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  1. Neb swiftly took the glass of water and downed it down like a champ. The whole glass was gone in one swig, and the bat couldn't help but let out a relaxed "Ah!" She, rather aggressively, set the glass down onto the table, licking her lips and wiping the sweat off her forehead. "It's times like these where water can hit the spot anytime, huh?" As they were walking to the patio, Neb felt Reck rub up super close to her. The mare couldn't help but smirk mischievously, whipping her tail tp the side and hitting the pegabat's hip. "Y'know me- always playing games. Be careful though, I can be a little aggressive." The mare snickered at her own comment, as they finally came up close to the opening of the doors. The cool air made Neb shiver, as she opened her sweaty wings and gave them a little flutter. The night's air was rather breathtaking, as it felt so good on the mare's body. The stars were out, as bright as ever. The bat absolutely loved the stars. She could stare at them all night if she wanted to. They always made her feel relaxed and at home, like she was meant to be out in the dark, underneath the moons embrace. Neb felt safe, but of course she would never admit that to anypony. She wasn't too touchy feely with her emotions. Neb felt a quick burst of air fly by her, so she looked up to see Reck up on the roof. Now, the roof was just about the perfect place to relax. Especially with somepony she was really starting to enjoy being around. The bat made the decision to impress the half-bat a little, maybe by showing off her moves. Of course they were moves her father taught her. So, she opened her wings, did a back flip onto the railing, then front flipped onto the roof and landed with a soft thud. She could've easily fallen, but she was always up for some danger. Finally the two were alone, until Neb heard a familiar voice. The bat quickly looked up, spotting the DJ that recognized her. Neb immediately smirked at her fellow friend. "Aw, man! Long time, no see, Dusky!" The bat flew closer to the DJ, turning at Reck. "Of course I know Dusk! She's a good pal of mine!" She then turned to Dusk. "How have you been, huh? Nice show you put on!"
  2. Golly searched around the rather creepy room, right after asking his question. Though the candle lights were present, he still couldn't see very well with his bright golden eyes. Maybe his eyes glowed more than the candles did. He'd never know, he couldn't see his own face. But instead of thinking of that, he looked for some more weirdo clues. He couldn't tell what kind of room this was, but there seemed to be a lot of furniture from all the dark shadows. The mare- stallion, perked up when he heard his little brother speak, but instead of smiling, he blushed nervously. More like, Daze blushed nervously. What was this devious little dragon planning? Golly turned around, giving on a fake smile. "If you say so, little bro. Though, maybe it'll be not so.. age appropriate for you to watch." That statement should buy some time for the Pegasus, as he flew closer to his girlfriend. Maybe that would freak his little brother out, since, of course, little boys don't like seeing nasty things like that. Boopsy was still 'passed out', which looked rather dramatic. Golly couldn't help but snicker at this point. He had to hold it in though, or else he would end up breaking character. He looked up, seeing the little dragon smirking, as the athletic pony hovered over Boopsy. Then, he spotted something rather funky.. A large, black shadow casted over the trio, making Daze's actual eyes grow smaller. Her heart starting racing, and she could feel her face turn a deep red. Just then, the lightening flashed, and the freakiest face lit up. "Holy shi-," the pony muttered, not finishing that last word as her teeth couldn't sound out the last letter. Then her character's brain came back, as she realized she had to stay in character, or else she'd lose. She hated losing. She took in a whole bunch of air, calming her intense anxiety and thinking fast. "Bratty! Look out!" The brave brother dove for the dragon, picking the little creature up and tossing him behind his body. Another flash of lightening zapped the room, making the shadow monster to come closer. Golly then lifted his feline friend off from the ground, and placed her next to Bratty. Landing on the ground now, he stretched his wings out bravely and looked right at the monster with no hesitation. His eyes were fierce, as he gave a smirk to the monster, who came a step closer. "One more step and I'll show you somethin' you'll regret!" Another flash of lightening gave away the terrifying face that made goosebumps on Golly's body. He was ready to pounce at the thing, giving it a cocky look.
  3. Celestia, Neb was really feeling herself. And once Reck began to dance with her, something sparked. There was blatant chemistry with the two ponies, and Neb bet every creature in the room could feel it. Their dancing styles melted together like heat to a candle. The candle was very well on fire too. Neb was having the best time she possibly could, and even when she got a little tired, she still danced her heart out. The music was unbelievably smooth, and she loved it. Soon, the lights and music turned down, as an announcement filled the air. Every creature seemed to start cheering, and Neb couldn't help but stomp herself. Soon they all broke off into their respectful groups, and the bat pony got a little closer to Neb. "Heh, the more drinks the merrier." She began trotting back to the bar, wiping off some sweat from her forehead. "Your moves are definitely on fire, babe. You see that stuff back there? They loved us!" The bat pony floated herself onto the stool, watching Reck order the drinks. Neb then put her two front hooves on the bar, pushing off and letting herself spin around. She did this quite often, to get the rest of her energy out, probably. She loved moving around. She stopped when Reck started to speak, and Neb just licked her long fangs. "Yeah- there's a patio on the right where we're sittin'. Kinda hard to see right now, but it's right over there," she replied, pointing at some double doors. They were hard to see, as a lot of creatures were piling in and out of the door. They probably were getting fresh air too. Neb grabbed her drink, taking a swig, then looking at the doors. "We can head over for some air now, yeah? It's gettin' a little stuffy in here." She hopped off the stool, starting to trot to the doors. "Just follow me, hun. Just don't stare from back there, that's only for the bedroom." She gave out a wink, motioning at her hindquarters. The bat knew she looked good in all angles, she just wanted to play around.
  4. Beams of all different kinds of light flashed all over the room, the beams tracking across every creature and the walls. The neon lights were extremely eye catching, which got Nebulous more hyped to dance. She loved colorful things across a dark backdrop. She loved the pop of personality that the colors gave out. The mist sent shivers down her spine too, as it was a nice aesthetic to fit the bumpin' music. The colorful beams seemed to fit with the beat drops too. The bat pony was only about 75% of what she could actually do with her dancing, she was just feeling herself loosely and whipping her head around to the beat. Neb simply smiled at the compliment Reck gave back, and snickered out a, "Thanks." As the music began to change, she felt her friend move closer to her fuzzy ears, making her melt a little. She heard the one word, an immediate smile appearing on her face, followed by the nip. She turned to Reck, closely mouthing, "Says yourself." Soon Neb saw a small circle around the two of them, giving Neb a whole new load of confidence, on top of the confidence she already had. The bat pony started slow, as the music changed a little. Her movements were smooth, yet right on point with each beat. She moved her body side to side in a slow movement, finally getting into the swing of things when the music started to pick up. The music finally let down a beat drop, and that's when the grey mare started getting it down. Creatures around her began to clap, setting up a faster beat. Neb's moves were a mix of hip-hop and dubstep, her hooves stopping in and out from her body. She mixed a couple twirls in there, as well as spinning on her back hooves and letting her wings out to stretch out far, which kind of looked cool. She stayed on her back hooves, her balance was incredible, as she continued to dance her little heart out. Finally she gave out a look to Reck, and motioned with her head for her to come join the center. She landed on all floors, still moving swiftly to the beat, and yelled out another invitation, "Come join me, babe. Show me what you got."
  5. Bell continued to trot, already feeling the nasty liquid trickle down her forehead. She was hoping her mane wasn't matted, as it felt like a waterfall was pouring off her head. Of course, though, she was probably being dramatic. From a common onlooker, most could only spot a little drop. Bell didn't feel like that though. Her mind started to drift as somepony began talking to her, and the brightly blue eyed mare caught a creature running on another treadmill next to her. The wolf must've heard her previous words before hand, as Bell just nodded without making any eye contact. She didn't give a good look until the furry wolf introduced himself. She cleared her throat rather aggressively, sort of out of breath. "Ah- Nice to uh- meet you." She finally got a clear view of him, which made her tilt her head. A wolf? How strange. "I'm Bellissma Stella. You may call me Bell," she responded hesitantly, giving a tired smile. She honestly didn't want anypony- or creature- to talk to her. She was over this 'making friends' thing. Thankfully, all her trotting came to a stop, as the day was getting older. The next morning.. Bell woke up a little sore, probably from the trotting. Though she was used to dancing on a stage, this was a different type of exercise that left her body aching. The pink mare woke up grouchy to boot, as the bags under her eyes grew larger. The stretched as she got up, brushing her mane in a quick swipe then putting it up in a ponytail. She knew she was going to have to work today, which is why she left her tent underneath a large apple tree. She walked out, letting the sun warm her face up to wake up a little. She rubbed her eyes, a grumpy looking taking over her face. She began trotting to the work area, spotting Applejack. She looked extremely tired, which kind of made Bell feel bad. She knew hard work when she saw it, and Bell was going to say something, but she didn't know what exactly to say. She was already grumpy, so her brain wasn't really thinking right. The only thing she could think about was dreading running on one of the treadmills. She wasn't in the mood for running. Maybe she could stall though.. and an idea struck her. Hopefully she didn't have to run now. "What a good morning it is today, right Applejack?" She stared at the tired earth pony, waiting for a response. Bell was good at stalling. "You need any help, darling? I can hold something you need, or get you some tools?" Anything but running..
  6. Neb continued dancing, swaying on her little stool. The bat's balance was impressive, but that had to do with what she does for a living. She was always out, working out somehow. Not because of her job, but because of her little boxing club down under the city. The mare never really talked about it though, so if anypony asked she'd just shrug. She was fit, toned. Rather thin for a pony, but she was shorter than most. She was tiny, but confident. Most would call her a firecracker. The mare licked her lips, letting out a "Ha!" Then swerved back to her date. "Dusk is wicked talented. Super chill pony too. I love talkin' to her." Neb spotted the empty spot, surprised that there even was one. The club was so packed, she didn't expect there to be an open spot. It was perfect for dancing, though. The mare new that. Any open spot was a total steal. "If you ever wanna know where something is- I can totally show you the ropes around here." The bat let out a smirk, kicking her elbows back again. Once Neb got her drink, she took a sip, immediately smiling from the fruity flavor. She couldn't help but wiggle her legs from how good it was. It was kind of cute. She took a couple more sips, then nodded her head to Reck's idea. "I'm always in the mood for dancin'! I got moves for days!" Nebulous hopped down from the stool, following Reck onto the dancefloor. The half-bat was already dancing, making Neb more in the mood. She started to dance too, hitting every beat that was thrown down. The new lights made her look bright, and she couldn't help but stare at Reck. She looked really pretty, so Neb let out a fang filled smirk. "You're a good dancer! You know that?"
  7. Bellissima found herself pulling her mane in a pony-tail, as she knew she was about to do some work. Hopefully nothing too crazy, she was just there to do simple stuff, like picking up apples off the ground or holding something special for somepony. She didn't know at this point, and when she walked with Bluebelle, they ran into a rather.. knockout of a stallion. Sure, the unicorn has seen handsome stallions before, but this one, whew. She couldn't help but stand up straighter, with a tight smile. "Yes, I'm Bellissima Stella, but as you may, call me Bell." She kind of blushed when Bluebelle made her joke, making Bell cough aloud. "I never would have thought," she whispered under her breath. After the encounter, Bell's ears flopped down in annoyance. She obviously has seen the orange mare before, named Applejack, she thought. Though they have never met, Bell stood there, waiting for her job to be given to her. It kind of frustrated her that AJ didn't know who she was- a rising popstar. She honestly just wanted the attention though, maybe to flip her long, beautiful mane in front of everypony. She had to set a fine example, though. She listened to the farm pony without saying a word, as she mentioned the use of no magic. No magic? The work would easily be done with some magic! Bell wasn't the best with her horn, but she knew a couple spells to do the trick. The farm pony seemed stern about it, though. Bell held herself from sighing at the stubborn worker, until she heard the word 'Run'. "Run? You expect me to run? What kind of-" The mare stopped herself, biting her lip and looking to her side to see her friend smiling at her. The unicorn was furious, running was not in her forte! Any work of exhaustion and fatigue was not for her! Sure, she dances a lot on stage, but she was feeling herself. This wasn't a choice. But, she couldn't sit here and argue. She had to be competent. The pink unicorn cleared her throat, running her front hoof down her face as she thought for a second. "Ah, yes. You're very right, darling. Running just a little won't have me worried. Sweat is a good thing I always say, right?" She wanted to vomit at the simple thought of sweating. She didn't want to be all stinky. She just wanted to be here to mingle, not work. She wasn't a ruffian. As they all split off, the unicorn made her way to the treadmill. She stared at it for a really long time, trying to gain the thought of hopping onto it. Bell couldn't just stand there, though. Finally, she got the courage to get onto it, letting the apples load on into it. She huffed, beginning to trot ever so slowly. It was barely doing anything, but she didn't want to go any faster. The pink unicorn was about to groan loudly, until she thought of ponies watching her. So, she trotted a little faster. As she continued, she looked on to see all the bat ponies. A little of her anxiety went away though, when she noticed Reckless and Nebulous leaving. "Thank Celestia."
  8. Gosh, Neb could really get down into the music right now. It made her whole body feel vibin', and she was ready to party. The room was already packed with ponies, since it was a little over and hour after everypony got off work. There was a mix of creatures in here too, not just ponies. She spotted a couple griffons, two or three dragons, even a changeling. Neb liked the idea of other creatures in here partying. She was interested in seeing them dance. Maybe they danced differently than ponies. The bat pony was caught off guard, of course after Reck kissed her cheek. The dark grey mare wasn't dumbfounded or anything, instead she was immensely more interested. Neb didn't even bat an eye, she just played it off with a smirk. "You missed me that much, huh?" Her deep purples eyes kept in contact with Reck's vibrant pink ones. Playing it cool was Neb's strong suit. She was confident, and knew exactly what she liked. Though, Reckless was well, reckless, Neb was too. She wasn't going to show that side just yet. Soon, though. Soon, a tender came over to the bat pony, which made her swivel her stool towards the pony, while also leaning towards Reck. She licked her long fangs, kicking her legs out more to stretch her sweat pants up more. The room was kind of hot. "I normally get something sweet- more fruity- cold. I gotta cool myself down, sometimes I'm too hot for my own good." One side of her mouth pulled up into a smirk, then she gave a small wink. "Gimmie somethin' pineapple, maybe coconut. A cocktail of some kind." She stared at the tender, as they simply nodded and got to work. She turned to her friend, opening her wings to cool them off. "This music is really bumpin'. Hey, you heard of 'Dusk til Dawn' before? Because their music is feelin' me up right now." She let out a little shoulder shake, laughing it off. "Ha! So, you familiar with this place?"
  9. I was listening to this as I was writing, it kind of set the tone: Click here to listen. The lights all lit up at once, creating a dark eerie feeling in the huge mansion. Though it was easier to see, it still didn't cover the darkening, mysterious halls down the hallway. The Pegasus tried not to pay attention to that, as her anxiety would spike. She was an overthinker, and that could cause problems in this story, just from her character alone. She had to be brave and reckless, no thinking aloud. That was going to be hard, but it was all about getting the most points and getting through this story without a hustle, right? As she, or 'he' felt a thump behind him, he looked at the broken off statue. It looked newer, but old at the same time. It seemed to be aging well, if it wasn't broken. "Psh- just a dumb 'ol gargoyle. As if that could scare me," she said, letting out a brave snicker and turning around to face her companions. Boopsy was still on the ground, and Golly rolled his eyes. "C'mon now! I wanna find our room or something, and maybe some food. I need something to fill up my tummy!" He flew over to the cat, gently lifting her up with his hoof as he stayed afloat. Once he landed, he stepped on a broken piece of stone. The mare- or- stallion? Looked down, kicking the stone off of him. It didn't break any skin, but it hurt a little. Golly let out a huff, flinging the stone towards some stairs. The Pegasus's golden eyes followed where the stone landed, which was next to the stairs and at these huge wooden doors. He tilted his head in curiosity, taking no time to gain the courage to fly closer to the doors. He pointed his head towards the doors when he looked back again, mouthing a "C'mon now." He appeared closer to the doors, and in one swift motion he pushed the doors out. They slowly opened with a loud screech, making Golly cringe a little. Then he looked on, seeing little to no light. They only thing he could see was the stone path. "Okay guys, let's check out this funny business. And maybe find a nice meal." He rubbed his tummy, then flew into the room, which seemed rather gigantic. Daze was doing a good job mocking a male's voice, since her's was already deep and raspy. This adventure was kinda fun too, but her little heart couldn't help but beat faster. She had to stay calm.. The Pegasus's eyes tried to focus on the darkness, as another flash of lightening popped through the windows for some light. Then candles lit up. He just let out a solid huff, letting a "psht" escape his mouth. This stuff was no match for Golly! "You guys see anything funky?"
  10. Nebulous Moon stepped into the brightly lit night club, already feeling herself. It was a huge dark room, with beams of light showering the creatures inside. Everyone looked bright and full of energy, and the music was totally bumping Neb in all the right ways. The mare had come here on occasion, either when she didn't want to be at work, or it was her off day from being on duty. Today though, she wasn't ditching her job. This night was actually planned out. The bat pony took a step onto the floor, her hooves shaking from the bass of the music. It was loud. So loud, she couldn't hear herself think. But she liked it like that. There was no need to think when the only thing she needed to be doing was having the time of her life. She was ready to dance and lose herself in the music. Neb was a total party animal, and actually was a good dancer. Actually, a great one. She was always the center of attention in dancing circles, which was great because she loved the attention. Almost everypony who was a regular knew her in this dance club. Ponies were already looking at her when she trotted inside fully, but she didn't really pay attention to them. Her eyes were only directed on finding the pony she was supposed to meet, and she ignored everyone who said hello to her. Kind of rude, but she couldn't care less. She was there to see one pony, and she was excited to get to know her. The bat pony wasn't really one for dating, but she liked the confidence that this mare brought out. Neb never liked insecurities, she liked passion and excitement. There was so many ponies in the room, it was hard to get around, but Neb sort of had an idea where a secluded place to meet was. It had been about two weeks since she met Reckless, but she had an idea on where to go. So, the mare trotted until she found the bar, immediately spotting her partner of crime. With a big smirk on her face, Neb swiftly took the stool next to her, placing an elbow behind herself on the bar. "Come here often?" That sentence was a total joke, but it was meant as an icebreaker. She hadn't seen her for two weeks, for crying out loud! She waited to see Reck's response, then her face lit up with a smile, "I'm just messin'. How's your tasty self been?"
  11. Okayyyy, here you go! You can download him here: https://sta.sh/026chm4a67lf Here's the base I used: https://www.deviantart.com/katnekobase/art/Kat-Base-MLP-99-656816241 Let me know if you want anything changed!
  12. Alright, mate! Finally got it done. You can download him here: https://sta.sh/01myv29lhakx This it the base I used: https://www.deviantart.com/katnekobase/art/Kat-Base-MLP-129-677364205 If you need anything changed, let me know!
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