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  1. Daze listened at Fiver spoke, nodding her head to confirm her listening. "I'm like, non stop flying twenty-four seven, so I'm always in shape." The bandaged Pegasus smiled boldly, looking at the others as they introduced themselves and who they are. It was nice to get to know every creature, since they were going to have to stay on a train forever together. It would be odd for them to just sit there and say nothing, being strangers until the train ride was done. Daze opened her mouth to speak, "Well, it's very nice meeting you all," she started, as she shifted more comfortably to talk again. "I'm nothing special like a blacksmith or from some place like Appleloosa, I literally just grew up in Cloudsdale to become a fast flier. I'm going to be in the race in the Crystal Empire, if you didn't know that already." The Pegasus cocked her head to the side when Loose went on about a good or bad side. "Uh, so then every side is your bad side, which means your good side is your bad side, which also means you have no good side?" She shook her head, confusing herself. "Anyway," she turned to the griffon, "Just make me look good." Daze then gave her famous smirk to Zelda. Loose said something about the cold surrounding them, and how the Crystal Empire was protected from the freezing temperatures. "Yeah, I know. You just never know what can happen. Maybe we get there and the empire is just cold from all the.. crystals and stuff. Or maybe it's under attack and the princess can't hold up the force field. Or maybe the hotel I'm stayin' at is freezing and their heating system broke." Daze was really overthinking everything, like always. "But, I see your point." The mare listened as the others talked about trains, which kind of bored Daze. This wasn't the type of stuff she normally liked to listen to. It wasn't very interesting to her, because this wasn't her type of stuff to think about. Daze grew up in a small community of fliers like herself, who generally weren't all keen on how to make trains less bumpy. The other Pegasus seemed interested in it though, which made Daze listen a little more. She just found Fiver kind of cool. Talking about the bumpy-ness of the train caught Daze's attention more, because of how bumpy this train was. Every so often there would be a thump big enough to bump the gold pony up. One was so big, it made her launch up into the air. She caught herself as she almost hit the top of the cabin. "Okay, I really hope they figure out how to make train rides more smoother. 'Cause for Celestia's stake, it would be nice to not be thrown into the air." Her ears then twitched at the sound of two metal objects clinking together, but she was focused on trying to calm down from the sudden lift.
  2. The golden mare looked into the eyes of the other Pegasus as she talked, making Daze open up her mouth again to speak. "Ye-ah, I'm gonna be in it. It's a big one for me," she exclaimed, her voice cracking, "My actual uniform is in my bag, I just need to keep the 'ol bones and muscles warm. I'm trying not to die from the cold beforehoof, I can't mess this chance up." Daze sat up straighter, feeling more comfortable around this strangers. "And thanks, you look pretty athletic yourself," she added to Fiver, giving her a slight smirk. She was always one to give a compliment back. The way she grew up, she always felt the right to give somepony something in return so she didn't feel bad. "Are you racing too?" Daze looked over at the other two, as the earth pony talked. She seemed to talk a lot, but so did Daze. When she felt like talking, she always had a lot to say. Especially about nothing. The griffon asked a simple question, to which Daze tilted her head. "I mean, sure. Whatever floats your boat." She was kind of weirded out, just thinking about some creature drawing her for a reason she didn't know. But, the mare's eyes sparkled as she said, "Make sure you get my good side though, I don't want anypony missing out on this." Daze then struck a pose, trying to seem ridiculous and crack a smile of the others. She sat back down, thinking she was hilarious. It was good for her to get her mind off the race, otherwise she would freak out again. "I heard this trip is going to take a while." As she said that, the train huffed out some smoke and the train was heading through the train tracks, blasting out a toot. "Guess we're off then." Her yellow eyes looked out the window to see the world ahead of her fly past her face and behind her. The train was rickety and bumpy, but soothing at the same time. Daze focused on the sound of the wheels running over the tracks, keeping her mind steady and in control. The golden Pegasus began to play with her bandages on her arms as she looked outside, her heart racing from newly found excitement. Her ears flicked as she looked farther up at the cabins ahead of theirs's, seeing it shake ahead as the train huffed again. The mare turned back around to face the group. "Oh, my name is Golden Daze by the way," she suddenly said, smiling warmly at the others. All this talk and they hadn't introduced their names yet. So, Daze had to be the first to break the ice.
  3. Daze's hooves were jumping with nerves. Every little detail caught her attention now as she stared blankly at the floor. The floor was newly swept, kind of shiny. So, she admired the hard work it probably took to clean it. It distracted the Pegasus, so it worked in calming her down. Along with the cool airs coming from the open cabin. The gentle breeze from the wind cooled her down, clearing her fragile mind. It wasn't long until another pony.. or creature came walking through the door. Daze didn't even get the chance to think about who was going to share a cabin with her. Obviously there would be others along with her. It was a long ride to the empire. Getting to think now, the green maned mare was kind of excited now to meet new individuals. The first one she saw was a black griffon, and she definitely caught her eye. Something seemed elegant about the griffon, and Daze was really fascinated. She saw the griffon give her a smile, and Daze smiled back politely. It would be rude otherwise to not smile back. Daze was a nice pony, sometimes. A moody, stubborn, nice pony. It was kind of awkward in the cabin, Daze and the griffon in their respective places in their seats. The Pegasus looked over at the griffon again, noticing her looking at a drawing pad. Daze shrugged, minding her own business, thinking about the race again. She honestly didn't think she was ready for the big stage yet. Tons and tons of ponies and other creatures were supposed to be there. She wondered the who was other competition, because it was no easy feat getting an invitation. Daze had to work her tail off to get to the arena. Her hard work did pay off though. Soon another came into the cabin, an earth pony who just seemed to mind her own business. Daze noticed her sit down and take out a book. The Pegasus just looked out the window again, lost in her thoughts. Then, another pony came through, a Pegasus who looked kind of familiar to Daze. Daze was no wonderbolt fanatic, she wasn't really interested in them. The other Pegasus just seemed to ring a bell to her. Probably something she learned in flight school. She remembers the teachers would go on and on about how many students graduated and became wonderbolts on their own times. It really just sounded like bragging more than teaching the amazing achievements the school had. Her old school was all about sports anyway, which was fine because Daze was really good at anything related to athleticism. After a long break of silence before the other Pegasus came in, Daze finally heard somepony say something. Her head turned around to look at the others, clearing her throat. "Yeah," she started in her raspy undertone, "It's definitely my first time goin’." She paused, with a small smirk, but her eyes were full of anxiousness. "I'm not nervous at all. Not at all," she said with sarcasm. Quickly the train door shut after the conductor called for one more chance, but nopony else came into the cabin. The train was going to be soon on it's way to the empire.
  4. The morning sun glistened in the newly awoken sky, shining it's gorgeous light down beneath to the ground. Though, the sky was cloudy, and the air was chilly. The sun seemed to be the only sign of warmth to the late winter air. Spring hadn't blossomed yet for the ponies, but it was a short distance away. The cold still nipped down on anypony who was outside. Soon, a cloud floated over towards the sun, blocking the sunlight's path onto the small piles of snow. The piles were speckled throughout the roads, half melted. There were more piles of water than snow. Golden Daze always noticed this when spring was coming up soon. Daze always noticed the little things in life, or more so nature. She likes to look down when she flies and observe the ground below. This morning though, she was a little more frantic to get her thoughts together. As so, the golden Pegasus zoomed all over her cloud-made room, making sure she had every little thing she needed before taking the train to the Crystal Empire. Daze was well prepared, certainly. She always packed her bags the night before, to have time that morning to get ready. She was just nervous. Her brain was still processing every second of her trip. Daze was still never fond of new places. She's never gone to the empire before, and she's never raced there. And this race was important. Extremely important. If she lost this race, her career could be over. Well, that's what she thought at least. In between panic attacks and hyperventilating, because she was extremely overdramatic for no reason, she double checked and rechecked the double checks to make sure she had all of her air sprinting items and extra blankets. The only thing she knew was that it was cold there, and she hates being cold, which is why she spent a whole ten minutes getting all of her winter gear and throwing it on herself. Her fuzzy hat, her fuzzy shoes, a fuzzy scarf, and her fuzzy sprinting team jacket. Lots of fuzzy things. And she packed a lot of other things, like snacks and her favorite pillow. She even brought some extra scarves and hats just in case somepony forgot anything. She was generous like that. Of course she brought a whole box of band aids too. Why? Because she's the most reckless flier ever, well, to get where she wanted. She'd try anything to make her dad happy. That comes with a cost. Lots and lots of scars. "Okay, Daze. You got everything?" she asked herself one more time, finally nodding her head in reassurance and grabbing her bags. The Pegasus flew out of her cloud house and towards the train station, trying to find a clock to look at the time. When she found one, she was relieved. "Girl, you got tons of time to chill out. Relax." Daze's raspy but feminine voice forced the word 'relax' out meaningfully, to actually make the word go through her head. "Just keep yourself warm, your muscles can't tighten for your really important, one in a life time race." Daze smoothly landed on the platform to the train, reading all the times to make sure she had the time right. In bold letters displayed 'The Crystal Empire', which happened to be the next train coming through. After a few minutes, the train was early. The conductor trotted out of the doors of the train, and loudly said, "Train to The Crystal Empire!" Daze flew up into the air with impatience from waiting, or just from the cold, with her bags, and glided into the train. The golden Pegasus then landed gently onto a chair, sitting right next to the window. Then she was lost in her thoughts. Every scenario played in her head at the big race. Winning, losing, making it to the big leagues. Daze's anxiety started itching all over her body. Her hooves started to tap the booth she was on frantically. Her wings opened slightly, to get some fresh air in them. She probably looked crazy, but this was a normal thing for her. Daze just needed to calm down.
  5. OH! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!
  6. Okay, so apparently I'm still not certified to start a topic in the roleplay section.
  7. Alright!! I'll probably post it tomorrow.^^
  8. Sorry for the late-ish reply, I got school and track practice. ^^ Anywho, y'all are cracking me up! 🤣 Though, I do really like Pretzel's idea where someone unlatches the trains connecting each other. That would make a lot of sense for being left behind in the middle of no where. Kind of like that episode with the buffalo where Applejack's apple tree get's left behind. Our group of characters then walk on hoof (because the wind is way too strong to fly, if they have wings), and they go through a whole bunch of trouble trying to find the Crystal Empire. Monsters, avalanches, stuff I've already said before.
  9. To Szalhi: If that’s what you wish! To Tacobob: I like the idea of the train getting knocked into the lake, then they all try and get out and find they’re completely lost without the train. Then from then on, other monsters and stuff attack them, and/or an anvalanche happens because they’re in the Frozen North. And maybe they can’t get the train company out there, because they’re literally in the middle of no where.
  10. I drew them! Thank you ❤️❤️ She took a while to design, but I loved how she turned out. She’s my little baby. And aww, poor griff. She’s really fascinating to me. And for Pretzelparty, I really like all of them. Fiver caught my eye the most I think. But they’re all really interesting. ^^ It’s up to you!
  11. Okay, that made me laugh really hard with the whole Pocket thing. And thank you for callin’ Daze cute, that made my day. ^^ I honestly really love Smolder. She’s my favorite out of the young six. But, I find Zelda really fascinating. Her design really catches my interest.
  12. It sure was the plan to make it an adventure RP. ^^ I’m still thinking the plot through, but I bet it’ll be good enough.
  13. Hmm. Well, I’m sure we can figure something out. ^^
  14. To start off, I want my first roleplay on here to be fun and extravagant. I absolutely adore adventure type roleplays, where a few characters go on to some far off, unfamiliar place and try to find something specific. Kind of like the Daring Do stories, or more like the episode "Dragon Shy" back in season 1. The plot I've been thinking about for a while was my character Golden Daze to have an important aerial meet (or a track meet, but for pegasi), in the Crystal Empire. But, on the train to the Crystal Empire, the train breaks down in the Frozen North. So, the adventure could be trying to fight through the harsh colds and snow while trying to find their way to the empire. Anyone can join! Please reply if you're interested! And if you have any other suggestions, I'm happy to hear them!
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