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  1. Been SUPER busy, lately.

    I know there's at least one person waiting on me, right now, but.... honestly, I'm giving up sleep time just to type this status.

    Sorry. :/

  2. If there are any things you're not sure of, you can of course, as Foxxy said, message a moderator/staff, but I suggest, both for the expedience of an answer, and to reduce the burden on the mods, first read the threads in the "General Site Rules" and "RP Rules and Etiquete" sections. You could look for a thread you think fits your question. I do suggest you find the time to read them all eventually, tho. And after that, there is the "Questions and Suggestions" section which may or may not have somebody else asking the same question. In any case, the mods have always been really kind and helpful. So don't be afraid to ask questions. Also, welcome to Canterlot! Hope you enjoy your stay.
  3. Jas/ /Cocoa Cocoa smiled happily. Somewhere in the back of her mind, the voice of reason told her that she'd basically just promised him she'd like his music without ever having heard a note of it.... but she doesn't usually listen to that voice. She decided she'd listen to the album while making the surprise she'd promised she'd have for him, another promise she'll have to work hard on, for inspiration. "Don't forget, you still need to come see your surprise in a couple days... maybe three." she booped him on the snout "It's gonna be great." ================= Hope/ /Rose Rose watched her expectantly as she took her bite. She was just starting to think to herself that maybe she failed at the gift choice when suddenly, the rest of her slice vanished into her mouth. She smiled, seeing just how much she enjoyed it. "I'm glad you like it." she offered "Y'know, you're pretty sweet, Hope. We should find some time to hang out." ================= Cloudy/ /Stellar Stellar smiled when he heard that somepony else shared his interest in dead languages. It's not often he met anypony who found his interests to be anything else but weird, boring or nerdy. He didn't mind much, I mean to each his own, but it got lonely sometimes. He laughed at the comment about a restraining order, his laugh turning to slight concern when he realised it wasn't entirely a joke. "Well, anyway," he started "It'll be great to have somepony over once in a while. It does get lonely in the big house by myself." he laughed, tho he, too, was not entirely joking. Most of the time, he did enjoy his peace and quiet. It gave his time for his studies. but he did wish he had visitors every now and then.
  4. ((omg, I'm so sorry. this whole time, I thought I'd responded. Must've forgotten to hit Submit lol)) Jas/ /Cocoa Cocoa giggled at the playful jab at his friend. "Hee hee. It's not supposed to last long, silly. It's chocolate! You just gobble it up, like this!" suddenly, she flicked her tail, producing a relatively large bar of chocolate from its depths which she snatched out of the air in her mouth, and promptly swallowed whole. Then, she added, without a hint of any kind of reaction "Oops. That one was baking chocolate." she giggled again. "Besides, when you run out of chocolate, that just gives you an excuse to go get more!" she winked at him. When Jasper had mentioned there being "not much else to do", she almost began listing all the fun things she'd already heard about in her short time so far, but she decided instead to let him feel that way.... for now. "Well, if you're bored, you're always welcome to stop by my shop. I'll be there most any time. I literally live there." she gasped loudly "Maybe, we can be record buddies!" she exclaimed, holding up the record album he'd gifted her for emphasis. She's never had records, before, but if this cool Dragon likes them, then how can she expect them to be anything but cool, too? She still didn't even really know if she'd like the music on the album, but that was an unlikely problem for future Cocoa. ================= Hope/ /Rose Rose resisted the urge to gasp in disbelief. "You mean you've never had a mango?" she questioned "Among all the fruits, Mango is the sweetest, juiciest, most delicious-" she cleared her throat. "You'll love it. Trust me." she blushed a little. She might be just a tad too excited about the fruit. She hated falling into "bat pony" stereotypes, but she just couldn't help how good mangoes were. When Hope offered to share, she tried to say "no, that's okay, it's for you." but nothing would come out. She just stood and watched her cut it, her mouth watering a little. When she'd handed here the slice, she smiled "Thanks, Hope." she held out her slice as if to toast and said "To new friends." after the toast was completed, she practically swallowed her slice, a look of pure bliss washing over her face. ================= Cloudy/ /Stellar Stellar Smiled, relieved "Well, as long as somepony will love the book, that's really all that matters." he chuckled "Besides, I'm sure most ponies already know the story, even if they can't read the book. I mean I'm pretty rusty in Old Ponish, myself, and I'm sure my friend wouldn't have been able to read it, either. I've had it more as a piece of history. But if you want, I can always send a later, Ponish copy to accompany it." he thought for a moment "In fact, as a second part to my gift, I'll add an open invitation to you or your friend to visit my home library in Canterlot any time. It doesn't get to see many ponies- er creatures, very often." he smiled happily at the Hippogriff.
  5. Lowkey wishing I could do real art so I could post in the Gallery.


  6. Up to this point, Stellar had been quietly keeping to himself hoping not to metaphoically (or literally) step on anypony else's hooves. He had kept his head down looking at the ground when somepony yelled something right next to him which snapped him right out of his funk. It was the little dragon, next in line. He'd called out past Stellar to another dragon in the distance. He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down. He looked ahead in the line, to see how far he'd come, and he started getting nervous, again. He was now third in line. Then he saw the pony in front was just as- no more nervous than he was. That made him feel a little better. Now, he was interested to know how he was doing. He listened in to the conversation they were having. "An' if yer more of a stallion colt yerself, just imagine Ah'm Big Mac over there," Applejack had said. Oh, my. Stellar had been trying not to see the potentially attractive stallions around cause he knew he'd just get more flustered. But now, he had to see who she was talking about. Stellar looked in the direction Applejack had motioned, and saw a big red stallion. He began breathing more heavily. He really was quite the big, impressive stallion. Working on the fields had not done any harm to his physique. And he had gentle eyes.... Stellar snapped his attention away from the stallion and tried to focus on Applejack, instead. Buck. Now, he can't not imagine she's him. Well, this is bound to make things all the more.... interesting.
  7. Happy New Year, everypony!

  8. Jas/ /Cocoa Cocoa looked at the package the dragon had handed her "Jasper" she read aloud "You know, I've never met a dragon in person, before. You'd think I would've, by now, but nope! You'd be the first." she gave him a playful slug. Is that how dragons prefer to interact? Who knows? She just knew that the surprise hug didn't go over well with him. She hoped he'd like her gift. Maybe it'll make him happy, and he'll think about her positively, overall. Now, to the matter at hoof. What could be in this gift? It was flat and square. A book? A large card? Perhaps it was an autographed photo of some famous dragon. Her excitement mounted as she opened the paper revealing the record "Oh, wow! A record! That's so cool. I'll have to get a record player so I can hear the music on it." she said with all seriousness. Some ponies might be more reasonable with their bits, but Cocoa was really gonna go out and get the best record player she could find. And she was excited to hear the music. "Whatever it is, with art this cool, it's gotta be something...." she thought for half a second "Epic." she offered a hoof to "pound it" smiling at the dragon. she handed over her gift. Much more ambiguous in its appearance, the package wasn't heavy, but not light, either. It was adorned in a pretty, shiny, rust-colored bow. The same color that was in Cocoa's mane. "Your friend says your gift oughtta be something you love? Well, this is something near and dear to me. It makes me happy, and gives my life meaning." once he'd opened it, she finished with "It's chocolate! I made it myself." she winked at him. For this one, she'd used her favorite recipe that she'd developed specifically for Hearthswarming. Infused with the tastes and smells that are associated with the holiday, in a delicious symphony of the senses.... at least, that's how she'd describe it in her own not-so-humble opinion. At the bottom of the box was a business card that said "The Cocoa Hut. Exotic Chocolates and Candies for the Adventurous Tongue" along with Cocoa's name and an address. Yup. A shameless plug. I mean, she did need customers, afterall. On the back of the card was a coupon. "One free custom order" After Jasper had looked at the card, Cocoa gasped very suddenly, like she did when she had an idea. "I just had a fantastic idea! Give me a couple days, and if you visit my shop, I'll have a surprise for you. Trust me. I think you'll like it." she winked. ================= Hope/ /Rose "Actually, I have just the place for it on my mantle next to some other decorations. It will make a lovely addition." she smiled Rose's eyes widened at the sight of Hope's wings. "Woah! Your wings are beautiful! The way they sparkle reminds me of Princess Luna's beautiful night skies." she smiled as she gave Hope her admittedly better-wrapped gift. The paper decked in nightly symbols such as moons and stars... but also bats and the Mare in the Moon.... it was Nightmare Night wrapping paper. She obviously had a favorite holiday. "I hear that changelings have a bit of a sweet tooth, too, so you might actually enjoy this more than anypony else here." she chuckled. Upon opening it, Hope would find it was a full, plump juicy mango. A relatively large one, at that. "At the risk of sounding like a walking stereotype... I actually had a hard time not eating that, myself, while wrapping it. Biggest one I've had in a while." she gave Hope a hug (provided it was reciprocated) "I'm glad it found somecreature like you. I can just tell that you're somebody special." she winked at her. ================= Cloudy/ /Stellar Stellar sheepishly opened the gift he'd been handed, embarrassed he'd shoved his proverbial hoof so firmly down his throat. When he opened the box and looked inside, he let out a happy gasp. Then he laughed lightly. "Well, you're right about one thing." he said, putting the necklace on "It's pretty personal. When I was a colt, my mom used to go to the ocean every now and then." he began explaining "She'd always come home with something she'd gotten there. Hers were usually gift shop items." he rubbed his eye "but this... it reminds me of her." he looked Cloudy in the eye "Thank you." he said. Then he laughed as he remembered what he'd brought. "Now, I really feel bad about my gift." he joked. Inside the plain brown parchment paper was a book. A pretty old looking one, at that. Old, but well cared for. The title, embossed in gold lettering, was in Old Ponish. "It's a first-edition copy of 'A Hearthswaming Tale'." and then, as if to quell any concern about him parting with such a seemingly valuable book, he added "It's just been gathering dust in my library. My friend likes all things related to Equestrian history, so..." he let the sentence trail "Just... do take care of it."
  9. The door made a weak creaking sound as it swung open. "H-hello? I'm looking for a Crystalle Horn?" called the voice from the door. A grey pegasus stood there looking into the room "I'm sure I have the address right, but I-I haven't been here since I was a colt, so..." Art got out of his chair to look at the pony who'd come in. The stallion was a light, ashen grey with a mane that faded grey to blue. He smiled "Stellar Drift." he greeted "I remember the last time you visited. I was still learning my father's craft. You had just gotten your cutie mark, if I remember correctly." Stellar blushed "Y-yeah, that's me. Are you Mr. Crystalle?" Art's smile faded slightly. "I am Artefact Crystalle. You may call me Art." he introduced "Unfortunately, My father passed away seven years ago." Stellar's face fell "I'm sorry." "It is quite alight, Stellar." he assured "What can I help you with?" "O-oh, yeah!" Stellar stammered "U-um, so years ago, I got a telescope from here. It was enchanted with enhancement magic." Art merely nodded. "Well, it um... it stopped working, today. I know today is a bad day to ask for your services, but I'm kind of desperate. You see, tonight is the only night I'll be able to see Baley's Comet, and I need my telescope."
  10. Artefact sat lounged in his oversized luxury armchair, looking into his fireplace. He sighed and took a sip of his hot cocoa. Art had been alone in his large house for several years, now. His father had passed away, leaving him the house as well as the Crystalle Family business. However, all the bits in the world didn't mean much when he was all alone. The grandfather clock chimed the half hour. Tonight was Hearthswarming Eve, but for the seventh time, he'd be spending it by himself. He felt a weight of sadness as he stared at his father's portrait above the hearth. Just then, a moderate knock sounded at the door. He straightened himself up and answered loud enough to be heard "The door is open. You may enter." who could it be at this hour on this day?
  11. Compass Rose/ /Fleeting Hope Rose stood waiting for a for a few moments before it seemed her gift-exchange partner was approaching. However, contrary to her admittedly narrow-minded assumption, It seemed 'Fleeting Hope' was, in fact, not a pony at all! The green insectoid made her way straight in Rose's direction. She'd never met a changeling, before. She'd heard lots about them, mostly about their history, but also about their reform. She knew not to fear them, and being an Areion, she knew what it was like to receive prejudice, and didn't want to be somepony who caused that feeling. When she introduced herself Rose couldn't help but smile. If it hadn't been for a certain white and grey pegasus, she'd be just as nervous. She seemed to be disappointed in her own gift. Rose knew exactly what it was like to not know about customs, and she felt for her. She smiled sweetly at Hope "Hi, Hope. My name is Compass Rose. You can call me Rose, tho. I think your gift is very sweet." she said. "Yes, I'm what ponies like to call a 'Bat Pony'. Probably mostly because of these." she spread her bat-like wings displaying her race's uniquely leathery wings. "As well as other things. but," she added, slightly quieter, as if she was sharing some secret "if you want to be more correct, I'm actually an Areion." Normally, Rose resented this kind of introduction. She didn't usually appreciate having to explain her race every time she met somepony, but for some reason, talking with somecreature else who was "different" from others, she felt more like she was sharing something special about herself instead of simply trying to assuage another pony's fears. It was... refreshing. For the first time since she met Stellar Drift, she felt like she could just be herself around somebody, and not have to prove herself. ================= Stellar Drift/ /Cloudy Skies Stellar, who'd been so lost in anxious thought he didn't notice the Hippogriff approaching. His anxiety built up so that when Cloudy spoke to him, he was startled so much he actually jumped in the air with a bit of a yelp. Quickly adding "I didn't know! I'm sorry!" he blushed profusely, looking down. "I-I mean.... Hi, I'm Stellar Drift. I-I have a gift for yo-" He reached in his saddle bag and pulled out a small, rectangular parcel wrapped in plain brown paper, but froze upon seeing with whom he was conversing. It's not like he didn't know what Hippogriffs were, or like he didn't like them, but he just wasn't expecting to see one standing three feet in front of him. He dropped his gift in surprise, but quickly fumbled to pick it back up. "I-I'm sorry. I was just not expecti- I've never met-" he took a deep breath, cleared his throat and said "Let me start over. I'm Stellar Drift. It's nice to meet you." he exchanged the gifts, ashamedly offering his plain package while accepting the unique gift in return. Now, he was extra sure his gift wouldn't really be enjoyed. This Hippogriff seemed like the cool-as-a-cucumber type, and he didn't know how well the gift would fit. "I-I um.... I didn't know we'd be exchanging with strangers, I thought my friend would get it. So... forgive me if it's not right." he apologized. ================= Cocoa Nut/ /Jasper When she finally approached the gift table, Cocoa saw in her spot a blue dragon! How exciting! Her logical mind told her that jumping into the air to surprise-hug a dragon from behind was a bad idea, and could only end in trouble. ....but since when did her logical mind ever win an argument? Geronimo! Cocoa jumped up to hug the dragon from behind "Happy Hearthswarming!" she said, simultaneously, as she latched on. Yup. Definitely the best thing she did today. She could tick "hug a dragon" off the bucket list (which didn't really exist, per se). She hugged him only until he made any attempt at all to free himself from her grasp. At which point, she let go to come face to face, and confront whatever surprise or possibly tirade he had for her. She didn't exactly have the habit of thinking things through, and this could possibly come back to bite her.... maybe literally. but that was logical mind's problem to think of.
  12. Compass Rose/ /Fleeting Hope Rose stood by her gift asst the table so that whoever Fleeting Hope was could come find her. She'd go looking for them, but honestly, she didn't know anypony. So it was unlikely she'd find them. "I hope they're nice like Fire Walker" she hoped to herself. Then, she realised she was still wearing her sun hat and sunglasses. "Oh. Silly me. I don't think I need these indoors" she said. She figured it was only polite, when meeting somepony new, not to hide her face. She took a breath. She wasn't used to being around this many ponies. She'd been to the Conclave once or twice, but that was different. They were all Areion. Rose recalled her first encounter with a pony from Ponyville. An earth pony called Hawthorn. The was scared, at first, but he did turn around. Now, he was a pony she could call a friend. She really ought to stop worrying about ponies distrusting her, she thought. It doesn't help when trying to make friends. She interrupted her train of thought when she thought she saw somepony coming to her, but they were going toward somepony else. She sat in anticipation of finding out who she was going to meet. ================= Stellar Drift/ /Cloudy Skies Stellar wandered casually to the table, and saw that, tho he wasn't paired with her, his pair was sat next to Rose's pair. On his way to his gift, he waved to her. "Hey, Rose." he greeted "Big crowd, eh?" he said almost accusingly, but with a hint of humor. She just giggled in return. She tried to hide it, but Stellar could tell the was nervous about meeting somepony new. He felt sorry for her, but would never say that to her face. He just gave her an encouraging smile, and turned to his the pair of gifts on the table the gift said it was from a "cloudy skies". Stellar thought they sounded like a pegasus. "Well, at least we'll have something in common" he thought. He hoped they'd like his gift. He'd hate to disappoint somepony on Hearthswarming Eve. Honestly, he thought he'd be giving the present to Rose, so it might not be the right gift to give to some random pegasus. He wondered if instead, he should have brought something generic. Then his anxiety hit him and he began sweating. He was so preoccupied, he didn't notice when somecreature came up to him and his gift. ================= Cocoa Nut/ /Jasper "Oooh!" Cocoa exclaimed "I wonder who my buddy will be!" she bounced happily in the general direction of the table being sure to give her buddy enough time to get there first. She figured she could sneak up on them and surprise them. Either with a hug or just a tap on the shoulder. Whatever she felt like giving them in the moment.
  13. I was thinking about that. Maybe I should do that. ^v^
  14. I'm sure this is a stupid question, and/or already answered somewhere, but I don't have the time or patience to sift through everything. I'm wondering about rps between multiple of one's own characters. Like effectively similar to if it were just a fanfic, but in rp form. Some people may even find it pointless, or something, idk, but I've wondered about it and thought I could develope my characters this way. Some of them have relationships with each other, and it might be fun to play them out. And if people wanted to, they could follow their stories. Not that I expect this to happen lol. Idk if there's a way this can be done most effectively/efficiently, or if I should just put it in the WoE section, or what. Or maybe y'all would rather I just write fanfictions and link them in blog posts. Just wondering what I should do with that. It may be strange idea, or maybe it's more common than I realise or maybe y'all think I'm weird/crazy, idk. Just thought-vomiting, mostly, I guess. lol
  15. Cocoa seemed not to even notice the commotion going on just hoof-steps behind her. Almost like it was a regular occurrence for her (probably a result of having lived in the cuckoo house). "Oh? That sounds great! I'm glad my one and only customer is staying. I'll try not to disappoint you. If you're ever bored there, I could always whip up another batch of chocolate glue." she giggled at her own joke. Then she made a face "Although, I really should come up with something less offensive to clean it up with...." she began muttering ingredients to herself lost in thought trying to figure out something she could make. ================= Rose relaxed almost immediately, becoming visibly more comfortable at the mare's friendliness. "Oh, yes. I love the idea the princess came up with! Exciting, wouldn't you say? I don't get many opportunities to get out and meet ponies. It's hard for me to get out when others are awake, but I couldn't very well miss this, could I?" she smiled at the crowd. She hadn't given herself a moment to think about it, but this really is the biggest gathering of ponies she's been to. At least in a while, anyway. She stifled a laugh. Stellar's probably sweating like a stuck pig, rn. Rose took another look at the pegasus she was talking with. She didn't seem at all imposing in person. She was actually pretty friendly. "In fact, maybe I should make an effort, more often. I could always use more friends, and my business isn't going to go anywhere if I don't reach out." She smiled at Fire "So you're one of princess Twilight's guards, then? I used to aspire to be in the Lunar Guard, myself. It's in my lineage, and my parents wanted me to, but I've found I don't do well under that much discipline. So I became a map-maker instead." She laughed heartily. It was kind of funny to her that her passion was something so strictly disciplined as maps after her reason for not joining the Lunar Guard.
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