes he can retire to live worry free.
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    A night out [Closed] SirAizen

    Picking the strewn supplies up Night Breeze set them back in the cart. She noticed Cain pausing for a moment almost seeming frozen like a statue before his face reddened. He did look rather cute like that. She smiled her own face growing a bit of a pink shade, which was rather easy to see with her gray colored coat. "There is no need to be embarrassed about it Dear, I enjoy helping others, and i couldn't just stand there and let you do it all" She said in soft tone. Night Breeze stood there for a moment looking at Cain. His green colored eyes where really quite catchy, she seemed to stare blankly for moment, before looking to she him taking some of his supplies out of his cart. "your welcome dear" she replied with a smile. Her eyes widened a bit when he said he was going to make her something. Night Breeze swayed for a moment on refusing, or letting him make something. She didn't want him to waste his supplies. Besides it was late, he could probably use the rest. "Aw, That is awfully sweet of you, But There is no need to, Dear. You have probably worked hard enough today. Why don't you relax a little?" She said trying to convince him other wise, But he seemed insistent. Night Breeze thought for a moment raising her hoof to her chin. "Hmmmm, Why don't you make something you want? What ever comes to mind." She suggested. Night Breeze had to do something in return, all she did was pick up his stuff and here he is making her things. "How about i do something in return for you?" She asked pondering for a moment "How about a free visit to the spa sometime on me? You could use some relaxation every now and again?" She said gazing at Cain. Night Breeze was all to happy to help others relax, She knew at the end of a long day nothing was better than to unwind for awhile. "If you ever decide to, just ask for me when you get there" Her face was soft pink as she awaited to see what he was going to make.
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    Wandering Astray [Closed] Pretzelparty

    Night Breeze had momentarily forgotten about her surroundings as she wrote in her journal. Busy drawing and writing she hadn't noticed the big Kirin approach her. With a Gasp she jumped up from her sitting place with a start. Turning to see the Kirin she started to relax again, A small blush and smile rose on her face from the embarrassment of being frightened. "Oh, Good morning to you too." The gray unicorn said in a soft manner facing the large Kirin. "I guess i am,?" She giggled lightly regaining her composure "You must be quite the climber as well? You made it past the strange fog mist stuff as well? Its quite peculiar isn't it?" Night Breeze said assuming he was just some other pony that was visiting. "Oh, My names Night Breeze" She replied picking her book and pen back up with her horn and placing them back in the bag on her side. "I was just up here to get some relaxation, and find some inspiration for my work at the spa back in Canterlot...What brings you up here?" She said as she stood back upright again a warm smile on her face. Night Breeze looked curiously at him, He seemed a bit congested. Maybe her healing or soothing magic could help? She had never tried to see if either would work on sickness. She stood for a moment thinking, glancing up the mountain again, Was this pony going to join her? Or was he just simply passing by? Night Breeze had to go see the peak of this mountain the view had to be amazing from up there.
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    Question on dragon OCs

    Hello all! I just had one quick silly question on creating OCs of different species other then ponies, Specifically Dragon OCs. I had a idea of creating an adult dragon OC for a little while now. He wouldn't be aggressive by means, or have any villain like motives, But rather be like a Old and wise dragon, That often appears as a bat pony. I went to start the app, and i was doing my research for the OC and i noticed it says baby, and teenage dragons only. I guess the obviously means no adult dragons what so ever? Maybe there is a different species i would be able to play fitting the age and such a type of personality of character ?
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    A night out [Closed] SirAizen

    "Oh, There is no need to dear" Night Breeze said in a calm tone as Cain didn't seem to want to go into his life story. all tho she was always willing to listen if he ever did feel like it. "I guess we do" She giggled to herself, It seemed they did have something in common "It certainly is beautiful out tonight, Its a shame not many ponies take the time to admire it" The unicorn mare said with a bright smile, Looking at Cain with somewhat of a blushing face. Her assumptions where correct she thought when she heard him talk of being a traveler. "Oh, No i didn't think you where homeless by any means, I know traveling ponies come and go from Canterlot a lot for various shows and business things." Night Breeze said trying to explain. The wheat colored pony refused her help, but he seemed to be struggling a bit with setting up the cart. She watched with a bit of a concerned look as he continued wrestling with the cart. "OOoo, You make candy?" She said with a bit of excitement in her voice "That sound like a lot of fun" Night Breeze added with a smile. She let out a little gasp as the cart suddenly tipped forward throwing various supplies out onto the ground. She knew Cain refused her help, but she just couldn't stand and watch him pick all those things up. Walking over and Lighting her horn up, the blue colored magic surrounded the strewn supplies and gathered them together, before picking some of them up to set them back into the cart. "Here, at least let me help you pick these back up, Its the least i can do." She said with a smile looking at Cain with bright eyes. Night Breeze hoped she wasn't being too personal, But she just couldn't not help. Noticing Cain offering some to her she smiled a moment before accepting the offer "Why thank you" She said with a smile.
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    A night out [Closed] SirAizen

    Night Breeze smiled a little as she listened to the pony explain himself, looking at him with a endeared face as she thought to herself, She liked spending time alone to relax, but perhaps a little company wouldn't hurt every now and again. Standing up on her hooves Night Breeze turned around so she wouldn't have to look over her shoulder at him, Standing up right she was a bit taller then the average pony that of about matching Cain's height. Looking at his cart somewhat out a bit of curiosity as Candy Cain mentioned about setting up for the night, Night Breeze attempted to figure out what it is he does for a living. She knew ponies of all kinds traveled in and out of Canterlot, Her thought was broken for a moment tho as he introduced himself to her. "Oh, you are no bother to me, dear" Night Breeze said in a reassuring tone, She almost always called everypony dear or honey. Some would find it awkward or too personal, but she always loved caring for others. "Well it's certainly nice meeting you Cain" She said with a bright smile on her face "My names Night Breeze, I live just in town" She smiled as she watched him set up his cart . "Oh, what am i doing? I'm just up here stargazing, I like to come out here sometimes to relax after a days work at the spa.....If you don't mind me asking what to do you do for a living?" She smiled with a pause as she was unsure if she should lay back down or offer him some help setting up. "Would you like some help setting up your cart?" Night Breeze asked with a bit of curiosity awaiting a response.
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    The Neon Demon of Polohama

    You always design the coolest looking characters. I really like the mane and tail design on him
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    A night out [Closed] SirAizen

    Night Breeze took a deep breath in as she closed her eyes in relaxation taking in the calmness around her, The gentle swish of a clam breeze blowing through the tree, crickets heard hear and there, and an unusual rattling noise heard a little ways off behind her. Flicking her ear at it she paid no mind to it, somepony was probably just passing through, She thought to herself. Some ponies would come and go out of Canterlot at night, mostly traveling ponies going town to town. She wandered in the back of her mind where this pony might be heading to, It was hard to tell. Opening her eyes again she glanced up at the stars, It was amazing how they could be so beautiful and yet also make you feel so small at the same time. Princess Luna sure had put out a beautiful display this night, It was a shame that not many took the time to admire it, She thought to herself glancing up at the castle perched over Canterlot. Its bright lights from the windows overpowering that of the rest of the city. The odd rattling noise heard from before seemed to be getting closer. Glancing over her shoulder Night Breeze didn't see anything. Letting out a little breath she returned to her star gazing, after all the path was just at the bottom of the hill behind her, This pony was just passing by. She was just getting relaxed again when a Squeak was heard from behind. Startling her a little she snapped her head up and looked behind her to see a wheat colored stallion with bright pink hair standing behind her, his legs looking stiff as a board. A soft smile rose on her face as she remained seated in her relaxed position with her front hooves stretched out in front of her, looking behind her at this new pony. "Oh, Um, Hello there" Night Breeze said in a soft tone a small blush on her cheeks. "I'm not in your way am I?" She asked looking behind him seeing a cart that he had been pulling, before returning her gaze to this stallion. "Have you come to join me?" She added in a soft voice, Her blue eyes gazed focused on this new arrival, studying him over, The littlest smile on her face.
  22. Happy Christmas eve and have a Merry Christmas everyone! :)I'm never to old to be excited about tomorrow :P  

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    Searching For A Partner!

    Sounds good to me. I understand being busy, take your time
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    Searching For A Partner!

    I like the idea of any one of those, I would be up for what ever you see fit.