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  1. DreamWanderer

    A night out [Closed] SirAizen

    "I guess it certainly is?" Night breeze said with a smile. She wasn't sure if the idea would work either, but it at least was worth trying. "No worries. If it doesn't work it will be fine, It was just a spur of moment idea for me." Night breeze added with a soft tone. She just wanted him to know that he didn't have to do this if he didn't want to. Cain insisted on not taking any bits, all tho she wanted to make sure he was paid for his work. All tho she wasn't going to argue with him if he insisted. Having laid down a cool breeze swept by the two just a moment later. Offering her scarf to him Night Breeze gave a little smile and a blush as he finally took it after another breeze had swept by. "Why don't you keep this one for yourself? As a little gift of my own." She asked as Cain wrapped it around his neck. She had more at home and they weren't that hard to come by, Prehaps it would give Cain something to remember her by. It had seemed that for a moment Night Breeze had been lost in her thought as she sang a soft tune. Being a bit embarrassed by it when she returned to her realization that Cain was next to her. Her face turned a bright red when Cain said that he enjoyed it. "Oh, I wouldn't call it a talent of mine, But i enjoy doing it on my alone time. I'm glad you like it tho." She said with a blush as Cain said that he enjoys her voice and company. Come to think of it She did enjoy having his company to. Mostly she would come out here alone, but it was nice to have a little company now. "Well i certainly enjoy your company as well." She said with a little giggle and smile. Night breeze sat for a moment returning her gaze back to the stars again. Before looking back at him again. "So, tell me Cain." She began pausing for a moment. "I have told you what i like. What about you? What is it that you like?" Night Breeze asked as she thought about what he could possibly like.
  2. DreamWanderer

    A visit to the velvet strand [Closed][ask for invite]

    "A psychology book? You must be quite more educated then i am then." Lockhart smiled facing the two as they conversed with each other. "I wish it could be that simple." He chuckled "I will most likely do the latter, Things are peaceful enough around here, but i don't like taking chances." He explained, listening as Tranquility explained her sensory spell. "Well i certainly wouldn't mind trying." He said pondering it to himself for a little bit. "No one seems to pass along our history here, I have no idea why. Our origins have become somewhat lost to history except for stories and rumors. It is storied that our wings came from your pegasus pony kind, And our deer likeness from our cousin White tailed deer." Placidity did seem to have a interesting,theory, all tho that was not for him to judge whether it was truth tho. "Surely." Lockhart smiled and turned away motioning for them to follow him with his hoof. Being the way the Peryton lived, Large multi roomed hotels didn't exist. Insisted little homes where dug out of the hillsides just like the Peryton's homes where. Walking along the small dirt path they passed several shops and homes. Crossing a small wooden bridge over a little stream, the stocky Peryton leaded them towards the shore of the lake which was on the edge of town. A hill rose just a little ways off the shore, following the small path around the hill it was found that the side facing the lake shore had a few homes dug into the hillside. Some where at the base of the hill, and some where closer to the top. Their fronts where mainly made out of stone. with one large window, and a doorway. The upper level homes where set back in the hill to make room for a path. The homes weren't much to look at, but the view of the lake made up for most of it. Looking behind him to make sure they where with him, He headed up a set of stairs leading up the hill which where made of simple logs that where split in half and imbedded in the ground. "Will this do for the two of you?" He asked with a smile gesturing to one of the homes with his hoof.
  3. DreamWanderer

    Wandering Astray [Closed] Pretzelparty

    "Oh wow, That's so interesting, When i came up here i figured it was some kind of strange weather phenomenon." Night Breeze said with a bit of enthusiasm. "I am mostly certainly going to have to learn more about this place." She said with a smile pausing for a moment as Taira seemed to have a sneeze coming. "You must have learned a lot about this place in your time here." She said standing up again. A thought entered her mind, Why did he live at the top of mountain ? He said that the mountain had been his families territory for quite some time, and this mist appeared somewhere around a hundred years ago. Could his line of family been living here before the mist appeared? Maybe she was thinking to deeply into this, She dismissed the thought. "That definitely sounds like the first place to go!" She smile stepping to follow Taira. "I'm sorry if i may seem a bit too over caring at times. Its part of what i do, and I enjoy caring for others, and i would hate to make you do anything, especially on a day that you aren't feeling well." She tried to explain, She just hated to see anyone not feeling well. "I hope you don't mind me taking inspiration from some of the features of you home land here. I have been saving up the bits to build my own spa, And i thought maybe i could theme some of it after the landmarks around here." She added on with a smile thinking to herself, as Taira stopped when he heard mention of her healing spell. "Ah, Yes, I have a healing spell i have used before on scratches and scrapes, and other physical pains, But never on Illnesses before" The unicorn said explaining as Taira turned to face her. She was happy to hear that he didn't mind. "Its actually quite rather simple. All you have to do is stand there, and I cast the spell. It may take a moment to fully work tho." Night Breeze looked Taira over. He was rather quite stocky in size. The healing spell she used always seemed to wear her out a little, But It might take a bit more magic to work on somepony of his size, than she had ever done before.She was all to happy to help tho.
  4. DreamWanderer

    A visit to the velvet strand [Closed][ask for invite]

    Lockhart smile when he heard they would be staying for awhile, giving a curious look when a mention of a book was made. "Your writing a book?" He asked out of curiosity. "I don't know if we would affect salt water, None of our kind has wandered far enough to come in contact with salt water that we know of." He said thinking about it for a moment. "I myself wish I could go to visit other places in equestria, But it is my job to protect the herd, and i do not wish to abandoned them." Lockhart added on, He had heard so much from visiting ponies from across Equstria about various places that would seem nice to visit. "A sensory spell?" He asked with the tilt of the head at the thought of it. "Yes we peryton are incapable of flight, We may have at one point, But I am not sure. I have heard stories of our origins, and whether or not we ever did fly, But they where all stories and rumors. Nothing solid." Lockhart said realizing that no one in the herd at least had ever passed down their history to one another, and it made him rather curious. "Well it's certainly good to meet you Placidity and Tranquility." He said with a smile.
  5. DreamWanderer

    A night out [Closed] SirAizen

    Night Breeze smiled as Cain seem to relax a little. She was always all to happy to help some pony relax, It seemed like he really deserved it as hard as he worked. "Oh, It wouldn't have to be complex like the one you gave me, Candies that highlighted only one of the feelings would work really well." Night breeze said with a smile "Besides you don't have to if you don't want to, It was just a idea of mine" She added making sure he knew that he didn't have to do this. Night Breeze looked at Cain with a bit of a surprised face when he mentioned of doing it for free. "Oh, no, I'd hate to see you waste your supplies, I know supplies cost, and i wouldn't want you to work without something in return." She quickly replied trying to convince him. "I'm certainly glad you enjoy being around me tho." She smiled with a slight blush. To tell the truth it was nice to have company of her own once in awhile. Night Breeze gave Cain a bit of a look and a smile as he lied down on ground next to her, before returning her gaze to above. The grass beneath her was cool, Not in a uncomfortable sense but just cool enough, All tho it would warm up soon enough with the heat from her own body. Adjusting her scarf on her neck she noticed that Cain didn't have anything to keep himself warm. Unwrapping it with her magic she offered it Cain. "Would you like my scarf to keep warm? I hadn't expected a little company this night, or i would have brought a blanket or something to keep warm." She said her face heating up a little. Soon enough the ground beneath her began to warm a little. Night Breeze stared into the night as she observed all the stars shining way up in the sky, The sound of crickets around them sounded off from near and far. Almost seeming like they where everywhere, Along with the occasional frog chiming in. "certainly is beautiful isn't it?" She asked in response. Her mind began to drift as she took in the sounds around her and focused on the night sky. She began to sing a soft tune to herself in a soft voice as her mind wandered, before remembering she wasn't alone. Her face began to heat up a little again. "Sorry, my mind kind of just wandered a little." She smiled her cheeks visibly pink
  6. DreamWanderer

    Wandering Astray [Closed] Pretzelparty

    Night Breeze sat for a moment thinking about how Taira said the mountain had been his families territory for a long time, Did all that strange mist have to do anything with him? She thought to herself, It just all seemed strange to her. The unicorn tilted her head at the mention of a sign he forget to put up down the path. "Is this green mist stuff shrouding the mountain always here?" She asked out of curiosity. "Well I'm glad that I'm not of a bother." She said with a smile. Her face began to light up a little as Taira mentioned of all the sights that could be seen on the mountain. "Ooo, That all sounds like fun, The Ancient structure of stones sounds like it could provide lots of inspiration to the atmosphere and theme of my spa, and the waterfall could provide inspiration for the relaxation." Night Breeze smiled enthusiastically. She was hoping that she could use all these ideas for the building of her own spa when she finally had all the bits saved up. "I would love to see around." She gave off a enthusiastic smile "But, please don't strain yourself." Night Breeze said with a bit of a concerned look. She hadn't thought of bringing any of her spa supplies with her, but maybe her magic could help ease it? "If you want I have a magic spell that might help with what ever ails you?" Night Breeze asked "I have a healing spell, but I have never tried it on illnesses so i can't guarantee it works, But i can try if you want, There is also a soothing spell i use a lot at the spa, maybe that can help relax you a little?" She was all to happy to help any pony. Some might see her as over caring, but she couldn't stand to see someone unwell.
  7. DreamWanderer

    A visit to the velvet strand [Closed][ask for invite]

    "Well you are most certainly welcome here as long as you stay." Lockhart replied to the two visiting unicorns. "Its good to hear that others are learning of our lands." He said in reply to Placidity mentioning of his kinds land in their studies. The Peryton where proud of their land and kind, almost to a boastful point. The Perytons knew they had a special effect on other ponies, and most where all to happy to brag about it. All tho Lockhart didn't do so outwardly but choose to do more so subtly. "You've most certainly picked a relaxing place to come on your free time." He added with a smile. "The water around us is cleaned of all impurities and turned a crystal clear color. I alone could purify a bucket or two of water in a day, All tho it takes lot of us to purify a sizable amount of water," The tall peryton remarked in a sort of boasting manner, trying to subtly pass it off as just answering their question. "Our kind is almost identical to that of our white-tailed cousins, aside from the fact that we have wings, and our magic ability. You would be correct in your assumptions, One is for channeling the magic around us, and the other is for distributing it around us in the form of our magic. As to which one does which, that i can not say as our magic isn't visible, and i have no control over it." Lockhart explained to the two ponies which he realized that he had not caught there name. "I would like to ask of you what your names might be? I have realized that i have not yet caught your names yet. My name is Lockhart Thunder, But you can just call me Lockhart for short."
  8. Fine by me, but I'll have to wait to see what szahli says (edit: I posted the Rp in WOE, Would you have a Oc to use in the main rp?)
  9. DreamWanderer

    A visit to the velvet strand [Closed][ask for invite]

    Lockhart Thunder had continued to make his rounds around town, as he made sure everything was in order. Around him he could see other Peryton going about there day and working through the shop windows, and all kinds of ponies going in and out of shops. He thought to himself as walked along scanning his eyes around, Being such a peaceful place, trouble was few and far in between. All tho things could get boring being so peaceful like this all the time, He didn't mind that. Lockhart looked forward to the day he could finally be able to settle down, and not have to worry about the herd on a daily basis, and let some other strong Peryton take over. Walking down one small dirt path he stopped as he heard some pony behind him summon him. Turning half way around to face them, he saw two ponies who seemed to be traveling together. "Good morning travelers, What exactly is it that i can help you with?" The winged deer asked in return, wandering what exactly they where needing help with. "Yes, indeed I am" He smiled in response to her question. "It is something that is naturally born in all of us Peryton. The source of our magic comes from our antlers. They can be somewhat comparable to that of the horns of you unicorns, Aside from the fact that we can not cast spells like that of you. Instead of the magic going out of your horns like you, our antlers draw the magic in from around us and channel it into a magic that gives off this aroma. It also helps plants and other living things around us thrive, and purifies the water around us, A great example of that is the NImbusgait lakes which have been purified by our kind for years now." He gestured to the lake that could be seen on the edge of town.
  10. It was a bright morning in a small town along the Velvet Strand. Lockhart Thunder rose from his sleep in his small home that was dug into the hill, Standing upright he stretched his legs and back. His muscles where a little sore, but a few stretches seemed to ease them. Looking over It had seemed that his darling Autumn had already set off to work for the day. Having himself a small breakfast he prepared to start the day off. Being among one of the stronger Perytons, He was expected to look after the herd. Which for quite awhile has been a pretty simple job, It was mostly peaceful around the NImbusgait lakes. Opening the door Lockhart stepped out of his home, The dew shined from the bright morning sun which was bright this morning. Like his home, most of the little villages around the velvet strand where small resort towns, which had all sorts of spas and shops dug into the hillsides which where strewn across the landscape. Connecting the homes and shops where small little dirt paths, and the occasional wooden bridges over streams and wet areas. Most of the hillside homes and shops all looked the same, and the only way to tell which was which where little signs that where posted or hung out front, stating the house number or business name. From Lockhart's home one could see the shore of the lake just a short distance away, It's water had been turned crystal clear after years from the Peryton living there. Setting off down the small dirt path from his home, The tall, and stocky winged deer wandered around town making sure all was calm, His green eyes scanned around the scenery and glanced as he past by the occasional pony. A sweet smelling aroma seemed to whisk along behind him as he plotted along down the path. Being a popular vacation place, Lockhart had gotten to see all kinds of species come and go from The little resort town. He didn't mind any of them as long as the didn't try to start any trouble.
  11. DreamWanderer

    A night out [Closed] SirAizen

    "They most certainly are." Night Breeze said with a little blush on her face looking at cain. Having gave Cain a quick hug, She observed his face which to seem a bit embarrassed and pleased at the same time. Giving off a single soft little giggle a blush reddening her cheeks as she smiled. Truthfully Night breeze had come out here expecting to be alone, but she rather did enjoy his company. Eating the piece of candy gave to her from Cain she could immediately feel a crackling feeling like that of a fire, It was rather quite unique. Soon after she could smell the slight smell of of fresh water, Followed by the sounds of happy voices around her that where seemingly pushed along by a gentle cool breeze from the night. How did he manage to make that into a candy? she wandered to herself. Turning to ask him Cain seemed to have felt it as well. Night Breeze tilted her head as he cut himself short on his sentence. His face suddenly turning to fear and shrank down, What was he so afraid of? Her face looked concerned, She knew just the thing to calm him down tho. Without a word Night Breeze light up her horn, a magic matching the color of her eyes floated off her horn towards Cain before wrapping itself around him in swirls. The magic was that of her soothing spell, The magic swirls continuously circled around him could be described like a soft velvet cloth that had been warmed gently as it continued to wind around him. "Easy now, There is nothing for you to fear" She said in a soft reassuring voice walking closer to Cain "You where not intruding, I love sharing my interests with others. I enjoy caring for others, and you are no different." She said with a smile on her face trying to show Cain that she didn't mind, before the spell fizzled away into the air. "You know your candy was actually good, and that gave me a idea" Night Breeze said thinking to herself. She came out hoping to find some Inspiration for back at the spa, And this might be just the stoke of inspiration she was looking for! "Candy like this could actually be a very good thing to have at the spa, and I'm sure ponies would love them, If you where interested i wouldn't mind paying you bits for them?" She asked trying to return to a light mood again. If he made candy like the one he gave to her, but each one only highlighting one thing, she was sure ponies where to love them. Turning around she laid back down on the ground under the tree. "Now, Why don't you come rest and relax a little?" She asked patting her on hoof beside her.
  12. Would you like me to start the thread or would you like to?
  13. DreamWanderer

    A night out [Closed] SirAizen

    As Night Breeze stood watching the commotion going on behind the cart where Cain was working, Her head tilting to one side out of curiosity. From behind the cart she could see bags and jars of candy supplies floating around as he worked over her gift, What ever that was to be she wandered to herself. This had already been a pretty eventful night, when Night Breeze left the house she hadn't expected that she would end up watching as a wheat colored stallion put together a piece of candy together for her from his cart. Cain having mentioned that this piece of candy was to give her all the things she liked at once, She seemed to have a curious look on her face as she wandered just what it could be? Finally after some time Cain returned from the back of his cart floating this gift behind his head with his magic. "I'm sure i will" Night Breeze said with a smile on her face, Agreeing that she would enjoy it. She wasn't much of a gift receiver, Night Breeze had always tried to act like she didn't deserve what she was getting when ever she received a gift, But this one had her curiosity. Cain floated the piece of candy out from behind his head. Gazing at in curiosity the first thing that she saw was that it was little ball of candy that seemed to have some kind of magical property to it, She almost didn't know what to make of it. "Y-you really didn't have to do this for me" She smiled with a blush on her face looking at Cain. Walking over to Cain to get a closer look at this gift Night Breeze floated the piece of candy with her own magic to get a good look at it. Little pieces of art seemed to be on the surface of the candy, All tho hard to make out, They seemed to resemble the things she liked. Hearing him say that it wasn't just for show seemed to only raise her curiosity more. "Really, I can't thank you enough, This was awfully sweet of you to do" Night Breeze smiled looking back at Cain, before wrapping her hooves momentarily around his neck in a hug before releasing him again, a small blush on her face. "Now, That you have worked so hard at this hour, why don't you relax a little now, and join me in a little star gazing?." She said with a soft voice, a bright smile on her face. She would be all to happy to help him relax. All tho away from the spa she still could use her soothing magic. Floating the candy back down, She examined it with her eyes once more before finally tasting it.
  14. I might have to think on it for awhile. any of your mentioned characters could be in the velvet strand since they are both do therapy. Seeing as the velvet strand is a resort town that has alot of spas and the like maybe they end up there for business reasons. Or maybe a visit for themselves? All tho I have to figure out how Lockhart plays into this. His job if you will is to protect his herd of Peryton, and often wanders around making sure all is well. Maybe they meet him on one of his rounds?