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  1. Thinking about learning how to draw and write fancier. I have been wanting my OC Dream Wanderer to keep a journal, and i thought it might be a neat idea for "him' or me in this case to sketch out the interesting things and ponies he sees along the way. Only i have a long way to go from " mediocre  art" and chicken scratch of writing :PMaybe that will just be his style lol

  2. Hello all. I'm sort of back. I'm sorry for my sudden disappearance. Life has gotten pretty hectic. Working a full time job on the weekdays, and working a side job on the weekends has left me little time to write. Sorry for any inconvenience to any Rp's i was in.

  3. Sorry for not responding right away to any Rps that are waiting on me this weekend. For some reason i just feel tired and can't get myself interested enough to come up with a response. I should reply to the waiting threads in the next day or two. Sorry for the wait. :blush: :) 

  4. Hooray i turn another year older tomorrow! which just so happens to be a Monday back to work :/:P 

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    2. PyroBlaze


      Well, happy early birthday then! Hope it's a good one.

    3. tacobob


      Happy Birthday! :D🎂

    4. DreamWanderer


      Thanks all! :) 

  5. Happy Christmas eve and have a Merry Christmas everyone! :)I'm never to old to be excited about tomorrow :P  

  6. Ugh, Spent most of my weekend being sick :(. Wish i could have posted more, but i just can't think of anything. 

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