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  1. Unfortunately, it seems, I have to bid this site adieu.

    Due to factors outside the digital world, I will no longer have time or energy to spend on this website.

    It is with a heavy heart that I must bid thee all farewell. I know it hasn't been long, and only a select few have even seen me around, but still. I unfortunately must go.

    Perhaps we'll see each other again in another life.


    all right, I'll cut the drama.

    anywho. bye. :/

    1. szalhi


      Well, now I don't have to feel bad about not posting...

    2. RainbowFoxxy


      Aw! Well, take care :( Come visit sometime if you get a chance!

    3. tacobob


      Very sorry to see you go....Love seeing great new players like you...coming...not going....Hopefully we'll see you again..Soon.

  2. KaityKat

    The Ice Queen

    Eh, he's prolly find. I'm sure the cold never bothered him, anyway.
  3. Rose was pleasantly surprised that this point was willing to go out of his way to show his appreciation for her efforts. More so that he'd do that at such a late hour. She was a little concerned, tho. "Isn't it a bit late for you? I wouldn't want to impose on you that much. Besides, I love meeting new ponies, and I kinda needed a little break from scanning the forest, anywho." She laughed. Normally, this would be about the time she'd be chatting with herself over a mango or two. She was glad for the change of pace. "See?" she could just about hear her friend from Canterlot saying "I told you Ponyville was great for making friends." she smiled. The pony had asked about her map of the forest, and she remembered why he'd said he was there. "Oh, yes. your flower. Hey, maybe if you describe your flower, or where it likes to hide, maybe I've seen it somewhere! I'm pretty good at remembering things. I could tell you the exact place a certain stone laid in a stone street I saw for ten minutes a decade ago." she exaggerated proudly. Tho it was a bit exaggerated, she had yet to meet a pony who's power of memory rivaled her own. She felt a certain degree of pride in that fact, and she wasn't afraid to express her pride.
  4. There's an rp or two I'd been neglecting, and I'm sorry.

    I haven't been feeling well.

    it's very difficult to focus.

    I'll let you know when I am back to working condition. :/

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      I hope you feel better soon!

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      Sorry to hear that! Feel better!

    3. KaityKat


      Well, my biggest problem is mostly taken care of, now. Now, I'm just sick with a cold. I should be able to get back into it.


      I'll start with I know it's my turn with Floob.

      Sorry about my delay.

  5. [Roleplayer used introduction. It's super effective!] [KaityKat uses response....] Well, you'll be happy to note that three are 6 mope seasons for you to watch. Unfortunately, tho, season 9 will be the last one. For sure this time. It was good run, but you know what they say. All good things must come to an end. However I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say we're glad you came here, and we all look forward to seeing you active in this community. ^v^
  6. She laughed "I'll be sure to keep that in mind." She gave him a look "as long as you do, too. You know, there may be maps of a lot of places, but I'm pretty confident that my maps are still very valuable. I've mapped a pretty good portion of this forest in the hour or so I've been here. With a little more close observation, I can get one of the most accurate maps ever made of it." She paused a second, realizing she sounded pretty conceited "I mean, I know I sound full of myself, but I'm just very confident in my abilities. Also, Cartography isn't all I do. I can also be a guide or I sell adventuring equipment. Whatever a pony might need when they go out." When he changed the subject back to her race, she frowned "I know that we can be intimidating, sometimes. And I certainly understand the fear of the unknown. I don't blame you for being afraid of new things. It's an instinct. Hard to overcome, sometimes. But you know that we 'bat ponies' are just like everypony else. We've got good ones and bad ones, and some of us are scared of you. My parents were always worried about ponies. They tried to keep me away from you, because they thought you were dangerous. I just wish the Aerion hadn't gone into hiding after Luna's banishment. It's the real reason for the problems we face today." then he asked about food. She laughed "Well, you can never go wrong offering us a mango. That's for sure." She pulled one out of her saddle bag "Never leave home without one. But yeah, mostly fruit. We eat a lot of fruits. Or if we're in need of protein, then bugs. I know it sounds gross to you ponies, but to us, it's about as normal as grass is to ponies." She made a face at the thought of eating grass. No matter how many times she thought about it, she still couldn't understand how ponies could like grass.
  7. "That's right." he responded, excited to finally get to the point "Applejack, it will be my great pleasure to play you in our upcoming play. I hope that I can do the part justice." he revealed, smiling with pride and excitement "I must confess, part of the reason I wanted to be here tonight was to get to know you better to help me do a better job playing you." he admitted "I know that you have played an invaluable role as one of Princess Twilight's friends, and I want to be able to adequately convey all the qualities that make you the pony you are." he blushed a little "I was also kind of wondering if you'd like to see how I'm doing, so far. Just... you know to see if you had anything to help me improve."
  8. "Oh, I can certainly understand doing things others think are stupid for something you're passionate about. Why, most ponies, like you said, wouldn't come in this forest. but I heard that it was mostly unexplored and that no maps exist, and.... well, I couldn't resist." she gestured down the way along the cliff "This way is an easier way up the cliff" she explained as she started walking, leading Hawthorn to the way up. "So," she started, trying to make conversation "you're a botanist? Or perhaps an herbalist." "I'm a cartographer.... I make maps. I'm also s guide if need be." Then she started thinking about his reaction to her appearance, and thought quietly for a moment. "You know, we're really not just scary creatures of the night who.... do whatever it is you're afraid I'll do." she looked at the moon for a moment. "I mean, technically we are creatures of the night. but I promise. Most of us aren't scary." she chuckled warmly "And we're not actually called 'bat ponies'. Tho, I kinda like that name, myself. We're called 'Aerion'. If you want, I could answer some questions about us. I'm an open book."
  9. //omfg, this whole time, I've been waiting, and it was on me! I'm so out of it. sorry// "My name is Compass Rose" she answered taking a look at the directions. The hoof-writing was near impossible to read, but she could glean one our two things, from it. "You mean 'bat ponies'? Oof, it's a wonder you found anything at all with these directions. Were you taking them from a dog?" she joked. noting the part about circling a tree. "Oh, yes. I know that tree." she pulled out her freshly drawn map and showed it to him "Here's that tree with a face your directions mention. it's actually not far from here, just up the cliff and to the north a bit." she gestured. "If you want, you can tag along with me, and maybe we'll find whatever it is you're looking for. We can wander in the general direction of that tree. Or perhaps I've seen it. What were you looking for, anywho?" she wondered aloud to him. His trepidation around her certainly did sting a bit, but she couldn't really blame him. He'd probably never seen an Aerion, before. Most ponies had a lot of preconceived notions of them. It was kind of sad, really. and something Rose hoped to rectify. At least as much as she could.
  10. ((*Myth (not Misty lol ) It's Mythic Vision.)) She giggled "How many mares you kiss, so far?" She had kind of had a feeling it'd be something like this. "And how d'you feel about it?" She figured she oughtta make this as awkward as possible for her. Kinda like she was obligated to. "Nah, I'll give her a break." she thought. "I'll take whatever the most popular one you still have left is." she magicked some bits onto the booth for the mare. "Go ahead and lay it on me." she said, offering her cheek, but hiding a little bit of a smirk. When Applejack goes in for the kiss, Myth turns her head so that the kiss lands squarely on her muzzle. She giggled "Thanks for the kiss, sweetie." she gave her a wink, took her apples and happily skipped along on her merry way.
  11. The light from the lantern temporarily blinded her as it shined in her eyes. She immediately regretted giving it to him, a little. She put a hoof over her eyes to protect them from.the light. His reaction to her was disheartening, but not wholly unexpected. She was about to make her exit when he righted himself and thanks her. "You're welcome." She responded. She stifled a giggle at his frustration with directions "Did you need help, Mr...." She let the sentence trail to imply a question. "Here, lemme see your directions." she requested
  12. Myth stood in line, waiting patiently for whatever it was at the end of it. She didn't know what was going on, but with so many ponies lined up at Sweet Apple Acres, it had to be good, right? She was only in Ponyville to visit a friend, but he was busy, today, so she'd decided to explore a little, and found this here line. She passed by a sign and looked at it with interest. "Ooh, I wonder what that says." she thought to herself. Must be advertising whatever this line was for. Well, she was sure about to find out. She neared the end of the line, and got excited. She couldn't see what the signs said, but she could feel and kinda see the energy coming off the other ponies in the line. some were excited, some were nervous, and- she just noticed -most were stallions. "Hm. wonder why that is" she pondered casually before forgetting to think about it seconds later. She watched as ponies went in and came out with a bunch of apples. She wasn't sure if there was something special about these apples. They looked magically similar to any other apples she'd seen come out of here. We're they a special color? Ooh, just so many interesting questions in her head. She approached the booth when it was her turn, and her excitement mounted. "So, what is it?" She asked the pony at the booth. "What am I in line for?" She gave her a goofy smile that conveyed innocence and naivety.
  13. Rose yawned noisily, stretching the day's sleep away. Tonight was the night she'd decided she'd start exploring and mapping the Everfree Forest. She wanted ponies to want her services, and hopefully pay her for maps and a guide. It certainly wouldn't hurt if she also made friends while she was at it. She sighed. Nopony ever came to her new shop. In fact, she was sure nopony knew it was there. She never got to see anypony because they were all asleep all night. She'd go out in the day, but the sun is just so bright, she can't stand it very long. Anyway, she thought if she was able to map out the Everfree Forest, anypony who heard would be so impressed, they'd have to come visit. She took a mango slice out of the fridge, and held it in her mouth. It was a small breakfast, but it'd have to do. If she was getting any significant amount of mapping done, she'd need as much time as possible. She packed a couple more slices in her saddle bag along with the parchment and quills she always had with her, and headed out the door. At the edge of the forest, she paused. For some reason, tonight, she felt like was going to be a good night. As Rose flew through the forest, she looked around for any defining features she could find. Using her usual technique for mapping. She had thought about flying high above first, like she likes to do before getting a more detailed view near the ground, but with a forest this dense, she doubted she'd see much of use. After about an hour of flying, she decided she'd better record the few landmarks she'd found. Some little bodies of water --she gave each of them a temporary name, in case she found out a real name for them later--, some unique trees, and one particularly large tree with a face on it. She called this one the "Elderwood" because it reminded her of an oldenpony with the way its bark made lines in the face. As she drew on her parchment, she heard a noise. She quickly packed her things back into her saddlebag. "Oh, I hope that isn't one of those Timberwolves. I don't want to have to postpone my map." She quietly snuck in the direction of the noise, using her bat-like wings to help with her stealth. Slowly, she approached the face of a small cliff (which she made mental note of, of course), and flew down silently. She saw a pony at the bottom, rummaging through the dirt, obviously very nervous. She honestly didn't think anypony was out at this time of night. Let alone in the Everfree Forest. He seemed to be looking for the lamp which rested just a couple feet from his hooves. She figured she'd help him out, so she came down and picked up the lamp. "Here you go, sir. Is this what you're looking for?" she offered "I couldn't help but notice you were having a bit of trouble."
  14. //OMG! I'm so sorry! This whole time I was waiting for your response, I must've completely missed it lol// Flaire was just readying himself to divulge the secret when a loud filly busted into the room, nearly giving him a heart attack. He breathed once and smiled, as the filly excitedly "guess what'd" her sister. Referring to "The Crusaders". He guessed this must be some club she had with her friends. He thought nothing of it. After she'd apologized, and offered a hoof, he chuckled warmly "It's alright, Apple Bloom." He dismissed "You've got me interested, too, now." He was about to say something about the secret. Perhaps something to help her be motivated to keep it so he could tell, but it was at this moment, he realised something. "Hang on. 'Crusaders'?" He confirmed. He'd remembered Stage Lights mentioning a group of fillies who'd gained recognition for being the first group of ponies to get almost the same cutie marks at the same time, in the same thing, and the same place! "That wouldn't be the 'Cutie Mark Crusaders', would it?" He asked. He knew they lived in Ponyville, but he hadn't made the connection that one would be Applejack's sister. "You and your friends have a very special magical bond that if you ask me is only rivaled by the one your sister shares with her friends! It's something a lot of ponies are talking about. I'd venture to say that your role in Equestria is destined to only grow as time passes." He laughed "Listen to me. I sound like the director!" He sat smiling a moment, before he jumped back into the moment, talking to Applejack "Oh, yeah. The surprise. The director, Stage Lights, wanted to surprise the ponies of Ponyville, and most of all the Princess of Friendship and her friends with a play he wrote. It's entitled 'The Quest for Friendship'. It's a reenactment of the events that led up to the appearance of the Castle of Friendship. With some artistic licence."
  15. btw, can I have a link to the discord channel you mentioned? I should prolly be on it
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