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  1. I feel unimportant...


    My application hasn't been answered to yet and my question hasn't either. 


    I hate myself for existing at all, since all I'm gonna do is be ignored my whole life. 😥

    1. Ciraxis
    2. SteelEagle


      She was referring to her recent cast app. The staff member looking at it has been busy. It'll be looked at soon, HopeGoldy. :)

  2. Ok so. About a week ago i applied to rp as Princess Amore. But i still have no answer as to if I'm approved or not. Could any of you take a look and say if it's approved or if i have to add or delete some things? (I only forgot to put ready in and now i put that in, there's still no answer)
  3. So. I looked it up on an mlp wikipedia, but i don't exactly know what i need to put in the application form. Do you mind putting an empty form here so i can copy and paste?
  4. She just kept going, waiting for somepony to come stop her. She almost cried but held her head high. Surely, the mane six would show up, right? She was wrong though. They never came. Not even Celestia or Luna. In her rage and sadness, she didn't think properly and even mocked the village. "ahwe. Isn't there somepony going to show up? No? Well what a pity." she grinned widely and laughed, as if Chrysalis herself had possessed her. Her usually ponylike look disappeared into a dark form of her own self. (I'm sorry, i can't think of anything else)
  5. Oh. Well now I'll have to look it up on the wikipedia 😅
  6. Ok. Then how do i apply to rp as her?
  7. Why? Fun has to be around or the world would be as boring as school.
  8. Even though I've never seen that anime, good luck.
  9. (I asked to apply a few hours ago, no answer. And i won't rp as Amore until i have permission to. So that last crystal piece will have to wait.) After hours and hours of searching, she finally gave up and returned to her home. She sighed and went to make a dessert. It was a very delicious mix of vanilla pudding with strawberry syrup. She grabbed herself a bowl of the mixture and went to sit outside in her front yard. "i wish i had found that last piece...but knowing my luck, I'll have to be patient or I'll never see mom again." she said to herself, holding back some tears. After hours of crying, she kinda snapped. She wanted to fight. Just a small sparring match, one where you could use all kinds of magic, including black magic. Her eyes turned red, the white part of her eyes green and purple smoke started erupting from her eyes as well. (Like Sombra in the series) her black magic was felt wll over ponyville (pony ville...silent hill? Sounds similar to eachother). Black clouds covered the small town and it began raining rocks. "if i can not have my mom back, nobody can!!!" her now mad sounding voice echoed through the town. Magic began taking everyone's mom away to float in the air in bubbles. Many fillies cried and even the most adult stallion would get annoyed real fast. Without moms, fillies would make problems and cause chaos that nopony could stop. (Better? I noticed that you didn't reply for a long time so i edited my post a bit.)
  10. (Ok i don't know what tag to use, so sorry in advance) I have a question. Is someone already registered as Princess Amore, or can i apply to play her? Since she is my character's mother in my bio, I'd like to rp as her. Like, after all these years, she finally builds her mom back up, causing her mom to wake up from her long sleep. And only i really know how her mom acted before she was kidnapped since i made her story.
  11. She arrived at that cave and saw her mom, but made of crystals. There was only one piece missing before she was complete. Her eyes widened. "so this is where i go when I'm asleep..." she mumbled, staring at her crystallized mom. She immediately went to search for the last piece, even flying as fast as Rainbow Dash to do so. Maybe she only knew where the last piece was when she was asleep, since she couldn't find it at all when she was awake. She even flew past Sombra, very fast, almost knocking him over because of the strong wind. (If i were to rp as her mom, do i have to apply to play as Amore or can i take over a form from the wikipedia?)
  12. She carefully listened and when she heard her mother's name her eyes turned as red as his. He had killed her mother. Or maybe it was just a sleep and she had fo find the crystals that were part of her mother? Whatever the case, she narrowed her eyes at him, obviously mad at him, but not scared. "momma? What're you doing?" The small filly asked her mom. "i need to take care of something, sweety. There is a very bad pony out there who needs some treatment. I'll be back in a minute." she tilted her head and looked out the window, seeing a grey unicorn who was about to take the crystal heart away. She wasn't scared, but rather curious. When she turned around again, she was knocked out. her breathing was heavy, yet light. As if her breathing could faint anytime. She took a deep breath and walked away. She didn't say anything though. She knew she had been sleepwalking at night and was going to where she had gonemin her sleep almost every night. A cave. A cave like where the tree of harmony stood but different. This was under the castle of canterlot. "it's not worth my energy to get mad at him. It was only out of anger, just an accident, nothing more."
  13. "welp. I'm leaving for a walk. Bye bye, kids." the weird being said, now walking away. "oooookay. That was weird. Wheeeere were we?" she asked, thinking a little. She looked at his now officially grumpy self and smiled. She hoped she could get him to cheer up more. She grinned and usee black magic to make this room seem as his own. She looked at him again, then around. She had never even been in his room so the fact she was in it right now was confusing and surprising. "nice room by the way. Never seen it." she hoped she had cheered him up as she turned on some music. The song was invincible by Skilnet. (Yep. Skillet. Made it skilnet to make it fit in)
  14. (Ah nice. Someone who doesn't strictly follow the rules. 😯 ok I'm doing it! It's just for a few days because of an emergency landing) "always interesting to hear about the history of other universes." an echoey voice said from behind him. Something not pony was standing behind him. "thank god i don't have to speak like this anymore because there is one here!!" "glad i could help you, kid. Now who's this funny looking guy, eh?" the person grinned, holding a strand of the shadowy hair of the stallion up with his fingers. He noticed the stares of random ponies from outside her window. "i suppose this universe isn't used to seeing a human looking demon." he grinned and snapped his fingers, turning to an actual stallion, even taller than Sombra but same height as Hope. He grinned as his now golden body leaned against a nonexisting wall. His hair was blonde, his eyes were golden. His hat still floated above his head and as cutiemark he had a triangle with an eye in the middle.
  15. "the crystal empire? I had that in history class the other day. But since they don't have history classes here...i should really stop mentioning huma...never mind that." she smiled the same goofy smile as that day and made sure to mark her page with a bookmark. She closed the book and made it appear on her bedside table in her bedroom, which was locked and protected by a magical barrier like around the empire. "go ahead" she said and sat on her comfy chair on the opposite side of him. (I'm thinking of gettin Bill Cipher in here since he practically belongs in every fandom and universe ever.)
  16. "friends or not. Everyone deserves the same kindness. Even the ones they deem dangerous and bad." she smiled. Even though she was still hurt and wanting her parents, she kept strong. She had a flashback to the day she saved him and this time she clearly saw his features. Hope smiled slightly as she walked around this new and strange city. She had been told that if she wanted to fit in, she needed to hide her horn or wings, so she had decided to hide her wings. When she walked around, she felt a burst of light erupt from the middle of the city and when she went to check it out, she saw someone almost dying. "Oh hay no!" She used magic to protect him so that his body may become solid instead of some shadowy being. She noticed confusion in his eyes so she simply said, "what? Everyone deserves the same kindness. Even the ones they deem dangerous and bad." She had a goofy smile on her face when she turned around and walked away, leaving Sombra to be confused as heck. she walked into her house, leaving the door open for him. Almost like Twilight, she had a lot of books. She picked one up called 'dark creatures and their bios'. She had been reading before bed every night and her next chapter was in fact about the Umbrum.
  17. "uh no, not really. Never heard of them. Maybe in old fairytales but no, i would've remembered if i did." she answered his first question. She was confused, though. Why the hay was he following her? Wasn't it clear that she needed alone time? But every time she dared to peek at him, something in her burned. Not a bad burn, but rather a good one. Without her noticing she did a small smile. What was it that she was feeling? Love? Hate? Was hate that sweet or was it love? She didn't know. "you know, if you need someone to talk to, I'm here. In my house. You do look like someone who has been through a lot and needs a good friend to back you up." she looked him straight in the eyes, no fear, no hate, no anger, but legit kindness.
  18. "older sister. Not half, but full. We both have the same mother and father, though i was born a Changeling and she was born an alicorn." she sounded hurt. She didn't ask to be a Changeling. All she ever wanted was to be given the same love ponies her age would get, but all they did was run away. So she began helping people, hoping to get love, but all she ever got was a thank you and nothing more. "do you even know what it is to be hated for the mistakes your kind made? What it is to be alone in everything you do? Probably not because horses and ponies don't make mistakes. You probably receive much more love and kindness than I've ever gotten in my life." she began walking outside the castle, going to her own house. Tears were streaming down her face. (First part of the song is what she's mumbling/humming)
  19. (Lol, i only now realise he knew another Hope. I think he's gonna be confused.) "I go by Hope Goldy, though my full name is Hope Golden Daisy. What about you?" she had her wings again, but this time also her horn. She noticed something in his eyes, confusion? Yeah, she was practically Cadence's older sister, but Cadence would never know. "are you confused or just lost in thoughts?" she asked him, having to keep her tears back. She wanted her parents back..but knowing she had to wait a long time..she wanted to cry. "just in case you didn't know. I'm Cadence's older sister, and because i was kidnapped, my sister never met me and so doesn't know of my existence."
  20. She came back with a bowl of vanilla icecream and a spoon. "just like i said it. I saved a stallion which looked like you from the crystal heart when i arrived at the crystal empire. Though i left immediately after and that stallion has probably already forgotten all about it by now so it couldn't be you, since you don't seem to recognise at all." she took a big spoon of icecream into her mouth and swallowed the whole scoop. "and lost changeling princess. The queen before Cadance had an affaire with a changeling male before they went all sucky. They had a kid, which is me, but i was taken away. Then my parents disappeared right after my kidnapping. Probably why you've never heard of me. Oh and a tip, smile more. Nopony would want to look at a grumpy male the whole time."
  21. "oh? Only the long lost changeling princess, even though i don't like my kind much. And you're familiar cuz i remember saving a stallion from the crystal heart a few months ago." she smiled at him. Then frowned. She walked away with her now empty plate. "ok. Don't try. Now i have to throw it away." (sorry if it's short. This site changes the color to standard whenever it gets the chance.)
  22. When she saw who walked in, her eyes almost widened. Not of fear, but of recognition and shock. "one. You look familiar. Two. Barbequed chicken with hot spices is delicious. You're really missing out if you don't at least try." she smiled at him, that same smile as when she had saved him. She offered a bit. "come on. It's pretty much heaven even for the most vegan of people..eh ponies. *awhe man..I've been in that other world for too long*" she mumbled the last part.
  23. She heard him. She heard that familiar voice. She made her horn appear again instead of her wings and used black magic to make her voice echo, like his voice had. "where are you? You sound so far away that i can't help but think you're lost in this 'castle'." she smiled and used alicorn magic for once only to reveal the way to the room she was in. "if you're that shadow i noticed earlier and you actually came here to meet me here, perhaps follow the white light i just conjured up. It leads to the room I'm in. Question, do you like barbequed chicken with hot spices?" she asked, making the scent of the chicken go through the whole castle.
  24. Her horn disappeared and instead came wings. She grinned, thinking back to the weird meeting she had with a unicorn stallion called sombra. She had saved him from his demise and had left immediately, pretty much making him forget all about it. She sighed slightly as she flew into the treehouse after her ten minute flight. She set the cupcake meant for the shadow figure on a table, then made her way to the kitchen. She wanted barbequed chicken with hot spices so she would make it. It was something from her last home that she learned to make. It took about an hour to ready it and about 20 minutes to barbeque it. After she was done she ripped a few pieces off (the legs and wings), put it on a plate and took place at a table to eat her chicken. "i wonder how that weird stallion is doing...last meeting was kinda hasty"
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