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  1. *Submitted for Judging* A bright yellow earth pony stood in front of the wall, staring up at it like some strange creature. Though the mare was eyeing it like a weirdo, she was absolutely thrilled to step hoof in this competition for the first time. The idea of climbing up a magical wall full of mystery and unbelievably hard challenges really made Long Shot excited. Something new and, what sounded to be fun, made Shot really pumped. It was the off season anyway, for soccer at least, and she had to find something to keep her mind from wandering into boredom. The smile never left her cute little face when she got her belt situated. Her positive attitude radiated her surroundings as she tightened the harness, then dipped her hooves in some chalk to make sure she wouldn't slip. She saw the last two ponies make their way up the wall, and it didn't seem that hard. Ha! The green eyed mare was a little delusional. So, her grin got bigger when she looked back at the wall, blurting out a "This will be so much fun!" Only if she knew what was up to come. When she got closer to the wall, the ponies behind her cheered for her bravery. Her hooves quickly pounded the ground from anticipation and excitement. Her mouth formed a tight smile as she heard her cue to start climbing. Shot immediately jumped right into action, her heart pounding and her strong back legs helping her up the first section, which seemed to be easy. It was like a normal rock wall, as little steps were plastered all over the section. Her strong yellow hooves climbed the moving wall with ease, her quick reflexes jumping to the next set of stones to hold onto and climb up. "Huh?" The sudden noise shocked her, as a thick, brown, slimy blob of mud came running down the wall. Her braided hair hung off her neck as she stared at the quickening mass, making her gulp loudly. The mud was already at her hooves, making them covered to the brim with sticky mud. Her back legs kicked out, as her mind went to the next best thing. Her positive nature kept a smile on her face, as she found the lumps of rock sticking out from the mud. She pushed her little body up the slick plank, using her backs legs to keep her steady against the wall. Shot began to notice little spots of wall that wasn't covered in mud, and she used that to her advantage. It was like a soccer drill in her mind, like little step ladders. She used all her momentum to climb from one spot to the next, not caring if she got a little dirty. It was a little slow, moving up the wall from how thick the mud was, but she didn't find that as an excuse. It was like a pattern, left front hoof, right front hoof, then her back legs. The mud seemed to clear up quicker than she thought, as the wall kept moving at her pace. "I'm so ecstatic for this next run in! That mud was stick-y!" Suddenly, a small rock hit her head, making her shake it aggressively. The mare continued to climb, feeling more rocks roll their way down the magical wall. Soon, they got bigger and bigger, hitting her hooves and making her lose her grip. "Woah!" Shot hung the wall securely, dodging the rocks as best she could. Her heart was pumping fast again, like it did in the start of a soccer game. She tried to climb closer to the wall, but the rocks became harder to dodge. She mare was stuck in a pickle, and she needed to get out of it fast. Though the boulders seemed to be a huge obstacle that she wasn't expecting at all, Shot had to use this to her advantage. Her bright teeth shown through her smile as she thought of an idea, and she hyped herself up from the possibility of doing it. As the next rock came down on her, she leaped at the next step, throwing her two front hooves at the falling rock and holding it for a second, then throwing it behind her. Shot then leaped to the next spot, grabbing another rock and throwing it behind. It was like a pattern again, or another soccer drill. A shooting drill, perhaps. It was like a soccer ball getting passed to her to shoot, and she had to run up and get it. This time it was leaping to it, throwing it back, and grabbing the next potential spot to climb. Left and right, up and to the side. It made her body exhausted though, and she began to slow down. "Oh, fiddlesticks." Pure panic plastered on the earth pony's face as she heard water splash down on her, making her drenched in water. The one thing she absolutely was terrified of was water, and swimming, and fish. The memory of her childhood flashed before her eyes, the idea of swimming made her stomach tight. If she knew water was going to be used in her attempt, the hyper active mare wouldn't have climbed the thing. She's been terrified of water since she was little- since the mistake happened. It was something about her so thought happy past that she'd never tell anypony. She was too happy to acknowledge it. Too late now, as she was covered in the clear liquid and little fish were swimming down the wall, making her slow down a lot and stay quiet. It was like it was meant to freak her out, like the wall was trying to trip her brain out. The smell of the ocean swept all of her senses. She wasn't smiling anymore. She was just scared. The yellow mare didn't stop climbing though, as she just wanted to be done with this. She didn't think about the water, or the fish, she just thought about climbing up the little pegs that stuck out. "You're almost done! You're almost done! You're almost done!" Finally, she made it to the top, and the smile didn't escape her face when she did. "Psssshh, that wasn't that bad!" She gave a large grin, and climbed down her rope to meet the ground.
  2. Oh gosh, I cannot wait to see it! I'm sure it'll look amazing<3
  3. Daze just smirked and shook her head at the little cutie when she said her 'yerp'. It was probably the most adorable thing she'd ever seen. That's what she thought before she looked down to see what the creature was doodling. To the Pegasus's amazement, it was a picture of the three of them. All together, walking through the preppy streets of Canterlot, happily enjoying each other company. Well, that's what Daze got through the hearts and flowers over their heads. It was so incredibly cute. She noticed the sun too had sunglasses, which cracked the athletic mare to no end. She remembered doodling on things like this when she was the little dragon's age. She'd always put sunglasses on the sun, even though the sun was the one shining it's rays down on the earth below it. The sun couldn't blind itself, but putting sunglasses on it seemed to be legitimate. It's like the glasses were supposed to be there, like how Daze felt she was supposed to be in this exact moment with these two knuckleheads. It was like she was meant to run into the two. She was meant to find these two precious creatures and savor them forever- like destiny. Ha! Daze wasn't the soft emotional type. She was just overthinking things again, like always- or so she thought. These creatures were just here because they accidently came face to face. That's all. She enjoyed every minute of it though. After she got out of her daze (ha), she looked at Thrilly, realizing she's a little upset. "You good, Thrill?" The Pegasus let out a very cute smirk, her eyebrows raising in curiousness and comfort. Daze then cleared her throat, "Nah, it's not that brave. I'm just- stubborn. That's good you all are safe. Circus things seem to be really dangerous. I'm glad you guys are well taking care of, haha." She noticed Thrilly's eyes become redder, making her ears droop down. Suddenly she heard two fillies walk passed them, and what they said made Daze's pupils grow small. "That's depressing."
  4. *Submitted for Judging* A blue mare watched as a tall, misshaped noodle of a guy, swam, somewhat bravely, across the out of control river. She couldn't help but think of the possibilities of swimming in this pool of water. She could easily drown, or get hurt in some way from the tree branches and fish swimming about. The current looked to be strong and fast, and it could probably carry a large amount of weight at a time with ease. There were crashes of water that hit the sides of the river bank, that were plenty big to drag any creature in. The river was literally a big, blue, scary monster that grabs ponies and eats them up. To any creature that would be terrifying to encounter, but to Finnie, this just seemed like a breeze.. or so she thought. Finnie stood at the start, keeping her focus on the other side of the small, but aggressive river. All the Pegasus focused on was the sounds the water spitting at her, like a ferocious cat. The river hissed and gawked at her, teasing her. The mare just stood there quietly, completely relaxed and ready to go. It was just water. Cold, delicious water. She listened to the old pony swimmer give her the heads up, as she kept a straight face and dove right into the freezing cold icy liquid. Her body immediately tensed up at the surprising temperature, her wings and nose becoming frozen. She floated there underneath the water for a second, adjusting her body to start swimming quickly and effectively. The mare pushed her body up with her legs, poking her head above water and quickly feeling the hard pressure behind her as the current began pushing her body. Finnie gave herself a kick, gaining her control and swimming up the river. Finnie was shocked from how cold the water was. It felt like an outdoor freezer that was really strong. So strong, the current raced her little body down the river. She tried to keep her composure, kicking her legs fast and focusing on the opposite side of the bank. She was getting to the point where she saw large sticks floating near her, and they looked sharp. Quickly, her mind came to the conclusion to dodge the sticks. This idea didn't seem to be so thoughtful, as a clump of branches formed right in the middle of the river. Finnie's pupil's became small, as she was in shock at the large formation in front of her. How could she get out of this pickle? She had one idea.. The mare suddenly held her breath, diving underneath the cold river. She started to twirl under the water, gaining speed as she jumped out of the water, into the air, and back into the river, clearing the pile of branches. She landed back into the water with a large splash, as she made it to the other side of the river. She just thought positively, thinking she only had two more stretched to go. Thank Celestia. So, she pushed herself out again, going back to where she started. The current came out to be even more crazy, as it now pushed her side to side, up and down, and even made her twirl like it was a tornado. It was hard to keep her balance, so she opened up her legs more and slowly swam with them, paddling with large strides. This proved to keep her steady, as she realized she could feel little fish hitting her legs. Finnie couldn't help but mutter out a "What the?" as the fish pushed their backs up on her and started moving her backwards. The Pegasus immediately shook her body, freeing herself from the fish's grasps. She didn't even know they could do that, so she was a little weirded out. Finally though, she found herself at the beginning of the river, making her kick out and turn around again for the last stretch. She let herself breathe and relax, as she was almost done with this wild river. The hippie swam faster again, not even being able to feel her body as the water turned her legs numb. That was great too. What was also great was the new branches and rocks coming down on her. Where did these rocks come from? She had no idea. Finnie threw herself underwater as a large rock came tumbling down. She barely dodged it, as logs were falling down too. She pushed herself up the dangerous current again, getting dragged side to side, barely missing any obstacles. The fish were back too, pushing her along as well. What a finally this was. Her numb body swam as quickly as it could, trying to find the end of the river without getting in the way of the floating logs and rocks. She continued to dive underwater, twirling once again to dodge the fish, and then jumping out to leap over the objects. She looked like a leaping fish, jumping in and out of the water. It was quite funny to witness. It seemed though as the current settled down, making Finnie relax once again. With one last push, she grabbed the edge of the bank and pulled herself up, shaking off the majority of the water and listening to the crowds cheer her name. That was one wild ride.
  5. *Submitted for Judging* "Ali, you got this." Those words rung in Alizarin's ears as she took a nervous breath, staring at the last competitor as he finished. He looked absolutely dead, and that made Ali's little heart thump. Hard. This was Alizarin Fruits, though. She was never ever nervous about something as silly as this. If this even was silly. Her short legs itched with anticipation. Her mind raced with the thought of being crushed by these potatoes. "Hey- chin up. You've carried millions and millions of carts full of fruits, Al. You'll be okay." "I ain't nervous, Golden. I'm fine," Ali hissed. Her friend was just trying to keep her positive, but Ali was too sucked up in her head. It was too late now to worry more though, as she walked forward to get the pile of potatoes put on her back. The potatoes were heavy, but surprisingly lighter than she thought. She knew running with these on her back though was going to be very frustrating. The rope was tight around her waste, and was kind of uncomfortable. Ali would deal with it though. The little mare made her way to the starting line, keeping her eyes on the flag as it hung loose in the wind. "Down the course, around the-" "Yeah, I know, I heard," she snapped at the pony, as she was concentrating hard on the flag. Her back was already tired from the bag of potatoes, but it was too late to back out as the pony yelled a firm 'go'! The little mare's legs immediately kicked out, leaping her out quickly onto the course. Her strides were small, but her little legs could kick out fast. She kept her sharp gaze on the flag as she raced down the long course, and it honestly felt like a mile. Ali was doing fine too, until the bag crossed her mind and she focused on how heavy it was. Her legs were on fire, and she really wanted to walk. If Ali wasn't the most stubborn pony to ever exist, she would've quit right there, and she wasn't even at the flag yet! The bag wouldn't get out of her mind, as the weight shifted left and right, over and over again. It was like a pattern, and it was really bothering her. So, the little mare started leaning forward, keeping the bag on the top of her back and right in the middle so it wouldn't stick to one side. It actually worked, but it grew more tiresome. Her short little legs kept kicking though, as her body produced an enormous amount of sweat. The sweat pooled down her forehead. She could probably swim in it. Her mane was drenched and stuck to her head, as her muscles ached from the weight. Her little hooves became a little slower. They felt like they were tingling, like little flies were in her legs flying around. At last she reached the flag pole, bringing herself to make a complete U-turn. She took this time to catch her breath, and she began kicking her front legs again as they were before. The farm pony was stronger than she anticipated, as she guessed working in the field helped her out a little. She also guessed being an earth pony made her a little stronger too. Good thing. Sadly though, she found herself breathing even harder, like the wind took her breath away, as her body seemed to become extremely exhausted. She felt slow, and tired, and she just wanted this non sense to be done with. Her mind raced. The sun seemed to be hotter than it was, she felt sticky and gross, and her back was killing her. Everything ached, and she wanted to quit. Something in her though burned with passion, as she finally looked up from the course to see her hopeful golden Pegasus buddy. The smile on her cute face was unbelievable, and with a glint in her sea green eyes, Ali knew she could push through. Her heart raced again, as she kicked her forelegs out longer and harder, pushing her little body down the last 30 meters. She wanted to use the majority of her back legs too, as bucking trees almost everyday sure seemed to keep the muscles in there nice and large. The wind was thick in her mane as she reached over the finish line, tumbling onto the ground from absolute exhaustion. Ali felt numb, like she didn't even have a body. Breathing long and hard, her pack of potatoes was removed and she found herself standing up with very shaky legs. Ali really felt a million times lighter, as her wobbly legs moved her little body next to Golden Daze. "I'm about to amputate mah legs." "Oh, Als. You're being dramatic! I'm sure it's not that bad." Ali's glare was fiercer than a lion's. That's when Daze shut her trap and looked away from fear.
  6. Here y'all go! There is a order to the posts, which is on the bottom of my post^^ Enjoy everyone!
  7. The White Tail Woods standed as one of the prettiest places in Equestria. The trees of all shapes and sizes stood out from the blue sky, showing off their gorgeous deep green leaves. Their thick roots strung out from the ground, popping in and out of the short grass. Big bushes stood all over the landscape, as they too showed off their precious leaves and blooming flowers. The sun was going down at this point, rays of yellow, orange, and a rosy pink were shown through the darkening sky, creating a really pretty sunset. The stars weren't out yet, but it was getting dark quickly, as the sun flowed it's way down the sky. Camping was such a calming thing for most ponies out there, either to get close with their friends or family. Nature was at it's finest with the woodlands. Water in the distance, wind busheling through the trees, a nice sweet smell from the flowers that surrounded the paths. Most ponies felt at peace in this forest, as why so many ponies would come camp there. Too bad sightings of something big and dark captured all the news's stories, ponies hadn't stepped hoof there since then. But still, most ponies would take a look at this masterpiece of nature, thinking how amazed they are that such a natural thing in life could be so beautiful. The sunsets always had a beautiful view in the woods. A couple didn't care much about something so silly, just the sun going down. They could at least recognize the pretty colors the sky created. Some though, absolutely couldn't stand the hype sunsets get. That, or they were just a grumpy little sack of negativity and hated everything others generally loved. Alizarin Fruits stood at the front opening of the forest's path, tapping her hoof impatiently. Her thin eyebrows furrowed in a glare, like she was going to murder anything that came across her path. The brown mare just wanted to be at home, cuddled up in her soft bed and staring at the stars. She loved the night more than the day. Ali liked the dark, as she couldn't see anything. She didn't like thinking about things, or looking deeply into things. It kind of scared her, but little ol' Ali didn't have feelings or emotions. Nope! She was as soulless as a vampire, or so she thinks. The short mare didn't know why she was here, carrying a little folded up tent on her back with some saddle bags filled with bug repellent and a sleeping bag. Her father read in a newspaper that day something was out taking animals, and he felt horrible about it. The mare's heart always killed over when her papa frowned. Of course Ali hated seeing her ol' Pop upset, had to be a problem solver and go out to see what's out taking the 'innocent little creatures'. Ha! They weren't bothering her, they weren't hurting her business. There was no reason to go out and 'help the precious animals'. Obviously the farm pony had a heart though, if she wanted to save the little buggers. Ali was the first one to the scene, after her sweet Pop went and packed for her as she watered her apple trees. She got her chores done, with a frown, taking the saddle bags and getting the train to the woods. She had bags under her tired eyes, as she sat her little rump down in the soft dirt. The mare didn't want to head in first, but she did at the same time. The loner could've easily trotted in and left the other ponies, if there were going to be other ponies, behind. It's not like there was some group calling them to go save the creatures from the mysterious, scary, horrible, frightening, thing in the deep, dark, mysterious, scary, horrible, frighten- okay, you get the point. Anyway, the splotched mare sat there in silence, listening to the wind go through the trees and the birds tweeting. It was kind of peaceful for a moment, and Ali kind of felt at peace. It was quiet, soft, and the moment just felt like a dream. She felt asleep, but wasn't, as she could just sense the realness of her surroundings. Until she heard hooves stepping through the dirt.
  8. The RP should begin sometime this weekend ^^ I’ll link it to y’all when it’s done!
  9. Fluttershy seems absolutely perfect! I think her reactions with Ali will be hilarious XD
  10. Dragonofruin: Sombra seems pretty awesome to RP with 👀 Tacobob: She seems perfect for the job! SteelEagle: I love all of those possible ideas. I think my grumpy farm pony would have cool interactions with AJ (I agree with best pony) or Apple Bloom. Ali isn’t normally open to those who have similar jobs as her. She’s very closed off haha. Pathfinder also seems awesome. I’ll leave it to you to decide who to choose ^^ Szalhi: You do have some awesome characters ^^
  11. Sea Salt smiled largely. She loved talking about her fish, well, big fish. Mammal fish. Fish mammals? Whatever their classification was, Finnie loved to talk about them. Most ponies didn't know much about dolphins, and it made her sad. "I got two dolphins, Mr. Bubbles and Sprout. Mr. Bubbles is really feisty, but Sprout is a gentle creature. They both perform with me in my arena back at home." Her little wings fluttered in excitement. She did miss her babies. Finnie blinked hard when she noticed Gummy stick his little claw out at her. The blue Pegasus had a wide range of emotions now. She was slightly above the ground, her wings flapping hard as she cutely fangirled over the little gator. "I wouldn't mind this little baby on me anytime, mate," she cooed, letting the reptile sit on her back. This was the happiest the hippie was in a while. Finnie opened her mouth to respond to the pink pony, "I love water. I actually do shows with my dolphins, tricks and all that. You should come sometime, Pinkie Pie." The blue mare then turned around, looking at Ali. "Yeah, she's my friend. Though, she'd never admit it." "I ain't no pony's friend," the mare hissed, shooting daggers directly at Finnie and Pinkie.
  12. The White Tail Woods: full of thick green trees, cracked sticks, shiny stones, and loads of scary silhouettes lurking beneath the shadows... This is a camping trip RP, taking place in The White Tail Woods. Located here: Summary: A group of creatures set off on a camping trip to find the reason why animals of all shapes and sizes keep disappearing. Some say sightings of a shadow pony is lurking within the darkness, waiting to set it's hooves on the next victim. Five brave souls set off to the forest grounds, wanting to find out the mystery. Through thick and thin, the creatures will find out what's making the animals disappear.. or will they? If anyone is interested, I'm looking for three other characters to hop in and join the group! Anypony, or any creature can join! I will be using my character Alizarin Fruits, as I feel like this will be a good growing experience for her (that and none of my other characters seem fit for something like this, haha). Please let me know if you're interested! Once again, anyone can join!
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