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    We can totally Rp when I figure out how to get rp certified :D
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    Thank you for the welcome! ^^ How are you enjoying this site so far?
  3. Hello everyone! I'm just a guy from Eastern Europe who decided to sign up on this website with the intent of finding interesting people to do romantic roleplaying with ^^ My hobbies include: drawing, writing, powerlifting, making videos. How I found Canterlot.com I found this website thanks a friend. She said that she met one of her acquaintances on this site so i got curious... How i became a fan. I decided to give mlp a try because one of my friends kept pestering me about it. Turns out, I would not regret watching the show. I eventually became a brony overtime. My favourite pony(ies): It has got to be Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis. I seem to have a soft spot for good female villains. I mean, who does not?
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