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  1. Alright, got 'em done! You can download him here: https://sta.sh/04xe4yo7yz9 Here's the base I used: https://sta.sh/017bnw9k6424 Lemme know if you need anything changed! @PyroBlaze
  2. I could certainly draw Tiger! You got any references for him?
  3. Awww, didn't even think about her not being able to see it XD
  4. Hmm.. is there any characters you just want art of? Like you don't have art of them yet? Or do and kinda want more? haha
  5. Okay @szalhi, I'm done! Here's Loose Cannon! You can download her here: https://sta.sh/0xowys575fn This is the base I used: https://www.deviantart.com/crazyaya/art/MLP-Base-Don-t-you-want-devoted-followers-801044554 Lemme know if you want anything changed!
  6. Alright! I'll just surprise you then!
  7. I'm so glad you love him! ❤️ ❤️
  8. Alright @tacobob, I got it done! You can download him here: https://sta.sh/01sr8mzr5m12 This is the base I used: https://www.deviantart.com/selenaede/art/Chipcutter-Base-746665840 Lemme know if you want anything changed!
  9. Aw yes! I can certainly draw him!
  10. I still got two slots open for anyone wanting a drawing! I'm open to character sheets too! This quarantine stuff has gotten me bored!
  11. Oh, winter. The freezing cold snow, the nippy air, the lack of animals roaming about, the jolly holidays, honestly, Sea F. Salt hated it. Besides the holiday part. The winter was something the blue mare couldn't possibly get along with, only because her entire being was made to be in the sunshine, with warm to the touch sand, and animals that chirped happily went she trotted by them. The spring and summer is literally the definition of her. Poor 'ol Finnie just didn't like being cold. Most would ask, "You're a Pegasus, just fly so you don't have to touch the ground." But, the mare could only just hover. Her poor little wings were underdeveloped. So, she had a right to hate the winter. Of course, she wouldn't outwardly express that emotion. Finnie was a very positive pony. The hippie was only over in Ponyville to see her family, because she missed them dearly, and of course the holidays. The mare didn't step a hoof outside, knowing that the wrap up was tomorrow. Spring time was near, and the Pegasus was extremely excited. She decided to stay to help around with the town, knowing she's good with animals, she'd probably be wearing that brown vest in the morning. In the mean time, she was sitting in her mom's living room in front of the fire for the last time. A cup of hot cocoa was sitting beside her, her little sister Hyper Drive about to pass out. The little filly muttered in a sleepy breath, "You helpin' out tomorrow, sis?" The hippie simply nodded, placing her hoof on the rambunctious filly's head. This was one of the few times were Hyper was calm. Finnie really loved her sister. The little filly looked up at Finnie, smiling. "I'm so glad you're helpin', mate." A yawn. "Though me and my friends have a buckball tournament, I wish I could be with ya' more." Finnie smiled sweetly at her. "Don't worry lil' dude, we'll get some more time togetha’." There was something about Finnie's accent that calmed Hyper down, though Hyper's calmed Finnie's as well. Hyper's was more squeaky. It was so cute. "You should catch some z's though, mate. Can't be sleepy for your sport, y'know?" "I know, Fin Fin. I'll fall asleep eventu-" she interrupted her own words with a yawn, and then she was out. Finnie smirked at her little sister and rolled her orange eyes. She placed her little wing around Hyper, and eventually fell asleep too. We're just gonna be blunt here, Alizarin Fruits hated winter. Well, she kind of hates everything, besides her Pop-Pop. She couldn't grow her food, all her fruits had trouble growing in heaping piles of snow. The winter was where the Fruits couldn't get too much money, which infuriated the short mare. The most satisfying day was when everypony in Ponyville pitched in to get rid of all the cold and bring in the warm. Normally though, Ali was stuck on the farm while her Pop went and helped out with the plowing. Now that he's getting older, the mare had to get out and helping with the plowing instead. Ali was not excited at all to wake up in the morning and be faced with tons of ponies. Her mood was already determined when her Pop told her the news, but she didn't argue with him. "Anythin' for ya' Pop-Pop," she responded, turning around and heading to her room in the barn. She scrunched up her nose, her eyebrows crinkled, as she let out a groan once she closed her door. It was already late at night, where you couldn't hear a peep outside besides the crickets and a few chickens clucking about. The runt of a pony threw herself onto her bed, completely irritated. She really hated socializing with others. Especially strangers. If anything dumb happened the next day she knew she was gonna throw a fit. She was only doing this for her Pop. That's it. Not because Ponyville needed to change the season. Only for her Pop. After groaning for another minute, she finally decided to put a couple thick blankets over herself. She fluffed up her pillow and closed her eyes, trying to think about all the new fruit that was going to come in soon. Just trying to think of the positives.
  12. The bat couldn't help but smirk at Reck, she wouldn't mind kissing her again, and again, and again. It was kind of addicting. Like really addicting. Something about kissing her was rough yet.. sweet. And Reck was a good kisser! Neb just bit her lip and rolled her eyes. "You do have some skills. I'm for real impressed," she cooed, as the other mare nipped her ear. The bat couldn't help but fall into her neck. Neb could hear the fellow DJ on her new set, making her perk up a little. She bopped her head to the sick new beat, smiling at the half-bat. She opened her wings up and flapped them in one strong motion, making her leap into the air. "Who needs to be cool when the night is still young? Let's get this move on! My legs are twitchin' for some more dancing!" She lapped around Reck a few times in excitement, flying down to get into the building. "C'mon slowpoke! Let's see what you're made of!" Neb could hear her fly swiftly behind, making her smile and laugh, which certainly wouldn't be the last time for that night. ----- Concluded -----
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