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  1.  No! Nonononono! Season 9 will be the last one!!!!!!! Now I'm sad. 😢😭😭😭😭😭😢🤧😥

    1. szalhi


      But hey, there's always Filly Funtasia amirite?


      Please don't kill me.

    2. tacobob


      Nah, there will be a new generation. A reboot.  I believe this will start with the next movie.


    3. Ciraxis


      I would so quick to label Season 9 as the final final season. FiM as a series is quite a phenomenon, and I have yet to recall other show which escaped it's target demographics to such extend. Batman TAS could be one, but as it was made before bloom of social media it didn't had the chance to become viral as FiM did. Legend of Korra was close, but it had shadow of Last Airbender constantly looming behind it's back.


      It all hinges on how people will receive the next generation really. If at least first season will have a good writer who will remember to make Neo Mane 6 characters first and stereotypes second like Mrs. Faust did, when Hasbro hired her.


      And if G5 fails....? Who knows? If original Teen Titans show and Young Justice could return as proper continuation years after 'ending'..........

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