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  1. After she asked about the size of horseshoes, Forged got a bar of clay. “Usually, when the metal is workable, I have the horseshoes ready in an average size, then I get the shapes of the hooves with a clay form. After this, I compare the horseshoe to the size and ajust it by hot work til it fit the correct size, and after do a heat treatment if necessary. Please, stomp this shape.” While this, Forged went to prepare the material and process, and consulted a book for the heat treatment of titanium. When he read, remembered of her request and noticed he have made a mistake. The right horseshoe for her need is the Alpha-Beta titanium, and it’s very complex to work. After fitting it to her size, he’d need to do a heat treatment with vacuum. The tool used is a oven with camber inside where is a vacuum system, powered by energy orbs or mechanical work, like a running machine to make the vacuum works. It takes a lot of time and leg efforts also in case of not having energy orbs. He felt ashamed and asked himself why could he commit a mistake like that, he work with that for too long... He was afraid about telling it to her, fearing he would lose the costumer. In the other hand woudn’t be fair sell wrong product or trade it without she knew even if she got the more expensive one. He decided to be honest, his father would do it. He trust the quality of his work and have pride of it as his father, so, in order to compensate her for the mistake, he would charge the same price for the alpha titanium. So, he would do it, and got back to the balcony. “Applejack, I did a mistake. I offered you the wrong titanium alloy for your need, just for not pay enough attention. The horseshoe you need is from alpha-beta titanium. To compensate the mistake, I’ll charge you the same price of the alpha titanium! And, to prove to you that I trust in my product and work, I make with you the compromise of giving your money back if it fails before 5 years of use.” Forged was really convinced of the quality of his work, but still feeling shame about that mistake, but the shame didn’t extinguish his will of finding his father, so he got back to the topic. “I really wish that you’d know where my father is. No pony in town that was close to him knows. Someday he received letter with a task. He was used to receive tasks from costumers from other cities by letter, but that one was different. That letter had a royal stamp, and he told me that he would go to the earth of the dragons and be back as soon as possible, but last two years since he is gone. It happened before Twilight become princess, and after Princess Luna coming back. I plan to someday go to the earth of dragons to look for my father, I’m even building a cobalt armor for me to resist the possibilities of intense heat. I want to improve my physical abilities too before doing this quest.”
  2. This song is very nice:



  3. When listened to Applejack needs, Forged analyzed her requests by looking the catalog. “If you work don’t getting contact to water and mud, the best choice for you are Ultra-high Strength Steel Horseshoes. Without contact with water, it will last many years.” While still looking at the catalog and analyzing, he said: “If you get contact with water very often, I recommend the Ferritic Stainless Steel Horseshoes. They are not strong as the first ones, but a rusty horseshoe can fail suddenly and last less time.” Still looking the catalog, Forged thought about offering the Alfa Titanium Horseshoes, but was a little afraid, due to it price. “If you have no problem with spending bits, I can recommend you the Alfa Titanium Horseshoes. They are lighter then steel, stronger than the Ferritic Stainless and have better resistance to water. It will serve you a plenty of years!” Forged also looked to the horseshoes she wanted to repair, and said: “In terms of cost, it’s better to acquire brand new horseshoes, but if these horseshoes are meaningful to you I can make your wish true!” He smiled after saying this, and was thinking about doing this task for free, as courtesy for her. When he listened her mentioning his father, lots of things passed in his mind, and he, very surprised and serious, said: “Cast Horseshoe is my father, have you ever met him? He’s disappeared for at least 2 years, then I assumed this business. Have you any idea where he could be?” While he was talking, the alarm of the oven sounded. “I’ll be back in a minute, I have to change the temperature of the oven.” He went to the oven and put more coal till it reached 870ºC, so he returned to the balcony.
  4. Inspired in Terry Crews, famous actor of action and comedy móveis.

    © Drawn by Rafael Pinto

  5. When Applejack shook his hoof, Forged got surprised with her strength. Even some hardworkers that are his costumers don’t have a force like this, so he wondered how kinds of work she’s used to do. While that he got impressed with her sympathy, even being a famous pony in the vile, and noticed an accent that suggests she lives in the rural part of Ponyvile. Due to her kindness, Forged tried to speak in a less formal way. “Hi, my name is Forged Horseshoe! Nice to meet you! So, I think the reason I’m not well known in town is cause I spend the day in the store or out of the town mining, and good part of my free time I spend with nerd things!” He laughed. “So, what kind of service are you looking for? Do you want to repair something? Or you want to buy a horseshoe?" He also tried not to interrupt the personal dialogue while he talked of business, cause he was enjoying talking with her, so decided talking of personal things at the same time. "I noticed you are very strong with that hoofshaking, you must be a hardworker! Where do you work? I work here in the center, but I live near the limits of the vile. If I live near the center of the vile, ponies would probably complain about the smoke of the castings and hot works I do in the backyard.”
  6. When Applejack entered the store, Forged was busy repairing some farm tools that other costumer ordered him. He was welding a broken hoe, 2 pieces of cast iron. While doing it he was wearing a welding mask and using a proper protection clothe. He used a blowtorch to unite de parts, and then got it to the coal oven. It would broken again easily unless he does the correct heat treatment for the welded tool. While letting it in the oven, he listened that a costumer entered the shop, so he got excited about it but worried, because he’d need to control the temperature and time of the treatment. “Hi, be very welcome to my store and smithing! I’m a little busy with the oven, but after this I’ll get the faster I can to you. While that, I recommend you to take a look at the catalog of products and services. See you in a feel minutes!” So, Forged let the piece in the oven waiting till the temperature of 650 Celsius degrees, and should let it there for 5 minutes. After he must change the temperature to 870ºC and let it for 8 minutes, then for 20 minutes for 250ºC and then let it cool in the air. He adjusted the clock alarm, and went fast to see the costumer, with the clothes and the mask lifted. When he saw the costumer he got surprised, because Applejack is famous in the town for being friend from Princess Twilight and having an element of harmony. So, he looked her without knowing exactly what to say, but at the same time very glad for having a famous costumer. Description of the physical appearence of the Store A place of simple appearance, but with good services. The costumers room was made to be confortable, where they can acquire products or wait for the requested services. There are leather sofas in the right and left side of the room. Entering and going ahead we can see a balcony, where costumers ask for a service or buy something. In the left size of the balcony there is a cash register, and in right side of it there’s a small door that is part from the balcony, closed with padlock. In the wall after the balcony we can see suspended exposed items like horseshoes, metallurgy tools, horse armors and horse helmets. A big gear is suspended at the wall for decoration purpose. In the left side of the wall there’s a door that leads to the workshop, where the services and products are done. The floor of the costumer’s room is made of gray granite cut blocks. The Balcony and the internal walls are mahogany colored wooden, but Forged thinks in change the materials, for be safer in case of fire. That walls have some frames with pictures of mines, beautiful minerals, casting and smithing workshops.
  7. Hi! At he moment I'm taking part in two RPs, one of them was created by myself. Both are open, feel free to RP, and I invite you to Horseshoes Store and Smithing, my thread 8D
  8. Awesome! It's nice to see that other equestrian creatures are interested in the art of smithing too!
  9. The princess Zelda, owner of the triforce of wisdow, herself? That would be a honor 8D
  10. If you're interesses to travel in cold lands, I suggest buy horseshoes that resist to cold and snow at Forged Horseshoe's store! *Don't lose oportunity for doing business, hahaha
  11. All of them are nice characters! Mine, Forged Horseshoe, has a horseshoe shop and general Smith. Perhaps any of them could be interested!
  12. Looking to her personality and job, the only way I see of interacting with mine, Forged Horseshow, is requesting him to Smith farming tools to improove her job. Can be Interesting.
  13. Welcome to my store and smith! My name is Forged Horseshoe and I offer services and products related to steel and other metals. Feel free to ask for a service or product! Here’s a list of them: Horseshoes: *Low carbon steel horseshoes: 80 Bits (If not exposed frequently to water, humidity, mud, wet grounds and intense ride, can last at least 1 year without repair.) *White cast iron horseshoes: 50 Bits (Harder than common carbon steels, but very weak against impacts. Needs more time to wear out, since high impact is avoided) *Gray cast iron horseshoes: 100 Bits (Less resistant against impact than low carbon steel, but much more than white cast iron. Also very wearing out resistant.) *Austenitic low carbon steel alloy: 100 Bits (Wear out faster than the first, but resists better to intense ride and low temperatures. If you plan to visit Stalliongrad, is a good choice.) *Tempered martensite low carbon steel: 250 Bits (Same of the first, but after quench and temper. The best performance of common steel for intense rides and impact) *Ultra high resistance steel alloy: 600 Bits (Using special metals in alloy and doing complex heat treatment, this is the most resistant horseshoe from the shop. The problem is bad resistance against water and not recommended to expose to high temperatures.) *Austenitic Stainless Steel 400 Bits (Good resistance to water, intense rides and impact, and very good resistance to low temperatures) * Ferritic Stainless Steel 320 Bits (Resists water a little less than the austenitic, but is better to intense rides and impact) *Cast aluminum Horseshoes: 400 Bits (3 times lighter than steel and resists water, but wear out fast and not supports intense rides.) *Aged aluminum-cooper alloy: 800 Bits (After a complex heat treatment, this alloy reaches excellent mechanical properties. 3 times lighter than steel, resists water and resists some to intense ride and impact.) *Brass Horseshoe: 800 Bits (Have a nice color, similar to gold, resists water and supports intense ride. Not so good in wear resistance.) *Bronze Horseshoe: 1000 Bits (If polished often gets a very nice orange-pink color, if don’t gets dark and some green-blue traits. Best wear out resistance, and a little good resistance to impact.) *Nickel Super alloy 1600 Bits (Resists some to water, good for ride and impact and resists very high temperatures) *Magnesium Alloy 1200 Bits (Lighter than aluminum, very light! Resists water, but not so good to intense rides and impact) *Cobalt alloy 2200 Bits (Best resistance to very high temperatures, very good resistance against water, and good to ride and impact) *Alpha titanium alloy 1400 Bits (Very good water resistance, very good resistance to high temperatures, lighter than steel, lighter than cobalt and resists intense ride and impact.) *Alpha-beta titanium alloy 1800 Bits (Very good water resistance, not recommended to very high temperatures, but have excellent resistance to intense rides and impact) Services: *Horseshoe repair (The price depends on the kind of horseshoe) *Welding (Depends on the complexity of the operation) *General metal objects repair (Same) *Heat treatments (Depends the kind) *Metal objects forge (Same) *Surface hardening for common steels: 100 bits (Complex steel alloys are more expensive) *Metallurgy classes 300 Bits a month (Yeah, I can share with you my knowledges) *I buy metals and ores (Maybe soon I'll list the prices) Feel free to look and ask!
  14. Forged Horseshoe, as the familiar costumers know, wants to offer new products in his Smith. For some of these he’ll need a metal called Molybdenum, very used to make high strength steel. The main molybdenum ore is called molybdenite, molybdenum sulfide, but can be found at wulfenite too, that also contains lead. The first can be found around volcano areas, or places that had once one or more active volcanos. He plans to forge a high strength steel horseshoe, so he is wanting to take an expedition to get the ores. But he don’t know much outside ponyvile, in this case he got the idea write an announcement to a local newspaper, saying: “I’m seeking for a guide in order to do an expedition to extract ores. Must be a place of active or inactive volcanos. I’m paying 2000 bits for a 7 day expedition, if you are interested send a mail to Forged Horseshoe.” After sending the adversiting he started looking for information at the town square. It was not so effective, cause just a few ponies have been out of Ponyvile. Some replied him: “Molybdenum? It’s food?”, but other said that he could find what he want in the Wild West. Other suggested looking at The Crystal Empire. More than he asks, more confuse he gets, so he decided going home and rest, thinking: “What a waste of time! I could be studying or doing money… where could I find this information? I guess is better wait for a answer from my announcement…” For two days he was just waiting and working, than he started getting frustrated, but he decided to going on with that somehow.
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