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  1. Windward jumped at the sudden introduction, nearly falling on his haunches. The pony had come at him, practically tackling him in his enthusiasm. Windward smiled and chuckled a little bit remembering how he'd been as a child with his father. Not a whole lot different than this. He'd asked him a simple enough question, and offered employment. Windward decided he'd make it interesting for the stallion. He hoped it wasn't going to turn him off, but judging by the docks he was on and his he'd introduced himself here, Windward figured he wasn't having much luck. "Well, as it turns out, mister Cain, you're right. I am in luck. I was just thinking I was going to need a deckhoof. Have you been to Neighpon? I was just finishing getting set to go. You can come, free of charge, if you agree to be my right-hoof pony for the trip. Don't worry, I don't bite... often." he smiled at the pony trying to appear friendly. While he was mostly just giving him a way to feel useful on the ship, he really was grateful he might have some help. While it was possible for him to sail this ship by himself, it certainly doesn't hurt to have some help. "Of course, if you'd rather, you can come as a passenger, but you will need your own papers." that was another thing, he'd just realised. If he came as crew, he would be covered by Windward's merchant papers. Otherwise, he'd need his own. "If you don't mind my asking, what has you leaving the harbor in such a hurry?" then he added quickly, while still sounding natural "Whatever it is, you'll be safe on my boat." He gestured Candy to his boat so they could finish their conversation on deck while he got the crate in place.
  2. A relatively small sea-green stallion in a wind-swept sandy-blonde mane pushed a cargo crate large enough for him to stand in across the dock. The crate had a red sakura blossom stamped on the side. It was headed for Neighpon. It wasn't one of his more common routes, but certainly one of his favorites. As he pushed, he thought what fun it might be to have somepony to sail with. "I should post a wanted ad in the tavern." he thought, aloud. Referring to the one place most sailors and experienced passengers go to find work, or routes. But then, he realized, he'd have to wait for a response. He kind of wanted to leave now, while the winds were favorable. Just then, he noticed a rather excited-looking pony he didn't recognize sitting, looking about, next to his boat. He smiled "Or," he started "perhaps, I don't need to." he'd been in his line of work long enough, he recognized a pony looking for a "boat to anywhere" like the back of his hoof. It was really a stroke of luck he'd chosen this particular dock. Most of those folks found the docks on the other side of town. Those sailors were always more than happy to take an extra passenger for a price. Here, the sailors were mostly grumpy and anti-social. In fact, Windward was only here cause his client insisted they met here to sign off his cargo, and then left in a hurry. He decided he'd push the last crate onto the deck first before talking to the pony. He figured he should have his hooves free so he could give this pony his full attention. As he pushed his crate toward the boat, he had no clue the pony was planning to make first contact.
  3. Cool! If you're down for the rp, probably the most likely way to encounter Windward is if you're looking for a boat in Baltimare. He freelances as a sea captain, and will ferry passengers and/or cargo for cheap (because honestly he just loves sailing). if you check the map (from the site's official lore), his most common routes he takes are Baltimare to Taraju (south) or Barn in Whitescar (north). But it's not uncommon to find him in almost any coastal town/city, and he's always up for a detour to wherever you want to go. I suppose he could also sell you fish (which is what he does when he's not ferrying), but I doubt a confectioner could find a use for fish (especially one who is an herbivore) lol. Let me know which way you would prefer to go about the rp (romantic non-canon, or platonic canon) in the introduction if you would like to make it.
  4. I have a part-changeling who hasn't met any full changelings, yet. He grew up with ponies, and has never met a changeling in person despite having a changeling father. An interaction between him and a changeling might be interesting. Fair warning, he does hold some resentment toward changelings because "they made his life hard" by being "evil". He isn't the kind to stay mad after meeting somecreature, tho. They'll likely have a sort of rocky start, but get along by the end. Bonus: If you feel up to it, you can play his dad. He hasn't met his dad, and he's an unreformed changeling (not evil or angry, he just wasn't there when the hive converted. His situation is similar to Thorax's. I'll explain in greater detail, if you're interested)
  5. I have a bat pony OC who is a navigator by trade. She's always happy to help a lost pony in need of direction. My half-changeling (half earth pony) and crew could always use a stand-in in one of their plays (plus they too are nomads who travel around, so they could meet literally anywhere in Equestria). Any of my OCs could be fun romantic interests. Even for a one-off, non-canon encounter just for fun. In fact those are one of my favorites to play. In fact, if Cain is cool with stallions, I have a relatively new OC I wouldn't mind playing who lives in Baltimare. He's a sailor pony. With his free-spirited character, I think he could go in any way, romantically.
  6. "Well" he started "My family's money comes from my father, who is a professional hoofball player, but that's a topic for another conversation." he waved it off, not really wanting to talk about his monetary wealth "I just love the joy of discovering new things and learning about magic." "O-oh, I'm sorry, ma'am. I mean you're not bad, for sure. I'm sure there've been plenty of ponies who even came here specifically for you. I-I just... don't really go for mares." he figured she might've assumed him to be at least into both, given the way he acted all shy. but what he didn't want to admit is he would be much worse (as hard as it might be to imagine) with a handsome stallion. He's just a generally awkward pony. He started upon being grabbed and pulled in, making a little involuntary noise like a rubber chicken being forcefully squeezed, but relaxed and allowed the kiss to happen. He nodded a silent thank you to her and attempted to lift the bushel in his teeth, and nearly spilled it on the ground. Just managing to keep it from upsetting. "U-um..." he sheepishly admitted "I-I might need help getting it on my back."
  7. Stellar's face lit up when she asked what he did. He always loved talking about his occupation. It brought him joy, and he loved it when others showed an interest. He smiled and pointed proudly to his cutie mark which was the pegasus constellation in front of a moon. "I spend my time with my head in the clouds." he proclaimed. Then, fearing he hadn't adequately explained, he added "I-I'm an astronomer. I am an avid study of the sciences and the effects they have on magic." he expounded. Having been loosened up a bit by the talk about his interests, he seemed much more relaxed than earlier. When she expressed her enthusiasm for her farm, he smiled. He could certainly understand being proud of a profession you're passionate in. When she'd looked where he'd passed a gaze earlier and commented, his face turned a shade of red not previously discovered by ponykind as he leaned in and quietly whispered "I-is it really that obvious?" then he realized what she'd said and allowed himself to calm down just a bit. Tho still flustered by the impressive stallion, with his defined muscles, handsome stoic face, covered in the sweat of a hard day's work... where was he? Oh yeah, he stopped staring and took a breath. Anyway, somehow knowing he already had a special somepony made him feel better. It was kind of sad, but at least he could stop worrying about it. "P-probably best if you did." he reasoned, then admitted in a low whisper "I'm only just getting over the fact he's not single." he looked around. He cleared his throat and attempted to sound even and calm "Uh, here's your bits." he deposited them on the table.
  8. Stellar began assembling his bits when the mare had left him to acquire his merchandise. He had them in his hoof when she asked him a question which had thrown him off guard, causing him to fumble, dropping his money which he quickly bent down to pick up, holding it in his wing to free his hooves for the greeting. He readjusted his glasses up with one hoof while shaking her hoof with the other. "I-I'm Stellar" he offered. quickly adding "Drift. Stellar Drift." he finished before going into a little more detail than necessary, speaking without pauses and at a slightly faster pace than normal "I-I'm from Canterlot here visiting a friend she's an Aerion and she likes sweet fruits not that I don't and your farmhoof is pretty b-b- I'm gonna stop talking now..." as he spoke, his eyes had wandered back over to Big Mac, but he quickly glanced back at the booth and finished with his face bright red, and quietly deposited the bits on the table. This is why he doesn't chat with ponies... although, it doesn't usually get THAT bad. Honestly what was up with him, today?
  9. Stellar heard the words each time, but they didn't register until she'd been calling for a hot minute. He jumped suddenly "S-Sorry!" he stammered "I-I'm coming." Stellar quickly trotted up to the booth, nearly tripping on the even soil. "So, um. D'you still have any Ambrosia Apples left? If not, that's okay, I can take whatever is the sweetest ones still available." He tried his best to be calm and collected, but his nervousness showed through every word as his voice shook. His gaze went from the ground to Applejack, then to Big Mac, but quickly back to the ground as he blushed. He silently wished he hadn't been listening when she offered that other pony her advice.
  10. Stellar watched as the dragon in front of him displayed his awkwardness with the mare. Honestly, he felt a good deal of awkwardness, himself. He didn't even know this mare, for ponies' sake! He wasn't planning on a kiss, he just wanted to get some apples for his friend. He wondered if he should've just gone back to her empty hoofed, and saved himself the awkwardness. "Well" he mused internally "It's too late for that, now." he remembered what Applejack had said to another stallion in the line. He looked over and saw the big red stallion, again, but looked away quickly. He wasn't sure if that advice would make it less awkward, or just make it worse. His anxiety was climbing by the second as he over-analysed all the possibilities. As the dragon finished his interaction, Stellar's anxiety mounted. He stood, petrified and shaking like an autumn leaf about to fall. He was so nervous he wouldn't hear the mare call for the next in line until she had called a few times.
  11. Been SUPER busy, lately.

    I know there's at least one person waiting on me, right now, but.... honestly, I'm giving up sleep time just to type this status.

    Sorry. :/

  12. If there are any things you're not sure of, you can of course, as Foxxy said, message a moderator/staff, but I suggest, both for the expedience of an answer, and to reduce the burden on the mods, first read the threads in the "General Site Rules" and "RP Rules and Etiquete" sections. You could look for a thread you think fits your question. I do suggest you find the time to read them all eventually, tho. And after that, there is the "Questions and Suggestions" section which may or may not have somebody else asking the same question. In any case, the mods have always been really kind and helpful. So don't be afraid to ask questions. Also, welcome to Canterlot! Hope you enjoy your stay.
  13. Jas/ /Cocoa Cocoa smiled happily. Somewhere in the back of her mind, the voice of reason told her that she'd basically just promised him she'd like his music without ever having heard a note of it.... but she doesn't usually listen to that voice. She decided she'd listen to the album while making the surprise she'd promised she'd have for him, another promise she'll have to work hard on, for inspiration. "Don't forget, you still need to come see your surprise in a couple days... maybe three." she booped him on the snout "It's gonna be great." ================= Hope/ /Rose Rose watched her expectantly as she took her bite. She was just starting to think to herself that maybe she failed at the gift choice when suddenly, the rest of her slice vanished into her mouth. She smiled, seeing just how much she enjoyed it. "I'm glad you like it." she offered "Y'know, you're pretty sweet, Hope. We should find some time to hang out." ================= Cloudy/ /Stellar Stellar smiled when he heard that somepony else shared his interest in dead languages. It's not often he met anypony who found his interests to be anything else but weird, boring or nerdy. He didn't mind much, I mean to each his own, but it got lonely sometimes. He laughed at the comment about a restraining order, his laugh turning to slight concern when he realised it wasn't entirely a joke. "Well, anyway," he started "It'll be great to have somepony over once in a while. It does get lonely in the big house by myself." he laughed, tho he, too, was not entirely joking. Most of the time, he did enjoy his peace and quiet. It gave his time for his studies. but he did wish he had visitors every now and then.
  14. ((omg, I'm so sorry. this whole time, I thought I'd responded. Must've forgotten to hit Submit lol)) Jas/ /Cocoa Cocoa giggled at the playful jab at his friend. "Hee hee. It's not supposed to last long, silly. It's chocolate! You just gobble it up, like this!" suddenly, she flicked her tail, producing a relatively large bar of chocolate from its depths which she snatched out of the air in her mouth, and promptly swallowed whole. Then, she added, without a hint of any kind of reaction "Oops. That one was baking chocolate." she giggled again. "Besides, when you run out of chocolate, that just gives you an excuse to go get more!" she winked at him. When Jasper had mentioned there being "not much else to do", she almost began listing all the fun things she'd already heard about in her short time so far, but she decided instead to let him feel that way.... for now. "Well, if you're bored, you're always welcome to stop by my shop. I'll be there most any time. I literally live there." she gasped loudly "Maybe, we can be record buddies!" she exclaimed, holding up the record album he'd gifted her for emphasis. She's never had records, before, but if this cool Dragon likes them, then how can she expect them to be anything but cool, too? She still didn't even really know if she'd like the music on the album, but that was an unlikely problem for future Cocoa. ================= Hope/ /Rose Rose resisted the urge to gasp in disbelief. "You mean you've never had a mango?" she questioned "Among all the fruits, Mango is the sweetest, juiciest, most delicious-" she cleared her throat. "You'll love it. Trust me." she blushed a little. She might be just a tad too excited about the fruit. She hated falling into "bat pony" stereotypes, but she just couldn't help how good mangoes were. When Hope offered to share, she tried to say "no, that's okay, it's for you." but nothing would come out. She just stood and watched her cut it, her mouth watering a little. When she'd handed here the slice, she smiled "Thanks, Hope." she held out her slice as if to toast and said "To new friends." after the toast was completed, she practically swallowed her slice, a look of pure bliss washing over her face. ================= Cloudy/ /Stellar Stellar Smiled, relieved "Well, as long as somepony will love the book, that's really all that matters." he chuckled "Besides, I'm sure most ponies already know the story, even if they can't read the book. I mean I'm pretty rusty in Old Ponish, myself, and I'm sure my friend wouldn't have been able to read it, either. I've had it more as a piece of history. But if you want, I can always send a later, Ponish copy to accompany it." he thought for a moment "In fact, as a second part to my gift, I'll add an open invitation to you or your friend to visit my home library in Canterlot any time. It doesn't get to see many ponies- er creatures, very often." he smiled happily at the Hippogriff.
  15. Lowkey wishing I could do real art so I could post in the Gallery.


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