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  1. Name: Enigma Haze Age: 29 Gender: Mare Race: Unicorn Relationship Status: Single S/O: Bi Likes: Video Games, Fan Music, Rock Music, Exploring Dislikes: Being alone, Loss of power, Screamers (In Online gaming) Personality: Despite her appearance, Haze is pretty easy going and friendly. She does spend a fair bit of her time gaming, but does sometimes leave her home to get some fresh air and spend some time with her friends. History: Haze was one a popular game streamer on Twitch known as Smokey Haze, but one time, she received a new game, that no one else in her group had heard of. After playing some of it, she found herself getting drowsy and passing out, with the game still running. When she awoke, she found herself as a pony in Equestria. After taking some time to adjust, she found herself being befriended by the Mane 8, and settling into Rainbow Falls, restarting her streaming career from there. Appearance:
  2. Name: Shadow Fire Age:19 Gender: Mare Race: Zebricorn Relationship Status: Single S/O: Bi Dislikes: Xenophobia, Xenophobes Personality: Cold at first, but warms up if given time. History: Shadow Fire was born just before the Chaos Wars, where both her parents served the Princesses. Sadly, they both died during the war, and as such, Luna had taken her with her to be one of her 'Children of the Night'. Appearance:
  3. Name: Harmony Soulsong Age: Unknown Gender: Mare Race: A unique mix of a pony and a Mega Absol Relationship Status: Single S/O:Bi Likes: Warning others of disasters, playing, being playful, fun Dislikes: The fact she is known as "Disaster/Doom Bringer" Personality: Harmony is a soft spoken, and somewhat shy and timid most of the time, but when she is alone or is with ponies she is comfortable with, she will be friendly and playful. History: Not a whole lot is known of how she came to be, or how she came to Ponyville, Appearance: (Art by Pinkie Pie (Wolfie) on CA)
  4. Name: Neon Rave Age: 26 Gender: Stallion Race: Pegasus Relationship Status: Single S/O: Bi Likes: Dancing, Dance Music, Her Friends Dislikes: Bad music, A Rave getting shut down, Drugs Personality: Neon is a friendly and happy go lucky kind of young filly who just loves to dance and have fun. Appearance:
  5. Name: Hazel Age: 23 Gender: Mare Race: Earth Pony Relationship Status: Single S/O: Bi Likes: Dancing, Singing, Spending time with her friends, Sweets Dislikes: Not a whole lot Personality: She is usually very friendly and out going, she loves to have fun and can usually be seen dancing around whenever she is in a particular good mood. She is also very fiercely protective of her family and friends. Background: Hazel was born and raised in Ponyville, and while she does visit Canterlot and Manehatten from time to time, she preferred the peace and quiet of Ponyville (despite when there's something crazy going on, but the Mane Eight usually deal with it).She discovered her love for taking care of animals at a very young age, when she found a injured bunny just outside the forest and took it home to nurse back to health. Appearance:
  6. Name: Thunder Rush Age: 29 Gender: Stallion Race: Pegasus Relationship Status: Single S/O: Single Likes: Flying, Stunt Flying, Protecting Others, Music Dislikes: Being Injured, Bullies, Crashing Personality: He is usually pretty laid back and easy going, except for when he is grounded due to an injury that resulted from a crash during some crazy stunt he was trying to pull off. Background: Born and raised in Cloudsdale, Thunder Rush knew he would be good at flying, but he also had another goal in heart, to protect others, giving him the ultimate goal to one day become a Royal Guard. Appearance:
  7. Demencia


    Hello there, welcome to the forum
  8. Thank you, this is Shadow by the way
  9. Well hello there, my name is Shadow Fire and I am a Zebricorn, that's a half unicorn and half zebra. I am still young in pony terms, being at the age of 21. My mod lives in Oatstralia and is a 31 year old transgender woman.
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