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  1. Thank you very much, that was very enlightening Kahoot! I shall stretch my wings a bit then and explore.
  2. Hi everypony, I’m Twily and I also go by Ditsy or Tabby. Whichever you prefer is a-ok! I can’t wait to get into roleplaying with you lovely ponies. I’m semi-literate to literate. I found Canterlot.com as I was searching through roleplay sites for mlp since it’s one of my favorite things to roleplay as. I originally became a fan of the show around G1 as a child. I was trying to introduce my nieces to it when G4 came out thinking they might like it but as usual, it was really me who was really pulled by the story and beautiful designs of the ponies and stories. My favorite character has to be Twilight Sparkle. Mainly because how similar we really are. I find her extremely relatable, as I am myself a bookhorse. But I also love Rarity, which really speaks to my creative soul. I saw that there were try out like things for canon characters. Is there anything I need to know before I attempt signing up for my favorite character?
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