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  1. Daze looked at Thrilly, scrunching up her little snout in disgust, "They better be mostly from sinks and stuff. It would literally make me throw up if that was toilet water." Daze gagged at the thought, being dramatic, sure, but the idea was kind of really gross. The two of them could easily get sick, or worse. What if it got into Daze's mouth? Oh how nasty that would be. Daze would puke up her guts on the spot. Absolutely nasty. The Pegasus watched as Thrilly closed the hole, then she noticed some ponies looking at her confused. She stuck her tongue out at them, trying to gain a reaction from the high class ponies of Cantorlot. Some of them looked shocked, while others looked disgusted with the mare. Daze just laughed at their reaction, making fun of their faces. "You all just need a good laugh sometimes. Grumpy butts," she snickered to herself, looking back at her furry friend. Thrilly caught her attention, as Daze looked down another alley way to see hoof prints. Daze raised her eyebrows with a smirk on her face. "Nice catch, Thrill. You're literally a natural at this detective stuff. Are you sure you're not a secret detective?" she asked, flying into the air and heading towards the dark alley. When she got there, she landed back on the ground and started looking around again. "You tell me if you see anything, sharp eyes." Daze began looking around, searching for some clues as to where the thief went. Suddenly, she heard a big bang! and Daze quickly looked over. She saw a shadow turning the corner, but after they bumped into a big pile of garbage and track cans. The opening to the next corner was now completely blocked, and now the two couldn't get through. "Hey!" the mare screeched, running over to the pile of garbage.
  2. The wind was getting stronger in the cabin, forcing Daze to really flap her wings to stay in the air without getting murdered by the strength of the wind. The mare's wings were pretty strong from flying all the time anyway, but this wind was a whole other level. Another thing on a whole other level, Daze's brain was pounding with thoughts. The mare was overthinking everything, trying not to freak out over this big fat problem. This was a big big fat problem. The bandaged mare was having trouble breathing. "Ok-ay guys- we'll be okay- we'll be- okay-" Hopefully they were going to be okay. Everyone seemed to be panicking, and it made Daze's mind break down more. Then a sudden shift of weight changed Daze's perception on this whole situation. Their cabin jerked harshly, causing the four to fall with it. The Pegasus fixed her landing and looked out the window, seeing their cabin flying backwards down a really steep hill. "Guys- guys!" the mare yelled, flying around the cabin in a panic. The wheels of the cabin were rolling so fast down the tracks, any dents in the track sent the cabin flying into the air. Daze felt herself getting dizzy. As the cabin was falling back, Daze looked out the front door, seeing the front of the train disappearing drastically. With a sudden burst of energy, the gold pony flew out the train and held her own for a few seconds, looking at where they were about to crash. She then flew back in with a panic look in her yellow eyes. "We don't have much time. We gotta jump, like Fiver said." Daze quickly grabbed her suitcases, flying into the air and opening the side door. All she could see was the rushing snow wisp past her eyes. A thick blanket of white was on the ground. That's all the Pegasus could see. Finally, she took the guts to jump out the cabin, her wings opening so she could land safely on the snow. As she landed, snow covered her entire body, making her kick up at it to get free. She looked around, hoping every creature got out of the cabin safely..
  3. The mare scoffed at his answer, rolling her eyes. "You have no tootin' idea how hard it is workin' on a farm. Me and my Pop work all day long." He then said something in response to her walking wherever she goes all the time, and she wrinkled her nose, about to bite his head off. "We make money, that's all that matters." Her stubbornness was taking a toll on her answers, as that was her biggest weakness. No pony could really get into her head, besides her dad. Ali never really gave a second thought on things. Everything was a one and done thing. A sudden confidence was given to the short mare from the stallion, which made Ali nod her head a bit. The brown pony then trotted over to her drenched haul of apples and picked out two with her mouth. She then walked back to the unicorn, handing him them gently. "Try 'em without the magic. They're better off without it," she motioned, her tone of voice slowly turning calm. She was serious about this fruit business, she wouldn't lie about something like magic on the fruit. Well, she never actually tried magic on the fruit, but her dad said it wasn't has good. And the stallion seemed to take her magic talk seriously, as he quite amusingly put his hoof to his chest and gave her a promise. Ali just nodded her head, still not giving the stallion a smile, but instead a small head nod. "Congratulations, partner, I trust your promise. One strike though and you're done, 'ya hear?" the mare said, giving him a serious eye. She wasn't joking around with that one. Not one bit. Ali noticed him get all excited, which made her roll her eyes and huff at this dork of a stallion. "Best hurry up then. It's gettin' colder by the second and I ain't feelin' it." The mare organized her belongings real quickly, making her she has everything she needs, has the trip will take a couple days. "Grey Shield, huh?" her country accent made his name sound a little funny. "Alrighty then." Very soon actually, Grey was back, and Ali stood next to him. "Quicker than I thought," she said briefly, and she started walking. "If you forget anything, I ain't walkin' back." Her wagon started shaking lightly as the duo started walking, the wind in the air beginning to get a little stronger. They only had to be together for two days, and then Ali could be by herself again. No big deal.
  4. "A nice warm bath actually sounds really nice right about now. This sewer is chillin' to the bone." She thought of the idea, relaxing in a nice bathtub with jets massaging her back. She would probably also be splashing Thrilly at the same time, being playful and trying to create a big water fuss. Of course it could be for fun, as Daze really wanted a small break. All this thief chasing was making the Pegasus tired and stressed, especially with these new environments her and the cat has to go through. Daze laughed at what Thrilly said with her brother. Daze liked when Thrilly opened up about her family. It was really interesting, knowing more about her friend who was not only a completely different species, but from a different part of the world too. As so, as the mare pet the cat's head, she heard a small vibration coming from the kitty's throat. A purr? That's actually quite adorable. Who knew a anthropomorphic cat like her could purr. Daze held herself back from aww-ing at the sweet sound, her friend becoming a million times more cute than Daze ever thought possible. The water was gushing through the already wet sewer, making the duo fly above the big wave. There was barely enough room to fly just enough to not touch the gross water. "Celestia, this is actually really disgusting thinking about where this water came from," Daze muttered, trying not to barf. She slowed down a big deal too after what Thrilly said, noticing the ceiling had gotten lower. "Nice catch, Thrill." The mare continued moving straight, seeing brightness from above the water down the alley. Speaking of the thief, Daze began to wonder if he got caught in the sudden avalanche of water. "Hey, you don't think this guy got trapped in the water, do you?" she asked, getting closer to the bright circle of light. Once she got closer, she noticed the sewer's opening was already off. "The thief must have gotten out of here before the water struck." Daze pulled Thrilly out of the sewer and set her down on the street.
  5. "It's fine," Ali said in her sweet country tune, shaking off the apology like it was nothing. It was nothing, right? It didn't matter to her. No, not one bit. And it didn't matter when the stallion brought up her dad either. This guy was the curious type, Ali thought at least. It was kind of annoying. She just wanted to get on with her day and deliver these fruits that she worked her tail off to grow. "I trust mah Pop-Pop with every part of my bein'," the mare said, responding dangerously to his question. "I never take his words with a grain of salt." The mare threw the rest of her apples into the cart, letting the rain soak them off. She opened her cream mouth again, "Farmin' runs in the family. Though it's just me and him workin' on our farm." Ali was really passionate with her farm work, and her family. She didn't mind opening up about that to him. The mare quickly let her hair down and put it back into a loose bun, trying to keep it looking not like a rat's nest. She listened as the stallion talked about the long walk up there, but she just shrugged her angry shoulders. "I make that walk up there all the darn time." She shook the excess rain off her red mane. "This is the first time ah'm makin' this trip in the soakin' wet rain, but it's mah job." The mare still had a hint of rudeness in her voice, but it was a lot more relaxed now after she had her outburst and calmed down. The rain, she guessed, had a cooling effect on her. If it was hot outside, it would be a different story. The small mare sat down, looking up at him as he talked. He offered to help her, and her immediate reaction was to be stubborn. "Absolutely not. I can do it mah-self." She shook her head rapidly, not even batting an eye at the question. But she thought about what he said a little longer, about her Pop, and what he could help her with along the journey. "Two apples you said?" she repeated, giving him the notice that she was thinking about her decision. The mare got up, stood right in front of the unicorn and stared at him for a couple seconds. "You got ur-self a deal. But! You better keep your fancy magic away from my apples." The mare turned around, heading towards her carriage and hooking herself onto it. She then looked back at him, with the smallest smile. "Also you can't sleep in mah tent with me." Her sass protruded with her words. "To also get on a first name basis, I'm Alizarin Fruits."
  6. "Just keep a positive outlook on this situation, Thrill. We can't afford a freak out here," Daze said, looking around the surrounding darkness. Her heart was racing. "Maybe I'm mainly talking to myself." She probably was, Daze was getting really scared from the darkness. What if a big monster comes up out of no where and eats them? What if they got stuck down there forever? What if they get hungry and couldn't find any food and die from starvation? They lived in Equestria, anything could happen. Or the golden Pegasus was overthinking things. After striking her ever so elegant pose, Daze laughed at Thrilly's response. "Oh yeah, I'm gonna get down and dirty, mate." The mare grinned, showing off her bright white teeth. She then started taking the lead on this odd adventure, as the light from her helmet brightened up a great deal of area. There wasn't much to look at down there, but it didn't freak the little Pegasus out too much. As long as she was stuck with her kitty friend, everything would be alright. Hopefully. Getting deeper into the sewer, the wetter it got. Daze was trying her hardest to not get her band-aids wet. If they got soaked, her injuries underneath would probably get coated with nasty poopy sewer water, and the thought of that made the pony want to hurl. "I know, bud. I'm trying not to get anyth-" she paused as Thrilly found something. A red cloth. "Good catch, Thrill!" She looked at the pipe as it was dented. "Or pipe." The mare trotted over to her furry friend, excited to finally know where this thief went. "I'm following you this time, Thrill. You got the brains and I got the speed." Daze flew up and patted the cat's head gently, smiling at her. Daze's ears twitched as she heard a very loud bang from ahead of them, making Daze land immediately on the ground. She shined her light towards the noise, not seeing anything, until she heard something fast coming towards them. It was making splashing noises, like it was picking up things as it came through. "Uh- Thrilly?" As the water came by, Daze's only reaction was to fly into the air and grab Thrilly up with her so they wouldn't get caught in the current. But where did this water come from?..
  7. The Pegasus shook her head, looking back at Thrilly with a friendly smile. "Trust me, Thrill. We're gettin' this thing back. I'm not stopping until we get this back." Daze was too stubborn for her own good. Even if they never found the necklace, or got it back, she'd never forgive herself. She probably, secretly, wouldn't stop looking for it either on the off chance. She'd feel way too guilty if Thrilly never got her precious necklace back. It was worth too much for her. "I don't hear anything." She listened again, stepping onto the wet ground with her hooves. "I still think he thinks you're rich," the mare laughed, looking up at the cat, then back down the sewer's long hallway. Or what seemed like a hallway. It seemed long, and dark, and the only thing the Pegasus could hear was drips of whatever liquid was falling down. The cat said she could see it, making Daze respond by turning her head and squeezing her eyes to see more farther down. "Dude, I seriously can't see a thing down here." The Pegasus squinted harder. Daze looked at Thrilly, as the only light coming in was the sewer's top. Then something else caught the mare's golden eyes. "Oh- Thanks, bud." She took the helmet and put it on, looking around to see down the sketchy sewer. "I can definitely see now. How do I look?" she faced Thrilly and gave her a big smile, showing off her new helmet. "Looks good on me, huh?" Daze laughed at her own stupidity, or dorky-ness, and started walking down the long hall. Soon they were forced to make a choice of picking the right paths. "I don't know, use your super kitty powers and listen to it." She laughed at her own joke, poking fun at this actually nerve-racking situation. The bandaged Pegasus was getting the chills. She really didn't know where they were going. "Maybe we could flip a coin?" She went towards the left path, using her light to shine down it. Then she trotted over to the right path, shining the light down there. "You see anything that I don't see?"
  8. This situation felt like one of those cartoon stereotypes where one character was so mad, steam was literally coming out of their head. Ali felt like that. She could physically feel the steam rolling off her angry face. The water seemed to evaporate off her head as it landed on her. The rain was pulling in harder, but Ali didn't seem to get more wet. She was that frustrated, and angry, and any negative feeling anyone could feel ever. Maybe not sadness though. No, not sadness. Ali never felt sad. She forced her angry greenish eyes on the unicorn stallion, giving a death glare that could kill any weakling that even tried to make eye contact. Ali was good at that face. Too good. She seemed to do it almost everyday. If being grouchy was a sport, Ali would go to the Olympics for it. So, as she listened to the grey pony stumble with his words, she huffed and turned back around, picking up more fruit. "I ah'm alright. I didn't need your help in the darn first place." Venom oozed out of her words. "But thanks for the help, wasting your own time. Hopefully it was fulfilling for 'ya." She placed more fruit in their baskets, piling them up perfectly. The splotched mare turned to see the stallion picking up fruit too. Her guess was he wanted to help. "Hey- now!" she yelled, confronting the stallion. "Don't use your dilly dally magic on my perfectly earth grown apples, ya' hear? Magic ruins the taste- as my Pop-Pop says." She took the apples out of the air, that were remaining at least, since he already picked them up, and set them down herself into the cart. Her ears pulled back as she looked at the soaked pony again, feeling a little guilty. Why? She didn't really want to think about it. Turning away to pick up the rest, she heard the stallion ask a question. "Ah'm goin' to that fancy place called Cantorlot. I have to deliver these fruits so me and my Pop can actually afford a new barn door for our apple pie carts. What's it to 'ya?" She didn't mind his question, she just didn't want to break down on him. He seemed sweet anyway.
  9. Ali laid there, getting pounded by rain and darkness. From being stuck on the bottom of the street, it wasn't really a pleasant time, especially for the firecracker of a pony herself. Her face was as red as her mane. Not from only fury, but frustration. She just wanted to get a move on and get the bits she and her father desperately needed, no matter what the cost, even if it was getting stuck underneath a very heavy wooden cart, in the mud, getting soaked from the wet drops that escaped the cloud's grasp. She didn't need help though, definitely not her, not Alizarin. Of course not. Or she did really need help. The small mare struggled to get her body unstuck, but she really couldn't move. Her stubborn nature wouldn't give up though, not until she could get free, and taste the sweet air of freedom, even though she was going to get stuck carrying a heavy cart full of fruits.. and her other belongings. Thinking about this, her greenish eyes looked around at all her stuff piled all over the floor. She'd have to pick it up too. "Ugh!" she groaned, growing very impatient at the whole situation. Why did she have to get stuck? After laying there for a few seconds, Ali heard a voice. A very unfamiliar one. It set off the angry mare. "Does it look like ah'm alright to you, sir?" she questioned rather brashly, producing a very big scowl. She tried to roll over on her back to get a bigger push off from the cart, but it started moving. He started counting down, and it made Ali turn on her back completely. She pushed with her hind legs, obviously a little stronger than the stallion, but it helped. Her farm horse legs kicked the cart all the way back up on its wheels, making Ali jump up from the muddy ground. She searched for the unicorn who helped her, and when she found him, she still had a big frown plastered on her face. "Couldn't come any sooner?" she questioned again, mud washing off of her from the rain. She had a few scratches on her legs from the fall, but it didn't faze her. She then began to pick up her fruits, setting them back in the cart and letting the rain wash off the mud. Her fruits were all over the place though, making Ali lower her head. She picked up her tent as well, setting it carefully in the cart. She then let out a big huff, all her anger rushing away, and turning into exhaustion. The farm horse wasn't emotionally ready for the day.
  10. Daze helped up Thrilly, immediately going behind the cat to look at her behind. Daze didn't realize how weird the idea was, she was too keen on making sure her furry friend was okay. "Your butt okay, then?" she asked caringly, looking around for something soft for Thrilly to sit on. They were in an alleyway though, of course there was nothing. Just dusty old trash cans and feral cats. Ha, feral cats. How weird for Daze to think about now, because she's friends with an anthropomorphic one. That's a really funny thought. Anyways, the bandaged pony flew back into the air, looking around once again to get a good look at everything. "I'm gonna feel bad, Thrill. I just wanna get your necklace," she responded, sounding a little desperate. "And thanks, your landing was pretty incredible. You'd be dead without all your circus moves." The gold mare was then met with a big furry hug, to which Daze responded with a hug back. The hug was really nice, sort of a brain break to just try and think and relax for a second. Just admiring each other's company, in the most platonic way. Daze then let go of Thrilly. "I mean, that would make the most sense. The dude most likely fell for all the glitz and glam, and thought, 'Yo yo yo, Imma steal from this cat 'cause she seems super rich,'" the Pegasus mocked, her voice incredibly deepened to try and match the thief's voice. "I know this thing means a lot to you, that's why I care so much in getting it back." Daze watched as Thrilly did some searching, and when the cat found something, Daze was over in two seconds. "Huh, what a smart dude." She lifted the lid of the hole and pulled it back, revealing the opening of whatever was below. "We gotta give this a shot. He could very well be down there." The mare started to crawl down very slowly, finding a ladder just on the side of it. "I don't know how deep this is, but hopefully there's some sort of light. I can't see anything." Daze was nervous to go down the hole, actually. She's never done this before in her life. If they got hurt, she would have no idea what to do. Her mind was going wild with the different scenarios.
  11. As Ponyville stood directly in the dark cloud's core, the rain poured into the streets, drenching anything the drops touched. It was the middle of spring, but the pegasi decided a downpour would be healthy so some plants could thrive from the past few hot days. Of course, this was the day a farm pony had to walk by herself to Cantorlot, in the dark, but warm, dirt road. Most ponies were basking in their homes, not interested in getting their mane's wet. A few little fillies and colts were spotted here and there, jumping in puddles with their little rain boots and having fun making memories that they'll hopefully remember in the future. Of course Alizarin Fruits ignored the suckers. Little kids drove her nuts anyway, their high pitched noises and always asking 'why?'. Why did they ask why so much? Can Ali ask them why for once? 'Why are you so annoying?' she'd often ask to the kids if they ever questioned her own doings. Of course, not in front of her own customers, because she needed as much bits as possible. Just on her off time. The splotched pony found herself outside, her mane already wet, but it still looked the same as normal. Just bright red and droopy, with a messy bun in the back. As long as it was out of her face, she didn't care about her appearance. Kind of. She just needed to get her work done. Which is why she was outside, packing in all her red fruits into a very large cart, along with a big tent, blankets, and some water. A big pile of wood was also in the back of her very large cart, to create a fire later on when the day grew old. She had everything she needed for the long walk to Cantorlot, hopefully. She wanted the trip done as soon as possible. Though she did travel a lot, the farm pony did get homesick. Ali latched her cart onto her very small back, barely strong enough to pull the rickety 'ol thing along the bumpy dirt road. Since it was dark outside, she had to keep an eye out on the ground to make sure she didn't get stuck in a hole. With her luck, of course it did the second she started tuggin' it. "Ah, shoot!" she shouted, unlatching herself and trotting over to the stuck wheel. She took at look at it, frowning at the mud covered wheel. "This rain ain't helpin' neither. It would be nice if it all stopped rainin'!" the country pony then yelled at the sky, furious of this mishap. Her voice had a sweet country tang to it, something a lot of farm ponies didn't have nowadays. The brown pony started digging in the mud, trying to get the wheel to pop out of the hole. Of course it wasn't working, the rain was pouring down too hard. "C'mon now! I just wanna get a move on this gosh darn place." She started to twist the wheel, trying to see if the wooden thing would at least move a little bit. Suddenly a bolt flew out of the wheel, hitting Ali in the face. "What the?!" Pop! The wheel then fell off the hinge, as her cart tipped over on her. "Wah!" Her fruits, tent, wood, everything, landed on the ground and her. Ali was stuck, and furious, and couldn't see a pony in sight to help her. She didn't think she needed help though, so she tried to turn on her back and lift it up with her short legs, but she wasn't quite strong enough...
  12. The train was shaking violently, as the clinking started getting more loud and kinda annoying, to Daze at least. Everyone was suffering the attacks of the shaking, like they were all in the middle of an earthquake or something. Daze wasn't feeling it, like actually. She was kind of getting sick from the sudden jolts the train made. Good thing she had wings, or she'd be left on the ground like the others, who seemed to be suffering more. Especially when luggage piled on top of them like a Jenga game. "Okay, now I think the outside is much safer." She flew over to the pile of creatures and helped get the heavy suitcases off the ground. "Everyone alright? No one's dead? Bleeding?" Daze was going a little excessive with the questions, but she felt it was necessary to add a little humor to the commotion inside the train. Everything seemed tense to the gold mare, especially from the shaking, which was still going on. It was really hard to keep her balance. As everyone struggled with the shaking, Daze finally went to the door which led to the outside. "We gotta check this stuff out, because I honestly don't think any of this drama is normal." She then blinked. "Well, I know none of this is normal- You know what I'm saying." She then slowly opened the cabin door, wind rushing into the room immediately. The wind was so strong, it sent Daze back a little. The one thing the bandaged mare noticed though, was that the clinking got even louder. "You all here that?" Daze's ears twitched as she looked down at the two hooks that connected the two cabins together. The hook that was connected to their cabin, was barely hanging on. "Um, guys?" The mare turned around, with a confused but scared look on her face. Daze's anxiety was off the roof. "Is this type of thing normal? Like the hook things. Ours is barely hangin' on." She looked back outside, then two the other three. She then looked at Loose, pointing her head towards the open door. "You know a lot about trains, you go see if that thing is normal."
  13. "If you leap onto him, you could fall. You can't get hurt again, you have a busted leg," Daze said to the cat as they zoomed down the street to chase the culprit. Ponies everywhere were staring at the commotion, but not in fear, just in 'why are these little town folk being so dramatic'. This stuff probably happened all the time, was nothing new to these city ponies. No one was even screaming for help, just the two trying to get this crook. Daze was at her top speed, well, with a cat on her back who was actually really light. The thief was still ahead though, knocking over objects to try and slow down Daze. She dodged all the ones she could, some of them though knocked her back a little. Daze found herself in a tight street in an alleyway. It was dark and covered in trash cans and homeless cats, the stereotypical stuff. The Pegasus finally caught up close to the thief though. "Okay, Thrill, I think you can safely get him now! Hurry!" As if that sentence was on que, the thief knocked over a single trash can that went flying into the air. The can hit Daze on the side, knocking her and Thrilly onto the ground. Everything went black for a second, as the trash dumped on the two like a kids cartoon. Daze slowly got up, rubbing her head then shaking it violently. After she recognized her surroundings, the mare slowly got up and looked around. "Thrill.." She looked down to see the cat laying there. "Woah! Hey, Thrill?! You okay?" She brought the cat up using her hooves. "I think he got away- He got away!" The mare then flew into the air, zipping around the alleyway to find the crook. "Oh, Celestia." Daze seemed defeated, landing on the ground and lowering her head. "I'm sorry, Thrill. I don't know where this guy went off to." She sighed. "I don't know what motivates these stupid ponies who think it's perfectly fine to break into pony's houses. Like it's not cool. How would they feel if I did the same to them?" Daze had a big grouchy face on, furious that she lost the thief. "We need to find this punk, fast. I feel so bad."
  14. Daze was astonished, her heart racing, her breath taken away as Thrilly explained what happens before the circus. The Pegasus couldn't help but fly by Thrilly's side as the cat would get excited and show physically how certain things went. This was all too exciting. Daze also added, "Wow!" and "That sounds so epic!" as the kitty talked more about the amazing things they did. Daze was so fascinated by everything Thrilly was talking about, until the cat hurt herself accidently. Daze rush over to her, opening her small mouth, "Careful there, Thrill. Don't get too carried away." The cat went on about Daze staying there. "Well I'm one pony you know in Cantorlot now! I'll be your room buddy. You won't be alone." Daze sat down on the bed next to Thrilly, starting to frown. "I'm sorry he was a little drama queen. It happens. Every creature will get over it, yeah? I sure think so." She looked away, staring at the shiny floor and the two's reflections. Daze was really staring at Thrilly from the freshly swept tile, as the cat kept talking. She said something about being lucky she ran into Daze, and that made Daze smile warmly. The mare looked at Thrilly, now grinning. "I'm glad I ran into you too." Now the thief, who quite frankly ruined Daze's emotionally happy mood, was trying to steal something of Thrilly's. Then, the pony heard screaming. The mare whipped her entire body around to see Thrilly waving around in the air, trapped and unable to be free. "Wo-ah! Thrill!" The mare had to think fast, there wasn't much she could do. Either race to get the thief, or set free Thrilly from the ceiling. If Thrilly tried to get out herself, she would land straight on her head, and she was already hurt. The thief was getting away quick though, and Daze wouldn't decide which the better option was. As Daze's mind was racing, she took a big deep breath. She was basically choosing her loyalty, or her stubbornness. Her loyalty being getting Thrilly down with no harm, and her stubborn nature being getting that precious necklace. Daze made her decision though, and flew right up next to Thrilly's paw and untied it, grabbing her and setting her down softly. "I'm sorry, I would've felt bad for leaving you." The mare sighed, hopefully not upsetting the cat. "What time we missed trying to untie you, I can make it up in speed." The mare then smirked, flying back into the air, grabbing the cat by the arms with her hooves, and zooming out and into the hallway where the thief had vanished off to. The thief's cloak was seen vanishing from the corner of the wall, making Daze's grip get tighter on the cat as she raced after him. The trio of the chase made it outside, as the thief was running faster and down the Cantorlot streets. Daze set Thrilly down, looking ahead to watch where the thief goes. "C'mon, Thrill, we got a thief to catch!"
  15. Hiya! I'm up for somethin' if you're willing! I got my new character Alizarin Fruits who actually travels a lot to sell her fruits, or make fruit deliveries on hoof whenever she get's the call to do so. I think a journey based RP would be a great place to start! She's a little grump, but I think the idea of a journey type plot fits the deal.
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