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  1. Shot was still itching with excitement. She didn't really know what she was the most excited about, watching the fillies pass, or helping the fillies pass. Everything seemed so entertaining to her. Maybe because this all was soccer related and she loved the sport all too much. Either way, she was pumped up. The yellow earth pony grabbed her ball and kicked it towards Thunder's ball. They were probably gonna end up passing there, so she just followed along with her Wonderbolt friend. She sprinted towards the couple of balls, letting all the fillies get their partners and balls. "I know passing is generally a one ball type deal, but we're going to do some juggling and shooting next so make sure everypony has one!" she yelled as her quick hooves chased after her ball. The mare was faster on hoof than most pegasi were in the air. She got her ball, letting the kids regroup and come closer. Thunderlane was standing in front of her, as Shot grabbed her ball and tossed it in the air. As it floated for a quick second, she began to talk. "Passing is one of- or let's say- the most important thing to learn in soccer." The ball landed on her nose, then she flicked it up into the air again. "Passing helps the ball get around the defenders and up the field. You want the ball to do all the work, not you." The white ball landed onto her front hoof, and so she began to juggle it with her front legs and her back legs, which kinda looked really cool. "With enough practice, you can do things like this!" Shot stopped juggling and placed the ball down in front of her. "The main rules are simple, no wings, no magic, and you cannot pick up the ball with you hooves whatsoever. Keep the ball on the ground. These are very important to know throughout the game." She then simply passed the ball to Thunderlane with her front hoof, a perfect pass. The ball went back and forth a few times with ease, and Shot finally stopped it. "Any questions? If not, you guys can start!"
  2. Panic was written all over the poor farm pony's face. She didn't care if she looked scared anymore, she didn't care if her stone cold face showed any other emotion. Ali just wanted out of the quicksand as fast a possible, but her panicking did no good for her or the deer next to her. It was dark, cold, and the only thing she could really see was her small candle and the group of ponies around her. The only thing the brown and cream earth pony could think was how much she wanted to be saved, even if she didn't trust these ponies. Did she not trust them, though? The small gal kept wiggling, getting deeper and deeper into the gooey sand, which slowly engulfed her in it's wrath. Her heartbeat was faster than a cheetah at this point, and she couldn't stop yelling random words, until the young little Apple Bloom walked right up to her. Before then, Ali watched as Sombra made a large crystal appear in front of her, making her pupils grow smaller. The big 'ol thing protruded right in front of her, making her teal green eyes stare at the odd use of magic. Apple Bloom began to talk to her, and Ali's stubbornness made her move even faster. "Ah'm literally almost neck deep in this goop and you think not movin' will do anythin'? I need out of here!" The little filly kept talking though, which soothed Ali's temperament. She stopped moving all together, which slowed down the sinking immensely. A flash of an idea popped in her head, something that probably wouldn't have happened without the little fillies help. And maybe the little drink she had earlier helped too, but she thought she could trust this ponies. That idea only popped in for a few seconds, but maybe these ponies weren't that bad. Soon the little yellow filly was gone, and the only thing Ali could do was look up at the red captain above her. All four of Ali's legs were stuck in the sand, mainly her back ones, and even with small movements she couldn't get them out. The black crystal was right there to grab, but of course she couldn't reach it. "Just gimme the rope! Just gimme the rope!" She tried to get her front hooves free, as she slowly sunk a little more. Ali was panicking again, as another thump shook the trees. "Please! I really don't wanna die today." She looked around, searching for Apple Bloom and Fluttershy. The sweet Pegasus was tending to the deer, and the filly was no where.
  3. The trio stood at the edge of the road for what seemed like forever. Daze just kept her golden eyes on the sun, watching it tick by with all the passing seconds. She kept in her head, mostly thinking about what this store would look like. It was either going to look really creepy, or really silly. She was very curious to see, and was met with relief when the taxi showed up in front of them. Thrilly did the talking to the cab driver, as the Pegasus hopped into the taxi. She sat at the edge, looking around the town as the thing with wheels began to drive them to their destination. "Let's definitely do horror first. That sounds the most appealing." She then glanced at the little dragon, smirking. "Romance, huh? We can do that second." They finally made their way to the comic shop, which looked pretty silly and basic for Daze's standings. "This doesn't really look like the place for like- haunted things. It looks kinda- fake?" The Pegasus hopped off the taxi, turning around and saying her thanks. She waited for the other two, then flew towards the door. "This doesn't look too promising, but I see a crap ton of ponies in the store. It must be popular then, yeah?"
  4. Alizarin really began to think the drink she had a little while ago was working, because she felt a little lighter on the inside. Her body was more relaxed, way less tense than normal. It made her think faster, more diligently. Instead of using her anger and negativity to linger in her decisions, she had a clear head. Maybe it was more useful to be more positive about things, especially in situations like these where quick action needed to take place. Of course the mare thought this as she ran through the thick dark woods, but her only problem was the group seeing her nice side. She still had to be closed off. She had to be smart here. As she made the large clearing with everypony else, she asked what was wrong. Ali could already see the problem though, even before Apple Bloom said anything. The sight really did shock her, making her mouth stay open as she was trying to piece together the random chain of events. Nothing seemed to add up. "Y'all, out of the many times Ah've camped here in these woods, Ah can't say Ah've ever seen a fat glob of sand just sittin' here." That sentence was 100% true, she's never seen quicksand in this forest. This forest was deemed too safe, even for sand. The thing that haunted her the most, was the poor deer that was stuck in the sand, screaming for help. The landscape was huge, the parts that were covered in the dangerous solid.. liquid? Whatever it was, it was deep and dangerous. Ali didn't even have the courage to look at the poor animal. The drink she sipped was really making her mind softer. The mare huffed aloud, listening as the other ponies yelled and fiddled around with ideas as fast as possible. Ali just set her candle down, as it lit the darkness of the forest in front of them. The deer yelped again, which caused a large thump in the distance. Ali just closed her eyes, settling down her fear and crossing her eyebrows in a frown. As she opened her eyes, she looked above at the long, thick branches that hung loosely from the trees. "Y'all, I have an idea for a 'rope'." The farm pony immediately started climbing up the tree next to her, trying to knock down a branch. That didn't prove worthy though. Without thinking of her fellow ponies who had wings, and a pony with magic, it didn't cross her mind that it would be smarter for them to grab the stick. She was stubborn anyway though, and probably wouldn't ask for the help. The stocky short farm pony ended up stepping on a wrong branch, which snapped, and the mare fell right into the quicksand. Panic over rid her mind, as she looked at the group. "Somepony! Grab the stick from above and help me out!" The mare wiggled endlessly, looking at the deer who was also scared.
  5. There was something about Thunderlane that rubbed Shot the right way. Of course the yellow mare could always find a way to enjoy the company of anypony, but she did tend to favor some more than others. When they first met not too long ago, Shot already liked being around him. He was like family, and they got a long very well. They were both famous athletes, loved to help others out, and just in general had a lot in common. That's what Shot loved about ponies, the similarities and differences were always fun to find out. "I'm glad you didn't miss it, Thun!" Her little nickname for him ran off her tongue easily. "It's always nice to have a helping hoof out here." A little time after, the group of ponies were on the field, in a circle, introducing themselves. Of course Shot's intro was obvious, but what else would she say? Eating pizza was her favorite hobby? Definitely not. She didn't even like tomatoes, or tomato sauce. Not even ketchup. Nothing with tomatoes. The athlete was a great listener though, sometimes, like times like these when it was important to get to know each other. She pretty much commented on everypony who talked. "Thanks, Thun! I like helping others too!" She turned towards Sweetie, who was about to go. "Me too, girl! Once again, I love helping others!" Next it was Echo's turn, which made Shot smile largely. "Gosh, I love ball sports too! Obviously." Too bad she didn't know Echo was deaf. The mare's green eyes focused on Rosemarey's next. "Planting flowers? That sounds so nice." Last but not least there was Wind Walker. "I wish I could fly, but I don't at the same time. I kind of like sticking to the ground." After all the introductions, Shot kicked the ball away from the crowd and towards the goal. "Okay, you guys! Here's the plan! We're going to start simple at first, then progress into more challenging things. So, we're going to start with passing! So everypony, grab a partner!" Shot looked at Thunderlane directly, smiling at him. "We're going to show them the right way, then we'll critique them as we go. Sound good?"
  6. "Okay- okay, chill out dudette," she forced, a little taken aback from the little dragon. The Pegasus couldn't help but lead on a teasing smirk after her words, which made her look rather attractive. "I've never heard of this Torch guy, but you're pretty small. Smaller than a filly." Daze shrugged, looking back at her fellow feline friend as she opened up the pamphlet that struck Daze's curiosity. "Well, I'm sure Canterlot has been here for many many years. Of course it's gonna look awesome like this- and well organized. It's kinda easy to find somethin' you're looking for." She got closer to Thrilly, looking over her shoulder to see all the different buildings the large city held. Sooner or later, they were outside the restaurant, already paying and all that adult fun stuff. The tan Pegasus was flying in the air, looking straight ahead at the long road that probably stretched right through the town. "Yeah, a cab will work." Daze thought for a second at Thrilly's question, and she just turned to her with a large smile. "Horror is the first thing I wanna try. Something about getting the crap scared out of me sounds sweet."
  7. ~Basics~ Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Bellissima StellaNicknames: Ms. Stella, Bell, Star Sex: Female (her/she)Age: Younger MareSpecies: UnicornSexual Orientation: Straight (Totally, haha, in the closet) ~Physical Attributes~ Eye Color: Bright Blue Character Color: Light Pink Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are very long and wavy. She either has her mane down or up in a ponytail, giving her a sassy look. Her front locks are tucked behind her ears. The colors in her hair are a wide range of blue, to purple, to orange. Physique: She's taller than average. Thin and long, like a model, but not as tall as Luna. Extra: She normally has a thick line of mascara on, even fake eyelashes. Cutie Mark: Description: A black music note over a blue star. Story: Basically, it was her first gig at some half time show for a soccer game, and Bell was actually really nervous. She loved the attention, but was scared she was going to mess up. But, the little filly ran onto the middle of the field and sang the anthem with her whole heart, and it made ponies cry. Like actual tears. She was a little shaky, but the moment was too special. It was really beautiful. Then, bam, her cutie mark appeared. ~Outside Information~ Family: Adoptive Father (Unicorn): Gioiello Viola, Adoptive Mother (Unicorn): Bella Gemma Occupation: Famous Pop Singer Residence: Her main home is in Manehatten, but she travels on tour a lot. ~Characteristics~ Character Personality: This unicorn is one sassy little snob. She's beautiful, until you meet her true self. Bell is a selfish little brat, and acts like tough stuff when she's not in front of her large standing fans. In front of her fans, she's the sweetest and most gorgeous creature ever to set hoof on the planet. When her back is turned though, her true feelings unleash in something nasty. She plays games, and is very untrustworthy. Not many ponies are close to her, because one, she's a back stabber, and two, she doesn't let ponies get close with her. Probably because she's very insecure about herself, and scared of opinions, but she'd never admit that. Never. She really is scared of feeling love, and scared of friendship, because what if no pony really likes her? Bell otherwise is very cocky, but very lazy. She generally just likes to sit all day in her trailer and sleep. She's a weird one. Unique Traits: Her voice is pretty much like an angel, but she tends to use a lot of autotuned (a magic spell preformed by her), but she doesn't need the enhancement. She can play the guitar, but she mostly does that behind closed doors. History: Bell was born on a gorgeous summer morning, you know with the blue birds singing in the distance, the sun shining perfectly through the windows to behold a beautiful healthy baby girl. Too bad her parents absolutely despised her. The couple never wanted a foal, but they wanted a offspring in their name to follow in their hoof steps. So, they adopted a gorgeous little filly. Those two being cocky little gem sellers never let their child get in the way of their money, but they were rich anyway. So, Bell grew up pretty much shunned from her family. They were never home, and the poor little filly had to figure out herself alone. How to cook, how to clean, how to take care of herself in general. Bell was naturally stunning. She always had a wonder wavy and thick mane that would grab anypony's attention. The mare did love the spotlight. When she was alone, she'd sing by herself and write her own songs, looking for some pony to give her attention because her parents never did. That led to Bell becoming a rude, nasty little girl, but the pony who found her on the street singing her heart out loved the attitude. She became known around the city rather quickly, as her voice sounded like angels themselves, even for a little girl. Throughout her life, she just grew up singing in front of crowds and becoming world wide. Now she just travels everywhere, banking up bits. Currently, her family actually wants something to do with her. Kind of sad, but Bell holds her own. A little growing up photo for reference: Character Summary: Bell is a two-faced little snotty brat, but is honestly just insecure about her emotions.
  8. Gosh, this new stallion who showed up was quite the looker. Arty just got this feeling around him, this deep, flirty vibe that made her smile. Her smile could really blow anypony away, not because she was the prettiest mare ever, because she wasn't, but because her saucy attitude took control of her confidence. That's what ponies found most attractive about her. She wasn't insecure, or nervous about anything, but she sure was a heart breaker. A big, fat, selfish heart breaker. She didn't ever settle down, but like she cared. She slightly raised her eyebrow, giving him a secure look of certainty and interest. "Yeah? I'd loved to go see your band, baby. I'm quite intrigued by that idea." She flicked her tongue, looking at him up and down. Not really checking him out, but she totally was at the same time. At this point in her life, she honestly didn't care if she was covered in paint and smelled like chemicals, she always seemed to grab attention. The purple unicorn looked back at the guard, looking at him with her enduring pink eyes. "Nice to meet you formally, darling. No need for the apology, there is no need for one." The artist gave him a devious smirk. She was having fun on her little break time, even though she needed to go eat and finish her artwork. Maybe she could take a little longer of a break, mingle a little bit. She knew she needed some time talking with other ponies. Not like she could use anymore friends, but hey, the more the merrier. Arty paid close attention to Silver's face, as it seemed to soften a little. He seemed to be more relaxed, more gentle. She was glad to see his stubborn face release itself. It was good he felt comfortable, to Arty at least. She could go somewhere with comfortable. He seemed to go into his shell though, as the air got cooler and the mood seemed to change from playful to awkward. Arty didn't like that feeling, and she didn't feel like Canterlot's beauty should be left at an odd stance. The mare trotted, or limped, over to Silver and sat by him, purposely brushing up close by him. "Hey now, why don't we all go to that bar? I'm famished, and I think some socialization will do all of us justice."
  9. Alizarin's body tingled when the shy yellow Pegasus told her off about the squirrel. Honestly, the mare wasn't expecting such a harsh reaction. Ali didn't know Fluttershy too well, so it caught her off guard when she yelled at her. Of course though, the mare got defensive quickly and shot back at her. "Like we knew it was some rodent stalkin' us. That thing was creepin' at us, knowin' there's some darn monster in this forest!" After getting that off her chest, the farm pony backed away and rolled her eyes, right before the large thundering sound came about. She held her own, almost falling, as the group stumbled. Their reactions were quick though, but Ali strongly disagreed with their actions. Not because what they're doing was too naïve, but because Ali didn't know exactly what was out there. It was a dark forest, filled with mysterious dangers, apparently, that no pony even had the slightest idea about. Not a shocker that the adventurous ponies took action as fast as possible, and Ali was just there standing, with only Sombra left. She opened her peach mouth to speak, staring right into the deep, dark forest. It felt like there were a million shadows staring at her, wanting her to join in too, like some friendly gathering. This feeling wasn't friendly though. It felt like the forest had malicious intent, like the forest was ready to eat any pony alive. It wanted anything weak to join it's forces and become stronger, something that was easy to persuade.. easy to take over. Ali wasn't that weak thing the forest was looking for. Even though the trees stood over her like intimidating monsters, she wasn't weak enough to bow down to them. And once it clicked, she knew the rest of the group wasn't weak either. "Ah know they seem very dumb right now, but Ah think we gotta check this business out with 'em." She looked at Sombra as she talked, motioning her head towards the darkly lit trees. She couldn't fly like Fire Walker or Fluttershy, but she could catch up with Apple Bloom. "Now, Ah can't see a lickin' thing out there, so we gotta get some light started." With one swift motion, the grumpy mare grabbed a large candle from her tent and brought it over to the fire, quickly lighting it up. "C'mon, let's get goin' fast. Ah trust ya', just follow me." The mare took off into the darkness, hopefully being followed by Sombra, as the duo ran though the dirt path that the loud sound came from. It didn't take long until they met up with Apple Bloom, who seemed to be still running. "Ah got some light. You find anythin' yet?"
  10. Daze scoffed at the little dragon's answer. The Pegasus knew for a fact ghosts and scary ghouls and such were real! She has had a million encounters with those things. Ever sinceShe she was little, she saw little creepy things chilling out in her closet, ready to take her away in some vortex that shot out of the back.. maybe that was her little filly imagination, but this was Equestria. There was weird magic and horror inducing sights everywhere. Thinking about her answer, Daze shot back with, "Ha! Trust me, little dude. My old house back then, when I was probably your age, there were creepy little instances that happened every so often. That house was haunted, bro." She shivered dramatically. "Like one night, me and my twin sister were sleeping, and we heard this crazy loud sound. I was the first to get up, but she followed by a close second. She opened the closet door with her magic or whatever, and there was a fat hole just chillin' there at the end. And we swore we'd never see the hole. Then a creepy little eyeball became visible, and lemme tell you, we never screamed louder." She quickly laughed, thinking about the memory still kinda freaked her out. "I remember my dad came flying in with a bat, but the little eyeball was gone. I slept in their room for weeks." She then shrugged, looking at the dragon. "But hey, you're tough anyway." Daze paid her part of the bill and looked back at her two friends. "I like your thinkin', Thrill! Let's get a move on so we don't burn daylight." The Pegasus tipped the waiter, then flew out of the restaurant. "So, you know the address of this place?"
  11. Arty was starting to like this guy. Like- really like this guy. He wasn't stale like most guards, he was handsome, had a very sweet tone to him, and was rather charming, like a prince. How odd it was that she happened to stumble upon him. It just happened she needed a small break from her painting, and boom, he was right there in the flesh. A guard, who she presumed was quite the lady's man. How was there not a million mares standing in line for him? The artist could strongly relate to that though. She just had that vibe, a really attractive vibe. She wasn't no stranger to romantic encounters, or anything more than that. The sad thing was, she wasn't the type to stick around. The purple unicorn watched his movements, as she raised her eyebrows slightly in amazement. "I dab in a little reading too. Nothing really extraordinary, but nothing bland either." She watched him think for a second, as she stood softly to the side. "I simply talk to everypony, about everything. Whether it's about why the night sky is so gorgeous, or about a little earthworm that crawls in the dirt. Really, everything." Arty paused, thinking for a second about the second question. "Oh- you must have been mistakin', baby. I work throughout the daylight and into the moonlight. I don't stop until my work is to be finished." She finally sat down, looking up at the night. It was quiet for a moment, but it wasn't awkward. It was sweet silence, the kind that was comfortable and just. Just slightly there were crickets in the background, humming and chirping. The sound relaxed the unicorn, and made her smile gently. The she heard the stallion talk again, and she perked up to listen. "I completely understand, sweetheart. It's hard work. Poor handsome stallions like you deserve somepony to talk to." She couldn't help but flirt with him. "Most need social interactions to survive. A couple out there can find a way to be introverts and live, but there's something about talking to somepony that makes their hearts seem full." Suddenly, she heard a pony fly on over to them. The sudden change of atmosphere startled the mare, and she swiftly got up. "Cantorlot is rather astonishing at night." Arty watched as her new friend confronted the other stallion, which made her step back. She then opened her mouth to speak, "No need to be confused. He just wanted to drop in and greet us." She walked over to him with a friendly smile. "Pleased to meet you, baby. I'm Street Art, but you can call me whatever your heart desires." There was a small wink at the end of her sentence, as she confidently stood. "And this here is.." she stopped, realizing she actually never met this fine stallion's name.
  12. When she heard the commotion outside the locker room, the yellow mare couldn't help but jump about in excitement. Finally the kids showed up! Now she had somepony to talk to, and share her thoughts to, and teach the little fillies how to play some good soccer! Long Shot couldn't wait to start, she already had everything planned accordingly. The rules she was going to share, the drills, the playing time! The brightly colored pony couldn't contain her energy, she couldn't reel in her calm, justified, game-time part of her. No, Shot could only fish in her hyper-active personality. The soccer star opened the locker room door with her papers in her mouth. She looked around, spotting the group of fillies, and one stallion, who stood at the opening of the field. Her eyes widened, as a large smile appeared on her face. She immediately dropped the papers, trotting, or more like running, over to them like a little filly entering a candy shop. Oh, and weren't the kids the sweetest she's seen. Shot made it over, grinning like a mad man and opening her mouth to speak. "Hello everypony! Welcome to the camp! I'm so happy you all have made it!" Her voice was enthusiastic, eager to get the ponies in a positive outlook. "I'm Long Shot, the main coach here. I'm so very excited to meet all of you silly fillies!" She then looked at Thunderlane, and she turned rapidly towards him. "Ah! I'm so glad you made it, bud!" She ran over to him, giving him a little rub on the head with her hoof. "I'm sure you all know Thunderlane! He's actually a Wonderbolt, but he'll be helping coach the camp with me." She trotted back to the group of kids, setting herself aside and letting them go onto the field. "C'mon everypony! Try your likes on the field, and I'll show you all the guidelines and such so we can get started. No time to waste!" Shot let everypony walk in front of her, as she closed the gate and grabbed her sheets of paper. Soon she was on the field with the others, grabbing the ball bag and tossing the balls at them. "First, I need everypony to grab a ball, then make a circle!" The mare grabbed a ball herself, rolling it in front of her. "We're gonna start off simple! Let's get to know each other just in case there's some strangers-" she paused, preforming a large smile. "So, say your name and.. your most favorite thing to do! Like as a hobby! I'll go first! My name is Long Shot, and my favorite thing to do is play soccer!"
  13. Daze thought for a second, which was a really short second because she normally drank coconut milk instead of regular milk anyway. Well, she didn't actually drink it like water, but she'd have it with her cereal or make it with hot chocolate. Really, anything that had to use milk, she used a substitute for it. Whether it be coconut milk, almond milk, whatever other milk there is made out there she'd use. "Psh, coconut milk will be just fine." "I honestly wanna go to all of those. Dude, just finding some weirdo ghosts- or witches- or witch ghosts!" Daze was smiling a heap load, the idea of this 'ghost hunting' thing really excited the Pegasus. She could imagine finding the ghosts in some haunted museum, then getting all the praise when she caught them. Then, she'd be a famous ghost tracker. Or, she was just totally full of herself and just wanted some attention. Either way, it seemed fun. "I don't care where we go, I just want to find some scary stuff." As the bill was placed on the table, the athlete immediately took it for a look. "I mean, it's not as expensive as I thought. The bread was totally my fault though." She took out some bits, ready to pay for her food. She thought it would be rude if she didn't pay for the stuff she consumed, since she's the one who had the problem.
  14. Arty watched has her charm interrupted the stallion's stone cold demeanor. There it was, that smile she was looking for. She had a feeling he wasn't all solid with one emotion. He had to have something else to bring to the table, and he sure did. The young mare couldn't help but smile again back, or, keep her smirk but make it a little wider. She watched as he adjusted his scarf, which looked rather attractive on him. "My leg was a simple birth effect, honey. The only thing rather frustrating was learning to walk." She raised her eyebrow curiously, as her gaze was locked on his eye patch. She couldn't help but stare at the stallion, not creepily, just trying to absorb anything that struck out to her. His eye, the way he looked, his job. She normally did this with everypony she meets, rather it be a fan or just a friend. Arty was weird like that, but she was too curious to not. She had to answer her own questions, or else her itch would never be scratched. The mare had enough confidence to get anything she needed, whether it be doing something embarrassing or awkward. She never really thought ponies could hate her, she had enough charm to take over anypony's brain. As such, she wondered if she was in his mind, and if he was there with her. The purple mare let out a rather attractive chuckle when he winked, which she just barely caught. "Curious to get to know me, aren't 'ya?" Her voice was 100% teasing at this point. She liked to play her little games. "Ha, I'm just out getting a snack, maybe a candle or two. Just to finish my work." He began to ramble, and she just looked at him cutely. "Baby, I got magic, but I don't study it. Levitation is 'bout the only thing I know." As so, she picked up her shady cloak with her magic, her horn glowing a bright pinkish-purple. In the Canterlot's darkness, her magic could be seen from a mile away. It was an astonishing color, and matched her suave personality easily. What he said about the books got her mind in a jumble. Books? "What literature do you got your nose in?" It was a simple question, and she really wanted to know. She felt him pace around her, which didn't really phase her at all. Most ponies did that to her when she was in a conversation. Arty kind of giggled at his answer, but not like a childish one. Quite the opposite. "Well, sir, I'm glad we have ponies like you around this quaint city. You seem to have a level head and loyal companionship. We can all truly trust you." She smiled politely. "I'm usually off in my own world, so I don't find myself acknowledging others, unless I want to." She watched him look up at moon, which made her trot towards the fountain, with the customers from the bar laughing in the distance.
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