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  1. Neb arrived shortly next to Reck, with a big cheesy smile on her face. Her long fangs peaked out over her lips, which looked kind of adorable. She caught the drift the pegabat was getting at, and nodded her head towards the empty seats. "Yeah- good thing, huh? Wouldn't be fun without the mug." The darkly colored mare trotted to the two seats, sitting down, or more like throwing herself, onto the closest chair next to her. "Yeah? Willin' to share with little 'ol me?" The bat was a little giddy, her wings opening with excitement. Neb watched as the mug was passed onto her, and she just looked up with her curious purple eyes. She raised an eyebrow, smirking a little. "I mean- If you insist," she said, playfully shrugging and taking a grasp of the mug. She took a sip, and her eyes lit up brightly. The sweet taste made her melt, and she suddenly took the mug off her lips and passed it back. "That's just about the 2nd sweetest thing ever-" she took a pause, looking at Reckless, "the 1st being you sharing that drink with me." There was something about the pegabat that really made Neb intrigued from the beginning, but she couldn't figure out what it was. After the sip, Reck asked a question that made Neb's heart spark. "Whatever I do have next weekend, I'm sure I can put off to the side." Neb smirked, her confidence rising. "Sure, I'll be there. Can never pass up a good party, right?" Neb laughed. "You'll find me in the dance circle." She licked her fangs, nodding at the pegabat. She was trying to play it calm and cool, but she really felt excited.
  2. Haha! Now, what is this implying.. 🤔 I can when I get the time! I’m busy now, so I can when I’m not. It might take until the weekend. Do you mind filling out an application?
  3. Bella rolled her eyes at the pegabat's flirting once again. She didn't even want to answer at this point, but just kept her pretty mouth shut and let the flirty mare have her moment. Nebulous gave her a cheeky smile in return, which Bell found a little charming. Just a little, though. Their past never left a bad taste in Bell's mouth, just a spicy one. She always thought of their old relationship like a big red pepper: vibrant in color, but spice when you take a bite. Anyways, the unicorn kept her glance at the newly arrived Princess, who seemed to quite enjoy the little flirting. She awkwardly laughed, digging a small hole in the dirt with her hoof. She was still uncomfortable, but she had to deal with it. She couldn't make it up in the ranks if she couldn't even handle a couple of flirts. She had to get use to the large amount of amorous attention. Soon enough though, the troubles would end, as Reck offered to take the two unicorns in line with them. Thankfully, Bluebelle declined. "Oh! I guess I'd have to decline as well. I got a mug yesterday, sure tasty that was, yes!" Bell nodded her head in agreement with herself, sounding firm. "It wouldn't be fair to those behind." Nebulous shrugged off, following her new companion. "See you sometime, Princess. You too, Bell." Something about her made her intriguing. Maybe the strikingly pink mane she had. Though, Neb's was a little different too with the orange and yellow, the pink just seemed more fascinating. So once they were in line, Neb patiently waited. Too bad she was out of luck, since they ran out so fast. At least Reck got her mug. "Well that eats dust, couldn't even get some for myself." The mare huffed, using her purple eyes to maintain eye contact with Reck. "No worries, though, I guess." As Neb sulked, Bellissima felt way more comfortable with somepony she knew, until the tension rose a little when she started talking about her old self- selfish and difficult to please. "Well I'm glad you're better set off now, darling. I, for one, don't think I need anything changed about me. Not to make myself sound delightful, but I do think I bring out the best in ponies." Now, that was either total bull, or she actually thought that about herself. She actually probably did. The unicorn was a little delusional, but she felt she made enough impact to have the right to say whatever she wanted. She grew enough in fame. Or she never was taught how to be humble. Something else caught her eye, as she spotted a little problem with the cider making. "Us? Help them?-" she stopped questioning, as she was already being escorted to the problem, to which only unicorn magic could fix. As much as the pink unicorn didn't want to, it would sure make a story for everyone to see. This was immediately seen as a jackpot in Bell's eyes. As she was still being taken, she managed to get out, "I mean, I guess it's only appropriate-" she was pushing it out now, "to help these hard workers. I'm sure a little spell could fix it up.-" Bell was finally let go, making her roll her shoulders gently, not noticeably. The Princess called for the help, and Bell just stood there with a smile. "Ah- yes! Applejack-is it? For the day we can help!" Wait.. for the day!? A sigh escaped her lips.
  4. Bell's heart was racing now, not because she was nervous, but because she was about to blow a fuse. If the air was chilly from the early morning sun, she was about to make it a million times hotter. Not because she's hot (to the bat ponies she is), but because she was mad. It was getting to the point where the poor mare just wanted some peace a quiet to herself in her own tent. She didn't have a reason to be there, she really didn't. When her annoying little companion from yesterday showed up, the unicorn wanted to cry. And when Reck started talking to her, she wanted to bawl. "Oh trust me, dear- I g-got enough yesterday." There was a little undertone of growl in her voice, but not enough for everypony to notice. The mare was stuck in place, staring off into the sun, just so her eyeballs could burn. She wouldn't have to see the two beside her that way. Neb just stood there with a wide smile, as she fully checked out the new pony next to her. She looked a little familiar, sure. Most ponies like them looked kind of the same though. Neb's fangs showed just enough in her smirk, as she made direct eye contact. "Hard to get? That thought never crossed my mind." She just looked at Bell with an sarcastic look, making the unicorn roll her eyes obnoxiously. "Don't think we've met either. The easy going ones call me Neb, the hard to get ones-" she nudged Bell, "Call me Nebulous. Sometimes Moon." Neb licked her lips when she saw the wink, nothing provocative at all, just to show her little interest. "Yeah, I'll go back in line with 'ya. I feel like I would miss out, anyhow." She sent a wink herself, then turned to Bell. Neb noticed a tall mare walking towards them, and the look on her face just showed a big smile. Bell felt vomit rising up her throat, and quickly turned away from the two bats. A sense of relief pawned over her, as her glorious form wasn't dead yet. She wasn't dead. She wasn't dead.. Then the singer heard a familiar voice, but it was rather more.. feminine? The pretty mare turned to look at a white Princess, an obvious royal. "Why, hello, my dear!" Bell smiled greatly at the princess, feeling more safe. She couldn't help but remember about the poor mishap with Bluebelle. She, of course, wouldn't judge such a thing with a royal. Not at all. "So- very nice to see your wonderful face again. You do look utterly amazing." She turned to the other two bat ponies, which made her feel very self conscious. "Oh- yes- my frie-nds! They're very lovely." Time to pull the fake act. She was good at lying, like really good, but she hated using the term 'friends'. It made her want to barf. Neb just stood there smiling. "Princess Bluebelle! Never expected such a beautiful mare to be here-" The bat pony playfully bowed, then pointed her head towards the line. "Though it was such a treat laying my eyes on such a gorgeous specimen like you, I better get some cider." She then abruptly trotted off to Reck. Bell face hoofed herself, blushing immensely. "I'm so sorry Princess-"
  5. Another day of cider, meant another day of waking up early in the morning. Though Bell already got cider, she felt it was a little weird to just leave right after she already got a taste of the sweet drink. The day before seemed way too stressful for her though, after that one.. mare came out of the blue and was.. doing whatever she was doing for the pure fun of it. Bell was a lady- she shouldn't ever be treated like some toy! Her routine was the same as before, but instead of being in line, she placed her large tent to the side so others could get a turn. She brushed her mane, used her magic to unzip the tent, and trotted out into the bright sunlight. A yawn escaped her perfect lips as she stretched her back legs, staring off at the large line beside her. "Good morning.." she drabbled on to no pony in particular, gently rubbing her eyes. When she was more awake, she looked ahead of her. Not only to see the pegabat she ran into yesterday, but another bat. A full bat. A bat she recognized all too well. The jockish mare stood confidently in the line, talking to whoever was behind her. Bell wanted to jump into a bush and hide, but that would be.. too dramatic for her taste. It was too late now, as the bat's purple eyes connected with the unicorns blue ones. "Oh- hey! Long time, no see, Bell!" Here we go.. The tall unicorn gave out a simple smile. "Oh- hello- there- Nebulous," she said back, realizing that maybe coming here wasn't a good idea after all. The bat pony trotted over to Bell, to Bell's dismay, and playfully punched her in the shoulder. The pink unicorn revolted back, scrunching her nose. "C'mon, man. I know you missed me! It's been too long. Thought I'd never see you again." "Maybe that's for the better." Bell looked up, pouting. She had to be nice- "What have you been up to, hm?" "Just a little this, a little of that-" the bat went on, smiling at the mare. "What have you been up to?" "Just- lots of gigs, I guess." "Oh yeah! I forgot how busy you get." Neb trailed off, looking around and spotting somepony who looked rather intriguing. "Well, it was nice seeing you again. Hopefully we can meet up sometime. Be close like old times-" She was cut off by somepony else familiar walking over to them. Bell groaned. Loudly.
  6. Okay, I think this will maybe give you a little bit of inspiration to RP.. You can download her here: https://sta.sh/0po55zdexb4 Here's the base: https://www.deviantart.com/doraair/art/MLP-base-67-801023169 Let me know if you want anything changed!
  7. Alright, it's finished! You can download him here: https://sta.sh/0267kbz8ur01 Here's the base: https://sta.sh/02xvnt4vjm Let me know if you want anything changed!
  8. Oh gosh, that makes me wanna read it! And I’m glad you like it!
  9. Alright, I'm done now^^ I forgot how gorgeous Sunset is. The wings also look really good on her! You can download her here: https://sta.sh/02ajdrr7vome This is the base: https://sta.sh/0umrd3ceicg Let me know if you need anything changed! Thank you!
  10. Aww, man. You're just a little late. Once these first requests are made, I'll make another batch. You'll be the first on it^^
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