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  1. And now I'm being ignored. Thanks for the great effing help. Can i have my post back now?
  2. But why. I was about to edit some more in, but i couldn't find it. Also, i was about to comment "heyyy I'm alive. I just didn't have time because of work!"
  3. Uhhh heyyy. I posted an app for Princess Amore somewhere this year after may, but i can't seem to find it! Where is it? Has it been deleted? Do i have to start over? I'm confused. Help me please.
  4. I know but when i spam anyone i get a "if you do not respect i have a life, i will no longer be chatting with you" kind of thing. And now i do that, it's seen as disrespectful. It really confuses me sometimes.
  5. This site's picture insert is seriously broken i swear to effing god. Here's a large copy paste instead! I hope this is going to be approved if i put it in. The other answers are a work in progress. Amore smiled sweetly at her peers when she walked by. They adored her, since she was always there for them when they needed her. She had simple laws that kept peace in the Crystal Empire; for example, always have respect for eachother. Many ponies had arguments but they always resolved it with talking, which ended with respect. Another law was: no stealing, and if you do it, at least be careful with it. She almost never had to jump in an argument except when somepony invited a Changeling in that had disguised itself as a friend. She reacted to it kindly, saying that it could stay if it didn't steal love from her peers. That caused the Changeling to stay as their own identity. She wasn't born into royalty at all. She was just a unicorn! But she felt like the empire needed changes so decided to take over kindly, since the old prince was about to die.
  7. I can't think of anything so far! I made notes but can't make anything of it...😤
  8. Oof..that's a lot of questions...I'll have to make some notes about that on my phone and then add it on this form.
  9. I'm kinda a slow worker to make sure to get it right or good enough. So what should i edit or add in first?
  10. Do you have any suggestions of what i can put in? I tried to keep it as canon as possible but this wiki page doesn't provide much information. And I'm afraid that if i don't keep it as canon as possible i won't be allowed to rp as her because of the 'as canon as possible' rule...😔 https://mlp.fandom.com/wiki/Princess_Amore#Crystal
  11. I feel unimportant...


    My application hasn't been answered to yet and my question hasn't either. 


    I hate myself for existing at all, since all I'm gonna do is be ignored my whole life. 😥

    1. Ciraxis
    2. SteelEagle


      She was referring to her recent cast app. The staff member looking at it has been busy. It'll be looked at soon, HopeGoldy. :)

  12. Ok so. About a week ago i applied to rp as Princess Amore. But i still have no answer as to if I'm approved or not. Could any of you take a look and say if it's approved or if i have to add or delete some things? (I only forgot to put ready in and now i put that in, there's still no answer)
  13. Name: Amore Sex: Mare/Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn (crystal) Eye colour: Brilliant Amber Coat: Very pale Vermillion Mane/Tail: Gradient from brilliant raspberry to moderate cobalt blue. Physique: (picture) Residence: Crystal empire (formerly), unknown Occupation: former ruler of the Crystal Empire Cutie Mark: (picture) Unique Traits: Wise and loving. (Since i couldn't find much about her, I'll put some quotes.) "I've always believed that we have the power to control our futures" "i saw you had the potential to be better. I see it even now." History: she was the former queen of the Crystal Empire. She had an adorable daughter and a forbidden love. When Sombra was dealt with, before then her daughter was already looking for her destiny. She had another daughter that lived in another room and did not know of her older sister's existence. Hope disappeared, then her significant other, then it was her turn to disappear. She's been in a deep sleep ever since then and has been watching her folks and family while in that sleep. Character Personality: Wise and loving (again XD). She cares for her folks and helps them whenever she gets a chance. She will be confused after being freed, since it HAS been a few years since she was last seen or even felt anything. She will use her wisdom to help and guide those in need of help. She is sad because she had to miss her folks and family for too long and is worried that they won't recognise her when she returns. She's also outgoing and a social Butterfly as well. Character Summary: since i made Hope Amore's daughter, she will be a small bit out of character, but i did try my best to keep as much of her canon story in this one. I will be roleplaying her as i would roleplay a sweet and caring mom. (Tell me if i need to change something. I did try my best, though)
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