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  1. Opal had never once heard of this kind of creature. An animal which could change shape? Well, a winterchilla definitely can change shape.... an encounter that happened when she was a filly, of which Opal never wants to repeat. "Thank you, Miss," Opal replied to the red mare's 'righto.' "Huh, that is definitely something, Mr. Writer. It would be interesting to meet such a creature since I thought only changelings had that magic." She followed his glance to an area of the library, but saw nothing. He was definitely thinking about something. If anything, Opal was observant and curious, even when it didn't seem so to others. She then looked at the guard. He definitely spoke differently from the rest of the ponies she's met, which made her wonder where he's from. "Um, I do not know much about Hippogriffs, sir. However changelings can transform into anypony and also sound like them, to my knowledge. Also they can transform into custom ponies I believe as well. What they used to do was replace ponies and feed off of a ponys' love for each other. I'm sure you've heard of what happened to Princess Cadence when her and Prince Shining-Armor were getting married in Canterlot..... We had had some run-ins with them from time to time in the Crystal Empire too. After their queen was defeated by Thorax and Starlight Glimmer, I believe at least most of them had changed their ways, and they do not do that anymore. They still have their magic, but they do not use it for wrong doing like that, to be more specific." Opal did her best to recall her knowledge of changelings to best answer the guard's question.
  2. "For a living?" Opal asked confused for Pinkie had visited her shop before. "I have my shop. I love to make all sorts of things out of crystal and glass. My mother and father are in the gem business, however. Berry is using one of my pieces of art as we speak." Opal motions to the goblet that berry is using for one of her customers. "Haha, as you can see its very detailed work. Its quite fun. I can show you how I make the glasses that Berry has ordered, if you'd like, Ms. Pie."
  3. Opal tilted her head in thought at the question. "Do you mean Changelings?", remembering the incidents at the Crystal Empire over the years until they turned over a new leaf. Thorax visits Princess Cadence and her family from time to time, and even explores the markets as well. They are a interesting kind of pony creature at that. "Or do you mean literal animals? ........ Also, sir, I am Opal Frost. How may I address you? Actually all of you?" She gives a slightly awkward/nervous chuckle.
  4. "Haha, alright Ms. Pie." Opal says. Thinking to herself, she heeds Berry's advice, 'This will be good for this one very excited pony and the whole town if its been a while since they've had a nice party.' "Other than this... please surprise me. I do like surprises, other than the day and time and place I would like to know a head of time. However, thank you for taking my preferences into consideration." Going back to her normal listening self, Opal finds amusement in the following conversation. At the mention of a "fight club" she tilts her head, unsure of what to think of it. Why would ponies join a club about fighting? This is Ponyville, wasn't this supposed to be a friendship filled peaceful community other than the random mishap? When Berry went to get one of the goblets from under the counter, Opal couldn't hold back a small smile. She hoped that Berry would find them. Opal poofed them in when Berry wasn't looking as a thank you present, for being kind and ordering such a large number of glasses earlier. "Um, Berry?" Opal starts when she believes it is okay to speak. " 'SOGS' ?"
  5. Opal's ears perked up at the sound of cocoa. Abandoning, her intent to search for a book, she shyly walked closer to the group with a small smile. "A hot cocoa sounds lovely, please, thank you. No marshmallows, but some whipped cream if you have any, please." Opal then nodded to the others as a silent greeting. Of course, her bangs fell down out of place, covering a very good bit of her face. "How awkward," she thought as she used her magic to put them back in their place.
  6. Opal listened to the story. She's never heard of a "Okami" before, she'll have to ask when its her turn to speak. Also in the Crystal Empire she's never heard of "nightmare night," perhaps it was similar to their harvest festival. All of a sudden she saw Ms. Pie happily come in the door, and the next thing Opal knew the pink pony was sitting next to her. She ordered a very large order of juice. Was she going to drink it all? That's a lot of sugar. Also Opal thought it was just a grape juice and wine shop, hahahahhaha. Even though Pinkie was a bit overly hyper for Opal's taste in company, she was quite humorous to observe. Opal shyly smiled with a very light chuckle, "Oh hello Ms. Pie. Ummmmm I really enjoy Vanilla cake with a layer of raspberry filling and then chocolate icing on the outside. Hahaha. Also fireworks? Sparklers? Isn't that a bit too much for a welcome party?" Opal kept respect in her voice, she was extremely grateful for the party Ms. Pie offered to throw. She can only guess they go all out for parties in Ponyville? Parties were not held often in the Empire while Opal grew up, just small gatherings up until it was saved by Princess Twilight and her friends. Thinking of those depressing times made Opal frown slightly.
  7. Opal nodded to Berry as she kept an eye on the two newcomers. She has never seen ponies like these before. Certainly they must have many tales from beyond Equestria, of which Opal was looking forward to hearing.
  8. "I see," Opal says then finishes her glass. "That hit the spot! Thanks again, Berry! Should we get started on the tour?"
  9. Opal places the bits on the counter and takes her drink, poofing away the pocket book for convince. "Hmmm. Perhaps Ms. Pie is throwing a party of something? Hmmm." She takes a sip of her grape juice. "Oh this is very refreshing! I don't understand why more ponies aren't in here." She takes another sip of the sweet drink.
  10. "That's good! It teaches them to take care of their world at a young age, and yeah it is safer......... May I order a glass of green grape juice please?" Opal poofs in her small change purse that she left at home to pay for the beverage. She smiles shyly, "I don't like to drink."
  11. Opal gave Berry a small nod as a thank you for opening the door for her. Her wine and juice shop was quite lovely, and the delicious fragrance from the beverages was in the air. She waits on the customer side of the counter for Berry to direct her where she'd like her to sit. Opal is a quiet and simple pony, she's a better listener and thinker, rather than talker.
  12. On a nippy night like this, Opal would never pass up a walk. She loved the cold. It was a beautiful night, there were very few clouds blocking the moon and stars, and the wind was gently blowing. As she was wondering about, she caught glimpse of Princess Twilight's Crystal Tree Castle, of which she also heard serves as the public library. The princess was quite the bookworm, Opal heard while she was still living in the Crystal Empire. She must have a vast assortment of books. Opal decided visiting and looking around wouldn't hurt anyone, as long as it was still open. She was new in town, and it was due time to look at the library. As she approached the castle, she noticed guards at the door. She gave a shy nod to the armored stallions and was allowed inside. A faint murmur of voices came from a room down the hall, which Opal thought must be where the books are. She peaks into the room seeing a red mare with a beautiful winter coat, a guard, and random stallion. Shyly, she walks into the room and heads over to look around at the books, leaving the ponies to their own business. She loves reading, however she hopes to find some sort of spell-book to study.
  13. Opal thinks for a moment. "That would be nice! A tour around town would be fun and helpful, please and thank you, Berry."
  14. Opal slightly tilted her head at the wink, not sure what to think about it, then regained her posture. "No problem," she said in reply. "Uh yes, that sounds fun, I would like to meet someponies before Ms. Pie throws me that party she talked about. And yes, that is what I have heard. Its why I choose to move to Ponyville." Opal said the last part cheerfully. She hoped that this was the right decision and that she would enjoy the generally more down-to-earth paced life here.
  15. Opal smiled, glad Berry seemed to love the design of the glass. She writes down the order on her notepad. "I only have that one and eight blanks at the moment, it will take me about five days, give or take a day or two for unforeseen circumstances, to make two dozen total. Haha I'm so glad you like it. I am not sure what ponys' styles are like in Ponyville, this will definitely be a learning experience. I think Ponyville will be a very nice change of pace. I do like it here, i just have things to unpack still, and actually make it feel like home. Ya know? And yes seeing her tree castle was quite a sight. She and her friends helped to free the Crystal Empire, more than once, for which all Crystal Ponies are very grateful for. Hahaha, of course you don't look old, but yes, it does seem like a while ago now."
  16. Opal slowly looked over her current displayed stemware styles. In the Crystal Empire, ponies enjoyed having decorative etching and faceted designs, both frosted and non-frosted. She knows she has some plain glasses in storage. She had enough stock already made from the move that she did not have to make more yet. "Please wait here, Berry, I will go look to see what I can do for you." Opal said to Berry with a small smile. In her attic now, she had boxes of crystal and glass, not yet made into anything, also personal belongings of course. After several minutes of searching, she finds the small box of nine blank stemware wine glasses. "Ah here we are." Using her magic, she levitates one of them into the light from a nearby window. Thinking of what design could belong in a wine and grape juice shop, Opal sets the glass down on a box and adds some frosted vine designs into the crystal. The vines would be small and spread out enough to still easily see the beverage within. Happily, Opal brings the one glass back down to the shop with her and sets in on an empty stand. "I found some blank glasses in the attic. If you like the design, I can make them all into the same style and could have them ready for you in one to two days, depending on how many you need."
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  18. "Oh, yes I agree, that is a splendid idea!" Opal motions to Berry and starts to walk through the glistening shop. This is definitely an excellent idea, especially since Opal is very new to the neighborhood. "I have a multitude of mugs, cups, glasses, and stemware. I also have small pastry displays and bread baskets. If nothing is to your fancy, I can make a custom item, or items, for you, provided a sketch of what you wish for it to look like." Opal levitates a notepad and pencil from behind the counter to her so she can write down what Berry would like to have. Boxing items, and the correct items at that, is very important so they have a lesser chance of at least chipping in transit, let alone shattering.
  19. Oh she remembers that day. Miss. Pie came in the shop with a party hat and noise makers... and confetti... lots of confetti. Opal had been somewhat afraid that she might knock over one of her crystal pieces. Pinkie was very friendly and energetic, a enthusiastic welcome that brightened Opal's day. Not to mention she gifted Opal a fresh baked tray of cupcakes, they were very, very yummy. The bright pink, smiling pony was talking very fast, but wanted to schedule a welcoming party soon enough. We didn't have welcoming parties, at least in our area of the Crystal Empire. It was a welcome change. "Haha, yes, she came by with a tray-full of cupcakes the other day. She is a bright pink ray of sunshine. Hahaha. It is nice to meet you, Berry Punch, I'm Opal Frost. Perhaps some time I will stop by your shop. What can I do for you today?" Opal smiles, but her face quickly notices a figurine out of place. She swiftly uses magic to adjust it, then smiles awkwardly.
  20. Not too long ago Opal moved to Ponyville and opened her crystal crafts shop, "Transparent Treasures." Moving was definitely a journey in itself. Leaving family and friends was not fun, nor was the fact that she was moving her entire business. There was so much at risk for breakage of her artwork. Thankfully only one item broke, and able to be remade into something else. The first floor of the home she bought she had turned into her shop, and the second she used as her living quarters. She loved to keep things nice and tidy, and something out of place bothered her minor OCD. One thing she was looking forward to was making new friends. Sadly, she hadn't as of yet, but was eager and hopeful to make some. News of the unicorn's shop was spreading and has already had a few sales. Hopefully somepony will come into the shop and become her friend. Opal was studying her spell book at the counter when someone knocked on the door, reminding her she needs to plan a remodel as to make the first floor not look so home like from the outside. She also needed to create a new "open/closed sign" . "Come in!" She called to the pony on the other side of the door, putting away her book and trotting to the door.
  21. Okay thank you, its ready except for the pics ( thats why i said "ready for inspection" )
  22. alright good to know thanks! just waiting on my OC to be approved
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