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  1. "Oh, There is no need to dear" Night Breeze said in a calm tone as Cain didn't seem to want to go into his life story. all tho she was always willing to listen if he ever did feel like it. "I guess we do" She giggled to herself, It seemed they did have something in common "It certainly is beautiful out tonight, Its a shame not many ponies take the time to admire it" The unicorn mare said with a bright smile, Looking at Cain with somewhat of a blushing face. Her assumptions where correct she thought when she heard him talk of being a traveler. "Oh, No i didn't think you where homeless by any means, I know traveling ponies come and go from Canterlot a lot for various shows and business things." Night Breeze said trying to explain. The wheat colored pony refused her help, but he seemed to be struggling a bit with setting up the cart. She watched with a bit of a concerned look as he continued wrestling with the cart. "OOoo, You make candy?" She said with a bit of excitement in her voice "That sound like a lot of fun" Night Breeze added with a smile. She let out a little gasp as the cart suddenly tipped forward throwing various supplies out onto the ground. She knew Cain refused her help, but she just couldn't stand and watch him pick all those things up. Walking over and Lighting her horn up, the blue colored magic surrounded the strewn supplies and gathered them together, before picking some of them up to set them back into the cart. "Here, at least let me help you pick these back up, Its the least i can do." She said with a smile looking at Cain with bright eyes. Night Breeze hoped she wasn't being too personal, But she just couldn't not help. Noticing Cain offering some to her she smiled a moment before accepting the offer "Why thank you" She said with a smile.
  2. Night Breeze smiled a little as she listened to the pony explain himself, looking at him with a endeared face as she thought to herself, She liked spending time alone to relax, but perhaps a little company wouldn't hurt every now and again. Standing up on her hooves Night Breeze turned around so she wouldn't have to look over her shoulder at him, Standing up right she was a bit taller then the average pony that of about matching Cain's height. Looking at his cart somewhat out a bit of curiosity as Candy Cain mentioned about setting up for the night, Night Breeze attempted to figure out what it is he does for a living. She knew ponies of all kinds traveled in and out of Canterlot, Her thought was broken for a moment tho as he introduced himself to her. "Oh, you are no bother to me, dear" Night Breeze said in a reassuring tone, She almost always called everypony dear or honey. Some would find it awkward or too personal, but she always loved caring for others. "Well it's certainly nice meeting you Cain" She said with a bright smile on her face "My names Night Breeze, I live just in town" She smiled as she watched him set up his cart . "Oh, what am i doing? I'm just up here stargazing, I like to come out here sometimes to relax after a days work at the spa.....If you don't mind me asking what to do you do for a living?" She smiled with a pause as she was unsure if she should lay back down or offer him some help setting up. "Would you like some help setting up your cart?" Night Breeze asked with a bit of curiosity awaiting a response.
  3. DreamWanderer

    The Neon Demon of Polohama

    You always design the coolest looking characters. I really like the mane and tail design on him
  4. Night Breeze took a deep breath in as she closed her eyes in relaxation taking in the calmness around her, The gentle swish of a clam breeze blowing through the tree, crickets heard hear and there, and an unusual rattling noise heard a little ways off behind her. Flicking her ear at it she paid no mind to it, somepony was probably just passing through, She thought to herself. Some ponies would come and go out of Canterlot at night, mostly traveling ponies going town to town. She wandered in the back of her mind where this pony might be heading to, It was hard to tell. Opening her eyes again she glanced up at the stars, It was amazing how they could be so beautiful and yet also make you feel so small at the same time. Princess Luna sure had put out a beautiful display this night, It was a shame that not many took the time to admire it, She thought to herself glancing up at the castle perched over Canterlot. Its bright lights from the windows overpowering that of the rest of the city. The odd rattling noise heard from before seemed to be getting closer. Glancing over her shoulder Night Breeze didn't see anything. Letting out a little breath she returned to her star gazing, after all the path was just at the bottom of the hill behind her, This pony was just passing by. She was just getting relaxed again when a Squeak was heard from behind. Startling her a little she snapped her head up and looked behind her to see a wheat colored stallion with bright pink hair standing behind her, his legs looking stiff as a board. A soft smile rose on her face as she remained seated in her relaxed position with her front hooves stretched out in front of her, looking behind her at this new pony. "Oh, Um, Hello there" Night Breeze said in a soft tone a small blush on her cheeks. "I'm not in your way am I?" She asked looking behind him seeing a cart that he had been pulling, before returning her gaze to this stallion. "Have you come to join me?" She added in a soft voice, Her blue eyes gazed focused on this new arrival, studying him over, The littlest smile on her face.
  5. It had been a long day at work for Night Breeze. Heading to her little home on the outskirts of Canterlot, she had decided she would spend some time outside of the city to get a little relaxation in her self. Having finished the things she needed to do at home, she glanced out the window to see it was already dark out. She smiled a little bit before using her magic to grab the blue colored scarf from the rack as she trotted for the door. Stepping outside Night Breeze noticed it wasn't too particularly cold out at all, But she decided to keep the scarf on to keep her warm from the cooler breeze that did blow every now and again. Leaving the city behind she trotted down the dirt path leading out from the lower parts of the city. It was a quiet night outside of the city, and the only noise that could be heard was the crickets coming from all directions. Glancing up she could see all the beautiful stars out, Looking back down again she searched for a place that looked comfortable. Up ahead of her just off the path was a small hill that had a tree just on its crest that cast a slightly darker shadow from the moon below it. It seemed like the perfect place as any to relax and unwind a little she thought to her self. walking up the hill Night Breeze stood for a moment to take in the Scenery, Below she could see the lights of Canterlot illuminating the dark silhouette of the city, The castle standing out from all of the buildings. Lightning bugs where seen every now and again all over the place, It was the perfect night. Lowering herself to the ground next to the tree she stretched her front hooves out and let out a little sigh as she glanced up at the stars above the city. She enjoyed spending the nights outside of the city, It was nice to get some relaxation in her self after having spent all day in the spa working.
  6. Happy Christmas eve and have a Merry Christmas everyone! :)I'm never to old to be excited about tomorrow :P  

  7. Sounds good to me. I understand being busy, take your time
  8. I like the idea of any one of those, I would be up for what ever you see fit.
  9. the Unexpected romance idea certainly sounds like fun, Perhaps one of the other ideas you had would give a reason for him bumping into her? Maybe he is lost when he finds her, or just happens to bump into her in Canterlot, seeing as that is where she spends most of her time. She does also like spending her time outside of the city at nights taking in the peaceful silence while staring up at the stars. Perhaps maybe he would join her?
  10. Hello! I just recently got my newest Character Night Breeze approved, And was eager to try her out in a RP thread. She is a unicorn that lives in Canterlot (Night Breeze's app here). If you have any Oc's that might be interested in interacting with her, I would love to hear them. She can usually be found around Canterlot, But she might just travel on few occasions to other places. I'm sure there is plenty of ways she can be found through out Canterlot, or around other towns
  11. Hmm I would be interested to use any one of my characters for a Rp. I actually just had one of my characters "Night Breeze" approved, and would love to try her out in a Rp, But i would be open to using any of my characters of course.
  12. Roleplay Type: Main RpName: Night Breeze Sex: FemaleAge: MareSpecies: Unicorn Eye colour: Sky Blue Coat: Light Grey Mane/Tail: A long mane, and tail, Mainly Brown in color with Blue stripes running through outPhysique: Taller, with a Average build Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Works in a Spa as a therapist Cutie Mark: A swirly breeze effect wrapping around a heart. As a foal, Night Breeze always seemed to enjoy caring for other ponies and animals. She would often stop to help ponies in any way she could. Night Breeze would often spend her time in libraries looking for spells, as well as the Archives, on the few occasions she had access to it. Most of her time was spent looking for non harmful spells, She could just never imagine harming some pony else. On one such occasion a Spell she had learned would prove very useful in the quest of gaining her Cutie Mark. It had been a average day outside among other foals for a Young Night Breeze who was not quite in her filly years yet, When one of the foals crashed in a bush trying to do something. Catching it out of the corner of her eye, She rushed over with a concerned look on her face. Helping The foal out, She looked to see scratches and scrapes all along the pony from the crash in the bush full of scratchy twigs and branches. Night Breeze's mind raced as she thought of what to do to calm this foal. Her mind went back to a spell she had seen in a book he parents had gotten for he out of the library. Unsure if it would work, Night Breeze looked to the pony as she cast the spell with all her might, It had to be better than nothing. A woosh was heard as the spell surrounded the pony, Seemingly flowing all around the ponies body, as the scrapes seemed to slowly healed. She was no means good at it but it was working. Having Casted the spell for as long as she could, She stopped to see the pony was mostly healed up. The Young foal thanked her as He ran off to continue playing. She could hardly believe she managed to do, When looked to see something else she couldn't believe. A cutie mark! Unique Traits: Night Breeze found to have a talent in Positive magic such as Healing, and soothing magic to calm worried or angry ponies and possibly other creatures in her older foal years. To this day In her studies she has limited herself to non harmful spells only, and finds her self unwilling to harm any pony for any reason. History: Night Breeze was born in the outskirts of Canterlot. Her Family wasn't considered to be rich by any means in comparison to the elite that lived within the Canterlot, But they weren't poor either. Night Breeze's Life growing up had been pretty calm. She spent most of her free time roaming outside at night, She loves getting outside of the city where she can lay on a grassy hill and observe the stars in the sky on a peaceful night. She also loves rainy days, Not so much being out on those day but staying inside and listening to the rain hit the window. After getting her Cutie Mark she set out to make it her profession to care for others. Reaching her Filly years she attended a school to become a Physical Therapist. Having finished school she found a job at a Spa inside of Canterlot, where she to this day works at. Her parents have always been supportive of her in her journeys and try to help out as well. She now owns her own little home in the lower parts of Canterlot and travels inside to work everyday. Night Breeze hopes that one day she can save enough bits to buy her own place within the city to set up her own spa. Character Personality: Night Breeze has always been a very calm and collected pony, and often cares for ponies needs over anything, and often times observes ponies body language and tone of voice trying to discern and help any issues there might be. Some times one might think she is over caring or obsessed, But Night Breeze only wishes the best for other ponies. She is very hard to get agitated, and will always try to find a way to defuse any aggression another pony or creature might have against her. Character Summary: Night Breeze Is a very calm and collected pony. She Lives in the lower parts of Canterlot and works in a spa in town. She loves caring for others, and spending her time out in calm night away from the city. She is hard to anger, and will often find a way to calm a pony or defuse a argument in the calmest tone she can. Some ponies may see her as over caring but she only wishes the best for others.
  13. Heart Shield was relived to hear that it wasn't going to be right away "Oh, I imagine i will be here when your ready then, I was just assuming you meant when my shift was over, but i see now." He replied in a soft voice as he tried to explain "Oh no, I'm in no rush!" Heart Shield said with a bit of a rush. He wasn't one to rush ponies He didn't like being rushed himself "Take your time, When ever your ready, Then so will i be" He said with a smile as he stretched he one leg out a bit to give it a bit of a stretch from standing so long. He glanced over to notice Sombra making his way towards the door before pausing. Heart Shield breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed he would be soon getting some peace and quiet again, A smile returned to his face. "I'm sure it will be a fun time." He knew this trip was bound to have some kind of excitement, Whether it was the fun or dangerous excitement, He just didn't know which.
  14. "Well i try i guess" Heart Shield responded to Sombra's remark. He wasn't sure if he should take that as a compliment or not, especially when it was coming from Sombra, He decided he wouldn't ask. "Oh don't worry, I won't leave you behind." He said in calm tone as he glanced over to Sombra as he got up from his seat. Once again Sombra was standing over him, He could only but glance up at Sombra reminding himself just how averaged height he was. "that is quite a lot of time to catch up on." Heart Shield added as he wore a little bit of a smile, He was hoping that Sombra wouldn't take that long to get back to him. He was a bit disappointed that Sombra had told him to stick around the castle tho. He was hoping he could have went home and got some stuff he wanted to take along on the trip. "Well there was some things i was hoping to grab before i went, but as you wish" Heart Shield said shyly trying not to annoy Sombra. "Well i'll be around here awhile until my shift is over." He glanced down at the golden armor he wore, Being on duty in the guard really didn't give him much of a choice right now tho, whether he wanted to grab some things from home or not.
  15. "Oh Its not a issue, I can see to myself" Heart Shield said in a casual manner. He knew he could figure his way out of just about any issue, But he didn't want to brag himself way over his head, and then get into something he truly couldn't get out of. He definitely would have to come prepared for everything on this trip, Knowing anything about Sombra He would have think as if he was doing this trip alone. "Actually if you don't mind me suggesting, I think there may be a easy way into that castle. If we follow the woods line south of Ponyville, there should a place near where the Bucephalus brook flows through the hills. We could use it to slip into the forest without too much of a fuss, and If memory serves me right looking at the map, It should put us just south of the castle.... Unless you insist other wise" He said as he thought about seeing the map before. Sombra was most likely to want to do it the harder way, But he figured he would at least suggest it. "I guess that is how it goes." Heart Shield said with a amused tone to his voice. Being in Sombra's company would definitely be annoying, But entertaining in a way he guessed. "I guess i wouldn't want to leave you behind, Wouldn't want ya gettin' lost now would we?" Heart Shield giggled to himself at the thought. "Of course i will, It sounds like a barrel of fun!" He obliged to Sombra's request. "Busy stallion eh?" Amusement was in his face as he let out a huff trying to contain his laughter at the thought of Sombra being "Busy".
  16. "Well...I guess you're right.... You are definitely one of a kind...." Heart Shield let out a low chuckle to himself. He grinned just a little bit when he noticed his voice of suspicion seem to get Sombra all riled up. "Sorry I jumped to conclusions, I just can never be to sure Sombra.... I mean a dark ruin of a castle that is probably dangerous enough on its own to its crumbling construction, and dark labyrinths of deteriorating and crumbling corridors and rooms. Not to mention being in the midst of dark forest that many ponies won't dare step a hoof in, It just would all seem to be too perfect of a set up to me." Heart Shield explained his suspicion to Sombra as his mind wandered as he thought about how easy it would be to "lose" somepony in such a secluded place, Surely no pony would step a hoof in the Everfree unless they had to. Heart Shield dragged his hoof in boredom for a moment as he glanced around the room, He gave a bit of a surprised look when Sombra mentioned it being a Half hour. "A half hour?.... I guess time flies when your having fun" The winged guard chuckled softly for a moment as he realized how slowly time was moving, It felt like it had been forever. He glanced down again in boredom as a thought spurred to his mind "You know i just remembered, If i wanted to see the two sisters old castle I Could skip the entire Everfree forest by flying over it all..... But i guess that wouldn't be nearly as fun." He rustled his feathers a moment, It would definitely get him there safe, Tho it indeed wouldn't be half as fun. Flying was probably the only thing Heart Shield had that Sombra didn't, Tho he wouldn't doubt Sombra had some kind of trick being a magic pony as he is. "Well I'm so glad that you care Sombra." Heart Shield put on a sentimental voice chuckling to himself, He knew Sombra wouldn't give two bits about him. He wasn't sure if trying to be humorous around Sombra would save him, or doom him. "Any time" Heart Shield added without thought. He couldn't think of having to see Sombra on a regular basis "Oh, No, I never expected to be" He tried to keep himself from laughing, Thinking about being friends with Sombra.
  17. Heart Shield took a deep breath as he sighed out. Glancing down at the floor with eyes that looked somewhere in between annoyed and slightly sad. He stood as he listened to Sombra's remarks, As much as wished he could just leave He couldn't, It would bring him into a lot of trouble if he where to leave his post for anything that wasn't important. He let out a single little amused huff as he imagined putting tape over Sombra's mouth to keep him quiet, or at least something over his ears to muffle the noise. He knew neither would work, but it at least was a amusing thought to him. "Well I'm not going to deny there might be better jobs out there, But i do quite like this job at times.... Tho this just doesn't seem like one those times" He added with a little bit of a pause as he looked straight ahead again, as he thought about other places that sounded good right now, as long as he had some peace and quiet to himself he smiled to himself. "Becoming a peasant?" Heart Shield asked in a bit of a huffy voice, looking over with a annoyed look. "Well what ever you call it, It still pays," He added as he glanced down in thought "Besides, If every pony was just like you. Then how would any work get done around here?" Heart Shield chuckled to himself. "I would gladly go exploring around the old castle, But tell me this, How do i know i can trust you not to try something funny and pull a fast one on me while we are there? He asked Sombra, Somewhat expecting not to get a straight answer, knowing how Sombra was.
  18. Heart Shield stood around the middle of the room as he listened to Sombra as he sat on the table to the side of him. He had hoped today would have been a peaceful day being mostly away from other ponies, But it seemed Sombra had other ideas. Heart Shield cocked his head in curiosity at Sombra's pause as he pointed a hoof at him. "If not then what?" He asked as if he didn't know the answer to that one. Heart Shield had a few ideas as to what Sombra was implying to, but he figured he would see how Sombra would word it. A small grin grew on His face as he saw Sombra roll his eyes at his little joke. He figured at this point if Sombra wasn't going to tolerate him, He would at least make sure he deserved it. "I do things to my own free will all the time" Heart Shield insisted to Sombra "I do lots of things on my free time to my own accord. Yes i do get told what to do here, But it is my own decision to be here, and the job can actually be quite enjoyable at times. Besides my home isn't going to pay for itself, so i have to do something for bits" He explained trying to convince Sombra otherwise, but he somehow knew that wouldn't be enough of an explanation. "Well I have never explored The forest myself much either" He added to Sombra's remark. "Accompany you into the Everfree?" Heart Shield said with a little bit of surprise in his voice. He had a itching suspicion Sombra would try to lure him into some kind of trap or another, But that only made it seem that much more exciting. "I have never been to the old castle before, It would be exciting to see what may still be still hidden with in" Heart Shield said some what showing a enthusiastic tone in his voice. He put a hoof to his chin for a moment as he thought about what was still at the old castle, and the risks it would take getting there, Especially with having Sombra around.
  19. "Well to tell the truth, I have heard lots about what you are like, and what you have done, But I am afraid i know little about what you actually are besides a Umbrum, Am i correct?" Heart Shield said trying to explain himself. He decided he would later try to read and find out more about Sombra's origins later, unless Sombra himself gave him some insight. All tho He wasn't sure he could bear Sombra for much longer than he had to, and decided not to ask unless Sombra mentioned of it. " It's a privilege to get along with you?" Heart shield asked curiously, with a amused look on his face as he thought about making a wisecrack at that comment, he just couldn't help himself. "Sounds more like torture to me, but how ever you want to word it" Heart Shield couldn't help grin as he chuckled to himself for a moment. "I'm glad you at least consider it tho" He added, the same grin still on his face. With the annoyance Sombra brought, Heart Shield had to at least amuse himself in some way to keep a light mood. "No, none of the such. Now adventures? I do like wandering about finding new places, and new things on my free time. Oh the trouble with the Everfree? I merely just bumped into a bunch of Timberwolves with a friend of mine. Isn't much of a story to tell. I went there when i was little, when i was told not to, But i was curious and went there any way. We ran into a bunch of Timberwolves, and We hurriedly found our way out of the forest soon after." Heart said as thought to himself. There wasn't much interesting about him. Sombra was most likely to find that boring, but that was all he had to tell.
  20. "Well I'm glad to hear that at least." Heart Shield said with soft tone, unsure if that could be said about all the ponies. Sombra had brought up him being able to walk on clouds, and control the weather, which reminded him that he had forgotten about that. "Oh yeh, I guess that is magic in its own way." He said thinking to himself for a minute as he noticed Sombra's sour expression to him mentioning a cutie mark. "Oh, sorry about that. I do remember hearing a mention about what you are a while back, but i wasn't sure if you could gain a cutie mark or not." Heart Shield said in a bit of soft tone, He found it rather awkward that he had forgotten about that, as he shifted on his hooves. "Oh well sorry then.." He quickly remarked at Sombra's refusal of the apology. "Oh i have no issues with you Sombra, as long as you don't give me a reason to" The gold armored pony said in a remark, Realizing that he may be digging himself deeper in the hole instead of out with Sombra, After all he was rather hard to please. "You're quite hard to get along with aren't you?... I think i'd rather have to listen to Discord." Heart Shield said in a low tone chuckling softly to himself, almost hoping he didn't hear any of that. "Yes, Like what to do you enjoy doing......" Heart Shield paused to see Sombra wide grin on his face "Actually... Never mind i asked" Heart Shield nervously chuckled to himself "Oh really, There isn't much to me" He insisted as he thought to himself "I was born in ponyville, and lived there to i was old enough to move here to Canterlot on my own and join the guard. There really isn't really anything of the likes to say about me, other then maybe i did foolishly get myself into trouble in the Everfree when i was little once, But other than that I have got nothing interesting to say about myself" Heart Shield said realizing that maybe he was really that boring.
  21. Heart Shield breathed a sigh of relief as Sombra seemed to wander off on some less antagonistic discussion. "Well i can't say i know a lot about history, just mostly the basics. So you placed a curse on the crystal empire causing a whole city of ponies to disappear with you? What happened to them? Sorry i seem ignorant.... seeing as I'm not a pony that can do magic or anything.." He said sort of bashfully fluttering the feathers on his wing for a instant. Heart Shield looked with a curious look on his face when Sombra mentioned he didn't have a cutie mark. He seemed to hid very quickly that he said that."You don't have a cutie mark?" He asked in a bit of a surprised face "I guess it never to late tho." Heart Shield added trying to keep a light mood. "I'm sorry to hear that you have been treated that way" Heart shield said trying not to seem rude to what he said "You mentioned of the mare that ran the orphanage? Perhaps not all of them where so bad? I can see what you mean tho, Bad news seems to get around much faster than good." Heart said as he glanced around the room again, before glancing back at Sombra, as he observed His face seem to twist though emotions, as he tried to hid them "Maybe being here in the castle around the princesses could help put the past behind you? Maybe perhaps you could look forward to a much calmer future? Heart shield said as he tried to act encouraging in some way, or at least not hateful to Sombra "So, Is there anything you enjoy doing on your free time besides... well you know? I have always heard ponies say to do what ever makes you happy in life." upon finishing the sentence Sombra asked him if he had anything to say. Heart shield was taken off guard by the question as Sombra was so much into talking about himself. "Well, no i can't really say anything.... I have had a pretty uneventful life so far" He answered back in a soft tone.
  22. "Yeh I guess i would...I don't think i could listen to you for days on end." Heart Shield chuckled to himself as he pondered for a moment at Sombra's inquiry. He couldn't imagine having to listen to Sombra for the rest of his career, This few minutes Sombra has been around him had felt like a eternity it's self, He thought to himself. Heart Shield eased up a little, It seemed Sombra was backing off again all tho that was probably far from the last of it. Heart Shield has loosened up a little, and had a bit calmer look on him now, but he still had a trace of annoyance in his face. "Princesses failure? How so?" He asked rather curiously. Heart Shield had to be careful to discern the things Sombra would say, He had no idea if Sombra was telling the truth or trying to spread some kind of "self propaganda" about how he is the better one somehow. He arched a brow curiously as he said something about the crystal ponies being just as terrible as he was. "You say the crystal ponies where as terrible as you? Do tell?" Heart Shield asked curiously at such a claim. Heart went on to listen to Sombra speak about how he had put the issue between him and the princess behind them now, and at least hoped he was doing this for good reasons, and not for some deceiving reason. He just never could tell with Sombra. "Well, I certainly hope you have good intentions now?" Heart Shield asked, Causally looking over to Sombra again, Just to see how he would respond.
  23. "Yes, I can very much enjoy this job at times........ However this doesn't seem to be one of those times." Heart Shield said in a annoyed tone. He stood looking away from Sombra now. His eyes where narrowed in a aggressive manner, His ears where folded back. It seemed like there was no end to Sombra's constant remarks. He raised one of his front hooves up slightly, stomping it down in annoyance, His mouth formed a aggressive gesture. He felt Overwhelmed and tense on the inside, Like he could snap at any time. Heart Tried to keep his cool, but Sombra was rapidly bringing it to a boil. "Others should be serving you!?" Heart Shield couldn't believe such a bold remark. "Well good luck with that, I for one would probably have to leave if i had to serve someone such as you." Heart Shield said in a snappy mood. Sombra was getting what he wanted, and that only made Heart Shield more aggravated. "Yes, I have had the unfortunate mistake of hearing of you before.." Heart Shield Huffed, He was Shocked that Sombra had pushed him this far. Normally it took a lot for him to get this aggravated. "Ah, I have heard all sorts about you. You turned Princess Amore into black crystal, Before enslaving the kind citizens of the crystal empire to dig in search of what? Couldn't you do the digging, Some pony as strong as yourself? And if i have my information right, You where cast into a void of ice for a quite a long time, By the princesses never the less?" Heart Shield remarked with a huff. It seemed Sombra was really bringing out the worst in Heart Shield
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